Caught on Camera: Fearless Grandmother Stops Christmas Store Armed Robbery (VIDEO)

This is one grandmother you don’t want to mess with. Texan Judy Memmel thwarted a jewelry story robbery using nothing but her bare hands. 

Store owner Rex Solomon described what he saw in the security footage to Click2Houston.

“She pushes him on the shoulders like a linebacker would do and pushes him out,” Solomon said.

“I mean, she’s grandma and a ballroom dancer, but she doesn’t take sh-t. She doesn’t do what she’s told no matter what, and she’s one of our best salespeople.”

Breitbart News reports:

Judy Memmel, a grandmother of five, and her fellow employees opened the security gate of Houston Jewelry and unlocked the door as they prepared for a busy Christmas shopping day on December 18, Click2Houston reported. As she started into the store, a man approached wearing a suit, dark glasses, and a watch cap. The video below shows how Memmel stopped the suspected armed robber from entering the store.

“When he came up to the door and I looked at him, I said, ‘We’re not open,’” the 20-year Houston Jewelry employee said. After he pulled a gun and fired three shots into the store, “I shoved him and said, ‘No! You’re not coming in!’”

“I was mad and I wasn’t going to let him in,” Memmel told Click2Houston

“To me, that was the thing to do: give him a shove.”

Local police are on the look out for the suspect.



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