Hoax Exposed: Muslim Student Ahmed Mohamed’s ‘Briefcase Clock’ is 1980s Digital Alarm Clock

““Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.”
President Barack Obama, September 16, 2015

It was a Hoax.
Ahmed Mohamed’s claims that he assembled a clock at home that he took to school is starting to unravel.

Two investigators who have studied the image of Mohamed’s device provided by Irving, Texas police have concluded that Mohamed did not make the clock. Both conclude that Mohamed disassembled a manufactured clock and installed it in a large pencil box without its casing. And both say it is possible it was done to provoke suspicion or to resemble a bomb.

Update: Clock has been identified as being sold in a 1986 Radio Shack catalogue by an Art Voice reader. The headline and text for this article has been changed to reflect the update.

Ahmed Clock Irving PD

14-year-old Mohamed, a Muslim, was briefly arrested and investigated for bringing a hoax bomb to MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas on Monday. He was subsequently cleared.

Thousands of dollars have been donated to Ahmed Mohamed in just the past few days, reported CNN.

“On Monday, 14-year-old Mohamed was arrested for taking a homemade clock to school that his teachers thought was a bomb. So crowdfunding platform LaunchGood started a campaign to raise $100,000 for the Muslim teen.

“In just one day, the site had raised over $10,000 from more than 200 backers. It’s hoping to raise $100,000 by October 13.

“”The support for it has been amazing,” said Chris Abdur-Rahman Blauvelt, CEO of LaunchGood, which supports projects started by Muslims or ones that are tied to the history and study of Islam.

…”Blauvelt said his campaign has the approval of Mohamed’s family. He said half of the money donated will go toward a scholarship fund for Mohamed and the rest to efforts that foster creativity and inventiveness in kids.

“In addition to LaunchGood, crowdfunding platform Gofundme has also launched a campaign for Mohamed. It’s raised more than $4,000 with a goal of $60,000 that will go toward Mohamed’s future college tuition.”

Thomas Talbot posted a video to YouTube explaining the various parts in the photo of Mohamed’s briefcase clock belong to a manufactured alarm clock.

“Anthony”, writing at the blog Art Voice, detailed how Mohamed’s device is actually a 1980s digital alarm clock sold by Radio Shack.

“For starters, one glance at the printed circuit board in the photo, and I knew we were looking at mid-to-late 1970s vintage electronics. Surely you’ve seen a modern circuit board, with metallic traces leading all over to the various components like an electronic spider’s web. You’ll notice right away the highly accurate spacing, straightness of the lines, consistency of the patterns. That’s because we design things on computers nowadays, and computers assist in routing these lines. Take a look at the board in Ahmed’s clock. It almost looks hand-drawn, right? That’s because it probably was. Computer aided design was in its infancy in the 70s. This is how simple, low cost items (like an alarm clock) were designed. Today, even a budding beginner is going to get some computer aided assistance – in fact they’ll probably start there, learning by simulating designs before building them. You can even simulate or lay out a board with free apps on your phone or tablet. A modern hobbyist usually wouldn’t be bothered with the outdated design techniques. There’s also silk screening on the board. An “M” logo, “C-94” (probably, a part number – C might even stand for “clock”), and what looks like an American flag. More about that in a minute. Point for now being, a hobbyist wouldn’t silk screen logos and part numbers on their home made creation. It’s pretty safe to say already we’re looking at ’70s tech, mass produced in a factory.

So I turned to eBay, searching for vintage alarm clocks. It only took a minute to locate Ahmed’s clock. See this eBay listing, up at the time of this writing. Amhed’s clock was invented, and built, by Micronta, a Radio Shack subsidary. Catalog number 63 756.”

“The shape and design is a dead give away. The large screen. The buttons on the front laid out horizontally would have been on a separate board – a large snooze button, four control buttons, and two switches to turn the alarm on and off, and choose two brightness levels. A second board inside would have contained the actual “brains” of the unit. The clock features a 9v battery back-up, and a switch on the rear allows the owner to choose between 12 and 24 hour time. (Features like a battery back-up, and a 24 hour time selection seems awful superfluous for a hobby project, don’t you think?) Oh, and about that “M” logo on the circuit board mentioned above? Micronta.”

…”Because, is it possible, that maybe, just maybe, this was actually a hoax bomb? A silly prank that was taken the wrong way?…”

Micronta Clock
Micronta clock with measurement showing it could fit in Ahmed Mohamed’s pencil box. Image via Art Voice.

More details and photos at Art Voice.

President Barack Obama tweeted an invitation to the White House to Mohamed before all the details were known.

““Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.”

Obama’s press secretary Josh Earnest attacked teachers at a briefing on Wednesday for calling in authorities to investigate Mohamed.

“Q Josh, how did President Obama come to post a tweet about a high school student in Texas who made a clock with some wires that got him in trouble? And why did he choose to tweet about it?”

“MR. EARNEST: Well, I think the President, like many of us, was struck by the news reports of this particular incident. Mark, the fact is that America’s best teachers in our schools — in our best schools at least — nurture the intellectual curiosity of all of our students. In this instance, it’s clear that at least some of Ahmed’s teachers failed him. That’s too bad. But it’s not too late for all of us to use this as a teachable moment and to search our own conscience for biases in whatever form they take.

“This episode is a good illustration of how pernicious stereotypes can prevent even good-hearted people who dedicate their lives to educating young people for doing the good work that they set out to do.”

“So the President was pleased to extend an invitation — or the White House was pleased to extend an invitation to Ahmed to participate in Astronomy Night that will be hosted here at the White House next month. Astronomy Night is an event that we’ve previously held here that will bring together government, scientists, and NASA astronauts and others to spend some time with young people examining the wonders of the heavens. And it will be an opportunity for them to talk about science and our solar system and the universe. And it should be a good event. And I think that — or at least we are hopeful that Ahmed will feel right at home here.”

“Q Does President Obama believe bias was a factor because the young man is Muslim?”

“MR. EARNEST: Well, I think from this distance, it’s far too early to draw that direct assessment from here. We have seen that local law enforcement officials have closed the case. And I think there are some difficult and penetrating questions that do need to be asked in pursuit of the information that you just presented.”

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  • Patty

    Oh, another embarrassment for the PC school system but better yet, OBAMA, lol!! till the cows come home.

    Proves that his people are morons too.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Of the $100,000 they expect to raise for the kid, they intend to put $60,000 towards his future education with the remaining $40,000 going to support his 19 cousins who presently are fighting along some organization called “ISIS” back in Mosul.

  • johnfarmingdale

    suitcase clock. LMAO!!!!

  • olddog

    and the LIEberal (D)ung eaters get SCAMMED ..AGAIN..priceless..

  • Dick Turpin

    …This was a dry run to gauge reaction……

  • LiberalsSuck

    Who would ever be suspicious of a raghead, a clock and a brief case??? Maybe he’ll take the loaded one when I shows up at the Occupied House.

  • LouAnnWatson

    “It’s what makes America great” obama is such a transparent dick. he doesn’t even care because he knows he beat the media down so much that they live in fear of public humiliation.
    and finding a 70’s clock at a flea market and claiming you built it? what happened to “you didn’t build that”? yeah, with obama it’s all lies all of the time.

  • Phoenix_Damaged

    I’m glad Obama asked him to the White House for a visit and a chat.
    I think he should bring his clock.
    I also think he should walk through the White House front door with the same freedom he had at his grade school.

    Who here thinks that clock won’t get a going-over?

  • LouAnnWatson

    security for me and not for thee…

  • ridgerunner

    Obama misunderstood the school policy as “Zero’s Tolerance”.

  • Nosmo2

    May have been a setup to politically destroy the mayor…

  • Pigg Pie

    A person could make a small fortune selling T-Shirts with this and caption Muslim Clock.

    This story of boy’s claim of making a homemade clock and discovering that it’s just a disassembled clock, reminds me of the many false claim of islam’s scientific contributions.

  • DM1499

    Has anyone actually purchased the clock at ebay to see if the internal parts match Ahmed’s “clock”?

  • B. Smith

    Wonder if B.O. will rescind his invitation………….and they’re giving Trump a bunch of crap because he didn’t defend this Muslim moron? Barack, I mean

  • Goose

    a provocation, a set-up to further divide, create strife, antagonism and agony for Americans, to get US to lower our guard, our suspicions, our instincts, our common sense and a test run to determine when will be the best time to stab US in the back like the treacherous bastards they are… No Apologies!

