Leading US Imam and Professor: Muslims Can Take Property of “Filthy” Christians and Jews (Video)

Imam Yasir Hadhi is a college professor in Tennessee.
Hadhi says Christians are “shirk” and “evil” and Muslims can take their property.

This prominent Muslim tells his supporters are “filthy” and “impure.”
Cofda reported:

Yasir Qadhi (aka Abu Ammaar Yasir Kazi) is an American imam and college professor who is described by a 2011 New York Times Magazine essay as “one of the most influential conservative clerics in American Islam.”

In his sermon/lecture in the YouTube audio below, Qadhi begins by calling Christians “shirk” for being “polythesists” who believe in the Triune God (three persons in one God), instead of Islam’s “monotheist” god Allah.

Then Qadhi really steps up his verbal abuse. He says, since “there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah wuzza wuzza,” Christians are “by necessity and by definition … the most evil of all evils.” Like all “unbelievers” and “polytheists,” Christians are “filthy.” They are “najusa” (feces, urine) — “a filthy impure dirty substance.”

Qadhi declares that the prophet Mohammad — and by extension all Muslims — “has been commanded to do jihad.”

What is jihad?

Jihad “is a means to establish monotheism on the land.” The prophet had said, “I have been commanded to fight the people until they” convert to Islam. But “if they don’t [convert to Islam,] their life and property are halal [free for the taking] for the Muslims.”

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  • Granny

    Sounds like “imam” Yasir Hadhi needs to lose his position working for the State of Tennessee and be deported – perhaps to Gitmo for encouraging terrorism.

  • Dale

    More proof that Trump is correct. Thanks, imam idiot.

  • Patty

    and Americans are happy with that? Just amazing, I suppose no background checks there.

    And that is way we have Obama, no background checks there, either.

  • Deez_Nuts2015

    Where are the “moderate” Muslims refuting this guy’s claims about the Koran?

  • Michael Sellars

    Yet another “moderate” Muslim, just “yearning to breathe free.”

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    He’s just reciting the same Koran that ALL muslims follow.

  • Cowardly Lion

    Another reason to stop importing muslims and deport the ones here, they are ugly scum. I mean, come on, do we really want to turn this country into third-world hideousness? I’m no handsome prince, but my goodness, let’s ban muslims and ugly people from coming here. This guy fits both those categories.

  • jainphx

    Come take my property you filthy muslim, I dare you!

  • frozeninbemidji

    According to wiki – “Qadhi teaches in the Religious Studies department of Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee”

    Which just proves once again that if you hate America and Christians there’s a college in this country just begging to give you tenure. What a cesspool the college system has become in this country. Something has to be done about it.

  • jainphx

    And yet the Republican held house is going to pass the funding to import millions of these slime balls. Go figure! I mean what’s in it for them? They must see the polls and know how we the people feel, so what is in it for them? makes no sense, no sense at all.

  • rosetta_stoned

    Make your best move, boy.

  • jainphx

    What though? The radicals of the 60’s took over the education system and hasn’t looked back since.

  • ridgerunner

    Who is more filthy than a Muslim? Garlic on one hand and septic conditions on the other.

  • Cosmo

    What a peaceful guy.
    So it’s ok for him/her to spew his/her nonsense about everything his super awesome religion of peace is able to do?
    Trump will put him on the first short bus out of the country. Enjoy it while you can dickless pig boy.

  • Richard V

    Why is this roach still in this nation? His talk would have made my ancestors go after his scalp. America has let all these nut jobs into this nation. The Christians deemed my ancestors pagans. Look at the trash you have let in. Muslims are not fit to be considered human. They aren’t even animals. They are demons. A devil’s cult.

  • Cowardly Lion

    Sell outs, blackmailed, traitors, pretenders pretending to be Republicans, aligned with evil… I don’t know what might be true, but they sure don’t represent the majority who vote GOP.

  • dmallett

    Thanks for your input Yasir, Trump’s numbers just went up a few more points.

  • jainphx

    It’s getting harder and harder to tell them apart, and yet still can’t figure out what is in it for them.

  • tham

    Now which college is he employed at? Even states like Tennessee are in the crapper. Why not identify his college in the article?

  • Hy Feiber

    The “moderates” watch the carnage, and don’t call authorities, but don’t do the actual killing.

  • tham

    The Bushes are major globalists. Reagan was the last backstop and they shot him almost as soon as he took office. The Hinckleys are family friends of the Bushes BTW.

  • jainphx

    Seems to be less than 6 degrees of separation there doesn’t it?

  • ridgerunner

    No wonder Bush has stayed quiet. Before Trump, Cheney looked conservative – not now.

  • Finncrisp

    Can we all agree that this is not a radical Imam, but a typical one?

  • Scott

    Please forward this article to everyone on your Email list.

    I will

  • Patty
  • louise

    Obama’s pals filthy muslim bastards

  • ridgerunner

    When is the tipping point for Muslims? We may be there as 65% of the GOP agrees with Trump.

  • tham

    If they are dumb enough to launch another attack that should bring in most of the other 35

  • Patty
  • ridgerunner

    I was kind of thinking that Mexico owes us a favor.

  • Addison Jacobs

    And what would happen to a Christian professor who stated publicly that Christ was the only path and without him people are destined for Hell?

    My guess is there would be outrage.

  • tham

    Rhodes College in Memphis has him on its payroll. Shame.

  • Granny

    The “moderates” don’t refute his claims because this is, in fact, what the koran says.

  • Patty

    Minnesota: Muslim refugee deemed major Islamic terror recruiter turns self in

    An American fugitive, who officials say is suspected of recruiting
    impressionable young men for terrorist groups including ISIS and was
    linked to at least one domestic terror attack in the U.S., has turned
    himself in to authorities, the State Department announced today.

    Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan, known online as “Miski,” surrendered to the government of Somalia early last month, a State Department spokesperson told reporters. Hassan has been wanted by the FBI since he left the U.S. in 2009
    for allegedly providing “material support” to the al Qaeda-linked
    terrorist group al-Shabab in Somalia, often purportedly by convincing
    young American recruits to join. U.S. officials accuse Hassan of since
    moving on to recruiting for the Syria-based terror group ISIS.
    this prof. should do the same.

  • ridgerunner

    The border agents would probably help.

  • getthemlibsout

    a good curb stomping will fix what ails this goat-humper

  • getthemlibsout

    they would definitely make the nightly news

  • LouAnnWatson

    jefferson would have had him shot and dumped at sea

  • LouAnnWatson

    hey beard boy…you’re lucky you’re not my neighbor

  • LouAnnWatson

    the clintons imported somali’s back in the 90’s

  • US.Patriot1776

    A Warning To The West: A Voice From The Heart Of The Islamic World

    What I am about to share is the ultimate truth that has been lived, experienced and suffered by me for more than 30 years. This experience was gained by living in my home country of Egypt which is now a pure Muslim society. Like so many others I have been burned by this transformation. This transformation has seen me witness and experience Islam turn my home country to ruins and its followers are now threatening to bring the same fate to your own country.

    Islam is not like any other religion. Islam is a supremacist racist political and social ideology wrapped in a thin peel of religious rituals. It seeks domination and supremacy over all other systems and religions. Islam is worse than Nazism and fascism systems combined without any doubt.

    Followers of Islam believe they are the only righteous people on earth and the only nation who hold the truth. Muslims believe Islam is the only true religion.

    Due to this Muslims believe everyone else who has a different religion, or has no faith and does not follow Islam are“Kaffirs” (a derogatory term means unbelievers). Muslims are influenced by many frivolous koranic verses and hadiths (words and deeds of their prophet) teaching them they are the best nation that has ever emerged on earth. For example, according to surat (verse) 3:110 from the Quran, Allah said to Muslims: “Thus We have made you the best nation, that you be witnesses over mankind and the Messenger (Muhammad) be a witness over you”.

    Muslims are in your country, but they live not to integrate or to be part of your society or at least to be equal with others, but to dominate and to be the only privileged group. Muslims achieve this by turning you into a second class citizen in your own country.

    They immigrate to your countries holding the same belief system that turned their lives into hell on earth. This same belief, same religion made their lives unsupportable in their original societies. It is the same religion that transformed their countries into war zones of endless conflicts. Muslims now homeless want to apply this system and live and apply the same destruction in your own country.

    Muslims are not in your country to help build it or to make it prosper. Many believe this, including politicians. Muslims are in your country to drain its resources and to suck the blood out of society. For example Muslims represent the majority of all your country’s welfare recipients.

    A real Muslim’s loyalty is not and will never be to your countries but to the global Islamic “Umma” (nation) only. . . .


  • Jim

    Moslems can do what? Theft? Wanna bet? Wanna see how the Second Amendment works? Try something.

  • Jim

    His word are going to be interpreted by his “flock”, or “herd”, or followers as a go-ahead and steal. Lot’s of bodies going to be a result of his words.

  • Jim

    Extra holes in the chest cavity I imagine.

  • WIfoodman

    He needs a one way ticket back to Yemen to never return

  • E. Newton

    Keep importing them. Bring them over in endless streams of 747’s packed. Bring entire villages of Afghanis, Somalis, Pakistanis. Keep doing it. Bring in 150 million of them next year. We need something big to happen to wake up the sheeple and before this nightmarish government can be changed.

  • Was_Blind_But_Now_I_See

    Glad we finally got to hear from one of those moderate Muslims we’re always hearing about 🙂

  • Lee Jan

    There is a strain of madness in this devil

  • terry71956

    Liberals make me sick! How
    can you stand bye, while gays are killed for being gay. This is a sickness. Don’t

  • wasitsomethingisaid

    Just your run of the mill Islamist,do a google search on him,this article does little to explain how dangerous,and influential he is.

  • nodhimmi

    This grubby unkempt fool can f a camel ! Good lord talk about a dog ! Woof woof!

  • hoistthatrag

    This from an ugly little man who wears a dress, carries a rug, drinks camel urine, dreams of eight-year-old girls, screws goats and wipes his butt with his bare hand.

  • FlamingLimousineLiberal

    To most people today, true terror is when Twitter or Facebook are inaccessible, or worse, their smart phone breaks.

  • Elvis

    Sounds like a job for Trump.

  • Charles Randall

    another reason to go to vo-tec school.

  • Ganesha_akbar

    Silver Lining: ISIS is using its propaganda magazine in the name of Islam to call for the assassination of Qadhi. The passage is illustrated with a photograph of Prof. Qadhi, and the caption, “The murtadd Yasir Qadhi condemned the assault on Charlie Hebdo.”

    “ISIS does not represent my faith, their actions are in contradiction to my faith, and I’m appalled at what they are doing in the name of my faith,” said Rhodes College professor of religious studies, and the Resident Scholar of the Memphis Islamic Center Yasir Qadhi.

  • Elvis

    Could you provide proof of that please?

  • Stephen Lowe

    But the question remains: who radicalized him? / Sarc off.

  • Stephen Lowe

    If Obama had a son.

  • JY1

    “Can” or “may”? That wonderful grammar question and the difference between permission and the physical ability to do something.

    Not feeling bound by sharia law.

    And as far as physical ability, lots of people out here don’t feel confined to obey state laws prohibiting property owners from protecting their property with deadly force. It’s going to have to be a pretty big muslim horde to take what little I have away from me, and by the time the third or fourth one goes down, chances are that distinction between just wanting to take the property and wanting to kill the property owner, will be really blurry anyway.

    And democrats ask why gun sales are so brisk.

  • John

    Come and try to take it, you indoctrinated jerk…

  • John


  • Martin Hutchison

    And where is AG Lynch?

  • John

    Cheer-leading those of his ilk..

  • Donna

    That sounds like hate speech to me. Where is AG Lynch?

  • Sniffy Pop

    Yea Buddy.

