WOW! Baltimore Mayor: Paying Off Freddie Gray Family Could Stop More Riots (VIDEO)

WOW!… This is just crazy…
Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said city officials decided to pay off the Freddie Gray family hoping it will prevent more rioting. The settlement will cost Baltimore $2.8 million this year and $3.6 million in 2016.

rawlings blake mayor

Democrat Rawlings-Blake defended the settlement saying the payoff could stop more riots:

Faced with the prospect of significant legal expenses involved in an extended federal lawsuit as well as the potential liability that could come with an unfavorable jury verdict, our city’s attorneys came to the conclusion that the $6.4 million is in the best interest of protecting taxpayers.

She’s hoping to buy off the mob!
Via Happening Now:

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  • Sniffy Pop

    Not even a jury trial or a verdict and there has already a payoff for something that has not been proven. Just wait until these Officers walk when they have been found Not Guilty.

    That guy had injured himself in the past while in Police custody.

    The S will hit the Fan when the Officers walk. This will be real bad.

  • bicentennialguy

    I doubt it will stop more riots, but it sure as hell will give others ideas about how to get their own payout.

  • Patty

    This is what happens more times than none. Police answer a call, police do their duty to the best of their ability the perpetrator dies and then, the family sues and they WIN big time. Why?

    I would suggest before any money is shelled out to the criminals family that we have a trial first.

    And for riots, POLICE NEED TO DO THEIR JOB but because of bureaucrats, a new PC policing they cannot.

    These officers never set out to kill Gray, no matter what this racist mayor suggests. So, shelling out money is utterly insane and this money is the Tax Payers money. People you need to demand something is changed.

  • O’Brien’s Math Facts

    Oh sure it will stop more riots.

    The GibMeDats in Baltimore just care about ‘justice’ for Gray’s family and want nothing for themselves…

    Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

  • ridgerunner

    Looters gonna loot.

  • Gun Control

    A homie helping a homie…to other people’s money.

  • juandos

    Hands up! Let’s loot!

  • johnfarmingdale

    More money drain.

  • commonsense

    All it does is incentivize FUTURE riots.

  • firedup49

    My thoughts exactly, for more payout

  • west1890

    Just ‘Obama economics’ on a smaller scale.

  • ee1774

    …….some would call that ‘extortion’……

  • David Addams

    Caught a discussion on this last night.

    If the family had gone to court and won a civil case the damages would have been capped at $400,000.

    If that’s true, the city just paid out 16 times what they would have had to pay in an actual civil case and they did so right before the police involved go to trial.

    Don’t be surprised if the Defense Attorneys cite the mayor’s actions as to why the police officers can no longer get a fair trial in Baltimore, basically accusing her of jury tampering.

  • Circa53

    The 1967 Deeeetroit riot was stopped by the Michigan National Guard and Army Airborne..And by shooting to kill rioters and looters..

  • zoobreath

    Because appeasement always works…right? Love-Neville Chamberlain

  • donh

    Look for Rawlings to get a 10% kick back on the pay off.

  • Darkheart11

    Look for a BIG slice of that going to the dnc. And now that rowlings has set the base price, look for a LOT MORE riots.

  • TJ

    “Payoff could stop more riots” Only if they get a cut. There should be a stipulation that any police overtime for riot control comes from the settlement due in 2016.

  • TJ

    Their lawyer(s) will give the mayor and Mosby a huge donation to their next election campaign from his huge cut of the settlement.

  • JimWinchester

    Same thing in Charlotte NC, over 2mllion paid before the case went to court, hung jury 8/4 State dropped charges against Officer.NAACP trying to get Officer re-charged.

  • Ectomy

    Blacks in charge and the Democrat sugar train keeps rolling.
    With no audit for the past 30 years, times are Good!

  • tophtml

    Extortion works.

  • Bill Smith2

    There’s a much more sinister plot in this all unfolding here, beyond just paying people.. The cap on damages awarded is less than $500,000 Yet without actually facing a lawsuit, they decide they’re going to pay out 12 times that max.. The court of appeals has already struck down large settlements to fit under that cap –

  • Bill Smith2

    This is misappropriations of public funds..

