Roseburg Official: Umpqua Shooting Hero Chris Mintz “Not Interested” in Meeting With Obama (VIDEO)

The residents of Roseburg do not want Obama to come to town on Friday to politicize the college shooting.

** 1,900 people have signed up to attend rally to protest Barack Obama on Friday.

Several residents spoke out against his visit to the community on Friday. One man told a FOX reporter something about Obama “kissing a sweet bippy!”

chris mintz 2

According to Douglas County Commissioner Chris Boice, the Umpqua College hero does not want to see Barack Obama. Chris Mintz, 30, was shot seven times after he jumped into action to save the lives of people in his classroom. He is recovering in the hospital. Chris is reluctant to see Barack Obama.

Chris Boice: I was fortunate enough to go in and visit with Chris Mintz and hear his story and what an amazing young man, just an extremely humble individual. And, when I mentioned to him that the president is coming he was not real excited about getting involved in the political part of this thing either, but humbled by the fact that the president of the United States would be interested in coming to visit him… My understanding is he hasn’t spoken with anyone from the White House yet and he’s not really interested in doing that. I’m not sure where that stands as off this minute.

Via The O’Reilly Factor:

More… You can still donate to Chris Mintz and his recovery at GoFundMe.

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  • tengallonhat

    Can’t wait till Friday to see Owowie’s face when he realizes none of the victims or families want to schmooze for the camera nor be his useful idiots.

  • Patty

    Sir, you made the right decision and in that decision you will recover faster. Our prayers will reach Him and His blessings will be bestowed upon You.

  • Patty

    Let us hope that the good people of Roseburg resist with everything
    they’ve got, with every fiber of their grieving hearts, the efforts of
    the Tyrant-In-Chief to exploit their sorrow and their pain.

    If small rebellions like these start occurring in greater numbers all
    across the country, they will add-up to an effective push-back against
    the Despots who seek to Enslave us. They will spur formerly silent Souls
    to action in the defense of Freedom and Ordered Liberty.

    We must rouse again that Spirit among Americans that was given life
    starting with the Stamp Act in 1765 and which slowly grew until our
    Ancestors achieved their Independence from the Tyrants who were
    attempting to deprive them of their God-Given Rights, Rights which we
    are now charged with preserving protecting, and defending.


  • Bubba Gump

    Pretty sure Bammy will import some long lost relatives of the families that they have never heard of and do not know. It is the ruse that counts and the media will play their part.

  • Patty
  • JohnSnow


  • Nash Montana

    This decision will make him recover in a jiffy now. God is watching.

  • Bubba Gump

    Well the media is already altering the story on Roseburg. Looks like the city council is extending their arms. Now it is up to the respective families to decide.

  • dave0987

    Well, they’re probably all just “typical bitter white people that cling to their guns and Bibles out there…you know how they are.”

  • Tori

    God Bless Chris Mintz. Thank you for your service Sir.

    Can’t wait to see how the media spins the unwelcome party for Obama. Roseburg will turn into the focus of heinous taunts and threats is my guess. Liberals are violent people.

    I hope I’m wrong, God Keep Roseburg Safe from Liberals.

  • olddog

    this could get ugly..the Choomer chimp will probably bus in a bunch of union Thugs and GROIDS from PORK-LAND..and the college towns. That’s the only place where the LIEberal (D)ung-Holes can survive..The rest of the state is pretty conservative..

  • Praxeaology

    Heroes and charlatans should not mix.

  • Tori

    We need to defund state colleges and universities, they are literally destroying us.

  • Charles Randall

    im a liberal, duh. errr, ah, guns
    are bad, training is too macho, ban all guns, knifes, bsebsll bats, and cars.