    Chris Plante, WMAL, this morning (podcast) mentioned this morning that Achmed Mohmammad’s father, Mohammad Mohammad was/is involved with CAIR and their protest against Florida Pastor Terry Jones –

  • Goose

    is that all? methinx they have loftier ambitions

  • mofromUS

    Just proves we have an idiot running the country bahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Goose

    proof #7825458476845648263482364582345628456238552348235482356238462384621

  • Tracksuit Al

    This whole thing might go down as one of the greatest media hoaxes of all time.

  • Goose

    not even in the top 1000

  • Pa Bell

    Your assessment could be absolutely correct. It also could have been perpetrated to garner sympathy for small desert rats and it was most likely perpetrated for fundraising purposes. I understand the little rodent was uncooperative with the police and sassed them at every turn while repeatedly smiling and mugging for the cameras of the fawning media.

  • Pa Bell

    I wonder how much Jesse was able to shake her down for throughout the years?

  • Fried Chicken

    Police should hand him all the parts and say.. “Make another one”. Then arrest the father for criminal mischief after he has no idea how to make another one.

  • Alex

    Muslim in training to build bombs and praised by impostor. Oh, future impostor, moooslims can only destroy not to build.

  • nodhimmi

    Oh he is such a genius! You mean old Muslim haters are so jealous a dark skinned person is so. Much smarter than your kids will ever be! Oh the things the dupes said about us who knew from day one something was up and that fake or not the school had every right to cuff this phony scrawny little liar! Oh yeah, even our oh so intelligent muslin lover King was played most of all!

    To quote a line from a chum Norris film you lose!

  • Bill Smith2

    Why go to that length?? We see what’s going on here..

  • really now

    They were trolling for lawsuit money.

  • Bill Smith2

    Art imitating life.. He sees his role models that his culture has to offer and he’s just mimicking them..

  • Bill Smith2

    That’s why half your people are scampering across the deserts and bobbing around in the world’s seas on floating doors currently, searching for someone who will take care of them……….because they’re all so smart..

  • Janis Fowler

    I am going to get a lot of hate on this one but better safe than sorry….could of been a test run to see how far it could get into a school. I don’t trust anything any more and we have zero tolerance so I hear in the school system for anything that looks like a weapon. Sure looks like the making of a bomb to me.

  • ee1774

    They should sit this kid down and have him explain – in detail – exactly how he ‘made’ that clock.

  • DM1499

    Because if the parts matched, it would prove beyond all doubt the kid is lying about “inventing” the clock.

    We see whats going on here, but we are preaching to the choir. Get proof that Ahmed and/or his father deliberately fabricated the story and force the left to admit wrong.

  • Bill Smith2

    He’s just watching and parroting what the role models his culture has to offer..

  • sheesh

    Until playing the victim stops paying off, people are going to keep doing it

  • relative

    If a Pop Tart bitten into an L shape looks enough like a gun to be a threat, then a box of wires and electronics brought to school by a much older child is certainly a threat.

  • Bill Smith2

    I think we’ve seem enough.. Even if they did go that route, the kid will still get the same pats on the back from the same people..

  • Bill Smith2

    Couple hundred thousand bucks is pretty lofty in my opinion..

  • Bill Smith2

    You’re only a liberal until you get mugged by your government.. Here, where we have liberally indoctrinated schools that trained over react to the slightest whiff of danger, have been screwed over by their own design..

  • ee1774

    Now would be the perfect time……………for this…………….

  • Bill Smith2

    I guess he should have went with his 2nd choice invention.. The item that “no one self respecting driver can do without” road-flare vest..

  • Torcer


  • GRIZZ The Infidel

    Build a real one and show Obama .
    Then I’ll be impressed

  • GRIZZ The Infidel

    That would be obama

  • saturn

    The bumbling community organizer in the White House has a knack of getting things wrong, even this!

    It proved to be another example of Islam’s contribution to science.

  • skies

    Briefcase Clock Maker Ahmed Mohamed admits forethought – knew it was going to be “suspicious”….
    Posted on September 18, 2015 by sundance

    As many people thoroughly anticipated the back-story to the 14-year-old briefcase clockmaker reflects his
    father is actually a rather controversial Muslim activist. This lends further credence toward a reasonable belief that his taking a briefcase clock to school was not as innocent as the media would lead everyone to

    In his own words Ahmed Mohamed, 14, an Irving MacArthur High student essentially states he knew taking the device to school was controversial. Listen at 1:26 video:

    “I closed it with a cable, so… because, I didn’t want to lock it to make it seem like a threat so I just used simple cable…. so it won’t look that much suspicious”.

    That’s what you call an admission of premeditation and intent. In his own words, with forethought, he knew the briefcase with wires and “a countdown clock” would be “suspicious”; especially around 9/11.

    Update#2 – We are not the only people to pick up on the admitted “intent”. Follow THIS LINK – To see exactly how it was engineered and the kids’ story gets even more sketchy.


  • irishalaman

    Ahmed is going to use the money to go out and buy the parts to build a pressure cooker.
    How effing stupid are the American People? Pretty effing stupid..pretty effing stupid..unblievable. Muslims have done this time after time..we are victims,,we are victims..we will terrorize you ..we are victims..Christianity really bothers us..now that we think about..all INFIDELS bother us..SICK STUFF,

  • gsp9993

    It’s amazing how the press and the most important people in America get fooled just about every time some nutbag does something unusual. It is always about politics. No wonder people love Trump. He’s going to stop this madness.

  • uiaiuazxcjm

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  • Servo1969

    Obama Administration: If you see something, say something. Unless it’s a Muslim, you bunch of stinking racists!

  • Gnome Sane

    Had it been the real deal and gone off, they would still blame the school officials for not doing their jobs. Lose-lose.

  • Gnome Sane

    BO has a track record of coming down on the side of the criminals.

  • ohio granny

    Zero policy only comes in play when it involves guns or God.

  • swithin

    This is scary. Everyone here just wants to be scared. Scared of things that are different no matter what. Here you all are vilifying a child, did he invent a clock ? of course not they have been around for years maybe most people here are telling the time by the sun, but let me tell you in the modern world clocks have been around for centuries!

    did he build it ? Yes of course its just the use of the word invent you all are reacting to the people misusing a word invent/build not exactly a major hoax just english being used !

    From this misuse of a word you have now all labelled his parents as terrorist and ‘invented’ stories to fit your small minded scared of the different lives. Did you invent this attitude? No of course not its all over this and other hate websites but you are all responsible for building it, and all should be ashamed.

    This is a 14 year old boy who made something he was proud of instead of saying well done encouraging him so in the future he can develop and obtain a good job and a career, you all only want to knock him down to feed your fears.

    Grow up !

  • Kenneth W

    One has to ask why did the fake bomber plug the briefcase(pencil box) in when in a English class?
    If he was into electronics he would have cut the transformer and cord off and put the 9 volt backup battery to run the fake briefcase bomb.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Too funny! And brilliant.

  • Kenneth W

    BS He would not have used a briefcase(pencil box) unless he was looking for a bomb look. Any other project would be on a board so it can be easy to see.

  • IrishEyes

    Here’s how to build a digital clock. Now if that kid did this, I would be surprised.


  • wasitsomethingisaid

    We can argue all day long about the kids intent wen assembling and taking his creation to school,but one thing is sure;if that were the white son of a conservative,the kid would have been arrested,charged,and permanently expelled from the school.The left would use the incident to remind us all that homegrown terrorism perpetrated by right wing whites is a bigger threat than islamic radicalism.The comparisons to Tim Mcveigh would be unending.

  • darrell_b8

    A ‘practice run’???

  • mjazzguitar

    “I got a screwdriver and took all the screws out of an old bedside alarm clock.”

  • Darkheart11

    I get the impression obama bad the kid brought to the white house just because he wanted a MUSLIM there. And this is as good a jab at American as any other of the cheap, shoddy tricks that appeals to the boy,ali-Bama.

    The kid? Just a wannabe punk doing what punks do.

  • C T

    What do you think police will find when they dust the thing for prints?

  • C T

    He didn’t invent a thing, but he’s claiming to. He’s lying.

  • gary lacey

    Perhaps, Ahmed will arm the clock prior to his visit to the white house?!


    Yea. OK Bombing…yet another tragedy with Dem. Gov’t stupidity written all over it.

  • quietthinker

    right, just try taking that clock that looks like a bomb to the white house and see what happens to you.

  • mg4us

    This was a trial run. . to test the system and to cause distraction. . .

    The family knew what they were doing. . .
    Make it look like a bomb. . why?

    Do not trust them. . .

  • helmethead


  • ee1774

    Updated jpeg……….feel-free to pass it around………..

