1,200 Migrants With Beards Pretend to Be “Refugee Children” to Enter Sweden

1,200 migrants with beards entered Stockholm, Sweden in a single day claiming to be “refugee children.”
sweden men child signs
The migrants were carrying signs begging locals for assistance for child refugees. (Exponerat)

Exponerat reported, via The Muslim Issue:

Over 1,200 Muslim “children” with beards and fully developed male bodies arrived in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, in a single day. And the most repugnant thing is that some socialist left winger has even helped these criminal fraudsters create weepy signs in the local language, begging them for help to remain.

The Swedes are creating their own problems and they have no one else to blame but their own government and their left-wingers. Meanwhile the Swedish people work hard with low pays and high taxes to pay for this exploitation of an insane asylum system,

These ADULT MUSLIM MALES are entering the country by lying that they are “children”. The insane asylum and refugee policy in Europe demands that all “children” automatically get their asylum application fast tracked and cleared. It’s of course easy to resolve this problem, if they just want to. First of all, the entire asylum policy need to be scrapped and eliminated. It is the most abused system for residency applications one can find amongst migrants. It is completely discriminatory to authentic and decent migrants who enter the West and have worked hard to get their degrees and rights to remain. The socialists will naturally never agree or approve to scrap this fraudulent and illegal policy of theirs. They are hell bent on destroying Western economy and culture beyond repair and recognition.

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  • savage24

    The Obama administration is trying to o the same thing here. You do not hear the lapdog media saying anything about it, so I guess that means they are in favor of destroying our country too.

  • pugly

    I have no sympathy for the hardworking Swedes with low pay and high taxes. They need to wake up. It might be too late though.

  • wtd

    It appears the US was one of the latest “social justice” experiments to see if the country was gullible enough to be lulled with the “refugee children” migration from south of the border “narrative”.
    Given the media driven response to knee jerk actions by bleeding heart fools like Glenn Beck which drowned out rational concerns about the obvious age discrepancies of the migrant ‘children’ – the militant male hijrah took it’s cue to do the same to the European continent.

  • Thegoldman

    Guess what ? ? ?

    The Swedes believed them ! ! !

  • yennikcm

    hijrah, at work

  • toongoon

    Swedish leaders refuse to protect their citizens. A pattern that is growing worldwide as Islam grows.


  • dave0987

    Lol…could it really be any more obvious of the terrorist invasion in progress? They aren’t even trying at this point-but then why should they given the PC-OBSESSED culture that exists everywhere-including here in America.

    Reminds me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHZISoNlqAA

  • Roxy7

    Something similar happened in the US under the Obama administration. Apparently you can claim to be any age you want. As was the case with Central American “children” who claimed to be 17 and registered for 9th grade in Maryland. School officials became suspicious since some of these “children” had grey hair. I saw pictures of the “children” they claimed to be 17 but looked 35. Under the current Federal government officials in Blue Maryland are not to inquire when illegals commit obvious fraud against taxpayers. Disgusting, this is the reason people are starting to hate all “immigrants”.

  • Marcus Andersson

    Idiots, exponerat is the biggest racist propaganda website in Sweden.

  • Johnny Saved

    It’s a communist turd world dump. If they weren’t already killing themselves from within quickly enough, now they’ve brought in outside help.

  • farout

    whenever you hear a politician say something like for the American people or for the children you KNOW they are lying thru their teeth.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Man up, Sweden, or get ready to have all of those beautiful Swedish Blondes gang raped by Muzzies…

  • rambler

    Ladies….. start self-defense training. Make those islamic males wish they had never left their own countries.

  • mdksgk

    Open season (no license necessary) on all sweedish women.

  • E. Newton

    Simply unimaginable. There is just no historical precedent, anywhere on Earth, for what the political powers in places like Sweden, Germany, the U.K. and the U.S. are doing.

  • roccolore

    Not the first time.

  • nodhimmi

    Of course they are lying they’re Muslims!

  • CT Lindcetera

    Awful lot of military haircuts on these military aged “migrants”. Enjoy that hiraj Europe, it’s steeeeep downhill from here.

  • FlamingLimousineLiberal

    Americans are anxiously awaiting the day when the American flag, the symbol of evil, that flies over the White House is ripped down, spat, urinated, defecated on, and burned while the honorable ISIS flag or Communist flag is raised.

    It will happen folks, so convert to Islam now, learn Arabic, and be up on Sharia Law unless you do not value your life.

  • V.Lombardi

    I wonder if you have yet converted to Islam, you seem to be the type that would do so early, if so what is your new name, and what will Sweden be called.

  • Doubleclik

    And when local Swedes fight back, it is called racism and intolerance.
    Welcome to the leftist utopia.

  • Doubleclik

    Europe and in particular Scandinavia are masochistic suicidal leftist governmental and socio-cultural displays of apathy to the nth degree.

    Comparable to completely disabling a bodies immune system and then walking into a lab that is exposing its worst biological weapons.

    They complacently sign their own death warrants and enter absolutely blind into their own creation of self-destruction.

    Any questions???????????????????????????????????????

  • Mitch_Rapp

    Where is Senator McCarthy when we need him!

    He told us Hollywood, Academia and the Media were loaded with communists and America Haters!

  • MooTieFighter

    It’s all part of the New World Order agenda to diversify whites (who are already a worldwide minority). Predominate white regions are strong and powerful and would never give into full government control, so they push for our dilution. Immorality, gun control, pharmaceuticals, illegal drugs, supporting our criminal element, pushing government dependence, it’s all about one end result. Also, have you noticed so many of these “refugees” are military aged men. We are being attacked. Just because they are not riding in tanks or flying planes, does not change this fact.

  • Mac in Texas

    Liberal Sweden is embracing the universal death wish otherwise known as the Rodney King theory, “can’t we all get along”.

  • deebyoda

    Maybe these migrant “children” should be provided with a BIC razor and a big bag of pork rinds before they can enter a country to start their “clock-making” shops.