  • Patty


    Hilarious: Valerie Jarrett Gets Trolled On Gun Control
    Valerie Jarrett was running a Twitter forum asking for questions or
    solutions on stopping ‘gun violence’. Beer Wolf responded with an
    interesting suggestion.×434.png

  • fatback

    This man is a hero and should not be tainted by the likes of Obama. Tell him where to go and visit one of his muzzie friends or the clock boy or the shooters mother. They have things in common not this guy different cut of sails. Beat it with your BS……

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    I hope by the time Obama tries to force himself into his Hospital room for a photo op, I pray that Chris Mintz is strong enough to give Obama a Massive B~Slap!

  • tengallonhat

    After all, it IS political theatre.

  • Babyler

    And anyone who disagrees with you is a racist, bigot, homophobe …

  • dabbobean

    I bet Obama has kissed a lot of sweet bippy’s in his day.

  • Aaron1960

    The only reason Obama goes west coast is to attend fundraisers. He’s just using Oregon as an excuse.

  • will jones

    Don’t blame Mintz a bit. I wouldn’t want to be in the same room with obama either because I’m not like barry and I would tell barry what I think of him.

  • Anton Chigurh

    “…and cars.” LOLZ

  • frozeninbemidji

    You should show the whole segment, and show the part where O’Baxter says that obama is not there to politicize this in any way and is only there to comfort the families. O’Baxter is either the biggest moron alive or he believes his viewers are.

  • Anton Chigurh

    He didn’t do any “service”–stop acting retarded. He’s a man who acted like a man and helped people around him in an emergency–what any good man should and would do. He’s awesome, yes. But he didn’t do any “service”–like he’s in the military or something! Don’t say retarded stuff when you’re all excited dude.

  • Anton Chigurh

    The only comment this thing needs.

  • will jones

    so obama’s anti-gun rally will turn into an anti-obama rally. Got to love it.

  • Doc

    Don’t worry Obama won’t be attending your type of meetings. You can proceed.

  • Doc

    Obviously not working for the citizens of Roseburg…

  • B E Jackson

    I believe Tori was referring to Chris Mintz being in the US Army and served in Iraq. After being discharged this fine married man with a little son went back to college. He definitely deserves to be thanked for his service; likely Army training plus his own personal bravery is such that he had he courage to try to stop that killer.

  • Doc

    You wouldn’t say anything.

  • Doc

    Gun sales are up since Obama has been president. Good for business.

  • Charles Randall

    absolutely not. i still believe in discussion not name calling or personsl attacks.

  • Heather Osborne

    He is an Army Veteran and therefore was “in the service” u r the one being retarded right now..

  • ToxicOdor


    I thought this butthole of a “president” was going to be absent till we get to celebrate his last days of using the Constitution as bum wipe but he simply keeps amazing me at how low he will slump to aggrandize tragedy. Please Mr. Stalin Obama, leave these people be and go to another Hollywood fundraising event where people still think you’re relevant. Loser…

  • Democrats hate cops

    I can’t remember what state it was, maybe one of the Carolinas, but I recently read about a guy who was carrying illegally – I think this guy not only didn’t have a CHL or was in a bar or something, maybe he even had other legal impediments – but he is there and sees an armed robbery, he shoots the armed robber. The state law specifically exonerates a person for illegal carrying if they used their gun to stop a serious felony. I think every state should have something like this, even the federal government.

  • Jo Daniel

    If the families dont see him the media will make them out to be the worst of the worst tears or not.

  • tempo150101

    You have a chance to meet the President, of course you do as a sign of respect for the office. Now if Barry wants to make you as a prop for the TV cameras, I wouldn’t want any part of that. I would meet with Barry privately, though.

  • Cahal the Mad™

    Obama would just chastise him as a “racist”, “islamophobic”, and a “terrorist” for daring to stand up to the “misunderstood” Mercer, who was the “real victim”.

  • Carol Moore

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  • Carol Moore

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  • Goober_Pyle


  • Raymond Wardell

    Obama has along history of aggravating and race baiting. Our country is now more divided than the early sixties. Now we have a shooting and he says look guns are the problem. No the leadership in this country is the problem.

