Brokaw Booed at Sooners Game

It was announced during the second half that Tom Brokaw was in attendance at the University of Oklahoma/Nebraska game at Owen Field in Norman. The minute he was announced, you could hear loud boos from around the stadium.

Have no idea how he had the nerve to return to OU after his debacle of a speech for graduation last May. I think he received louder boos then when Nebraska came out, and even more than the penalty we got for fans throwing oranges onto the field near the end of the game.

Chalk this one up to flyover country that detests the mainstream news media. You probably will never hear this from the media except our local radio but it was hilarious. Everyone around where we sit are Bush fans and after they stopped booing, they started laughing at the reaction of everyone. Then they launched into a discussion about how biased the so-called mainstream media was in the election and how people like Brokaw should stay out of the red states. It made me really proud of the Sooner fans — this truly is Bush Country.

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