National Review Editor Rich Lowry: We May Support 3rd Party Candidate Over Trump (Video)

In September National Review editor and FOX News contributor, Rich Lowry attacked Donald Trump on The Kelly File. Lowry said Carly Fiorina cut off his balls with the precision of a surgeon.

Via The Kelly File:

In January, in an unprecedented editorial effort, National Review published a special edition bashing GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

22 conservatives contributed to this special edition.

national review trump

Today Rich Lowry said National Review may support a third party candidate over Donald Trump.

Rich Lowry: We’ll have to see. Again it’s a collective decision made by our editorial board. The question is does Donald Trump represent our beliefs and values enough for us to put our official imprimatur on him…. we’re very proud of what we did…

Howard Kurtz: Bill Kristol said he could support someone from a third party. Could you see yourself going there?

Rich Lowry: Again. It totally depends. We need to see the way Trump runs and how the field breaks out. It’s a very odd year. There may be a third or fourth candidate in this race. And if there’s someone closer to what we really believe that’s going to be very tempting for us.

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