  • Calamity Jane

    “I just purchased themselves……”

    A good spammer would actually take the time to learn the English language and then master the art of proof reading.

    Gateway Pundit/Hoft……You have the power to eliminate these vermin.

  • Calamity Jane


  • guessed

    Maybe reasons that one can’t publically share on the Interwebs, if one doesn’t want an SS visit…

  • guessed

    Obama’s always very uncomfortable around people with actual bravery, merit, courage, morals, ethics, and other things he wouldn’t know if they bit him. That’s why when he gets around Prime Minister Netanyahu, General Petraus, or even a Cambridge police officer he gets really bristly.

    Because of this, he’s not likely to do much more than a short, private phone call and a long, snarky diatribe on camera lately where he’ll use this guy to push his bull shevick garbage cause whether this hero wants anything to do with it or not. Besides, if he actually let the guy talk in his presence, he may say things that don’t serve his agenda. Can’t have that, now, can we?

    No meeting. Just exploitation. The Obama way.

  • LiberalsSuck

    Buck Ofama!!! Respect my @z$!! Do you think the mooslum in chief has any respect for Mintz? Mintz is a hero, Barry is the enemy. Period.

  • Babyler

    I was being sarcastic …

  • LiberalsSuck

    Neither would you. You’d be too busy gagging on his appendage. Liberals do, indeed, suck.

  • Doc

    Look I don’t want to hear about your personal fantasies with the president. Keep that yourself.

  • Goober_Pyle

    The shooter was half black. Why is Obummer going? I’d understand if the guy was white.

  • ohio granny

    I would not meet this president. Some argue that if you have a chance to meet with the president you should out of respect for the office, not necessarily for the occupant. I have no respect for the office as long as it is occupied by someone as embarrassing and undignified as Obama.

  • The man is a true hero, so why would he want to meet a traitorous coward.

  • JimmaObama

    Get a clue barry……more people hate you then you could ever imagine….get a F’ing clue idiot

  • RainbowStew-N-A-SilverSpoon

    A replay of the 30 sec. video below would be perfect.

  • Gregor

    Good Lord, grow a pair. You sound like a squealing little weasel. If I found myself face to face with this filthy b&st&rd of a President I can guarantee I’d be gang tackled by Secret Service after getting in his face and telling him exactly how I feel.

    You would be great friends with John Boehner. You can all get together for a hugfest.

  • LIbtardian slayer

    Maybe he expects obama was going to tell him that ue acted stupidly.
    Obama is enamored with our enemies and thugs

  • Lee Jan

    So proud of those not afraid to speak their mind against the president.

  • Lee Jan

    As usual O will bring a full plane load of cheering, clapping seals to make him look good.

  • And if he didn’t show up, he’d be criticized for that, too.

  • geriwithag

    O’Reilly is such a fool. Proof at 1:36 of the clip.

  • getthemlibsout

    amen….right on…^5

  • olddog

    BLM, NAACP and NOI are in parading his 1/2 white-trash groid vaginal fluids before American citizens is certainly out side his agenda. Now Doc , back to the Baby Chop Shop thingy..It’s the “right thang to do”..”Forward” comrade (d)ufus.

  • Doc

    Lol. What is a groid? And why are you fantasizing about his body fluids? That’s nasty bro.

  • VeritasLibertatum

    Sign on the left says to the criminal “This building is a ripe target” while the sign on the right says to the criminal “You will NOT be leaving under your own power”

  • olddog

    that’s what gets you Bath House Barry buttboys attention..Now on your knees and worship the Choomer Chimp ..infidel.

  • olddog

    More (D)ung from a LIEberal Choomer Chimp guzzling Obagger (D)rone..

  • Doc

    Look leave your fantasies to yourself.

  • Doc

    Lol. So you’re a drone?

  • rafdelatorre

    What a hard slap in the face of the world’s biggest narcissist. Awesome. I do see a vicious IRS audit for these guys, sorry to say.