  • Mike in Illinois

    Ya know, Josh Earnest has asked us all to “see something, say something”.
    Well, here we have teachers seeing something, and they said something.
    Look what happened.
    Set Up.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Wee, first I went to walgreens and bought this box, then I took apart an alarm clock and then I put them together. I took it to school to make people think that I had a bomb, so I could play the race card…..just like my daddy does.

  • Mike in Illinois

    and crowdsourcing money.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Wowzers! “so it wouldn’t look that much suspicious”. Flat Busted. He knew it looked suspicious, tried to make it less suspicious and then took it to school anyway.
    Flat. Busted. By. His. Own. Words.
    As such, he must stand down any criticism of it being suspicious! Period.
    Go ahead, ahmed, take yer clock through a TSA line…….go for it.

  • ZZZzzzz

    I KNEW IT!! I had a feeling this was all a hoax from day one and the stupid Muslim-in-Chief fell for it. This kid didn’t know squat about how this was put together when asked by the authorities. The NASA shirt was a nice touch! It most def is a dry run for the real thing. This is lying pathetic kids father is a Jihadi CAIR member, which is a front group for terrorists and this whole family should be deported for the liars and instigators of fear they are. Idiots contributing $$$ to this schemers are the uninformed Democrat voters no doubt as usual.

  • LudicrousSextus

    Most amusing. The kid was told by one teacher ‘not to show this thing around the school’ and promptly did so. Reports state he was anything but ‘co-operative’.

    We’ll overlook the rather ludicrous ‘he built something’ claim – he dissected a clock and put it in a pencil case.

    Some of us were actually building Radio Shack and Heathkit projects before his age, and for a ‘bright kid’ with the Islamic semi-radical father he has – he damn sure wasn’t that bright if he didn’t know what ‘reaction’ this thing would get in ANY school setting.

    Google ‘Islamic child bombers’ and get back to us when you wade thru the 3 million results. Even Googling ‘Christian child bombers’ produces 800k results – and 90% of those results – relate to Islam’s predisposition for having children blow crap up.

  • LudicrousSextus

    Eh…Barry will just get on the phone to his BFF Bill Ayers – have him drop by to show the kid how to build a real bomb…

  • Kirk Holmes

    Isn’t lil’ ol’ Ahmed leaving his school for another “training camp”, uh… hmm… excuse me, I mean school?

  • terrence

    Thye will never do that – they will do nothing, NOTHING about this, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

  • terrence

    But this kid is a mooslime and has brown skin – so he can do NO WRONG. The other kid was white, and NOT a mooslime, so he can do NO RIGHT.

  • Carolingian

    THIS is TERRORISM. This kid should be arrested for terrorism. His father is an activist. Obozo is going off the rails. PREMEDITATED Terror kid admitted to suspicious contemplation.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    President dipshit steps in it again. What a fool!

  • terrence

    Does anyone think the SLIMESTREAM media will cover and report on this? DO NOT HOL:D YOUR BREATH WAITING.


    That’s was the kid’s way of making a political statement and terrorist threat I knew it all along. I also know he’s not smart enough to think of this himself. Deport the entire extended family.

  • Carolingian

    Hussein is ramping up the terror

  • Carolingian

    If a kid had intentionally done this at my school, the students would have taken care of this piece of camel dung.

  • SWwife

    Then IMO it’s was a test

  • Blah Blah

    If Obama had a son, his name would be Ahmed Obomba!

  • Mike in Illinois

    On what basis, and of what, was he cleared?

  • Mike in Illinois

    And as usual, his intent fails miserably.

  • Blah Blah

    Lol, nice!
    Obama really is Americas village idiot.

  • Carolingian


  • carter
  • Tim jones

    aaaaand i was right again.

    terrorism. arrest them all.

    obammy continues to show he’s a clear and present danger, the muslims continue to show their disrespect and ideas for our country.

    these people should be on their way to gitmo never to be seen again.

  • rosetta_stoned

    Sorry, but having a two-bit, jug-eared fool elected twice beats it by a long shot.

  • Like clockwork no pun intended, obama has a way of injecting himself in local stories where he has no business and stirs the pot. To the detriment of our country. On balance his involvement always does more harm than good. He is a malevolent trickster.

  • Thegoldman

    He’s just practicing for the real thing…

  • Carolingian

    Interesting piece of propaganda. Using this Astroturf campaign the Whitehouse has basically published the basic elements to creating IED’s. This second video makes that clearer as he explains it can be run off a battery. This is pretty twisted Astroturf campaign…… has Eric Holder written all over it.

  • Jennasam

    How embarrassing to leftists. It reminds me of their theories of ‘global warming’ – a hoax. Every slobbering leftist wants to give Ahmed a full scholarship for buying a POS clock off eBay.. amazing, but so typical of these idiots.

  • MekongDelta69

    To borrow what a friend said:

    “His father is a shariah activist and his mother is president of the local chapter of CAIR.”

  • PetethePlumber

    Achmed is a fraud. Just like the Fraud in Chief.

  • fatback

    you got it… with a hefty lawsuit…..

  • Aqualung

    Obama’s new man at NASA a few yrs ago said their #1 goal is to promote Muslim contributions to science and astronomy. Obama thought they finally found one.

  • fatback

    CNN liked it Meygan Kelly liked it Chris Christie liked the other setup on trump. If we don’t expose these hoaxes we are doomed. Look at the picture of the toddler that deowned and the dubious story of the parents. It caused a complete invasion of Europe by muslims as liberals cried for the children.

  • Recently

    USED TO HARP ON. ?????

  • Terry ‘daBear’ Browning

    Big thumbs up!!!

  • thalightguy

    Hmm, I wonder where he got the idea to do such a thing… http://www.instructables.com/id/Explosive-Alarm-Clock/

  • Lee Jan

    Perfect guest for the White Hut.

  • Carolingian

    We have had one every month or so since this terrorist got in office.

  • DM1499

    Its not a matter of trust. Its the difference between circumstantial evidence and direct evidence. I believe the kid used an old clock to make the device. But believing and proving are two different things.

  • juandos

    Again the Kenyan Kommie Klown has made it known world wide that he’s an idiot and a fool who shoots his mouth off to quick…

    Remember how Obama slandered that cop (“acted stupidly”) with regards Henry Louis Gates?

  • Avspatti

    I had already had big doubts about Obama, but at that moment, I KNEW we were in for big, racial trouble.

  • blackfeather

    it looks like a damn bomb, and I would have been suspicious too….

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Why isn’t Drudge running this as the banner?

  • wwwashingtondo

    Perhaps this is an elaborate assassination plot. 1) Bring fake bomb to school (it looked like a bomb to the untrained). 2) Get invited to the white house. 3) Bring real bomb to show president.

  • sameolbs

    This kid is turning out to be a fine liberal liar.

  • morecotwo

    Barry is a fraud. He like all things fraudulent.

  • sameolbs

    Will he still make it to the WH??? Anyone?

  • noway2no

    Since the last useful thing to come from Isalm was the zero about 700 years ago you could see how they could get excited.

  • FreddieMercuryFan

    What I find the most bizarre is that this event happened so quickly. I read the news everyday. I went to work in the morning, didn’t see anything about this, and by the time I came home and had a chance to read the news, Obama had already invited the kid to the White House. It seems so odd to me.

  • WillDTermine

    Well done!

  • gregzotta

    If you see something, say something. This Muslim brought a hoax bomb to school for the “MOVEMENT.” So FU Josh Ernest and Hussein Obama.

  • gsp9993

    Yea, all part of the “bring your IED to school” for Muslim pride day.

  • gsp9993

    They learn that first.

  • Kim Shockley

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  • Kim Shockley

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  • 4True

    Reaction was exactly as expected in the White House.

  • 4True

    This proves even the people running MIT are morons having invited him in with open arms.

  • tj

    We need more Islamic kids learning how to make IED -like devices in high school…. lord knows we can’t afford to send them all to Syria for training!… oh wait.. unless we bring the Syrian trainers here!…

  • honestAbesurd

    The case is bent, how did it even close?

  • What?

    He hacked up a Alarm Clock.

  • roccolore

    Ku Klux Kair and other libs say this thing was nothing to be scared of…but we all know what would happen if this heap were placed in front of a CAIR office or mosque.

  • Vibrant C. Mandate

    Odd that Ahmed wore a NASA shirt for what, three days in a row? And then gets invited to the NASA themed upcoming “Astronomy Night” at the WH.

    Or are they giving out free NASA shirts to Muslim kids now, to complete the Admin-directed “inclusiveness” of bringing Islam-worshippers to the space program?

    I’m so afraid that NONE OF THESE TWISTS will be reported by the agenda-driven media. It will just be more “Down the Memory Hole”.

