“Absolute Scum”: At SC Rally, Trump Rips Media, Calls Out NBC’s Katy Tur for False Reporting

Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called out NBC News reporter Katy Tur at a campaign rally in South Carolina Monday night for a blatantly false report by her that Trump was driven from the stage at a rally last week after he was repeatedly interrupted by Black Lives Matter protesters.

Katy Tur Twitter Avatar
NBC reporter Katy Tur, image via Twitter.

Tur, along with CBS News report Sopan Deb, falsely reported that Trump “abruptly” ended his speech and left the stage after being interrupted for the tenth time during a campaign rally in Raleigh, North Carolina last Friday. Tur’s false report was gleefully reported by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow during her show Friday night.

What actually happened was Trump was making closing remarks after making a speech and taking questions for nearly fifty minutes when another protester heckled him. Trump waited for the protester to be removed from the Dorton Arena by security and then resumed his remarks. Trump spoke for another thirty seconds, finishing at his own pace without further interruption. Trump then spent a long time shaking hands and signing autographs at the front of the stage.

On Saturday, Trump tweeted The Gateway Pundit article about NBC and CBS lying about the previous night’s rally. Trump also tweeted a thank you note to TGP.

TGP was the first outlet to report on the attempt by two of the major broadcast networks to smear Trump with a lie. Rush Limbaugh reported about this during his radio show Monday.

Monday night at a rally held at the USS Yorktown in Charleston, South Carolina Trump singled out Tur to the audience, informing them about her false reporting and that she was in attendance covering the rally–provoking loud boos from the audience.

“…I guarantee you that young woman who just got taken out after interrupting us three times, I guarantee the cameras will be on her. I guarantee. It’s disgusting, disgusting.

“So we’re taking about the media, and by the way some of the media’s terrific. But most of it, seventy percent, seventy-five percent is absolute dishonest, absolute scum. Remember that–scum! They’re totally dishonest people.

“I had one the other day where I finished a speech and they said, “Oh, Trump was interrupted and he left early.” Like, uh, I spoke for forty-five, fifty minutes. I then answered question, questions. And then I went around to –you know, everybody knew it was false.

“Amazingly there’s a media group that calls the media. And the next day they did the most beautiful story about what a lie it was from NBC.

“She’s back there–little Katy–she’s back there. What a lie it was, no, what a lie, Katy Tur, what a lie it was from NBC to have written that, it was a total lie.

“And they did a story where they, I didn’t know they had a group like this, where they actually criticized the media and they said it was a total lie. And I love you, I love you, I love you.

“And then other people pick it up, you know it’s NBC so somebody picks it up.

“Third rate reporter, remember that, third rate, third.”

(Transcribed by Kristinn Taylor.)

Tur posted a couple tweets about Trump’s comments about her, but did not mention why he was calling her out.

“”Most of the media is absolute scum” – Trump”

“Awww. Women in the crowd are giving me sympathetic looks.”

Tur stopped tweeting from the rally while it was still ongoing about fifteen minutes after Trump called her out for her dishonest reporting.

Her last tweet from the rally was at 7:46 p.m. EST

“”There’s unbelievable love in this room. I love you, too.” – Trump”

TV Newser reported that Tur spoke with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews during the rally, but was unable to hear his question about being called out by Trump.

“At the end of Hardball, as Trump continued to speak, Chris Matthews asked Tur if she is “used to the trash talk” from Trump. Tur couldn’t hear Matthews’ question, and instead talked about how well Trump’s idea to ban muslim entry in the U.S. was received. “The crowd went wild,” Tur reported. “A standing ovation.””

Tur also did a stand-up report for MSNBC’s Chris Hayes after the rally in which she spoke about audience reaction to Trump’s call for a national security pause to Muslim immigration. Tur did not mention Trump calling her out.

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  • Patty

    I really wish that all the media would take a huge pause and just get out of the way and like Trump said it would be great if all America (and forget political party) could understand what is happening in America and fight for this nation with Truth and what I call, being naive, but The American Way.

    Like Trump said, deserters would be shot but Bergdahl is going free. And 6 of our soldiers were killed looking for him. Where is the media. Why is it they just don’t seem to care who they hurt and lie about. And what did Obama do, release 6 from Gitmo, and they were the worst of the worst.

    Report the truth and stop covering up for Obama. And this “reporter” well, is no reporter but a bias hack.

