Austrian Town of 1,600 Drowns in Migrant Feces and Garbage (Video)

Nickelsdorf, Austria is drowning in migrant feces and garbage in unparalleled dimensions.
There is trash everywhere.
garbage migrants germany

The migrants leave their trash as they move through the area on their way to Germany.
german migrant garbage

Locals are faced with piles of trash and feces as the migrants move through town.
garbage migrants

Here is video of the migrant invasion outside Nickelsdorf, Austria.

Gates of Vienna wrote this on the suicide of Western culture:

“This destruction is being executed willfully, deliberately, and with malice aforethought. As Fjordman has often said: “This is the greatest organized betrayal in Western history.”

Vlad Tepes reported, translated from Unzen Suriert

When you dare to take a look at the border town of Nickelsdorf, population 1,600, you will literally be blown away: uncontrolled, illegal migrants wherever you look, and an orgy of garbage and feces of unparalleled dimensions.

As early as arriving at the railway station in Nickelsdorf one will notice crowds surrounding ‘Trafiks’ (slang for tobacconist). An astonishingly high number of immigrants – or migrants, want to pay with 500 Euro-bills. The Trafikant is obviously overwhelmed by this payment method, which seems to have been going on for a long while now. The customers are baffled for being rejected due to lack of change.

Everything completely filthy

Commuters of the 87 kilometers near Vienna Neustadt report, that in the until recently of hundreds of immigrants occupied Arena ‘Nova’, there also was an unusually massive burden and exposure of fecal matter, because these guests from foreign countries “went potty everywhere”. The supplied porta-potties were left “completely filthy” and unusable.

Many people in Nickelsdorf feel completely let dow by their government. “It’s like at the end of the war, back when the Wehrmacht surrendered the area east of Bruck on the Leitha to the Red Army and we were left completely defenseless at the mercy of the marauding Russians”, one man remembers the stories his grandparents told him.

Female assistants are “Christian whores”

One unsettled female voluntary helper tells that “we were continuously berated as Christian whores.” Others just don’t understand just what kinds of people were marching through the land completely uncontrolled and unregistered, with the blessing of the government: “There were the most strangest types, some way too tall Chinese, supposedly from Mongolia or similar areas, colored people in all shades – but hardy any Syrians.” The rumor that Hungary had used the chaos to empty out their prisons, is persistent.

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  • Mama Bear

    “Refugees” bringing a whole new meaning to “Euro-trash”.

  • CT Lindcetera

    That’s “Cultural Enrichment”. And this is just the beginning. Good luck, you’re going to need it.

  • 0hiojoe

    I see this same behavior all the time in Afghanistan, muslims are the foulest creatures on the face of the Earth. Dumpsters are filled to overflowing and trash surrounds the area. Orphans dig through the trash trying to find something to eat. And of course everyone just vacates their bowels where ever and when ever the urge hits. How anyone can call this civilization I’ll never understand.

  • American Patriot

    It boggles my mind that Europeans whose countries were destroyed by both the German and Soviet armies, allowed this to happen again. And at the hands of their own leaders no less!

    I say that knowing our “leaders” are doing the same to this country. What distresses me the most is the wanton disregard our (and their) politicians have for the borders, language, culture, and heritage of our (their) country (countries). Just pitiful.

  • ar05075

    islamists are animalsI…pigs to be exact, that’s why they don’t eat pork…!!

  • Webb

    Not refugees, not migrants. Islamic invaders, murderers, and conquerors. European suicide.

  • george orwell

    Europe asked for it, and now they’re getting it. Hope they’re happy.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Europeans are some really stupid individuals. They deserve EVERYTHING that is happening to them due to their sheeple like existence, anti-firearm laws, & their socialist governments…

  • Microaggressive

    Who asked for it? When you refer to Europe, who are you referring to?

  • bucketnutz

    NASA said they can see the trail of filth across Europe from space.

  • hoistthatrag

    Cloward-Piven meets Europe in a most offensive way.

  • hoistthatrag

    He’s referring to the countries allowing them in.

  • Tim jones


  • olddog

    Bingo..absolutely spot on, Cloward and Piven..(D)estruction (D)ysfunction by (D)em-wit (D)esign..”Forward” to “Hoax and Chains”..

  • olddog

    They wanted (D) ENJOY!!!

  • US.Patriot1776

    Now …it looks like home…or any town in the ME or any Crapistan country.

  • Nina

    Now they know how Arizona and Texas towns feel. Such a big deal over there but we are just supposed to accept it.

  • Patty

    I have to say, the diseases and the stench would kill you. I suppose this is slightly worse than what black lives matter did in Ferguson.

  • Granny

    These are not “migrants”. They are invaders. This is absolutely heartbreaking! When I lived in Germany it was so clean you could eat off the streets. Every Saturday morning the entire population turned out with mops and buckets to literally scrub the sidewalk.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    I guess you don’t need guns to take over Europe anymore. Because….too PC.

  • olddog

    Ther’s no debate..BLM is FAR WORSE..They should know better.

  • BC

    Your EU masters have plans for this “trash”.
    time for you to do something about it.
    remember Vlad

  • JY1
    Where are our world leaders and why are they not doing something to prevent this environmental disaster?

  • Infidel Knight

    Looks like the leftovers from a DNC or BLM rally to me..??

  • olddog

    Yep..or (D)estro-it, Watts, Balti-MORGUE ,Camden, Stank Louis..on and on..All the (D)em-wit UTOPIAN PIG PENS..

  • Nash Montana

    Thank you for taking this article, the translation of this article was done by me for Gates of Vienna blog. I really appreciate you picking it up. Thanks so much!!!

  • Infidel Knight

    Islam, the DNC, Occupy and BLM share far too many common traits, views and behaviors. This is just one small example.

  • Nash Montana

    Hey thank you so much for picking up this translation from Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes!!! I really appreciate it.

    I translated this article for GoV and vladtepes, the original article appeared at It’s good to know that others appreciate the hard work as well!

    Thank you!!!

  • olddog

    Absolutely agree..Totalitarian Control freaks “by Any means necessary”…In my 7 decades on this planet that’s considered a declaration of WAR…therefore it’s incumbent on WIN or DIE!!..THEY have left no other options..IMO.

  • Nash Montana

    I do a lot of translations for Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes blog. This is an original translation by me which has been picked up around the web.

    I really appreciate it when our hard work gets published on esteemed sites like the Gateway Pundit, so thank you very much, Jim!!!

    I would be more than happy to provide you with future translations, I work on them every single day! Even Sunday!

    Some of my ‘older’ translations includes the one where Merkel said ‘this is not my country anymore’, I believe you also published that video.

    I just recently translated the one about the guy that is auctioning off Merkel’s Conscience on Ebay.

  • Patty

    Not From The Onion: Moonbats Claim Transcranial Magnetic Brain Stimulation ‘Reduces Belief In God, Prejudice Toward Immigrants’

    Also will make you a believer in global warming and the return of flying unicorns.

  • Infidel Knight

    Agree, either we stand and fight or we’re gonna die.

  • Nash Montana

    Hello Jim!

    I’m very flattered that you picked up this story from Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes. This is an original translation done by me. I work every day on translations for those two blog sites and I’m always happy when esteemed sites like Gateway Pundit pick them up!

    So again, thank you!!!

  • Patty

    and on our borders:

    EXCLUSIVE: Arrest of Gulf Cartel Boss Triggers Chaos Near Texas Border

    Breitbart Texas traveled to the Mexican border cities
    of Reynosa and Matamoros to recruit citizen journalists willing to risk
    their lives and expose the cartels silencing their communities. The
    writers would face certain death at the hands of the Gulf Cartel if a
    pseudonym were not used. Breitbart Texas’ Cartel Chronicles are published in both English and in their original Spanish. This article was written by “JA Espinoza” from Matamoros.

  • Circa53

    The islamics are flooding into Amerika and just like Europe the citizens are letting it happen..

  • Circa53

    All afro pig pens..

  • olddog

    LOL..Groids just being Groids..very much aligned with the Mudslimer species..

  • Circa53

    Prevent it?..They Promote It..

  • Judas

    Looks very much like our southern boarder. I’ve always said this is nothing short of environmental terrorism.

  • jackb

    A bunch of pigs.

  • Doubleclik

    Yes Europe, soon you will not be able to tell the difference.

  • Barko_Polo

    This is what our needy “everything has to be PC–so no one will be OFFENDED” attitude has brought to our shores.
    “PC” is WEAK.
    No One RESPECTS “weakness”.

  • meangirl

    If people really are fed up, they should organize, rent buses and take this people to the houses of politicians responsible for it. Dump them there with tents and all.

  • meangirl

    Mostly men. Young men.

  • meangirl

    Europe population will soon have a majority of young men and not enough women.

  • darrell_b8

    “Hope and Change” European style….

  • Original Prankster

    Is there really a reason why we should care? The EU has been going down the sh1tter for years

  • nodhimmi

    This is all thanks to Angela Merkel, any decent freedom loving German should be angry and defiant at this betrayal-she was elected to serve the interests of the GERMAN people, and like our King O she rapes them!
    The Germans should band now and fight-in the spirit of the Valkyries-lest in 20 years, the country of Germany will be only a memory!

  • JY1
    Earlier this week, it was revealed that the EPA had taken delivery of machine guns and armored vehicles, in order to equip rapid response swat teams, because that is now part of their newly defined duties.
    And they quietly redefined their jurisdiction to be the entire planet, because the ecosystem is all connected and pollution on the other side of the planet affects air and water quality on this side of the planet.
    Certainly these muslim litter bugs are precisely the ultra violent polluters that the newly militarized EPA was created to handle.
    Why hasn’t the national media reported that the EPA rapid response team is already en-route to take care of this problem?

  • juandos

    If this was ever a lesson on being careful who one votes for – Merkel and cronies fit the bill perfectly…

  • DiMu

    Remember the parable of the swine full of devils galloping over the cliff. Is it to be the Muslims or the indigenous Europeans who plummet to destruction? The Muslims are already full of the evil of slavery, abuse of women and barbarism. The Europeans are full of the evil of stupidity and passivity in the face of fascist Merkel and her EU dictatorship.

  • Pa Bell

    Europeans are their own worst enemies. For decades, it has been fashionable to disdain American politics so they all have fallen prey to the New World Order/European Union blather. These invasions by fighting age, mostly male muslims, represents modern day Trojan horses on a grand scale for their countries. They have foolishly let in a crude, savage, unbathed multitude of murderous, cut throat barbarians that are raping their women, trashing everything in sight, and expending their resources, complaining all the way. Things will only get uglier and the future looks grim as their politicians are stumbling and tripping over each other as to how they can contain this Pandora’s Box that they have opened. Nothing would make the obamanoid happier than to unleash this madness on the American people, too.

  • Avspatti

    Let’s not get cocky! If we just sit here like sheep, our lovely country is going to look the same way. What about all those Syrians (?) Obama is bringing here?
    If you have seen pics of our southern border, it looks the same way.

  • anon

    time to dismantle the EU for once & for all….. any idiot thinking to ‘represent’ the people of any country is a deluded nut bag….

  • fatback

    when you let despot politicians do this to you your flat out stupid. Just like the GOP here they are committing political suicide right before your eyes for a handful of silver. They will never be reelcted and we have to form a 3rd party cause they are so stupid and allow a little boy king who is a marxist despot to do what he wants. We will fight them I suggest you do the same.

  • fatback

    this is not even the bad part Europe. It’s comming though. Hope you have good fire depts as they burn your cities.

  • J P Souza

    Surround the station with barbed wire and fire trucks hooked up to hydrants

  • J P Souza

    Socialist and feel good leadership allowed them in – we have some of the same A holes here in the USA!

    Senor Hussein is letting illegals in by the thousands

  • J P Souza

    in TEXAS, Arizona and Mexifornia we have mexi-trash

  • Nate

    This is what the dirt worshipers do in their own countries. They don’t respect Borders, why would they respect littering laws? Fallujah and Ramadi had mountains of garbage in streets. It’s just who they are. And they won’t eat pork for it being “unclean animal”

  • andreabeth7

    Merkel has a conscience?

  • Circa53

    The moozlums flooding into Europe getting all the news, While it has already happened here..

  • The leftists who encourage and cause Europe’s suicide.

  • s. cupcake

    thanks jews for destroying europe.

  • Robert Ratzell

    so disgusting ……. very few women and children ……………..

  • haypa2

    All that trash!! They have been given too much if there is that much discarded. When the migrants come through the town should lock up tighter than a drum; the heck with some profit from sales.

  • Fergus O’Byrne

    A friend of mine a while ago came & got me, we went for a nice scenic drive. He had a Pakistani guy with him. Along the way, we stopped in a little town & got fish & chips, and a drink.
    My friend finished his food, scrunched up the wrapper, and threw it at my feet. (he was driving). I finished my food, scrunched up the wrapper, and threw it at my feet. The Paki guy finished his food, and before we realised, wound down his window & threw all the garbage out into the countryside. Didn’t even bother scrunching it up.
    That’s what they are like. They just couldn’t care less about anything. That filthy pig was lucky to survive. We’re no puritans, just ordinary Aussie Semi-Bogans.

  • Fergus O’Byrne

    ‘Had’. Somebody got .99c for it.

  • Fergus O’Byrne

    Maybe they just don’t eat Pork because Pigs don’t allow themselves to be fucked by filthy Moslems… I don’t know.

  • Fergus O’Byrne

    Pigs aren’t unclean. They just won’t allow themselves to be fucked by moslems, who ARE unclean.

  • Hagen of Tronje

    Nobody can hold us down. White men are about to set it off!

  • Aryan Beauty

    What will it take for Europe to rise up and defend herself? A biologic attack the likes of which history has never seen–another “Black Death” caused by the filth and disease pouring in? When the liberal Christians have all fed themselves to these “lions,” will we be then left with a racial European remnant capable of taking their lives, their history, and their posterity back from the brink of death. filth, disease, and chaos? If we cannot then we should just walk into the feces and trash-strewn sea and collectively drown in it, for we have only seen just the tip of the ice berg of the third world dregs that are on the way and millions will simply die for want of the long gone productive, welfare-paying European. The first “Black Death” of Europe will be nothing in comparison to the second one that is rapidly coming.

  • hank

    A fatal dose of tolerance & inclusiveness

  • 0hiojoe

    They just leave everything up to the will of alah.

  • mac carrol

    I don’t travel to third world dirt holes. I don’t travel to war torn regions. I don’t travel to violent messes. I guess Europe is off of my travel destinations.

  • mac carrol

    I saw that too. But that was 1968, before the immigrant problem was conceived.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Yeah, it wasn’t the people.
    Merkel is going to hang.
    I can just see it.
    What a traitor to her people.

  • mac carrol

    I wouldn’t call them Trojan horses. I think they are more like the bubonic plague.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Look at that sour puss on Merkel’s face.
    She’s gonna swing, that traitor.
    Time for old fashioned German justice.

  • mac carrol

    That was a speech! Not your usual pablum that your hear from most filthy lying politicians

  • Goober_Pyle

    Yeah right. It’s the JEWS fault. Idiot.

  • Oliver Felts

    Sweden for one.

  • Microaggressive

    I guess I can blame every Jew for the acts of elite Jews


  • 12banjo

    Good for Hungary. I hope it’s the case! Idiotic Teutonics.

  • 12banjo

    Probably the moronic, educated civil servant elitists who so despised Pax Americana. I. don’t see a single cowboy hat in the crowd of savages…

  • 12banjo

    Haw! Good one.

  • Mannie

    And they’re going to ask us to rescue them like we did three times in the past. Euronate on them. What’s in it for us?

  • Mannie

    The people elected them. We have to suffer because we allowed the Zerobaba Regime to be elected. Let them pay for their folly.

  • Mannie

    That’s why I call it The Turd World.

  • John

    Just like rabid stray dogs… Every place they go, they destroy. Every place becomes a toilet, except for toilets.
    They “May” enter a public restroom, but they won’t use a toilet, no they crap in the corner (or maybe the trash can – lucky, if you are the sanitation engineer).

  • 0hiojoe

    I need to find a job back home and get the he!! out of here, it is really starting to wear on me!

  • johnmcv

    And the good part is yet to come.

  • Johnny Thorne

    Hitler would have met the hordes with machine guns.

  • Johnny Thorne

    Payback to Germany for the holocaust.

  • If you have vermin infesting your property that last thing you want to do is feed them.

  • reshas1

    Europe is insane!

  • reshas1

    Please! Don’t be stupid! It’s the leaders not the people!

  • olddog

    Well GWP..the gd (d)isqus socialist filters are on the choomer chimps purple (d)rank crack..Again..

  • Kurt Smith

    seems a lot of Austrians are pretty shocked by this. Guess
    they don’t have a lot of Democrat fundraisers and environmental awareness rallies
    over there like we’re so blessed with here. The filth depicted in these pics is
    just the usual leftovers. And you’ll get used to the smell, too.

  • Rayne

    Who elected them?

  • Josef

    F*** these people.

  • hoistthatrag

    Thousands….maybe millions….will die due to the actions of these traitors to their own countries.

  • That’s the point.

    The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan – The Genocide of the Peoples of Europe

    ‘During his speech, Mr Van Rompuy described the unification of Europe as a peace project. This idea, which was also the objective of the work of Coudenhove-Kalergi, after 90 years is still important. The award bears the name of Count Richard Nicolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972), philosopher, diplomat, publisher and founder of the Pan-European Movement (1923). Coudenhove-Kalergi was the pioneer of European integration and popularized the idea of a federal Europe with his work.

    Among the winners of the award, the Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel (2010) and the President of Latvia Vaira Vike-Freiberga (2006), are included.’

    It’s also the point in America, replace the population.

  • Bill the Cat

    But…. but… it’s all worth it because European culture will now be much more diverse!

    Euro-Pee-On is now a three word contraction 🙂

  • Mike

    How dumb has Europe become so as to not recognize they are being invaded and a genocide will take place under the guise of a Caliphate?

    Muslims are so low on the evolutionary scale as to fully qualify as a completely different and highly inferior sub-species.

  • Nash Montana
  • Nash Montana

    Ooooh Mama Merkel is NOT amused at your photoshop!

  • harriet

    could;t happen to a better deserving nation of nazis

  • harriet


    I am sure you never needed that excuse


  • harriet

    of course it is the people

  • custom by crunch

    The people asked for it by the leaders they elected…. same here by electing Barry twice (not my fault, I held my nose and voted McCain and Romney), the difference is we have guns and the Europeans don’t.

  • Guessed

    Looks like an Occupy rally, Democrat convention, or ‘Million’ ‘Man’ March to me. Same evil, same players, same results, just Satan changing the names sometimes to try to re-brand his ancient evil….

  • maclll

    Just watching the video clip provided here i this article, one can see that very few of these so called migrants are women and children. The vast majority are young males.
    The gates are open and the Trojan Horse is just waltzing in.