  • rafdelatorre

    You forgot golfing. It IS a weekend trip. But yeah he’ll rake in tons of fundraising $.

  • PrivilegedCracker

    No he was a white supremacist conservative Republican you must not have got the talking points from CNN. Notice there’s been no mention of the fact that he was on the terrorist watch list and had recently tried to go to Syria to fight with Oturds brothers.

  • olddog

    (D) a Phd in Stupidology??..You LIEberals sure are a bunch of Gullible (D)umb sho, fo sho…

  • PrivilegedCracker

    Amen I wouldn’t walk across a port a toilet to meet this a$$ clown some of you call Prez.

  • olddog

    Whoooa.. Don’t blame me for your need of (D)econfliction therapy. Heal thyself (D)em-wit..

  • PrivilegedCracker

    Oh they will ship a couple of Bus loads of Kool aid sipping dipsh$ts in to make it look like everybody in Oregon loves the big eared dipsh$t.

  • Doc

    But why did you get a PhD in that degree? Seems pretty dumb to me.

  • Doc

    I don’t need therapy. Your fantasies with the president aren’t therapeutic to me either lol.

  • olddog

    Well, you’re TOO STUPID TO BREATHE…Hell you have the intellect and comprehension of a GD Tree Stump..AT BEST..Now back to yo mommas basement HO..

  • Doc

    Why are you still living in your mothers basement? And why are you selling your body on the streets? You need to do better for yourself.

  • olddog

    Obviously you’re a (D)enier..stay away from children. A FOOL who claims this Choomer Chimp (D)erelict is a POTUS should just off themselves. Eliminates Mutant (D)NA and their Carbon Paw-Print thingys..WIN..WIN..for Mother Earth..Now there’s gun control You Can Believe In Punkin..

  • Doc

    Why do you believe in gun control? I believe all Americans should have guns. And why do you call yourself a monkey? That’s odd.

  • Chris Dennis

    His fundraising trip will now be on the taxpayers tab since this part will be deemed ‘official.’ And we all thought Slick Willie was slick, o’blamer’s got him beat.

  • rosetta_stoned

    You mean like when he didn’t show up after one of his muslim buddies gunned down five service members in Chattanooga back in July?

    You mean, like that?

  • 97E

    We Oregon III% will be there when Presidunce Boyfriend shows up. We’ll be armed, too and there’s nothing he can do about it, as per state law.

    So we’ll be clinging to our guns. Ayep!

  • olddog

    Wow..You’re (D)elirious…but keep trying buckwheat..BTW..I believe Americans should have guns ..PERIOD!!! for LIEberal (D)em-wits??..ZERO…

  • olddog

    You are one LAME LIEberal..even for an Obagger (D)one (D)erelict..

  • Doc

    So you don’t believe every American should have guns. I believe in every American having a gun Alfalfa.

  • Bloodnut The Flatulent

    You must have had a lot of help throughout your life. I mean, how does someone that can’t even breathe on their own make it this far?

    Hmm…. My tax dollars at work, I guess…

  • Doc

    You are pretty lame but why are you derelict? You need to improve yourself.

  • Doc

    Lol. I pay more in taxes in one year than your entire salary.

  • Bloodnut The Flatulent

    “I know you are, but what am I?”
    “I know you are, but what am I?”
    “I know you are, but what am I?”

    Aren’t you supposed to be in school?

  • Bloodnut The Flatulent

    And you know this….. How?

  • Torcer
  • Doc

    Because it’s true.

  • Doc

    I haven’t said those words. I’m done with school but if you want to be successful you should go to school.

  • Bloodnut The Flatulent

    Right. You go ahead and run with that. Let me know how that works for you.

  • Bloodnut The Flatulent

    It’s your attitude, fool. I’m so embarrassed that they even make ‘people’ like you. No wonder our country is spiraling down the toilet.


  • Doc

    It actually sucks. Wish I could pay less and will be voting for the candidate who allows me to do so.

