SHOCK POLL: Trump Receives 25% of Black Vote – Enough to Ensure a GOP Landslide


A SurveyUSA poll released Friday shows that 25% of black respondents said they would vote for Trump over Clinton.

According to The American Mirror Trump would more than double the best result for a Republican in modern American history… Looking at the last 10 presidential election cycles, the highest black vote share for a Republican was 12% for Bob Dole in 1996.

black vote democrats

Blacks today make up 22% of the Democratic vote. If Democrats lost 25% of the black vote they would lose Virginia, Florida, Ohio and North Carolina.
democrats swing states
(Washington Post)

If Trump would skim off 25% of those voters from the Democratic Party he would win the 2016 election in a landslide.

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  • Patty

    Blacks and Mexicans don’t get along very well. So, it is understandable that his polling with Blacks is so good.

    Stump for Trump ladies should meet with Trump, as they are a very influencing factor in this, I would presume. Would be a very fun meeting.

    What goes around comes around and Trump is the new Reagan.

  • Down to Earth

    Talk to many blacks and one funny thing you’ll learn is, if you (a black person) want something done right , take it to a white person who knows what they’re doing.
    Ask some sometime. “Would you rather hire a unknown white or black , contractor/mechanic/professional ? And why ?

    Blacks are worse off now than eight years ago.

  • Dem_Slumification_Of_America

    Promising results, but it’s still just one poll and there’s a long way to go.

  • Dem_Slumification_Of_America

    Support from Kanye West and Dennis Rodman don’t hurt either.

  • B. Smith

    Blacks don’t like illegal aliens any more than whites do. Illegals take their jobs too. I predicted that Trump would do well in the black community. He isn’t threatening to them and they respect his success.

  • B. Smith

    He might be…..time will tell there. So long as he keeps his promises, he has a chance to be truly great.

  • jainphx

    Yea just one poll, but can you remember ANY poll for any Republican with 25%? This is big if accurate!

  • Patty

    Trump had a reality show in which black an white work together and because of that show believe it or not, it was watched by many people of many cultures. And I do believe that this was an influencing factor for his success also.

    Trump isn’t a prejudice man and his feelings he wears on his sleeve not like Obama who hide everything.

  • Dem_Slumification_Of_America

    There will no doubt be more polls from different polling organizations over time to add more certainty to these findings.

  • jukin

    Illegals are killing the blacks on employment. Obama and his policies have made black male unemployment the highest ever recorded. I think the blacks know this. They can’t blame Obama because he is one of the tribe, so they go after the illegals. Plus no love los between blacks and Latinos.

  • Dem_Slumification_Of_America

    Another angle to this is that black people are seeing who the Dems are running and they are seeing the writing on the wall – more pandering white democrats who will want the black votes but once in office will tell them to shut up and be thankful for what government cheese they are given. Trump’s economic and immigration policies should theoretically be a lot better for black people that want to work vs. traditional democrat economic / immigration policies.

  • Addison Jacobs

    The Democrats definitely take the black vote for granted. They get away with doing very little to fix their issues because they know they’ll get a high percentage of their vote regardless.

    I’m hoping the blacks will see through the games the Dems are playing and realize government isn’t the answer to their problems.

  • ZZZzzzz

    Woo Hoo!!! This is GREAT news! 25% of the black vote is HUUUUUGE! I can smell a Trump landslide and I can see November from my House!

    I’m going to celebrate big when Trump is announced as President Elect Donald J. Trump, Jr., and party even harder on 01.20.2017 when B. Hussein Obama II vacates the White House FOR Good!

  • toad

    Trump is bringing America together already!

  • Dem_Slumification_Of_America

    Blacks on the whole are truly worse off than eight years ago…but Obama, with opportunities for lavish parties, golfing, vacations, and speaking engagements in front of adoring crowds for the rest of his life, is laughing all the way to the bank — and his buddies John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are probably laughing too.

  • Nash Montana

    Yet strangely enough I really don’t give a rats butt anymore what blacks want. I used to. But now I’m all out of give-a-shit’s.

  • Patty

    Trump has been waiting for this moment and he has been ready since Obama was elected the second time.

    2 terms to a person who has been the worst president in U.S. History.

