BREAKING: Police on Lookout for Four Suspicious Bearded Men Seen at Pentagon (Updated)

Washington Police on Lookout for Four Suspicious Men with Beards Seen at Pentagon

pentagon threat

Washington, D.C. Fox affiliate WTTG-TV reporter Emily Miller posted to Twitter Wednesday night an internal police memo on four suspicious bearded men seen at the Pentagon on Sunday.

Miller said the memo from the Metro Transit Police was leaked to her by a source who thought the public should know.

Photos of the men walking in the Pentagon Metro Station shows them each having beards and appearing to be Middle Eastern.
Miller comments they are over-dressed for the warm weather that day.

“This is an internal metro #BOLO that I got from a source who thinks it should be public.”

“This is scary: Be On The Lookout alert for these men on DC metro at Pentagon. Note it was a warm on Sunday.”

The text of the memo reads:

“Summary: the Metro Transit Police is requesting assistance to identify the above pictured individuals in reference to suspicious activity that was observed at the Pentagon Metro Station located at, 2 South Rotary Road, Arlington, VA, as well as on the Pentagon Reservation on Sunday, November 15, 2015 from approximately 1600 to 1630 hours. Anyone with information regarding the identity of the above pictured individuals is requested to contact Detective C. Jackson #D-957 at (202) 823-1381, (301) 955-5003, or Metro Transit Police Communications Division (202) 962-2121. You can also text: “MYMTPD” from a smartphone or”696873″ from a standard phone.”

The Pentagon Reservation is described in a military posting of rules of conduct.

“Pentagon Reservation. Area of land and improvements thereon, located in Arlington, Virginia, on which the Pentagon Office Building, Federal Building Number 2, the Pentagon heating and sewage treatment plants, and other related facilities are located. Pursuant to 10 U.S.C. 674, the Pentagon Reservation also includes the area of land known as Raven Rock Mountain Complex (RRMC), located in Adams County, Pennsylvania, and Site C, which is located in Washington County, Maryland, and other related facilities. The Pentagon Reservation shall include all roadways, walkways, waterways, and all areas designated for the parking of vehicles.”

Metro Transit Police posted a response on Twitter late Wednesday night.

“Re reporter tweet purporting to show MTPD bolo: Cannot confirm/deny authenticity; MTPD does not comment on non-public material.”

UPDATE: Metro Transit Police posted a statement to Twitter Thursday morning saying the men had been contacted and cleared.

“The 4 men in internal MTPD bolo were ID’d & contacted by us yest evening. All checked out, fully cooperative, no nexus to criminal activity.”

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  • vigilance

    Note that this was not released to the public – they don’t think you need to know about it. Thank you to those who shared it, you are patriots

  • Cowardly Lion

    Just more of Obama’s “Widow and Orphan Refugees”.

  • Goose

    it was warm… so what happens this winter?

  • whynoborders

    Looks like the government is suppressing information as they are in Europe. Not good.

  • Cowardly Lion

    Don’t forget about all the incidents of middle-eastern-looking guys driving up to military bases probing and showing up at military families’ homes to intimidate people. These savages are in the country, anyone who says they aren’t, is an idiot. And we know who is responsible for them being here.


    I’m a vet and a patriot. In the past I’ve been livid but now I’m feeling cold anger. It’s obvious Obola & his cucks in the GOPe are now engaged that they’re targeting DC these cucks will hammer ISIS…if not Trump will…

    Trump 2016!!!

  • JY1

    Where’s the Amish comment?

  • Cathy Anderson

    They can’t comment or deny? WTF??

  • 240grJHP

    WTF? Shoot them, bury them outside of the USA.

  • DL

    Go straight to whitehouse you infidels… he wants you here, American’s don’t, figure out your own stuff at home and leave it there, if home was so great, why leave…? heck, why abandon your own people?

  • showmerancher

    I’m interested in how people have done their personal threat assessments in light of current events. How many folks are planning on loitering in large groups or lining up against walls outside of retailers waiting
    for them to open for Black Friday sales around the country next week?

  • steven reynolds

    So, just anyone can walk in that damn place?

  • Libertati Aut Ad Mortem

    Is there a blizzard in DC or are they all packing suicide vests?