  • nadadhimmi

    My thoughts exactly. Even Germany couldn’t produce a Hitler. It took Austria. Their women will be raped to death, their sons enslaved and themselves have their throats slit.

  • Pa Bell

    I can’t argue with that. The Trojan Horse was used under somewhat different circumstances, according to the tale. The muslim invasion of Europe is definitely more in line with an outbreak of the plague, for sure. It should have a similar effect, too, if not way worse!!!!

  • Microaggressive

    You think there’s any choice in Europe.

    You probably believe America still has a two party system as well

  • Microaggressive

    Muslim-Jewish Leadership Council

    look it up

  • Microaggressive

    So why does the same thing happen in Australia, Canada and the USA at the same time?

  • harriet

    lots of gnashing of teeth

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Hitler should have settled with just ejecting the ‘sneaky Jew’ nation destroyers from Germany and stopping at just recovering the territory lost in WW1. Had he done so, he’d still have statues in his likeness in every town square.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    I had the same experience with a Syrian-born Armenian. The world is their dumpster. Neither the MoozLame nor the African are wired for Western Civilization.

  • LibertyBill_1776

    The governments of the (semi) sovereign states of Europe should be VERY careful about what it is they want…they are liable to get it GOOD AND HARD!!!

  • Merk Fisher

    Mooozloid satanists. Effn ridiculous. Go fight for your own people and quit bringing that devil worshiping bs to Christians

  • Truth-Hurts

    Not really..If you think about it, why do you think most of them are trying to get to Germany? Germans and Muslims have one major thing in common. Hitler would have welcomed them with open arms and put them right to work trying to accomplish their mutual goal. Which is???? Anyone????

  • IndyRage

    The fecal matter you see by the invaders is also what you have done to yourselves, EU. fix it. Turn the boats back, don’t let them land, vet each invader – they are young males. Don’t allow your media to only show the few families that are coming. This is a hoax, these people have money, look in the mirror – NOW

  • barbara

    And just look at the picture…. not a woman or child in sight. I hope most of these men have their asylum claims denied. But they are showing their true colors by all the garbage and total disregard they have for the countries that they hope will accept them. Disgraceful.

  • every single one of them has to be rounded up and put in prison camps to await deportation
    any european govt that does not do that is run by traitors
    any failure to do this will result in massive bloodletting as an end result
    but maybe that is the globalist plan

  • TimeHasCome

    This all belongs to Merkel and her insane comments.

  • snapperman

    For a start grab 100 or so invaders and put them to work cleaning up the mess…and send every “migrant” home, at gunpoint if need be.

  • Murphy’s Mom

    Families with children? Not. Young men of fighting age? Ungrateful, slovenly, abusive. More like an invading army than “refugees” needing help and assistance.

  • ManHunited

    How horrible. Unskilled human locust that don’t even speak the language. What an unwelcomed sight.

  • Murphy’s Mom

    Keeping the scourge out of our nation. That is, if we’re not already fighting an invading army of islam ourselves. History repeats itself, those who do not remember it are doomed to repeat it.

  • FL_Stingray

    Not problem… they are just trying to make it look and smell like home

  • Reader11722

    They are coming to America next. Endless illegals, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.

    They violate the 1st Amendment by banning books like “America Deceived III”.

    They violate the 2nd Amendment by banning guns.

    Both parties are lawless.

    Last link of “America Deceived III” before it is completely banned:

    TRUMP 2016 – stop the tide.

  • Murphy’s Mom

    Whatever the cost is, shipping them, by force if necessary, back to their own countries, is cheaper in the long run.

  • Murphy’s Mom

    She sucked on the political correctness teat for far too long and now her country is going to bear the consequences.

  • Duke Sweden

    An American entrepreneur would have taken the 500 euro bills and given 3 euros change.

  • Murphy’s Mom

    His ego wouldn’t let him do that. Kind of like the ego of the worthless one currently occupying the White House. Mental depravity is a terrible thing.

  • Murphy’s Mom

    And notice how obammy wants so desperately to disarm America.

  • nikki

    Coming to an American town near you! What could go wrong……

  • Charles Baldwin

    The real crimes are the infertility and abortion rate of white European women that is causing the worldwide demographic disaster (though modern medicine contributes by lowering the infant and child mortality rates among people generally incapable of looking out for themselves and their children – a bizarre Darwinian twist) combined with idiotic socialism (called the Democratic Party in the US) that steals from the hard working and gives to everyone else and attracts these third world masses like excrement attracts flies. .

  • Murphy’s Mom

    And yet the politically correct still don’t see it. How stupid is mankind. We’re about to find out how much moxy the German population has against this invasion. It won’t be Merkel who fights for her country.

  • lenny2012

    Immigrants are obviously doing what Europeans do not want to do there.

  • TAG

    and because this was tolerated, massive waves of larger numbers will certainly follow…

  • ProgressivesRMentallyUnstable

    Filthy parasites

  • Bolt Upright

    Move them to Merica. The Choom gang leader takes any brown human in Merica.

  • creeper

    Get out of there, joe. Yesterday.

  • Hal2011

    Beware. If Paul Ryan becomes speaker you can count on a Merkel repeat

  • MK Smith

    Fight liberalism! Trump 2016.

  • Fred762

    The Obola Admin had done the same for the USA. We have our troops spread all over the world..[in 155 countries] while the US borders are left essentially open. You should see S TX and AZ..they are beginning to look like Austrian pix. It is an invasion and the admin has done nothing to stop it and really has aided it. They are flying “military age men” all across the USA w/o even a shred of ID or tickets. You tried flying lately?? It is near doomsday brought to us by the democrat party elite in their gated compounds.

  • JJ_Chester

    The oceans won’t protect us from this. Obama will fly as many as he can into the us and settle them in red states.

  • JJ_Chester

    You can take the girl out f East Germany, but you can’t take East Germany out of the girl!

  • DrJ3ckyll

    One must beg to question why muslim refugees are going to Europe and not one of the wealthy muslim countries. Very telling.

  • T C

    Looks like Dearborn Michigan. Where Sharia law resides over the constitution, and McDonalds sells halal meat. Coming to your city!

  • beansandrice

    3! Count the gun party, too!

  • Too bad the Europeans are gun free.

  • Bolt Upright

    …it’s part of the plan to spread the luv….

  • Massgopguy

    Looks like it’s going to take someone named “Vlad” to save Europe again.

  • Murphy’s Mom

    Political Correctness must be eliminated. Those who understand that, and understand that the political elite in the U.S. are serving themselves instead of their constituents and their nation, are voting for Trump. I wonder how many democrats are keeping silent about their intentions to vote for Trump.

  • Bolt Upright

    Choom gang leader already has

  • creeper

    Obastard’s suit is hanging on him like a feed sack. The man is sick.

  • Fip1

    Sad stuff. Traveled in Austria and admired how clean it was along with the beautiful scenery. Take back your country folks. The whole Western world better be prepared to do so.

  • Jen Magnus

    A total invasion sanctioned by the weak minded leftist elites. Government snipers are the solution along with a willing patriotic leader.

  • Rosarita

    No, the wars in the middle east caused this outpouring of refugees. Everyone on this thread would also flee if they were faced with the horrors of war. It could just as easily be us. The problem is, where will they go? There are too many, that is the problem. But they will continue to flee their countries into Europe as long as their homes are made unlivable by war. A solution has to be found.

  • mllyjul

    They ought to rub Angela Merkel’s face in it! Then the Catholic bishops and then anyone else who wants to throw open the floodgates to the muslim invaders.

  • Dave

    Who says they don’t remember. The more people that they can usher into the “Gimme” class, the more votes they have to keep themselves in power.

  • Ranger_Ric

    They need to start marching these muslim vermin into gas chambers before their country is overrun by the filth and violence that is Islam!

  • dirk gently

    No, Hitler would have turned them away.

    While the Muslims also despise the Jews, so did the Slavs, and the Slavs had no place in Nazi Germany, so what makes you think the Muslims would?

    Nazism’s social aspects were about a return to traditional European values, not Muslim values.

  • Professor Farnsworth

    Organize a human fence of patriots and meet the vermin head on. FIGHT FOR YOUR COUNTRY GERMANY!!

  • hhbjhb

    lunacy prevails in liberal land – merkel and Obama need to be tried for crimes against their homeland

  • Fourth Reich

    In the past, invaders had to fight their way in. Now they get bussed in. Western civilization is doomed if it doesn’t even deem itself worthy of defending.

  • RichardTater3

    Inside every muslim is a jihadist dying to get out and kill infidels.

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    Is it not an irony that Adolf rationalized his Nazi expansion on the need for lebensraum (living space) but present-day Germany apparently has space enough to import millions of Muslims? Paraphrasing the Christian test phrase, “WWHS?”

  • ouch!

    Watching Europe closely.
    Hungary’s fences work!
    Marine LePen speaks truth to Hollande and Merkel and it resonates.

    Nickelsdorf photos show visible filth.
    But, what about the INVISIBLE Radical Islamic idealogical/violent filth?

    Donald Trump is right about building a wall to protect us.
    Americans know it.
    (Even Chris Wallace is coming around to see the light)

    I want my country back.
    NO more freeloaders, illegals, and terrorists.

    Trump 2016.

  • EEDDGGY1776

    And the invaders didn’t even need to build a Trojan Horse.

  • creeper

    If that’s the case, where are the women and children?

  • Bolt Upright

    …fence …..pfsst….a door gunner in a Huey is more fun…

  • rs1123

    Makes no sense that so many ‘migrants’ are able-bodied young men – not women with children, old people, but able-bodied young men who could pose a serious threat to the host country if someone flips the switch. Any leader there who is allowing these people in should be deposed and imprisoned for acts against their country.

  • Bolt Upright

    …spreading the luv…

  • Tori

    Gee? Those photos of those “migrants” look like an army of young men in civilian clothes.

  • dirk gently

    He recognized that the Soviet Union (Russia hijacked by a small cabal of Jews) constituted an existential threat. Even Winston Churchill did (which is why WC preferred that the liberation of Europe start as far EAST as possible (Greece), using Egypt as the staging area, rather than starting in the West (France) and working eastward.

    But FDR’s closest associate, Morgenthau, was a Jew, and recognized the Soviet Union for what it was …a Jewish project, and confinced FDR to go along with Stalin’s demand that the western allies stay out of eastern europe.

    It was because of the crypto-Communist Morgenthau that FDR adopted a “defeat Germany first” policy, even though Germany never attacked us… thereby protecting the Soviet Union (although, as a practical matter, this was saving the Russians from suffering heavier losses more than their Jewish overlords).

  • Davis

    We are witnessing the beginning of the end of Western Civilization…..Coming soon to America!

  • gavinwca

    When you allow an invasion of garbage people you get a town / country controlled and covered by garbage , occupied by garbage people. Amazing that Europe is committing suicide right before our eyes “like the Americans are doing with southern invaders.

  • boola oblabla

    If ever there were a need for a WMD…

  • Tori

    Unless we get rid of the beta males in office and fight.

  • JackP32

    Hitler would never had tolerated this invasion of non-Aryans into Germany. His million man army of Brown Shirts would have met them at the border with devastating consequences for the invaders.

  • dirk gently

    They should all be swinging from lamp posts.
    And thus be the subject of memorable photographs which will be famous for generations as a message to future would-be traitors.

  • rs1123

    Why don’t they care enough about their own country, their own people, their own culture to say NO to this? They are basically ending their countries as they have existed for ages. Maybe it’s part of the ‘fundamental transformation’ our Muslim Obama spoke of.

  • Andy_Beatgozon

    They could have stopped in Turkey. No, instead they moved on to White Christian nations where the goodies are endless.

    National suicide is a sad thing to watch. The Muslims will conquer Europe without firing a shot.

  • dirk gently

    it’s NOT civilization.

  • Davis

    Political Correctness is also destroying America… we have already reached the point where people are afraid to speak their mind!

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Maybe Hitler was a closet leftist.

    ‘Better to prevail–than be right’ ~Adolf Merkel

  • rs1123

    Is there not enough toom in the MIddle East to give these people a place to start a new place to live where they and their own can live in their chosen culture and faith? No, they’ve got to crowd out others entirely and I guess if someone is opposed that makes them a ‘xenophobe’.

  • JackP32

    Mega dittos to that observation.

  • rs1123

    If I lived in Germany I would be making a royal stink over this and trying to get as many others as possible to join me. The Occupy movement here would look like a Cub Scout weenie roast by comparison.

  • TahoeGuy

    Muslims are pigs.

  • Rose Rights

    We’ve already been invaded by 40 million hispanics. Our political system has already been permanently compromised by the cheating, lying left, and condoned by the worthless right. Our culture is already downgraded and suffering because of it. Our cities, states, and the feds are already struggling to pay for the continuous birthing of their anchor babies- every child means more bucks, so you see them cheating honest taxpayers daily with 5 kids and one on the way. It’s revolting, and I want them kicked out and left on the other side of our borders for their countries to pay for… Next will be an invasion of Muslims, unless it is nipped in the bud now. When are we standing up to this treasonous White House?

  • dirk gently

    Most of the smart Europeans immigrated to the USA decades ago.

  • rs1123

    For all the horrible things Hitler did, he did them however misguidedly in the name of strengthening his country, not just letting it be dissolved.

  • HARP2

    Filthy vermin.

  • dirk gently

    They foolishly thought that they would be in charge of the NWO. Now they’re finding out that the boot is to be on their neck, too.

  • 1Mojo_Risin9

    Bring out the scoops, turn’em into dog food!

  • lhjhbkjhbk

    yeah for hitler fckmerkel – oh and fcknazis , fascists and liberals and socialists and moslyms too – viva germany

  • dirk gently

    I have a mental list of specific places in and around Dearborn, MI which, when the time comes, will be destroyed by whatever means are available.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    And New York City Jews, no less.

    Read some of the very informed posts at this article: The Diary of Ann Coulter, by Jim Goad. Jim is on my top five list lately.

  • AndrewInterrupted
  • Bo Jiden

    It’s a crisis for liberals: should they condemn the environmental mess, or welcome the threat to Christianity?

    Eh, they’ll just invent some way to blame The Right and pat themselves on the back.

  • Yu So Wong

    The Hills are Alive!!!! With the sound of Muslims stampeding in to replace the foolish liberal European population.

  • scot

    Just thank liberals.

  • William

    I’ll give it a shot…ahhh Alex, what is “total annihilation of the Jews!!! “

  • Julian Fries

    What Europeans see as charity, these muslims see as their due. In the eyes of islam, everyone else is kafir, the lowest of the low, those who live in servitude to muslims.

    Get your heads screwed on straight about these people, Europe. They are dangerous and they are here to subjugate and replace you. You had better fight before you lose your culture.

  • Ol’Dad

    Being of German & Scottish descent…just like Marty McFly, I am worried in some strange way, the migration is affecting my past? Any other people have a sickening feeling about Europe on a personal level.

  • TheRMSDave

    I wonder how long it will take these stilted European nations to figure out that they do have national interests in what happens in the middle east? Welcome to flower power foreign policy; Hippies like President Obama and Hillary have joined the secular humanists in Europe and are leaving their mark on history before our very eyes.

  • Ol’Dad

    ….I feel like a tree with its deepest roots being cut

  • billy7720

    Nasty. No wonder people around the world don’t want them! No respect for themselves whatsoever!

  • TheRMSDave

    Perhap Obama could organize a peace rally and float soy candles down the Potomac.

  • AineFravashi

    The explanation for the preponderance of single young males is that they are chosen from their families to serve as anchors in the new culture. Once they have their papers and are registered, they are then allowed to bring their families into the country, their mothers, wives, children, sisters and brothers, etc. The young males are chosen to migrate because their chances of success are highest in the family.

    Obama’s ill-planned and incompetent attempt to oust Assad whilst arming ISIL is to blame for much of this crisis. It is only natural that Obama would want to import at least 200,000 into the US, and Tennessee and Michigan will be some of the first “anchor states.” (Dearborn is already established, thus easy for them to assimilate within.) Once they have their papers, they can bring in their families, so the ultimate number of Muslim refugees in America will be much higher than 200K, maybe closer to a million new refugees. .

  • TheRMSDave

    I’m under the impression that it’s not something Muslim men care about.

  • JEng

    do you mean the Crusades?

  • William Wallace

    Look to the White House for the cause of this destruction of the Middle East. Iraq. Libya and now Syria.
    The blame for this is Obama and the State Department

  • L. Wm. Roberts

    I guess they forgot that old European adage… ‘thick castle walls keep the vermin out’

  • JXBC. ‘

    Coming to Obama’s America soon.

  • 0hiojoe

    obungle sure thinks they are!

  • permalink

    Coming to a town near you…


    For years the Chamber of Commerce, large factory farms and the other GOP money men have been paying Boehner, McConnell, Graham, McCain and most importantly the Bush family to support blanket and unlimited amnesty. These groups want to drive down American wage levels to that prevailing in the third world; they don’t care how much disease, drugs, gangs and terrorists come along.
    The GOP Leadership DOES NOT care either. They are perfectly willing to betray their country as long as they are paid enough.

  • CllearanceClarence

    Stupid liberals.

  • Karen Flinders

    can you now please explain why so many of the Syrian invaders, oops, refugees, are not from Syria?

  • disqus_btTcd0iJJQ

    So much for assimilation, those barbaric people don’t even believe in Climate Change, at least import people who buy into the $h!t you’re trying to sell to your citizens.

  • disqus_X5CE5XwQcX

    The Austrians must be going CRAZY. They and the Germans are orderly, clean and neat people. To have their countries turned into cesspools and garbage dumps, not to mention what the ‘refugee” male population is doing to their women, has got to be riling up those old germanic genes. This situation is not going to end well, I’m afraid.

  • FrRabbit

    After two world wars and the Cold War now they give us this. They don’t deserve the right to govern themselves.

  • 0hiojoe

    To bad obungle has gotten our Country so screwed up for finding a decent paying job!

  • ngilardo

    Europe….you F##up….now you are toast.!!!

  • MrEBT

    Mostly military age men. All cowards for running away from saving their own country and now will engage in the only fighting the Muslim man knows – Sneak attacks on defensiveness civilians.

  • LogicalMadman

    I’m afraid the beginning of the end started some time ago. This is probably the middle of the end.

  • jerrys

    Every muslim is a foot soldier for islam. Like wasps they all know their duty to deceive and destroy the countries they infect. They have been trained from birth that islam will destroy all other cultures. Today the Western welfare is like a giant magnet drawing them to our countries to reproduce like roaches till they overcome by sheer numbers.

  • U8B8

    all of these people need to go to Kennebunkport Maine, and Crawford TX

  • Thad Armstrong

    Europe didn’t “ask for it”. The West is being betrayed by it’s so called leaders.

  • ✓Rex Manning

    That looks like fu&%ing Jacob Marley!

