Last of the Mohicans

All right, so this movie was more of a love story than anything but it gets the point across. Yesterday, my beautiful sister in law who I have known since I was 7 or 8 stopped by to visit. While she was over, a clip came on the TV about Michael Moore. Now, I already knew that she was a democrat like my brother who married her in the early 70’s. But, for some reason I thought she was a quiet slightly left-leaning middle aged ex-soccer mom. I wasn’t prepared for what I heard from her. In fact I was so shocked that I almost dropped my new “Holiday” camera… She liked him! I just could not believe it! My sister in law likes Michael Moore! Not for the fact that any one would like Michael Moore (I understand that some people are so blinded by their leftist political ideology that there are actually those who think that over one hundred thousand votes does not decide a single state preference for president). I was not astonished that someone would believe what Michael Moore says (with the MSM canonization of the blowhard and refusal to point out his inaccuracies). And, with the brutal reporting on the current president unlike anything this country has ever seen EVER in a time of war (not to mention the mainstream media tag team attacks on President Bush and over the top positively biased reporting on John Kerry during the election cycle). I understand how some people could still be democrats because of these deliberate misrepresentations in our local, national and international news (see Dan Rather). What I don’t understand is that here is one guy who absolutely hates this country! He exudes hate. Sure there are some lefties on the coasts that hate everything but patchouli and communism but democrats like this in the Midwest are a dying breed. I thought that my sweet little school teaching sister in law would have abandoned this America hating attitude by now for a number of reasons. The first thing that would make me assume that she is just a “little bit democrat” and not a raving leftie is that she is a devout Catholic. Now, I understand that Catholics are a fickle lot, but here in the St. Louis Diocese the bishop wrote to all of the churches commanding parishioners to support pro-life candidates. Wasn’t Kerry the candidate that voted for partial Birth Abortion before he voted against it? And, yes, I do realize that the anti-Christian Reverend (???) Barry Lynn lives here in town. But, most Red-Blooded Americans understand that there is no room for a practicing Christian in the Democratic Party. The democrats have become the Anti-War, Anti-America and Anti-Christian party of our great land. You don’t have to be hiding in the boot heel of Missouri to see this. Just watch “Fahrenheit 911” or look up Americans for the Separation of Church and State or look up who funded the antiwar marches before and during the War with Iraq (see Communist Party). You don’t have to be in Mississippi or Alabama to see how the relentless and well-funded leftist ACLU is campaigning to remove every vestige of Christian expression from America’s government, schools and public property. It is hard to believe that a Christian in today’s America could lean left. That is probably why most church going Americans are Seeing Red and Voting Red. I feel for my sister in law. She is a great cook, a great mother and a good friend. Her failings are in that she still sees the Democrat Party as the party for the average American or the farmer (most farmers I know like to work and are not after handouts or looking for others to make decisions for them). However, whether it by words like those of Reverend (???) Barry Lynn, or the ridiculous “Christian Hating” court cases of the ACLU, or hearing Bin Laden repeat the talking points of the American Left, most sensible Americans have left the Left. Most Americans have left the Defense Hating, Christ Hating left side of the church aisle. My sister in law, (God Bless her in all of her greatness) is still sitting on that left side like Rachel Corrie not seeing the bulldozer coming at her. She is one of the last of a dying breed left in the ruins of a democratic party based on… well, anything but Christian Principles.

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