    Why don’t you and your friends head out to the country in Tennessee and try and take some property.

    Like to see how that will work out for you.

    Go 4 It!

  • pugly

    AG Lynch will investigate. The presstitutes will declare for the 69th time that we social conservatives are the real terrorists.


    This is just one kind of American hating ahole employed to teach our children. This one should be deported to the bottom of sea.

  • Old&Retired

    What is going on here? What kind of a college would hire a nut like this? Well, he is not a nut according to the Koran. Hitler and Mohammad have a lot in common. Wake up folks.

  • tham

    Houston Post the day after the shooting. John Chancellor at NBC News called it a bizarre coincidence”. Free Republic did an article back then as well. I’m away from my pc or I would attach links.

  • west1890

    in a pine box

  • HARP2

    Well you just come right along sunshine and take it.

    Say good-bye to your family first though.

  • tham

    Hinckleys are also oil people. Big contributors to bush campaigns. Neil bush close pals with Hinckley of his age.

  • harriet

    SO what is the University doing about this?

  • lee

    This. Bearded fool will be in hell when he dies. No need to worry about Christians there.

  • Buckeye1

    Sounds like Imam Obama

  • Elvis

    I saw no mention of this in O’Reilly’s book “Killing Reagan”.

  • tham

    Well that’s odd or maybe it isn’t. Jose reports were never followed up. Supposedly Neil Bush was scheduled to dine with the other Hinckley brother on the day of the shooting. Weird coincidences do happen. Still.

  • Jon in MD 22

    He thinks like any liberal. Take the makers money and give it to freeloaders.

  • Pat Loudoun

    What in Hell has happened in Tennessee of all places?

  • honestynow

    When will these people be arrested and tried for sedition?
    Ban sharia now!

  • bruce lancaster

    The liberal media keeps telling me the South is all full of klansmen and other sorts of violent racists… How come this fella ain’t been lynched yet?

  • Mary_Linda

    People actually listen to this sh_t?!?!

  • [email protected]

    Rhodes college also recently recruted a bigoted racist black female teacher who was fired from the University of Memphis for her racist anti-white comments. Rhodes College has become an institution of lowest, morally decayed “learning” who promotes the destruction of America and infests the minds of these students. This Iman along with any other Islamic militant who overtly threatens society with criminal acts should be imprisoned, then deported. I would not send my own children to Rhodes College if it were free. What a bunch of leftist cowards this Rhodes College is.

  • This “person” is walking around, alive, in America, for what reason?

  • Elvis

    Your key word is ” Supposedly.” What would be nice is documented proof.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    I always have to laugh when a Rag Head calls US filthy.

    If you have ever been to the Mideast, then you know exactly how filthy Arabs are.

    It must be a reverse thinking thing with them, “If I call Americans & Jews filthy, then I will not seem so filthy.”

  • Stuck_in_Ca
  • bc733

    Hell, he is a moderate.

  • Mad Hatter

    You want my property? Come and take it you disease ridden sand rat.

  • keystonepipe

    Pack the A>>>>>hole up and send him to Syria

  • Hillary For Prison

    Where is this dickweed a professor????? If it is a state funded college, he needs to be fire on the spot.

  • Hillary For Prison

    Awesome summary of fact.

  • Hillary For Prison

    The low IQ voters cannot get their heads out of their farcebook azzses. If they do not see it there they are clueless.

  • Dom

    Tom Brokaw, hellery, sanders, gop, congress, and potus us are all silent on this rant.

  • Goober_Pyle

    I can smell him through my laptop.

  • American Patriot

    You wanna try to take mine, fat boy? Perch your smelly fat a$$ on my front porch and see how fast you meet 72 virgin pigs.

    I am not my government, I am an individual citizen of a poorly lead Republic. Don’t confuse me with our current political class. I will kill you, and every one of your sons, daughters, and filthy relatives you send my way.

    I am Scottish by heritage, and American by birth. My ancestors were battling oppressors long before your pedophile prophet first diddled little boys. I am one of those Americans you’ve heard about, and fear in the deepest part of your soul. You want rage, I can give you rage.

    Don’t start nothin’ won’t be nothin’!

  • ember

    All these hate mongers need to be exposed.

  • American Patriot

    I think you about covered it, I got nuthin’ I can add!

  • Patty
  • Nikki Davis

    ”THAT” is a point, that I’ve been repeating, Mahdi-Al-Dajjal.
    I’ve been pondering and wondering just where, Exactly, does the ”Moderate Muslim” learn his teachings? Is there a Kinder Gentler version of the Quran, for Moderates?
    How can we tell the difference?

  • BillyBob Bob

    neither Yasir Qadhi nor Abu Ammaar Yasir Kazi is on the no fly list. “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

  • zoobreath

    Another reason Memphis is referred to as Mogadishu on the Mississippi.

  • dave0987

    Yes, tell us about all those “peaceful” and “moderate” Muslims again.

    I could use a good laugh.

  • dave0987

    Wait, you mean there isn’t a non-violent version that the peaceful moderates read from?

    No, there isn’t folks-just like there are no peaceful moderates, only Muslims that either haven’t been activated or haven’t decided it’s time to reveal themselves.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I stand before you, OH Imam. I say to you….NO!.
    Your move, punk.

    No!. Your Move.

  • Girlyman

    If this ain’t hate speech, I don’t know what is. Where’s Loretta when you need her?

  • Nikki Davis

    OOOHH, Patty, You’re Mean!!
    But, You’re funny!

  • Mike in Illinois

    That this conversation is out in the opening and happening means that at some point it will have to come to “Well, what does the Koran itself say?”
    And then the things folks like you and i have been saying all along (along with many other people with the courage to say it all along) will be vindicated.

    It IS ISLAM. Just Islam. Islam all by itself. Islam.
    Is is is. Period.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Nope. Just the koran. Same old koran. Same as every other koran.

    The jin is out of the bottle ans cannot be put back in.

  • Mike in Illinois

    They will attack again, they will attack always. This because their guiidebook tells them they must. Their book tells them they cannot question what the book directs. Ever.

    Islam is islam’s eventual undoing. I am just surprised it has taken this long to come to this point.

  • KingKaos

    what a f-ing jerkoff. wuzza wuzza you talking about stupid? hala hala at dees nuts in your face when you get beat down by an American for being such a scumbag. Were almost done folks, its almost time to take our country back… or at least be able to stand up and say “F-YOU” loud and clear to ALL the terrorists in this country(and not just the muslim scum).

  • Mike in Illinois

    First, stop borrowing thousands of thousands of dollars to pay tuition. Stop attending these schools. Punish any politician who finds them by tossing them out. And last but not least, keep telling the truth about this!

  • Mike in Illinois

    Preparing that “resigning to spend more time with family” speech…..

  • Nikki Davis

    I’m watching Sean Hannity, now. He has the Poll Expert, Frank Luntz on. He’s playing Trump’s comments. Trump is wiping the floor, with his competitors.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Increasing exponentially from 2007 on.
    What happened in 2007?

  • Mike in Illinois

    Yup, to get Al Franken…..and it worked.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Democrats got hold of “education” at the federal level, and with the power of the tax code and civil service unions, they filtered that control all the way down to control over local school boards.

    Along the way, they conned people into thinking that school board elections and antics don;t really matter. And people just turn a blind eye as to what goes on in schools. The cycle complete, they churn out more idiots every day.

    Breaking the chain, breaking the cycle starts by taking back our schools and forcing them to abide by the Constitution. RIGHTS especially.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Luntz is one who said Trumps candidacy wasnt gonna happen, then was a joke, then would flame out, then……ooops. Luntz is a boobnoob.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Hate ta tell ya but they started it a long time ago. It has already begun.
    So it is something.

  • Elvis

    I am watching Sean too.

  • Mike in Illinois

    First it has to be admitted that applying the term “religion” to Islam is a misnomer.
    Islam is a war plan of aggression bent on total world domination, forcing all to submit to Islams law – the sharia- or be killed for refusing to bow.

    Truth be told, Islam is criminal right to its core.


    Hey Imam…you can take my bullets I will get be them too you free of charge if you come to steal from me. I’m real considerate too I will serve them hot and fresh in 3 round bursts…

    Trump 2016!!!

  • Mike in Illinois

    And he is showing to the entire world what happens when America stands with Islam instead of standing against it.

  • WKRP

    Who’s filthy? Look at that scrubby brush on his face. Who knows what vermin live in there.

  • Guest

    Meet the 2nd Ammendment.

  • authemis

    you and your trash followers are welcome to try.


    Just look at the raw intelligence ooze out of that guy. I say check his credentials after he’s buried at sea with his mentor.

  • Akela

    8USC 1182. Inadmissible Aliens. It has been done and it still CAN be done. All we need is a president who isn’t one of them.

  • Daniel

    Share this with all your progressive friends. Here is a college professor, a leader in the Muslim community. What is he saying, kill Christians, well, anyone that won’t follow Islam.

    I wonder if progressives think that all this stuff doesn’t apply to them. sime how these Muslims will simply leave them alone.

  • American Patriot

    True Mike, but they better leave me and mine alone. If one of those sand fleas tries to claim my property for allah, they’re gonna be dispatched to meet him with extreme prejudice.

  • SirGregor

    If you’re not spending the next several days bombarding this University with loud obnoxious screaming over the phone, and by email, and by fax, and if you live anywhere within 50 miles … from the sidewalk in front of their property … you’re the reason we’ll lose our country.

    I can think of a few other things that people need to be doing, but I can’t write them here without getting in trouble.

    It’s time for you to stand up and do something. DO … SOMETHING! Get a backbone. Grow a spine. Miss an episode of The Voice. Show us you care.

  • SirGregor

    Sounds like a job for Dexter to me.

  • You Don’t Represent Me

    Bring it you goat herding douche bag.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    How many times has Obama met with him?
    The media doesn’t care.

  • newsies2

    Can one imagine if a Christian or Jew stood at the podium and preached this stuff? I wouldn’t like to imagine it. The AG would have their back ends in jail so fast, but Christians can be called filthy, and s*hit and urine, at a public pulpit. I keep saying that the hate speech and hate crime thing only applies if the person is considered White.

    The U S has to be a Paradise on earth, to these People. They can come here and live good, plus spew this garbage without consequences.

  • newsies2

    This wouldn’t be hate speech. The hate speech rules only apply to Persons who are considered White. He has nothing to fear from this AG.

  • newsies2

    He has nothing to fear from the State, because he is protected.

  • mickey cahill


  • Tym O’Byrne

    One look says Inbred. His only saving grace is if he can play the banjo.

  • saturn

    He is educating our children?
    BTW one look at him says that the use of the word “filthy” is psychological projection.

  • John Baker

    And a spiritual leader no less.

  • John Baker

    He forgot the young boys thing.

  • John Baker

    You do make a good point. Christian theology does say that accepting Jesus is the only way to heaven. But, as part of it’s dogma, Christianity does not encourage Christians to kill non Christians. The violence inherent in islam is where the problem lies.

  • R3dstone

    Not all of us are as dumb as Oduckfart. Most of us will drop you dead in your tracks so I don’t recommend it.

  • Derpocrat

    I think this dude is vying for a leadership position with CAIR

  • blackfeather

    this schmuck needs to burn.

  • optimuscorn

    This pos has the nerve to call someone filthy, same bastard wipes his ass with his bare hand and avoids soap.

  • Obamaroid_Ointment

    This is not who we are.

  • Ultra wi fi

    He’s a mentilly ill man Self righteous, and Arrogant- mentally ill ..

  • Ultra wi fi

    No doubt he’s( mentally ill – with self righteousness and arrogant’s – haughty for Gods MT.

  • These cretins have systematically picked majority Christian states to invade. Tennessee is a hotbed of Muslim invaders and has a long list of terror camps.