    Trump, like the rest of us were in disbelief. There is a time when you reach a breaking point and see that America is going under economically. He is a business man and he wants desperately to fire Obama and the Democratic party who cannot find a way to cure all the debt Obama has created and with all that debt comes a slippery slope and I do believe it is killing, Trump, as he loves America. America made him the man he is today.

    Our VA is treated like Dog C,,,, our military has been reduced so badly, we couldn’t fight two wars simultaneously. Illegals will drain what little it left. Obama care is going to hurt those who cannot afford the best of care that Obama and his family receive. ISIS has killed in unimaginable ways innocent people and have destroy artifacts, monuments, history that will never be the same ever again. Obama is negotiating with Iran and terrorists.

    Racism and Cops being killed is at an all time High. Our schools are teaching propaganda and disregard for God. And he is right about China, they are in Alaska and they will find a way to drain us dry, too.

    Gays and the White House rainbow was a breaking point for many blacks, they aren’t too keen on Gays, either. So, jobs for Blacks and Whites are few and far between, they want to be employed and they are hoping tha Trump will keep his promise because Obama most certainly hasn’t.

  • acidulous

    Why would they want a fat arsed old white women when they can have a flamboyant rich man with a lot of toys, a big mouth who tells it like it is, is surrounded by beautiful women, who gives a $hit about them and the country, and who is fearless with guts? Who else are they gonna go for? Bernie or JEB!? LMAO.

  • Circa53

    The RNC wants to play politics and Trump doesn’t play it. Its why he has the whole scene in a shambles, he’s messed up their game..And its going to be why he won’t get the nomination, the RNC will see to it.

  • This is great news.


    Gee whiz RINO establishment you racists…Lear this: BLACKS ARE AMERICANS and they are our brothers and sisters not mindless drones and neither are we!!! F’ck you RNC!

    Trump 2026!!!

  • acidulous

    The black people aren’t stupid. They see who the ones being really pandered to are all the Browns from Mexico and Central America. For every Mexican alien Trump tosses back the benefits accrue to black AMERICANS. I am NOT a citizen of the world. America for ALL AMERICANS. The rest can go to hell. Americans first and always.

  • jainphx

    I think you’re right!

  • pgroup

    Now this is the news I want to hear. Thank you Lord for allowing me to watch my enemies being vanquished.

  • Aslan’s Girl

    Trump is uniting this country — blacks, whites, legal Hispanics — against a common enemy: illegal immigration.

    I’ve been saying since last summer’s “border surge” what a shame it is that we are a divided nation because blacks and whites agree on immigration.

    Thank goodness for Donald Trump. Uniting where Obama’s been dividing.

  • pgroup

    At least Trump is rich enough to thoroughly fumigate the place before he moves in.

  • Aslan’s Girl

    PS anther common enemy is unemployment. Blacks have suffered so much more under Obama. Trump will create jobs!

  • pgroup

    I’ll take that dare. We shall see.

  • jainphx

    True, but there are many reason for that
    including the illegal invaders.

  • Hy Feiber

    To h3ll with tribalism!

  • MrSottobanco

    Some people are getting sick of living on the leftist plantation.

  • Klokinator

    I still find it hilarious that he manages to pull 31% of the hispanic vote. Like, Jesus christ, is there anything he can’t do?!

  • Blues of Morderer

    I firmly believe that if Trump is the nominee he would win the black and Latino votes. He would also win a substantial fraction of the Democrats’ votes.

  • It’s a TV Show!

    This development was obvious from day one, but the elites failed to understand Trump’s great potential.

  • tommy mc donnell

    “the democrats definitely take the black vote for granted.” no more than the republican party takes the white vote for granted.

  • 1twothree4

    Lear this???? 2026???

    ‘tard much?

  • Conservative seer

    As a black man I can personally say that Obama has almost single handedly destroyed this great nation with his Marxist ideology

  • HarryObrian

    Trump is America’s last chance to survive…. maybe.

  • itsy_bitsy

    I’m not really shocked by this, as I too believe that all people who love this country must realize we are headed for an internal war between races if things continue as they have! The haters and their cohorts now in office are the group that are tearing us apart.

