GROSS: Colbert Launches ‘Late Show’ with Donald Trump on Screen With KKK (Video)

Guest post by Aleistar

Stephen Colbert’s first night on the Late Show proved he’s still every bit the left wing hack he was on Comedy Central. He spent almost six solid minutes bashing Donald Trump but not a single joke about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal or crazy Socialist Bernie Sanders.

In the course of his anti-Trump routine, he even put Donald Trump’s face on screen with an image of the KKK.
colbert trump kkk

In he first show he plays the Trump-KKK comparison.

Like all good little liberals, Colbert fails to acknowledge that the KKK was created by Democrats.

Watch the segment here:

Joe Concha of Mediaite trashed the show in a review today:

Colbert’s Late Show Debut Disappoints with Average Guests, Partisan Monologue

All the hype is over. All the fanboys in the media gone. The first Late Show with Stephen Colbert is in the books. And the final grade is?


For a show that had nine months to prepare for one big night, there was something wholly unsatisfying about Colbert’s debut from the Ed Sullivan theatre in New York last night. On the booking front, George Clooney is just OK, because when was the last time he did a movie that made him truly relevant, truly the biggest name Hollywood? Gravity (2013), maybe? And on the political front, the show should have found a way to book Donald Trump, but we got sleepy Jeb Bush instead.

Read the rest here.

Laura Ingraham tweeted this out last night:

The new Late Show is apparently going to be just like the old Late Show.

100% Left wing. Ratings be damned.

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  • Jim

    The KKK was founded as, and still is, the terrorist arm of the democrat party.

  • will jones

    I thought that was a video of the dems protesting outside the Trump Tower last week.

  • mail.comSam Spade

    Poor old illiterate Colbert – he appears to be as dumb as Obama!

    Why praise the DEMOCRAT KKK when regular DEMOCRATS will vote for TRUMP!

    The DEMOCRATS, at least the honest ones, are fed up with Hillary, Obama, one percenters and Socialism!

    Why would the Millenials vote for a long toothed Democrat one percenter that rents a vacation pad for $400,000.00 a month!

  • US.Patriot1776

    “…in the spring of 1972, at Tulane University…students asked Alinsky to help plan a protest of a
    scheduled speech by George H. W. Bush, then U.S. representative to the United Nations – a speech likely to include a defense of the Nixon administration’s Vietnam War policies. The students told Alinsky they
    were thinking about picketing or disrupting Bush’s address. That’s the wrong approach, he rejoined, not very creative – and besides causing a disruption might get them thrown out of school. He told them, instead, to go to hear the speech dressed as members of the Ku Klux Klan, and whenever Bush said something in defense of the Vietnam War, they should cheer and wave placards reading, ‘The KKK supports Bush.’ And that is what they did, with very successful, attention-getting results.”

    Planting major falsehoods has been a favorite Alinsky strategy from the start. His acolyte, Barack Obama, learned his Industrial Areas Foundation lessons on deceiving for power while on a side trip during his Harvard years, then taught the Alinsky power tactics at the University of Chicago.

  • Chris

    Impressive. I didn’t even know CBS was still around.

  • ridgerunner

    This is confusing. The KKK is democrat. Media is running on fumes against Trump.

  • Joe

    I am a real live Nielsen participant and as soon as I heard Colbert’s show was about to start I changed the channel – I know that all lefty “comedians” are dishonest hacks.
    No ratings for Colbert from my house.

  • Don Keller

    Well, to be fair, he does have need to appeal to low-life, idiotic bottom feeders…


    KKK is Democrat….I don’t get it.

  • tommy mc donnll

    everyone needs to tell that to Colbert.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Hey Donald, time for another twitter post!
    Hey Colbert, Glad to see you posted a picture of me versus the democrat party on your show!
    Then the follow up ad on TV (buys on CBS of course) showing that same picture, and a historical overview of the creation and purpose of the KKK (racist gun control then same as it is now… could even add in Bloombergs fairly recent claim about disarming inner city black people). Toss in the civil rights votes numbers of dems versus pubs, including of course that 14th Amendment! Finish it off with the notion that you want to see the 14th enforced as written, as meant at the time it was adopted BY WHOM it was ratified! Show both the real inequality snake oil salesmen (democrats) alongside those who stood for and stand for equality (Defenders of the government of republican form).