    Where are the natives fighting back against this evil? Why is this scum allowed to even teach?

  • Sideshowjoe

    Allah wuzza wuzza?? Did he mean allah wakka wakka?

  • phreeman

    ….durka-durka, bacalaca-bacalaca like your BOOK was not made up by some nomadic bandit that needed a management SOP to keep his banditos in line from cradle to grave ….

    I’m guessing he is a registered DemonCat….

  • Addison Jacobs

    That’s exactly the point I’m making. There are elements out there who will twist a non-violent statement by a Christian and call them hateful, but say nothing against this man who does teach violence.

  • visitor

    He’s at Rhodes in Memphis. Should have guessed. That’s where the racist professor Zandria Robinson went after U of Memphis kicked her out for her


    Where is Loretta Lynch when you need her??

    Is She going to investigate this professor??
    How does someone like this retain his position???

  • Yabba_Dabba

    This is simply Islamic Gonocide 101. This is not “radical”. This is STANDARD ISLAM. Preached in virtually every mosque in America. Yeah, kick these scumballs out of our country. There is nothing more un-American than the genocidal Muslim cave dwellers…

  • whynoborders

    He is a prof at a muslim college. Contacting them will do no good. Sharia is here!!! Close the borders and STOP the muslim immigration.

  • johnfembup

    Mainstream Islam, on full display.

    Muslims believe this stuff because that is what the Quran teaches them to believe. The same has been true for 1,400 years and is obviously still true today.

    How many times must the West re-learn this lesson?

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    come and take my property you goat molester.
    Their constant inbreeding has left them deranged. Perfect for cannon fodder of their death cult.

  • Mary_Linda

    Deport the SOB!

  • Steve Bartnes

    I thought Obama’s pet AG was going to prosecute hate speech. Aparrently only if you’re a white Christian.

  • D. Long

    oh, but this is a religion of peace… liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • jenny2

    They sure buried the name of the College he teaches at: Rhodes College, Memphis Tenn. He claims he’s a victim of cut and paste.

  • JimmaObama

    Enjoy hell Yasir…….you’ve been duped by satan fool

  • drattastic

    Good old islam ,they make great Americans don’t they liberals.

  • Thegoldman

    I guess he will take one bullet from me…

    Bring it on…

    The American people will accommodate you…

  • TopAngler

    Immigration without assimilation is invasion!!

  • Aldo1887

    How does this fit into diversity Libs? You battle bitterly over your keyboards to give people freedom to practice their religion, but what happens when the key tenants of that religion are to NOT allow others that same freedom?? This needs to be shown to more libs..

  • Juvenal2

    Yeah, thanks Abe. You got the poo-nanny, the human race got the consequences.

  • Mystic

    Perfect professor for college. He is clearly a Dim.

  • owl

    And they claimed Sara Palin’s speech was so hateful that it caused a shooting.

  • pajamakat

    I don’t know how it can be power. Mussies are never going to vote for them. And before long the mussies will be running everything anyway. I cannot believe what is happening to our country. It’s very depressing.

  • Tooluser

    But you all don’t understand that Islam is a religion of Peace! To whom? If you want to leave Islam you are deemed an apostate and put to death! Sex with a 9 year old girl is condoned by Mohammed,(well he did it so it must be ok),Women have no standing and are put to death if they are raped and say anything about it.Christians,Jews and anyone else that will not convert is beheaded! These things are happening right now….no other religion/political ideology even comes close to this level of Barbarity .

  • jainphx

    That’s as good an answer as any I suppose, but man that power will disappear with Sharia.

  • drummie

    I can only tell him one thing: Be careful if you come to take anything of mine, I get very possessive and angry when you try to rip me off.

  • Russell Kurson

    As a major property owner and a Jew, do your best. It’s the Irish half of me you need to be terrified of.

  • Robert Grant

    At a so-called “Christian” college!

  • Robert Grant

    Yeah, and he calls Christians dirty LMAO.

  • Robert Grant

    And the speaker of the House, a Republican, goes out of his way to chastise Trump for suggesting that we put a moratorium on Muslim immigration! Political correctness rules!

  • Robert Grant

    It’s not power, it’s money. I just finished reading an article that shows that nearly all of our presidents in recent history, starting with Carter and including the Bushes and of course Clinton, members of their staffs and an estimated 50% of members of congress have benefited financially from association with the Saudis, who also fund all of the mosques here and all of the Muslim studies programs in our universities as well as CAIR and all the other Muslim front propaganda and indoctrination groups!

  • Robert Grant

    The power might but the money won’t. See above.

  • Robert Grant

    I think that some are very devout, like the San Bernardino killer Farook was according to his own family, while others just go along with the trappings of religion, sticking their asses in the air 5 times a day, etc.

  • Robert Grant

    Like I said after Paris, they will be hitting us soon and they did. Now after San Bernardino, others will be encouraged to top that and they really would like to do it during the Christmas season.

  • Robert Grant

    Yes, we need to get the truth out about colleges like this and stop sending our children and grandchildren to them. There are great schools like Hillsdale for them to attend.

  • John graham

    come get it sparky……..we await your arrival

  • Mike in Illinois

    I hear ya and agree with ya. Now, consider this. What if they do it with a proxy? What if they gain control over the government itself? What about the possibility that they already did? Then what?

    Keep that power dry brother. I am thinking we past the last exit off this here highway already a few miles back….

  • mark

    Muslims must feel so much in control that they are now happy to tell the truth about islams teachings (of course they do not see evil as evil, they see it as holy).

  • Charles 63039

    This guy is the mainstream of Islam and proves that these murderous [email protected]@rd5 need to be eradicated from the face of the world. Islam is a cult of death and I think we should give them what they deserve. Death! No muslim should be spared or their murderous ideology will just continue to fester and contaminate the world.

  • Matthew Michael Crown

    Droop that piece of camel dung in the ocean on the way home, will you.

  • Matthew Michael Crown

    Talmud- check it out, even worse than the unholy Koran.

  • Charles 63039

    You are a liar. The koran is what he is quoting. Islam is a cult of death and those who believe in it are worshipping Satan. Allah is just the newest name for the one cast out of Heaven.

  • 2Bn/22Infantry

    Guess we know your leanings

  • Bew

    This college needs to be exposed in the media.

  • jack

    I never post on these type of forums but in this case I will. Instead of teaching you what Islam really is I will simply point out what is said in the bible.

    First, “Anyone who beats their male or female slave with a rod must be punished if the slave dies as a direct result, but they are not to be punished if the slave recovers after a day or two, since the slave is their property.” Exodus 21:20-21

    Second, lets take note of how christianity believes the earth is is less than 10,000 years old.

    Third, have you not noticed that the bible was altered in the middle ages for political purposes. Additionally, there are numerous different versions of the bible so how do you guys even know which christianity is the right one and what is the correct bible?

    Fourth, The bible does not believe in evolution. Simple as that.

    Look I have nothing against Christians, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Atheist, or anyone else. But, I do have a problem with bigotry and ignorance. If we are to hate people for the same reasons you hate Muslims, then we would have to hate Christians for Sandy Hook, Batman Movie theater massacre, Wisconsin Sikh Temple massacre, and the Norway shooting that left over 80 dead.

    Finally let look Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil by Group, From 1980 to 2005, According to FBI Database. This report shows that 24% of terrorist acts are done by Right Wing Christian Extremist With muslims coming behind them, Jews, and Latinos

    So let us fact check before we cast hate speech.

  • Not a Bigot like you

    Because you can deport someone because of their views. Did you not get an education or are you just stupid?

    P.S. the constitution grants people free speech.

    If you do not understand what ps means its probably because you did not graduate middle school. So, I will explain it…

    P.S. is when one develops a thought after writing a letter.

  • hendrikush

    Why isn’t he prosecuted with the full force of our law?

  • aishasghost

    Christianity as it is practiced around the world today is based on the New Testament, not the Old. If you’ve read the New Testament and examined modern Christianity, you are surely aware that the violence of the Old Testament is taken as historical and not prescriptive. The same can not be said for the Koran or the Hadith, which makes an active call to “strike at the necks” of the unbeliever. To make them submit or pay the jizzya (a poll tax). That the “unbelievers” may be lied to and taken as slaves. You will find no such nonsense in the New Testament. In fact, comparing the figure of Jesus in the New Testament to the biographical works of Islamic scholars of the life and traditions of Mohammed is an insult. There can be absolutely no comparison made. Jesus never advocated murder, rape, or killing your enemies until they submit. In fact, he taught his followers to love their enemies and pray for them.

    Again the Old Testament is historical and not-prescriptive. The New Testament is about the most peace-loving and pacifist peace of prose you will ever read.

    #2, The flat-earthers and the creationists, perhaps, still subscribe to the idea that the earth is less than 10,000 years old and that evolution does not exist. The Catholic church, serious scholars of Christianity, and anyone with a rational mind and a concept of science does, however, hold no such nonsense up to real scientific inquiry. The majority of Christians happen to believe in science, I might add. Your second point is pure nonsense. Just because a small subset of a group holds a rather untenable view, does mean the entire religion is therefore, baseless and wrong. Furthermore, the idea that the Earth is only 10,000 years old isn’t anywhere close to calling for the death, rape and subjugation of innocents the world-over. I’d rather live in a world full of people who think the Earth is flat and 10,000 years old who wouldn’t kill me if I disagreed, than in an Islamic world who holds that Mohammed is the only true prophet of God and would behead me if I disagreed. This is, in fact, what all Muslims are commanded to do. If you disagree, you can not truly call yourself a Muslim, and you should give up the faith or attempt to reform it.

    #3 Have you noticed that the Koran was not put down into written form until hundreds of years after the death of Mohammed? Have you noticed that at the time it was put to writing, that there was no standardized form of Arabic script? Simply altering where some dots were placed in some transcriptions or left out in others completely alters the meaning of the Arabic and it is exceedingly complicated if not impossible to suss out the “true” meaning of the written Koran. have you also noticed that there is general disagreement as to which Caliph exactly assembled what is known today as the standard Koran? For it was also assembled by committee just like the Christian bible. There were also hundreds of thousands of traditions of the prophet that were passed down as Hadiths which were then pared down to tens of thousands that were deemed credible by compilers at the time. Can you be sure that no bias was imparted and that this all the “last and final word of God”? Can you be sure there was no political influenced introduced by “fallible” man? I’m sure you’re beginning to see the problems.

    #4 One of the tenets of Islam is that the Koran, the Hadith, et. al. are the last and final word of God to his final prophet Mohammed and that the traditions of Mohammed as relayed in the Hadith combined with the Koran are the *immutable* word of God and can never be rejected or reformed, not a single word. This leaves one of the worlds “great religions” irrevocably stuck in the dark ages without any hope of a possible reformation as occurred in Christianity thousands of years ago.

    Again, no major Christian scholar of any merit or even the Vatican itself, believes in any such nonsense of “the bible teaches creationism and not evolution”. In fact, BECAUSE of Christian reformation and Bible scholarship, the majority of Christians very directly understand much of the bible to be parables, prose, poetry, historical account, sayings, traditions, etc. Not to be taken literally, but to be interpreted. This is not the case in Islam.

    I implore you to take a hard look at political Islam and sharia law. I implore you to look at what this man is saying. I implore you to examine Islamic jihadism which seeks to export Shari’ah law to the entire. I implore you to understand that the Muslim understanding of anyone who is non-muslim is that: they are at best “misguided people of the Book” (Jews and Christians – we were the forefathers for Mohammed’s made-up religion after all and hold a special significance in his early peaceful writings form his time in Mecca) or “polytheists” (pagans) that have lost their way and need to be righted and, at worst, vile, disgusting kaffir that the Muslim is commanded to lie to, commit acts of terror against, kill in the name of Allah, force them to submit, or subject them to exorbitant jizzya (poll tax) and take them as slaves and their women as sex slaves.