  • faithandhonor

    Yes, one certainly looks to be a female dressed up as a male (aa in one of Obutthead’s “refugee women) and one looks to be 3 years old, too. Sarc off…

  • stan

    Maybe they’re getting prepared for a big simultaneous spectacular.

  • stan

    We’ve apparently fed them well

  • glenn47

    Well DC is on their list, the Pentagon would be a real coup for them.

  • American Patriot

    You know, I would hate see any of our national landmarks damaged or destroyed, and people killed, but apparently that’s what it may take to wake up the brain dead lefties and low info types. 0bama is playing for keeps with American lives, and the sooner we realize that the more of us will live.

  • Looks like half the population of NYC and DC.


    Ann Coulter is absolutely correct…


    Knights Templar

  • Lulu

    And water treatment and mass transit facilities nationwide,.

  • Lulu

    Oh and the time they boarded the school bus in FL or entered the school in OK with no children in those schools

  • Lulu

    There is that the DC area is full of angry never going to assimilate muslim men and their hijab or burka c l ad chattel scamming the welfare system and acting suspiciously

  • Dingus chopper

    Our country is under attack . Get ready for it .

  • Lulu

    I don’t think that would help – this week I’ve seen non-stop calls for more muslim “refugees” all over FB by Democrats

  • tic…tic…BOOM

    The Pentagon METRO Station, not the Pentagon. You can’t just walk into the Pentagon.

  • tic…tic…BOOM

    See above. Read the article.

  • Lulu

    It’s the metro underneath, but I’m not sure what the rules are now, but the Pentagon had/has a bunch of stores and restaurants in it and the public used to be allowed in that level – I’m assuming since 9/11 it isn’t open to the public but who knows

  • Lulu

    I’ve been wondering the same – I had plans to go up to a large DC area mall this coming weekend for a long planned shopping trip with some family members and I decided that we didn’t need to go after Paris. And for the foreseeable future I plan to avoid the DC area attractions

  • Yabba_Dabba

    I am far more worried about the Muslims employed at the Pentagon… We are in this mile-high Jihad crap because Muslim liars, along with their Western abbetors, have been infiltrating our military, our intelligence, and our government apparatus for decades…

    The fruit of all of this non-stop Muslim infiltration, all their lying, their distorting, and their misdirection about Islam, now is on full display. Muslims are subverting and attacking now, from without and within.

    Muslims traitors must be purged from our government and their subversions rooted out if we ever dream of destryoing their Jihad.

  • AuntEster Fool

    Trump for President!

  • J valdes

    Any attacks within the USA in the future will be blamed on one person and only one person. Guess who? Hope he enjoys his legacy.

  • Susan Tutt

    I have never felt so unsafe in my own country in my whole life, which has been awhile!

  • wtd

    Albeit, these are dated reports, current circumstances may make it worth mentioning again.

    Back between 2004 and 2007 there were reports of suspicious characters with similar descriptions of those above scouting hospitals. ..(it’s not just migrants to worry about – long time residents have been working behind the scenes for several years)

    particularly veterans hospitals….

    as well as concern about similar characters attempting to gain access to hospitals under false pretenses:

    And several reports of breaches of security at hosptials…

    or the reports of suspicious activity involving ambulances

    Here is another link to an article [Last modified October 22, 2004, 01:10:16] regarding surplus emergency vehicles being sought by M.E. individuals in FL Attempts to buy vehicles raise suspicions:

  • cooker

    Obama’s homies.

  • Prosoldier

    Yeah, Bush!!

  • FW190

    Just looks like tourists to me.

  • FW190

    Dont be shy about naming names.

  • billablehours

    Nothing there…they’re just going to try-outs for the black Santa at The Pentagon Christmas (I mean holiday) parties.

  • Cracker

    If you have a CCW, pack your stuff everyday….

    TRUMP/CRUZ 2016

  • RKflorida

    You have that exactly right Yabba Dabba.

  • RKflorida

    More good news! It’s nearly impossible to get a concealed carry license in either Washington DC or NYC. And don’t that give you a nice warm and fuzzy feeling?