  • srdem65

    Now we see why the MSM, in all media, are gunning for MrTrump- he’s made great inroads into the Dem voter ranks. If they truly believed he was the “clown” they would be so happy that the Repubs have a non-serious contender leading the whole group.
    Just imagine – how many dues-paying members of American unions also support what MrTrump is advocating – fix the infrastructure, more jobs, Americans first?

  • Sandra123456

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the MSM polled Hispanics and had similar results.

    Despite saying the Hispanics are all against Republicans and Trump, as a group Hispanics are very religious, against abortion, and homosexuality. Legal Hispanic immigrants don’t look favorably on the Country’s trespassers.

    But the MSM keeps banging the drum that Republicans have lost the Black and Hispanic vote. .

  • You Lie, Boy!

    I agree, Chief O’Brian. Last chance maybe. It’s certain the other 16 won’t change anything.

  • MacroNana

    Lesson learned indeed.

  • Phyllis J. Sandvos

    Please, Mr.. Trump does not even recognize people’s skin color.. He only looks at….do you fight for what is right….do you do things in the very best way you can think of

  • gary schroeder

    trumps’ universal dealings (successful)
    have left many diversified races & ethnicities
    with a positive view
    This will transfer to VOTES from Americans !

  • romanmoronie

    No, he probably typed it on a mobile device where the keys are 1/16th inch apart and the software substitutes meaningless words. But, since your response is perfectly typed We can assume you typed it with your [email protected]

  • V.Lombardi

    And the republican establishment will fight him every step of the way, the care about their interests more than the nation.

  • Donna

    the MSM & the GOP leadership see us as a flock to be fleeced

  • Butch from FL

    I hate how you start with words “shock poll”. Why would you use those words , when the last 7 years and many years before have hardly done any thing to improve or help the blacks get off the Dems PLANTATION ? Plus Trump has said NOTHING against the blacks, with the exception to the crime in their communities. Blacks would do them selves a real favor by voting for a change that is real, not like the UNREAL change of Nobummer . GO TRUMP/CRUZ GO !!!

  • Graymatter

    I am surrounded by blue collars men who enthusiastically support Trump because he is tough and stands for the country. These same guys absolutely refused to vote for Romney because they saw him as no different from the Democrats and out for themselves

  • richhahn

    When he chooses Ben Carson as his VP, it might be closer to 50%.

  • Graymatter

    The world is a rough place ruled by rough men, who laugh at girlie men like Obama. Trump demands and commands respect. I recently saw him stop a reporter’s question because she had used “pissed off.” She reworded it to angry and he let her continue. Small but significant example.

  • jaimo

    That’s a fantastic response. I swear I got the bigger phone and the keys seem closer together than ever before. I spend more time spell checking than I do actually writing.

  • ridgerunner

    Blacks were used by Obama like we were used by the GOPe.

  • ridgerunner

    The Tea Party was the GOP’s “N-word”. It doesn’t feel very good, does it?

  • Richard V

    When the Presidential cycle really starts next year Trump will get more of the black vote than this poll now. Blacks have been used and over looked by the Dimocrat party for decades. Their vote was always taken for granted.

  • ridgerunner

    And the Tea Party vote was taken for granted by the GOP. I have no desire to loot, but I have to admit, I would like to take a torch to Congress.

  • oldeagle145

    If Trump went after the black vote, and really framed how the illegal situation really hurts them he will destroy the left, maybe he is the agent that finally shows blacks that their best option is to leave the democrat plantation and live free of that tyranny.

  • oldeagle145
  • Demonrat Plantation

    As a Muslim, I wholeheartedly AGREE!

  • Demonrat Plantation

    I dont care if Trump was a lifelong demonrat, I still love the man.
    Trump for prez

  • klaffner

    Small unknown statistical trivia from 2012. Majority of young black men voted for Romney. I think it was that even then a lot of African Americans are noticing that entry level jobs are going to illegals. Romney was very strong and had an excellent record on illegal immigration.

  • Darkheart11

    LOVE IT!

    Looks like more ADULT blacks are waking up.

  • Hillary For Prison

    Blacks know that the DemokRATs are throwing them under the bus and are going after the illegals who are flooding America.