    Would you vote to live in a land ruled by Shari’ah law voluntarily? If not, then why would you vote for all of us to live under it?

    If not, please pull your head out of your rear-end, and be thankful for a western democracy with free speech, equality under the law, the right to bear arms to protect oneself’s property and life – and last but not least, be thankful for the LIBERTY and thus prosperity that it affords you!

    The Imam is entitled to his hate speech as I am “my own hate speech” here in my above post, as most people would cast me as an islamophobic bigot for telling the truth. That’s the wonderful thing about a free democracy like the USA – we can say whatever the hell we want, even if people don’t like it or craps all over their worldview. Truth will prevail in the end. Open, rational discourse, logic, freedom and liberty are things to be embraced and not squelched or squashed.

    Please stop practicing your taqiyya. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

  • jack

    I never indicated that these problems with christianity was because of Jesus. This is because in Islam Jesus is a prophet so he only taught the truth and all of his actions were for the betterment of mankind.

    You seem like a reasonable person and Obviously I can respond and discuss your misconceptions about Islam but you would only come back with diffrent problems you believe to be true. However, I would rather encourage you to go down to your local mosque and respectfully ask the Imam there the questions and objections you have with Islam.

  • aishasghost

    Why do we only see people coming out decrying “Islamophobia” and go down and talk to your local Imam? As if this is OUR problem? No.

    Where are all the so-called moderate muslims? Why are they not out in droves protesting the evil that is fundamentalist Islam? Where? You tell me. It’s your “religion” that is the problem. Not anyone elses. Where is your responsibility? Yet, we are told we are bigots and hate-speechers. We are told to go talk to our local Imam.

    I will go talk to my local Imam and I’m going to get him to admit to me that absolutely nothing I said about Islam is false and what it calls for. If you want me to start quoting from the Koran and the Hadith, I will. If you want me to enlighten the readers on the principle on an older verse to a newer verse, I will!


    “Let there be no compulsion in religion; truth stands out clear from error” (Sura 2.256).

    Abrogated by:

    “Slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them, and confine them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush” (Sura 9.5).

    This “verse of the sword” not only abrogates 2.256, but also abrogates well over a hundred earlier verses that formerly taught peace and tolerance toward non-believers.

    The taqqiya (deception and lies to protect the faith) dictates that Muslims are allowed to like to you, and use earlier Suras, such as 2.256, to convince you that Islam is a religion of peace. However, they know, as does any serious student of Islam, that this verse and many other that preach “peace and inclusion” have been abrogated by later, Medina era Suras, where Mohammed’s conquest become less of a pacifist theological movement, and more of a blatantly bloody conquest of forced submission.

    Anyone ever hear about the Banu Qurayza, a Jewish tribe that Mohammed attacked and conquered? He had his men behead the over 800+ men of the tribe while he sat with his favorite (9 year old Aisha) and watched.

    This is but a drop in the bucket in the life story of Mohammed, but no, I think I need the help of my local Imam in explaining to me how this man was one of God’s prophet on par with Jesus…..

    Right. Thanks.

    Seriously. You might need to examine your own religion. If you display such an utter lack of knowledge of the Koran, the Hadith, the principle of Sura abrogation? Maybe you in fact are not a good Muslim? Certainly the fundamentalist and orthodox Muslims would find you to be in error, in schism, and potentially would behead you if you were to espouse your more moderate views to them. If you believe you have a more peaceful and updated interpretation of Islam and the Koran than what the followers of the blood-thirsty, rapist, Mohammed espouse today, then by all means – REFORM THE DAMN RELIGION and the political system of Shari’ah. If not? Then declare yourself not to be a “true follower of Mohammed” and find a new religion!

    Either way, your position is completely and utterly inconsistent and I think you should discuss with your local Imam.

    Additionally, why are you and your Muslim brethren not out in FORCE denouncing CAIR for the Muslim Brotherhood backed organization that it is? Why are you not out in FORCE defending liberty, freedom of speech, the Constitution, etc?

    Or are you in favor in instituting Shari’ah?

    By the way, has it ever dawned on you that even in countries where you have Dar al-Islam (The “House of Islam” where peace shall rule the earth because everyone is a follower of Islam), do you realize that in these countries where 100% of the people are Muslim and ruled under Shari’ah, that the Muslims are still killing each other on a daily basis? But what happened to the sacred promise of Dar al-Islam?

    Don’t buy into the lies.

  • tamimisledus

    You are being a little bit harsh on him, aren’t you?
    Keep it up!

  • tamimisledus

    What do you mean, a kindler gentler koran?
    The koran is very kind and gentle,

    …… towards muslims who toe the line.

    But to everyone else (non-muslims) the koran (that is the one and only koran) is extremely harsh.
    And its key character *allah*, the psychopathic sadist, promises that non-muslims will suffer in hell for eternity, and urges muslims to fight against anyone who opposes the imposition of islam on earth.

    So much for any chance of a genuine kindler, gentler koran.

  • tamimisledus

    And most definitely a backlash against Christians,


    which the #muzztard media would heartily endorse.

  • tamimisledus

    Anyone who uses the term presstitute will always get my vote!
    (in spite of the extremely rare genuine journalist)

  • tamimisledus

    Like I always say: another muslim atrocity, another opportunity for muslims and muzztard sympathisers to whitewash islam.
    If I wasn’t a conspiracy theorist, I would start to think it was a conspiracy.
    But then muslim atrocities are so common, there is no need for a conspiracy.
    Just a load of muzztards ready to pile in with their inexhaustible supply of buckets of whitewash.

  • tamimisledus

    Good point, extremely well expressed.

  • tamimisledus

    Sorry there you go, dissing garlic.
    If garlic (or septic conditions) had feelings, I am sure that they would be mightily offended at being placed lower than garlic.
    Just like my cannibal friends were equally upset when the same tactic was used against them.
    I would be obliged to you if in future, you could remember that nothing is lower than a muslim.

  • tamimisledus

    … coming soon to a neighborhood near you ….

  • tamimisledus

    I note your sarcastic intent.
    But this statement is always being used seriously, so let us look at it seriously.
    The term “radicalized him” is abhorrent.
    It tries to make it look as if it was someone else who did it to him. sarc on / So now we can absolve from responsibility / Sarc off
    This man, and the muslims who became radicalised ( which is all muslims), chose to be radicalised. Nobody forced him to become radicalised.
    Why would he choose to became radicalised in this way?

    Well the answer is obvious, out of his own mouth.
    So he could steal everything from non-muslims.
    And why?

    Because islam is morally and intellectually bankrupt, and can only destroy and abuse, it can never create.

  • tamimisledus

    When the #muzztards support islam, they overlook 1400 hundred years of islam’s barbaric aggressive expansionism, as well as the dreadful state of every muslim country in the OIC.

  • tamimisledus

    She’s too busy protecting muslims from a muslim illusion of “hate”….
    But, totally ignoring the hatred for non-muslims in islam and its unholy texts.
    Of course she would. She probably can’t even see the hatred.
    And muslims are not white, so they can’t do any wrong, obviously.
    For the non-white, whites are always guilty and non-whites are always innocent.
    And if the non-whites ever do anything wrong, it’s not their fault.
    It’s the fault of the whites.
    Always the fault of the whites.

    Don’t you just feel the goodness of the non-whites.

  • Obamaroid_Ointment

    Obviously what I was trying to say went right over your head, even with an illustration.

  • Porphyry

    He will kill us all with his nasty big pointy teeth! (h/t Monty Python)

  • Porphyry

    He will kill us all with his nasty big pointy teeth! (h/t Monty Python)

  • IpseSenex

    I know it’s a bit early, but I would just like to wish everyone, whether they be secular, Muslim, Jewish or Christian, a blessed, happy Christmas.
    I also pray, that in the undoubtedly short time that the world has left before Jesus the Messiah returns to judge all men, that you may come to know his love for you and accept him as your Saviour.

    If you consider this hate speech and it offends you, please feel free to find your own ‘safe space’.

    God bless you all.

  • SAR2012

    To use this jizzlamic dog’s own term, it is pure ‘najusa.’

  • aliswell

    Let’s just beat the Christmas rush and kill him now.

  • What’s your point if you even have one? This isn’t about Christianity. Does Islam believe in Evolution or Relativity or any scientific ideas at all? And BTW the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi says much the same thing about slaves, do you object to that as well?

  • Susanne

    Free speech is granted to American citizens under the Constitution. Hateful foreigners should be deported.

  • Al

    If a Muslim follows the Quran how can they be considered peaceful?

  • Mister Right

    Dean of Academic Affairs at the Al-Maghrib Institute is Christian? I assume you’re being facetious. Someone needs to bring in a pig blood squirtgun and give that filthy imam a shower.

  • Mister Right

    You’re telling others to fact check? Is it opposite day every day for you? Your hypocrisy is deafening.

  • Natan Alon

    This is wrong … Why only one Muslim is aloud to take all the property from only 50 Jews and / or Christians?
    And if he wants to take from 100 .. So he is not allowed by Sharia law ?? !!
    Sharia laws really wrong .. muslims should fix them.

  • Mister Right

    We need our own martyrs, would it be wrong if a hunter with terminal cancer eradicated this filthy thing? Send him off to his 72 virgin goats. It’s amazing which hate speech is allowed, as long as it’s anti-Christian, it’s free speech! Jesse jackson and Al Sharpton are on the way to handle this….right after 0bama speaks out against him and hell freezes over and liberals make sense and…..

  • ponoboy

    Publish his address please…

  • Ddenney1

    Islam by definition means submit! What ELSE are you confused about! I will stick to my BIBLE and gun you just say yes I’ll have another as you are Islamed up your ASS!

  • Eibenschotte

    Jesus came first, so FOKC UOY!!!!!!

  • Bill Harris

    They can come and try to take what belongs to me. But I wouldnt suggest it

  • Gary

    IMAM means, “I’m Muslim Arse Muncher”.

  • Eibenschotte

    In a coffin.

  • Robert Grant

    He is a professor of religion at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. Rhodes is affiliated with Presbyterians.

  • Too big and heavy

    It’s amazing, he talks out of the same….Hole he craps out of…

  • Robert Grant

    The problem with your argument is that Sandy Hook and all the other massacres which you attribute to Christians were not conducted by Christians! The other problem you have is that I guess you are assuming that all the people posting here who are concerned about radical Islam and the huge number of massacres which can actually attributed to Muslims (hell, they brag about it) are Christians. They clearly are not. You are trying to make this a religious war, Christians against Muslims, which it is clearly not. This is radical Muslims vs the rest of humanity.

  • Daniel F. Melton

    An honest muslim. Both refreshing and angering at the same time. He does not expect us “unclean” kafirs might object being forced to embrace islam or die and send a few million devout muslims to paradise?

    Feed ’em to pigs.

  • Daniel F. Melton

    ***In a coffin.***

    A sack of pig manure would be more appropriate.

  • tax man

    This man should be put in prison – this is not a Free Speech argument, but a viable threat argument. He is asking the muslims to take illegal, criminal actions against non-muslims. Lock him up, toss the key, feed him pork and beans.

  • Marty

    Free speech has been limited many time in the past. This speech is treasonous, and not protected under the 1st amendment. Treason is a very serious charge, I believe punishable by death during a time of war. The absolute least we can do is charge him in criminal court and if convicted, if a citizen, take his citizenship and deport him to his country of origin, or my preference, execute him as a traitor to this country.

  • Eibenschotte

    OH, aishagohst- I LOVE you…. poor Jack needs to crawl back under his rock !!!!!