  • Jim

    The next step is to hold auditions to participate in a riot and get a settlement. Wait! Just riot – the ‘government” will pay.

  • LouAnnWatson

    her acolytes…obama, holder, sharpton, jackson, farrakhan, wright. any questions? look at detroit, baltimore, you’re killing the white golden goose. buh bye

  • LouAnnWatson

    reparations by another name

  • LouAnnWatson

    you can’t spend millions unless you have a long life

  • LouAnnWatson

    and? obama is president…until that changes, they get it.

  • LouAnnWatson

    i’m glad i don’t live too close to the blight in my city

  • Bill Smith2

    It doesn’t need to be the DOJ.. The state could open an investigation..

  • george orwell

    If she sends me a few million, I promise I won’t riot.

  • Darlin1111

    How is paying them off going to stop others from rioting???

  • Kook of the East

    Since there was no judgement, these limits do not apply. Hard to believe that they thought the cost of this litigation would be 6M, but lawyers are expensive. I believe, like you, that there is another agenda here.

  • Bill Smith2

    Even if they would have sent a JANITOR to represent the city, it would have only cost then a max of $500k..

  • Kook of the East

    We both know that’s not how the game is played.

  • Hillary Hates America

    Isn’t the Gray family’s attorney connected to the mayor or state’s attorney (or both)? If he was abused by the cops they should get some remuneration, but this is a big dollar amount for the city to just roll over and pay out. I can’t help but think part of the lawyer’s 30-40% contingency fee will end up in the pockets and political coffers of the mayor.

  • PAvolley

    The lawyers will now be out rioting for all the money they could have had with the civil lawsuit.

  • jim murphy

    I’m hoping to be the first to say….. KICKBACK!?

  • US.Patriot1776

    Its Open Season On Killing Whites and Police

  • juandos

    So just how stupid is that mayor of Baltimore?

    I wonder if she is getting a kickback from the Gray parasites?

  • juandos

    Let’s all pretend to be Iranians that want a nuclear project…

    The Kenyan Kommie Klown readily bent over them

  • Pat Loudoun

    As though young black men in the inner city don’t have enough to worry about. Now they have to wonder if crack-head Mommy is going to trade them in for some cash.

  • Cash_Money_Yo

    who were the plaintiff attys? Connections to BLM? DNC? Baltimore clout?

  • Rose

    Sounds like a Formula designed to level Baltimore to the ground.

    Sounds like the politicians expect their share of the PAYOLA instead of their share of the HARVEST THEY PLANTED.

  • Rose

    Nah! Obama has shown them how to spend $Millions in DAYS.
    Even $Billions.
    $$$TRILLIONS, in Fact.

  • Rose

    What they EXPECT, at any rate.

    Harvest can be sweet.
    But it will be SEED IN KIND.

  • Rose

    At least, you sure HOPE so.

  • Rose

    Some would justly call it EMBEZZLEMENT.

  • objective123

    If I was the owner of the Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles, I would move to another location ASAP. This Mayor has done lost her mind. No civil trial has shown that the officers were at fault. No criminal trial has shown the officers are at fault. Is the Gray family going to give the money to the people? LOL!

  • Bill Smith2

    If she somehow benefits from it, it would be..

  • Rose

    Their Gov is like their Mayor, isn’t she?

    Looks like Detroit.

  • Peter Ward


  • Rose


    Now how on earth would she pull that kind of a stunt – knowing the cap of a LAWSUIT – and arranging to PAY for RIOTING…. FOR rioting…

    AND NOT~MANAGE! TO “BENEFIT” from it, herself? If nothing else, at least the Executive’s ~management fee~ to say the LEAST!

    LOL! SHE IS A DEMOCRAT! What do you take us for!

    It is way late in the Last Hour for you to be so naive!

  • Rose


    You are so funny. “STOP THEM”?????


  • Rose

    Good thing you do!


