FRANKLIN GRAHAM Resigns From Republican Party – Becomes Independent

Evangelist Franklin Graham announced today that he is resigning from the Republican Party and will become an Independent.
franklin graham

Graham made the announcement after the Paul Ryan-Mitch McConnell led Congress passed a “wasteful” trillion dollar spending bill that funds the baby organ harvesters at Planned Parenthood.

Shame on the Republicans and the Democrats for passing such a wasteful spending bill last week. And to top it off,…

Posted by Franklin Graham on Monday, December 21, 2015

We stand with you, Brother Graham!

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  • Mad Hatter

    This is exactly what the RINO’s want, to chase off the Christian Conservatives, and replace us with third world non assimilators, and the gay gestapo.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Time to give them what they want so the find out just how many replacement players they will need. They think they are the majority when they are really the tiny DC locked few.

    There is no fixing the pubbies from within. It is a pipedream.
    NO party really is the answer.

  • US.Patriot1776

    RIP Republican Party

    If there was any question about the relevance of the Republican Party,
    this week’s budget deal removes all doubt. The Republican Party might as
    well close up shop and merge with the Democrats. Not as a merger of
    equals, but more of a capitulation, a surrender, a sellout. There is no
    need for two parties in Washington DC as only one party is relevant in
    terms of advancing an agenda. The irony is that the agenda driving party
    is in the minority and despite losing badly in two midterm elections,
    the Democrats are still running Congress.

    Another 2000-plus page bill passed by Congress with little transparency or
    discussion. You mean ObamaCare? No Paul Ryan’s $1.1 trillion spending
    bill, his first major legislative “achievement” as House Speaker.

    The deal suspends the debt limit until 2017, well after the presidential election,
    effectively taking unsustainable debt off the table as a campaign issue.
    Obama doubled the national debt? So what? Republicans are helping him. Don’t worry
    though, the spending cuts will take place in 2025, when most of the
    current Congress voting for this spending spree will either be retired
    or working as K Street lobbyists.

    Remember the 2010 GOP “Pledge to America”? Paul Ryan hopes you don’t. Especially some of these key pieces.

    An arrogant and out-of-touch government of self-appointed elites makes
    decisions, issues mandates, and enacts laws without accepting or
    requesting the input of the many.

    An unchecked executive, a compliant legislature, and an overreaching
    judiciary have combined to thwart the will of the people and overturn
    their votes and their values, striking down long- standing laws and
    institutions and scorning the deepest beliefs of the American people.

    What have Republican voters gotten for believing the 2010 “Pledge”? After
    voting in solid majorities in both the House and Senate, it’s business
    as usual, as if Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were still in charge.
    Perhaps they are.

  • Ron Peterson

    Washington is not going to reform itself. Reagan was only a speed bump to the progressive agenda. We need to get behind the Article V Convention of States movement. Article V is the emergency relief valve given to us by the Founding Fathers.

  • xcapeil

    Dear God, I almost spit my coffee. At first rapid glance I thought you meant Windsey.

  • ridgerunner

    Thou shalt not plow with an ox and an ass together. (Deuteronomy 22:10)

  • SWwife

    I wish he wouldn’t of done that, because now he won’t be able to vote in the primary to change DC

  • Pigg Pie

    Be careful as some of these upcoming Primary states will only allow registered Republicans to nominate their Candidate. These RINOs are trying to get many to drop out of Party so they don’t wind up with Trump.

  • India Maria

    Republican Establishment….snatching defeat from the…..Oh sh-t….Only hope is to Primary Out the a-holes, elect Trump, CLOSE the borders, and one by one, throw the bums out….Forth Worth, District 14, KAY GRANGER. Texans, let’s start with her!

  • Scott

    I agree with his sentiment. However, to truly change America, it must be done from within one of the major parties.

    The Dems and the GOP have a stranglehold on electoral politics. That is to say, an independent is legally at a huge disadvantage in a national election.