  • Too big and heavy

    Throw him in the ring with ….Lion…

  • Apatriot2

    So What idiot allowed this SOB to even teach in a school. I guess he wasn’t vetted very well kind of like BO wasn’t vetted.

  • Daniel F. Melton

    Those in academia and media would join to have him drawn and quartered on the mall in Washington.

  • HadEnough

    Robert, yes, the Lousy RINO Hypocrite. (Ryan)

  • Victor

    I am a Christian…want to take my property you filthy creature? You wont be leaving the same way you came!

  • tanstaafl54

    Not trying to pick a fight, but you’re mistaken. Calling for violence, either explicitly or implicitly, against people based on their religion, is a crime, first because it is incitement, second because it calls for the deprivation of others’ constitutional rights. It is one of the few instances where a private, non-governmental individual can get into trouble for constitutional violations. In any event, both crimes are felonies under Chapter 18 of the U.S. code. Additionally, I would be willing to bet that a person would not have to listen long before they could record this mutt calling for the violent overthrow of the U.S. – another felony and a huge no-no for an immigrant, even if he has become a naturalized citizen. Any or all of the relevant offenses can justify revocation of citizenship and deportation. You are free to argue about that if you want to, but I have practiced criminal and constitutional law for more than 20 years, so I actually DID graduate middle school. The one thing that you are correct about is that someone cannot be deported because of a viewpoint, but once this individual decided to go public, it stopped being just a viewpoint. A short teaching point for your benefit, so that maybe you can indulge in mindless name-calling when you have some actual facts: speech that calls for commission of a crime, or that might reasonably lead to commission of said crime, is not now, nor has it ever been protected under the Constitution.

  • Juan TwoTree

    Right-On IMPACT1: Lynch spews her crap about arresting anyonw whom makes a remark about Muslim’s! How about her going after these goat fuking, ‘gender-bending’ Islamic Terrorists like this ass-wipe!!??

  • Jim McCormack


  • RGW

    Why is this scumbag still in our country?

  • rbblum

    While the implicit policies of Barry’s JV Gang lend support to words and deeds to fundamentally transform the United States of America. . . a constitutional republic with steel resolve.

  • mudguy1

    Along with Obama.

  • Kenneth Jones

    Oh so he wants to take my property, does he? Over my dead body, you filthy raghead!

  • Robert Grant

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for NBC, CBS etc to do so!

  • Apatriot2

    Just remember the Good Muslims also live by the Quran, so what is the difference between (A) good Muslim (that we keep hearing about) and those that want to kill westerners and take over the world. They both study the same book, It tells them All to lie, cheat, steel and kill to get what they want. It seems they ALL have the same Goal in mind. So where is the difference in the two. Can anyone explain it?

  • tanstaafl54

    One thing that you can count on is that you will never, EVER see this little toad showing up to personally try taking anyone’s property, unless they are over 80 and wheelchair bound. Despite the glories of martyrdom, none of the Islamic clerics ever seem to be in a hurry to get into heaven – personally, I would LOVE to help this d–bag become an exalted martyr and collect his 72 virgins (virginity is very important to Muslims, because they are afraid of comparison, and with good reason!)

  • sandraleesmith46

    Doesn’t matter what that devil-worshiper believes; they have NO such rights!

  • sandraleesmith46

    Even if he was born here, that’s a crime.

  • sandraleesmith46

    The Talmud isn’t a holy book; the Torah is.

  • Bud

    If the article stated where this person/thing is allegedly a college professor I missed it. If he is on the taxpayers’ payroll he should immediately be removed, as his statements show that he is anti-constitution. He should not be receiving one thin dime of taxpayer money.

  • Moots

    Well said my friend.

  • Bud

    P.S. means post script.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Too bad you’re SOOOO FAR in error about the Bible and Christianity!

  • Bud

    The man is entitled to his religious views. Islam, however, is not a religion. It is a political/social cult masquerading as a religion.

  • Eibenschotte

    Wow. Sounds like the professors really did a number on YOU! Betcha you got really wet when they smiled and handed you that “A+” for the paper you did on how f/u America is. You made it into their club. What an ego-booster! Anyway, he had his free speech, we had ours. The problem is, he TEACHES his version of free speech. Good luck when it bites you in the butt-ox.

  • Bud

    Then the Presbyterians have a whole lot to answer for.

  • gerald scott

    it is called post script that is what p.s. stands for

  • Bud

    You’re a hoot. Sounds as though someone is taking the garbage from the SPLC as gospel truth as relating to “Right Wing Christian Extremists.”

  • Bud

    Either Jesus was the Son of God or he was a fraud. He could not have been a mere “prophet.”

  • NotJim

    Christianity believes the earth is less than 10,000 years old.

    So does Islam.

    The Bible does not believe in evolution.

    The Koran doesn’t either.

    Most people who call themselves “Christians” have long since come to terms with these facts. Of course, considerable cognitive dissonance remains. That is handled with varying degrees of success.

  • tanstaafl54

    You’re right on both counts, of course. He is not, however, entitled to express his religious views in a manner calculated or likely to incite violence or criminal behavior.

  • tanstaafl54


  • sandraleesmith46

    If you’re studying only the NT, you MISSED 2/3 of God’s message to you, and almost certainly following erroneous teaching as a result. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, UNCHANGING, and the Bible is a single contiguous message, unlike the Quran, or any of the other religious texts I’ve read over the years. BTW, based on your statement here you would be a CINO, not a Christian. You clearly do NOT know the Jesus of the Bible at all! Try reading it from Genesis and learn Who He is!
    It’s really NO WONDER the question was posed as to whether Jesus would find any faith here when He returns. Whatever you believe and practice, it is NOT Christianity; it’s merely a FORM of Godliness, but denying the power thereof; a whitewashed sepulcher full of dead men’s bones, full of the lies of humanism!

  • Bud

    Unfortunately for your premise, it isn’t just Republicans in “the Republican held house” [sic] which get to vote. After any such vote look at how many Democrats and how many Republicans vote for that.

  • tanstaafl54

    Right you are! I was just responding to the nitwit who was calling people stupid and uneducated because they lack her vast constitutional literacy and were calling for his deportation.

  • Bud

    Of course the money will also disappear. Doesn’t the esteemed imam say that the property of the “filthy Christians and Jews” are free for the taking by the muslims?

  • tanstaafl54

    Ha! Great post – pretty much covered the ground IMHO!

  • NotJim

    Rhodes College should have its accreditation revoked (if it still has any).

  • Buck

    And they want to arrest Americans for hate crimes for ham sandwiches and what they might say. The country is up side down. But I have confidence things will right it’s self.

  • BSORaiderErie

    This imam can take his goat and ugly wife and fly the chicken coop out of the USA. Let’s see if ObamaTheTurd’s Attorney General arrests this idiot.
    God Bless the USA and Springfield Armory!

  • eagle keeper

    When I lay my head on my pillow at night, I ask Jehovah God to examine my heart and take any unforgiveness I may have and remove it from me. The second thing I do is remind myself that I am a sinner in need of a Savior. That Savior is Jesus Christ. So Jack IF you haven’t received Jesus into your heart and life by the time you take your last breath you will unfortunately reside in Hell forever. Not my first choice as to where I want to spend eternity. That’s the way God designed us humans to be able to make choices. God never designed animals with the same ability, to think and reason. What an awesome God we serve!!


    Her hypocrisy must be holding her back….Americans are sick and tired of being lectured to from Obama and now Lynch from the bully pulpit…and to think of tge cowards who put her there…

  • PLW

    Trump 2016

  • Arnold Baron

    Well said Mad Hatter.

  • eagle keeper

    According to Pastor John MAcArthur Muslims believe in Jesus too. They believe He was a profit. They believe He was a man, He was not God. They believe He did not die on a cross, He did not rise from the dead, and therefore can’t offer salvation for anyone. They believe He rose up on a cloud like Elijah did and He is beside Allah. When Allah does send Him back down to earth He will correct all the Christians who don’t follow the teachings of Allah. He will get married, have children, die and be buried next to Mohammed. That is the Muslim Jesus. Or better known as a false prophet. Not the savior of the world.

  • truthseeker

    No word from all of the Good Muslim we are informed are out there. They must be on Pluto, cause none in America are speaking out .

  • Cobrarog

    What do you call this Imam’s speech if it is not incitement? What does the Constitution say about pushing Sharia Law?

  • truthseeker

    I knew I would hear from someone like you. If an Education is from this pile of Pig dung, then I would prefer to be ignorant. Just shut your mouth you stupid .

  • Dwimby

    Sounds like a kindred spirit of the president of the United States who seems to never have met a muslim he doesn’t identify with – it’s all that muslim pain you know. More white hot reasons to follow Trump’s advice and gut feelings. DT is right. This is just another example among millions.

  • truthseeker

    If we spoke about his religion in his Country we would be Beheaded. As long as we have this President, we will not hear anything about our rights .

  • truthseeker

    We should think about some of these Mosque and what they are preaching. I am sure it is not Peace and Love for American and Christians.

  • American

    Come and try to take my property you rag head bastard, just try.

  • truthseeker

    Can anyone tell me what is the difference between a Muslim and Islam ?

  • tanstaafl54

    Oh, no, of course it is incitement, and I have no doubt that these comments are among the milder things he says. As for pushing Sharia Law, it all depends on how you push it. Public verbal advocacy would be protected speech, inciting criminal behavior as a punishment for not embracing Sharia law – not protected. Of course, as we all know, discussions like this one are moot so long as our very own African Islamist has his bony butt parked in the White House. Hell, this Imam idiot could call for the Archdiocese of New York to be nuked, and all we would hear is another threat about being mean to the hanky-heads.

  • truthseeker

    This Country was founded on the right to be free from Religious persecution . His remarks and the fact he is suppose to Teach our College Student comes under a higher expectation . How is he allowed to Preach, when he is suppose to Teach. AS a Professor he is falsifying his Position as a Professor.

  • truthseeker

    I say we burn all of the Koran’s , cause it offends us as the Filthy Christians we are suppose to be, so why not let him know we can be real dirty if that is what he wants.

  • truthseeker

    A payroll we Tax payers have to pay for and so do the Parents that are sending their Children there to get an Education. They are not being sent to a Mosque to be preached to !

  • ArmyCombatVet

    Well lady your ignorance and naive view of these subhuman reprobates is reason enough for me and my combat veteran brothers to look the other way when they come for you. For your information, as laid out by the attorney responding to your moronic post below, this lower than pond scum jihadist is using a college pulpit to threaten to kill Christians and Jews in America, to eradicate both sets of Constitutional believers through violence and mayhem. It is a distinct and palpable threat to violate freedom of speech ordering the rest of the knuckle dragging rag heads to liquidate those very beliefs protected by the Constitution. Christians and Jews who were fundamental in the formation of our nation! Just to update you since it’s obvious you are dumber than a box of rocks, there are 30 million combat trained vets in America and 150 million gun owners including highly proficient hunters, marksmen, competitive shooters and numerous light militias throughout America! Oh and I’d venture to say I’m far better educated than you, thankfully the typical educational indoctrination mind meld had no effect on me whatsoever! How about you do us all a favor and self-deport to the muslim mecca of your choice and witness first hand their tolerance while your views will grant you a quick exit from the planet! How about you go back to Middle School, in fact Kindergarten, your one sick puppy!

  • eagle keeper

    Yea, after they destroy the economic engine that built this country, and all the money is then worthless, because believe me, there will be NO businesses left to spend it in, what then?? So much for the “power” of the almighty dollar. When that balloon pops, there isn’t going to be much left to fight over or for. That’s why faith in Jesus Christ is now more than ever so important.

  • Judy McKinney

    So, are you able to do anything about getting rid of him?

  • SDofAZ

    Right out of the mouth of a US based imam! Deport this pig eating turd!