  • iamwinstonsmith

    It’s funny how many in the media are self-absorbed elitists while pretending to be champions for the “common person”.

    Totally thin skinned – yet never afraid to attack, lie, and obfuscate facts.

    They can dish it out … but they can’t take it.

  • jainphx

    Jim you got a shout out from Trump!! Congrats! You deserve it!

  • Dom

    Pathological-fear becomes apparent when the media cannot resist the urge to lie, use charicatures, and other fallacies.

  • hanfeedback

    We all know the media is garbage, he should continue to call them out.

  • Phoenix_Damaged

    Call out these ‘journalists’ and brand them for what they are.

  • Goose

    this⬇︎ is what we learned about Katy Bear Tur(d) after she did one of the first interviews with Trump, which was malicious to the core, remember?
    obtw, I Love how Trump insulted her with, “little katy”.
    if you don’t know, that is the worst insult you can throw at a “career” woman- they Hate! that.
    I’ve used “little girl”. Believe This, it’s much worse than obscene/profane language.

    1) she is a long-time flame of Keith Olbermann (is mental illness contagious?)
    2) longtime repeater in the NBC organized crime family of networks (is mental illness contagious?)
    3) her father Robert Tur, television reporter in 1990s Los Angeles, has since become Hanna Zooey… Yes!
    and physically assaulted while threatening Ben Shapiro during an on-air television appearance last July
    (is mental illness contagious?)

    -questions are of course rhetorical, and now, for your amusement… Heeeeeeere’s Zooey

  • Cowardly Lion

    When I look Katy Tur’s face, I can’t help but think of the theme song from Mr. Ed. “A horse is a horse, of course of course…”

  • Cowardly Lion

    Speaking of horses….

  • US.Patriot1776

    “If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand that difference, and choose their news
    sources accordingly.”

    -Thomas Sowell

  • Phoenix_Damaged

    I think what you’ve implied here is that the whole fam damily could be found in a cuckoo clock. Nice reporting.

  • ridgerunner

    Sad. She shouldn’t have picked on Trump. How would we have turned out with this kind of upbringing? Probably a lot like Obama or at best Bill Clinton. Democrat leaders carry a trainload of baggage.

  • ridgerunner

    Sad. She shouldn’t have picked on Trump. How would we have turned out with this kind of upbringing? Probably a lot like Obama or at best Bill Clinton. Democrat leaders carry a trainload of baggage.

  • toldya

    ahahahahhahaha thats hilarious, you couldnt write this script!
    thanks for the info!

  • Goose

    they are repeaters, hacks, dishonest to the core, demorats, the enemedia, Malevolent State media
    to know them is to despise them

  • DakConserve

    Trump is smart, call out the corrupt scum and make them pay a price for their dishonesty!

  • Goose

    if you don’t know where your news is coming from, you don’t know what news you’re getting.

    old Soviet dissident saying, “In Soviet Union, we have Pravda which means truth and Izvestia which means news; so we say, there is no news in truth and no truth in news.”
    Yakov Smirnoff, all during the 1980s

  • Poseidon

    It’s one of Trump’s best traits — calling out dishonest, unprofessional, biased reporters by name.

  • LouAnnWatson

    i’ve been saying that every candidate should follow obama’s lead, intimidate the media and force them to get in line. works for him…

  • LouAnnWatson

    can you imagine the bloodbath in the media if trump is elected? press conferences are going to get ratings and we’ll finally want to watch to see all of the squish media frauds get smashed to bits.

  • India Maria

    BigMedia is not our friend. They have become the PR Wing of the Democrats, and they are bent on deceiving the public to accept more and more oppressive government. One of Trump’s most endearing qualities is calling them on their systematic LYING.

  • US.Patriot1776

    “In Russia we only had two TV channels. Channel One was propaganda. Channel Two consisted of a KGB officer telling you: Turn back at once to Channel One.”

    Yakov Smirnoff

  • Goose

    Rush and Chris Plante are the best at calling out the demorat hacks

    one of the best suggestions I’ve heard is Chris Plante’s idea that before answering any question from a former dem hack, remind the audience of that fact, “You worked for the Clinton administration, right?” and then after Deliverance Day, it will be, “You worked for 0Bama, right?”

    Think of it: if Romney had done that with George Snuffleufflgauss when he asked that stupid question about contraception in the 2012 debate, much of our misery would have stopped there.
    too many of the Malevolent State media are just demorats transferred to media indoctrination jobs.