    We must primary out the Rinos. There is no other way.

  • Guest


  • Guest

    You’re exactly right. I’m going to hold my nose and re-register as an “R” so I can vote for Trump. I now realize that my leaving the Republican party played right into their hands. How can I hope to change the party if I can’t vote in their primary?

  • honestynow

    In NC you may- that’s my understanding.

  • libateriana

    Well, I guess they finally got what they wished for! They have been trying to jettison their “uneducated” “peasants with pitchforks” base for a long time. We have become a one party government, so really, why would you remain a “republican” …? What’s in a name?

  • libateriana

    We’ve tried that. They have majorities in both houses. These guys get in there and just start chugging the kool-aid like a thirsty horse that just crossed the Sahara!

  • Burt Maclin

    That is correct. In NC if you register as an Independent you may choose which primary you vote in (Dem or Rep), but only one each voting year.

  • cavt

    I think your idea is correct but unfortunately not possible. I became an independent many years ago(in my state I can vote in any primary.) Over many years I have watched a multitude of ‘conservatives’ run for election, get voted in, and then act like dems and screw their electorate. Look at them all now. It is impossible to tell who the gop liars are and vote in the proper people–

  • Guest

    Good for him! Made the same decision early this year.

  • cooker

    Right on Franklin!

  • meangirl

    He is right!
    The Republican Party is even more disgusting than Democrats.
    I will vote for Trump, Carson or Cruz.
    If we end up with anyone else for the GOP nomination I will vote for Hillary.

  • Guest

    As Graham encourages, hearts turning toward God is what can change America, but I also agree with him and others that signs point increasingly to end times and hardened hearts. Love that he’s doing a revival US tour. My state and some others allow Indies to vote in the primaries. It’s important to know where your state stands.

    Nothing is impossible with God.

  • snatching this to post over on twitter!

  • Guest

    To add, primaries can be open, closed, blanket, and mixed. It’s not just determined by the state but also by the state party. For example, the Oklahoma Dems just opened their primary to Indies, but the Oklahoms Reps did not. Here’s basic info, but look for specific state & party rules, since they change.

  • Kenneth G Maiden

    I’ve been thinking the same thing. RePub leadership is shameful. However, I live in the Socialist Peoples State of Kalifornia. so, my vote means NOTHING!

  • FlamingLimousineLiberal

    The biggest joke isn’t the two political parties, it’s the the idea that people still think their vote makes a difference.

  • Richard V

    Can’t blame him at all.

  • R3dstone

    Thank God for true leadership.

  • Patty

    Rev. Graham is a great man and has always been an inspiration for everyone around the world. And this statement today is no exception. He has my prayers and my prayers for America, too.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Welcome to the club Franklin, may they never receive a dime from you again.

  • ember

    I hope the GOP realizes how many Christians will be influenced by Franklin Graham’s decision.

  • Guest

    That’s a great point. And the details change turn on a dime with the GOPe trying to manipulate the elections, it is crucial for anyone registered under “independent” to keep close watch on it. They may be able to vote in R primary today, but maybe not tomorrow or the next day. GOPe/Uniparty aren’t giving up easily. We need to watch them like a hawk.

  • Guest

    You know, I don’t think most of them began chugging kool-aid when they got to DC. I think instead, they did a great con job on us with the help of the GOP. I think GOP likes to salt the legislature with faux conservatives to lead us astray in the future. The Conservative electorate never knew how deeply we’d have to vet these people to weed out the rats. We’d have to look at their history. Past jobs, political connections, etc. Just listening to their conservative rhetoric was good enough for us. So we voted for them. Then we got screwed. Big time.

    Sorry, I know a lot of people here like Ted Cruz. I don’t want to insult you. I used to like him too. Just like I used to like Rubio and Ryan, way back in the day. They ended to be massive FAKES.

    Now I know Cruz’ wife is employed with Goldman Sachs, in a key position, GS is one of the most corrupt financial institutions on the planet. She is also a CFR member. How much more Uniparty/Establishment could she possibly be?? Sorry, I can’t go for Cruz in ANY capacity for any level of government.