  • Cobrarog

    LOL! Right on!

  • Miyako

    Trump……………… is correct. Muslim’s stay in middle east’!

  • eagle keeper

    I would rather read a copy of Marvel’s Agents of Shield than read anything the Koran has to say. You would get more out of the comic book. Jehovah God’s word is the absolute truth. Every word is based on truth with no errors from cover to cover. Now that is true truth!!

  • Miyako

    thank you…………………..HILLARY……LOL LOL LOL HA HA

  • denis

    Does this rant by this filthy Islamic Imam and professor beg a question, Is it HATE speech. Is their laws against hate speech? Where is the ACLU when it comes to protecting people against such dangerous hate speech? Well we know where they are. There noses are up Obama’s ass. And if this wack-a-doodle Imam is a professor, what college or university does he spread his hatred of all things sacred in the western society. He should be fired from his job and have the NSA or FBI investigate him for sedition and radicalization of his Muslim students. His mosque should be shut down as it is probably a hot bed of radical jihadist muslims Then put the SOB in jail for 25 years feed him pork every day and deport him. His rant is NOT a freedom of religion rant. It is a rant about HATE for all other religions in the world. He is not an American. He is HATE personified.

  • eagle keeper

    We would do well to pray for these lost souls. It is our job as Bible believing Christians to do so. Remember Jehovah said Hell was not made for man. They are lost children of God just as I was once. If I can ask for forgiveness of all the things I have done in my life, I know He will accept those who accept His Son and our Savior Jesus Christ!!!

  • eagle keeper

    However, the Christian professor would be telling the truth. Stand up for Jesus whenever the chance presents itself. You can’t go wrong. God is love, heck He invented the stuff.

  • eagle keeper

    Any chance to witness to a lost and dying world is a good thing.

  • Dick

    This is inciting to riot. He should be arrested and sentenced to prison.

  • ArmyCombatVet

    As we used to say in combat, got your six brother! You are absolutely correct in your response to that middle school failed experiment! Our entire government has been infiltrated by the very enemy wanting to destroy us ……….Islam! From the top down the muslim brotherhood has infected our government both federal and state, while our elected representatives curl up in fetal positions afraid to honor their oath of office. Traitors the lot of them as they quake in front of an ignorant muslim impostor illegally occupying our White House, violating the Constitution at every turn. Treason and sedition have become the modus operandi of this impostor driven executive! We the people hear empty bluster, cowardice emanating from both houses of our federal government when they have the power to order the Sergeant At Arms to arrest the treasonous muslim impostor post haste! We can then go about cleaning house and remove all of the sellout traitors ignoring the will of the people while feathering their own nests, the nation be damned! America has been wholesale sold out to our enemies throughout the world and our debt purposely driven to unresolvable levels in a willful act to drive America into the dustbin of history!

  • sovereigntyofone

    Hey Hadhi, why don’t you come to my house and see if you can take it. I haven’t fed the coyotes recently.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • eagle keeper

    Or buckets of blood they are more than happy to create with their senseless killings.

  • sovereigntyofone

    Wrapped in pig skins

  • psycho1979

    I believe the Imam is one of the President’s brother’s.

  • Ed Jackson

    I hope he comes to your house with a sword first, you ignoramus. You aren’t using your head anyway, so you won’t miss it. Win, win.

  • panjwani


  • Ed Jackson

    Your last point shows that Farrakhan should also be indicted for the many inciteful diatribes he has been spewing in public venues for years, much like Jeremiah Wright, who proved unequivocably that obama is deaf.

  • Ed Jackson

    It’s all part of the big, mysterious joke called the obama administration. Funny, huh?

  • T Strole

    I say we ship u over there to talk peace and love and let’s see how long it takes for u to be next video. Will u go there with flowers in your hair, I think 20 thousand of the libs should go and let them know how nice and loving bafoons we are and they can do and say whatever they want as long as the attacks are against Jews and christains

  • Dan

    Bring your Jihad to me, and I will send you to your 72 virgins that much faster.

  • T Strole

    No matter what this piece of pig crap says he will get away with it as long as it’s against christains. But if he should say anything about homos and blacks he can talk about beheading Jews and christains till the cows come home why u think they never say anything about homos, think about it have u heard one thing???? You think valeri jerait is writting for them or advising them????

  • Flyby

    He wouldn’t be back.He’d be running his own wuzza wuzza unit in iraq or syria.

  • Rodney Steward

    How was this trash aloud to teach at this school. This is the type muslims that are a ticking time bomb for terrorism. And this is how most all of these brainwashed cult members view the world. This is why the good Lord put an OCEAN between America and the sand lands of he$$!

  • Flyby

    I’m sure barrack gave him the highest praise to get this sack a job as a professor. And a professor of hating and wanting to kill Christians? Like McCartney said in Rockey Raccon. I’m gonna get that boy.

  • sandraleesmith46

    That’s true. The Constitutional ignorance showing conspicuously around these days is staggering.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Taqqiya, my dear, a basic tenets of Islam! See also kitman.

  • sandraleesmith46

    A Muslim is a practitioner of the theocratic-political system called Islam.

  • Rodney Steward

    He’ll have him at the big house for his hatred of America just like the little bomb making BOY that was invited for his future terrorist skills! What a super fine bunch of future killers!

  • sandraleesmith46

    So is espionage by a foreign agent, which is the more apropos for the ineligible, non-citizen usurper squatting in our house!

  • Bud

    I’m sure there are many who could explain it much more eloquently than I. However, to me islam is the name of the political/social cult, while a muslim is an individual member of the cult.

  • sandraleesmith46

    No, they preach the Quran, no peace or love there.

  • Marty

    Can’t and don’t want to disagree.

  • Flyby

    Liberals only come in two packages. Steers and qu**rs. You growing any horns lately muslim lover?

  • Flyby

    Our heads would be in a basket in a wuzza wuzza second.

  • Marty

    My professors were those of common sense, which you obviously entirely lack. Never went to a 4 year college to be indoctrinated into total liberalness. During the early 70’s, I was smart enough to realize college was not for the intelligent, just for the peons who couldn’t think for themselves. Congratulations! You have just proved yourself one of the elite brain dead.

  • Flyby

    You’re correct about incitement. This character must work at a black college. Any mixed or Christian school and he’d be killed. A black college is the only type where he could get away with this and not get hurt. Never heard of a dot head college in America.

  • NotJim

    Bud: Exactly.

  • Chausie

    Why the hell is he allowed to teach? I call for him to be deported NOW or OBAMA, which ever comes first.

  • Mary_Linda

    Not a muslim like you!

  • Nina Ferguson

    We still have Freedom of Speech

  • Flyby

    The thing is we’re not going to have to wait for the future. These M.F.’s are here and ready. Look at San Berdino. Those two S.O.B.’s had been planning an attack for years. I think this one was inspired by an event that happened at the party they shot up.And possibly for the best. They where going to set up IED’s and most likely had a much worse attack planned out like the high school they had pictures of. God help us. And like it or not we’re going to have to have much more thorough checks on our citizens if we’re going to stop even half of these attacks.

  • Corsica

    How is this muzzie monkey a college professor in Tennessee?? He should be fired. And then shot by a sniper.

  • Nina Ferguson

    ,If I made these same claims and phrases and referred to Muslims, it would be considered as “Hate language”. Why is it not hate language or threats when Muslims make these comments. I really want to know, because this is discrimination and all you have to do is read it and it says right there that we are the bad guys and anything we have the Muslims, according to Allah,, they can have everything. It doesn’t work that way, and I will be a cold day in hell before they get anything that belongs to me.

  • Corsica

    …she said harrumphing with her hands on hips.

  • buffalobob826

    Well all i have to say to him is that he and anyone that follows him will meet allah real quick. His religion is nothing but a cult of evil and the word to describe them is legion.

  • teaman

    Have to tell it like it is…….anyone, and I mean anyone who believes in this Islamic puke is the lowest form of scum on the face of the earth.

  • mathis1689

    Well, all I can say to this fool and any of his idiotic followers is that if you want to go see your false god allah then feel free to come and try to take any of my property and or try to kill me for not converting to your Satanic cult of Islam. You can safely rest assured that I will be more than happy to send your useless butts to hell in a heartbeat.

  • mathis1689

    Execute him you mean. He’s in essence telling his followers to kill Christians and Jews. Sounds to me like an excellent reason to kick his worthless butt out of this country-permanently!

  • TadhgMcLir

    This tells you what Time mag thinks ( or rather doesn’t think ) – This is a conservative muslim? Right, OH! Look! A pig flying over!

  • Yourko

    This guy’s a joke. All he’s got is lip service. Don’t listen to him. Ignore his type. Since Obama has taken office, 1 million more firearms have been sold to law abiding citizens. This guy can say whatever he wants. He has the 1st A backing him up, however, I would caution him and his ilk, should they feel bold & brave enough to act on his threatening rhetoric, I can only say that will be a mistake. Liberals and the PC culture currently infecting America has made people like him even bolder and louder. In the words of Harry Callahan….

  • Mary_Linda

    muzzle yourself up, muzzleman

  • yael

    What school does he teach at?He should e
    be fired immediately. As a Christian, his words are threatening and he has no place in a civilized university.

  • CrystalClaire

    It’s at the very least, ‘incitement’ to violence.

  • No dum ass

    Lock and load ! Its just about time this bunch of goat raping Muslims got a free ride back Pakistan with no way back ! And it high time we told this bunch of dim ass’s that a lot people voted up there on democrat hill that they can lose the jobs lick a lot of us have already ! Stand up American and tell them to go to hell !! A good place for them !! And that is my two cents in this up coming shoot !!

  • USMC_Vet

    Maybe it is you that is stupid, educated or not, you can be held responsible for your “free speech” If you doubt me, yell fire in a crowded movie theater when no fire exists and see if you are not held liable. Hate Speech, inciting a riot, treason, etc. Free speech has many repercussions.

    P.S.Maybe you can actually develop a thought and consider that prior to call someone stupid. So who’s the idiot now?

  • Too big and heavy

    He’s…Disgusting. Camel Urine Drinker..

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    Furthermore, he can’t be deported because he’s a natural born citizen.

    However, if he’s advocating a crime such as stealing he can face firing from his job and also criminal charges. The Bill of Rights doesn’t allow advocating criminal activity, unless of course one is a politicians.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    Would you and the rest who mistakenly approved of your comment please google the Imam’s credentials. You’ll find he’s a natural born citizen. He even has a doctorate from Yale. 🙁

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    So you’re claiming if he spoke about his religion in YOUR country, the USA I presume, he should be beheaded? You do know that he’s an NBC, don’t you?

  • Juanita

    Are the words spoken by this Imam speech that edges toward violence? Is Ms. Lynch going to prosecute?

  • Eibenschotte

    “Common sense”- like the gun regs obama always espouses. Everybody thinks they have the monopoly on common sense. About half of my professors had that quality too. I quit to work fulltime and never looked back. One proff lectured us for an hour on how Reagan was gonna get us into WW III. She taught English.

  • cactusbob

    Whatever college in Tennessee is employing this POS ought to fire his sandy butt for inciting Muslims to commit crimes. But until that is accomplished, all we Christians and Jews have to do to be safe is to make sure we are clean at all times, as it is just the filthy ones he seems to hate. (sarcasm)

    Americans are under no obligation to harbor such nonsense, and this is an example of how far out of control things have become. He gives Trump excellent reason to say what he has said about Muslims. He is only one of many who are fomenting violence within out nation, and they need to be got rid of ASAP.

  • Observant_One

    Imam, you are walking a very thin line with your speech. But that’s ok as long as you let others express their thoughts and opinions freely. However, if something bad occurs due to your speech, be prepared to suffer the consequences of your ignorance.