    There are many ad ideas to make Colbert own this the way redford got fed his drivel. I Hope the Don Does so. Nip Colbert in his bud, nip it right now.

  • Peter Ward

    How inspired and unpredictable! Hollywood is so hot right now.
    80th versions of Superman movies or transformers or whatever…
    TV shows being cancelled soon after first airing
    Cable and satellite being cancelled by millions
    They sure are HOT! Hot I tell ya!

  • gsp9993

    Colbert comes across just like Guber on Andy Griffith.

  • toad

    I never liked that bastard. What a worthless, pretentious scum. (Colburt)

  • Mike in Illinois

    Yup. LIE, lie, lie ,lie, lie. And then, when you gat called on those lies, claim those telling the truth are lying! Obama adopted exactly that strategy and then added something to it. When pretty much busted in a lie, tell another, bigger, lie about something different…….leading attention away from the last lie. Rinse, Repeat.

    And he lied himself into and through at least 7 years in the highest office in the land. Sadly, the only reason he hasn’t been tossed out on his hind end is because the “Republican” party is full of liars too.

    I gotta believe it was prior to 1972, but I have to ask. When did it become honorable to lie, to lie for gain, especially political gain? Who taught their kids to believe a person telling them that it is honorable to lie? OK, so Saul told kids this, but that doesn’t address why the kids believed him, why they would choose to act aside from the honorable teaching they got from their parents about moral strength. Parents first had to have abdicated their duty to instill a base moral compass within their children.

    No, I don’t rest it in Saul. He is just the figure head we are supposed to look at and blame so the real source isn’t identified. It is indeed, public schools, right from the start (now it is 4 and even 3 years old) where the instilling of lying as acceptable begins. It will only continue to erode our entire society until the day we stand together to take back our elementary schools!

  • King_Solomon1


  • Jack Bauer

    He will be gone in a year. His Comedy Central audience won’t tune into CBS….lol

  • 17_woods

    I’ll not be watching his show.

  • ThomasA

    It’s moved to the left since Dan “fake but accurate” Rather got sh*tcanned.

  • logistis-dikigoro

    The idiot (Colbert) just cut his audience by a HUGE fraction. If I was his employer, I think I’d think real hard about whether he is good for our network.

  • Rogue Cheddar

    What is this, how you say, colbert you speak of?

  • Douglas

    Jimmy Fallon is smiling!

  • Jonny Hyouston

    Spell it correctly please: See BS.

  • Joe Griffin

    His employer is the NWO. Colbert is doing their bidding in attacking Trump.

  • Ranger_Ric

    And Trump gets stonger…

    Your failed attempt just makes Trump (and we who support him) stronger colbert.

    It must really eat at him inside as he watches his evil witch of a liar hillary go down in flames while Trump just keeps gaining speed 🙂

  • logistis-dikigoro

    Yes, Colbert does have to appeal to those people – to be clear.

  • Katherine McChesney

    The thing is that Colbert has his very own Jesuit on staff and they are far worse than the KKK.

  • Joe Griffin

    Colbert is hoping nobody knows any history…and he’s right. We need to make sure we educate them though. Same when the right is compared to Nazi’s. It’s quite the opposite. The Nazi Party is and was a SOCIALIST PARTY…same as the KKK by the way.

  • Yu So Wong

    Late night democrap as expected.

  • MH27610

    Good. Keep attacking Trump. Every time you do, his numbers climb and his supporters are reinvigorated.

  • cynic73

    Hey folks, a leopard doesn’t lose his spots overnight… did anybody really wonder what his politics were and expect him to change the routine that got him there?

  • RogerWilco

    Not one joke about Hillary’s email server. Jeb is a patsy. The joke is on him!