  • ✓Rex Manning

    What are you talking about? Hitlers only ally was Islam.

  • Jonathan Miller

    40 acres, a mule, and slave eunuchs just like in the pre-civilized eras…

  • susandanielspi

    The muslims are, in fact, the very pigs they refuse to eat.

  • Judeth

    TX has enough invaders, send their dirty azz to DC

  • U8B8

    do you know who is behind all this multiculturalism, and enrichment

    google searches can lead you there

  • john4637

    If the Europeans feel as though they are actually being invaded and do not call up their military to defend them, forcing the migrants back to the middle east where they belong then, live with it.

  • U8B8

    Hungary..confirmed non cuck

  • Jonathan Miller

    You really are quite ignorant of history. Hitler was allied with millions of Muslims and he and the Grand Mufti were huge friends…Turkey was a Nazi Ally.

  • john4637

    If so then they know who to hang by their necks, but I don’t see any activity along those lines. I thought all these nations had standing armies, oh well, goodbye Europe!

  • maddyswatch

    It is the change the New World Order has instigated. It is a world-wide betrayal by our so-called leaders. All for corporate gain in the form of cheap labor preceded by confusion and new found poverty for the Caucasian race.

  • tanstagcopc

    No need to ship them back. Turn off the $$$ and they will “self-deport” and/or stop coming.

    It’s the welfare and benefits that are drawing most of those who are coming.

    True war refugees don’t head for the economic powerhouses, just the closest safe harbor that’s not engulfed in war.

    Funny how Saudi Arabia is not taking any of their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters in, isn’t it?

  • rightside100

    Notice the MSM coverage of the invasion focuses on the cute handful of babies? No mention of the trash or crimes such as the 1,400% increase in rapes in Sweeden. Mass gang rapes in Britain, sexual assaults on kids going to school in Germany, threats to neighbors next to shelters in Italy and murders in France by recent immigrants. All over Europe the people are in an uproar and just yesterday the Swiss elected a conservative anti immigrant government. Very hard to find much coverage here on the invasion.

  • Rosarita

    You mean George W. Bush who waged an unnecessary war on Iraq, opening the door for all the unrest we see today. Obama was not in agreement with that war.

  • junior

    They leave behind tents?

  • Wayne Petersen

    Wrong! Hitler partnered up with the muslims. Look it up.

  • rightside100

    You don’t read about the response by the ordinary folks here. My friend just got back from Germany and entire country up in arms. Never in over 40 years of traveling there has she see anything like this.

  • john4637

    As of Sunday Oct.19th Obama has already secretly move close to 2,000 Syrian migrants into Jersey City, N.J.. So it begins, now the reason for the democrat push for gun control become much clearer in my mind.

  • Thad Armstrong

    The mass media abandoned the truth along time ago. It’s the main reason the West is fading away IMHO.

  • Dj

    The media called the anti-immigrant demonstrations ‘virulent’.

    Would they ever refer to an illegal immigrant rally as virulent?

  • guest

    What I don’t understand is how she thinks she will make it out of this–just how long are these hundreds of thousands of mainly young men that are religiously brainwashed to hate and own women going to allow a woman leader in their new land? Is she that stupid?

  • Rosarita

    The destabilization of the middle east began with Bush’s invasion of Iraq and continues with the US inability to broker a peaceful solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict.

  • bonni

    Guess so.. probably used only once.. goes to show what their needs are.. not food or shelter.. – give me freebies and watch me take over?

  • rightside100

    The assaults on cops by immigrants is documented in Europe and ignored here.

  • bonni

    un armed society is much easier to control

  • maddyswatch

    The problem is that Merkel and her cronies have recently passed so much anti-hate legislation that it is now impossible to voice your opinion without being arrested. The German government has also passed laws regarding the confiscation of real estate and are in the process of evicting Germans from their homes using laws similar to eminent domain except that over there it is for the sake of the migrants who have no place to live. So it will be real Germans freezing on the streets this coming Winter and not the migrants.

  • john4637

    Just stopped my planning to take a European river cruise in 2016, I can’t imagine how bad is will be in another 6-12 months. And they are arriving here in N.J. already.

  • bonni

    Media – probably not allowed to report it.. Like black on white crimes

  • elizabeth greeley

    But we are also getting it!! Just open your eyes, please.

  • tanstagcopc

    “Everyone on this thread would also flee if they were faced with the horrors of war.”

    Flee to safety, yes.

    Not to the economic powerhouse of Germany, but someplace closer that was peaceful.

    How many countries are these people going through to get to Germany???

  • bonni

    Their war is over – send them back..

  • john4637

    Exactly! But this is not Australia where they surrendered their weapons. I think an attempt to disarm over 30 million citizens here will be a very interesting activity to watch!

  • rightside100

    The left wing European press is railing against those that dare criticize their government’s response. Will lead to a huge right wing shift in Europe as the people are enraged with what is going on.

  • Ben Pupin

    Muslims are stupid raping animals, you can’t expect them to behave like human beings and clean up after themselves because they’re not. They are monstrous gangraping thieving stupid animals who are dumb enough to believe that pedophile bitch muhammed and his lies.

  • bonni

    Trickle affect – no ammo – no weapons… stock up

  • John Campbell

    This looks like a stage is being set and it’s not a pretty one. Something stinks here and it’s not just these “immigrants”. I’ve got a very bad feeling the Europe is about to explode.

  • Hawkdriver1961

    It’s an invasion. These are not refugees. Question is why has the political class turned on their citizens and are committing suicide. How many pieces of silver are they getting for this betrayal?

  • Thad Armstrong

    Goodbye Western culture (aka white folks) is more like it….

  • rightside100

    Right to bear arms was not a constitutional right there, reason for their ability to allow it.

  • maddyswatch

    B.S. You have obviously not been watching the news on Al Jazeera (they are the only network that shows lots of unedited video). You can plainly see the Oriental men putting on masks and sunglasses as they approach the borders. You can plainly see all the Black Africans who are now taking boats to Turkey and Greece in order to join in this flux into Europe. Very few are actual Syrians. Some are Iraqi and there were even some from Iran, who openly admitted to the Al Jazeera reporter that they were from Iran, btw. WAY too many young men traveling solo. Why are they not fighting for their own country….or maybe they are….hmmmmm.

  • John Campbell

    But the problem is the European version of “right wing” is not the same as the U.S. Nor is the history.

  • tanstagcopc

    W did not start the situation in Libya. I seem to recall a certain woman Sec of State who was supposedly in control of the faction that took Qaddafi out. You might remember her. She’s been trying to become president since the 1990’s back when her husband was in office.

    And W did not send weapons through Ambassador Stevens directly into al-Qaeda’s hands (or are they calling them ISIS this week)…

  • Leslie Alexander

    Dear God, please give us Trump. He is the only one I trust to at least try to keep this insanity away from us.

  • rightside100

    Like here the politicians who dare speak out are attacked by liberal press and labeled racists. Politicians only care about the headlines they read over breakfast.

  • john4637

    This is the Muslim version of a Crusade. They will never stop, never surrender, they intend to rule the planet with no one of other religions allowed to exist. If Christians do not accept this reality then they are all doomed!

  • maddyswatch

    And do not forget the head of our State Department, Hillary, in her part in all this miasma.

  • Saffa Coza

    It is time America is split into two countries, those that accept and fall for the zionist controlled Marxist Inevitable Brown Future and then those that prefer true diversity, culture, heritage, traditions, religious freedom etc. etc.

  • rightside100

    The right wing of Europe was pro gun control and pro socialism, the movement now is pro capitalism and anti illegal immigration.

  • Thad Armstrong

    from my Apple dictionary:
    virulent |ˈvir(y)ələnt|
    1 (of a disease or poison) extremely severe or harmful in its effects.
    • (of a pathogen, esp. a virus) highly infective.
    2 bitterly hostile: a virulent attack on liberalism.

    see #2 lol

  • Jonathan Miller

    Yeah, that’s stupid. How many thousands of years have they been fighting in the Middle East? They were fighting before the Jews were promised the Land of Canaan. They still fight today.

  • Look

    That’s basically what the desert looks likes from the swarms of illegal aliens that have invaded the United States, but that’s been censored by the liberal MSM for obvious reasons.

  • john4637

    That was on them, if they were as upset as they claim they should have stood against the oppression. There were millions of them stand and present a firm front.

  • rightside100

    The liberals will never face that reality as it flies in the face of their views.

  • Elwood

    Blame the leftist politicians in charge, because they love this – their endless quest for power in the wake of chaos continues. Apparently Austria, like the current U.S. regime of Obama, will not secure its borders or enforce its own laws. Oh, but what do the politicians care how their citizenry are hurt, as long as they get to golf and retire in Hawaii, right Mr. Obama, and Aust. Chancellor Faymann?

  • rightside100

    Gun owners are overwhelmingly law abiding folks.

  • firefly9091

    The US government is 100% percent responsible for the invasion of Europe with their blood thirsty imperial crusade for oil, and creating I$I$. Shame on the leaders of Europe for not standing up for their citizens.

    Here’s how Germany feels about it….2 minutes.

  • John Campbell

    I have serious doubt that the former and the latter are much different and if this keeps going on I’m fearful that history will repeat. When a people only know there choices are between which flavor of socialist dictatorship they prefer I see no way for this to come out any other way. Eventually someone has to pay the bill and this has already gone beyond mere money.

  • whittierte

    Anyone still left who doesn’t believe this is an assault on white/Christian/ Western civilization (any combination)? Here in the US, Obama is “fundamentally” changing this country destroying as much of white/Christian/ Western influence/history as he can? ISIS tears down religious artifacts… Obama rewriting/ignoring/eliminating as much of our history/culture as he can. It will take decades to remove all the anti US mostly self loathing white leftists buried in every department of government hired by Obama and his destructive crew.

  • rightside100

    Funny I have no problem with Israel existing and most liberal left wing Jews hate that country.

  • CmonMann

    Seems the progressives have trained the “refugees” – those are the same images of NYC after Occupy Wall Street….so this is Occupy Europe?

  • Obamaroid_Ointment

    Don’t feed them & they won’t be dropping turds all over the place, just a suggestion.

  • maddyswatch

    Isil has already invaded the USA numerous times, coming across the Mexican border. The government of Mexico knows that Isil has training camps in Mexico and that they are hatching plots against the USA and does nothing. Every trade agreement we have with that corrupt country should be torn up and flushed down the toilet and all the “American” business with factories there should be banned from importing into the USA post haste. The FBI has actually managed to catch a few of these Isil idiots but how many more have made it through into the USA? No one knows. Hopefully, these so-called terrorists will prove to be susceptible to the good life we live in the USA and will end up wanting to live here in peace. They will then secretly assimilate as I suspect quite a few have already done.

  • bonni

    Israel represents Christianity.. and liberals don’t

  • Heather Bender

    And the Europeans sit back and let it happen. 70 years after losing World War 2 and they retain the whipped pup mentality. Hopefully eastern Europe will abandon the EU and join Putin’s camp. Russia is not being invaded.

  • John Campbell

    Shameful effort to insert your white supremacist garbage. Sieg Heil much?

  • U8B8

    at least two…four would be better…there is gonna be a bloody battle when partition happens on this continent..but it needs to happen, is gonna is inevitable

  • john4637

    Time to hammer our Senators and Congressmen demanding that Obama stop his insane, leftist program of allowing all illegal immigrants entry into the USA, along with his subversive program to import un-vetted Syrian and other Middle Eastern Muslims into the nation without knowledge of who and what they are. Just the appearance of so many military aged males entering European countries is quite suspicious to my minds eye!

  • maddyswatch

    Except that there are no borders in Europe and most of these migrants speak English, so where do you think they are really going to head for in the Spring? Merry Ol’ England. The French and English are already barricading the Chunnel but the migrants are still getting through. It is a mess at all the channel crossings, whether by rail, vehicle or ship.

  • U8B8

    Trump is getting more and more popular

  • bonni


  • maddyswatch

    New World Order (with the Babenburgers at the head)

  • U8B8

    constant white guilt propaganda has worked well

  • Same thing is happening in our open border with MEXICO. Or are you people blind to your own country?

  • rightside100

    That the left has changed immigration policies and demands diversity in immigrants rather than setting standards for new immigrants and demanding they be self sufficient is racist? Sorry, they state proudly they want less white people in this country.

  • Chris Dees

    Indeed. Persia changed it’s name to Iran in 1935 because one of its former kings had an inscription on a monument that said šāhān šāh aryān or King of kings and King of Aryan. Hitler considered Iranian Persians to be a noble, pure race. Which is what the root of the Sanskrit word Arya meant.

  • Look

    “This destruction is being executed willfully, deliberately, and with malice aforethought. This is the greatest organized betrayal in Western history.”

    *Don’t worry, they just want to pick lettuce.

  • John K.

    Time for Europe to wake up, face down their leaders and stop this madness. I keep wondering how long before we see a military coup in Germany or France or Italy? Poor Europa and it is treason. Peace

  • rightside100

    No. See popularity of Trump campaign, without border crisis he would haven’t gained traction. No other candidate is as frank about the situation.

  • Elwood

    The socialist democRats that run almost everything in the Germany, Austria, France and other European countries. Leftist politicians use chaos to gain power, so not only have they ask for this, they actually view it as an opportunity to further subjugate their citizenry.

  • U8B8

    hahahaa…you are kidding right..the jewish religion says Jesus is being boiled in excrement for being apostate

    a jewish nation is no friend of a christian nation…like there are any ..the USA certainly isn’t

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Austria, You have only yourselves to blame…

  • Invasion of DIrt

    So now you see what you get with uninvited “guests”….. we know it all too well in America.

  • rightside100

    They will be labeled racist by the media, same thing which is happening in Europe now to its politicians. The Swiss press is outraged over the anti immigration win yesterday and is already labeling the winning Party xenophobes and racist. Non stop hammering of the new government to follow.

  • U8B8

    what are you… a white inferiorist…every race considers their race they should…

  • John Campbell

    So this mental midget found that doing this while driving down the road was, ………… what? Safer? Where he could not be heard in a public forum live? Another idiot who comes up with this kind of garbage for YouTube who thinks no one will notice?

    Notice how this idiot thinks the U.S. got a drop of oil from Iraq. So who is really feeding these lies?

    Moreover, who are you and why would you promote it?

  • spoonman_red

    Yes they are, however the us is not trailing that far either.

  • dschwarpa

    Where are the pretzel bakers when you need them? (Reference to the Siege of Vienna by the Ottoman Turks, when the bakers heard them digging tunnels under the city walls and alerted the soldiers. )

  • IceStar


    Turkey should turn the Muslims back at their border.

    Greece should turn the boats back.

    I would not let one Muslim set foot on European land.

    This is a full on invasion, not calling it such does not change that fact.

    Stop this now or understand that Islam will control Europe.

  • John Campbell

    I consider no race superior. Why would you?

  • Bisley

    Unless the people overthrow the European and national governments that are allowing this (and the US and Canadian governments are no better), Europe (and North America) will be destroyed. Moslem culture and religion are not compatible with western civilization.

    These people must be driven back to their own areas of the world to resolve their problems, not permitted to bring their destructive culture to other countries and undermine their societies while living at the public’s expense. Cut off the dole and deport these people — they can’t be helped until they reform their own culture and religion (and then they won’t need help). Moslem countries are poor, violent and unstable for a reason — mostly their religion and customs.

  • Elwood

    They DON’T care – that is their nature. To the socialist-democRats in power, people
    are just numbers to be subjugated and used to gain power, and borders are just
    chips in a poker game they play with our labors and our futures. What do they care as long as they get to play golf and retire to a tropical island?

  • Kurward Derby

    The wages of socialism.

  • firefly9091

    Get over your ignorance, you hopeless idiot. Turn off CNN.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    All six OPEC nations have taken in exactly=ZERO. Some nations of which are only a couple hundred miles away.

    That speaks Islam-As-Invasion pretty clear. Trump will be seeing to it that MoozLame “refugees” go to Muslim countries.

  • rightside100

    Seem so he bought into the big lie. Russia is bombing Syria and has been for years through Assad. ISIL is Obama’s fault however as he refused to aid Iraq as he assured them in agreements we would when they invaded. He want d to use the JV team to topple Maliki and underestimated them despite every Dept in his administration warning him not to.

  • Liars and Hypocrites

    Every leader of every country in favor of this “open border invasion of their country” policy – until you all leave the doors to your personal homes open and dismiss your security teams – shut the f*** up about open borders and secure the g.d. borders now!

  • dschwarpa

    It is clear to see that these people “so called refugees” have no respect for their host countries. If they are paying with $500 E bills, that should be enough to turn them around and send them back.

  • U8B8

    because of the evidence….stone cathedrals versus mudhuts, scientists versus witch doctors…and so on

  • FrRabbit

    This is true. They really do intend to destroy western and Christian civilization. Don’t ever think it is not true.

  • John Campbell

    I don’t demand “diversity”. I demand allegiance and proper assimilation into the culture. If one immigrates to another location then do so for what is already there, not to subvert it.

  • rightside100

    European press more left wing than ours and it causes the politicians to be very hesitant in dealing with the crisis.

  • John K.

    Here is my prediction for what it is worth:
    1. The EU will be too cowardly to stop the migrants fleeing to them and unwilling to deport those now in their countries;
    2. Civil unrest will become the norm as an increasingly bold Islamic minority demands ‘rights’ which will not only drive people to extreme nationalist groups but lead to a state of sporadic civil war;
    3. As the Islamists gain more power the people will expect the US to help but Dear Leader will plead non-intervention and the Constitution (while smiling);
    4. Finally, Russia, unwilling to have Islamists on its doorstep and with Europ[s’ resources, will intervene militarily, being greeted as liberators;
    5. Obama (or his successor) will huff and puff about Russian invasion and threaten war but who knows?? Peace- I pray

  • epv33

    This is what we are converting to, except at a lower speed.

  • Chris Dees

    Hitler was the head of the German National Socialist Party (Nazi). He was only called a Right Wing Fascist because he used German nationalism, but Socialism has always been considered Left Wing in America. See, in Europe Left and Right wings in Europe BOTH involve huge bloated government and soft tyranny. In America the Left Wing looks like Europe, but the Right Wing is supposed to be lesser/small government, but too few Americans (people in general) will accept the responsibility that comes with the freedom of a small government, so we’ve lost our small government and our freedom.

  • IceStar


    If they are Shia send them to Iran, if they are Suni send them to SA, UAE,etc.

    End all benefits for the invaders,they will leave.

    Allow only Christians and non Muslims in.

  • Timebomb

    Looks like an construction site in Amerika full of illegal’s. This is exactly how they live and treat their surroundings.

  • rightside100

    Ironic that all the warnings about the EU that the left called xenophobic at the time have come true. Economic distability of poorer nations and influx of non Europeans across borders. Got to wonder sometimes if this was all planned and I am no conspiracy theory nut.

