Surprise! Ramsey Clark to Join Saddam Legal Team

He used to be America’s top law enforcement official. Now, he’s apparently one of Saddam Hussein’s lawyers.

The former Iraqi dictator’s chief lawyer says former Attorney General Ramsey Clark has signed on to defend Saddam.

The fiercely anti-war (Anti-American) Clark has met with Saddam several times over the past 15 years and was considered a friend of Saddam’s Iraq when it was hit by sanctions in 1990 for invading Kuwait.

An embittered casualty of the ’60s, and Attorney General for the LBJ administration, Clark assumed a leftist posture after leaving the Justice Department. He became the lawyer for anti-war protestor Philip Berrigan, headed a private probe into the FBI killings of Black Panthers Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, and travelled to Vietnam to condemn the bombing.

In June 1980, with America mesmerized by the Iran hostage crisis, he joined a forum on “Crimes of America” in Tehran–the first of many such junkets. The ’80s saw him globetrotting to schmooze with any dictator who happened to be on the White House shit-list…

We are still waiting to hear when Al Franken will become Saddam’s spokesman, when Maureen Dowd will become his publicist, when will “The Boss” start a concert tour for the dictator, and when Michael Moore will agree to do a documentary in support of Saddam. Oops… my bad! Michael Moore already completed that movie!

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