    At what point does the Memory Hole become a Sinkhole? Those can be deadly………

  • Vibrant C. Mandate

    Great idea, Fried! I wonder if Young-Ahmed-the-Clockmaker could even explain how it WORKS? (I guess he’s had all weekend now to bone up on that, but who knows if these incredibly hinky plot developments will ever be picked up by the media anyway?).

    With a possible BOMB, we should always, ALWAYS err on the side of caution. To all who immediately claimed “#IStandWithAhmed”, I get that your belief is that NOT investigating a kid because he is Muslim (when PLENTY of white kids have gotten in trouble for FAR less suspicious-looking stuff) is the “non-racist” thing to do, but do you not get that “tolerant, accepting Progressives” can be blown up JUST as quickly as those of us you label as “racist”??

  • Mark

    It is little Mohammed’s dry run. Al Kaboomi will be back shortly. If you stop him from bringing a bomb you are a racist.

  • Vibrant C. Mandate

    Hey, LiberalsSuck! Here’s the thing, I TOTALLY agree w/ you. And the all-important concept of Free Speech! And I HATE the one-sided, idiotic namby-pamby tone of The Self-Appointed Speech Monitors.

    And the headgear very often DOES resemble a “rag”.

    It’s just that when they catch us using arguably degrading slurs, it gives ’em MORE ammo to just dismiss us as hopeless, mean-spirited “racists” (when I believe it is they, with their “Identity Politics” that are the ones CONSUMED with race!).

    And I REALLY want to have “our side” win this all-important election! So, I’m not trying “their” device of “shaming”, I’m just asking if you could maybe chill on using “raghead”. When we have so much OBVIOUS TRUTH on our side, why give ’em anything else to clutch their pearls, & be “outraged” at?

  • Mark

    99% of the Muzz in America should be deported and the remaining 1% closely watched. These goat humpers want to kill us.

  • Skay

    He fooled more than MIT.

  • Vibrant C. Mandate

    That website, http://www.TheConservativeTreehouse.com is AMAZING at exposing scams, and investigating corruption on ALL sides (The Dems AND The GOP Establishment–plus the lies that we’re being fed on MANY other subjects).

    There has been a plot on the Right to oust ANY candidate who does not follow the Chamber of Commerce agenda (Open Borders/ Amnesty; Common Core, and NOT dismantling Obamacare. Btw, the new, higher fees-as-predicted will be hitting very SOON).

    If you’re a Conservative, you should really check it out.(Find how your own party is actively working to thwart what the PEOPLE want).

    If you’re a Liberal, you should really check it out. (Just read it. Then you can decide for yourself if you find it all plausible/ fitting together). YES, many higher-up Repubs ARE the money-grubbers you think they are! And many Dems are buddy-buddy with them! We are ALL the “underdog” here.

    If you’re totes fine with unfettered illegal immigration, and the financial strains ALONE it puts on the country, not to mention that an overcrowded boat ALWAYS sinks, etc, etc and you are SURE that you FEEL that any opposition can “ONLY BE DUE TO ‘RACISM’ FROM OLD ANGRY WHITE PEOPLE”, then it may not be the website for you. Because it will explain how that FEELING is based on a False Premise. There are TONS of Very Valid Reasons why Illegal Immigration is unsustainable. And many, many Latinos who agree! But anyway…….YOU SHOULD *STILL* CHECK IT OUT. So you’ll know the info, & not be surprised by those facts when you’re in an argument. Or even only for laughs! Didja know Conservatives can be FUNNY? And they’re not all WHITE!

    The best articles on the election are listed under “Why I Support Trump”, but ANYTHING written by “Sundance” is usually incredibly clarifying. Yes, he admittedly has his own agenda, but TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA!

    Cannot recommend highly enough! Bonus, they truly ARE funny! Glad you posted this!

  • Phil

    And not one person at the school behaved in any way as if it was a bomb.

    I spent seven years on the faculty of a large community college teaching electronics technology. I would expect any of my passing students to be able to construct a digital clock using off the shelf components, and have no problem expecting a 14 year bright kid to be able to do the same.

    No one with much knowledge of bombs or electronic technology could see a bomb, and while a teacher may have been suspicious it is manifestly clear that the school did not see one either. You don’t keep a bomb in a room and the kids at class for hours if you have any doubts at all. The knowledgeable teacher who saw it realized it was a clock. He didn’t challenge the boy on his knowledge or abilities.

  • Phil

    I do not see any credible evidence that is a disassembled clock. One would have to look more closely than a photograph to tell.

    I spent seven years on the faculty of a large community college teaching electronics technology. I would expect any of my passing students to be able to construct a digital clock using off the shelf components, and have no problem expecting a 14 year bright kid to be able to do the same.

    “I made the clock” exactly fits that scenario. He did not say he made it from component level items, nor did he create a chip foundry to make the individual circuits, nor did he build his own semiconductors. He did not smelt copper to use for the wires. Nor did he imply that he did. One can buy those parts easily and knowing how to assemble them into a working clock would be a good display of basic technology skills.

    No one with knowledge of bombs or electronic technology could see a bomb there, and while a naive teacher may have been suspicious it is manifestly clear that the school did not see one either. You don’t keep a bomb in a room and the kids at class for hours if you have any doubts at all.

  • Phil

    I cannot see any credible evidence that is a disassembled clock. You can’t tell from that photo. I would have to look more closely than a photograph to tell. I spent seven years on the faculty of a large community college teaching electronics technology. I would expect any of my passing students to be able to construct a digital clock using off the shelf components, and have no problem expecting a 14 year bright kid to be able to do the same.

    “I made the clock” exactly fits that scenario. He did not say he made it from component level items, nor did he create a chip foundry to make the individual circuits, nor did he build his own semiconductors. He did not smelt copper to use for the wires. Nor did he imply that he did. One
    can buy those parts easily and knowing how to assemble them into a working clock would be a good display of basic technology skills.

    No one with knowledge of bombs or electronic technology could see a bomb there, and while a naive teacher may have been suspicious it is manifestly clear that the school did not see one either. You don’t keep a bomb in a room and the kids at class for hours if you have any doubts at all.

  • Phil

    Or you might say that a white son of a conservative would never have been turned over to the police. It’s just as likely. And the boy is still expelled from the school, just for the record.

  • Pigg Pie

    Phil you must be as smart as Ahmed and/or a muslim sympathizer if you cannot watch this video and see that Ahmed just disassembled an existing clock and put it into a suitcase to elicit a reaction.

  • Phil

    OK the pop tart thing — the kid was suspending for disrupting class. The device he used to disrupt was a pop tart, and the hearing officer on appeal said if he had bitten it into the shape of a cat and run around meowing he’d have been suspended for that too. Just for the record.

  • Tzu Wu

    I actually agree with you but it’s hard for anybody to take us seriously when you write “mooslime”

  • Bob USAF(ret)

    Wow, what a smart muslim, he took something that had already been invented and put it in another box..Reminds me of things that have maimed and killed our soldiers.

  • Chris Walton

    Maybe because if it had been a bomb, it would have gone off with the timer, when the teacher was alerted and sent him to the office. When the clock reached zero, why would someone believe it was an active bomb if it hadn’t detonated? They likely realized it wasn’t a bomb, but still wanted to get him on a bomb hoax bit.

  • Mike

    That brat needs his a55 kicked.

  • ee1774

    “I cannot see any credible evidence that is a disassembled clock.”

    Translation: “………could be a bomb……….”

    “No one with knowledge of bombs………..”
    Let’s hear from a professional with bomb experience……..

    “….or electronic technology could see a bomb there…”
    Wrong. Experience with electronic technology does not guarantee experience with bomb technology.

    “You don’t keep a bomb in a room and the kids at class for hours if you have any doubts at all.”
    Depends on who ‘you’ is.

  • bill_a_bob

    POTUS: You didn’t build that!

  • Phil

    Would you like to see my Mensa card?

  • Phil

    Maybe because if it was a bomb there would have to actually be explosives in the case too? I would think almost anyone could see there are none in the case. And the clock being a clock (not a timer) it didn’t go to zero. Also would you really take the chance? If you were an official charged with the safety of a thousand children? If there was ANY chance it was a bomb you do the fire drill.

  • Phil

    Yeah I don’t have to be a bomb expert to see that there are no explosives there. Very few bombs are made with no explosives. I can’t really think of any time a non-bomb has exploded with non-explosives. No bomb expertise knowledge is required to see that there is nothing there to explode.

    No one at that school really believed it was a bomb. If you think you have a bomb you call the bomb squad and pull the fire alarm to clear the school. So don’t be an idiot. Like the people who arrested him for having what he described as, and what they knew to be after several hours, a clock.