  • MyHot45

    No, I don”t think so. I about fell over when he outed her. I wasn’t against it at all, just shocked (and happy), but he usually stops short of mentioning names at his rallies.

    More power to him!
    TRUMP ~~~ 2016

  • mail.comSam Spade

    Trump is great and has no fear taking down Liberal talking heads without skills, knowledge, competence, experience or truthfullness!

    My oh my how our universities have failed us. She went to UC Santa Barbara – I guess liberal stupidity is taught there as a major!X

  • Goose

    no, I don’t think so.
    off the top of my head, he’s called out megn kelly, george will and charles krauthammer, all by name. in little katy’s case, recall Trump has case history with goon girl.

  • MyHot45

    Those are talking heads. Yes, he does them on a regular basis. Totally agree. However, in his rallies he’ll hit the media by name, but I have never heard him call out one of those front line reporters sitting at the rally.

    I’m an old guy, so maybe I don’t remember very well. 😉

  • really now

    Yeesh, even Clinton wouldn’t hit that…


  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Bill would hit that. No question.

  • Donna

    The lying liberal progressive media have their own brand of TAQIYA too


    Can’t shake that dishonesty can we Ms Tur?
    Shame on you Ms Tur!
    Donald Trump is absoutely Right! Dishonest…
    ..Americans are tired of it, people don’t like dishonest…the ONLY ones that do are fools, or dishonest themselves!

  • Libtards Lie

    She lied and got called on the carpet for it, good. I support that.

  • STLstudent

    Every time Trump speaks I respect and admire him more.

  • richard

    This is why I love Trump.


    “If”?? – we need to start thinking the glass is half full!!
    Stump the Trump!! 2016!!



    The baggage comes with the dysfunction…

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Maybe Katy is so angry because Daddy keeps breaking her heels?
    Katy Turd certainly qualifies for a diagnosis of “Daddy issues”. Looks like Daddy Turd was a roving repeater.


    1) Really? Didn’t know that…ewww!
    3) Seriously?? omg…how…ewww!!

  • American_Proud

    Who the heck is Katy Tur? She must not be relevant cause I’ve never heard of her!

  • Nonbeliever

    Contagious and hereditary

  • s.c.

    Her “father” is the she-male who physically attacked Ben Shapiro a few months back, and she had a thing with Keith Olberman….

  • American_Proud

    Ah! That would explain why I haven’t heard of her. Thx

  • jainphx

    Oh now don’t sell him short!

  • Mike in Illinois

    Well done Mr Donald Trump. There once was a time when liars had to actually face their lies and the dishonor that goes with being a liar. That time is returning because people, like donald, are willing to call the liars out – especially right to their faces.

    The lesson for this particular reporter and her kin is simple. Tell the truth -best done in her profession by leaving perception and subjectivity out of it entirely, by reporting the objective facts themselves stand alone.

    While uncommon today in media, it really isn’t so hard to do. All they have to do is watch, listen and then repeat accurately what actually happened.

    The days of making the news are coming to an end and a return of reporting facts is short at hand.

  • jainphx

    Dysfunction is hereditary!

  • Jim

    The “media” sees what it wants to see and reports what it wants to believe, never mind what the reality is.

  • jainphx

    Happens to us all! Don’t let it phase you.

  • jainphx

    Now that revelation right there should tell us of her judgement and Character. I mean ugly Olberman that nut case.

  • Mike in Illinois

    You are right, they can’t take it. And it is going to get worse for them as they try to avoid getting nailed. Foolish people double down on stupid often. I would bet this gal thinks she can beat Donald and will try to wage a “comeback”

    Time to make sure popcorn is ready at any moment. This is going to be fun. She CANT just take this battering ram. She will have a career damaged beyond repair. She has to bully him into submission and apology. Ha ha ha. It ain’t gonna work this time little Katy.

    And when you don’t respond it will be seen as Donald nailed ya. Ha ha ha. Little Katy is busted either way.

    Now, who in media wants to be next? Chris Matthews would be a FINE target, Donald. Give him the tingle of electrocution- Trump Style, please.

  • bill_a_bob

    Turd is another presstitute willing to lie to make a nme for herself. ralphie madcow has overdosed on steroids and will explode if a conservative is nominated

  • Goose

    Rush mentioned last week about a new book by somebody that related Bill Clinton hitting on Jackie Kennedy Onassis at the 1988 DNC (where JFK, Jr. spoke)
    it was memorable because Jackie confided with someone how uncomfortable and awkward it got because Slick got super close and started rubbing her.