  • GI Joe

    Funny a hardcore leftist is saying this when his party is the party of the Klan, Lynchings, Segregation, and keeping the black man down for decades. What a pompous jerk, way to turn off 1/2 the country. Hope your advertisers enjoy us never watching your pathetic show. Boycott Colbert!!!

  • Ranger_Ric

    It must really eat at him inside as he watches his evil witch of a liar hillary go down in flames while Trump just keeps gaining speed 🙂

  • J. Longstreet

    Colbert is done before he even gets started. Late Show will go down in flames and either the network will “retool” the show (irony, I know, because he’s a tool), or it’ll just limp along until they go with something else. Of course, everything BUT the fact that he’s an unfunny democrat hack just like Letterman will be blamed for the show’s failure. I’m batting 1000 on my predictions, folks. It will happen exactly like this. I’m not Kreskin, though. I’ve just seen this over and over in pop culture and it’s accelerating. The American people are mostly just sick of being made fun of and having America being run down, ridiculed and mocked on TV and in movies.

  • Mike Kane

    Gearoge wallace was a democrate, the republicans passed the equal rights amdedment, the blacks are too stupid to see they been riding th3e wrong hourse and thats why they occupy the bottom strata of society..welcome to the domocrateic bottom feefers 2015

  • Jon Stewart has made me laugh. Even Bill Maher has made me laugh on occasion. Colbert has never made me even grin.

  • Yu So Wong

    Maybe Colbert and Jimmy Fallon can have an Obama a kissing contest. Both would be “winners.”

  • fleefink

    Colbert is not that funny off script. On the Colbert Report, guests were told not to be funny because little Stevie didn’t want to be upstaged. I haven’t seen the show since Dave left and don’t care to. Colbert is definitely not a draw.

  • LouAnnWatson

    t v is so yesterday

  • John Dimietri

    Wait a minute! Weren’t the KKK founded by southern Democrats… One again Stephen has shown just how stupid and ignorant liberals are about everything.

  • LouAnnWatson

    most comedians are leftist…and most younger ones are just garish, over the top nitwits

  • formerusaf

    If this is all what Mr. Colbert has to offer as “entertainment” or “comedy” – – – it is very boring & predictable.

  • stretch7

    Colbert is a piece of scum! First of all, he can’t even pronounce his own name correctly, second the KKK editing was pathetic and hopefully worthy of a law suit.
    I’d love to see that uppity prima donna pee in his pants.

  • flyboy

    Nobody should be surprised by this leftnut regressive POS. When ALL ELSE FAILS, the leftards resort to racist ramblings. Someone tell this leftnutsack that dog doesn’t hunt anymore. Of course, this little pathetic troll would NEVER report about the SS Clintanic going down. Here’s the latest joke: a Hillary aide claims she had no idea of a cash payment, nor did her husband. And guess who her husband is? Wait for it…wait for it…good ‘ole Anthony Weiner, the Peter Tweeter! Democrats…when the clown car just isn’t quite full enough!

    “Huma Abedin, who served as a deputy chief of staff to Mrs. Clinton from 2009 thru late 2012, told
    investigators she hadn’t noticed she had received a $33,000 lump sum payment — about a third of which investigators determined was improper — when she left the State. She suggested her husband, the disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner, failed to let her know.”

  • LouAnnWatson

    they don’t have an answer

  • gdnctr

    Back to your slimy bathouse, Colbert boy.

  • Marrion Mars

    Colbert is such a greed fed brain-dead commie entertainer, that he cannot see what a useful idiot he is being used by the demoncRATS to propagate, communism.

  • Jim

    There is a difference, it’s illegal to “take out” a Jesuit.

  • Rollo Tomasi

    Do not watch that show, do not comment about that show, Journalists please ignore that show. If there becomes a Buzz about it, he will get curious viewers. Ignore him.

  • What_IQ

    Colbert has always sucked and still sucks.

  • grumpyolguy

    Colbert never was funny nor is he entertaining.

  • CG59

    Skru U Colonbert, you’re really funny. Just like diarrhea.

  • LouAnnWatson

    hillary has an eternal burn in her future

  • LaVoz

    colbert left his low level teaching position due to incompetency. he is well suited for a make believe world of comedy.