  • Eibenschotte

    You’re right! Look at what the edumacated have done to the world. Smart, but not wise.

  • furiousvet

    Stop your babbling and read the full article before you come up with a bunch of crap ! Nobody’s talking about his religion, he;s the one threatening us . Read what he says ” if I don’t convert to islam my life and property are free for the taking for the muslims ” . I’m assumeing he’s one of the head choppers that o’bama keeps saying what good peaceful people they are ! Bring in another few thousands Barry and take away our guns so we can’t defend ourselves !

  • Paul Vest

    Deport that pos now or lethal injection. Trump is right 100%

  • tho_as

    Someone said this was edited and out of context. OK, well then make a new video and say the muslims CANNOT take christians property. simple

  • iamcurious

    It stands for “post script”, meaning, after writing.

  • tho_as

    looks like Trump is drawing out the rats.

  • Fred_K

    Here is the type of muslim who should be shown the exit. It should be done immediately, and permanently. We do not need muslims like this in the country. All muslims are taught this, so make your own conclusions.

  • Con Gubser

    Then why the accent???

  • Con Gubser

    Again, then why the accent ???

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    I hate to say it but a large minority of Americans have strange accents, especially those Southern good ole boys. 😉

    Seriously, his parent were born in Pakistan and became US citizens. He was born in Houston, TX, but I guess he never wore cowboy boots. Also, at a young age his parents took him to Saudi Arabia for his basic education. I’ll give you 3 guesses as to the type of education and the 2nd two don’t count.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    Again, why do you not understand that many NBCs, especially those good ole Southern boys and children of immigrants, don’t speak with either a New Englander proper Yaley or California Valley girl accent?

    As I said, his parents were born in Pakistan and he was educated in Saudi Arabia but he was born in Houston TX. CAPISCE? 😉

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    I wish more understood that. While he may be an NBC, I doubt his loyalty to America and I believe he’s preaching hatred that’ll lead to criminal behavior.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    Mr. (intentional) Obama is a US citizen, just NOT a natural born citizen.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    I hate to disappoint you, but Mr. (intention) Obama is a US citizen according to US law. HOWEVER, and this is critical, he’s not an NBC and therefore is as sandraleesmith45 said a usurper.

  • Trey fortress

    Maybe Loretta Lynch will arrest him for hate speech? Haha, of course not..she will only go after you if you are American white person that says something bad – although truthful- about Muslims, right? Haven’t you noticed – some races and cultures are allowed to say hateful, violent speech against whites as much as they want but if you are white you better watch out.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    First of all, he is an NBC born in Houston TX. Secondly, the rest of your comment is quite valid other than deportation unless he were naturalized or a resident alien. NBCs can’t be be stripped of US citizenship nor can they be deported except in very limited circumstances like voluntarily giving up citizenship or serving with the enemy abroad.

  • sandraleesmith46

    When and where did he naturalize? Indonesia eradicated his birth citizenship and prohibited holding dual citizenship. Further he claimed Indonesian citizenship as an adult to enter Occidental on a Fulbright scholarship. Mario Apuzzo never found evidence of naturalization while working the Kerchner case; neither have I come across any hint thereof anywhere. His last recorded citizenship is Indonesian.

  • Agniel

    Forget the pointless complications. Just treat him the way he would treat us, and take his filthy property.

  • bigbillofwyandotte

    It would be great if he would do a live fire practice exercise with a bomb vest in the middle of a field with no one else around.

  • David Silbernagel

    Probably given to him by our government

  • truthseeker

    I guess NBC means ” Native Born Citizen” He is speaking in Tennessee at a College . I am saying he tried to speak against Islam in the Middle East he would find himself beheaded. You know that ! My Country is America which I Love. Our Soldiers did not fight and die, so that we had to hear from a so called Professor that hates us and calls us Filth.

  • truthseeker

    We need to be less Tolerant . Tell the College that it is our dollars being wasted on Professors like him that are using it as a Pulpit and not to teach anyone about what ever lecture he is suppose to be paid to do. He like our President uses his position to use as a leverage in order to speak and not except any questions.

  • truthseeker

    This is a good example why I agree with Donald Trump about not excepting any more Muslims into our Country until we know what is coming in . I wonder about this Professors reference from his Country ?, or any reference that would of qualified him to teach outside of the Quran. He looks filthy.

  • truthseeker

    Same difference , just different in methods of delivery . A Cult like the Seventh Day Adventist that Dr. Ben Carson belongs to that will contradict the Bible .

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    Are you really going to go down the road of conspiracy theories? Or are you saying no Muslims are natural born citizens? As for Yale, well, I guess it’s what passes for modern institutions of “lower” learning. 🙁

  • Bud

    Oh, good grief. There is no comparison. At least Dr. Carson’s religious group is not waging jihadist war against anyone who disagrees with them!

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    Good point. I see no reason why he shouldn’t be fired for moral turpitude. It’s not intolerant to demand people in his position abide by our societies morals. After all, his college, a private one, is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. What has happened to our churches and church schools?

  • sandraleesmith46

    I have no idea. But the sanitized version of the Quran should not be allowed to be taught in US schools!

  • sandraleesmith46

    First fly in your ointment, Stanley Ann was NOT old enough to confer citizenship on her foreign born son. She would have had to be 19, minimum, and have lived in the US 5full yrs past her her 14th birthday to do so. So his citizenship reverts to his father and/ or where he was born. Second fly,Indonesia does not allow holding dual citizenship: to be an Indonesian all other citizenship is forfeit, and to go to school in Indonesia you must be a citizen. Third fly was when O himself claimed Indonesia as his citizenship as an adult(18 or older), he then must naturalize to become an US citizen. He never did. He did, however travel, in ’80 to Pakistan, a destination prohibited, at that time, to US citizen travel, Cruz falls into your scenario of native by maternal conferring of citizenship, because his mother was enough older. But O does not.

  • greatjoy

    He doesn’t look anything like Mr. Obama, and he DOES look very similar to the indonesian president. I think he is an indonesian posing as a person with a Kenyan father. He has provided no proof of anything and has cost taxpayers millions in lawyers preventing us from finding out.


    As long ass there is one of these SNAFU artists roaming about, a huntsman will be looking for these who have twisted minds!!

  • dwcross

    He is an American citizen you moron.

  • dwcross

    So be glad that you live here.

  • Flyby

    Amen to that brother.As I stated in another comment I can’t see this being allowed in any but a predominantly black college. No Christian college would tolerate this BS spewing piece of trash. And hussein won’t say one word about this. obama is the only reason this is being permitted in America now. Many people would love to have 5 minutes alone with this guy. Then he’d be a “wuzz”.

  • Marty

    Sorry, but like I’ve said many times, whenever obummer opens his mouth, he lies. He wouldn’t know common sense if it hit him between the eyes. He is one of the many I call educated idiots. Maybe just an idiot because nobody has ever seen his transcripts.

  • Marty

    Treason is defined as the betrayal of one’s country. Treason committed during war time is a capital offense. Now you’re telling me his telling his followers to kill all non believer Americans is not treasonous? I never said he wasn’t an American citizen. I said he should be deported (if not) a citizen or tried for treason, and YES, I think he should be executed for the crime of treason during time of war.

  • actor44

    So much for what ” Vetting ” would do !

  • actor44

    The U. S. Constitution gives no rights ! One can not Give another ” Rights “. U.S.C. acknowledge’s Natural Rights ,for the purpose to clarify specifically what the gov. is absolutely forbidden to interfere with.

  • actor44

    The result is Sweden . Sweden will be the first to fall.

  • Angry American

    Because the muzzies refuse to assimilate into American society

  • Bo Diddley

    He is a natural born American citizen, he can not be deported, he can be vetted. He has all the rights of the Constitution and Bill of Rights including the right of free speech. If possible he should be charged with some sort of hate crime, though

  • Bo Diddley

    He is a USA born American citizen. Where would you deport him to, Houston Texas where he was born, maybe?

  • Flyby

    I’m glad I live here. You I could care less about smart a**.

  • Flyby

    You dimwits come off as muslim sympathizers, but they’d gladly hack off your ugly craniums also. Jackasses.

  • tanstaafl54

    GREAT post! You managed to i.d. one HELL of a lot of the reasons for our current fix, and if we would take care of the problems you pointed out, maybe it would not fix every problem we have as a country, but it would sure take a bite out of many of the WORST ones!

  • Bo Diddley

    Again, he is a USA born American citizen, born in Houston Texas. His country of origin is the USA. He can not be deported nor can his citizenship be taken away. He is what he is…an American born maggot.

  • tanstaafl54

    Ha! Good point, but we probably should not count on it!

  • Flyby

    I looked at your “najusa” profile. The 2 of you are morons that stick up for a Christian hater and reply to people with smart ass comments. Must be one hell of a happy couple.

  • Bo Diddley

    His Country is the USA. He was born in Houston ,Texas. Trump can’t do anything to this dude except maybe try to charge him with a hate crime. However, Trump shouldn’t go there as he may fit into the same slot

  • ken simon

    Does anybody not understand that someone that directs others to take the property and life of all that don’t agree with them is a terrorist? And how can anyone think Islam is a “peaceful” religion when one of their leaders says this?
    Thankfully, all Moslems do not follow this kind of leader.
    Ken Simon

  • ArmyCombatVet

    Thanks…..we are a nation led by lying, self-dealing, oath breaking traitors worse than those felons on death row. Why, because they are responsible for the death of the greatest nation in history, the nation that saved the world, now the laughing stock of that world! Lost so many brothers in combat that were orders of magnitude better people than these supposed servants of we the people. Just look at the magnitude of treason, sedition and criminal self-enrichment at play amongst our oath-breaking employees! The crime of perjury is rampant amongst those employees of the people called to testify before Congress on treasonous and criminal acts, committed under orders by the greatest criminal in our nation’s history! How else could an unvetted impostor wind up in the White House and voted in a second time through massive voter fraud! As Stalin in Russia said those who count the votes elect the leaders, not those who vote! Do Americans understand that the impostor in the White House funded and created ISIS? Do the people know that our combat pilots have their hands tied engaging ISIS and return to base with 75% of their munitions not deployed? Do the people know that Egypt has accused our former White House of funding the muslim brotherhood as was written in Washington Post front page bold heading a couple of months ago?

  • Bo Diddley

    Natural born American (this dude) can not be deported

  • mathis1689

    Was not aware that he was born here. Can you provide a source for that please?

  • Old goat

    Yes and we are justified in killing these assholes as well and that is what will happen.

  • Old goat

    How could you even expect them to assimilate? I personally do not want them to. I want them out of here!

  • Old goat

    Well it is too bad that many unsuspecting people, especially blacks and puke libs, have no problems with these maniacs!

  • Old goat

    If he is an NBC then he is a traitor just like obozo and his husband Michael.

  • toejam

    Their should be, he can not back up his comment with any scientific evidence. It is just his supernatural opinion.

  • toejam

    He is a follower of the collection plate the basis of all religions.

  • toejam

    A coffin would be a waste of perfectly good wood.

  • Daniel F. Melton

    Totally agree.

  • actor44

    Exactly my point! This thing was born here,and a Totalitarian Philosophy of Violence did this to him being born here. He chose that pestilence.

  • Addison Jacobs

    So you honestly think that someone sharing what they believe in a non-violent way deserves outrage?

    you people are scary.

  • rat1962

    the video is fourteen years old. it was recorded in 2001. ..


  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    Good grief, you can’t be that gullible, can you? People have also claimed Frank Marshal Davis, Subud, along with Malcom X were his real father. Would you like to claim his mother slept with all of them including Barack Sr., and Sotero around the same time and therefore no one knows who his father is?