    Jackie Kennedy Onassis! as close to Saintly status as one can get in political and cultural America. if you didn’t have reason before to despise that vile, scum, sleazy bastard… may he go down in American history as our Caligula, pure dog vomit.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I think it is actually K dee’de’dee Derrrrr.
    (Obscure George Lopez reference)

  • Weezy79

    This is part of the reason Trump is dominating the field. The man is smart enough to realize the media is the enemy and pulls no punches in saying so, Tur deserved every bit of the humiliation she received.

  • Mike in Illinois

    A great place to that very thing is with the no Fly list talking point they are touting right now regarding buying guns. After they ask the question laying down their premise one can say –
    Well, I realize you are a drone for the Clinton Obama Democrat machine BUT there is adherence to, much less respect for, the right to due process when it comes to that supposed no Fly list.

    See, over here, we actually believe in these things called rights. You know, the right to bear arms, the right to know and face your accusers, the right to confront the evidence and defend yourself against the accusations and the evidence, that thing called a right to a trial and oh yeah even that right you jury decision. Imagine that, to us opposed to Obama and Clinton, rights actually matter and due process does to.

    Now, do you care to ask a real question of substance that has merit, or do you just want to parrot Democrat talking points and put a question mark at the end to call it a question?

  • JacksonPearson

    Are you sure it’s a she?….:

  • Mike in Illinois

    Jorge Ramos.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Human is rumored to be quite jealous of Hillarys wandering eye…

  • yourmaster

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vk1daFjaVBI Bill Clinton has affair with new mistress

  • Mike in Illinois

    Bruce Jenner died his hair too???




    Did Ben kick it’s azz?

  • wynotme307

    Does anyone still have that picture of Obrahma trying to kiss the veitnamese security director, or whatever she was. Remember? He went for the kiss and she is sneering a “yuck” look. Would fit this thread nicely.

  • Dick_Gosinya

    you’d be a bit of a hot mess tough you had two moms.

  • pgroup

    Up his leg, right?

  • pgroup

    I smell a WH job offer in January 2017. From President Trump, of course.

  • Shaygirl

    what a small world it turns out to be. daddys a woman and her boyfriend is a creeper.

  • gsp9993

    Trump is popular because he calls out the Obama defending media. They are all scum

  • Americadies

    While Disqus does not seem to care, many of us do. Please stop advertising the Michelle Obama prostitution scam. While you seem to be OK with leasing out children for sex, we are not. Besides who would rent Malia and Sasha by the hour after seven years of loaning them out to old white Senators like Reid and Feinstein?!
    While Disqus does not seem to care, many of us do. Please stop advertising the Michelle Obama prostitution scam. While you seem to be OK with leasing out children for sex, we are not. Besides who would rent Malia and Sasha by the hour after seven years of loaning them out to old white Senators like Reid and Feinstein?!

  • Americadies

    Another liberal media type who subscribes to the mantra, lie and deny and let is hang out there. This poor little girl needs a lesson in Journalistic Integrity, both words very foreign to her.
    Too bad too, she looks like she would give good head.

  • bob

    The stump for Trump ladies should start calling out the media. That would be hilarious.

  • Paul

    Don’t forget Karl Rove

  • Derpocrat

    I was wondering if liberalism was contagious. Guess it’s hereditary.

  • cooker

    Third rate reporter Katy Turd, who got her job by “doing” everybody at the news station.

  • wtd

    Reminds one of the incestuous media links.

  • Goober_Pyle

    That explains A LOT.

  • What do you expect from liberal MILF! She loves the BLM terrorists too!

  • lostmyinnocence

    The black voters don’t even see this stuff. Nor do they care. Trump plays to the white conservative audience and THOSE are the folks that need to vote for him.

  • Oh that sick looking It on the Dr Drew show.
    I remember that like it was yesterday. She/He
    made a threat to Ben that he/she/it would put him
    in the hospital.

  • AuntEster Fool

    Katy Turd was called out for her filthy reporting.

