Donald Trump RIPS Jeb Bush After Staffer Exposed as Trump-Bashing Plant

Monday in New Hampshire a Jeb Bush staffer attacked Donald Trump during his appearance at the No Labels Conference.

The woman was planted in the audience to attack Trump.
Conservative Treehouse reported:

During an appearance at a Jon Huntsman “No Labels” event, a female audience member named Lauren Batchelder played the role of a female antagonist toward candidate Donald Trump.

However, Ms. Batchelder is not just an average audience member. She’s a paid political operative of the GOP and a paid staff member of Team Jeb Bush:

plant bush trump
lauren batchelor

Read the rest here.

Ms Batchelder has since taken down her Twitter account.

Today Trump ripped Jeb Bush for his clumsy and embarrassing hit job.

“Jeb always gets caught.”

How can he beat Russia and China?

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  • John Lawrence of the Cobra Kai

    Just plain sad, Jeb. Wow.

  • O’Brien’s Math Facts

    Big-head Jeb at it again.

  • dave0987

    Once again, Democrat Jebarico Bushito, acting like a Democrat.

  • formwiz

    And nobody will do it like The Donald.

  • avihawk

    The only way Jeb is getting into the White House…
    is after he signs the GUEST BOOK !!!

  • cavt

    This again tells us everything we need to know about the GOPe rino/Bush establishment. They are just like dem/prog. They will use any trick in the book to achieve power. Anything they say is a worthless lie as their ‘positions’ are only designed to get votes and quickly disappear after an election.

  • John

    Tie it to ROVE!
    Tie it to ROVE!

  • nodhimmi

    Yes, sick ’em Donald!

  • Donna

    LMAO jebbie what a clown.

    You are NOT presidential material

  • Jim

    Unlike Romney, Dole or McCain, Trump fights back. I like that.

  • Dirtt

    And the Bimbo is photographed with Marco Rubio…a RINO-in-training.

  • avihawk

    She’s wiping clean , her web history so fast..
    She could work on Hillary’s staff.
    #GOPe desperation

  • paulgilpin

    good one.
    don’t forget about all the irs hard drives.

  • Revelation

    Is there any wonder why Americans can’t stand these corrupt political elites and want an outsider to save our country? TRUMP 2016!

  • M. Black

    How bad is it when you have to fight your own party instead of focusing on the other.

  • johnnygeneric

    That pretty much did it in for me. If Trump or Cruz…MAYBE Carson is the Repub nominee, I’ll vote for one of them. Otherwise, US Senate or House, state Senate or House, I’ll be voting for the Libertarian candidate.

    The GOP has LOST ITS WAY.

  • Brett Favre

    Crap like this is why i will vote Trump 3rd party if it happens, this crap here voids the “No 3rd party” pledge

  • Gun Control

    If Trump doesn’t get the nomination I’m staying home. The rest are all the same. Gawd the country is so scrood!

  • paulgilpin

    the GOP has not LOST it’s way.
    they chose the path they are on.
    they are not lost.
    i choose a different path.

  • bicentennialguy

    This is incredibly pathetic. I expect this from Democrats and their mentally-challenged followers, but this is a new low for the GOP establishment. It’s also nice to see Jeb doing so much to elevate the Bush name. I wonder how his brother feels about dirty, underhanded tactics that help to lend credence to all the GWB bashing the country has had to endure for 15 years.

  • Trialdog

    Question: How does the Bush campaign know this wretched woman isn’t an Obamunist plant who’s been sent to spy on republican campaigns by some “progressive” front group?

  • paulgilpin

    it’s sic.

  • Kenneth W

    Bush Hillary what is the differences?


    I’m doing the same down ticket. On the POTUS bottom line is that it will be Trump or Bush. They will turn Cruz into Newt & Carson into Herman Cain. I’ll vote for whatever 3rd party whack job is next on the list as the country is finished if Jeb or Hildabeast win. They’re backed by the same donors see below.

    The GOPe has a plan:

  • paulgilpin

    we have a winner!!!!!
    great comment.
    the best.

