P. Diddy Is Latest Rapper Fan of Donald Trump

trump p diddy
P. Diddy with Doanld and Melania Trump (People)

P. Diddy is the latest rapper to speak highly of Donald Trump.
The Hill reported:

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s list of friends who are famous rappers is growing: P. Diddy is the latest to count himself among them.

“Donald Trump is a friend of mine, and he works very hard,” the “Last Night” rapper and record label founder says in an interview published Friday in The Washington Post.

But Diddy (who was born Sean Combs) says Trump is just one good example of a high-profile businessman.

“Donald Trump is not the only person who is a model mogul. That doesn’t need to be, like, the only picture of what an American mogul looks like.”
Diddy isn’t the only entertainer Trump has in his friend zone. The former reality TV personality told “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon in an interview last month that he and Kanye West are practically buddies.

“Kanye has been so nice to me,” Trump said of West, who announced last month that he intended to make a White House in 2020.

Saying he knows the “Yeezus” rapper “a little bit” and calling him “a much better person than some people would think,” Trump added, “He always says great things about me, so I love Kanye.”

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  • Jim

    OK, Trump 2013.

  • ZZZzzzz

    Niiiice! Trump works VERY hard and so does P. Diddy, rapper, actor, record producer, and men’s fashion designer worth $700 million, both brilliant businessmen….can Snoop Dogg be far behind?? This election is looking better for Trump each day!


  • Dale

    I might vote for Trump just have his wife, Melania, as First Lady.

  • frozeninbemidji

    Off Topic – If true, this is absolutely huge. Apparently yesterday’s shooter was on a list of suspected islamic terrorists that the administration refused to accept from Russia. –

    Here’s the story on the administration’s decision – – “This SVR report notes that they were told by their CIA counterparts that all of these American intelligence agents were “appalled” by the obama regime’s refusal to accept from Russia a massive list of known/suspected islamic terrorists on the grounds that it was not “politically viable in the present atmosphere” to accept help from President Putin in protecting America and Europe from these islamic terrorists who are now entering these countries by the tens of thousands disguised as refugees.”

    (edit) links removed due to possible spyware on site. It’s called wounded american warrior if you want to chance it. Hopefully, if true, it breaks somewhere else.

  • ZZZzzzz

    This is really interesting…I heard about Obama refusing to accept a terror list from Russia a few weeks ago and then this?? Hmmm.

  • frozeninbemidji

    Somebody put the link up at another site. This is the first I’ve heard of it.

  • frozeninbemidji

    Somebody said there’s lots of spyware on that site. Nothing popped up on my security, but be warned I guess.

  • Bill Smith2

    Nobody is going to give a second thought to former lefties suddenly turning to a GOP candidate?!?! Really?? Will it take Barbara Streisand to endorse Trump before we realize maybe he’s not quite the conservative everyone is thinking he is?? Even Trump central, Breitbart, can’t characterize and title him as a conservative..

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  • angrybeyondreason

    Smart rapper.

  • Praxeology
  • Praxeology
  • Russel

    And the first web photo of him smiling. Socialists media constantly has him with a scowl, including Fox.

  • Chris

    That would explain the delay in the naming of the shooter. A few hours head start on the cover up I guess.

  • Praxeaology

    Mr. Trump should make sure he has Kanye’s and Kim Kardashian’s endorsement. That will be a beautiful day watching the CoC GOPe crumble in the face of Mr. Trump’s MTV endorsement that will take him over the top. I can see Bush, Rubio, et al and especially Karl Rove whining right now.

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  • c.chickenlittle

    Oohmigosh! Indies, Dems, blacks, Hispanics, celebs, conservatives, Tea Party, NRA support a Republican! Mass panic, head for the hills! We just can’t have that!/sarc, since you keep making this same comment. Your two, Cruz and Paul, don’t seem to be gaining traction.

  • GoTrump

    It’s great some of these guys can recognize his success, hard work, and strong business acumen. Trump’s amazing at strategy, marketing, timing and authenticity, all of which should make for a great President.

    He was masterful playing Jeb and Rubio this week. Trump pointed out some of Rubio’s weaknesses, Jeb swiped at Rubio, and mirrored the missing votes criticism. Trump says ‘these guys can’t stand each other’ so Jeb points out how closely they worked and that he led Rubio, Rubio sings Jeb’s praises. Neither one figured out he was playing them. Now, newbies who were buying Rubio’s I’m a young conservative upstart routine can see his establishment ties more clearly.

    Bonus points that the lawless one in the WH is likely seething every time a new celeb praises Trump. Fact is, they know him and like him. Just as millions of Americans who’ve watched him for years do.

  • ridgerunner

    An American loving Trump is far superior to a “bought and paid for” conservative. Even Ted Cruz. Sorry, Ted, you know I love you, but as the Godfather said, “business is business.”

  • Patty

    P Diddy,
    What a flying endorsement, now, Trump will win! sarc.

  • Patty
  • guest

    Go see latest on shooter in hell thread. ISIS claims responsibility.

  • ZZZzzzz

    47%?? Amazzzzing!

  • ZZZzzzz

    Wow…just wow. This is what frozeninbemidji brought up too. If this turns out to be true, B. Hussein should be arrested and thrown in Leavenworth to rot. No wonder it took so long to name the shooter, then they gave a bogus name out first, then they came up with Conservative Republican and the O doesn’t even bring up they were slaughtered after proclaiming their faith in Christianity. This should be investigated to the fullest!!

  • rosetta_stoned

    Exactly. I’m getting quite tired of the constant Trump cheerleading at GWP.

  • Bill Smith2

    Bought and paid for conservative?! What’s that??

  • ridgerunner

    You a new immigrant? Citizens know.

  • Bill Smith2

    The statement is open for interpretation.. I could take that a few different ways, which is why I asked..

  • freemkt

    Stoner, just as he regularly does, Jim’s pushing back against the false narrative and media spin. Trump is the leading Republican candidate by a mile, therefore more Republicans support him online than anyone else. It’s simple – if you
    can’t handle GP’s content, you don’t have to read it.

  • Meredith

    Pretty cool the teamsters and working joes are hearing him out.

  • meagan.donald

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