  • U8B8

    is this an actual photo?…creepy as phuk…trim that hair scalp close over the ears ..add mustache …bingo

  • rightside100

    All coming to a state near you thanks to establishment politicians.

  • HogWallup!

    President Clinton will open our borders wider to all people. USA will simply cease to exist as a free country.

  • Bisley

    The public (both there and here) need to rise up and show that the leftist-dominated news industry does not represent “public opinion”, but their own political preferences.

  • John Campbell

    A people ruled over by tyrants often assimilate into that mindset. The Dark Ages were in fact “ages”, not an over night phenomenon. Some found strength to stand on their own and then rally together for mutual defense. Others found cowering thinking it would mean survival. In either case, the tyrant will attempt to subjugate. Notice that Jesus did not pick and choose based in ones skin color. Instead he set the stage for the freeing of the slave, first by the soul, and later by the physical. Noticed too that the slave was not limited to skin color.

  • IceStar

    There is plenty of land they just want what the unbelievers have,pay the jyzia, support the Muslim overlords just like it was during the Ottaman Empire.

  • Chris Dees

    State sponsored hate is an addictive bummer isn’t it?

  • Yaspar

    Looks like an Occupy site.

  • Hugh Lusignan

    This will be Obama’s private army that he so wants badly to crush “bible toting, gun clingers” in rural America.

  • IceStar

    Hitler was buds with the Grand Mufti, he got the idea of a yellow star from the Muslims.

  • John Campbell

    I don’t watch CNN. I also don’t subscribe to Storm drain Front.

  • firefly9091

    Obama dropped the power baton and Russia and friends just picked it up. He has isolated us on the world stage. My guess…it’s going to get very interesting.

  • rightside100

    I didn’t mean to imply you do but that is the ONLY requirement the left has on immigration. I am the child of legal immigrants and not afraid to call out the bigotry my cousins faced trying to immigrate here and weren’t able to.

  • scot

    And even as it worsens, liberals will find a way to blame it on conservatives, and the media will tout it as well. Much like the global warming scam.

  • bonni

    You are not alone in the thought.. and yes I believe it’s part of new plan.. which doesn’t include Christians.

  • bonni

    Oh right – now it’s all Bush and a plan before the 911 of course that means it was Clinton era but that’s beside the point to them..

  • Heavyweight


  • HogWallup!

    Watch the video. Even the Red Cross is begrudgingly handing out help. It will escalate to a super crisis. PS. Coming soon to the USA.

  • FrRabbit

    Remember Turkey is 99.8% muslim and leaving their so-called secularism of Ataturk, Founder of their modern state. The once “enlightened” muslim country was always a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Turkey has become the back door into Europe. this demonstrates there can never be a moderate or enlightened muslim. Trust them and you will be destroyed by them eventually.

  • Look

    the global warming scam, plays a part in every disaster now.

  • bonni

    all about controlling the people

  • John K.

    Yes, but I am guessing that the German people will very soon dive within and find their Teurtonic roots and then it will be bloody! peace

  • shadow100

    When you mix crap with clean water, you end up with crap in the water. I’m suggesting that the countries that accept these people will end up with crap in their water or crappie water.

  • rightside100

    Immigration policies have been anti European for decades, my own cousins couldn’t immigrate here legally. My Dad even spoke to an immigration lawyer who told him forget it, if they were Asian or non white trained nurses he could have had them here working in a few weeks. This was back in 1990 and things worse now. The media never reports on Europeans being turned down for visas. My cousins now live and work in Sydney, Australia.


    Know Islam, no peace.
    No Islam, know peace.

    People of Europe,

    If your government will not take steps to protect the sovereignty and security of your nation, and its citizens, then YOU must take on that responsibility. A government that is not capable of maintaining law and order and looking out for the interests of ITS citizens first, is NOT a legitimate government.

    If you let this happen you will have only yourselves to blame.

  • rightside100

    Female workers have been sexually assaulted, no MSM reporting on attacks here.

  • I_Am_Me

    Cholera outbreaks soon. Happens every time.

  • USA downtown

    P.S. Already here

  • rightside100

    Or a border crossing spot used by illegals here.

  • knitct

    leftist politics at its finest lol

  • Defeat the depraved in the US

    The US liberal and conservative mutants and sexual deviants that rule America must be stopped in their tracks. They are polluting our children in our schools to believe their satanic crap. The sooner the better. To hell with Europe and their ignorant hedonist culture. I pray to God that the battle in America to regain decency and common sense starts soon.

  • SenBlutarsky

    An armed society is a polite society.

  • whittierte

    Where did you get all that? Western Europe as well as the US was founded and mostly populated by what I described. You doubt that Obama is trying to “brown” America and lessen “white” influence? Read up on him. He has disdain for most things that Western Europe and the US were founded on and by. People blow off his sending back Churchill’s bust (they tried to deny they did) as one of his first acts as President..small but telling. No..the racists are the ones now in charge..again..many self loathing US hating whites.

  • rightside100

    2,000 just landed in NJ with out a peep from our media.

  • iPhone Zombies

    Lost cause. They are all living in a virtual reality of sex, liberalism and smart phones. They are iPhone Zombies

  • HogWallup!

    Ok. 1600 people. Wake up go to work. ISIS guys milling around your house while you’re away. Possible break ins. Assaults. When do you stop going to work? Now the crisis escalates. Welcome to USA 2016.

  • rightside100

    Europe falls and we follow.

  • Toilet trained only

    The US needs to pass a law that no one is allowed into the US if they are not toilet trained. I know the liberals will object, though, because they marry each other to wallow in their own feces.

  • bonni

    Very good depiction.. who will protect our homes …

  • HogWallup!

    No one.

  • John Campbell

    Presenting one racist to justify another is not right versus wrong. They are both wrong. As evidence I point to the responses to my post before yours. Notice what quickly comes out of the wood work.

  • Stupid Europeans

    Pay your taxes. Do not protest the government destroying you. The invaders need your help.

  • Mutant Zombies

    I hope they find the gene mutation for liberalism before the world is devoid of humanity.

  • U8B8


  • HogWallup!

    Yes. The socialist mentality at work here. Total destruction looms. This is where it ends.

  • rightside100

    I thought the first European country to adopt Sharia wouldn’t happen until around 2040, now bumping up my guess to 2025. Anyone doubt it?

  • Apple Zombies

    In Europe everyone walks around staring into their iPhones and bumping into each other. It is hilarious.

  • I_Am_Me

    Islam versus Zombies. This was predicted by Alain Finkielkrau in 1987 (!). See his book The Defeat of the Mind. Or just sit right back and watch it continue unfolding.

  • rightside100

    No different than in Tokyo.

  • I_Am_Me

    I doubt it. Now if you said 2020, I’d be on board with you.

  • U8B8

    right…race matters

    don’t think so

    just ask the blak lives matter squad

  • whittierte

    We are awash in oil., Most of our oil comes from Canada, Mexico and the US.

  • HogWallup!

    I’m guessing 2016. Europeans are imbeciles. They have no concept of a good constitution, nor the critical necessity to keep it effective and unscathed.

  • U8B8

    and this is all legal?….sheeit dude way

  • Elwood

    The disgusting irony is that these largely uneducated, government- dependent Muslims will migrate into European countries begging for sanctuary, then demand that those European countries adapt to THEIR failed, worthless Muslim culture or suffer terrorist extremism, bombings, etc. Riduculous! Let THEM adapt to the obviously better culture!

  • HogWallup!

    President Hillary will be soft toward muslims and sharia will make its way into our country with little political resistance.

  • Artemis

    They will not self deport. They are not here for the freebees, that is just a bonus, They are here to take over.

  • Elwood

    And, yes this has happened and continues to happen everywhere muslims go.

  • Doubletap Zombies

    American cities are already destroyed. America is falling apart. Everyone is on pharma drugs, anti-psychotics. The LGBTs have won. They now control every corporation. Every advertisement shows LGBT “families” raising their purchased iChildren into God knows what for the future.

  • rightside100

    Full blown sharia will be implemented gradually.

  • SenBlutarsky

    muslims. Always going around crucifying, blowing people up, burning holy sites, destroying ancient art and buildings, hacking people’s heads off, burning people alive, raping little boys, bombing schools, theaters, train stations, buses, marathons, shooting women while hiding in the trunk of their car, lobbing bombs into Israel, hijacking planes, killing Olympic athletes, flying planes into buildings, kidnapping girls and enslaving people, gassing kids and whole towns to death, killing Jews and Christians, and on and on and on.

    The Islamic world is dead weight on contemporary humanity. List some of the wonderful things, achieved through concerted muslim efforts, that have contributed to mankind in the past 50 years. 100 years. 500 years. An objective observer would think the people of that region are hundreds of years behind the rest of us in the evolution process and the results are explosive and bloody. I have noticed, stupid always comes with a short fuse, you know, easily frustrated and completely unable to find a resolution?

    The land of islam is replete with oppression, domestic and exported terror, and an incessant obsession with the destruction of the Jewish state. I know of no muslim organization that provides any charitable acts for anyone who isn’t down with the fight against the Jews. Should you judge a religion by the impact its concerted efforts have on humanity? Yes, yes you should.
    Christianity exports charity to all and supports liberty for all. People of my faith are often martyred at the hands of muslims while trying to export charity in, and around islamic lands.

    The only thing a non-muslim can do to address the angry Muslim problem is kill them before they kill us. The only ones who can bring a peaceful change are the good muslims of the 1.6 billion. So far, they’ve proven feckless, as if they’re not really trying or do not exist or want to save their own heads from the butchers among them. When you search for their efforts you’ll find a few outstanding individuals. But, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any concerted efforts or group of excellence. It doesn’t help that their faith sanctions dishonesty and treachery. muslims don’t value liberty. If enough of them did, they would seize it instead of fleeing to Europe and all non-muslim countries.

    muslims want you to believe all the bloodshed is about Palestine. If I were a Palestinian living in Israel and was not happy with the Jewish state, I would relocate. It would be like moving from New Jersey to Pennsylvania, assuming NJ were mostly Jewish and PN were 100% muslim. The way Palestinians are helped by their fellow muslims in places like Saudi Arabia is that, if they can manage to relocate there, they will be slaves. That’s how much their fellow muslims care about them. They are Arab/muslims, being used as human chess pieces, by their own brothers, “kings” and bloody dictators. They care about as much as they care about those kids Assad gassed and the little boys being raped in Afghanistan. They stay busy battling others they deem evil as though have no mirror.

    muslims will not fair well in the war they seek with Christianity and the civilized world. Our leaders, those without muslim sympathies or actual roots, had better get prepared.

  • Obama is Caligula

    In the US all it takes is 5 minutes for Obama to write another “Executive Order”. The Congress no longer does anything except have pedophile sex with children and spend our money murdering people around the world.

  • Artemis

    I don’t believe that everyone on this thread is a yellow bellied coward.

  • rightside100

    The Femist groups have silenced of the wave of sexual assaults accompanying the “refugees”. Media all but ignoring the warning the cops in Germany have issued about allowing daughters to go out alone after young teens have been raped in villages where shelters have been set up.

  • John Williams

    The ultimate Trojan Horse. What the muslim hordes could not accomplish in the Middle Ages when they were pushed back by the CHRISTIAN fighters, they are now accomplishing by mass intrusion into Europe. Send these maggots back to the places they came from.

  • No mulattos in White House

    Oh, I thought you were talking about Obama.

  • what you see is a fraud

    Fort this disaster we have to thank Frau Merkel and her friends on top of the fake democracy that is the European Union of the vassals to Obongo and the Zionist lobby . We need a clean up at the top of the fascist organization called the EU . It is full of political correct morons that obey their foreign masters first of all and betray their European electors

  • Dyrewulf

    I didn’t flee. As a matter of fact, I’m one of those that ran TO the trouble, not away from it…

  • TinfoilHat

    Their govts aren’t listening to them. Just like us. If I weren’t so cynical, I’d think it was incompetence, but it’s past that, and we’re well on our way to the same loving treatment.

  • Trump 2016

    Let’s see. Who will save America?Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush?

  • What species are politicians?

    Drug test all politicians. They must be drinking baby’s blood or something. It is all too evil to even imagine what these creatures are. Are they manufactured units by Apple Corporation? Facebook? Google?

  • rightside100

    Liberal media is what the politicians bow too. Go see the outrage is Swiss press over election of anti-immigrant government yesterday. You would think the country is now Nazi Germany according to their press and a lot of other European press. Terrified that the change you can believe in is coming to their country next.

  • TMAC

    Never ever forget one simple truth.
    ISIS is publicly what all muslims are privately.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Islam is a religion of piece; bloody pieces in fact, of women and children mostly.

  • TinfoilHat

    Oh yeah, and with enough air conditioned tents to house, what? a couple million for the Hajj already set up?

  • John Campbell

    “BlackLivesMatter” is an international globalist socialist front group lead by whites. How could you be so blind?

    “The Uhuru Solidarity Movement”, a UN NGO

  • I_Am_Me

    The cult of multiculturalism is starting to backfire now. Big time.

  • Smackdown the New PC Nazis

    The New Nazis have risen to power by denouncing every normal thinking person as a Nazi. It is truly diabolical. The next time someone tries to insult you with their political correctness, smack them upside the head and stomp on the.

  • FrRabbit

    Europeans should patronize an alternate form of media. Take away the power of the leftist media and you will cure your minds. Then you can set about curing your countries.

  • libnot

    Welcome to our world Europe with our Southern border issues.

  • wazzup wit dat?

    They rape and murder their own children.

  • Willy Ockham

    We have seen pictures and videos of refugees in the past. They were men, women and children that were starving, they looked haggard and tired. These “refugees” look different. Mostly all young males, they look strong, pretty damn healthy and well fed. Surely Obama can see this as well. He will let them in the USA by the tens of thousands anyway.

  • Urethra Franklin

    They’re pretty vicious to their men (and boys) too.

  • Onward Christian Soldiers!!!

    I have to shutdown my computer. It is overheating with all these comments.

  • TMAC

    And farm animals.

  • FrRabbit

    One question I have — are there really any “good” muslims? I don’t think so….

  • Obama is Satan

    To all American taxpayers (liberals are exempt). When you hear Obama talking about admitting 200,000 Syrian “refugees” next year, you seriously need to understand what the legal definition of a “refugee”. They automatically receive $100,000 worth of benefits. They get Social Security checks, free Obamacare, free housing and education. They are not just allowed into the US in order to find a job and work for a living like other legal or illegal immigrants.

  • FrRabbit

    Food is not considered “halal” unless it has been raped first.

  • US welcomes scum to America
  • Michael T

    I wonder who the Europeans will blame for all of this? Historically it’s always been the Jews they blame for all the messes they got themselves into. It probably won’t change.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    True, Urethra.

    (Side questions: Did you ever teach Obama to spell r-e-s-p-e-c-t? Whose avatar is your favorite, Mayan or urine?)

  • Kill for Honor

    If a daughter falls in love with a boy, the girl’s parents kill her.

  • Michael T

    Different haircut, but I see a great similarity. What a stupid woman and at one time I thought she had brains.

  • 2 Aces

    Time for the police in these countries to get out the good stuff: The guns!! Start mowing ’em down. I am serious. THAT is the only way the message will be sent. What a disgusting situation.

  • wazzup wit dat?

    They may be worse than the LGBTs

  • Probably AIDS.

  • flyboy

    This is what liberals want, folks: first world nations to be devolved to second world nations with third world immigrants. Because it’s only “fair” to destroy the successful and productive societies because it is unfair that uncivilized and unproductive societies live the way they do with no education, no industry, and no means of supporting themselves. America is seeing this as well along the Southern US border with Mexico.

  • FrRabbit

    Europeans are unarmed and defenseless. They are at the mercy of leftist thought which sickens their minds and weakens them, and their leftist leaders whom have invited this invasion.

  • Help is on the way!

    Saudi Arabia is going to help the Europeans with this problem.They promised to build 800 new mosques in Europe.

  • flyboy

    Actually some of the more wacko idiot liberal Europansies are actually claiming the Jews are secretly behind the entire instability in the region causing this mass influx. Seriously…they are.

  • ObamaCare & Allah is Great

    Only $200 billion? Such a deal!

  • libnot

    The problem is that history isnt taught anymore. Just revisionist nonsense.

  • FrRabbit

    And also Saudi is taking no refugees themselves.

  • NeedMoreInfo

    The illegal invasion on our borders has the same effect, 20 people in a two bedroom house, diapers and oil bottles left in WalMart parking lots, multiple cars parked on front lawns and driveways. Take over of our parks. Open your eyes folks. It is already here, just a different lot of people.

  • flyboy

    Every single US Senator and House Representative in a Red State needs to reject taking in any of these people. Let the Blue State liberal Democrat useful idiots take all these people who will be nothing but a drain on state resources.

  • Saudi Head choppers

    They cannot chop off heads fast enough to take more.

  • Haaaa!

    Bernie Sanders, “Raise everybody’s taxes to pay for Muslims on welfare forever!”

  • gstarr10

    Everyone says it’s coming here….well, it’s already here.
    Obama has begun a large and very insidious Muslim resettlement project reported on 10/17/15 by Carol Brown at American Thinker:

    Find out what’s going on in your community with ‘refugee resettlement’

    Muslim invaders are arriving in cities and towns across America, with many more to come. Perhaps you’ve seen your town transformed. If not, you soon may. It’s call “refugee resettlement” which is code for transplanting entire communities from hellholes in the Middle East to once beautiful towns and neighborhoods across America.

    Wilson-Fish (WF): This program shifts control and decision-making power from the states to the federal government on issues pertaining to refugee resettlement and the provision of public and private services to refugees. There are currently 13 WF states: Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Vermont and San Diego County, CA,

    I believe that Muslims will soon be declared a protected class, in much the same way blacks, women and the elderly were back in the 70’s. That means they will be able to sue anyone who “discriminates” against them when they try to take over school boards, small town city councils and they will have the federal government imprimatur.

    As a “religion” it is unconstitutional to declare any religious group a protected class. It violates the 1st amendment and the equal protection clause. And Muslims are not a race.

    There are ways to fight back:
    Refugee Resettlement Watch: Ann Corcoran

    Act For America: Brigitte Gabriel, the founder

    Tx Congressman Brian Babin…..he has proposed legislation to suspend Obama’s plan to import hundreds of thousands of Muslim invaders.
    There many other useful links on this article.
    Finally, contact the Trump campaign….he’s the only one who wants to throw these cockroaches out

  • flyboy

    Mass disease outbreak is not long behind this. You watch. God I’m so glad I went to Europe years ago before this societal suicidal lunacy.

  • They hate normal

    The common thread between Muslims and the rulers of America is hatred. Hatred for all that is decent.