  • Mark Traeger

    who made the decision to send a gop woman to ask trump a “lie” of a question that/who being a gop woman must know is/as a “lie”…just ask any conservative woman

    this is why conservatives are sophukin’pissed with the gop establishment…send your op’s to pepper liberals with ?’s they will never be asked by the so called msm…ya gd buncha’fools!

  • nadadhimmi

    Rubio is a disgusting little, lying, back stabbing, beta boy. Just like Conservatives dumped Charlie Christ, they now must dump Rubio for someone better. Less scum covered.

  • maria

    Read my lips!! This was a low blow by Jeb Bush, just shows what kind of President Bush would make…. Donald Trump has our vote!!

  • nadadhimmi

    Rubio is basically a cucked Miami Pool Boy. He’s SO easy to buy and control it’s ridiculous. Not Trump, Carson or Cruz. NOBODY controls Trump. And the GOPe hates Cruz and Dr. Carson too much for it to be an act.

  • Stink Finger Roulette

    She did it as an act of Love! She most likely has some amateur porn out there for the same reason.

  • Dale

    Make your mother proud, Jeb.

  • Patty

    Sorry, but this little twit has a great acting job someone in the recesses of her own mind. Join all the other clowns who have had (well, in her case 5 secs. of fame.)

    Jeb, Jeb, your are so predictable and frankly weird.

  • Stink Finger Roulette

    Juck Beb Fush- that slimy Cretan.

  • Gregor

    Not sure how you believe Cruz and Carson are with the establishment. It seems a little odd that you’re willing to trust Trump, who spent his entire life backing far left Dems, but you don’t support Cruz? Weird.

  • Stink Finger Roulette

    I haven’t seen such poor acting since the Manti Te’o interview.

  • johnnygeneric

    Uh….it’s the same thing, dufus.

  • pgroup

    “Jeb, YOU’RE FIRED!!!”

  • Mike

    We have our job cut out for us. We first have to purge the GOP of ALL the ruling establishment, purge the country of ALL criminal trespassers [easy if you cut off the benefit magnets], defeat the dems, purge the entire federal government of all the commie progressive plants in every department…

    Like eating an elephant, one bite at a time, task one is to primary challenge every RINO incumbent.

  • pgroup

    Maybe even the ones we like. Just so they can show their fighting spirit.

  • Mike

    Once the commie progressives fully assimilated the democrat party they turned their focus on the GOP and hence all the RINOs. There is an entire ruling elite who need to be exterminated from the political scene.

  • Mike

    Chairman Reince Priebus you’re FIRED. He heads the democrat lite ruling establishment and needs to be fired today.

  • fatback

    Jebito what a sad little POS of a man are you…. No soul no honesty and now planting liars… I pity guys like you… Your dad must cringe when he looks at you. Your are pathetic and probably your buddy Rove was in there with Frank Luntz to immediately follow up with a focus group and Meygan with tears in her eyes for the war on women. She must invite Debbie back over soon. Oh here comes kraut and Will chiming in. They are a big cabal of hacks and not even good liars.. Go away putos….

  • Carla Kaye

    With so many candidates running on the GOP side, it was bound to happen.

  • Carla Kaye

    Yes, they have lost their way by making bad choices. Trump 2016

  • JimmaObama

    Go to HELL jeb…….you POS loser……..

    Have fun losing more and more now……DB

  • darryl

    Staged entertainment for the masses

  • DontLie2Me

    I saw someone else today post about how if you vote for any of the others in the race you will be voting for Bush in the long run. Makes sense, the GOPe wants Bush in the worst way. What better way to set him up then to have 15 people run, each gets a few reps for the convention and then they throw them all to Bush at the convention. Once you understand that post you know that it means you either support Trump or you support Bush, no other choice is left. As for me, I will not even consider another bush.

  • darryl

    With today’s republicans who needs a democrat

  • Leo

    Guess what ? if you want to build a building in New York you have to grease the Democrat wheels. Part of doing business there.

