DISGUSTING! FOX News Ignores GOP Consultant Death Threats Against Donald Trump

Once upon a time, FOX News was known as the so-called “conservative” news channel.
FOX was fair and balanced on reporting abuse hurled at GOP politicians and candidates.

Not any more. FOX News Channel HATES Donald Trump. The New York businessman and GOP frontrunner is constantly attacked on the FOX News Channel. It’s as if bashing Donald Trump is now part of their mission.

This week two different Republican consultants hurled death threats at Donald Trump.

pat brady
Pat Brady, the co-chair of Governor John Kasich’s presidential campaign, stressed that his head shot comment regarding Donald Trump was not meant to be taken literally. | AP Photo

Brady said in an interview the only way Trump can be beaten is with a “head shot.”

Then GOP consultant Rick Wilson went on MSNBC and said the Republican establishment has to “put a bullet” in Trump’s head.
rick wilson trump bullet

But Wilson was not done… He later attacked Trump supporter author Ann Coulter with a disgusting sexual slur.
coulter rick wilson

FOX News is ignoring these death threats against Donald Trump.

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  • sparky5253

    I cancelled Fox News. The only thing that hurts them is low viewership and low advertisement revenue.

  • belle

    I was done with FNC after the first debate. Their hatred for Trump is over the top.

    TRUMP 2016

  • tommy mc donnell

    Donald trump has made fox news join the democrat party-media complex.

  • libateriana

    The vitriol and rancor on the RIGHT is far far worse than anything Trump has trumped up! Has Trump EVER recommended shooting someone in the head? Of course not. These so called “sophisticated elitists” — while they call us “peasants with pitchforks” — are nothing but educated idiots who have fooled people for long enough. They are showing their true color … and it is BLUE!

  • John Baker

    Fox IS as much part of the problem as is the GOPE.

  • The Prisoner

    FNC viewers must be down, if not, I suspect the data is rigged.

  • TeachX3

    I’ve been done with fox ‘news’ for years now… they are just the other arm of the propaganda machine.

  • freeinaz

    I applaud Donald Trump for discarding the political correctness crap and causing the political elites and MSM heads to spin out of control.
    He’s self funding which means they have no control over him or what he will do if elected. This means they’ll lose a lot of power and money which makes them very dangerous.

  • freeinaz

    It appears they are the GOPe

  • AllAboutMe

    FoxNews hasn’t been a conservative station in a long time. There are only two shows that I continue to watch on FoxNews: Neil Cavuto and Kelly Files. The rest are just CNN/MSLSD lite. I refuse to watch shows that make me yell at my tv – unless it’s a GOP debate & then I’m usually yelling at the moderators.

  • Pa Bell

    I watched “The Five” yesterday and the whole show sounded like a RINO lovefest. They were actually talking about what the pantsuit should do in order to neutralize and defeat Trump. Gutfeld and PeRINO were particularily vociferous in their anti-Trump babble. Trump may not be a card carrying conservative but he’s the only candidate that doesn’t have his hands in other people’s pockets. Cruz seems like an OK guy but he’s got a few issues that he needs to contend with, particularily immigration. Rubio can’t be trusted as he is too wishy-washy. He is unable to project and convey confidence. Jeb should have quit weeks ago and gone back to Miami where he can stick his head in the sand once again, hopefully for good this time. He is awash in blatantly obvious ulterior motivations, just like his old man. The rest of them are just crowding the field and clouding the issues, wasting both time and money. Rupert Murdoch is doing his best to cater to the establishment RINO’s while chasing the true conservatives off the Fox Network. We have nowhere to go but the conservative sites on the web. It seems that the far left controls just about every other news venue on the planet. No wonder there’s millions and millions of brain dead vegetables wandering about bumping into walls and each other.

  • frozeninbemidji

    That Wilson story was from October (I remember it but had to check the exact date) and the Coulter tweet from a couple months before that, but I don’t remember Fox ever mentioning either.

    Of course, I rarely watch it these days so I could have missed it easily.

  • Don Keller

    Relax, everyone!…Trump is neither, black, nor Muslim, nor female; therefore, veiled or direct threats are allowed and encouraged. Geez, you dummies…

  • darrell_b8

    I hope ‘they’ keep it up………’they’ will propel Mr. Trump to the Presidency of the United States….then the ‘fun’ will begin in ernest….

  • Rich Grah

    C’mon, There is absolutely no difference between FOX, MSNBC, CNC, NBC, CBS, etc. They all are set up to lie and deceive the public.

