Rise of a People

Viktor Yushchenko said he was happy to be alive after being taken ill in September during an election campaign.

On Saturday the doctors firmly linked his condition to poisoning.

They said extensive tests showed a form of dioxin had been used, leaving Mr Yushchenko’s face disfigured.


Earlier Ukrainian prosecutors said they were re-opening an investigation into Mr Yushchenko’s illness.

In October, they had concluded that Mr Yushchenko was suffering the effects of a virus.

On Sunday, Mr Yushchenko said the regime which had been in power for the past 14 years was now into its last days and the world had seen a “different country”.

“I think it would be appropriate to compare this to the fall of the Soviet Union or the fall of the Berlin Wall,” he said.

“Now every corner of the world knows Ukraine,” he said.

Yes, they do! Yes, they do!

(Oh… if you’re wondering why I am using this image, you’ll have to scroll down and read the previous post with this image)

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