  • Phil

    And be sure to ask that all soccer balls be xrayed. Soccer is not played by real Americans and you never know what might be in there. Could be a test run.

  • lcr999

    Damn, hitler would have been proud to have you following him.

  • lcr999

    He doesnt have to know how it works. He took it out of its case, connected electricity to it and put it in a box. Given that most 14 year olds don’t know one end of an electrical cord from the other, nor a soldering gun from a hot glue gun, it is still an accomplishment. Many a middle school science project are no more or less complicated.

    Actually, I doubt half the people posting here could even do that.

  • lcr999

    Well, a fair number of 9th graders could not even manage that, the screw driver part.

  • lcr999

    Well, it could be a bomb, IF there were actually any explosives.

  • terrence

    Anybody with half a brain would take it seriously

  • Kuff

    Phil, you are an idiot. Nobody thought it was a bomb. The kid didn’t build a bomb…he built a hoax bomb meant to cause alarm.

  • Ahmed Mohammed
  • Phil

    Well if no one thought it was a bomb because you would have to be an idiot to think that, then he didn’t do a very good job of building a hoax bomb did he?

    In fact what he put together was a CLOCK and he called it a CLOCK and they never had any basis to think it was anything but CLOCK including a bomb or a hoax bomb.

    That kid never thought people would seriously think for a second this was a bomb and he could not have possibly foreseen what idiots the adults around him were going to be.

    Oh and they have dropped the charges because there is no reasonable basis to believe he intended anyone to be alarmed, unless of course, the alarm went off…on the CLOCK. The ALARM CLOCK.

  • Phil

    Unfortunately when I posted a photo of my MENSA card it was removed — I guess being smart is against this group’s community standards. But I was once a member, and also of the Three Nines Society. So I hope I am as smart as Ahmed and I am absolutely sure I am smarter than you…

  • Phil

    Except they did not make it look like a bomb. He made it look like a clock. Exactly like a clock.

  • Pigg Pie

    You wanting to be a muslim apologetic tells me all I need to know about your intelligence and it’s not impressive.

  • Phil

    Had they ever for one second thought it was the real deal they’d have evacuated the school and called the bomb squad.

  • Phil

    And you wanting to be a Pigg is just truth in advertising. However not one word I have posted is anything about Muslim anything, it is about the facts of what happened. The kid brought in a clock. He got arrested and suspended for a clock, which he cunningly disguised as a clock, then misleadingly called a clock. Obviously he was looking to be victimized for publicity and money in making his clock and showing it to people who quickly realized it was a clock.

  • Phil

    And of course they should NOT read him his rights or let him have a parent present nor god forbid a lawyer. No he is REQUIRED to answer any and all questions asked of him, because he is not entitled to the protection of the CONSTITUTION as it was never intended to apply to dark skinned children who are not Christian.

  • Phil

    Like this kid who had the charges dropped because he brought a damn clock to school and called it a clock and no one in the whole process ever thought it was anything but a clock?

  • Phil

    Wow they hit the mother load of stupid school officials and stupid police didn’t they?

    Actually I don’t think so, because no one would have honestly expected such stupid reactions.

  • Phil

    The kid brought in a clock. He got arrested and suspended for a clock, which he cunningly disguised as a clock, then misleadingly called a clock. Obviously he was looking to be victimized for publicity and money in making his clock and showing it to people who quickly realized it was a clock.” (Then interrogated him for over an hour without reading him his rights or having a parent present; then arrested him with no evidence at all…then said “never mind.”)

  • Vibrant C. Mandate

    You may have a point there–it’s a shame that we no longer teach classes like “Shop” ( no, not that kind) in our schools. I dunno, lcr999–there are QUITE a few things about this story that are arguably hinky. How many is too many, and if any more little “twists” will come out remains to be seen.

    Actually, on second thought, maybe not even “seen”. Our media seems to feel the same way you appear to about this story, so if anything absolutely PROVING it was, well…….not exactly a “hoax”, maybe a “fake of a hoax”, is found out, it may well disappear down the Memory Hole, and you can revel in feeling that your opinion was the correct one.

    But from my view, when little WHITE kids have been getting suspended for YEARS now for stuff like chewing a Pop Tart “into the shape of a gun”, or for pointing a finger at someone & saying “Bang!”, or for bringing a Hello Kitty “Bubble Gun to school, I just think Trying Not to Be Racist towards Ahmed has turned into a weird, TRENDY, anti-white kind of racism. Which isn’t helpful EITHER.

    Peace, dude.

  • Southernsoul

    If this is so, and we now know he is a liar and a theif of someone else’s intellectual property, he should fit right in at the White House.

  • Southernsoul

    Yoh mean like they know a pop tart isn’t really a gun, but they wanted to kick the little kid out of school anyway?

  • Lincoln F. Sternn

    The Political Right – where “crazyassstupid” is a bragging point.

  • Lincoln F. Sternn

    Well you friggin’ dipstick, since his engineering teacher says he is more than bright enough to do it, making him much brighter than you, I would assume he could pass that test.
    And considering how moronic those police showed themselves to be, they probably wouldn’t understand it once he was finished.

  • deldern

    We thought the same thing so you are not alone although, perhaps we thinking people are becoming the real minority group.

  • deldern

    Let’s not descend to the gutter of invective where the left lives. Let’s keep our dignity.

  • Mark

    Why? Idiots like you are importing enemies.

  • lcr999

    We have plenty of xenophobes like you. “Leaders” since the beginning of time have known that the easiest way to control a group and get them to ignore real issues is to give them a group to hate. Hitler did it well, but he was far from the first practitioner. You just have to listen to the extreme rhetoric by politicians and people such as you on this board to realize that we are going down the same path. As for the GOP, they have 2 groups to blame, Muslims and Mexicans. Neither of them actually rate in the top 10 problems we have but that is of no consequence to the low information voters.

  • Patty

    Why Corrupt Media Machine makes Ahmed Mohamed a household name and Tyjuan Poindexter not a mention

    In the state
    of Texas, a 14 year old Muslim boy, named Ahmed Mohamad, brings a clock he made
    to school for show and tell. His
    invention, to the untrained eye, did not remotely look anything like a clock.

    Ahmed Mohamed becomes
    a celebrity. He’s offered scholarships and
    even gets an invite to the White House by President Obama. And the corrupt media machine is in their
    glory because the Ahmed story fits their template like a glove that America is
    a racist country.

    However, in
    the city of Chicago, Barack Obama’s hometown, another 14 year old boy name TyjuanPoindexter was shot in the head yesterday in a drive by shooting and was killed. He’s a person of color also but his story
    does not fit the corrupt media machine’s template because he was killed by another
    person of color instead of a White Cop.

    Poindexter doesn’t get to become a house name.



    I doubt his
    family will even get a phone call from President Obama, let alone a White House

    My heart goes out to his parents, they lost a wonderful young man. That is the least Obama could have said, but NOTHING.

  • Mccandle

    If you spend a lot of time studying bomb making videos and websites it might not be so difficult, though, would it?

  • Crystallite

    You mean little Ahmed cheated? Guess he won’t be receiving that MIT scholarship after all.

  • Barbara Miller

    If I was this kid, I’d be embarrassed to bring this “clock” to the White House and pass it off as an “invention”.

  • Barbara Miller

    The money is rolling in at this very moment just like at a T shirt table at a Rolling Stones concert.

  • angrybeyondreason

    Go to Youtube and look up Ahmed the dead terrorist skeleton.

  • c834r605b9n

    Well then, he could have built a dirty bomb as well and been invited to the White House

  • John Baker

    When I first saw the images of the clock, it was blatantly clear that it was simply a clock that had been disassembled.

  • John Baker


  • TxLady

    This muslim has hit the jackpot, he’s being paraded around like some kind of hero, thanks to the jew media.

  • siridh

    I guess we should never suspect a muslim until AFTER the bomb goes off or a head is disconnected. Geez, the kid’s parents (at the very least) knew exactly what they were doing.

  • bicentennialguy

    They are liberals first. They know full well what this was. They must protect the precious at all costs.

  • Chubby Freen

    Pull your head out of your ass, might improve your breath some…

  • Chubby Freen

    Maybe in your camel humping family, but not ours. But then, our kids don’t drink camel piss, either…http://www.vice.com/read/drinking-camel-urine-in-yemen-fob-000300-v20n8

  • Chubby Freen

    Maybe meant to generate a lawsuit and $$$$$

  • iamsaved2

    Obama’s actions speak louder than his words. He’s quick to react to any negative comments or actions against Muslims but disses Christians by not only his words but also his actions. How many persecuted Christians in the Mideast have been afforded asylum in this country by this administration? All we here are the 10’s and 100’s of thousands of Muslims we’re going to bring in.