  • Hillary For Prison

    Hopefully the unions get the memo that Sanders and Hillary are not going to create jobs, but Trump will.

  • ZigZ

    And the stupid GOP Establishment wants to destroy Trump. He’s their Ace in the Hole and they can’t handle a winner.

  • ZigZ

    Republican Party was originally started as The Party to end slavery.

  • HARP2

    Trump would win New York.

    Where does Hillary make up 29 electoral votes after that ?


    Thank you. You were right by the way. He did type it with his Johnson whilst he was at his weekly NAMBLA meeting…


    Lol yes and the autocorrect is a bear too!

  • ZZZzzzz

    Excellent point. Many blacks will be voting Republican for the first time in their lives, just like in Chicago to put Gov. Bruce Rauner over the top.

  • WackoBird McCraziePants

    Feels like Trump already is the President Elect.
    Good times.

  • Jason

    Maybe they are tired of slavery?

  • Not Chicken Little

    Many blacks are waking up – when Obama says “You didn’t build that!” he could be talking about himself – he hasn’t built anything of value in his whole life, and the whole world can see that. His whole “talent” lies in tearing things down and in creating chaos.

  • Alexander

    trump could also win California, thats put it to them dems how bad they are going to lose

  • Ivyredneck

    The other side of it is how the GOP establishment has been putting the party in a box since the days of that tax-raising traitor who destroyed the Reagan coalition and gave us the Clintons, daddy Bush 41. By defining conservatism to mean selling out everybody but the donor class, they put the GOP in a position where open borders, which happens to suit the donors, was supposed to be essential to our ability to win elections. In their conceit, they failed to take seriously how the people could redefine conservatism too. As a populist force that out-flanks the Democrats as a pro-workers party, the new GOP can easily draw over 25% of the black vote.

  • DoubleD2015

    The latest meme from DNC is that they are not afraid of Trump its Bush and Kasich that scare them. Reverse psychology much DNC?

    The Republican Democrats fear most isn’t Donald Trump. It’s Jeb Bush, with John Kasich coming on fast. <<—LMAO! Yeah Right! Yeah Right! Trump is actually stealing Democrat voters.
    Ask members of the Democratic National Committee who they least want to face in the 2016 presidential election, and they often joke how they hope Trump stays hot.Democrats’ biggest worry in ’16? Bush, maybe Kasich

    Why Donald Trump makes sense to many voters — even some Democrats–even-some-democrats/2015/08/15/cee648f0-42bf-11e5-8ab4-c73967a143d3_story.html

    SHOCK POLL: Trump receives 25% of black vote in general election matchup
    Labor Day Look at the 2016 General Election For President: Every Democrat Trails Trump

    Jeb Bush Snares a Democratic Moneyman on Hamptons Tour

    Hillary donors also funding JEB

    Jeb Bush donors reach out to Kasich-supporting super PAC

    GOT THAT? It’s not Donald Trump Dems fear, the guy who is actually stealing Democrat voters. The two guys Democrats fear most are the two guys that they can wrap Lehman Bros and the crash around their necks like an anchor and one of them has the last name Mudd er….Bush. LMAO! Give me a break!

  • gary lacey

    What are the words that the Black community have latched on to, the same words all Americans have latched onto,
    “”Make America Great Again””

  • lockherup

    That downward H arrow logo needs to be spread far and wide!

  • see

    Shock to Dems that count on their reliable constituencies

  • batlcrewzer

    My feeling is that the party needs to concentrate on attracting more of their own voters. Here’s a few suggestions. Best ways to attract a Republican voter:
    * Hand him an draft deferral application
    * Hand him a job application for a position that requires sitting on your ass and babbling on the phone.
    * Show him women that sleep on a tanning bed.
    * Pull your pecker out and show it. (t-baggr types)
    * Hand out welfare applications.
    * Claim Obama was put together in a secret lab in Israel by Henry Kissinger or any prominent Jew.
    * Shave your vag. It reminds them of their mothers.

  • Bill the Cat

    Obama & Co. have been busily destroying the middle-class, but middle-class blacks have almost been eliminated in the last 7 years.

    Time for deciding: a black marxist in the WH or a job.

