Movie Time!

If you haven’t seen enough of Fahrenheit 911 here’s something you’ll really love… Hijacking Catastrophe about “911, Fear, and Hijacking the American People”. Remember Al Gore sreaming “He Preyed on our fears!” Well, he must have seen this movie… And if you would like to join an organization how about “End the Occupation” a US campaign to end the Isreali occupation. This diverse coalition is working for freedom from occupation and equal rights for all by challenging US policy towards the Isreali-Palestinian conflict. One aim is to change those US policies that sustain Isreal’s 37-year occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, and deny equal rights to all. As of September 2004 146 organizations have signed on to the campaign including Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in St. Louis, Palestinian Solidarity Committe in Seattle, and National Lawyers Guild of Portland, Oregon.

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