    Trump is the ONLY one who isn’t beholding to outside financial interests. He’s financing his own campaign. He’s putting HIS money where his mouth is. All other politicians in the Pres. Race are bought and paid for. Look into who is funding the Super Pacs. Follow the money!

    Trump’s ego won’t allow him to make the promises he’s made to the American people and then fail us after being elected. Think about it. Trump has more skin in the game of saving America than ANYONE!

  • Guest

    Exactly. I played right into their hands when I changed my party to “I”. They want Conservatives to be powerless to stop them. If I can’t vote in the R primary, I won’t be able to vote for Trump.

  • Dom

    Sure, but BEFORE the primaries?

    I don’t know the rules in all the states, but in the state where I live, an Independent cannot vote on other tickets during the primaries.

    One would think that Conservative-Independents would register for the GOP for the sake of getting the most conservative candidate onto the national ballot.

    No law preventing anyone from changing after the primaries as far as I know.

    I’m with Mr Graham on leaving the party, but I think the GOP could care less if I leave, unless I’m cashing-in on the aliens, refugees, and then donating to their party.

  • Welcome to the enlightened massing of Conservatives… the Republican Party isn’t what it used to be. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, “I didn’t leave the Republican Party {sic. Democrat Party}, the party left me.”

  • getthemlibsout

    the repubs are just “the other” democrats!!

  • Orabilis

    That’s exactly my game plan.
    Vote in the primary then kiss the warted and smelly frog goodbye.

  • Orabilis

    Me too.
    Zvi — come on now, don’t let us sheep walk through an open gate.

  • Orabilis

    True. But how many “cry me a rivers” has the Party weathered?
    How many lefty GOP voters are still pleased with the aroma of treason in the morning?

    The Party has NO claim on anyone’s allegiance —
    I am already dancing on its grave.

  • The mascot of the GOP

  • libateriana

    I did not know that about Cruz, but I have already settled on Trump for all of the reasons you stated. I just do not trust anyone who has to take donor money at this point … just whose puppet are they? I would like to see Allen West as Trump’s running mate I think. And there are others as well, but Allen West is so darned impressive.

  • Mad Hatter

    You don’t want Hillary to win. If that happens, Eric Holder becomes one of the next Supreme Court nominees. I’ll fight like hell for Cruz and Trump to win in order to avoid that race hustling, American hating Marxist from having a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court.

  • flying dachshund

    you would seriously vote for hillary over rubio. at the very least you could leave it blank. i cannot fathom why, if youre guy didnt make it, you would vote for the opposite party. just sit home. ridiculous.

  • Guest

    Yes, I’ve written dozens of letters to my Reps and even to “R” Reps in several other States. They send me a form letter basically telling me to suck it up. I can feel them laughing at my naivete in thinking writing my Congressman or Senator will actually accomplish anything.

  • Reta Mae Cherry

    Good this will let the world know that he does not hold up for their cowardly Anti-Christ deeds. The Rinos are following after the Islamic witchcraft of baal.

  • ohio granny

    I’ll keep my republican registration to vote in the primary. Because that is the only way I can vote for their opponent, if they have one. In the general election I will vote for whoever did not vote for this monstrosity, regardless of party. Only by voting these traitors out of office in large numbers will we be able to get their attention and make them at least pretend to listen to their voters.

  • ohio granny

    That would be a very hard choice. I would probably not vote for either one actually.

  • ohio granny

    Lyin Ryan

  • marshwill

    If you want to get control over the Washington establishment of both parties and restore Constitutional government to the USA, join the Convention of States Project and sign the petition for an Article V Amending Convention. Be a part of the “solution as big as the problem”! Join the grassroots movement to save the USA as we have known it! Don’t wait for someone else to come along and work it out for you! Check it out today!