  • Hy Feiber

    Seemed like a stupid little girl to me.

  • Hy Feiber

    Remember Mississippi! When the GOP used the Dems’ race playbook to screw over the true conservative, Chris McDaniel!

    There is 1 Party.


    At heart, 10 to 1 she’s a progstain.


    Trump, he who can’t be stumped.

  • Pathetic, Jeb.

  • parteagirl

    Rush called Jeb’s attack “juvenile”, a perfect description, and then added that Jeb would never pull this kind of thing on a Democrat opponent- only his own party. Trump is right- that is “sad.”

  • parteagirl calls it the “splitter” strategy.

  • gram56

    A plant made by a vegetable.

  • jakesdad

    {bows} we’re not worthy! we’re not worthy!

  • CKAinRedStateUSA

    This helps lend NO credence to the Bush 43 bashing since 2000.

    Jeb Bush is a separate person, something maybe you’ve missed.

  • ouch!

    Trump’s a fighter.
    Not the usual Republican squish.
    Imagine what his energy could/WILL do for America!

  • okie71

    Careful, Donald. The Bush family has no problem using a “mentally disturbed” friend of their family to take out anybody standing in their way of the Presidency.

  • constitutionalist4893

    SD at CT is awesome! Love that site

  • Mike in Illinois

    Yup, he bumbles as much as Steele did, maybe more.

  • wvcoalman

    Ur er huh er, ……..darn, I can’t think of any.

  • Danny Rench

    Then we all write Donald Trump in when we vote!

  • Thegoldman

    I love it…

    There bull crap keeps blowing up in there faces ! ! !

  • Teddi

    Jeb will say “it was an act of love to have her on my campaign, but she acted on her own accord and we’ve asked to resign from campaign involvement”.

    Then back to the drawing board on attacking Trump…

  • DadintheBurbs

    I see the Mac-n-Cheese liberal brat at UConn apologized. I say this little twit should do the same. Jeb Bush is pathetic!

  • BangZoom!

    Ouch. I would never vote for Jeb Bush but it is certain he or his campaign didn’t instruct that young woman to do what she did. He is toast and Ms Batchelder has I’m sure been drummed out of the aspiring young RINO’s club.

  • Democrats hate cops

    I don’t mind the campaigns trying to show each other up, but having this little tramp spout leftwing Dem talking points goes too far.

  • TJ

    I think that she raises a legitimate point.

    Because she is a female campaign staffer for Bush 2016, the Bush campaign has reported that she is in an unpaid position for the campaign.

    Maybe she doesn’t care about equal pay … Maybe she is looking for a different candidate that will pay a female at least something for their work.

  • Pro-Life Voice

    One has a penis. Question is which one?

  • wvcoalman

    Bawhahahaha, I wouldn’t venture a guess on that one.

  • 35 Whelen

    It backfired yesterday … and double backfired today. Trump handled the questions masterfully … short … concise … respectful … but blunt.

    And today comes the coup de grace.

    October 13th, the night, they drove ol’ Jebster down.

  • gen

    well she didn’t have a good job interview

  • JohnGaltKS

    Anyone who is paying attention knows this will lower Bush’s poll numbers and increase Trumps. The Republican Party is losing more friends everyday with this kind of sleazy crap. Why doesn’t he send her to a Hillary rally? Oh, yeah, RINOs are in agreement with most of the same policies as Democrats.

  • ProBono

    it will be YUUUUUUGE

  • ProBono

    should have listened to your mama JEB!

  • Bubba Gump

    If you can’t win fair and square, cheat. Wait isn’t that a DemocRAT theme? Jeb you rascally little rabbit. Got caught though.

  • Bubba Gump

    Let me give you a hint, None.

  • Bubba Gump


  • mcqueens2002

    If you must jump on someone, Jump on Jeb Bush. She only did what Jeb paid her to do. Do I agree with what she did, NOPE. It is a shame that Jeb has to stoop that low in hopes he can get elected. The only thing he did was make a bigger fool out of him self.