Ship with “Aid” for Refugees Arrives in Greece Full of Weapons and Ammunition (Video)

A container full of help for Muslim “refugees” arrived in Greece and guess what was in it?
It was full of weapons and ammunition.
Why isn’t media reporting about this?
haddad 1
The cargo ship Haddad 1 was intercepted with a shipment of arms heading to ISIS. (IBT)

Greek officials intercepted a ship carrying weapons, including 5,000 shotguns, off Crete heading to the Islamic State of Libya.

Weapons for Islamists.

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  • ohio granny

    Bet this doesn’t make it on any of the MSM news shows today. They are too busy blaming America for the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers.

  • Med1

    We all knew what “The Great Islaamic Invasion” would yield. My only hope is that Greece will keep these weapons to protect themselves.

  • Americadies

    Maybe the new crusades can begins soon, killing Muslims by the millions could be a positive thing.

  • darrell_b8

    No good Muslims; threw the bacon overboard and replaced it with AK-47’s and RPG’s.

  • HockeyShark

    Was this another gift from obammy hussein?

  • haypa2

    Those weapons should be shipped to the Kurds in Iraq, they would put them to good use.

  • Kate

    Big question is: WHERE did this shipment ORIGINATE from? WHO bought munitions and guns to ship to Libya?
    Remember Benghazi in 2012. Strawman country Qatar with arms/munitions FROM Qatar to Libya to Turkey to ???
    Is Turkey involved AGAIN???

  • Mark

    Gosh, I wonder who sent it. Maybe it was the Red Cross, so our little darlings could defend Allah from insult.

  • Mark

    Greece was under the bootheel of islam for years. If anyone should know what islam is, they should. Too bad Greece is run by semi communist idiots.

  • Mark

    Not while Obama is busy letting Turkey bomb them.

  • Squid Overlord

    From Obama. With love…

  • Mad Hatter

    They need more than shotguns. They need fully automatic weapons.

  • formwiz

    The old game.

    The Left, here and there, will ignore it.

  • Nate

    And how many didn’t get caught? Or were carried in. US Navy ships?

  • Dick_Gosinya

    “It’s DUCK season! RABBIT season! DUCK season!”

    Nothing to see here. Please move along!

  • kazzer66

    If the Greeks have any brains they’ll use those weapons.

  • BeansFerSupper

    5000 shotguns.. No doubt, Muslims are following the advice of Joe Biden.

  • BenY

    I’m shocked, just shocked!

  • jcd0101

    ohh i am SURE that they needed those 5000 shotguns
    and enough shotgun ammo for 1/2 an infantry division..

    after all they were all going pheasant hunting..

  • nearboston

    Allow the ship to proceed but send the arms to the refugees and tell THEM to fight ISIS

  • BPatMann

    For a “religion” as violent as Islam, where they live on violence, weapons are “aid.”

  • STLstudent

    Islam is a political movement. It is a violent, murderous, political movement, and it will destroy Western Civilization. White Westerners are simply suicidal.

  • Carolingian
  • nodhimmi

    The o loving media would be all over this if the so called refugees were Jews or Christians, but hey, they are just “peaceful” Muslims!

  • honestAbesurd

    Probably from Obama and Hillary’s stash that they stole from MOMO

  • AKB

    Where does it say that the shipment was for refugees? None of the linked articles make that claim. This is one of a steady stream of weapons into the region. This is not new.

  • Ubeturbipy

    Was it shipped from Benghazi, Mexico or Washington DC?

  • Joy Beum

    The port name on the ship was Lapaz.

  • blame_canada929

    I know Muslims have different tastes in food but I wasnt aware they could eat shotguns?


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  • Stand
    Maybe its not being reported,because it is BLATANT FALSE PROPAGANDA