    As to whether or not Obama is a Christian? I’d refer one to Titus 1:15-16.

    Until Sharia law and it’s accompanying theocracy are separated from the spiritual aspect, Islam should not be considered a religion and afforded the same protections as true spiritual religions.

    CAIR is nothing but a group of disciples of Satan reacting to a truth.

  • Daniel

    I hate to break it to the “investigators”, but a 1970s vintage clock, such as that has to be plugged into AC power for the alarm to function. The teacher that confiscated they clock said an alarm went off in her class and alerted her to its existence. Therefore, THAT image cannot be the actual clock supposedly built by Ahmed and it has to be a hoax, because the alarm would not have been able to go off in the classroom without AC power.

  • X53flier

    He disassembled a micronta clock and put it in a pencil case. Looks to be from the 80’s. No creativity here. I’m willing to bet there is no additional wires or soldering whatsoever. Look up his father to see his influences.

  • You won’t get hate. Your theory is pretty much consensus by now.

  • CommonSense033

    Yes it would, the alarm still works on the 9v battery backup, but the display will not light up. The alarm is a piezo film speaker. Real engineers designed it that way so you’d not be late if the power had gone out.

  • CommonSense033

    Son of muslim agitator uses clock made in Reagan years in America to fool Obama and all of America.

  • Oliver Grant

    with current white house they won’t allow any further investigation of whether the dad built the thing.

  • ka9q

    Why yes, we should always err on the side of caution. If a kid shows up to school with a wristwatch, phone, tablet or computer, we should instantly shoot him because his device, just like a clock, might possibly be used to trigger a bomb.

    Do you even read what you write?

  • ka9q

    Why did he repeatedly say that it was a clock, which was exactly what it was? Why didn’t he say even once that it was a bomb?

    Because it was a clock, not a “hoax bomb”. Stop being such lemmings.

  • ka9q

    Funny, to me it looks just like the guts of a digital clock. I saw absolutely no resemblance to a bomb, nor would I ever have thought anyone would think it was if not for this story. Why? The complete and utter lack of explosives, for starters.

    Then again, I’m an electrical engineer. At Ahmed’s age I was busy teaching myself electronics by taking stuff just like this apart and fixing or modifying it. So what do I know?

  • ka9q

    No, if he were white nothing would have happened.

    How do I know? Because I did exactly this sort of thing many times. In my early teens I taught myself electronics by taking things apart, putting them back together, and sometimes fixing or modifying them. I even took many of my projects to school to show my teachers and friends just as Ahmed did.

    Nothing EVER happened. And I’m white.

  • ka9q

    Nonsense. Believe me, we electrical engineers are all too sadly aware of the general level of fear and ignorance among those who don’t understand what we do – and who don’t WANT to understand. It’s called anti-intellectualism, and unfortunately it’s on the rise in this country.

    Long before 9/11 I got used to having airport security give extra scrutiny to my bags because of some piece of weird-looking but utterly harmless electronics I was carrying. Back in high school I got used to the jokes about being a “mad scientist” building bombs to take over the world. Fortunately, this was long before 9/11 and I’m white — so none of the adults in my school ever reacted as this school in Texas did. In fact, they encouraged me. I have fond memories of my guidance counselor, my physics teacher and my electronics teacher, all whom helped get me started on my career as an electrical engineer. I became one of a cast of hundreds who helped design and build the Internet you’re using right now.

  • ka9q

    This is technically ignorant nonsense. So it was the guts from an old
    Radio Shack clock, so what? He probably found it not working or in
    pieces and managed to fix it while figuring out how it worked. I did
    exactly the same thing many times when I was his age. That’s how I
    taught myself electronics. I went on to college and became an electrical

    I took *many* piles of random electronics just like
    this to my high school to show friends and teachers and never, *ever*
    had this kind of problem. Of course, I’m white, not Muslim, and I went
    to high school in the early 1970s long before 9/11 and our permanent
    fear/war culture.

  • jrmarcus

    I remember building Heathkits when I was younger than that. Also, Radio Shack used to have kits that including various electronic or scientific projects that my dad used to get me when I was younger than that. So, it really isn’t inconceivable that a kid that age would be meddling in electronics.

  • Sum Ting Wong

    You “never ever had this kind of problem” because things were different in the 70’s and nobody had ever heard of an IED in those days numbnuts. Try it now and see what happens. Your attitude about this tells us one thing though … you’re just another liberal racist who thinks that white people are the source of all the worlds problems…

  • BipartisanLawsOnly

    The kid admitted he was called “Bomb Maker” and “Terrorist” in middle school. So, whats his reaction? He disassembles a clock and puts it in a metal case? Sorry, but something fishy is going on here. I believe he fully knew what he was doing, and the reaction he may get. The teachers, or law enforcement did no wrong here… better to be safe, than have a class room full of blown apart children.

  • ka9q

    Actually, IEDs were around long before any of us were born, though they were probably called something other than IEDs. (Like maybe, you know, “bomb”). They just weren’t the subject of a massive and sustained fear campaign in the US until it began its never-ending wars in the middle east in the 2000s.

    That said, I do know white students who regularly carry electronics projects to school without any problems. Yes, even today.

  • ucntcme

    Judging by your picture I’d say you weren’t a teen in today’s world. Therefore what happened or did not happened decades ago is irrelevant when discussing what happens in today’s world. Where, yes, white kids get similar (or worse) treatment for similar or lesser (or even more innocent if you prefer that phrase) acts. You’ve committed a logical fallacy here at best. Fortunately for everyone here your assertion can be shown false.

    http://www.fox4news.com/news/20311560-story for suspension over wearing a t-shirt – no, not of a gun or electronics but a simple american flag.

    http://nypost.com/2015/09/19/how-ahmeds-clock-became-a-false-convenient-tale-of-racism/ — scroll down to a short list of kids getting punished over things like pop-tarts “in the shape of a gun”, imaginative stories about dinosaurs and more. Just ignore the unrelated claptrap on the bottom half of the page.

    For stupidity regarding punishing teens who take down a gunman, elementary kids with pizza slices, and 80’s TV show theme song recordings.

    http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Media/Slideshow/2014/08/14/11-Ridiculous-Reasons-Children-Got-Suspended-School?page=2 <– six year old white kid kisses girl.

    http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Media/Slideshow/2014/08/14/11-Ridiculous-Reasons-Children-Got-Suspended-School?page=3 pop-tart kid. Looks pretty white.

    http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Media/Slideshow/2014/08/14/11-Ridiculous-Reasons-Children-Got-Suspended-School?page=5 <– ye olde "finger-gun shape"

    http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Media/Slideshow/2014/08/14/11-Ridiculous-Reasons-Children-Got-Suspended-School?page=7 <– shaving head to support friend w/Cancer

    https://plus.google.com/+MarcelGagne/posts/DJmQpHDuFMn <– fiction story about killing a neighbor's pet dinosaur. Yes, an imaginary story about an imaginary creature. Again. Also a fairly white kid.

    http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2015/03/27/school-threatens-suspension-boy-military-haircut/70531810/ <– another haircut ("military style") and again – the kid looks white to me.


    There are far too many to keep listing them. All it takes is a bit of interest on the underlying issue and some quality time w/your search engine of choice. If you are genuinely interested in a rational discussion about the problem you'd have done that research – or having had it clearly pointed out your assertion is demonstrably incorrect you would do so now.

    I bet, just as with my school years, none of those would have received the same punishment or reaction in your school days. Perhaps we lived in the halcyon days of sensible, rational, and reasonable teachers, staff, and policy. But those days are not these days. Indeed the author of that last linked piece even talks about drug jokes he and his fellow grade schoolers would make that today would get different treatment.

    The issue at hand isn't alleged racism in this case but rather a growing level of what can best be described as institutional paranoia among public school systems. By insisting it is racially motivated you are contributing to the actual problem by refusing to see and address the underlying problem. When a problem exists "across racial 'boundaries'" you don't get lay the blame at race and expect to not get called on it by rational people.

    In the above linked stories there was only one actual clear and present danger to kids at the school. And in that case those who protected said kids and stopped the threat were punished. You've been presented with unmistakable evidence of many cases in modern times where kids of *any* race are treated similarly; I only specifically called out the white kids because of your invalid and racist assertion.