  • ljm4

    Dr Gorka mentioned that on FOX Kelly File. I bet they didn’t want all that said but hey, people who aren’t afraid of learning a few things already know to be aware and armed if allowed because of what BHO insisted be brought to American soil.

  • Cracker

    Well said.

  • darrell_b8

    Buy Gillette stock; insider tip; all the ‘bush faced rag heads’ are going to have to shave to ‘blend in’….

  • DH

    These types of characters are seen all over the streets on the Wahabi corridor of Leesburg Pike from 395 to Seven Corners. This is the same area of the Mosque of the two 911 hijackers. The Pentagon Metro is a very quiet stop with only the building and a parking lot above. Nobody gets off there unless it’s for a transfer to the Blue or Yellow lines. If these guys exited or entered the station they are suspicious. The parking lot has no civilian spaces and civilians aren’t allowed in the Pentagon.

  • StarTripper

    The high temperature on Sunday the 15th was 64 in Arlington (where the Pentagon is). Maybe they visited the 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon for inspiration.

  • derail Islam

    What if they actually work for us? Or, what if they are being tailed and someone is trying to get them to lead us to the major operation? Just sayin, maybe someone is already doing the job and let’s not assume that our patriot Muslim hunters are not already on it. On the other hand, they could be fresh in from the Mexican border and we should take them out.

  • 0hiojoe

    About now is when the libtards start hollering “That’s Profiling”
    I have meet a lot of Afghans, who quite obviously were fathered by some of the Russian Soldiers that were here over 30 years ago. Blonde haired/ blue eyed Afghans tend to stand out! I bet one of those guys could slip right through a checkpoint.

  • Goober_Pyle

    Sorry to pee on your parade but I truly think the fix is already in. Hillary will win by hook or by crook (meaning by crook).

  • Goober_Pyle

    How the HELL did they get into the Pentagon for God’s sake? Can anyone just stroll in? Disgraceful.

  • Mac in Texas

    Late in the game a full court press means you are serious! You need to get the ball back or your country back. Do you think Israel would still be a country if they didn’t profile for survival well we have to full court press or we are done.

  • bittman

    Maybe they were visiting there at the White House’s request.

  • Whoaboy

    Just middle school kids got off on the wrong stop, nothing to see here.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Well, these guys self-identify as widows and orphans so… that’s enough for Barack Obama who self-identifies as a straight male.

  • Mark

    In a better world these creeps would be found hanging from lamp posts after a stunt like that.

  • Thegoldman

    If they can blow-up congress…

    I say they get safe passage back to the Mid-East ! ! !

  • carrier pigeon

    Oh man… theyre scouting and testing for vulnerabilities. For those unfamiliar with Middle Easterners, the way they carry themselves tells the complete story. These are well-trained fighters. They have military experience and are merely doing some advance planning.

    Compare with Arabs who are basically really decent people–scroll to video In middle of article: “Paris attacks: Emotional survivor recounts shooting that killed his two sisters”

    Let’s do some easy math…

    In 2007 there were 5,000,000 Moslems in the United States. It is now almost a decade later, but let’s work with that number.

    Let’s say ONLY 10% are textual literalists (believing that the Koran was delivered, verbatim, directly from their god Allah to their prophet Mohammed, the “perfect man”), and the other 90% do not believe this, but still identify as Moslem.

    That extremely conservative analysis would mean there are 500,000 textual literalists in the United States.

    Now, let’s say ONLY 10% of those are jihadists–(i.e., Moslems who are textual literalists who also are willing to act on the Islamic commands by carrying out attacks against non-Moslems), while the other 90% do not accept Islamic jihad against non-Moslems, but still identify as Moslem.

    That still equals 50,000 Moslem jihadists in the United States, which is 1,000 Moslem jihadists PER STATE.

    Going further … Let’s suppose only 10% of those 50,000 Moslem jihadists are absolutely NOT willing to take the chance of going to hell for disobeying the Koran (and the other 90% of the jihadists also don’t want to go to hell, but are too afraid to act or have some other reason not to).

    That’s still 100 committed Moslem jihadi fighters PER STATE.

    Then let’s say the FBI can somehow identify and round up half of those 100 per state. What do we end up with? We have 50 committed jihadis PER STATE, willing and ready to “bring it” to the American “infidel.”