  • JoeDay1

    Setting ideology aside, I never understood what people find funny about him. He’s annoying. Now that we know he’s left-wing, it makes perfect sense.

  • Arlen Cooper

    Can’t wait for Trump to call the little prissy sissy out!

  • Flechette

    And MLK was a Republican. Why? Because all the politicians supporting segregation were Democrats.

    I bet 90% of today’s youth do not know this.

  • logistis-dikigoro

    Just be patient – I think Trump has a good memory.

  • Buddy

    Glad I didn’t watch and sorry I ever tuned in on Letterman. John seems to be just another political propaganda tool. Enjoy, lemmings.

  • Mike

    Stephen Colbert’s first night on the Late Show proved he’s still every bit the idiot that late night America deserves.

  • Spychiatrist

    I’ll bet that Colbert is a Sodomite?

  • Seriously

    I don’t waste my electrons on him…

  • Seabass120

    That settles it. I’m voting for Trump. The liberals are terrified of him.

  • samalama99

    Nothing makes a Drudge reader happier than pinning the KKK on the modern Democratic party. Which is one of the saddest and lamest attempts at historical revisionism one can make.
    The KKK was started by the Democratic party — who then proceeded to leave that party and go to the Republicans as soon as their own party gave black Americans rights.

    The modern GOP’s base was literally created because they were disillusioned their own party had granted rights to minorities. Of course this is known across the board — but denial is a sweet sweet opiate.

  • Flechette

    It is called “re-writing history”.

  • Mac Daddy

    Do we really need another worthless Dem mouthpiece? This will not fix anything……

  • US.Patriot1776

    Rush summed it up best…

    “Everything about the Left is perception, manipulation, and lies. Everything! Everything is ‘Wag the Dog.’ Everything is a structured deception.”

    Rush Limbaugh

  • logistis-dikigoro

    Yeah, a lawsuit, that’s the ticket – only problem is “actual malice” would have to be proved, but that should be easy.

  • bigdaddybernie

    Jesuit, . . . . a new word for ” COMMIE “

  • Redeyerich


  • PlainOldTruth

    Colbert has a plan for America: force citizens further into debt, increase homelessness among citizens and continue to lower educational standards for citizens. Citizens must obey orders from their betters (millionaire media stars and government employees, especially foreign government employees). I nominate Colbert for unemployment, food stamps and back-of-the-line affirmative action pass-over bias treatment. Colbert: Please fail soon (weeks not months), you disgusting, trendy, smug sanctimonious parasite.

  • moTrouble69

    Colbert you are a vile POS and that pathetic dog and pony show of yours is going down the toilet where it belongs. F!!ck you!

  • Clark Simpson

    Not the best way to debut his show. There is half the country who doesn’t see the humor in it.

  • Spychiatrist

    KKKRAAAAAZY Glue is what binds Democrats and liberals together.

  • nsirchov

    Don’t know who he is and don’t want to know who he is

  • CryptoReporter

    The thing is, he knows already. Its called “television programming” for a reason.

  • logistis-dikigoro

    COMMON THREAD: They’re all in the can for the Dems.

  • DickRitalin

    colbert OFF THE AIR in a YEAR!

  • Katepatate

    Bye, bye Late Show. The beginning of your end started last night.

  • OOOOOO! Super edgy and origional! Can libs be any more tiresome and predictably boring? Nah.

  • thunderclapnewman

    I see a handbag line in her future.

  • Ranger_Ric

    I suspect whatever burning sensation she has was probably given to her by Bill way back when she was still sleeping with guys.


    How low can he drop? . I never watch him anyway.

  • Richard French

    Only the KKK would think of that to stop Trump getting the black votes away from them.

  • freedom74

    TV execs are still trying to get people to drool over lefty shows with 2 million viewers. Maybe that was a workable business model in the 1960’s but it’s 2015. 2 Million viewers isn’t even an impressive youtube video. Oddly enough, they still can’t figure out why advertising revenue is steadily dropping. Huh.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Jesuits are far more dangerous and murderous than KKK ever was.