  • caligula

    the next global superpower to emerge will be whichever “developed” country is smart enough to wall off their borders from the invaders. will it be Russia? America? China? or some other group of smart countrymen?

    Germany, France, Great Britain and many western European countries are already lost. they will never get their countries back. in the name of liberal ideology and “diversity” they have given up their sovereignty, culture and identity.

    don’t let this happen to YOU!

  • Brutus974

    It’s like Occupy Wall Street, but without the drum circles!

  • Lemonhead

    In the one picture all it shows is men,where is all the poor women and children this is all a bunch of crap,all these countries in Europe are going to regret this big time, why doesn’t Saudi Arabia take care of all these people they’re there people, because they know it’s going to be nothing but trouble they don’t want to have anything to do with the so-called refugees

  • Stay away from Europe.

    Do not visit Europe. You cannot walk around because there are so many tourist groups of Chinese, Koreans and Japanese. They are spending all the money Americans sent them for their plastic dildos at Walmart and Apple iPhones. All America exports anymore is death and destruction.

  • Lemonhead

    You’re absolutely right Fred I live in southern Arizona and when you going to my local Walmart all you hear is Spanish being spoken and you watch them use their food stamps card to buy their food don’t tell me these illegals are getting entitlements.

  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    Go for it EU! Don’t forget the ‘free’ healthcare for all on YOUR dime! If you’re lucky the bomb-makers will get used to the free sh*t and not blow up all of the infidels.

  • Simon Ballister

    Only one major problem with that. God Almighty will be defending his people and you don’t want to be in the way.

  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    Or a Dave Matthews concert, or a Democrat political rally….

  • flyboy

    Alabama can’t even keep rural DMV offices open and has to close them due to money problems. How the hell are they going to be able to take in thousands who can’t even speak English and have no job skills? The disease of liberalism is America’s #1 domestic enemy.

  • Guarana Hernandez

    Europe threw out and killed the Jews to make room for the Muslims. The Jews were peaceful and prosperous and stayed out of the affairs of their Gentile neighbors. The Muslims are slovenly, uneducated, dependent upon the support of the government and demand more and more from the state and their neighbors. Eventually, the Muslims will dominate the government and the societies which they invade. I hope Europe realizes that it has traded a valuable minority for the feces and garbage which are Europe’s future.

  • Amishwmn Magness

    this breaks my heart to see these pigs destroy the land of my Polish Hungarian grandparents and being a army bratt stationed in Germany & France this is NO GERMANY left it is dead…all the medieval castles my MP Dad and WAC Mom took me too are covered with squatters

  • Fecal Matter

    Earth Day Celebration in NYC left about that much trash…….

  • caligula

    PS: the following is what you can expect after you help these piece of sht “refugees”

    Uruguay took in a bunch of these invaders and immediately regretted the decision, as the invaders are not at all grateful for what they have been given. again…given. for free. they do nothing but complain and demand more and more and more and more.

    —-many Uruguayans in this town and elsewhere have come to see the refugees more as rude, ungrateful guests.—–


    remember, barack hussein wants to bring at least 10,000 of them here to the USA.

  • flyboy

    Actually I have no problem at all with the Japanese and Koreans. I love them, actually. The Chinese, not so much because I despise their government. In any event at least Asians generally live clean lifestyles and don’t live like pigs.

  • dbt3481

    Behold the end of Western Society. We now enter an age of barbaric primitives. Cursing women that help them as Christian Whores?
    The idiotic Western leaders will rue the day they allowed this.

  • Fecal Matter

    One unsettled female voluntary helper tells that “we were continuously berated as Christian whores.”…..that one sentence tell us all we need to know and loving liberal better wake up to this…..If Obama brings this hell to our shores…

  • dbt3481

    Bring it on. No Muslim street crapper is going to tell me what to do.

  • Elena

    Looks a whole lot like the US’s desert Southwest. Illegal migrants move thru, trashing everything as they go. A once pristine desert is litter w/tossed aside plastic water bottles, dead diapers, clothes, and general refuse.

  • Afterheart

    Haven’t Europeans yet come to the recognition that muslims were some of Hitler’s biggest supporters? Hitler in fact helped to establish mid-east leaders because of their shared hatred of the Jews. Arab countries were known to have opened their doors to wanted Nazis war criminals after the war. And now much of Europe has opened their doors to the refuse! Unbelievable!

  • algonquinmatt

    At least one ‘get your popcorn’ moment will come from all this.. when one protected class (Muslims) goes up against another protected class (gays).

  • D.Watson

    Make no mistake…this is all planned. And for the EU and the U.S., it isn’t good. Thanks Barry….you played your part just right.

  • Tommy boy

    Your President is sending them to a town near you! Who are the idiots who voted for these Politicians? I want to know who you are!!!

  • They’ll have to fight this one on their own. We have our OWN Muslim problem, starting with the one in the White Hut!

  • algonquinmatt

    Barack Obama, since he was a radicalized youth, always believed that the USA was too rich, too white and too powerful. He set out to transform America and told us so. He is doing a bangup job.

    Importing more poor Muslims and sending third world countries billions of dollars under the guise of manmade climate change gets him even closer to what he set out to do

  • D.Watson

    Unfortunately we have two more years of Barry then it will be Hillary. Too late for the U.S. we haven’t been teaching our young people history so they know no better. The perfect storm Barry helped create is in play.

  • HARP2

    It was bound to happen.

  • Mike Betts

    He may have been allied with them, but that does not mean he would have wanted a Muslim invasion.

  • TheConservativeMajority

    No wonder they don’t eat pork. They are more filthy than swine and know what it’s like to eat and sleep in their own $hit

  • Fecal Matter

    Something has to give….or Obama will force this hell on American people…

  • TMKar

    I agree. We are witnessing the destruction of Western Civilization in Europe because of the uncontrolled immigration from the Middle East (and elsewhere) and here because of our open borders. Obama promised to transform America. Get ready for it.

  • Fecal Matter

    You are spot on…..

  • Afterheart

    All part of the plan to import supporters to the obozo cause!

  • Fecal Matter

    I wonder how the Austrians are the EU now………

  • Afterheart

    One must understand that the muslim mindset is not one of gratitude to infidels. They look upon any help provided to them as allah using stupid infidels to provide help to them. While the Christian mindset is that people we help will be thankful…the muslims look at us as stupid infidels unwittingly helping their moon god allah!

  • caligula


  • hoistthatrag

    I feel sorry for you. Why are almost all of those fleeing young men? Why did they leave the women and children behind if things are so terrible? This is an invasion, you colossal knucklehead.

  • Afterheart

    One must understand that the muslim mindset is not one of gratitude to
    infidels. They look upon any help provided to them as allah using
    stupid infidels to provide help to them. While the Christian mindset is
    that people we help will be thankful…the muslims look at us as stupid
    infidels unwittingly helping their moon god allah!

  • DaKardii

    If the Von Trapp family ever returned to Austria, this would be a good excuse for them to say, “So Long, Farewell” to it once again.

  • alliekat9090

    Hitler would NEVER have taken these people in. NEVER. He was willing to work with Muslim countries during the war because he needed to but believe me he would NEVER have offered sanctuary in his own country to these hordes of Muslims. NEVER.

  • Thomas Hope

    the Germans are fools and they show it now as had in the past when they supported HITLER

  • Karen Mo

    The pros of Europe are very quickly realizing their country is being overrun by violent, stone age vermin and are finally doing something about it. The ultimate happy ending is going to be these countries, one after the other, electing right wing nationalists governments to deal with the stone age, violent vermin!

    It’s only a matter of time before Obama opens our doors to them. Obama would never want to betray his beloved Muslim brothers. Just look at how he sat on his hands while ISIS took over the middle east and Iran built up their nuclear program. He has destroyed our foreign policy. He has ruined our country.

    Stateside, Obama has crippled our economy. Everybody I know is either out of work or under-employed. And our expenses keep rising. My health insurance is now up to $400/month. Before the government touched it, it was $250/month! My auto insurance, which the government has yet to ruin, is thankfully only $24/month (from Panda). Please, Obama! Don’t try to socialize ANYTHING ELSE!

    The US will do the same next November. Trump is going to win in a landslide because the American people want the illegal alien vermin out of our country!

  • Thomas Hope

    Merkel is the new Hitler–Follow her to your dimise.

  • DaKardii

    Wrong. Hitler would’ve embraced them. In fact, he regretted that the Muslims were defeated at Tours because he believed that had they been victorious, they would’ve Islamified Germany, and given it the willpower to exterminate the Jews and take over the world.

  • Clemenzza

    Wow, these sand n****** acted just like the n****** in New Orleans after Katrina. Small world.

  • Robert C

    Where are the 500 Euro bills coming from… ISIS?

  • DaKardii

    Yes, he was.

  • Think Local

    Our turn is coming up, and if a democrat wins in ’16, it will be immediate.

  • DaKardii

    Now do you realize why we need NATO?

  • Art Thou

    Mooslum “refugees” is code for the global power brokered ghettofication and ultimate demise of civilized nations. How much more proof does one need than the images of grotesque squalor and the heaps of massacred and dismembered victims of that demonic death cult known as islam.

  • Afterheart

    Here piggy piggy!

  • Sickofobola

    This is a direct result of not reading history!

  • alliekat9090

    the dude couldnt tolerate cultured Jews who had lived and contributed to Germany for generations. He thought of them as filthy pigs. Do you think for one minute he would allow these animals in his country to pollute his precious Aryan gene pool? Not on your life. Maybe as slave labor and when they were of no more use they would have been shoveled straight into the ovens. Of course he was allied with Muslim countries during the war because he needed them. Had he won, they all would have been eliminated eventually.

  • OldSailor

    Many of them are already here. The only advantage we hold over Europe in fighting this invasion is the 2nd Amendment, the same thing that gave ADM Yamamoto pause when he was asked by the Japanese Army on the likelihood of being able to invade the mainland U.S. “We would find a rifle (and rifleman) behind every blade of grass.”
    Despite what many will tell you, Isoruku-san was an admirer of the U.S. after having taken some of his education here and serving as a Naval Attaché to the Japanese Embassy in DC.

  • Sickofobola

    I have always taught my children history on my own, world and U.S.

  • YouPoorVictim

    You think it’s legal to discriminate against Muslims in America? But you think Christians are a protected class in America, like Kim Davis and the anti-gay cake makers?

  • Sickofobola

    It’s already transformed.

  • moondrops

    Good thing Europe has indoor plumbing. All this human excrement on the ground should be alarming to the leftie environmentalists. Perhaps Goldman Sacks could set up an exchange to trade poop credits.

  • ginger

    We’ve been in ” our turn” for 20 yrs or more
    Now comes the acceleration

  • Kenitay

    No, we’re not happy. But, who cares, right? Our European goverments will determine whether we are or not. It’s not like we, the normal folk, have any power whatsoever to do something about it.

    … To tell you the truth is that I, as a European Dutch person, fear a Nazi-esqe rise of a party will take advantage of this situation.

  • Dj

    OMG!!! I thought you were joking! That is in the google definition too!

  • nostudme1

    Allahbabba Barracka Salaam

  • Art Thou

    Salman Rushdie of ‘The Satanic Verses’ fame, was spot-on all along yet so many refused to listen-up.

  • ginger

    Who are the politicians who sold us out after elected?

  • nostudme1

    Freedom. Truth. Ted Cruz.

  • Tom D’Ambrosio

    Looks like it’s time for another.

  • Elwood

    Where chaos, moral decay and divergence of culture (diversity) reign, the iron fist of oppressive government reigns as well. Who wins? – Leftists who seek power and bring oppression, and throngs of dependents (these migrants) who are willing to submit to this oppression for a hand-out or entitlements. Who loses? – the citizen taxpayer, who receives the entire bill for the destruction of his country and his way of life.

  • JEng

    because of the stabbings and refusing to allow sharing the square for prayers?

  • Patricia Henry

    It’s time for some eugenics of Islamic filth on a grand scale

  • randyrocker

    America won’t have any international allies for very long the way they’re going. The world can’t take it anymore. The US Military’s foreign policy is as bankrupt as the US dollar is.
    Americans had better wake up fast, for they aren’t the greatest of anything in the world anymore.

  • bobfrapples

    And the Jews that were Killed or Expelled by, Germany, Austria, et al are saying, “Miss us Yet”!

  • Obama is a soros puppet

    We know! We are against this! Our GOVERNMENT has been hyjacked by off shore elitist who are weatlthier than anyone can comprehend. America has been used to destabilize the world to usher in a one world government.

    We are waking up and are disgusted by the government!

  • CopperJohn

    Looks EXACTLY like the bombed out crap filled streets they left difference at all.

  • Elwood

    Austria is lucky the turd-bombs are the only ones that have been dropped so far. Just wait until the taxpayers provide these migrants a house in which to build IEDs – that’s when the s#!t will really hit the fatwa!

  • Clayton Smith

    It has been the long time goal of the globalist elite to destroy national sovereignty wherever it exists, with the exception of the Jewish State. Europe is being washed away in service to this agenda. What was hoped for by the European people, white Christian and post-Enlightenment, an era of peace and cooperation has been hijacked. Today, it is clear that the hope to preserve the West paradoxically lies to the East in Moscow. Berlin is a complete failure. Paris, London and Washington/Wall Street are what they are, the hot houses of globalism. The consumer driven populace is what it is, apathetic morally bankrupt easily led around by their noses driven by fear avarice and lust. Our organic human communities are being replaced by the hodgepodges of the New World Order.

  • Red Dawna

    These folthy invaders are NOT REFUGEES! They are disgraceful cowards who dont want to live in the craphole countries they created! Instead they are gping to bring their filty and barbaric ways to civilized countries!

  • gstarr10

    I remember you. You are the one that does that dopey “victim card denied” stuff.Wow….where did you get that from my post?
    Christians are not a protected class, obviously. Obama has made it safe to sue and jail them.

    But if Obama and CAIR are successful in implementing this resettlement program the Muslims will push for protected class status as they get hold of school boards and city councils. They already pushed to have a New Jersey school system closed for Eid even though there are only 50 of them in that system. Fortunaely the school board president was on to them and told them to just take the day off with no attendance penalty….like everyone else does for their holidays.

    The Muslim response was some woman hysterically screaming “we will be the majority one day”

    Here are some links to that story

    Link 1

    Link 2

  • timpclimber

    No, they were allies during WWII.

  • YouPoorVictim

    “But if Obama and CAIR are successful in implementing this resettlement program the Muslims will push for protected class status as they get hold of school boards and city councils”

    That’s ridiculous, but so what? Why do you hate religion? This is America. We’ve already separated church and state.

  • randyrocker

    Who do you think is behind most of the malaise?

  • Red Dawna

    And that is precisely why the left wants to disarm us so badly!

    NEVER give up the guns! Die fighting, don’t die a slave!

  • SenBlutarsky

    Probably not, but one can ‘hope.’

  • YouPoorVictim

    “where did you get that from my post?”

    You think you can target Muslims for discrimination in America? That’s why you claimed they will ask for “protected status?”

  • Red Dawna

    Because the bitter clingers can see his agenda and will nver bow to it!

  • gstarr10

    Pay per view dude. Coming to a cable station near you.

  • randyrocker

    After leaving their mess, they’ll claim their lives matter.

  • beansandrice

    Filthy pigs. Must be first cousins of Occupy Wall Street.
    If one of them called me a Christian whore, he would have had a knuckle sandwich.

    Christians are not doormats or servants to raadical terrorist/criminal element

  • Duodecal

    “Feces and Garbage” are the mortar and bricks of Islam – has been for thousands of years – change your building codes or tell them to get the EFF out – your call.

  • Col. Fugly

    Obozo has made this country like my old car—–beyond repair. He is reveling in the fact that he has opened the borders and allowed drones and leeches in to suck off the earnings of Americans. His goal is, and always has been, the destruction of the U.S. We are becoming a nation of mutts.

  • Ol’Dad

    Black and brown muslims need not even outnumber the white Euros to destroy it.Here in NC two black gangstas home invaded and killed a neighbor in our white middle class neighborhood.It killed the happy family life the neighborhood enjoyed before the attack.Now many whites are moving out including us, to be replaced by minorities getting our houses now at a 25% discount.

  • YouPoorVictim

    “Christians are not a protected class, obviously”

    But they are supposed to be, right? Isn’t it illegal to deny them their religious freedom?

  • Atty Tude

    Of not TEACHING history. As someone above said, now all they teach in schools is revisionist crap. Remember the Ministry of Truth, in Orwell’s 1984? That is what our “Education Department” is all about.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    No worries, you can all now take advantage of the offseason rates at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannisport.

  • Steeler Fan

    They are filthy ,nasty and have no home training,the rubbish they left behind is how the German neighborhoods, they will be assigned to,will look after they move in.Bunch of sorry ass,lazy males,who have no future but to sale drugs and commit terrorist acts.

  • PolysmonoTechnologist

    The Caliphate has begun, these people use the taqiyya (use lies to hide thier true intentions) to masquerade as poor muslims who are trying to find a better place for thier family. Why go all the way to europe what is wrong with the wealthy Arab countries.

  • randyrocker

    This is how the Islamic Terrorist Muslim groups like ISIS ISIL and Al Qaeda as advertised in the US Zionist media although they are highly financed and militarily supported by the United States, will come in and cause havoc and destruction in Germany, to weaken it from becoming a strong nation, that won’t bend to America’s will. Germany had better send them back or lock them all up, or face mayhem and violence on their streets and in their cities. Europe itself is now under siege by these infiltrators.

  • Eric

    Put the women and children in camps. Send the men back to fight for their country to make it safe to bring their women and kids back.

  • Col. Fugly

    Hard to exist without a roof over your head and food to eat. No job, no entitlements, no money–where do you go? And yes, their plan is to take over and create their Islamic state. Unfortunately, Obozo, the Big Eared Clown, has the same agenda.

  • oracle2world

    These immigrants are taking middle east politics, hatred, and a culture of destruction to these new countries.

    You ever try to rid a lawn of crab grass? Europe has it now!

  • Steeler Fan

    Obama got these black thugs brave,they are starting to commit a lot of crimes on white citizens and policemen during his last months in office.

  • Col. Fugly

    The proper “solution”.

  • azoldfart

    Ask these pro-immigration politicians just how many are they taking into their homes. Of course they’re not, the “refugees” wouldn’t be allowed in their gated communities.

  • randyrocker

    Poison the food you feed them if they’re caught causing murders, killings and violence.

  • freddy_hills

    Merkel and the political class are doing this to destroy independent nations. They think that if they can flood countries with millions of foreigners that it will destroy the nations’ chances of leaving the EU. This is all about creating an EU empire. Canada did the same thing to Quebec to keep them from having enough votes to leave Canada.

  • Col. Fugly

    Hitler only wanted Aryans in his “thousand year Reich”. Blue eyes, blond hair and Nordic/Germanic looking people. All others were “verboten.” The mooslims would have been put on trains.