  • Robert17

    The Republicans should have been pointing out for years that the Democrat party is done using blacks, and moving on to Latinos. Emphasize that their manual labor jobs are being taken by illegals. It would swing more black vote than this mewling about reaching out to the black vote etc.

  • Evil Otto

    Thanks, generic Democrat shill. I’d rate it a 3/10 for trolling efforts.

  • Patty

    BOOM!! TRUMP DOES IT AGAIN!! Pulls a DONALD on the “Club for Growth”!

    Early on today El Trumpo discovered that the “Club for Growth” was planning to hit him with some Donald-denying commercials:

    phony Club For Growth, which asked me in writing for $1,000,000 (I said
    no), is now wanting to do negative ads on me. Total hypocrites!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 6, 2015

    And so, he did what the Donald always does:

    .@club4growth should release the letter they sent me asking for $1,000,000. When I said no, they came out against me. A scam operation?

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 7, 2015

    Yikes!! Luckily for them, they wouldn’t provide the letter, because that would be terribly embarrassing for…. oh wait.. uh oh…

  • mg4us

    Many hard working Blacks want the same as hard working Whites and heard working Asians and hard working Hispanics. .

    They want Good Jobs. .and Good neighborhoods to raise families. . and keep more of what they earn. . and a country united with Liberty & Justice for all. . with fairness and opportunities for all. . .and an AMERICA that plays BIG. .Does Right and stands TALL

    They like others want to Make AMERICA GREAT Again!
    They want to believe America’s Golden Days are still a-head!

  • olddog

    yep…get ready for Hispanic Affirmative IN-ACTION 2.0 on METH..meanwhile..the AfriCANT DO NUTTINS see under the Choomers BUS..OH THE JOY!!!

  • Down to Earth

    Yep, I agree with you. Here’s the facts though.
    Joe Biden BLASTS Failed Obama Economy: “Devastating for Workers” – “I’m Mad, I’m Angry”
    US workers today make less than they did when Obama took office. Average pay in real terms slumped 4 percent from 2009-14, according to the National Employment Labor Project.
    ** Labor Participation rate is stuck at a 38 year low.
    ** The percentage of working age Americans who are actually working has barely risen from the depths of the last recession.

  • Butch from FL

    You got that right. It is like stealing property that is bought and paid for in full LOL.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Wow, an all-inclusive party, where American Citizens & LEGAL Immigrants of all colors, creeds & religions, come together to make this country great? Somebody pinch me…

    “Make America Great Again…TRUMP 2016!”

  • mainemomof6

    Who doesn’t want to make America great again??
    Those ladies are a HOOT, the kids gather around behind me every time they come out with a new video- speak it sisters! Be loud and proud!

  • William T Quick

    I think you’re onto something. One thing, though: I think it is Trump himself who is “redefining conservatism,” and he is doing so consciously and knowingly.

  • MrSmarty

    I am a white man who voted for Alan Keys (a black man) in the primary leading up to G. Bush’s first election. He wasn’t a “rock star” type and he wasn’t glib and I didn’t vote for him out of “guilt”. He was a smart, no-nonsense man and that’s what many like me wanted in a leader. Instead we got the weak Bush who paved the way for Obama who has also single-handedly set the Middle East on fire and caused irreparable damage to race relations in America. It’s sicken but true that our country is about to reap what it has sown. At this minute there are people dying because of our (their) attempts to control the world. Something is going to bring this to a violent halt. People like us who care about our country have been marginalized and demonized, and, because we have no recourse and no escape, we are going to have to go through the national punishment that the “leadership” of many administrations has caused. Yes, I will continue to resist the evil leaders and vote for someone who might be able to save us but I think it’s too late.

  • Ivyredneck

    I think it’s the people who are redefining. They have 18 colored pencils in front of them and they are picking up the one labeled “Trump.”

  • Don Wadd

    He had a lot of mentors who hate America!

  • Don Wadd

    FIGHT for America! GO TRUMP!

  • charliewalksonwater

    gonna be a month long party at my place.

  • Rat Pyan

    What a great graphic!