  • Doc

    People like me pay for people like you to survive through our taxes.

  • Bloodnut The Flatulent

    Uh, no. I’m sorry, but you are incorrect. Try again.

  • Doc

    I’m correct. It’s part of being monetarily blessed.

  • lamb4usa

    I hope Obozo gets the message and doesn’t go to see these people. It’s obvious he is not very popular with these folks, but Obozo’s ego is so big he would not pass up a chance to chastise Congress about passing even more stupid gun laws. With over 5000 state and federal gun laws on the books I don’t know why the idiot democrats/commies keep trying to infringe on our Constitutional RIGHT to own as many guns as we want. I guess if they ever do find a way to disarm us this once great country will fall on the ash heap of history. They know that an armed populace is the only thing preventing them from tyranny and a ruling class.

  • Bloodnut The Flatulent

    But how do you know?

  • SurakV

    Where I used to teach, the brilliant faculty were pressuring the state legislature to make the campus a gun free zone. Maybe if the sign were REALLY BIG BIG BIG – then the terrorist would have chosen not to engage in jihad that day.

  • Doc

    Because it’s the truth.

  • olddog

    (D)ivert, (D)eflect and Project..Have yo momma splain it to you HO…

  • olddog

    (D)em-wits are not American..They ‘re (D)eniers in Pink (D)rag..BTW,.nice Burkha Mohammed.

  • olddog

    (D)em-wits are not Americans..PERIOD…

  • Doc

    So you’re not American then.

  • Doc

    So you wear a burka and pink drag? That’s an odd combo.

  • Doc

    Why do you continue to sell your body on the streets? Your mother shouldn’t be allowing that.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I wish one of those family members would put it on Obama in front of the nation. Give him a taste of his own medicine for all to see, live on television. Take him to task for his admission that he thinks dead people are something to do a political blood dance on before the bodies are even cold. Explain to him that decades and decades of “gun control” has served only to violate the rights of innocent people and force them be sitting ducks for crazy people to come shoot them dead unopposed.

    Carson dared have the courage to moderately oppose Obama while Obama was in the room and he jumped from surgery to a white house run.

    It is time to stop cowering before the usurper in chief. I will say that at least refusing to meet with him is a good start on the implication front, but continue to wish the courage of convictions will drive someone to stand up to this tyrant – and his phone and his pen.

  • Hy Feiber

    Who gives a damn about the media?

  • Mike in Illinois

    Kinda defeats the purpose of a permission slip itself, wouldn’t you say?

    The example you cite does exactly that, and for good reason! We don’t need and cannot constitutionally be compelled to beg for permission slips to exercise enumerated rights…..that is the point of enumerating rights in the first place – to stop government from claiming the power of permission.

    We don’t need a new law – we just need government to eliminate the laws that have no constitutional authority to be there in the first place.

    The 14th says clearly that no state can make or enforce any law that abridges the privileges and immunities of the Citizens. It is not arguable that the 14th was not directed perfectly and clearly at states that were ignoring freed slaves rights, from free speech to assembly to keeping and bearing arms to trials, to juries, to search and seizures and the like.

    State level “permits”, those permission slips, are flatly illegitimate in the first place. From the poll tax aspect of fees to the testing that rivals Bull Conner voting tests, they are illegitimate from the get go.

  • Mike in Illinois

    calling someone liberal has evolved into namecalling.
    Oh and if you are not into namecalling, you have a ways to go to get to being allowed into the liberal club. Or is it the communist club, or the democrat club, or is it the progressive club?

    Sheesh, they change their label faster than most people change their unders!

  • bobdog19006

    Gee, didn’t he have a legal duty to retreat or something…and put an end to all this (sniffle) senseless violence?

    And why couldn’t he run and hide like everybody else, like he was supposed to? Is he special or something?

    All he did was confuse the crime scene and make it impossible for the police to shoot the gun out of that guy’s hand.