  • custom by crunch

    I think they are afraid HIS DOJ will look into all the dirt in Washington and alot of them will end up with 3 hots and a cot.

  • Southernsoul

    Its because, despite the manic rantings of the progressives, Fox News is not Conservative, but Center-Left and always has been.

  • Southernsoul

    One can only dream

  • LouAnnWatson

    they’re certainly being bullied by obama for the same thing…trump will be taking prisoners. i’m imagining hitlery in cankle bracelets

  • LouAnnWatson

    after hiring people like heraldo and many anchors going to “liberal” media outlets, that ship sailed long ago

  • Don Keller

    Relax, everyone!…Trump is neither, black, nor Muslim, nor female; therefore, veiled or direct threats are allowed and encouraged. Geez, you dummies…

  • LouAnnWatson

    even though she was a cnn draftee, greta seems about the most fair

  • LouAnnWatson

    there is going to be a national conflict before the next election, you can count on it. too much government grifting at stake

  • Haveaspine

    Fox didn’t denounce these threats = Fox a co-conspirator. Trumps words are always taken literally.

  • Haveaspine

    There will be blood shed.

  • Dale

    Neither did the RNC nor any of the other candidates.

  • Dale

    These threats are really a compliment to Trump. The GOPe evidently sees no other way of stopping Trump.

    Plus threats give him more FREE publicity! Go Donald!

  • freeinaz

    At least we’ll have someone in charge who could build more prisons, cause if this happens we’re going to need them.

  • nodhimmi

    Latest from Debbie Schlussel on Trump

    New Top Trump Official Gave Thousands to
    New Black Panthers, Jew Haters; Sent Blacks Fake Eviction Notices to Create
    Phony “Racism” Issue; Supported Hezbollah Bridge

    By Debbie Schlussel

    Any proof of this. This is why I am still on the fence about DT. Schlussel gloats and insults people who doubted her when she is right.

  • John Suly

    Whaa? You mean the network that hardly runs positive stories on Hillary or that rarely has a non-Dem strategist on that will say much positive about her is a part of the Democrat media complex? Pretty silly statement to me.

  • jbtutor

    You know the Rick Wilson thing was back in late October according to the Breitbart timestamp? (My memory suggested as much too.) It’s still disgusting.

  • I know I don’t watch it anymore. It is anti-Conservative.

  • dave0987✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    Trump has exposed so many frauds who are nothing more than filthy colonization-desiring TRAITORS, that it is simply amazing beyond words.

    TRUMP 2016, CRUZ for VP at best. The border must finally be secured, deportations must finally commence.

  • Guest

    I’m thinking Trump should really consider just not attending the Fox debate just prior to the Iowa caucus with Megyn. They, especially she, will just try to bait and attack him yet won’t cover death threats. Why give them the ratings? They want one more shot to take him down before voting begins – instead, he could spend his time on the ground in Iowa and respond to any shots he chooses on his own terms and timing.

  • Guest

    If you doubt it, why repost it? Research it. You’re on the fence about Trump because of a report you doubt about someone other than Trump?

  • Guest

    That’s because 3 of the consultants attacking Trump including “put a bullet” Wilson work with the RNC. Good point about the other candidates! Trump stood up for Cruz’s daughters, as did Rubio. Will Rubio disavow Wilson who’s working with his PAC?

  • FlamingLimousineLiberal

    I think this “death threat” brouhaha is overblown. I’m sure someone as famous and successful as Mr Trump has had his fair share of threats lobbed at him over the years.

    If the media reported every threat or snide remark there would be no time to cover other aspects of his candidacy.


    Slimy parasite.

  • RainbowStew-N-A-SilverSpoon

    Fox News is a disgrace. Every news show throughout the mornings kicks off with a Trump bashing piece. And these so-called fair and balanced news anchors march right along with it.

  • nodhimmi

    Debbie schlussel says trump will no win as the gop establishment will vote for jebbito and thus give the presidency to Killary. DS Is usually right and besides, wouldn’t trump cut this man lose from his campaign if he learned of this person’s past? Trump does want to be trusted as POS doesn’t he?

  • Cahal the Mad™

    When leftrash can’t win, they throw tantrums, cry “racism”, and threaten to murder. That puke would already be in jail if he had threatened Hillslag or Santurd. FO

  • MN Jim

    I dropped Kelly after she tried a “gotcha” on Trump in the first debate. He should have reminded her of her underwear photos in GQ a few years ago.