    Let’s say that of those 50 per state, “ready and willing to bring it” (and not caught by the FBI), half of them goof up and/or abandon their plans. Thats still 25 fighters per state, or EIGHT three-man jihad teams per state.

    Then finally, what if it turns out that only FOUR ready-to-go 3-man teams (half of the actual number ready and willing) are “successful” at launching? That’s FOUR TEAMS PER STATE, seeking target-rich zones for their jihad.

    Anybody concerned?

    Not Obama, apparently. He’s set on bringing another 200,000 Syrians (not Christian, not Yazidi) here. Doing the same math, one comes up with a significant number of Syrian fighters.

    Like the EU, it sounds like Bam has a plan… especially with all those military-grade weapons and hollow point bullets stored in unsecured facilities throughout the United States.

  • Bubba Gump

    I think we will see something in the form of coordinated attacks before the end of the month. It will be a series across the country and not necessarily concentrated in one area. To many of these perps are getting caught but they always have a backup plan. For every 1 they catch there are many more that walk. Your head better be on a swivel and do not go to places where it is crowded and gun free.

  • KeenVociferator

    Obama’s advisers trying to find the WH?

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    They just stroll around with impunity, thanks Ubongo!

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    They were probably on their way to a meeting at the White House.

  • tham

    First, thank the patriots who are beginning to leak vital info against the wishes of the Obama Regime. Second, the real attackers often shave the beards and try to look “western”. It’s almost like these four wanted to be noticed.

  • tham

    That’s what I think, they are scouts and testing security. The real attackers will do their best to look “western”. They will be clean shaven and dressed appropriately.

  • Americanpatriot2014

    yes, we should be afraid of women, children (they are training children as young as 3 to kill our children and of course men…….)

  • Teddi

    Nope – that was in past cycles with different environments. Right now, Americans are out to change what’s going on in DC and Hillary just represents DC as usual.

  • Nan

    Harder to spot if they dress appropriately.

  • Goober_Pyle

    That’s not what I said. I think the election will be fixed because Hillary is a crook with friends in high places.

  • Mike

    Just a little early for Obama’s right hand Iranian, Val Jazzeria’s gang bang.

  • Robert Storms

    4 Middle Eastern looking men with beards. Not exactly low profile looking…

  • Grim Fandango

    Calm down Transit Police, it was just Duck Dynasty touring the Whitehouse

  • Tom Lowe

    I wonder if Emily Miller is related to Judith Miller.

  • Tom Lowe

    These are all just fake scare stories, you numbskulls. You are being played by the media like a violin.

  • Tom Lowe

    And look who is doing the ‘reporting’ on all these fake incidents. Mainstream media, the world’s biggest liars and supporters of war crime.

  • Tom Lowe

    I’ll bet you are afraid of that mouse in the corner of the kitchen too.

  • Tom Lowe

    The zio ogre wanted these men noticed so that a fake scare story by Judith, er, Emily Miller coiuld be tweeted, publicized and circulated. Figure it out. It’s the usual ‘source cannot be named’ balderdash, which means it is BS.

  • Tom Lowe

    The US ISIS attacker Joshua Goldstein has already been caught.

    Is is not about time to get your head out?

    SITE is your domestic enemy and ISIS is their tool.

  • Tom Lowe

    Well, the cops found them to be every bit as safe as you.

  • Tom Lowe

    If they are Israelis then you can be sure that that will happen.

  • walcon

    So they just walk in and around for a long while before anyone notices- afterwords? Not really beefed up security is it?
    Just makes me wonder who is in charge of security and if they need to find another job?
    Or perhaps, this is a false scare tactic?

  • darlene

    There is so much we are not being told about , how about i list a few things … history looks like one big lie , science ( lancet head comes out and says they lied about studies ? ) , education system ( the universties in bed with big business ) , i could go on things like the death of hundreds of scientists and bankers ? How about this nugget of stinkyness … a twitter post 48 HOURS before the paris attacks listing the amounts of dead and injured ? That post was taken down by twitter because people were asking questions but not before got a screen shot , ty ss95 for that . So it is time for an awakening and i pass this on to do my part in this game , research is the ticket to our awakening , enjoy the reads and tc all . Be positive , listen to all , follow none .