  • Rose


    What caused you the “DOUBT” entailed in “WONDER”?????

  • Rose

    Paying more than $1 Million per Cop.

    Sweet Dims.

  • Rose

    CLOSE TO IT! Seems people in this day an age are naive beyond a level necessary for survival.

  • Rose

    And the bounty is being paid out by the wheelbarrows-full.

  • Bill Smith2

    Slow down lady.. I’m talking about getting a cut of that 6 mill..

  • Bill Smith2

    Well, Michigan has a GOP governor, so..

  • Dopey

    Mosby and Rawlings-Blake need to lose their jobs and go to jail.

    How does the multi-million dollar award not build a bias against the officers waiting to go to trial on made up, trumped up charges that fly in the face of the ME’s findings, whose work was being hidden by Mosby who couldn’t figure out how to file charges and couldn’t get the names of the defendant’s right?

    Every single one of those officers needs to be set free. Mosby is incompetent and Rawlings-Blake is corrupt. Maybe the money grubbing criminal mayor could avoid riots by not advocating for riots and giving the criminals a place to destroy.

  • Dopey

    They need to have a trial first to see if the officers committed a crime. The ME seems to think Grays injury was self inflicted, which fits with his prior behavior.

  • thedew2

    The mayor and prosecutor are just puppets for the real perpetrators behind all of these riots and anti-police uprisings . Obama and Holder have created this situation with the help of the American pravda corrupt media. Starting with Trayvon Martin, until the evidence came out, then Michael Brown, when they lied about the evidence and Freddie Gray, where the prosecutor ordered police to crack down on drug activity in that area of Baltimore. This has all been Obama and Holder from the beginning. Black lives Matter is funded by George Soros. Anarchy and Chaos !!!

  • The actions of the Mayor, I believe, will have a negative impact on the prosecution of all six officers. It will be hard for the Baltimore Prosecutor to argue that this decision didn’t taint the jury pool as like it or not this gives off the appearance of an admission of liability. It should be expected that the defense lawyers would use this “settlement” to request a change of venue and it would be one hell of a contorted ruling to not agree that this decision has tainted the jury pool.

  • Blues of Morderer

    Taxpayer dollars mostly come from white people because blacks are lazy and don’t work, thus don’t pay taxes. So essentially, this is forcing whites to compensate that black thug family for something they didn’t do or cause.

  • glenn47

    Such BS, what a crock of lies. no one settles before the criminal part of the case goes to trial. This was to set the fact, the state believes those officers are guilty. They will pay hell getting a fair trial now, the whole purpose of this.
    Has anyone ever heard of a case being settled in the record time of 5 months? Of course not, it never happens. This is how crooked and desperate they are. And there is the witness that said Gray was thrashing around trying to hurt himself. That does not fit their narrative.
    She should be disbarred and fired.

  • glenn47

    Yep, money for a dad never on the scene and money for a heroin addicted mother. Very brilliant decision.

  • glenn47

    I pray they all walk. Judge Napolitano said this was illegal and she was trying to sway the jury into believing they are all guilty. Heck, some didn’t even touch the thug.

  • glenn47

    Judge Napolitano said this was illegal. There is never a settlement before the criminal part of the trial has happened. This was to convince the jury, that all six are guilty, period. The will never get a fair trial now. This is how desperate the are.

  • RKflorida

    Shooting the rioters would also stop the rioting – permanently and at less cost.

  • SouthSideSkeptic

    Doubt that those officers will walk. No Baltimore jury will acquit. May deadlock. Several times.


    Glad i don’t live anywhere near there. With any luck for the inncoent people near the area, the rioters will knock off half of themselves involved and save some welfare and snap money.


    Those that get money will end up being killed by rest of the thugs that live around them.


    Md. has a caucasion male for a gov.


    The Mayor has already stated she is not running again.


    We could hope they go to Mosby’s neighborhood and do her house.

  • TJ

    This post was before she announced that. Or was it known she was not going to run again before she announcement the payoff to the Gray family.