  • haypa2

    You might hang on to your R registration to vote in primary for Trump or Cruz. That is what I am doing. Not donating a cent to the party.

  • yennikcm

    “Franklin”…he means Franklin…

  • tropicgirl

    Frank better check to see if this disqualifies him from voting in the republican primary… Something doesn’t smell right, here.

    Is he trying to avoid endorsing anyone in the primary? Seems like it might be the case…

  • keann

    Many States do not require party affiliation to vote in a primary.

  • Sniffy Pop

    This is big!

    Hope there will be more to follow. Time for people to send a message.

    Take their support away, and they will have not a thing.

    Good for him.

  • Redacted


  • Jinro

    Don’t fall for it.
    Their wet dream is access to the constitution.

  • marshwill

    They have had “access” to it for a century and have practically destroyed it! We are trying to restore it and return power to the states and the people. You need to check out the CoS project and ease your fears. The Constitution is safer in the hands of the Convention of States Project, BY FAR, than in the hands of the Obama administration, the Congress, and the Federal Courts! Look at the facts and stop listening to fearmongers!!

  • Jinro

    Our government is in the hands of satanic globalists.
    Don’t believe it?
    Name one thing that is not an abomination to God that these people are not neck deep in.
    If these are not, at least the beginning of the last days, its a pretty damned good example of what to watch out for.
    Have no idea what I’m talking about?
    There is a reason the “church” murdered people for possessing a Bible. There is a reason why it has been marginalized in the US for the last 40+ years.
    Want to find out what the satanists don’t want you to know?
    Pick up a copy and read it for yourself, please don’t assume you know what is in it.
    Better yet, before you start reading, send out a prayer/thought to God to reveal himself, for understanding, in whatever way seems best to you.
    The biggest hindrance to learning about anything, is the presumption that you already know.

  • rosetta_stoned

    There is nothing requiring you to vote for anybody. Leave it blank instead of voting for that drunken witch.

  • SAR2012

    Jefferson’s tree grows thirsty.

  • Sentient

    The problem, Mike, is that McConnell & the GOPe have no problem being the perennial losers – like the Washington Generals losing to the Globetrotters. Franklin Graham is making a mistake. You have to be inside the party to try to take it over.

  • Cheryl ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    I can see why he feels the way he does but right now before the Primaries is not a good idea.

  • Annette Rf

    In my state (PA), and I assume elsewhere, you cannot vote in primaries if you become independent. So this means Rev Graham has just decided he doesn’t want to help choose the next GOP candidate. Stupid move. He should have at least waited until after the primary! I have been an independent in my heart and mind for many years, but I stay registered GOP so I can have some say and control over who gets to be the GOP candidate.

  • Annette Rf

    That’s what I’ve done.Donated a ton to Cruz, none to the GOP, and staying registered GOP just to vote in primaries (which my state forbids unless you are in either the D or R parties.)

  • Jinro

    To be fair I will have a look and see.
    Like you said, it has been shredded, interpreted, and ignored almost to death, by constitutional exxberts, like bobo and the supremes.
    Yes, it is frightening to think they may get their hands on it.
    Sort of like gun control and immigration, shouldn’t we start enforcing or fix the laws we already have, before we start writing new ones.

  • Annette Rf

    Trump is financing his own campaign, true. That also means he won’t owe anyone anything: including We the People. Capisce?

  • Guest

    You assumed wrong. Read links in other comments. In Graham’s state, NC, and many others, one can still vote in the primary as Indie.

  • President Mr. Trump

    Trump/Graham 2016. With Cruz for SCOTUS. Let’s DO THIS!!

  • President Mr. Trump

    Tens of MILLIONS. They forget we live in a CHRISTIAN NATION!!!

  • Guest

    NC allows Indies to vote in the primary, as do many other states. See links in other comments.

  • Addison Jacobs

    I think we should all become independents and stop voting based on party. It would send the type of message our established politicians need to hear.