  • smokehouse56

    As a “privileged” white American, I wholeheartedly agree. It’s not Trump. It’s his message. I will not vote for any establishment Republicans (RINO’s). Forget their skin color. I will vote for anyone who will run on real American values. I am done holding my nose while voting for an establishment Republicans like Dole, McCain and Romney. Just look what happened when we gave the House and Senate the majority. We get McConnell and Boehner, both RINO’s. And it’s now business as usual in Congress.

  • Daniel King

    Man that’s all we need is dumb ass comments like this one. There a many highly competent black’s who are capable ie (Dr. Carson) Making it sound like Trump is the right guy because he is the white guy is just plain ignorant. Trump is the right man because he appeals to us all on a color that really matters Green!

  • 57nomad

    New word.

    To Trump (verb): To laugh in your opponent’s face and then punch them in it.

  • JoeS

    The popular vote in the 2012 election was about 66M(51%) to 61M(47%-no pun!) in favor of Obama. The Black population was about 41M in the last census. Romney got 6% (Obama 93%, understandably-regretably) of the black vote who turned out in a slightly larger percentage than the white vote. About 18 million blacks voted in 2012. The question is also what will be the black turnout without Obama in the race and whether Obama is REALLY supporting the DEM candidate. I am not sure he turns it out for Hillary as he might Biden or someone else.

    It is not hard to do the math here. 1,080,000 votes is 6% of the black vote in 2012. 4,500,000 is 25% of 18 M. I think Trump can grow the black percentage, maybe by selecting Ben Carson as his running mate. That would help with other groups as well. That is quite a net turnaround of 3,420,000 nationally at the present polling level versus Clinton. Trump is doing better than Romney with Hispanics at 31% versus Romney’s 27% in the last election. If the Republicans turnout better than 2012, he can win large. If Trump can solidify a Reagan coalition by taking some democratic voters and win the independent vote, then who knows what he can do: he might win a Reagan like landslide.

    It will be interesting to see who the actual Dem candidate is. I still think it is going to be Warren in the end. I think Trump will clobber the current running Dems after a long campaign. It would be interesting to see some polls with Warren in the election.

  • MicahStone

    Hillary has just realized her future, and like everything associated with her, it ain’t pretty.

  • Anonymous Guy

    Because they can’t control him. He’ll turn the tables on the grifters.

  • Down to Earth

    “Republican John McCain won 55 percent of the white vote. Fully 96 percent of black voters supported Obama and constituted 13 percent of the electorate, a 2-percentage-point rise in their national turnout.Nov 5, 2008”
    ~~Exit polls: How Obama won – Politico

    In 2008 , 96% thought Obama was the right guy because he’s the black guy.
    By this article , they didn’t shift allegiance to Carson , but more to Trump.
    Lesson learned ? — Being black is not a qualification. You’re right – it’s green !

  • R_of_the_H

    Anybody that is fed up with the current status of this country and its politics. Should really take a close look and listen to what Trump is saying. The other candidates are just repeats of what we have had before and have now.

  • helmethead

    “Trump” and “Landslide.”

    Two words I can embrace.

  • William T Quick

    What is causing them to pick the Trump pencil in particular?

  • MicahStone

    The AMAZING Donald does it again !!!

  • 1twothree4

    Does he blow you when you make excuses for him?

  • SurakV


  • sarai

    Why is the burning issue that united Conservatives no longer important? Why all of a sudden does it not matter that the Federal government has taken over 1/6 of our economy? Trump supporters single payor and 0care. Why is that ok?

  • marrabella

    I think the bottom line for blacks is the same bottom line for whites and asians – Rather than a handout they’d prefer a job. And Trump CAN deliver that more than any other politician that has his bread buttered by evil multinationals that also control the media. These “backers”of ANY politician in DC mean the USA no good and could care less about America’s well being.

  • marrabella

    That is racist and stupid. There are many blacks who are business savvy and capable of leading America. The Dems just lied and cheated when they vetted the Marxist, racist Obama (who just happened to be black). Get real.

  • marrabella

    I agree Harry. It’s so dire in America, We have nothing to lose.

  • marrabella

    We all have to stick together and KNOW that the media is controlled by the evil multinationals who could care less about America’s well being.