  • randyrocker

    Bullsh!t! You have no intelligence at all you dumb fool.

  • Col. Fugly

    You really think Hitler was a friend of the Mufti? I think he just had him fooled for Hitler’s own needs at the time.

  • Yale U

    even though they can’t stop killing themselves, the government says they’ll integrate with us perfectly fine.

  • emiliani

    My favorite thing to do in Europe was to go to museums and HUGE gothic cathedrals and basilicas — that seemd to be everwhere — and simply watch Europeans. I always wondered if any of them asked themselves the obvious question: “How did backwards, ignorant religious fanatics accomplish these buildings/paintings people have come 4,000-6000 miles to gape at?!”

    Failing to apprehend the Reason for their ancestors’ soaring excellence, they’ve sunk to the depths of decrepitude and decadence … they can’t even muster the mental energy to come up with a solid argument as to why they shouldn’t just hop into their collective cemetary plot and call it quits.

    I just know one thing: Mohamed isn’t going to lose this war to a bunch of Nancy Boys whose biggest concern is the price of Hashish and the length of their vacations!!

  • Col. Fugly

    Modern day Germans treat Turks as low level laborers. Sort of like the U.S. treated slaves years ago. Same rank on the social ladder. Like your BMW, Mercedes? Germans design them and Turks build them.

  • ocean

    Its 3rd World.

  • gstarr10

    Such a busy little guy. I’ll scoop up your three posts into one.
    I don’t hate religion. I love mine and mine alone. I hate when there is an infestation of the Muslim “convert or die” crowd, as was scrawled on a church in Gothenburg Sweden. I hate it when they trash the countries that take them in. They will ask for protected status….they are suing in Germany for benefits.
    The Muslims are already being targeted in Europe….conservatives just won a majority in Switzerland on an anti-immigrant platform. That will happen here too….eventually. I can’t wait.
    And per my earlier post the Muslims tried to shut down a school district.
    And you, Mr. Cupcake, are an enabler and an appeaser. Hope you enjoy praying 5 times a day.

  • Dave Edmonds

    So now the European countries are starting to see what we’ve had to deal with for years, They used to berate us for not wanting too much immigration, so I guess the shoe is on the other foot now. Hopefully this down the road will change world opinion that any immigration is ok. We should of closed our borders as much as possible years ago.

  • Hard Charger

    Right on, brother… The decline of Western Civilization marches on.

  • Teachem-Twice

    It’s as though the Govt. is grooming its Citizens for population control! We know that within the next five years people will be killing each other en mass in the streets. Teach your children well, as there’s not much time left.!.!

  • A Friend

    Looks like Occupy Wall Street.

  • YouPoorVictim

    I’m confused. Do you worship the god of Abraham?

  • Yale U

    beat it Panda troll!!!

  • LibertyForU

    These third world Middle Eastern and African cultures are EXTREMELY different than Western cultures. Not just in religion and the denial of Christian principles of love for all, forgiveness, and free choice, but also regarding basic manners, hygiene, and environment. I have seen villages that had as much trash showing as dirt/sand. People urinate and defecate everywhere. No one there has a problem with that, and they’re clearly bringing that culture to Europe. May the God of the Old and New Testaments help Germany, Austria, and the UK as they have acted in ignorance.

  • gildersleeve

    These people are not migrants or refugees. What they are is invaders with a mission of converting Europe, USA and the world to islam. Make no mistake, they will not blend into society, they will live on welfare and create havoc where ever they live. The politicians will not be the ones to fight this battle, it will be the people that finally stops this insanity. The leaders of Germany and the USA are traders.

  • bobfrapples

    What does Mayonaise have to do with this other than being delicious!

  • RiseLiberty

    What Europe tells me is that we cannot withstand another four more years of a Democrat in office. It’s either Trump, or mutate and die.

  • rickmcinnis

    Call it what it is: the elected choosing a new electorate.

  • Col. Fugly

    Of course, he’s one of them.

  • Col. Fugly

    Sound a bit like Obozo, the Large Eared Clown has in store for the U.S.?

  • LibertyForU

    Entire sections of AZ (including thousands of acres of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge) are now closed to the American public because they are controlled by foreigners. Thanks O.

  • Duodecal

    It’s the foolish Liberal’s you fool!

  • Col. Fugly

    Of course, the Jebster is willing to allow this to happen here. Wake up, those who support him.

  • Col. Fugly

    Send them to meet Allah.

  • gstarr10

    Nice try. I suppose you are going to tell me that Muslims worship the god of Abraham. They do not. They pray to something called allah. Islam is a death cult founded by a pederast. All they do is conquer and kill.
    I never give out details about myself.
    Honestly YPV, what are you doing here? You’re not that smart. No one agrees with you.
    Over the weekend you were doing your dhimmi dance as well. I went back and checked the posts.
    Like I said, you are either a Muslim, or, as a liberal, you are an appeasing pro muslim apologist. If the second is true you will, eventually be on the menu, just like the ISIS Christian victims in Egypt. If you are a Muslim, well, we will deal with that as well.

  • YouPoorVictim

    “They pray to something called allah. ”

    Allah is in fact the god of Abraham.

  • LLinLa

    The same fate . . . politicians looking to appease . . . er, for votes . . . you know what I mean . . .

  • YouPoorVictim

    Do you think Jewish people worship a different god than you as well, because it’s name is Yahweh?

  • YouPoorVictim

    “If you are a Muslim, well, we will deal with that as well.”

    So you are threatening Muslims?

  • 0hiojoe

    And he is trying to drag the USA down that trail as well.

  • WorkingMan

    I love the smell of diversity in the morning!

  • WorkingMan

    Rescue them? This country, and especially this government in power today…are directly responsible for this invasion!

  • TheQuickening

    Great point. They set up a tent city with a capacity of 3 million for the annual worship service. But for refugees…. crickets.

  • WorkingMan

    Welcome to diversity…sooner rather than later we’ll have nowhere left to run to. Thats when we must do what we must do, beginning with the government.

  • Yu So Wong

    The HIlls are Alive with The Sound of ……….. Muslims.

  • t from NJ

    San Francisco poop on the street.

  • WorkingMan

    This goes far beyond Obama. This has been an agenda since the beginning…just look up Barbara Lerner Specter on YouTube and you’ll get a crash-course on who is behind it all.

  • Barack’sGotYourBack

    Apparently the islamic invaders actually do represent the religion of piece.

    Piece of trash here, piece of feces there….

  • Barack’sGotYourBack


  • Red_Ruffansore

    Sho be chimptastic, why back heah in dee U S of Aye dude, we swimmin in em. Live da dream of hopeNchange of the utterly strange.

  • t from NJ

    Sounds like Detroit.

  • Pres. Weakling K Hissyfit

    feces and garbage are good descriptions of these “migrants”

  • Flechette

    It looks like our border. Washington DC does not care.

    Trump may be an @ss, but we might just need an @ss to get out of this mess.

  • WorkingMan

    What an insult to Adolf Hitler.

  • WorkingMan

    Hitler didn’t want Muslims invading Germany OR Europe. He had common cause with the Grand Mufti on [email protected], and that was it.

  • funkandgroovyin

    EuroPEONS are in for a rude awakening, if not a deservedly one.

  • PharmDoc61

    Funny, same thing happens on the Mexican border.

  • t from NJ

    Germans had a pretty crappy choice back then-Hitler or Stalin.

  • StoutCortez

    Take your idiotic theology and shave it.

  • WorkingMan

    You’re thinking the Ottoman Empire, and that was in WW I. During WW II, the Turks stayed on the sidelines, and only sided with the ALLIES at the end, when they wanted some free land at the expense of the Axis nations. They never allied with Adolf Hitler. or National Socialist Germany.

  • t from NJ

    Enjoy your possibly last Oktoberfest as the Islamics complain about open alcohol near them you stupid German politicians.

  • t from NJ

    No only one party and a few of their lap dog other party friends.

  • the gray lensman

    Better stock up on beans, bullets, and bandages.

  • WorkingMan

    Japan, Italy, Hungary, First Slovak Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and even Thailand were allies of NS Germany.

  • U8B8

    Trumps got rump…ya gotta admit

  • George Tillett

    One thing the liberals need to get through their thick skull is the fact that you cannot save everyone…. As a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom I, II, and III I have seen the conditions first hand on how bad life can be for these people. My sympathies go out to those honest hard working individuals that only want a better life for their families. With that being said, what incentive or motivation have you given these people to stand up and fight against the evil regime they live under when you simply open the borders and give them government money? This does not empower them as individuals. If anything it puts them in a mindset of government dependence. Furthermore, most of these countries could not financially handle the burden of such an influx of people and will ultimately become the reason for those countries own demise. How is that helpful to anyone? Let’s be honest here, I don’t see those individuals getting settled in and finding employment anytime soon to be productive members of those societies.

  • U8B8

    these folks need to be sent home…with a bag of garbage under each arm

  • U8B8

    there is a lot of resentment already

  • Fifty Ville

    This is what happens with leftists in Europe. The Mexican border is what happens with leftists in America.

    The obvious solution is to get rid of the leftists along with the illegals.

  • awfulorv

    There actions are completely compatible with people who think they are superior to non believers. Even the wearing of the Hijab is a showing of superiority over those with whom the wearer comes in contact with.

  • Richard Piotrowski

    Good. Might knock some sense in them.

  • WeCanWinThisFight

    And from the article:

    …these guests from foreign countries “went potty everywhere”

    “Guests” don’t do that — these are invaders with no regard for the host country or its citizens…

  • bobweir

    well, at least they’re not beheading anyone….yet

  • Pendit 1

    Now WHY wasn’t this C**P, (literally) ,referenced in the segment on ’60 Minutes’ last night that was reported by Anderson Cooper, the ‘correspondent’. No wonder so much of the public doesn’t trust the press. Especially when you have people like Cooper and ’60 Minutes’ promoting a MISLEADING narrative…that these are just ‘refugees’ seeking freedom. What a mess on all levels!

  • hal

    Animals are cleaner that these human vermin called Muslims. Europeans are fools and are committing suicide by allowing these vermin into their countries. The only hope for the citizens of these towns is for them to form paramilitary collectives to protect their children, wives and daughters, and their property. If the citizens can obtain guns thats even better. But, unless they corral and intern these evil human vermin behind fences with barbed wire and electrification, the good citizens of these towns will be savagely killed by the people their government invited. Sad huh. But the Americans are used to this, as the Obama regime has opened Americans doors to all the worlds vermin, including Muslims. Good Americans are being murdered daily, and dying from diseases not seen in the US at all. Its national suicide to import illiterate unskilled, diseased people who are are not fleeing war, but are coming to live for free off the government, which means off the backs of the working Americans. You will see revolutions starting in Europe and the US, and the citizens finally figure out they have been betrayed by their government.

  • OldSalt48

    Cooper LIBERAL types really believe like The OBAMA does…
    That Terrorists are FREEDOM FIGHTERS…


    The Muslims are shitting in the streets on side walks & porches – **but they are trained isis Terrorists ,& this is a form of terrorism **US has one in the WH

  • StoutCortez

    Hey, aren’t blacks the smartest race? They’re superior in that way.

  • jerry2286

    These people are not fleeing war and Islamic radicalism, they are bringing it with them.


  • Ali Bama

    If there is an upside to this insanity when Shariah is becomes law the imbecilic “progressives” that invited the invaders will among the first to get stoned..with rocks that is. I wonder where the German refugees will go when the Islamists take over.

  • Adelie Manchot

    We have the same problem with the Obama regime importing millions of “migrants”…most of whom are military age males. The Lutheran and Catholic charities are importing thousands of the dregs of Islamic Africa from Somalia and Nigeria.

    The only difference between us and the Europeans is that the general population of native Europeans are disarmed.

  • Frosty Wooldridge

    “Any culture that will not defend itself against displacement through mass immigration faces extinction. That includes both time-tested and successful cultures and even doomed criminal cultures. Embracing diversity is cultural suicide. America’s multicultural path guarantees its destruction via cultural clashes and conflict such as Islam, Mexican and African cultures that diametrically oppose American culture. The more diverse a country, the more destructive and broken-down its future. The more people, the more it destroys its quality of life and standard of living. The more it adds immigrants, the more destruction to its environment. The more it imports refugees, the faster America, Canada, Europe and Australia lose their own ability to function. Exponential growth of any civilization cannot be sustained. It leads to ultimate collapse. You are seeing it in Africa, India and China today. You will see it in Europe, Canada, Australia and America in the coming years, IF Western countries don’t stop all forms of immigration.“ Frosty Wooldridge, 6 continent world bicycle traveler, witness to what’s coming to Western countries as to endless refugee immigration.

  • StoutCortez

    “War is never the answer” = “There is nothing worth fighting for.”
    The mind of the American liberal/progressive/leftie.

  • WorkingMan

    That’s Europe now.

  • CannonBall2014

    Feces everywhere, trash build up. These migrants turned into Occupy Wall Street.

  • WorkingMan

    And the US is larger by land mass…the infestation hasn’t hit everywhere yet…just nearly, unlike in Europe.

  • Curly

    To get the job done, sometimes you need tweezers and sometimes you need a hammer; we need a hammer.

  • StoutCortez

    The situation in Europe is unsustainable to say the least. Something has to give, and I suspect it will be sooner rather than later. I also suspect it will not be pretty.
    These words were written almost a century ago. They are now unfolding before our eyes.

    “Things fall apart. The center cannot hold. Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world. . . . The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

    Let’s add, “And those with the power to correct the situation are cheering it on.”

  • Afterheart

    What is happening in Europe is planned troop movements. European leaders are treasonous for letting this happen!

  • Afterheart

    Why would a civil society destroy itself by bringing in these types of miscreants?

  • ReadTheConstitution

    What more evidence do you need that they did not go there to seek a better life?

  • Northy

    You guys saved jack sh1t the last time.

  • Art

    I’m astounded that Europe is actually encouraging these people to move into their countries. It defies all reason! Their countries, if not taken over, will never be the same. Most of the hordes are military age men who ran away from their own countries to save themselves. They’re just as cruel and vicious as the rest of their countrymen. If you’re a jew in Europe, leave now before its too late.

  • dondoc

    The non-Islamic non-Muslim brains and hearts function with love, charity and kindness, the other minds and hearts of many immigrants function with give us what you have, you do not deserve what you have, we hate you and we will replace you. Each moment the door stays open, one more of European will be replaced and then comes the full blast of Sharia law. Very sad to see the dead and dead brains of European leaders.

  • Afterheart

    I’m only guessing but it appears Europeans have been dumbed down in the knowledge of their history as Americans have. Their leaders don’t seem to have a clue as to the fight by their ancestors against the muslim hoards of the past. Today they are welcoming with open arms the muslim ancestors of those that sought to kill their forefathers! European leaders are truly suicidal!

  • U8B8
  • viking116

    Feces everywhere, trash build up–and that’s just the Muslims themselves!

  • emag

    Europe didn’t ask for it. Merkel did and some other leaders.
    Merkel is still shouting to the middle east and Africa “Welcome, welcome, welcome, we can do it! She sold out her country for 30 pieces of silver. People have no say so and are not allowed to ask questions or being put down and called names.
    I am reading the German newspapers, and believe me, most of the people are outraged, totally outraged by this. Renters are being evacuated to give the apartments, or condos to migrants.
    The filth they create if unbelievable. These beautiful quaint little towns will be no more, culture, customs, everything will change.
    Good bye tourism!
    I have friends in Germany who are seriously to leave their country. Hard working intelligent people.
    Heard of the New World Order? This is it!
    Organized by So ros, 0, Merkel, all the lefties and Bilderberg.

  • Voxhalyn Rakkasan

    You will notice that the only pictures of these masses of “immigrants” that contain women and children are very selectively taken, cropped and edited photos that appear on hard left liberal sites like CNN, MSNBC, etc.

    The truth is the vast majority of these “immigrants” are healthy, strong, young military aged men.

  • MikeofAges

    Ask us to rescue them? Turn the job over to Russia.

  • William Murray

    Coming to an American city near you soon.

  • Voxhalyn Rakkasan

    And when the Left has nowhere left to run, guess who they’ll turn to for help? All the right wing nutjobs who love their “guns and bibles” or the police they so demonize now.

  • Afterheart

    Lock and Load!

  • Dave

    The Muslim hoard continues to infect the Western world…We had better wake up fast!

  • origwwotp

    Look at the trash left behind. They can’t take blankets and bed rolls with them? Or clothes? Where are they getting 500 euro notes? New bedrolls? Good grief. Even I can look at these pictures and see it is an invasion that is being subsidized by the natives’ governments.

  • konc2

    Embrace the wonderfulness of diversity, breath in the wonderful smells or stench whatever you prefer, and take note, this is coming to America thanks to the criminally insane America hating liberal democrats.

  • Joe Castellana

    the tragedy here is that when the house to house fighting finally begins, the native Europeans will have nothing to fight with. their ‘governments’ will not trust them with owning weapons and therefore will leave them defenseless. the coming wars in Europe will make the Lebanon civil war (1975-1990) look like a senior citizens bingo game by comparison. the current leaders of Europe are nothing more than traitors of the worst kind and, hopefully, will someday be punished accordingly.

  • emag

    Left leaders like Merkel sold out their country for 30 pieces of silver.
    I am reading the German newspapers (I used to live there for 5 years) and people are outraged. They cannot believe what is happening to their country. No more quaint, clean little towns, familiar culture and customs, it will all be gone. And you are not allowed to ask her highness any questions, or even demonstrate against, you will be shouted down. Merkel is still shouting out to the middle east and Africa: Welcome, welcome, we can do this. Unbelievable!
    And you can forget tourism!
    My friends cant believe how Merkel betrayed them. It sounds familiar: At first everything is fine, people voted for her again and again and suddenly POW right between the eyes.
    They are now seriously thinking about leaving their beautiful little hometown for good, but where will it still be safe?
    Muslims have wanted to invade Europe for a long time and were always pushed back.
    But they didn’t give up. A mus lim leader said: We will invade Europe without a shot being fired.
    The is all part of the New World Order, orchestrated by So ros, 0ba, Merkel and Bilderberg.
    Make everyone the same, they will be much easier to control.

  • emag

    The European people didn’t ask for it, the left leaders did.

  • taumas

    We must band together. Pick a state and concentrate our voting force. Vote the way we believe. We might consider inviting the suffering Germans, The Irish, The Scott, the Polish, the English, maybe Russian and the Baltic peoples to come here.

    Provide incentives to the invader to move into Washinton DC. Give each one a one-way bus ticket, a snickers bar, a bottle of water and a $50.00 bill and a zerox copy of B.O. picture.
    Welcome the Syrians, South Americans, Chinese to Washington DC with the promise of a fat welfare check.

  • emag

    Trump 2016!

