WOW!… Must See=> Women on “Outnumbered” BLAST National Review over Anti-Trump Campaign

The women on “Outnumbered” today SLAMMED National Review for its scolding hit piece on Donald Trump.
outnumbered trump

Harris Faulkner: If I was part of the establishment I would walk as far away from this article, from this magazine, as possible if I wanted ever to gain the respect of those people who call themselves the voters. They hold the power.

Andrea Tantaros: You know, some of the bedwetters in the establishment believe they can build a coalition with millennial women, Latinos, but what you’re seeing is Trump is garnering support from Blue Collar voters. The cross over appeal could be huge. Building a coalition, particularly African Americans with their stance on immigration. He is more conservative than many other candidates on things like immigration.

Actress Stacey Dash: He’s more conservative and he’s anti-establishment which is what we want… He is conservative. And you’re not allowed to change your mind? I think we are allowed to change our mind. He wants to make America great. Whatever he has to do that, he wants to do that… He’s the man with the power to do that. And he’s the man who knows how to make deals…

Melissa Francis: I think it’s interesting. A lot more people will hear about the coverage of the article than will actually read it because one of the criticisms of Trump that was true is that not that many people read the National Review. I think the rebuke actually helps him in my opinion.

This was epic!

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