  • Fiona1933

    You are all crazy. Obama would have put a real health-care system in place, would have strengthened worker’s rights and would have stimulated the economy. It was the Republicans, remember, who in their selfishness, shut down the whole government. Remember that? Used to be, in a democracy, one person won the job and everyone more-or less got behind him. Now Repubs care so little for America…all they wanted was to destroy that uppity black man.

    He couldnt carry out any plans…and recall…he inherited a destroyed economy and two wars. Who did all that? Who screwed up Iraq? Who invaded a country and just assumed it would happily switch to democracy? Who refused competent people jobs in Iraq if they werent against Roe V Wade? The Republicans ruined Iraq and have destabilised the whole world from Pakistan to Chad.

    Has any president ever had someone shout “You lie!” at him on the floor of Congress? Or had a finger waved in his face and read a lecture on the tarmac? He’s been treated with total disrespect and everything he’s tried to do, the Repubs have stopped him…they dont care about the people at all. Only about wrecking his presidency. Only about bringing him down.

  • paulgilpin

    i remember sitting on the couch watching that first presidential debate that year. i looked at my mom in amazement and said, “the black guy is the only one making any sense”.

  • Norman

    Maybe blacks are finally waking up to the fact the democrats are replacing them with illegals. Maybe.

  • Ivyredneck

    Don’t have a crystal ball, but It’s pretty clear that people started to back Trump as soon as they saw that the establishment politicians and media went after him for saying what everybody thinks but is afraid to say.

    If you google “rasmussen consent of the governed” you will find a series of polls taken by Scott Rasmussen over several years showing a consistent result in response to the question whether the government has the consent of the governed. Between 65% and 70% of likely voters (who are the people who would believe in democracy the most) consistently say no year after year. People have lost faith in democracy and Trump gives them back that faith because he is our enemy’s enemy, and he can’t be bought.

  • justagramma

    I have hated Communists all my life. Obama’s mother, grandmother, grandfather, father, mentor his grandfather hooked him up to were ALL Communists. Obama said in his book (have you read it) that he made a conscientious decision to stay away from people who did not share his political views. He never had those college late night debates with differing views. I would have hated him whatever race he was, because I hate Communists. You hate Conservatives. And you are wrong. Look what Communism has given to the world.

  • Jim Denney

    That must be why 71% in the most recent poll said America is on the wrong track. Keep smokin’ that Hopey Dope™ though, it’s obviously working on you.

  • Donna

    LMAO it has only taken them what 60 or so years since LBJ chained them to the DemOcrap plantation their 65 IQ is hard to over come .

  • Crap, the goyim know. We need to shut this down and fast!

  • Donald “The Foreigner Coroner” Trump actually opposes the H1B visa loophole that allows companies to import a massive number of Bindis to replace jobs that were previously held my actual American citizens at a fraction of the current labor rate. That means more jobs for American citizens of all races, even if it costs more shekels to keep them onboard.


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  • John Boyt

    A good combination would be a Trump – Carson team. Both men with brains who portray wisdom and know how. Get it America, it may be your last chance.

  • Kisse Ellis

    Not. Blacls at the end of the day will vote for Carson !

  • Kisse Ellis

    Only CARSON. No one else.

  • Kisse Ellis

    Blacks will vote Carson over Trump all day every day.

  • Kisse Ellis

    Whatever dude. Stop the Uncle Tom routine.

  • Kisse Ellis

    Thats usually how it is!

  • Kisse Ellis

    Wont happen. Carson yes. Trump…..never

  • Kisse Ellis

    ‘Blacks and Mexicans don’t get along very well.’


  • Kisse Ellis

    Wakeup man

  • Kisse Ellis


    Blacks are under no delusion as to who is behind their econimic problems…..the usual culprit. White people.

  • Kisse Ellis

    You mean when Carson win the nomination and chooses Trump as his VP.

  • Kisse Ellis

    It is supspicious in that Blacks will end up voting for Carson.

  • Trump 2016!

  • I’se usually don’t vote foe de otha man as I’se always vote for de brothaman – but dis time I’se done gone be on de stump…. foe Missah Donald Trump!

  • Gary Iampaglia

    It seems like everyone is afraid of Trump—-democrats and fake republicans. He must be doing something right!!!