  • gstarr10

    Well, I think ‘youpoorvictim’ got booted off the site. I can’t respond to his little retorts as they come into my email and I don’t see any of his posts anymore.
    Or maybe his mommy called him to dinner

  • caligula

    make no mistake about it, this is an islamic crusade.

    muslims were the first people in history to launch crusades against other people (at least a few hundred years before the first european crusade) and they are looking to be the last people to launch a crusade.

    and left-wing europeans haven’t the testicles to stop them. say goodnight, europe.

    the only light that will shine on your poor continent, henceforth, is that of a dim crescent moon.

  • Charlie

    When does a person have an obligation to fix their own nation – fight for change – when we let them immigrate we stop them from improving their own lands and living of our hard work.

  • Afterheart

    Hey, we’ve got the same problem here in the US with the obozo regime and its support for illegal immigration. These are planned events orchestrated to undermine the very foundation of our societies and freedoms. To see it any other way is to be blind to the evil pulling the strings!

  • localnet

    Invading army, not refugees… Best hope no one arms them…

  • Afterheart

    That could be Detroit or any dem”rat” inner city of your choice!

  • Afterheart

    Europeans, get your leaders to allow you to own handguns as soon as possible…you “will” be needing them. Better yet, make some American friends that can help you to stock up. As always, we will be there to help pull your fanny out of the fire but this time it is going to cost you!

  • Afterheart

    The invading hordes are already armed better than their hosts!

  • Ol’Dad

    Sadly they are among us this time. Means our own terrain will be destroyed as opposed to ww2 which was fought off or mainland.I think ww3 is the forcible relocation of islam to their homelands.

  • dfw63

    Winter can’t come soon enough to cull some of these apes.

  • Ol’Dad

    I think the only way we expel Muslims, is the seccession of Red States that won’t be hamstrung with PC.

  • Afterheart

    Yup the same thing applies to all the illegals coming through our southern border courtesy of their corrupt ineffective governments the people have created for themselves and our corrupt obozo regime. They refuse to stay and fight for change in their lands but come to the US and abuse our system. It is not only illegal but morally wrong!

  • Ol’Dad

    Secession is in our future. People say “that could never happen in America”…but who would have thought The towers falling would happen, or gay weddings, or Obama/Holder inciting riots? We live a time where nothing would surprise me, not even Obama saying at 9:00 Pm tonight in a press conference he is a muslim and that he lied about it.

  • dont_bring_me_down

    just thank goodness that we have europe to witness falling in order to motivate americans to fight these things.

    some notes reminiscent of wwii…only we get to witness their train wreck in 1080p slow motion while tweeting about it.

  • Robert Ta

    Lying to non-Muslims is an integral part of Islam. It’s what they do. Their “prophet” is a murderer and child molester. They are savages.

  • FTM

    You got that right, politically correct drivel.

  • Ol’Dad

    Best thing about secession would be:
    1. Our new nation would have $0 debt n day 1(not 90k per person)
    2. Welfare is over day 1, welfare refugees head to Old USA
    3. Abortion/Gay Marriage banned
    4.Prayer in schools and flag are sacred again
    5.Immediate execution of murderers
    6.Closed borders/illegals expelled to OLD USA who welcomes them

  • SmokieTheCat

    Round them up and send them home! Starting right now. This solution is applicable for Europe and America.

  • golfnut6

    Ain’t diversity grand?

  • FTM

    Lots of European people oppose the invasion of degenerate Muslims. Like our own feral government, the government chooses to ignore the will of the majority.

  • FTM

    Plenty of RINOs involved too.

  • Burnt Orange

    The useless left will soon be a thing of the past. They can’t do anything, grow food, repair autos, fight, or build anything. They are useless leeches who can’t really survive without the government to protect them and feed them.
    University revolutionaries will be the first to go then the criminals and welfare mooches.
    People unwilling to work will be a thing of the past. ALL civilizations reach this point at sometime or another. Nature does not defer to reality nor does mathematics. Producers can only produce so much and spending other peoples’ money soon runs out. People who think with only their “feelings” are soon devoured by tigers and lions among the human race. Muslims are the hunters and the rest are the hunted — wake up!

  • Johnny Saved

    Nuke it. Even that probably wouldn’t kill their filth though.

  • Afterheart

    The pictures look like Washington DC after the sub-million man marches! The pigs left the city looking like this!

  • AndrewInterrupted
  • linda7985

    Looks very much like America’s southern border.

  • Afterheart

    It certainly had cost millions of grand!

  • FTM

    I’ve said this before, think of the situation like this, see if you think the concept fits. WWI and WWII we all know about. The “Cold War” was WWIII. Gulf I and II, Afghanistan, the “War on Terror” WWIV. We are witnessing the opening stages of WWV.

  • LauraB

    CRUZ 2016!!!

  • AndrewInterrupted
  • Pam

    The UN has to go, Western Countries pay for other failed countries to dictate to us how many of their idiots to take in while trying to dispose of our coulture. This is just insanity on a global scale.

  • SteveDave123

    All part of the plan. If there’s no more borders because ‘nationality’ is ‘racist’, then what? If you can’t call Islam what it is: a dangerous religion that includes a state apparatus within (its a theocracy by design), which obviously has zero compromise with non-believers, detests anything non-muslim, and has destroyed their own countries with this idiotic belief.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    I always saw her as a “diversity hire”.
    The Hillary Clinton of Europe.
    All appearance, no performance.

  • FTM

    That’s not true, twenty percent of the immigrants have been proven to be Albanian using forged Syrian documentation. Roughly twenty percent of the invaders are Syrian.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    You have a typo there. You obviously meant “Tribe sponsored hate”.

  • FTM

    It would be symbolic!

  • Jerry Frey

    Read and heed:

    “Western students of the Arab world have repeatedly remarked on the violent hate that Arabs feel for the West. Wilfred Cantell Smith wrote in the mid-1950′s: ‘Most Westerners have simply no inkling of how deep and fierce is the hate, especially of the West, that has gripped the modernizing Arab.’ A few years later, Bernard Lewis made an almost identical observation in speaking of ‘the mood and wish that united many if not most Arabs’ in 1955: it was, he found, that of ‘revulsion from the West, and the wish to spite and humiliate it,’ to which ‘dramatic and satisfying expression’ was given by ‘Nasir’s [President Nasser] Russian arms deal in Sept. 1955.’ ‘In the twilight world of popular myths and images, the West is the source of all evil–and the West is a single whole….’All this, Lewis concludes, has not only created ‘real problems, through the economic, social and political dislocations to which it gave rise,’ but has engendered ‘a cultural inferiority complex.’

  • dondiff

    Looks Like Occupy Wall Street

  • FTM

    I’ve read the papers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The public is seriously concerned to the point of outrage over the activities of their government and the EU. This isn’t going to end well.

  • caligula

    just remember, this is how they treat the people who SUPPORT their cause. imagine the rest…:


  • caligula

    minus the braindead, drugged-out, leftwing, trust fund kids pretending to be poor.

  • Robert Ta

    Thanks to our elected Satan…..

  • EBEE

    @Webb. Is John Buford one of your ancestors? Either way, he was a good man.

  • caligula

    that city ain’t worth a Nickelsdorf anymore…

  • Buck Naked

    This^^^ and these pansies will be first in line, definitely before women and children, asking for help. thank you forefathers for the 2nd amendment, yes we’re a young nation and we’ve totally screwed things up, but you had the foresight to know human nature and that people would take advantage of their freedom, so fortunately you gave us the 2nd amendment to do it right the next time around.

  • FTM

    Coward Piven, exactly!

  • Ol’Dad

    People need to realize what a few thousand immigrants can do over time. For example, maybe 10 to 20 thousand Scotch Irish settlers in the US South in the 1700s has led to tens of millions of their descendants across the south displacing a much larger number of Indians. The anglo-saxons were far outnumbered by Celts when they invaded England, but now Anglo-Saxon culture controls England.

  • StaggerLee360

    Jewish overlords? Pretty funny. Was Stalin Jewish? Lenin?
    Does your bong have a chin strap?

  • BoDeen

    Any doubt they’re all democrats? Looks like the aftermath of an Obama rally.

  • Afraid4Future

    Dear Austria,
    You were one of my most favorite places in Europe to visit, but I will never return. It breaks my heart what is happening. You are on the path to destruction and will never be the same.
    One Less American Tourist

  • Tiina Wiik

    How did Europeans create the cold war? That was between USA and Soviets, Europe had nothing to do with it.

  • oldaarpy

    Looks like the Washington Mall after a typical democrat klavern!

  • jackburns

    So a Finnish woman comments on Facebook “statistically only 2,2% of the people arriving here are even from Syria. Most come from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Nigeria. They don’t have anything to do with the people escaping ISIS”. Merkel has put the welcome mat out for the great unwashed, the bottom of the birdcage. The dumbest, laziest, dirtiest and most ignorant in a conga line to Berlin. The smartest thing that Europeans can do is close their doors and let winter clean them up.

  • Joe Castellana


  • No One Important

    Actually, Austria “welcomed” them and 98% said “no thanks” and kept heading toward Germany and France for the benefits.They had no wish to become participants of Austria.Also note, it speaks of as they “moved through”. . they didn’t stay.Austria wanted to add to their population, but as I said, they moved on through .. .

  • Sparky

    They are coming here next. At the invitation of obama and the democrats.

  • Tiina Wiik

    Also, I’d just point out that in EU countries there’s peace and prosperity, but USA is constantly at war with someone, and has been ever since the WW2. Not to mention Americans do a hell of a job killing each other too. Homicide rate is 5-8 times higher than in EU countries and incarceration rate an average of 20 times higher. In overall crime index America is the 45th on the list of most criminal countries. My little European country is at spot 102. Americans need to save themselves from themselves before they should even think about doing anything else.

  • joe

    Quit bombing middle-eastern countries and you won’t get millions of refugees fleeing unstable territory. It was the west that decided to take out Saddam, Gaddafi, and the Taliban resulting in a power vacuum filled by radical terrorists. GOOD JOB BLAIR, Bush, Obama, Clinton, French Guy.

  • not our problem

    Send them to Saudi Arabia – let them take care of their own.

  • Chico

    I blame Obama and all Liberal Democrats & Socialists…..

  • Algernon Leary

    Why do these European nations feel the need to allow all of this trash into their countries? I know that cheap labor is a huge factor, but the overall costs to their national identity is incalculable.

  • Morris65

    I often wonder if the so-called “knockout game” is really basic training for soldiers in obama’s soon to be announced “Department Of Homeland Control”?

  • texashulkster

    Well, we should get some fairly well educated and civilized immigrants (finally) as white Europeans flee here and to Canada. With luck, they’ll be able to ship what artwork and other pieces of Western heritage that are moveable here too. Europe may already be lost.

  • affenhauer

    I wouldn’t feel too bad if the Germans took a page out of their old playbook and started shipping these ‘people’ out in long strings of boxcars…

  • Coach Reilly

    Ahh…I love the smell of third-world “vibrancy” in the morning commute.

  • Takiyya, tawriya, kitman, and muruna. Taqiyya and Kitman – this is a typical ploy of manufactured outrage by Imams and Mus-slime leaders. Those people in the religion of ‘peace’ are not afraid of cyber-reprisals or people holding pens, vigils or critics in the media. You will be robbed, raped, pillaged, murdered and destroyed by the black flag of Islam and ISIS, the sign of SATAN, if you let Islam spread. They are vile, rat vermin evil pig-liars.

  • Ocrapstain Obama is importing these scum by the millions.

  • Takiwa

    It will NOT be Hillary.

  • FLSteamer

    Not to worry, though. The filth purveyers are firm believers in “global warming” and “climate change”, so the limp waisted European leaders can breath a sy of relief that the invading heathens will clean up after themselves soon. Just as soon as the Europeans lose their countries.

  • Leroy Johnson

    So am I to assume from your comments that the Finns would have prefered to be Soviet citizens?

  • progressivesRcommunists

    Europe is committing a slow painful death to its culture. As Trump has pointed out, these are mostly young strong men. This could be a terrible Trojan Horse strategy of Daesh or al Queda. Merkle and the likes of her (liberal bleeding heart politically correct socialists) should be put on trial for treason.

  • Pouncekitty

    Obama created his humanitarian crisis by bugging out of the Middle East, by his cowardly lack of action and his loathsome rhetoric full of threats and red lines with ZERO CONSEQUENCES. Obama LOST the war Bush had already won!

  • chery

    Are these the same people Obama and the liberals want to come here?……200,000 of them.

  • [email protected]+y

    Europe will never recover from this.

  • Leroy Johnson

    You can’t cherry pick history.

  • BraveNewWhirled

    Obviously need to raise the minimum wage and ban some flags.

  • [email protected]+y

    The real problem is that we have the leftist media, entertainment, and education monopoly indefinitely. That makes anything done on the political side a moot point.

  • iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Only an enemy of a country would allow them in to a country.
    Let them fix up their own hell holes.

  • Sodomite Obama

    Obama has a new Commerative Dollar issued for the influx of Invaders,,,,er I mean Muslim Refugees.

  • Black Tongue

    Why sugar coat it? Muslims are animals. Less than human. Why? Because they believe in a false god who leads them to hate, suffering, stupidity, and anger. Muslims are no good. Period.

  • Sodomite Obama

    Google Muslim Nobel Price winners and that tells you all you need to know.

    There are 5 and one is a terrorist and one more is questionable.

  • BraveNewWhirled

    Residents will be forced to house them. Already happening.

  • Black Tongue

    The Nobel Peace Prize had become a joke of epic proportions. Obama is a peace prize winner while executing drone killings by the dozens since being in office. No arrest. No trial. No due process. Just sheer execution with a pen.

  • “Garbage In – Garbage Out.”

  • flyboy

    Actually I think you’ve got that backwards: the garbage WAS out and now it is IN.

  • flyboy

    A disaster of epic proportion that Emperor Obama and Empress Hillary have directly caused with their grotesque incompetence in Middle East affairs, and yet not ONE WORD of this was mentioned in the
    Democrat debate last Tuesday night.

    Surely not of Bernie The Socialist who thinks we need to be like European nations in socialism. Do any of
    the moron Democrat socialist liberals think Europe will survive taking in millions of uneducated unskilled Muslim immigrants? Don’t these stupid liberals believe that we just need to let in all of these people and add them to our social teet (secretly for their votes)?

  • disqus_cWBw65dIjT

    USA is just trying to be like the EU, and plunder enough wealth so they can live off the backs of the poor for the next several hundred years.
    Also, if the USA were to get rid of the democrat controlled cities that have massive gun laws, then the actual homicide rate in the us would be lower than many of the EU countries. Youtube “number one with a bullet” and get your dumb self educated.
    Enjoy the spoils of the last 500 years of plundering the world T Wiik, you are getting the returns in the form of third world immigrant invaders. The people who need saving are the arrogant spawn of the plundering European nations.

  • What?

    Obama has done to Europe what Hitler, and Stalin couldn’t!

  • pathsofglory

    Actually, it is a direct result of the happy-clappy multi-culti “history” we have been force-fed since we were kiddywinks.

  • Annie J

    And the idiot Democrats want us to be like Europe.

  • AVGN

    It’s an invasion; not a migration. Sure, they’re not carrying guns but they’re carrying diseases and a desire to convert or kill. They can get their weapons once their inside the castle walls you fools!

  • pathsofglory

    “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.”

  • xsnake

    Looks like the ungodly mess that the filthy commie hippies left at Woodstock in ’69.

  • flyboy

    I’ll tell you what needs to happen. This trash needs to be picked up and dropped off at the footsteps of every single politician that is allowing this mass invasion happen. Not only that, but some also needs to be dropped on the doorstep of every single moron VOTER who voted for the moron politicians who support this self-destruction. The same needs to happen in America where third world immigrant trash is left all over our border towns as well.

  • Barbaree

    He is a muslim and he did lie about it. He slipped up a couple of time, though.

  • Dell Crumb

    Coming soon, Holocaust part 2….the Muslims

  • RubyTwoThree

    More than that are coming. But yes, it’s barry’s people.

  • matrix

    Just remember Europeans, you allowed your leadership to do this to you.

  • Skyline

    Well, many of us still hold a great love for Europe as it is the continent of our ancestors. It hurts seeing a land that was once the cradle of Christendom being slowly destroyed.

  • flyboy

    What’s more is that Bozo got his “Prize” not even a year into his presidency when he had done NOTHING. The irony is the claim of why he got it: his work with Muslim nations (HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!) and his anti-nuclear weapons work (again, HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!)

    Stupid, mindless, idiotic European liberals. My God they are as stupid if not even more stupid than American liberals (and dangerously naive).

  • morning_in_america

    Send them all home, Europe. Save your culture. Muslums come only to destroy.

  • Wild Hog

    I remember when Glenn Beck predicted all of this to happen in Europe. He had to leave Fox News because even they thought he was a Loon. I don’t claim to be a Beck fan or listen to him that much. But I don’t get to listen to any talk radio much because I’m a bit too busy. But I would say he can say I told you so on this one.

  • Wild Hog

    They are paying the price for their liberalism.

  • Wild Hog

    But those voters believed in it as much as the politicians. This is what takes to wake them up. A reality episode. It’s what it is going to take here as well.

  • FrRabbit

    You’d all be goose stepping to the tune or “Horst Wessel Lied” or “Gosudarstvenny Gimn SSSR” if it wasn’t for the US. Learn some manners, you spoiled brat.

  • Reasoned thought

    Which states do you think will have a majority that want to live under your theocratic rule? 1 so you would default on any use of public roads/public services you have enjoyed … that make you a thief
    2 I’m good with that as long as you understand that many of the poor in your community are not going to be migrating out, they will just be poor with no safety net in your community.. why should the non-seccionist states take your poor?
    3 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m not directly involved in either of these issues but good Fing luck finding a majority that want and are willing to live under both of those rules (abortion is a straight person’s problem
    4 the flag can be respected without organized forcing of religion on students… how is state sponsored religion any different from the Muslims forcing their rules?
    5 Yup, as long as you KNOW they are guilty, when you kill someone wrongly convicted that is not an execution, that is murder. So just be sure of your convictions before pulling the switch/ordering it pulled lest you become the next in line for the chair
    9 ….again good luck, and why if you were so nice to identify and round them all up…would the “old” USA let your closed borders open to dump them?

  • Hasbara

    Christian hospitality by the uncivilized ones

  • Vuil

    Vote Trump to stop this happening to the USA.

  • 1Happy_Infadel

    Send them to the showers, sorry the plumber screwed up the water and gas.

  • flyboy

    I think most Democrat voters are too stupid to care and/or even have the cognitive ability to see how bad it can/will get. Just look at how the moronic left in general thinks Obama has done such a good job in America when we have such horrid economic numbers (of course the liberal DNC media doesn’t report the real truths out there, so that’s part of the ignorance of liberal indoctrination). These idiots will follow the Obama bus right off the cliff telling everyone else how wonderful everything is on the way to the bottom of the canyon.