  • Guest

    See other comments. He likely did check, as his state, NC, allows indies to vote in the primaries. He also defended Trump & pointed out that he (Graham) had been calling for a halt to Muslim immigration for awhile.

  • pgroup

    You should blow that kiss so you don’t catch something.

  • Cheryl ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    I agree, many do but some don’t. Why take a chance by encouraging others to do it at this time?

  • pgroup

    Paul Ryno.

  • MN Jim

    In 2008 there were several articles claiming that obama’s campaign was illegally financed by rich Arabs. That was quietly dropped from the news, but he has shown where his allegiance is through his actions. Even with a Republican majority in Congress, they don’t act like they owe anything to “We the People”. Given the choice between a lying, corrupt, ethically-challenged crook, or a phenomenally successful businessman to run the country, I just don’t know who to pick /s/.

  • devan95

    McConnell/Ryan/Boehner/Graham/McCain/Rubio/Corker/Alexander Cowards Caucus
    strikes again: caves on women in combat; caves on 2016 Omnibus; caves on
    defunding “refugee” program; caves on amnesty; caves on pipeline; caves on
    spending cuts; caves on “shut down;” caves on internet
    “neutrality;” caves on IRS scandal; caves on Benghazi scandal; caves
    on ObamaCare; caves on impeachment; caves on TPA/TPP/TISA; caves on traditional
    marriage; caves on defunding Planned Parenthood butchers; caves on arming
    military recruiters; caves on defunding “sanctuary” cities; caves on Iran
    Nuclear deal (negotiating with terrorists)…….

    This is why we call you:

    French Republicans: Isn’t it interesting that the
    Republicans, who are gung ho in support of the military, and have many members
    such as Lindsey Graham and John McCain who have actually served in the
    military, are such cowards. And the Democrats, who loathe the military and
    seemingly embrace appeasement and pacifism, courageously stand their ground no
    matter what. No matter how extreme, perverted or perverse their agenda becomes,
    Democrats never give up, never apologize, never surrender. For instance,
    Democrats have worked for 100 years to achieve socialized medicine and they
    never stop pushing. They now have socialized insurance but will still keep
    pushing until they get full blown socialized medicine. Contrast that with
    Republican attempts to change Social Security. In my lifetime of now some 60+
    years, the Republicans made a push for a privatization option ONCE! Not repeal
    the federally dictated mandatory “retirement” program, not replace it with only
    a private system, but just offer citizens a choice of the government or a
    private retirement fund. One time. When there was a Republican president and
    majorities in Congress…. Not heard a peep about it since. Surrender. No
    stomach, go guts, no spine, no fight. Another example is the federal income
    tax. Even when it is obvious that the IRS is broken, corrupt and being used as
    a political weapon to attack Republicans, the Republican Party has abandoned
    the field of battle. In fact, they aren’t even conducting maneuvers! When huge
    sections of the American public wants to replace the current tax code with a
    flat tax, FAIR tax or some combination thereof, Republicans are not even
    hinting at a fight. This from the Party that supposedly embraces a “peace
    through strength,” pro military, courage, honor and duty philosophy. But it is
    the Democrats who present a solid wall of commitment. The final example, and
    last straw for many (now former) Republicans, was Ted Cruz’ and Mike Lee’s
    gallant stand to defund Obamacare. Republican so-called Leadership in
    Washington not only did not pour in reinforcements and muster support and call
    in the cavalry to join the fight with Lee and Cruz, they actually aided and
    abetted enemy forces by shooting their own in the back! So the party of peace
    through strength has become the French Republican surrender monkeys and the
    Party of peacenik pacifists has become the Party of take no prisoners courage and
    conviction. Go figure.

  • pgroup

    If we go one by one, the national debt will be 60 trillion dollars by the time we’re done.

  • Circa53

    cruz supported corker..You musta forgot..

  • bigL

    good onFranklin. (Discus hasvirus)

  • radioone

    I did the same thing a few years ago.