  • Sum Ting Wong

    You don’t “know” anything you jerk. You’re making assumptions that have absolutely no basis in fact. I urge you to cram a bunch of electronic parts into a briefcase and see how far you get with it in an airport, federal building, or school today. Not very far I’m guessing…

    And the ironic thing is that we have arrogant, guilt-ridden tools like you to thank for that. Rather than doing the intelligent thing and just letting law enforcement do their job and profile terrorists, you morons insisted on “fairness and equality” and opted for letting the government turn our society into a police state where we’re all searched and stripped of our freedoms equally. Look, just because YOU’RE overwhelmed with guilt for being white and think that everyone but you is a racist and incapable of exercising reasonable judgement doesn’t make it true pal. I’d much rather see a few suspicious looking people get scrutinized “unfairly” than sit back and watch our entire country turn to s**t just to protect the delicate feelings of a few Muslims.

  • Sum Ting Wong

    Hasn’t anyone ever told you that reason and facts are useless when engaging a white-guilt ridden liberal? This clown is a classic libtard … he’s living in a fantasy world and nothing that anyone could ever say here is ever going to convince him that this kid wasn’t a victim of raaaaaaacism…..

  • Sum Ting Wong

    Oh please … spare us. Any fool knows that the threats we face today are FAR different than they were a few decades ago, with cell phone triggers and the wide variety of powerful, innocuous looking explosives available today. The difference between libtards like you and intelligent people is that you think there’s nothing but a fear campaign going on, and intelligent people know and understand the realities of what’s actually happening in the world today. So, go stick your head back in the sand moron, and let the adults handle this situation. You can thank us later….

  • Sum Ting Wong

    I think you probably just looked too dorky and stupid for anyone to worry about ….

  • Daniel

    I have one of those clocks. I promise, with a brand new 9V battery installed the alarm does not go off. They are wonderful pieces of equipment designed simply to work and they work well, but the alarm does not function on DC power. Never has and never will.

  • Vibrant C. Mandate

    You are a hoot! “Do you even read what you write?”. Why, yes I do! Do YOU?

    Where did you get the impression that ANYONE is suggesting “we should instantly SHOOT him b/c his device, just like a clock, might possibly be used to trigger a bomb”?

    It seems that you might be reacting a tad more out of emotion, than from evaluating all the facts (and btw, are you aware of any of the other facts that have to come to light about this case? Just a few to start you off, the kid’s father is a big-time activist in the Muslim community, VERY interested in getting publicity for his grievances; there has been a HUGE kerfuffle going on between the local Muslim community & the mayor of Irving–who, even tho she had not really been involved in this “Clockgate”, was singled out by CAIR and this family to be complained about in THIS case. (Btw, CAIR, who has ties to HAMAS, & who had been instantly contacted by Dad at the beginning of this incident, has been designated as a “terrorist organization” by several notable entities, one of which is the United Arab Emirates. Do you think THEY are “racist” against Muslims? But I digress).

    Also, did you know that Ahmed, after being warned by his engineering teacher NOT to show his clock around school–the teacher thought other teachers might think it looked suspicious–did exactly the OPPOSITE, even plugging the clock into the wall outlet, so it would purposely beep in class? Oh, & that Ahmed himself is on video admitting that he KNEW the clock “looked suspicious”?

    There’s still more (http://www.TheConservativeTreehouse.com/2015/09/18/Briefcase-Clock-Maker-Ahmed-Mohamed-is-Son-of-Muslim-Activist/). And if I have time later, I’ll try to see if I can find you a link w/o “Conservative” in it, so you won’t accuse me of being biased. (I dunno, dude–you half-accused me of wanting to go all Gunsmoke on a kid just cuz I thought the teacher did the right thing, so I’ll try to back up my arguments & be VERY clear, okay?).

    But back to you! I’m curious–what part of “we should always, ALWAYS err on the side of caution” did you object to?

    And do you feel the same way about someone bringing a similar-looking contraption into the White House, unscreened? (If not, why not?). Or onto an airplane with YOU??


  • wtd

    You gotta see it to believe it
    The infamous Irving Texas clock–challenging the story’s foundation in 20 seconds

    Published on Sep 18, 2015The
    original story was about a controversial package in a school setting, but it was quickly claimed to be a homemade clock. If so, the clock itself (not the presentation) might be cool as the White House said. If
    not, the world may be propping up a plagiarist who flaunted the piece of crap in an intentionally controversial way (suppositions). This video challenges that the clock was homemade by showing a nearly identical
    package being prepared in about twenty seconds (screws and simple fasteners were excluded for brevity here).

  • mjazzguitar

    Actually, when questioned by police, he was evasive.

  • Marty Tarver

    Common practice to attack the person who alerted law enforcement to possible crimes and yes a hoax is a crime. This is all a scam to receive donations from morons. Fraud is also a crime.

    Next time when the teacher is afraid to alert anyone of a possible threat, let’s hope it is a hoax just like this hoax and not a real bomb. Pity the innocent children that get slaughtered in the future because dumbass, inbred moron, subhuman democraps.

  • Mark Duwe

    Ahmed wasn’t trying to build a clock at all. Turns out he built a bigot detector and it started going off with the first moron he showed it to.

    Good project, bad project, good clock, bad clock, it all doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is how he was treated for making something that didn’t even remotely look like anything illegal. I would fire the teacher he showed it to, the cop that handcuffed him, the cop that interrogated him and anyone else who had been quoted as saying he might be a dangerous young man.

  • ka9q

    Speaking of logical fallacies, you’re committing a big one: the false dichotomy.

    The question isn’t whether Ahmed ran afoul of racisim/Islamophobia OR of his school’s brain-dead “zero tolerance” policies. BOTH were clear factors here.

    Another factor in this case that doesn’t seem relevant to the other cases you cite is anti-intellectualism: fear of anybody who seems smarter than you, who knows things you don’t know, who can do things you can’t do, who has initiative. I suspect your personal experience will say that’s hardly new. Though it ebbs and flows, it’s been a constant factor in American life.

    And it’s a terrible thing to subject kids to. Fortunately I had a few really good teachers who were anything but offended when a student asked a good question they couldn’t answer, or knew something they didn’t. They enjoyed learning along with us.

    I fully agree that “zero tolerance” is much worse today than when we were in school. But that doesn’t mean racism and Islamophobia aren’t also problems. We can certainly debate how much each contributed to this incident as long as we agree all of them need to be fixed.

  • Hoosiers4ChristianConservative

    Ahmed didn’t build anything. Ahmed took a 30 year old Radio Shack clock, tore it apart, put it in a case and presented it as his ‘own creation’.

    Every credible engineer online is unequivocal in stating that Ahmed did NOT create a clock; he added nothing to the clock, did not make any changes, and simply removed the casing and declared it his….which is FRAUD.

    Additionally, information has come out that Ahmend did this to intentionally play a hoax on friends at school and that the first teacher who saw the clock explicitly instructed him to NOT show it in school.

    So, pretend this is about ‘anti-Muslim’ anything…..

    Frankly, if a kid is going to get arrested for wearing a shirt with a gun image on it, then Ahmed should have been tasered and hauled off to Gitmo.

    Ahmed’s parents should be arrested for perpetrating a fraud and using it to solicit monies.

  • ka9q

    Funny you should say that, because I *regularly* carry random electronics through airport security and into the high school where I volunteer. Nothing ever happens except that the TSA often asks me to open my bag, or reruns it through the X-ray machine.

    I don’t go into federal buildings very often, but I recently went to a county court clerk’s office and the guard didn’t even mind when I told him I had a Leatherman tool.

    I don’t feel any guilt for being white. It certainly wasn’t my choice. I just want to fix this ultra-paranoid, “better safe than sorry” country that sees a bogieman under every bed and keeps every citizen in a state of constant fear. If our country is “turning into s**t”, that’s how it’s happening.

    I still happen to believe this country stands for considering everyone — EVERYONE — equal under the law, innocent until proven guilty, and for requiring law enforcement to show probable cause to an independent magistrate before they can intrude into somebody’s life. Do you disagree with that?

  • ka9q

    It’s not a choice between brain-dead “zero tolerance” or racism/Islamophobia. It’s clearly BOTH, though we can certainly debate how much each contributed.

  • ka9q

    It’s called “sarcasm”. It’s a strong form of irony. Look it up.

    But you do ask a good question: what part of “we should always err on the side of caution” do I object to?

    I object, strongly, to reacting to anything and everything you might not immediately understand, regardless of what it is, as though it were a mortal threat.

    I object, strongly, to treating someone as guilty until (or even if) proven innocent just because he belongs to a despised and feared ethnic group.

    I object, strongly, to ignorant people apparently invoking Hollywood as an authority on what bombs must look like.

    Our country has a legal system that, in theory, we can be very proud of. Everyone is free to practice the religion of his/her choice, or no religion at all. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Everyone is entitled to the equal protection of the laws. And we have a legal principle called “probable cause”. I’m not a lawyer, so you should look up the formal definition. But I have a pretty good layman’s understanding.

