VIDEO=>Huffington Post: Obama and Trump Aren’t That Different


Many establish Republicans, and their supporters, have done their best to remind right-wing voters of Donald Trump’s past political beliefs. Unfortunately for them, those efforts have been fruitless in creating the desired results in the presidential polls.

But now it appears that Trump’s approval numbers are beginning to scare more than just the political establishment on the right.

Yesterday, the Progressive rag, The Huffington Post released a video titled: Obama and Trump Aren’t That Different.

(Video Below)

Some might suggest that this Huffington Post video is an attempt to dissuade left-wing voters from supporting Trump. But considering HuffPo recently stated that the strong support for Trump is just the last Hurrah of angry, old white people, I would have to disagree.

This video is just an attempt to sow more discord among the right-wing voters in the hopes that a more beatable Republican candidate would eventually be nominated; such as Jeb Bush or Chris Christie. So that in the end, the Democrats can easily inflict another Progressive nightmare on the American people, much like President Obama.

(Image: Kare11)



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