    Of course if his father was either Davis or Malcom X then Obama is an NBC and the legitimate president of the US, well, as long as you don’t consider any possible voting irregularities. But if the Indonesian president is his father, then who was the boy before Stanly Ann had in Hawaii going to Indonesia with Sotero?

    Heck, if I were defending myself against absurd claims like yours I’d likely have to spend a hefty sum on pettifoggers. Also, most think the money spent was his. I’d wonder where he got if from. Do you have an reliable evidence that it was taxpayer dollars?

    By the way, I favor a Constitutional Amendment that would require the PUBLIC vetting of citizenship of candidates before the national election by the head of each party. I’d also require the releasing of attendance records for all schools, but not necessarily the classes taken and grades. It was Pelosi as Speaker of the House who vetted Obama and there’s good reason to believe she sent out two different forms testifying to his eligibility for office.


    His parents sent him to Saudi Arabia for ‘education’. He is part of the invasion of the west Islam has been working on for decades.

  • Shocked_and_Amazed✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    When are headed for economic turmoil. And when it hits, these moslems will be coming out of the wood work to kill us

  • John Beam

    I was hoping that this was a “new” recording of an imam saying this crap, but I’ve heard this years ago. I’d be nice to hear similar “sentiments” from another fanatical Muslim “American.”

  • truthseeker

    He is preaching Hate. Now how does that apply to what they say is a Peaceful method of his faith of Muslim belief ? Throw him and his kind out of our Universities. We already have Shire law at this Harvard University, which they paid One Million dollars to the Dean, which was that Kagan and now she has been appointed as a Judge to our Supreme Court !

  • truthseeker

    Out of our Country, just like we did with the loyalist back in Colonial times under the Monroe Doctrine. Take away his Citizenship and deport him.

  • truthseeker

    And we are at War in case you forgotten. Of course I am sure you would never enlist in order to Serve your Country. Freedom is not Free.

  • truthseeker

    It is a Private School under the Presbyterian Church, so how can he go in and be paid as a Professor ? Professor of what? He is there to teach, not to spread his contempt towards our Nation. We need to deport him as a traitor. This is not part f the First Amendment . Not when you are there as a Teacher and being paid to teach.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    You’re right about his rights as an NBC, but what would he be vetted for, for whom, and by whom? Sadly, it seems a Presbyterian associated college is willing to hire instructors hostile to the very existence of Christianity.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    His parents were from Pakistan and are “devout” Muslims. As VESENG points out, his parents TOOK him to Saudi Arabia very early for a “proper” Muslim education. Sadly, our “trustworthy ally” is the home of radical Wahabi Islam and sends many Imams to America, builds and funds mosques here, and sends extremely vile educational literature here.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    True, but the public doesn’t vet professors at private colleges. But I just don’t understand a Presbyterian associated college hiring a radical Muslim who wants to end Christianity.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    That’s a very good point. Their goal isn’t to become traditional freedom loving Americans but to make us become dhimmis or Muslims.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    People of other religions have assimilated such as the Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists. Would you accept them if they could reform Islam to be a peaceful and tolerant religion?

    Now I’m not asking you if Islam can be reformed. As for me, I sincerely doubt it considering the nature of its founder, Muhammad. Compare him to Abraham, Moses, Jesus, or Paul.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    What about secular humanism which believes in a forced collection plate called punitive taxation?

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    Susanne, he’s not a foreigner. He’s an NBC American born in Houston, TX. Or course he’s still a hate filled person whose loyalty isn’t to America or the Constitution.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    Good points. All professors in American private and public colleges are paid a wage, even though as you hint it’s undeserved. He’s a Professor of Religious Studies at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN.

    Sadly, it seems some of our modern mainstream Christian churches and schools have forgotten their purpose and who they worship.

    As for deporting him, we can’t as he’s a NBC from Houston, TX. Treason would be hard to prove as he hasn’t spoken in favor of a foreign nation. But I think he could be convicted for sedition and incitemnt to commit a crime.

  • Saturno Ayala

    The accent is because he wasn’t raised in the United States. For your info. there are many U.S. born who don’t speak english at all, because they were raised in other countries.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    I think you’re right. Also, Germany seems to be teetering. We need to remember that according to the Islamic doctrine of Mar al-Islam any lands once occupied by Muslim troops belong to the Ummah (Islamic Nation) forever. That’s include most of Europe including a part of Russia, N. Africa, all of the Middle East, and parts of western Indian and China.

  • Know your enemy!

  • CaptainSad

    Why is this goat fucker alive? I’d shoot him if I had the chance. I’ll send him to meet his Pedophile prophet and let him collect his 72 virgins… Goats…

  • toejam

    Some form of the collection plate is behind all human endeavors. I am to overwhelmed just surviving to worry about it.

  • Clinton Lewis

    Freedom of speech and incitement to violence are two different things, He came very close to incitement with the statement that the lives and property of non Muslims is Halal for them. All people have a conscience and instinctively know that killing is wrong, stealing is wrong, simply because if someone did it to them they would be angry, so what makes them think it’s acceptable to do it to others, Not only is what he’s saying wrong, it’s quite simply irrational, and God is not irrational. I’m a firm believer in almost total freedom of speech as long as they don’t yell “FIRE” in a crowded theatre, that’s not freedom of speech it’s reckless endangerment and is a crime. Saying “C’mon, lets go hang us a couple of [email protected] is a crime, not as most might think because it’s offensive, (it’s not a crime to be offensive) but because it’s incitement.

  • Clinton Lewis

    I personally believe the main reason that Islam is so violent is because down deep in the heart of every Muslim is a visceral fear that Islam is really not true, I think they suspect this precisely because they have a conscience and they feel deeply threatened when the Mohammedan doctrines they cherish so much do not square with what their own consciences are telling them.

  • Franie

    Good point!

  • Angry American

    Listen to some of their imans talk, their goal is to breed us out of existence all the while taking us for every last dime they can get too

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    That’s quite a load to bare (intentional use). 😉

  • actor44

    Welcoming the “enemy ‘ in your home must be believing one is morally ethically,and intellectually superior due to some convoluted ,and sloppy ” thought ” processes ! Put simply F–king fools !

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    Sadly, it’s worse than that. Such massive breeding would take generations. According to Islamic doctrines, their agenda is first to use lawfare and terrorism as they’re currently doing to intimidate us, and quite well it seems. Then they want to engender bigotry against them so they can appeal for international legal intervention (considering the inroads in Europe and hence the UN that’s a real threat). Then at about the 10 to 15% mark they want to call upon the Ummah to invade to rescue them and force Shariah Law on us.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    So true. It’s one thing if you invite them in to teach them about the Gospel and lead then to Jesus Christ, but to allow what this church related college is doing is something else.

  • Rebecca Lambour Rudolph

    This filth is calling to organize a terrorist act and I am calling that to attention. He should immediately be arrested as a terrorist. He is not worthy of the American soil he stands on or the air he breathes. He is not worthy of the freedom our country represents. He is a nobody with a mouth that should be quietened. But our dear President will surely protect this fool and give him an award or something. Rasputin and his followers. Since our government won’t do anything, We the People should and I hereby proclaim to make a citizens arrest for Imam Yasir Hadhi for an act of terrorism. I live close enough to Tennessee to follow it through. So.. Please take him into custody dear law enforcement and notify me when you have. I would also like the reward for capturing a terrorist to be donated to an IMPEACH OBAMA fund. And HEY,, I am not delusional. I am a highly paid professional with knowledge of the reality of what I just heard and viewed EVIDENCE

  • GENE


  • Juanita

    If you notice, since she made her pronouncement, entering this unheard of and totally unconstitutional interpretation of the First Amendment, it has been Muslims that have been making the violent and outrageous statements. For example, one has threatened to castrate Donald Trump for wanting to ban Muslims. Another published names and addresses of people he had targeted and then asked would be assassins what they were waitng for. Fortunately, that one has been arrested and is going to be prosecuted.

  • toejam

    I am not bright enough to understand your lofty statement. Why do you think they a moderating your statement, below? I don’t see it as being offensive.

  • Betty Sines

    This idiot won’t be taking NOTHING if someone will step up and put this Evil muslim out of his misery

  • waltv

    come take mine but bathe first! so i wont have to clean you up afterwards

  • Mister Right

    He shows up in searches for both places, no doubt he bullied his way in, it wasn’t fair that a Christian school didn’t have a muslim teacher, you know, like all those mosques that have Christian leaders in them, think about that one.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    I believe, at least hope, it’s a glitch in the system. However, I’ve found many who take umbrage with inconvenient truths.

    As for above, having to worry so much about just surviving is often a big burden and it’s often difficult to reveal to others, or bare. As a disabled retired veteran I face the same issue.

    Have a Merry Christmas.

  • Robert P Bloch

    Thank you for some rational thinking!!!!!!!

  • Robert P Bloch

    Well put!!!!!

  • toejam

    Although I don’t follow Xmass I certainly hope you have a happy and pleasant one. Christmas is a good time to take all of life’s garbage and bury it in the landfill.

  • David C. Telliho

    The reason Muslims don`t eat pork, it`s against Islamic law to consume an animal you`ve had sex with. It`s true, I didn`t make that up.

  • fishydude

    Wait a minute. I thought the left says that education is the cure for terrorism? Yet this is am American Islamist professor teaching Jihad to his college students in Tennessee?

  • silentsighing

    Where does he teach? I have been unable to find anything other than this article (on multiple sites, in multiple languages) about this guy. Anyone know?

  • Me_in_Canada_eh

    Please come and try to take what is ours. I haven’t broken a baseball bat on anyone’s head lately.

  • Saladin1Chamchawala

    Revoke his citizenship (if he has it) try him for treason and hate crimes, confiscate his property and send him to his beloved DAISH (ISIS or whatever it is) and then drone him.

    I am a Muslim and can unequivocally say that no one can claim that they have authority over religious matters since matters of faith are between the individual and the Divine.

    No bearded mullah can arbitrate between divine and individual.

    Islam does not have ordained clergy.
    This moron is a hate mongering bigoted idiot.

  • Saladin1Chamchawala

    He and his kind are bigoted morons.
    He has no reason to be in the US, let alone be a “Professor” and spread his ignorance and hate.

  • Saladin1Chamchawala

    I am a muslim and he or his kind do not represent me. I would recommend a firing squad if I am on the jury

  • Saladin1Chamchawala

    Neither spiritual nor leader. He is an ignorant hate mongering moron looking for cheap publicity; which of course he got!

  • Saladin1Chamchawala

    After confiscating his property.

  • Leslie Hodges

    Is he getting away with it on the grounds of freedom of speech?

  • esquire2

    The Mullah answers the question … “Why should Muslims be prohibited from immigrating to the U.S. of America?” !

    Allah is the Muslim’s Moon God, essentially accepting that “their God” is Limited to jurisdiction over Planet Earth and its moons.

    All other major religions recognize a God of the Universe. A material distinction.

    The “Three in One” God of Christians clearly identifies God Almighty (“Father” in heaven/the Universe); Jesus (his Son); and our immortal Soul, which links us to the Father as “Beings in the Universe”.

    Muslims do not, and cannot without contradicting themselves, identify themselves as a member of the Universe, thereby invalidating their “religion” as worthy of “universal” respect.

    Islam is, in actuality, in conflict with “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” ! See Declaration of Independence.
    Ban ALL Muslims from the US until Islam renounces the Quran as amended by Muhammed, a “self-proclaimed” prophet, and returns to a “religion” of Peace.

  • Barry Appleby

    The violence is a consequence of being subjected to a totalitarian world view that leaves no room for the fulfillment of individual desires and aspirations

  • dennis richardson

    Filth is the very definition that the Hebrew God determined described the “wild ass men that are all Islamic Muslims are

  • Mike Ivanov

    Does the BoR include the place in the colledge for him too?