    Just a matter of time before some crackpot goes berserk and bludgeons a bunch of school kids to death with one of those “Gun-Free Zone” signs.

  • Mike in Illinois

    If we would play it honest, I mean answering gun free zones in public places with an acceptance of responsibility for what happens as a result, both financially in civil law and criminally in criminal law, there is no amount of pressure that would appeal to the sensibilities of budget minders to take on such liability

    Want to ban guns? Fine, accept the responsibility for security then, and the results of failing to do so. Don;t want that responsibility? Fine, don’t assume it then by banning people from handling their own security and defense.

  • Mike in Illinois

    They will establish a gun free zone anywhere near where Zero will be, calling it a sensitive place as they do so.

    Armed assembly will force him to hide away, going in a back door somewhere, or they will transport the families elsewhere.

    Wherever you folks are, he will be elsewhere. They will not want to have and press confrontation on this point, so they will relocate you or them.

    I appreciate what you are doing. I’m a III%er too, right here in Obamaland (ha ha). Please understand though that Barry is pressing forward with this as he is in order to spin it – he blatantly claimed we should politicize this, setting up opposition to come oppose him, and he WILL try to play the victim. That is his game. He is trying to set you folks up – so DON’T take the bait. Keep it real. DO your thing. But do III% about it proper, please! Mind the plants, be ready for infiltrators.

    It is coming, so represent us fellow III%ers honorably! I stand with you! I will not comply.

  • Mike in Illinois

    There has to be some families who want to meet with him, or it would already be off the table.

  • Mike in Illinois

    That is what he wants… he can say how all the armed freaks came out to make it all about him, instead of the families. His speech is already written. His gameplan already set.

    Mark my words, the media story will be how Obama went there to comfort the families and all the gun nuts came out in force to politicize the deaths of these people that Obama just wanted to comfort.

    It is coming. Know that.

  • Mike in Illinois

    You remind me of the guy speaking for the Sierra Club yesterday. Asked a straight up question but refuse to answer, simply saying the same non answer over and over.

    Whats up with that, Doc? Why not just admit that not only you don’t know, but also that you can’t know.

    Why not just admit that is what you think?

  • Mike in Illinois

    How do you know that the one you are talking to isn’t just as blessed?

    Doc, Are you Warren, or Bill?

  • Doc


  • Doc

    I do know. I’ve answered any question presented to me.

  • js

    Doc is a blackliesmatter guy who says Roseburg is KKK.

  • Mike in Illinois

    No you didn’t Doc.
    You said something, then said it was true. But you haven’t yet explained why what you said is true.

    Why not just do so? Explain why it is true. Pretty simple ,right?

  • Mike in Illinois

    maybe not.

  • julianna63

    Or he will have “supporters” bussed in.

  • js

    No, he’s a blackliesmatter supporter who says we’re all racis KKK members.

  • julianna63

    What do you want to bet his team is digging for ANY dirt they can find on Mr. Mintz?

  • Doc


  • Doc

    What question would you like answered?

  • Mike in Illinois

    How is it that you know, what is the proof, that you pay more in taxes than the other person you were talking to makes in a year?

    Do you two personally know each other? Do you know that person, but they don’t know you?

    How do you know what you said is true? What evidence substantiates your claim? What makes your claim true?

  • Doc

    Because what I paid in taxes would put someone in the top 0.5% in salary in America. The guy above isn’t in that category.

  • Mike in Illinois

    some blackliesmatter folks have lots of loot…..regardless of their racist claims. None of that matters, not to the point I was asking about.

    I make no claims, one way or the other. I have taken no side but fact finding. I was just asking for what it is that supports the truth. That is what I do when I seek answers. I ask questions.

  • Mike in Illinois

    How do you know?

  • olddog

    LMAO…They paid me to eliminate comrade (D)ufus scum not do lunch with the (D)ung stick with the slime..They’ve got yo back..side.

  • Doc

    Because I paid my taxes last year.