  • dbt3481

    Which is why I stopped watching TV. Mindless parasites selling useless dribble. The liberal dream on display for all.

    The KKK was founded by democrats and not in the South, Ohio if I remember. Oh well, stupid is as stupid does.

  • logistis-dikigoro

    Ummm …. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Modern Democrats hate blacks more than you know, son. They’re the ONLY people I know who TREAT blacks badly. ALL the Republicans I know – the most beautiful thing in the world to them is a black man who presents himself as educated, motivated, and moral. The Dems I know just write them off from go.

  • George Bentley

    “rating be damned”? Nope, they just know THIS TIME it will work, after all it’s the bi partisan Steven Colbert. didn’t he play a conservative on TV?

  • Belinda Kakhenka

    History shows that when these useful idiots are all used up. They end up in the soup lines just like everyone else, wondering why. It always proves how stupid and ignorant they are by choice. They would rather trade smart for some temporary money, and or glory, but it will all end for them the same way. Then we all get sucked down with them for their stupidity.

  • George Bentley

    When you tell them the truth they call you a liar when you show them the truth they say the parties changed. When you point out how today’s democrats still want to keep minorities enslaved to Big Government they call you heartless. When you ask them to point to a single democrat city that has actuality created programs that “Help” the poor instead of keeping the poor dependent they call you racist for assuming all backs are on welfare.

  • G Anderson

    I’ve hated letterman since around ’94

  • Tori

    The only time Colbert is worth a crap is when he’s lying. The complexity of the irony is lost on liberals.

  • dbt3481

    Don’t all liberals lie all the time?

  • Snake Plisskin

    I think Mr. Colbert just (as we say in aviation) screwed the pooch. Jay Leno and David Letterman were both left wing types but they even had sense enough not to do something as stupid as this. Aside from that Steve Colbert is about as funny as watching someone die!
    My advice to CBS, start looking for a new host or the Late Show will soon be toast!

  • Kelvin

    CBS will be calling Jay Leno before Thanksgiving.

  • frozeninbemidji

    It’s all about the cause. They wouldn’t have picked a turd like that if it wasn’t.

  • Tori


  • tommy mc donnell

    see what it is like to live in a communist country, you get political propaganda disguised as entertainment.
    in a communist country everything you do has to be for the cause. isn’t liberation great?


    Hahaha. Trump gonna pounce on this wimp! You’re fired!

  • SnakeUSMC

    The democratic party and the rino republicans are both telling us the same thing. They smear TRUMP and want the status quo to remained the same. In the last election we who voted Republican thought our so called leaders would keep their promise. Have you notice how hard it is to remove the knife from our backs given by bonehead in the house and mcquack in the senate.

    Writing on the boards allows one to vent. BUT if we send this message to the so called RNC Rino leaders, and all of your friends who feel the same. They WILL listen. You may copy and paste or put in your own message

    Because you despise the Straight talking TRUMP, and he is rocking your cash choosey boat, if you jokers decide to toss TRUMP in the waste bin, be advised. WE SHALL WRITE HIM IN! IN BOTH LOCAL AND NATIONAL ELECTIONS. You say this will destroy the RNC? Well guess what jokers, it is YOU who have destroyed it. So support TRUMP or get your rear kicked big time- The Real Conservatives

    You can google the RNC national committed for the email address to write to, and also write to your local RNC and every liberal news paper and friend on your email list. When I post on blogs it is removed I feel as if I am again living in the CCCP

    If you’d like to contact the RNC please email:
    [email protected]

    Semper Fidelis


  • your granny

    Obama and Black Panthers…Obama and Black Muslims…Obama and another imbecile..

  • Peter Hosek

    Cobert you idiot you think clever you are. I would like to see the ratings in a few moths.

  • volunteerbutnot4u

    colbert is a jew tool who peaked,lol

  • SteveB

    Why would he show that? Trump isn’t a democrat anymore?

  • Lois Biteme

    The left’s Ministry of Propaganda, hard at at.

  • Snake Plisskin

    Preach it!

  • It was the best of times.