    Had Ahmed’s clock been wired to a few sticks labeled “Dynamite” or “C4”, or even a large lump of Play-Doh, *that* would have been probable cause to think he might have a bomb (or fake bomb).

    Had Ahmed *said* it was a bomb, *that* would certainly have been probable cause to believe that he was violating the “fake bomb” law, or of making a bomb threat.

    By all reports *none* of this was the case even though the cops questioning him pressured him heavily to say it was something other than a clock. Questioning, I might add, done without his parents present, which I understand to be a violation of Texas laws and/or regulations.

    Are you defending that? If you think my description of a “fake bomb” is too narrow, would you care to enlighten us by listing *all* of the devices that would qualify? (We have another legal principle that requires the laws to give everyone clear notice of what is and isn’t allowed.)

    Are you really complaining about Ahmed’s father calling for this country to adhere to its basic principles, including the ones I listed above? Are you really saying he should be punished for exercising his free speech and religious rights?

    I’ve never visited the white house, but I do fly frequently. I regularly carry random electronics with me, often in my carry-on bag so they’re less likely to get lost. Usually the TSA doesn’t even notice. Sometimes they’ll ask me to open my bag and say what it is, or they’ll run it through a second time. Never had a problem, then again I’m a white non-Muslim.

  • ka9q

    You quite correctly point out that cell phones are often used as triggers for IEDs. This makes sense; my understanding is that most IEDs are buried outdoors, usually under or near roadways and buildings. A small battery-operated device like a cell phone that can be triggered remotely by command seems much better suited than a large, old LED alarm clock that has requires AC power, wouldn’t you think?

    I’m fairly certain that most of today’s kids have cell phones, though school rules vary about carrying and/or using them in the classroom. So please enlighten us why the cops don’t detain, handcuff and question every kid with a cell phone.

    And yes, there’s a fear campaign going on. You appear to be a prime victim. You can thank me later for pointing this out.

    By the way, here are some statistics on causes of death in the US:


    I note that “terrorism” doesn’t even make the list.

  • ka9q

    Evasive, how? I’ve probably seen the same reports as you. He simply kept saying it was a clock. How is that “evasive” when it’s the complete truth? What else could he possibly have said?

    I actually have to admire the kid for being clear-headed under pressure. As you can tell from my comments here I’ve never been one to suffer fools gladly. I am not at all sure that, had this happened to me when I was 14, I wouldn’t have eventually given a rather sarcastic answer that would have gotten me into serious trouble.

    I’m perfectly willing to change my view in light of additional factual information, if necessary. So far I haven’t see anything along those lines.

  • Sum Ting Wong

    You’re a real hoot pal … “we electrical engineers” …. as if being an electrical engineer makes you an expert in counter-terrorism, law enforcement, or sociology. You’re nothing but a typical arrogant, white-guilt-ridden libtard, obsessed with identifying and humiliating “bigots and racists”. You think your little witch hunt is going to make you feel better and right all the world’s wrongs, but all you’re really doing is compromising our society’s security and widening the divide between people like yourself and the truly intelligent people in America, who may lack a college degree, but have the common sense to know a serious threat when they see one.

    Did it ever occur to you that maybe this kid did what he did specifically to stoke up that self-loathing and hatred that lurks in the hearts of people like you? No, I guess not. You think you’re intellectually and morally superior to the rest of us, but you’re nothing but another typical egg-headed elitist who’s too damn stupid to see that he’s being played like a fiddle by a little kid. Some genius you are … pfffffttttttt.

    I’m surprised you didn’t try to prove your intellectual superiority by posting a picture of your MENSA card here like some other arrogant loser did a few days back.

  • Sharon Lynn



  • Sharon Lynn


  • Sharon Lynn



  • Sharon Lynn



  • Sharon Lynn





  • David Carter

    The very first time I heard him speak I could tell something was wrong. Two types of people at his age would actually build a real clock from scratch 1) a really smart nerdy kid who talked over his peers heads but was quiet or 2) a know it all loud mouth who was intent on showing off how smart he was. Ahmed was neither when he first opened his mouth you could tell he was not really that intelligent and actually had no clue as to what he was talking about. Sad story but it will be interesting to see what happens in a couple years when his SAT scores are middle of the pack will MIT still want him?

  • txsrangers

    Make no mistake. We are being invaded from within, and they’re using our desire to be PC to control us. Until we destroy liberalism, we will not be able to destroy our enemies, both internal and external.

  • txsrangers

    Hitler loved the muslims. They hated Jews just as much as he did.

  • Burt

    Because he didn’t want to get arrested you stupid ass. He just wanted to get his fathers agenda across and his face on TV. This is so obvious I can’t believe anyone thinks this was some innocent act. You can tell by looking at this clock that he did absolutely no work at all to it. And he admitted that he made the alarm go off on purpose. He wanted to make sure the next teacher saw it. And the box it was in. Cmon even Mark Cuban said he was being coached what to say by his sister. Also his dad made sure to get a picture with the handcuffs on before he would let them take them off. A day later the kid and his sisters are posing and smiling. Give me a break. This kid needs to be called out. These are the things that are separating our country. If this was legit I would be right there to support this kid, but all he did was ruin it for people who are persecuted unfairly. These people are cons and the liberals are just total Dunces. They didn’t even care if it was true. They just couldn’t wait for an opportunity to blame white America. Now they won’t even admit they’ve been duped. You know you don’t have to treat minorities like special need persons. How about you treat them like a white male. Now that would be racist.

  • georgeanne kaufman

    I agree with you completely, and wrote that exact idea on another website. That sample of his behavior says he’s less than honest, and that he had malicious intent to mislead and cause problems. He might have said it’s just a clock, but that clock in the context of a suitcase was purposely made to look like a bomb. It was a Beta Test, to see what people would do in response to it. It clearly was a “put up job”, and if the father is in on this collusion, then that a pretty big thing with legal repercussions.

  • Marc

    I don’t know what the real story is with the kid but you showed your true ignorant colors with you response. Betcha that you are a right wing Trumpette.

  • Grumpy Old Man

    Been saying that since day one.

  • Heidi Hollander

    ,The kid’s Engineering teacher told Ahmed it looks like a bomb, even though there was a complete and utter lack of explosives, operative phrase, it looks like a bomb, if there were explosives, it WOULD BE a bomb. The father, Mohamed ElHassan Mohamed, is a well known Muslim activist, who has been looking for publicity and chances to fight against “Islamophobia” who at the very least wants Shari law to be legal in Texas, non ignorant people ascertain what they read. According to Ahmed in a YOU TUBE interview he gave, he explains that he closed up the box with a piece of cord because he didn’t want it to look suspicious. “looking suspicious” a Digital Display wired to a power supply and circuit board,
    all strapped inside a pencil box, one that looks like a miniature briefcase no
    less, on the first day of school after the 9/11 weekend, Islamophobia”, he didn’t want it to look suspicious.

  • Heidi Hollander

    Marc, you don’t know the real story, but you call Sharon Lynn ignorant, because she calls out ka9q, The kid’s Engineering teacher told Ahmed it looks like a bomb, even though there was a complete and utter lack of explosives, operative phrase, it looks like a bomb, if there were explosives, it WOULD BE a bomb. Sharon’s response is knowledgeable, she is on track about the father, Mohamed
    ElHassan Mohamed, is a well known Muslim activist, who has been looking for
    publicity and chances to fight against “Islamophobia” who at the very least wants Shari law to be legal in Texas, non ignorant people ascertain what they read. According to Ahmed in a YOU TUBE interview he gave, he
    explains that he closed up the box with a piece of cord because he didn’t want
    it to look suspicious. Digital Display wired to a power supply and circuit board, all strapped inside a pencil box, one that looks like a miniature briefcase no less, on the first day of school after the 9/11 weekend, Islamophobia, he didn’t want it to look suspicious.

  • boden

    I think you should consider going back on your meds. Your paranoia and rage are extreme and not warranted.

  • Simon Coope

    Not to mention, they have been in touch with a lawyer, and posted pics about going to see the lawyer! Money money money, can’t help thinking its all gunna blow up in our faces! Vsoon

  • Jason


  • Jason

    This was a set up and now comes the fall, maybe. If the city and school stick to their guns and make this a public trial, the family will get nothing, just sayin.

  • Jason

    I might ad did you look at the pictures of him in his room, something was missing, there were no electronic parts laying around or on his desk or shelf. I did electronics as a hobby and still do, I have stuff all over the place, it is quite obvious that I work with electronics, shouldn’t it be with him also?