  • RestoreAmerica

    NBC = National Barack Channel
    CBS = Clinton Broadcast System
    ABC = Always Brack Channel
    CNN = Clinton News Network
    PBS = Propaganda Broadcast Service

  • Realist

    Big Media journOlista and RINOLista do their best to “controversialize” mr Trump and everything he says that diverges from approved Ruling Class imposed boundaries of “allowed” speech. There is a palpable hostility and fear oozing from the Ruling Class disease and their Big Media operatives about the Donald and his refusal to knuckle-under to the “enlightened”, self-serving tyranny of that Ruling Class cabal. The fact that a candidate for president of the United States would actually give voice to the desires and interests of the little peeps and speak those desires and interests in their own language and not in the carefully crafted deceptive language of politics has the Ruling Class almost apoplectic. There is a very real creeping terror in the hearts and minds of the Ruling Class that they and their entire apparatus of deception, disinformation and control (Big Media) is flailing about and is failing to properly deceive and recapture the little peeps as usual in their game of selfish, utterly self-serving deceptions. Don’t expect their usual rope-a-dope game of Lesser-of-Two-Evils to be trotted out this time, either. That shtick only works if they managed to foist a Bush or Rubio on the base, which seems at this point an impossibility.

    Yes, Big Media operatives – The journOLista and the RINOLista – Are certainly scum (with apologies to scum) but it is those who employ them, their paymasters, who really need a through examination. After all, the journOlista and the RINOLista are only doing what their paymasters demand. A large percentage of the pretend journalists of Big Media are certainly in full agreement with their paymasters, so their obeisance to their paymasters demands is unquestioned. There are, however, more than a few examples of Big Media operatives jumping ship from libcult outlets to RINO outlets and vice-versa and, presto! They suddenly undergo a “conversion” to libcultist or RINO depending on the demands of their Big Media paymaster.

    It is those who hide in the shadows, the Ruling Class Monsters who own and control Big Media, its content and its coverage or lack of coverage, that needs to be picked through and examined in exhaustive detail. The same paymasters who own Big Media also own and control a large number of influential politicians and using both the pols and Big Media they wield enormous influence over the culture, the body politic and the society at large. This is unacceptable and those currently in control of the machinery of Big Media MUST be outed, exposed, investigated and their Big Media machinery forcibly removed from their filthy little hands. This is the only way realistic, reasonable way to return the country and the culture to We The People. Failure to remove Big Media from their control only guarantees that they will, at some future point, regain the same control they currently have.

  • sparky5253

    Love it when Trump personally identifies who the worst liars in the media are.

  • Hazelett

    Liars in the media pretty much includes all of them.

  • M10 Bob

    The entire “peacock” brand has lost all credibility and can no longer even attempt impartiality in their interpretation of the news.
    In the future I suspect the FCC will be required by an act of congress to hold network licensing to an integrity in reporting standard, (as Edward R Murrow suggested many years ago).
    There is already a “truth in advertising” standard for foods…why is there not one for network programming labels.
    Is it NEWS…or NONSENSE?

  • JimmaObama

    Whatever katy….you got called out for being the piece of trash scum bag you are…..nice journalism you slut

  • jbtutor

    While grabbing Mr. Shapiro’s neck in a condescending and suggestive manner, yes? Like, “I could snap this, you know.” A real class act.

  • Citizen_Jerry

    The lamestream media lying to us? I’m shocked! Shocked!

  • Haveaspine

    what do you expect from a Turd!

  • haywire63

    White conservatives have payed the piper for many years to play songs we disapprove of. Trump is the first to come along and play a song that we can applaud.

  • Mike in Illinois

    True that. I loved Trump calling out Rove to Bill O’s face on live TV. Epic.

  • Mike in Illinois


  • Michael Lloyd

    Katy Tur is scum. But for a lack of a “d” she would be named for something else. She should be fired for manufacturing and spreading a flat out LIE. People like her should be banned from any sort of media input/output or affiliation. That type of garbage is right out of Saul Alinsky.

  • Michael Lloyd

    Looks like David Lee Roth in drag.

  • “Scum” is a polite word.

  • kpm nair

    She lied so blatantly. IS that called unbiased reporting. Journalists should no misinterpret or fabricate facts. She must say sorry now to the people and then to Trump.

  • Paul

    Yes…and Rove’s weak sister response that Trump was being mean to him..

  • Mike in Illinois

    If rove thought for a second he could have made hay there about that and used it to damage Trump, he would have, but even Rove himself knows full well Donald would have handed him his hind end so he whined to Bill fo a minute and then shushed up about it entirely.

    Hilarious to see Karl have his own game stuffed down his neck and not be able to do anything about it. I love it.