  • ohio granny

    Trump sure seems to be bringing the RINO’s and establishment types out of their hidey holes doesn’t he?

  • MN Jim

    DS seems anti-Trump, as does Red State, and a lot of the Republican hierarchy. If you compare present and past statements from Hillary, obama, or anyone else, you will find inconsistencies. Same with Trump. I like what Trump says. He is a bit crude, but is a phenomenally successful businessman, as compared to a senator who has never run anything. Even though I detest JEB, Kasich seems spastic, and I partly blame Christie hugging obama at Sandy for obama’s re-election, any of them would be far, far better than Hillary.

  • Tym O’Byrne

    Just another reason to cut the cable. Why would you pay for propaganda in the first place?

  • nodhimmi

    thank you DS is known to insult those who disagree with her and I wanted to get an honest opinion. DS also has a huge I am smarter than everyone else attitude which bugs me to no end. She is spot on with muslims . anyone other than killary and that kooky sanders dude is fine with me!


    I stopped and also no longer listen to it on XM in my car.

  • Orabilis

    The only thing that’s going to die around here is the Republican Party.
    I am already dancing on its grave; it had become way too long-in-the-tooth, senile, and in fact, vicious.
    It will not be missed.

  • Guest

    She’s openly hated on and lied about Trump for months. Trump’s “campaign chief” is Corey Lewandowski.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I recall taking heat on these pages not all that long ago for much this same attitude. There was a time when fixed news was worth defending because its airtime held substance worthy of defense. The problem is that the business model worked too well. When viewership was small, it didn’t hurt the other media. As it grew, it became far too powerful. Because there was good debate, it even drew viewers from “both” sides.

    That started to turn indoctrinated lefties into independent thinkers who then used the internet to seek out their own information. They started learning too much truth. A tool of control had grown beyond its ability to control the very business model created.

    The Republican party has witnessed what happens when one party wins total control. It implodes because without the plausible deniability factor, voters hold em accountable. the 60 vote threshhold given the democrats in 08 was serious. The democrat party is in disarray as a result of the inability to do what they claimed they could if – as hillary put it – just elect enough democrats to solve all these problems.

    Today, Fixed news knows full well what is about to happen – this country is going to give the republican party that same total control. And they fear further implosion that they cannot control.

    Media people think they are smarter than us. They think they control us. They think they sit on high and we just follow along like fools. But see, we are smarter than them We already gave the democrats the put up or shut up treatment. They failed miserably because they just couldn’t bring themselves to do anything but what democrats do – usurp that which belongs to another.

    We took the financial control away from Obama and democrats by tossing them out of congress. Yet, the republicans did the same exact thing the democrats did. And Fox cannot hide it. They cannot control us. They cannot dispel what has happened. So why this stuff now then?

    Guess what folks – the controllers, the democrats have controlled fox all along, just as they have controlled the republican party all along. They are scared right now, very very scared. Why? Because they are finally realizing that we know the truth out here – and we are arming up for very good reason.

    Fox will fail here, and hurt its numbers just as badly as print media has done. And for the same reason.
    Democrat control is disintegrating – everywhere it has been implemented. They cannot hide things in this information age as they once did.

    It will get worse before it gets better. Know that truth. Fox wants to keep hope alive for establishment party politics. No matter what they do, refuse to fall for it and we will finally win this fight! The most wonderful part? All you have to do folks is keep telling the truth!

  • Mike in Illinois

    Trump and Cruz have both been doing that very thing from the get go. The two pronged approach is working well and should continue.

  • AllAboutMe

    I thought it was a legit question but she should’ve asked it and dropped it. But I don’t hold that against her. She’s still a very smart woman and I like her show.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I agree but think it comes after. Many hold out hope that one more election will turn the tide. They will not admit it is time to fight back on all fronts prior to the election, but will do so afterward if the same lying continues.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I agree with you there LouAnn, she is plainly to the left in her own politics but I have yet to see where she lets someone off the hook – no matter who they are. She does ask the toughest questions of them all, toughest on direct substance.

    That said, it is noteworthy that her show is run once, the others more than once.Gee, I wonder why that is?

  • Mike in Illinois

    It sure did.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Don’t watch fox much, do ya?

  • Mike in Illinois

    Cruz as President – assigning Donald to directly oversee all border issues is very appealing to me, while Cruz lays the groundwork to hammer the liberal court. Best of both world from start to finish.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Rubio will soon take the Hillary train and see his numbers do be better when he hides .