  • Six Cents

    After years and years being fed scraps while living on the democrat plantation, things have only gotten worse. The vast majority of Black folks believe OJ did it, Sharpton and Jackson are hustlers, Farrakhan is a fool and electing the first half-Black president was not a very good idea…

  • yvehc_telorvehc

    he would’ve gotten twice the poll numbers if he was using hillary’s fake black accent…

  • Rachel

    Even blacks want the American Dream…and they know Democrats have never given it to them…they don’t even know HOW anymore. Blacks know they’ve been used all these years. Trump knows how to bring the American Dream back b/c he lives in the REAL world, became very successful, and knows how to make things happen. The politicians…all they know how to do is spend our money badly and then lie to us for our vote. They can all move to Mexico where corruption is tolerated. We’ve had enough!

  • Rachel

    b/c nobody owns Trump. And all the other politicians are bought & paid for. They have been ignoring the will of the people for 8 yrs. and more…and we have had ENOUGH. Trump might not be the “perfect Conservative”…but we have learned that elected “Conservatives” aren’t either! We swept them into office and all they did was green light more of Obama’s lunacy! Let a successful businessman have a go at it. He can’t do worse than the Marxist Community Organizer whose only endeavor and accomplishment has been running for public office and redistributing our wealth to the tune of $20TRILLION of debt. He’s a loser. Trump is a WINNER. Let him work his magic for America.

  • maadbeacon

    Thank you for your insightful post.

  • IShoAintNoPushOver

    Hispanic Americans are actually in the exact same boat as us Blacks now.
    Hispanics also are seeing their jobs disappear to illegals. Their neighborhoods are also being invaded by illegals. Their children are also being preyed upon by illegal criminals.
    And Hispanic Americans, like us Blacks, have also been betrayed by B-ttf-ck Insane Ovomit and the Demon craps.

  • IShoAintNoPushOver

    Trump can also easily get the Asian vote if he pushes for it. Because the Asians value hard work and entrepreneurship. In the last congressional election, the GOP managed to outcompete the Demon craps in the Asian vote by one percentage point.
    Trump can also get a very big, unprecedented chunk of the Jewish vote, because even though the Jews are plagued by the self-effacing guilt of successful people, Ovomit and the Demon craps have sold them out over Israel and Iran.
    I also think that Trump can get a big chunk of the American Indian vote, because of the importance of casinos in providing employment to depressed areas.

  • Gregory Reynolds

    Didn’t they say the same thing when Romney was running, lol!!! You fish are really full of it. Trump couldn’t get 25% of the black vote just like the racist GOP can’t. Oh and about that so-called free thing that gets black votes? Yeah we haven’t heard of it. Oh and those things that you do consider to be “Free Things” like Welfare and such? Yeah they were all plans that were put in place for poor whites to get their vote just like the entire New Deal.

  • Gregory Reynolds

    Obviously you haven’t talked to many blacks. Blacks are actually better off now then they were 8 years ago and are getting better. You believe the spin of the Conservative media folks on FAUX that has no problem with lying to you to keep their viewers happy. Now since some of the biggest inventions of today came from people of color I don’t think that even you believe your statements, lol!!! Oh they sounded good if you were on the podium at a Klan Rally but hey who am I to pull your sheet off and expose you!!!

  • Gregory Reynolds

    Yes the GOP uses and has been using the poor white man for years. Even when the GOP of today were the Democrats/Dixiecrats of yesteryear they used you. You bought into their if you help keep the blacks down you can eventually join our club and that never happened, lol!!! Your in no better shape in America then people of color but you will vote against your own self interest just to keep the agenda of the GOP going. Half of you are unskilled, uneducated and live well below the poverty line but have been told that if you raise taxes to help support programs that benefit you and your families you are doing what the blacks want and will never sit at the table and eat our scraps, lol!!! What do you do? Vote against policies and practices that could move you out of the low income bracket. You remind me of the white woman that claimed she didn’t want anything from the Government and Obamacare was just the Government trying to control her then she goes on to state how she has a daughter with multiple sclerosis that has been on medicaid her whole life and they have never taken anything from the Government!!! You’re against what you claim to be socialist programs and are the biggest beneficiaries of all programs available.