  • Jerry C

    Lyin Paul Ryno

  • Bonanzadrver

    The DailyMail is reporting that Federal agents are investigating Planned Parenthood for the “illegal” sale of fetal tissue. Maybe Paul Ryan demanded this from the administration in exchange for continued Federal funding. I see that the demonization of Paul Ryan is fully underway by the millionaire bloggers and talk radio hosts. There is no one better in the house to do the job…we have to pick battles, win some and lose some. Shut down the government at Christmas, again, and there won’t be any saving the blood-letting that will come at the voting booths. Keep focused on defeating Hillary…everything else at this moment is rubbish, including Planned Parenthood.

  • It’s really important NOT to switch parties UNTIL you vote for TRUMP in the primaries.

    I left the progrorepublican party years ago but switched back to vote for Trump.

    The republicans would love it if all of us left the party so they can get their boy Jeb! in the back door. don’t let them do it.

  • Tym O’Byrne

    Bingo, just what i was going to post, thank you. Thats my plan, vote for Trump, then dump the damn Republicans because i know what they are planning to do.

  • Jimmy Wilhelmssohn

    The GOP is scared shi*less of losing female votes. They got in lockstep with the Dems when the VAWA came up for renewal, despite the degenerate aberration’s malignant tumors of unconstitutionality. The radfems have stomped mudholes in this country and its laws for their insatiable desires while GOP cowards watched and did nothing.

  • Luckyca

    There is no republican party any longer.

  • big bird

    exactly right, they have become democrat light

  • ljm4

    They are going to lose women for not balancing a budget and cutting spending.

  • ljm4

    spread the good word folks. Carson might bail as well on the Repugnace party too…

  • oi812

    I love you Franklin but this is stupid. We live in a two party system-PERIOD-one of those parties will have the majority and govern you. The defunding of PP could not happen since we do not have the WH or the votes to override a veto. Better to stay in the party and win the WH so you can then get what you want. So you think voting independent will get you control of the WH or the 67 votes needed in the Senate to override a Dem veto. Franklin play smart and learn how this game is played

  • oi812

    Please give me the names of the 14 Dem Senators that would vote to override a veto. I will wait. If you can’t then there is NO WAY the GOP could defund PP so all you can do is get a show vote on how the Dem Senators would vote and we did that already. Think on how this game is played

  • Mike

    God Bless you sir… lead the way.

  • H Hutto

    I am hanging in long enough to VOTE FOR TRUMP.

  • Mad Hatter

    You don’t have to worry about Jeb. Amnesty, Common Core, and big spending are just a few reasons why he’s at 3% in the polls.

  • Infidel Knight

    I encourage all Americans, if we all do the same guess what, the “1 party shop in DC” is permanently closed for business. Nothing would be a greater Christmas present for America than that. Trump winning the Presidency, a photo finish 2nd.

  • Mike in Illinois

    You only have to take over a party from within when limited to the false narrative that parties are required to run government in this country. Free your mind. Parties and party politics are the problem, not the solution.

    Political faction is the media in which corruption breeds.

  • Infidel Knight

    Once you’re primary is over, go Independent and vote for Trump a 2nd time. Hell, if ya can vote for him 50 times, proceed.

  • Well, Frankie right now that would be kin to throwing the baby out with the bath water.

  • blame_canada929


  • blame_canada929
  • Sam

    No. One man and a rifle can alter history forever.

  • iwillnotsubmit

    If the country is going to $heet anyways, might as well hit the gas and get this done. Maybe at rock bottom we can rebuild and actually learn from our mistakes.

  • Right wing

    At least none that we recognize.

  • BenY

    As one who supported and contributed to Cruz, I agree with you 110%.

  • gary lacey

    The Republican party is lying on the gurney, it is hemorrhaging votes, it is gasping its dying breath, suicide successful.

  • Aimee

    I’m ready to do that, too.

  • joverway

    Ben Carson!

  • Karma’s Janitor

    Yea I agree they are bigger liars than the democrats. With dems you know what you are getting.
    Rino’s have betrayed their voters.

