Another Unhinged and Vulgar Liberal=> Martha Stewart Flips Off President Trump

Another unhinged liberal.
Martha Stewart was caught posing for a photo at he Frieze Gallery in New York City.
The businesswoman and author flipped President Donald Trump the bird while flashing the peace sign to Snoop Dogg.
Cosmopolitan reported:

A man at Frieze New York was taking a photo of Andres Serrano’s portraits of Donald Trump and Snoop Dogg when a familiar face wandered into frame. Who was it?! Well, Martha Stewart, of course! She ran into the unsuspecting man’s shot and posed with a middle finger to Trump and a peace sign to her pal (and frequent collaborator) Snoop Dogg. It’s *Fat Italian Chef’s Kiss*.

Does anyone believe this was random as the article suggests? Anyone?

Martha Stewart appeared friendly with Donald Trump through the years including a segment where he made meatloaf on her show.

But now that Donald Trump is the Republican president Martha flips him off for street cred.



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