  • Doc

    I don’t want you to have my back. I’m good. I carry b

  • noway2no

    Looks good for a guy shot seven times with two broken legs.

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  • Mike in Illinois

    Ok, so how do you know he isn’t in that category. And how do I know you are? ( I realize that is another question outside the ones I asked, but I just thought I would toss it in there)

    Do you even see what I did, or why I did it?

    Doc, you seriously expect me to believe you are among the richest people in the world? I am supposed to believe, upon a single declaration, that right now I am talking to among the richest people in the world…….when the thing that brought me into a conversation I was not a part of was such a petty, ridiculous back and forth?


    It might just be true that someone of my caliber, meaning someone who needs evidence of claims made to decide, requires a wee bit more evidence. it occurs to me that someone that wealthy would either say openly who they are (as they would be world known anyway) or they wouldn’t go there at all trying to be just a average joe.

    Something doesn’t fit there, Doc. At least to a average joe.

  • Doc

    I am an average Joe. I’m not even the richest person in my house. My wife makes more than me. I’m not rich by any means just blessed.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I think ya might have made a mistake there Doc.

  • Mike in Illinois

    OK, that demonstrates that you know what you paid, as you also know what you r making more wife paid…..but that does not address what the other person paid, made, or how you know.

    Please address those things too, not just what you know about about you.

  • dw_a_mom

    The meme totally ignores the fact that NO mass killer comes into a situation expecting to come out alive.

  • dw_a_mom

    Totally ignores the fact that these mass killers never expected to leave alive.

  • dw_a_mom

    A true hero. We’ve had a few lately. And, interestingly enough, none of them were armed.

  • dw_a_mom

    Except that isn’t really what he seems to have said. He considered himself honored by the idea, which suggests he doesn’t despise the man quite at the level posters here do. But he also needs to heal, and that requires peace. There is no way such a visit wouldn’t involve significant disruption.

  • US.Patriot1776

    Not Welcome in Umpqua: Armed Protest May Greet President’s Attempt to Exploit Tragedy

    In a little more than a day, more than 2,700 people have expressed an
    interest in attending the protest against President Obama’s attempt to
    exploit the tragedy during a Friday visit.

    Kit Lange, one of the organizers of the protest, expects that at least some of the protesters will be armed.

  • olddog

    Cool…then you’re not a LIEberal ..

  • Deez Nuts

    However, he does expect to ring up a body count and that can’t be done in an environment where simply brandishing the murder weapon would reward him with a body count of 1: himself.

  • Deez Nuts

    However, he does expect to ring up a body count and that can’t be done in an environment where simply brandishing the murder weapon would reward him with a body count of 1: himself.

  • JonathanSwifter

    The Founders return, and are astonished at modern attitudes toward guns and self

    “…The thieving youths bustling about the store entrance, however, seemed not to care about either the armed store owners or the rifle-wielding cops, and kept
    entering and leaving the store with bundles of appropriated goods.

    Then the police moved toward them.

    “I pray there’s no violence,” said Abigail Adams. “This is so unreal, and

    The officers moved past the youths—and up to the store owners, and pointed their
    guns at them. The owners dropped their weapons. The police handcuffed them,
    walked them into the rear seats of their cars, and drove away.

    and Ben Franklin were grim-faced.

    reporter saw their expressions, again surprised at the naivety.

    of guns by citizens is practically illegal in our cities,” she lectured,
    “unless you spend months filling out the paperwork. And powerful weapons like
    rifles are strictly verboten.”

    b—, but,” stammered Abigail. “They’re not the ones committing the crime.”

    course they are,” corrected the journalist. “And a far more serious crime.
    Possession of rifles is a felony, while taking a carton of milk or a case of
    beer is a misdemeanor at worst.” She moved off to speak with the camerawoman.

    Jefferson exclaimed, “This
    approach turns the law on its head!”