  • joverway

    Every once in a while the Lord gives us just the right man at just the right time. Washington, Lincoln, FDR, Reagan and even Churchill come to mind. Considering all that’s happened Ben Caron may well be next.

  • Patty
  • Patty

    and that would include the Republican idiots in Washington D. C.

  • joverway

    You may be right. Consider:

    Cycle of Freedom

    Posted on Monday, January 09th 2012 at 11:38 am

    You may have heard about the cycle of freedom. Frases Tytler
    said that a democracy can’t exist as a permanent form of government. What eventually happens is
    people discover they can vote for their own largess from the treasury. We then
    vote in people that give us more and the loose fiscal policy leads to collapse
    and a dictatorship. The cycle goes from bondage, to spiritual faith, then to
    great courage, liberty and abundance, then to selfishness, complacency, apathy,
    dependence and then bondage. Tytler believed a democracy could not last
    longer than 200 years (we have that beaten by 31 years). Where do you think we
    are in the cycle? Our forefathers fought so that they could have freedom. We
    seem too willing to give up our freedom to be taken care of. I found a quote
    from a slave owner justifying slavery.

    “I have also looked into the working conditions of free laborers in the North.
    You will not be surprised when I say that our Negroes live better than most
    factory workers. Does anyone lookout for the poor worker whose arm is
    permanently damaged? No. Does anyone see that workers are properly fed and

    Many of slave owners went so far as to advocate for universal slavery. They
    believed that the “superior” slave owners would provide a better organized
    system where everyone would have jobs, be provided food, clothing, housing and
    cared for if they were sick or infirm. Is this much different than socialism?
    This has been replicated in the USSR, China, and Cuba. Europe has reached dependence in the Cycle of
    Freedom and I believe we are not far behind.
    I’m going to vote for Ben Carson first though.

  • Starr

    Well, things are looking up!

  • mack

    Totally agree. My money’s on Cruz 16.

  • Mountaineer

    An Article V convention of the states, or constitutional convention (con-con), is a danger to our entire nation and way of life. There is nothing to limit the changes that
    can be proposed or approved. Can you imagine the radical left, the communists and the corrupt politicians we have today writing a constitution? It would probably be worse than the U.N. charter that’s based on the old USSR constitution. Want to give your freedoms away? Just give your support to a con-con. Our Constitution was written at
    a convention called to amend the Articles of Confederation which was our original constitution. This is proof that such conventions are not limited. Don’t be fooled by promoters who claim the con-con will not be “runaway”. That’s just a ploy to help convince the gullible a con-con is going to save the nation. Don’t believe it!

  • Mountaineer

    Kudos! The RNC is the ruination of the party.

  • Ron Peterson

    So, your saying Madison and the other Founding Fathers were actually subversives? Article V is IN THE CONSTITUTION. The process is described IN THE CONSTITUTION. The CONSTITUTION has been shredded since the progressive era at the beginning of the 20th century. Why do I suspect you’re a progressive troll

  • xoxozo

    Yes, even GHW Bush mentioned the One World Gov’t 20 yrs ago in his Inag. speech. The Elite circle intends on the U N being the governing body…We ALL better get off the iPhones and start teaching OUR KIDS about Democracy……… the Dept of indoctrination is slowly turning them into little foot soldiers for the Progressive.Socialists.

  • xoxozo

    NEVER!!!! our country will be gone forever if she wins

  • Ron Peterson

    Which is why the 2nd amendment is so important. The 300 million privately held firearms in the USA is a huge impediment to United Nations dominance and control.

  • CarbonCopy

    Good riddance to another panderer of religion for money!

  • CarbonCopy

    Graham’s a fraud!

  • H Hutto

    I am NOT a democrat, cant vote but once. HOWEVER I am bringing a load of people with me when I, that is WE, go vote TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!.

  • Infidel Knight

    Huh, I’ll be doing the same here.