The End of Human Rights Watch

The America-hating leftist Human Rights Watch came out with a “study” today reported on the BBC where (Surprise!) they are still complaining about the pyramidal pranks of the Abu Ghraib photo scandal. Human Rights Watch is one of the organizations that will equate having women’s underwear placed on your head and face to having your tongue nailed to a board and cut off or being hung with your arms tied behind your back for eight hours. This report officially removes HRW from the list of valid human rights organizations. They have definitely been teetering on that valididty line since the start of the Iraq War. What kind of blindness and bias can make an organization believe such crap? Here are a couple of snippets:

Violations of human rights by the US are undermining international law and eroding its role on the world stage, a leading campaign group says.

Human Rights Watch says the US can no longer claim to defend human rights abroad if it practises abuses itself. It cites coercive interrogation techniques at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib jail as particularly damaging.


The group, the largest US-based rights organisation, says the actions of the US in such detention centres have undermined Washington’s credibility as a proponent of human rights and a leader of the war against terror.

“Its embrace of coercive interrogation [is] part of a broader betrayal of human rights principles in the name of combating terrorism,” HRW says.

And, of course they want the government to waste more money…

The group calls for the Bush administration to set up a fully independent investigative commission, similar to the 9/11 Commission, to look into the Abu Ghraib allegations.

Why have these frat failures not moved on from this? Is it the only report of US abuse that they can find? You think that they could have been a little creative and joined up with the International Red Cross to put something together by now. After all, its been a year since Abu Ghraib was reported. They need to get out more. I suggest that we increase donations to the group so that they can afford some tickets out of the US. That way they can get their focus off of the US and onto some real abuse stories… Maybe we could make them one way?

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