  • 1Happy_Infadel

    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

  • tham

    The feel good populations of Europe put and kept those “leaders” in power. They wanted this and now they’ve got it.

  • tham

    Let’s hear it for Hungary. Despite all the Euro trash lefties decrying the “right wing” in Hungary, those folks built a wall and all the scum had to take another route via countries with no backbone. Smart leaders there. Saved the country. Eastern Europe has no desire for this wave. Germany is committing suicide.

  • Robert Ta

    Nuke Mecca now!

  • tham

    Why are the Austrians so stupid?

  • That’s what they want to do…Crap on Western Civilization

  • tham

    LOL, or an Occupy Wall Street event

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    What a wonderful symbiotic relationship we have with them. When we’re in their house they chop us to pieces and blow us up. When they’re in our house they $^#& all over us while they bankrupt us, demand apologies and plot to chop us to pieces and blow us up. Celebrate die-versity.

  • tham

    Almost makes one appreciate illegal mexicans. At least they are Christian, I mean the non-criminal ones.

  • flyboy

    And the Swiss voters voted in a right-wing anti-immigrant legislature over the weekend. Also don’t forget the Germans rising up and taking it to the streets. There is hope, but I’m wondering how far down the EU Titanic is in the water at this point.

  • Robert Ta

    They are good for target practice.

  • flyboy

    Liberalism: celebrating culture diversity one body at a time.

  • tham

    Sure, there’s a reaction going on, but how will they ever get rid of this horde? They’ve let in hundreds of thousands or what is it…millions? in just a matter of weeks. No place can absorb that and be the same. It’s not like war refugees from a neighboring country who WANT to go home after the killing is done. These are just the lowest of the low looking for free stuff. Not to mention how many terror cells are included.

  • Robert Ta

    Muslims aren’t people.

  • tham

    Absolutely a beautiful and clean country. Of course, it was Austrian then.

  • tham

    Note to Adolf: The Jews were not the problem, dumkopf

  • oracle2world

    Put them through a metal detector.

  • Robert Ta

    Islam is NOT a religion! It is a fascist system of mind and population control.

  • lspanker

    Now you know what people on the US-Mexico border feel like, EU-peons…

  • Kalifornia_Refugee

    Islam the religion of feces and garbage. Yes The Satan has his followers, those who worship the Moon Goddess and place her crescent moon upon her temples.

  • JoninMd22

    Great job all you European women, castrate your men and concentrate on abortion and every liberal policy that came down the pike. Enjoy that Muslim future, you deserve it.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    A surprisingly large number of people are still unaware to this day that the actual festival took place in the town of Bethel although there’s no doubt you could actually smell them from the real Woodstock nearly 20 miles away by the time it was over.

  • To be-or not to be

    I will tell you “How.”

    Call snap elections and get rid of Merkel.
    Require each alleged migrant to be brought to XXX number of registration points. House them in sleeping tents guarded by Federal Police or Soldiers.
    Mobilize every civil servant and register each migrant by “digital means.”
    Put all civilian and Military planes on alert to carry them to their country of origin.
    Start the expulsion with civilian aircraft guarded by fully armed military jets in flight.

    Lastly, have the entire country delegation stand as a group and then give the EU Leadership the collective middle finger and walk out. Leave the EU to fend of themselves.

  • tham

    Very true. There are trails of garbage like this all through southern Arizona, including some formerly pristine natural areas.

  • welb2

    Coming to amerika next!!

  • Mike Schmidt

    Good point. A lot of our women need to spend a few months covered from head to toe.

  • tham

    LOL, yes that’s a plan. However, I included the politics of Germany and the Globalists into account when I posted “how”.

  • flyboy

    I had the unfortunate timing to have to be in NYC when the Occutard Wall Street squatters had their little shantytown set up. The stench there was awful and the people smelled awful. There is nothing more horrid that the smell of stupid mindless liberal useful idiots who have no regard for personal hygiene all for “sending a message.”

  • lspanker

    Maybe a year under Sharia Law would make American women re-assess how bad they think they really have it in America. The way the militant feminists talk, you would think American men were worse than that guy who annexed Austria back in 1938…


    The Obama administration is about to power up a massive new executive action on immigration and it’s far scarier than anyone could have imagined……

  • Jill

    So we’re getting 250,000 of these people here? Thanks obama… and I’m sure that number will continue to rise as they ship all over, put them on welfare and free housing at our expense. Then they’ll call Jihad and hopefully we’ll still own guns. Vote Trump or be destroyed.

  • To be-or not to be

    If you are saying that their politics does not allow for this, – then it is indeed prohibitive action that will never see the light of day. Then they deserve whatever the migrants will do to them NOW and forever.

  • tham

    Yeah, that’s pretty much what I meant. Think about it, if they had any balls none of this would have happened in the first place.

  • JoninMd22

    American woman’s hatred of western civilization and men transcends everything. Just like the soviets or Chinese in the Great Leap Forward as long as someone else is the enemy of the state they will be fine with it. Feminists don’t give a rats rear end about the women in Muslim countries nor would they care about women not in their social circles pain.


    @Vote_For_Trump Obama’s NEW plan to make the WHITES into a MINORITY in the USA… #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016

  • punchdrunk

    If you thought that was gross, just think for a minute on the fact that Muslims don’t use toilet paper. Ever.

  • tham

    Trump has made it clear to them — don’t unpack your bags.

  • Newbie

    Are there trash cans and portable bathrooms?

  • Miss.Bridget

    True it is self inflicted . The people have the power not politicians, but the people are not aware of this……….yet

  • XonXoff

    Stories and pictures like this…

    …are pornography for the world’s elites.

    And they can’t get enough of it.

  • PresidentPinocchio

    The Imposter in Chief won’t allow it because all those illegals=votes.

  • mojo jojo

    The Locust army, sent out to flood over and devastate the nations. These Muslims are no different the an army of locusts, devastating everything in their path and leaving utter filth and destruction in their wake.
    But no, we can’t build any walls…that would be racist! Stupid politicians, they are all controlled by Israeli Zionists and ISIS is a creation of the CIA/Mossad. If you can’t see this by now, then you will never open your eyes

  • Rowwdy Colt

    My God what a mess. QUIT FEEDING THEM!!!!! Get the army to shove back over the border to Merkel. The pigs are nothing more than parasites.

  • mojo jojo

    LOL like any politician is ever going to change things for the better. If you think the president has authority to do anything but puppet what is masters tell him, then you still are living under the propaganda rock. No matter who is in office, things will be progressing as planned…this country is being divided, having its power removed before it is completely annihilated. No president, no matter what he says during their lie campaign, is EVER going to change whats in motion

  • Rowwdy Colt

    You hit that nail on the head libnot.

  • mojo jojo

    Is this why they are so desperately trying to remove Americans from their guns? EU citizens have zero protection from these murderous, raping, thieving invaders, all they can do is do what Pierce Morgan would do in this situation….pee his pants and cry uncle

  • emag

    So ros has to die sometime. He must be around 90 by now .

  • tham

    LOL, you’re kidding right?

  • Muslim garbage comes in – they leave Muslim garbage on their way out.

  • dave0987

    Hussein wants to flood America with them.

  • gumby2

    Nice try, subtract the minorities and the homicide rate is comparable. No need for you to worry though, the EU is importing a crime wave along with all the migrants.

  • Fonz of Oz

    safety net….surely you jest, you mean a safety hammock, they never leave it, it’s too comfy!

  • gumby2

    They have turned their back on Christianity, now they will reap the whirlwind.

  • Sickofobola

    Well when I went to school and I lived in Boston during the 70’s and early 80’s, I was taught history. I was surrounded by the onset of our history. It was proud and patriotic time to learn and understand what our country was all about. It is the reason why I have a passion for history American and world. I noticed my children were not learning history to my liking in Catholic school, I taught it to them.

  • Yu So Wong

    Lets sing along: The hills are a-stink with the smell of moose limbs.

  • Pa Bell

    It’s amazing that they couldn’t figure all that out beforehand. The mind of the euro-liberal is a strange thing indeed!!!

  • Avspatti

    There are some portable bathrooms which are all filthy. Maybe the cleaning companies are afraid to go in there.

  • Avspatti

    I know that, but why?

  • freddy_hills

    Liberals love the multcult. But Merkel isn’t a liberal. She’s center right. She’s not doing it for the same reasons they are.

  • Roxy7

    This is reminiscent of when Castro emptied the prisons in Cuba in the 1980s and sent his filth the absolute dregs of his country to the US. Watch the Pacino movie “Scarface” for a depiction of some examples of this criminal filth. Only this is worse for Europe because these people bring a hateful religion with them along with their antisocial behavior. Defecating in public, verbally abusing volunteers trying to help. Seriously?

  • glenn47

    Europe is the first step for destroying the whole world. Thanks guys, last time we save your rear if you are dumb enough to do this again.

  • tic…tic…BOOM

    Obama is asking for it and there are very few Republicans to stand in his way because [whining voice] “we will be blamed by the media and Obama”.

  • Ubeturbipy

    Migrant, garbage and feces reminds me that OOzero is wasting your taxes once again by making his worthless appearance in Charleston WV tomorrow. Although there are several
    idiot lefty morons that will salivate at the mouth and bend to kiss his ugly
    skinny Kenyan behind, the majority of WV wants the evil parasite to go to hell,
    not come to WV. He must have a tee time at the Greenbrier or else he would not
    give the sweat off his partner’s balls
    to anyone in WV

  • Tuxi

    And coming to the US soon, thanks to the Imam himself, Obamalama! Just a crappy mess we sure don’t need! Send them back and have them take their s**t with them! Here in PA, the Lehigh Valley had a welcoming party at a refugee center. My thought: “You’ll be sorryyyyyy!”.

  • Brad D. Simonson

    Europe wanted this invasion to shore up their demographics. The bills of socialism must be paid. They wanted it and now they’re getting it. Good and hard.

  • Atty Tude

    Ah, a victim of American public “education,” I see. Take a look at European history (the unrevised version, if you can find it). They were at each other’s throat for centuries.

  • Atty Tude

    They brought in on themselves by allowing the left to brainwash them about their “imperial oppressive” past, and all that rot. And they keep voting leftists into power expecting things to just get better by stealing more money from the productive sector of society.

    Believe me, I go to Europe often (my sister lives there) adn I can tell you that young people over there are as stupid and brainwashed as their American counterparts. History is also taught by “revisionists,” and everybody looks to Nanny Government to solve all their problems.

  • Atty Tude

    IF government lets them in. I’m sure you are aware of the fact that while the government opens all the doors to slackers and useless people, they make it bloody hard for white, educated foreigners to come into the country.

  • Atty Tude

    Elwood, you are absolutely right. The left couldn’t care less about “the people” they purport to defend. All they want is control, control, control. And unfortunately young skulls full of mush fell (and continue to fall) for the left’s siren song, line hook and sinker.

  • Atty Tude

    Oh, for heaven sake, can we give the Crusades a rest? This idiotic, childish way of resorting to things that Europeans did 800-500 years ago to justify Islamic invasion of Europe and America is so stupid.

  • JEng

    uh the original 9-11 involved the Turks invading Europe – why would there be a vendetta against Europe over the Crusades?

  • JEng

    I thought Turkey was probably just about delicious food not credited to Chinese influence (the rice wrappers) but when that Staten Island mom got killed there on holiday and the government blamed her … I started wondering about the Turks.

    Then I learned about Ambassador Morgenthau thanks to PBS.

    And now I read about their ww2 involvement with the Uighurs for a Turkic only Xinjiang ….

  • JEng

    I thought Leelee Sobieski had a little bit of a career because one side of the family invented bagels for the other side of the family but now I know it is because of 9/11:

    “The overall command was held by the senior leader, the King of Poland, John III Sobieski, who led the Polish forces.”

  • JEng

    the way German news speaks about dumb aggressive Americans and 9/11 and our military presence has been really insulting so now they get to show us how to act right.

    I’m sure Japan is about to do the same for China.

  • JEng

    but otherwise Cuban Americans are cool, right? Mexican Americans are nice separate from their criminal organizations. I don’t mind a lot of Mexicans in America or a MERGER.

  • JEng

    I think Germany will gaslight the Middle Easterners in their midst to wage a just war (socially approved because nobody likes a litterbug) and use it to cap off their postwar reinvention.

    The immigrants may not need to come to loggerheads with the Aryans – they just need to be gaslit for some kind of explosion – some kind of failed real estate thieving and that will be it. It will be elaborately propagandized.

  • JEng

    I believe this because reading the Battle of Vienna’s wikipedia entry, I can see how Mittel Europeans would consider that the good old days – because the greatest adopters of politcal correctness (the Axis) are the ones who most despise donning that mask.

    They dont care about tibetans or uighurs – they think everyone else is a primitive who risk contaminating their blonde beauty with Down Syndrome-like features.

    Germans aren’t going to take this lying down even though Anghela was the one who waved everyone in.


  • MikeofAges

    Adm. Isoruku Yamamoto called the American people “a sleeping giant”. Reputedly, he said after the attack on Pearl Harbor, “I fear that all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and to fill him with a terrible resolve.”

    Our political left is out to make sure that never happens again. I put the blame squarely on the American elite. Both branche, agree on one thing and they both are totally wrong. Since the 9-11 Attack, they have operated on the basis of the view that “if we change, the terrorists win.”

    Why should they think different? They don’t want to change. Why should they want to change? They have lifelong sinecures which guarantee them membership in the social elite and provide guaranteed university education for their children and grand children except for those who are absolute dopes or have severe behavioral disorders. And a guarantee under the system of our society post-Affirmative Action that they will never face competition for anyone with the temerity to want to work their way up.

  • MikeofAges

    The useless left knows how to build coalitions and how to co-opt potentially opposing elements. Look at the free weekly newspapers they publish in liberal cities and college towns all over the United States. What do they feature most prominently. Cultural features of course promoting pro-leftist art, music and literature. And features showcasing alliances between traditional elements of society and the left’s Popular Front alliance.

    Learn that term and what it means. Popular Front. Only if and when there is a breakdown of our civilization will economic forces also break down the allure of leftism. Even then, the surviving leftist will seek organize coalitions operating under their ultimate sway.

  • Atty Tude

    Because the Crusades – as well as the discovery of America and other, according to the left, assorted forms of past white European “imperialism and oppression” – are nothing but excuses the left uses to justify and condone Muslim and non-white 3rd world countries hatred for and aggression on the white race and Western culture. Period and don’t let anyone tell you any different.

  • Dave

    Muahahaha! Hows that gun control workin for ya! Gun free zone means you can’t do squat about it! If they rize up, you are a bunch of heads waiting to be separated!

  • JEng

    but Western culture and whites aren’t perfect so why should’t have opposition.

    In the past year or two, I have come to realize that Democrats and Liberals might be even worse phonies and crueler profiteers and cliqueish. Previously, I absolutely sided with the antiracism – I never gave a Japanese or German a hard time and cannot say the same for how they have treated me, generosity to the poor despite the abuse of AAFE upon us but now I see that they are really wicked.

    I even gave face to KMT and always said I was grateful for having a trip to Taiwan subsidized (I rarely get treats or presents) but then I got that FOIL request answered by the FBI.

  • Atty Tude

    Opposition is one thing. Hatred, contempt and persecution is another very different thing. And THAT is what is we have these days. Hatred and contempt for the white race. And yes, persecution, too.

    Also, I agree with you about leftists (a.k.a. democrats and liberals) are the worse phonies and cruel profiteers. I am not racist, I assure you. As long as a person respects me and my freedom to act and think as I please I don’t care if that person is white, black, brown or purple, rich or poor. Leftists are not like that at all for all their bleating about love and tolerance. I wish I had a dollar for every time people gave me the cold shoulder as soon as they found out I am a conservative. It’s almost a knee-jerk reaction.

    Leftists are the most repulsive hypocrites God ever allowed to walk the face of the earth. See how they look the other way where ISIS brutality and tyranny is concerned. They mutter a hasty ‘Oh, how awful,’ and then immediately start talking about something else. You see, that is politically correct because the ISIS butchers are not white of European-descendant. So you mustn’t criticize them. Not even when they rape, kill, or kidnap women and sell them as sex slaves.

    But leftists foam at the mouth when they are told that women should pay for their own contraceptives.

    Don’t talk to me about leftists. I consider them the worse scourge of the modern world. Attila the Hun had nothing on them.

  • punchdrunk

    Well, apparently Muhommed smelled like shite and wiped with his bare hand, so they have to follow his example because he was apparently perfection. Either that or they just like the feeling of crap on their hands.

  • JEng

    maybe there are plants on both sides paid for by the Vril to divide America racially

  • JoninMd22

    Correction, most American women…

  • gotitrightofcourse

    Are you Austrians NOT even going to fight for your country??

  • King Lear

    Parasites put in place by the New World Order stooges.

  • Atty Tude

    It would not surprise me.

  • Atty Tude

    Exterminate the Jews.

  • bburn

    Look….do you see old people at all in these pictures? Not one. THIS is what will be coming to America. They will be war to our American soil. THAT is what O’bama’s mission is. Pay attention Americans. Get your heads out of the sand before it is too late.

  • LadyImpactOhio

    My friend Kenny Solomon predicted this 5 years ago. He wrote about this at Red State and they told him to pretty much shut up. Now they hate it when I tweet to them “still wanna tell Kenny to quit it with the Muslims?”

    Friends of our clean offices. They quit a lucrative job where after hours they rented it out to Muslims for “classes” or something, because they pooped all over and refused to use restrooms. These people get discounted housing, a stipend from OUR government plus free tuition at the university.

  • Raoh shiro

    Makes the plague seem tame in comparison.

  • Aleteia

    The Lutheran and Catholic charities should be exposed.They need to respond to the public!

  • Hugh Lusignan

    Don’t you worry, I will be one of those ‘gun toting, Bible clingers that Obummy will have to overcome.

  • Simon Ballister

    He nor you will ever be able to do that. Now go and make yourself useful and volunteer to pick up that garbage in the video.

  • bilejones

    ” I was surrounded by the onset of our history. It was proud and patriotic”
    And almost entirely bulls*t.

  • Chemist
  • Sickofobola

    Sorry you feel that way. Maybe living in Russia, China or Iran will better suit you.

  • akulkis

    Thanks for the link. Bookmarked.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    My pleasure.

    If you like TakiMag you’ll also like

    Radio Derb is my favorite of late.

    This is my favorite Ann picture, BTW (from PJ Media interview)

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Balkanization is the next stop. Let’s not miss the train.

  • texashulkster

    I have a small bit of hope, but I’m afraid you are correct.

  • A concerned american

    Soros admits he is behind the mass “immigration.” Why would a refugee have a 500 Euro note? Did the Caliphate fund the exodus??