    This guy has always been a loser…

  • 200,000,000 Americans just joined the KKK and elected Trump president! Thanks to that lib tool. Thank you Steve. LLLOOLLLL!

  • firedup49

    Learn history
    Woodrow Wilson democrat brought them back, he also segregated gov agencies and also segregated the Post office

  • Tpods1

    Thanks for doing on show one. Saved me from tuning in

  • cortney1

    The Late Show with its far left agenda will go the way of msnbc and cnn. Down the drain

  • Glen

    That long, huh?

  • Charles Westmoreland

    I can still hear his SC accent that he claims he’s ‘lost’ through hard work and diligence, old moonshining MoFo.

  • avihawk

    Colbert grew up in Charleston S.C. and he’s a Libtard
    There’s a good chance he has family and friends , that are Klan members

  • John Galt

    Cue the lefty thought police! Here they come to bash Trump into the ground, like they do with EVERY public figure who doesn’t toe the socialist line. ‘Cept this time, Trump will be INVITED onto the show, because Colbert needs RATINGS, and Trump will drill him a new azzhule on national TV.

  • flyboy

    The leftard troll is strong with this one^^. So says the trash who supports a party that allowed the longest running US Senator in history, DEMOCRAT, who was a former klan RECRUITER.

  • Harry League

    Just realize that this is what liberals do. Revise history or simply make it up. Make inane comparisons of conservatives comparing them to fascist groups when those groups were conceived by the left. Ignore the failures of left wing political governance while holding up conservative successes as failure. Up is down…left is right…evil is good and good is evil. This is what they do. The truth is not in them.

  • Lib TV suicide. Ta-Ta, Stevie! LLOLLLL!

  • olddog

    from a cum guzzling choomer chimp (D)rone..magine (d)at..

  • Col. Kurtz

    He’s a mental midget….who cares

  • FreedomFan

    Trump is the GOP caricature that Colbert mocked for years. Trump is Colbert’s vindication that such a creature actually exists. Just don’t try to pretend Trump is anything but Colbert’s fellow Progressive, cuz he sure ain’t one bit Conservative.

  • Patty

    he was a failed personally and still is. He is one big ignoramuses of the Century. Btw, his show will be cancelled before year’s end.

  • WhoCaresFU

    I eat cheese everyday. So hopefully soon my arteries will clog away….

  • heretheycomeagain

    Colbert wasn’t really trying to be “funny” of course; he was simply trying to hurt Trump. No surprise there, but what might be surprise to Colbert and the rest of the secualr media, is that it may not actually hurt Trump with the voters. In fact, it could have even helped him. There are many more Americans who haven’t chosen sides in this race who do not want our jobs going to Mexico. The feelings among Americans who want illegal immigration stopped also run strong.

    But whether or not this hurts Trump remains to be seen, but I’ll bet the shareholders and suporters of Oreo cookies were cringing when they saw the skit. This did not help their brand. Moreover, this idiot flashed a package of Hyrox Cookies, Oreo’s greatest competitor who have recently started a comeback drive against the Oreo brand. They are a cheaper cookie that’s equally as tasty––if you like cookies.

  • firedup49

    Commies, and Obama’s useful idiot

  • xsnake

    Waddya expect from a comedy commie?

  • backliner

    Remember when late night talk shows were actually funny and entertaining. What happened?

  • Glen

    Continuing the Family Tradition. The Oreo must be a salute to Obama…

  • olddog

    and the (D)em-wit (D)erelicts just continue to wait in mommys basement for the Hoax and chains Thang..

  • DickRitalin

    THAT would be BETTER.

  • ????? WTF are you on about, dimwit? Colbert just elected Trump, and you crow like that’s BAD! Go lick Hillary’s canyon, fool!

  • logistis-dikigoro

    Yes, I believe this stunt could actually HURT the Dems pretty bad. you see, Colbert has just told normal folks who believe that we ought to shut down the borders that they are RACISTS. If you were one of those folks, wouldn’t that TEE you off? Keep up the good work, Colbert!

  • Patty

    Donald J. Trump
    [email protected]

    4h4 hours ago

    Man did JEB throw his brother under the bus last night on @colbertlateshow . Probably true, but not nice!

