Fake News Media Goes Crazy Over Gorsuch ‘Fascism Forever Club’ In High School Yearbook

There is fake outrage from fake news once again. The Daily Mail managed to dig up the Georgetown Prep high school yearbook where Trump’s new Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch attended. Next to Gorsuch’s picture a line reads ‘Fascism Forever Club’ Founder and President. Although this was just an inside joke with his friends, they fell for it lock stock and barrel.

The Daily Mail reported:

Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch founded and led a student group called the ‘Fascism Forever Club’ at his elite high school, DailyMail.com can reveal. The club was set up to rally against the ‘left-wing tendencies’ of his professors while attending a Jesuit all-boys preparatory high school near Washington D.C. The name may be inconvenient for a Supreme Court nominee facing a tough confirmation battle. However it also shows the depth of Gorscuch’s right-wing credentials – and his penchant for mischief while attending his exclusive prep school in the 1980s.

It seems that the Daily Mail didn’t do their research thoroughly because Ed Whelan from the National Review reported:

Earth to newspaper reporters: High-school yearbook editors sometimes have a sophomoric sense of humor. I am reliably informed that no such club ever existed and that there was instead an inside joke among friends in the senior class that parodied political debates happening at the school. A contemporary of Gorsuch’s at the school also tells me that yearbook editors added stuff to student blurbs without their permission.

The hypocrisy from the liberals is astounding. They had no problem whatsoever with Obama’s Supreme Court Justice nominee, Sonia Sotamayor who famously said in a speech:

I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

The left is desperate and unhinged as they had to go all the way back to a high school yearbook hoping to dig up dirt on Trump’s pick for a Supreme Court Justice, ignoring all of his accomplishments since.







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