More Anti-Americanism from the BBC and HRW

According to the BBC this morning the very Anti-American Human Rights Watch has come out with another report, this time against the Iraqi forces:

Iraqi security forces systematically abuse prisoners, a leading US-based human rights group reports. Unlawful arrests, torture and the long-term isolation of detainees are “routine”, Human Rights Watch says.

Of 90 prisoners interviewed by the group since 2003, 72 said they had been abused by the new Iraqi authorities.


This New York based group continues to demean the efforts of the US in the War on Terror. And, of course you won’t find this bit of information until the middle of the BBC document:

Iraqi Human Rights Minister Bakhtiar Amin acknowledged that abuses had occurred and blamed the legacy of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

He told the Reuters news agency that the security forces’ “shortcomings” were the fault of “three-and-a-half decades of dictatorship, widespread torture and human rights violations”.

“The goal posts are moving further out” now that elections look imminent. The world leftists will now (and they already started this with Abu Ghraib) complain Iraq is a failure because of human rights violations. This is so unbelievable considering the extermination and brutality by the deposed Saddam.

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