    Franklin stated: “Not even
    the right to bear arms, but the basic right to self-defense, is infringed upon

    “Infringed?” commented
    Abigail. “Destroyed!…”

  • Goober_Pyle

    Didn’t know that. Really true?? Damn.

  • Mike in Illinois

    A little birdy just told me a tidbit about a graphic making the rounds.
    It depicts Obama and talks about how when he was a state senator a bill came up that had the intent to changing the law so that 15 year old thugs who fired guns in and around schools would be prosecuted as adults for their little gang banging crimes. Rather than cast a vote to crack down on gun wielding criminals by voting Yes, Obama instead voted,….wait for it…..”Present”.

    The point of the graphic is for folks to “remind” Mr. Obama about his own voting record when he trots out his “we have to do something” politicization.
    Keep an eye out for it, Patty. I can’t say I recall that bill, but with his history of voting present, I am certainly not dismissing it out of hand. Seems Mr Obama is gonna have some answering to do for this one, online anyway……

  • Ken

    Good for him.Obama hates the military anyway and Mintz knows it.

  • Tejano___Chimbo

    ► Israel is a pain in the åss

  • Troy Lund

    He will never walk again… balls too big. Obama walks fine as that he is unencumbered.

  • Patty

    and those who use their weapon for good should never be charged. Just get a permit. It doesn’t take that long, yet, Obama has everyone going the hoops, it is worth having protection for you and your family.

    And of course those who truly need to be defended.

  • glenn47

    Good for him, he will be nothing but a prop for the narcissist speech.

  • glenn47

    We also remember the promise BO made when running for office. He told us he would not take our guns. Just another lie among many.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Had Scotus not chosen to ‘decide” Heller when it did, Obama would have already imposed a complete takeover of the right to keep and bear arms. That happening stumped him and his party, which is why SCOTUS did it when it did. They knew full well what Barry and democrats would do with 60 votes in the senate. They stopped him dead in his tracks on that front.

  • ibackamerica

    Mike, try this on.
    Up until 2008 roughly 2,200 gangbangers were prosecuted by the Feds in Cook County Chicago a year on gun crimes.

    Gangbangers went to jail for their crimes. Chicago was relatively safe. Then the murder rate drastically went up.

    What changed?

    Chicago got a new mayor and a new top cop.

    Policy changed from arrest and convict to catch and release. Guns were confiscated and the punk gangbanger walked away.

    That mayor was Obama butt buddy Rahm Emanual who by the way is anti 2nd Amendment.
    Because of there action, gun crime tripled and people including children died.

    By 2014 only 22 shootings were federally prosecuted.
    Over 600 dead that summer in Chicago.

    This information was put out by a Cook County States Attorney who left his job over policy but not before reporting their actions to Chicago AM radio.

    As you guessed,
    MSM did nothing and the story died.

    So much for Black Lives Matter, least not in gangbang Chicago.

    They just want their agenda. The means justifies their end.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Heller happened, tossing Chicago’s gin control into a tail spin. McDonald to follow made it double trouble. The fallout still has not settled, in part because of what democrats and the NRA together did – which was put code stricken down, EXACT code stricken down RIGHT back into law instantly after it was struck out of the code judicially.

    The cesspool up there has no intention of standing down the gun control and hundreds will die and thousands will be shot each and every year until they decide to drop it or it is destroyed from without. You bet they want their agenda – and they do not care who dies as a result, regardless of color or how many.

  • 0hiojoe

    Thank God a man of Chris’s stature was there and did what he could to protect the lives he did save. Things would have much worse had he not stood up to evil. Hope you get back on your feet soon.

  • MikeMarkCA

    Many places it is not as easy as that. Some cities run by liberals outright refuse to issue, or make it as hard as possible to meet the criteria.

  • VeritasLibertatum

    The number of mass killings is relatively small in comparison with the number of random killings that occur daily in the united states. In the time it takes for someone to perform a mass shooting there’s likely more dead from multiple single incidents.