  • George Bentley

    When you can show me where Democrats have succeeded in any scale to lift people out of poverty then talk to me about changing parties.

    Everything they do creates dependency If you begin to become successful you’re cut off from the little support you get and forced back into the dependency of government programs. I know this first hand as I watched my mother have to choose between opportunity and feeding her two children over a little 5 dollar a week pay raise. This is how democrat keep their voters dependent on them, how they can, year after year, do nothing to improve the lives of their voters but still go on TV and decry that Ted Cruz is going to push Grandma over the cliff.
    If you voted Democrat you voted to stay at the bottom of the cliff.

  • Glen

    Fallon Moves with Michele….

  • flyboy

    Oops, I replied to the wrong post! My bad! Edit coming…

  • olddog

    Bingo..Agree 100% Lois..Spot On..

  • westcoast

    Yep, keep up the diatribe and smears, Colbert slug. Watching you disintegrate into the same rating dust pile as Hitlerary—at just about the same time—will be a pleasurable moment in American culture.

  • olddog

    Good Catch Steve!!!!!!!

  • anAmericanMom

    Sorry Colbert, the left and their twisted since of alleged comics such as yourself need to hold up a mirror and actually see that you all are the extremists. Anti gun legions who do the brunt of gun killings. Left head cases who happen to identify white disparage themselves for what to go along to get along from behind your walled in communities.. The nutty left anti Israel pro extremists you also own that.

    Reality really bites. When you have half a brain and use it to see yourself for what you are a wise azz no talent pansy for the looney toons.

    KKK is and always will be owned by the LEFT!

  • logistis-dikigoro

    Lowering taxes, shutting down the border, not spending more than you take in, strengthening the military, and he’s not conservative? You must be an establishment type …. or better yet a Democrat.

  • John

    There is no ratings fail in the Democrat Media Complex, there is only the narrative.

  • olddog

    Hell a Fence Post has more intellect than this FOOL..

  • getthemlibsout

    perfect replacement for the other idiot….what’s his name

  • grumpyolguy

    They only make me laugh when they are serious.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Hey Patty, speaking of “show” and cancelled hopefully, Please add this one to your always hilarious picture posting folder. 😉
    This is a actual picture I took yesterday! Jeez.

  • cjswag

    I actually like Tosh, he say what he wants…

  • anAmericanMom

    He is no comic just a lefty creep with a bully pulpit. Funny how the goofier they are the more they feel the need to seek appeasement from .. the loonies.

  • George Bentley

    Show me?

  • Scott Clendenin

    Hillary through Obama under the bus today as well

  • olddog

    LOL..I thought maybe it was a misfire..We olddogs error 404 DAILY..Take Care and keep up the good fight!!!

  • Francis Flandro

    The MSM is disgusting. That is why I don’t watch TV.

  • flyboy

    Yet only ONE party has the LONGEST RUNNING US SENATOR IN HISTORY as a former klanner, and a RECRUITER at that. You leftard IDIOTS cannot SPIN IT. Oh one more thing honey…name ONE THING THE MODERN GOP DOES THAT IS IN LINE WITH THE KLAN. GFY.

  • Zigger

    I can’t wait to never watch his show.

  • Ilovereddobes

    Obsessed much?

  • Greg Soltysiak

    Coldbarf is a dick.

  • dbt3481

    Liberalism. It destroys everything it touches.

  • Scott Clendenin

    I think they call that the Clap

  • whoodoo

    Colbert seems desperate right from the start, with ham-handed extreme associations and “jokes” that only the true die-hards in his previous audience would laugh at. That can only mean that he’s pitching for the most self-deluded segments of his and Stewart’s audiences. The problem with that, for him, is that he’ll alienate a much wider audience that might have tuned in to his first show just out of curiosity, while hanging on to those who would watch him no matter what he said.

  • Anthony Artesto

    Where is this little mans humor? Another liberal trying to use humor. idiot!

  • Ilovereddobes

    Its a horrible horrible show and he’s a horrible horrible host.

  • Colbert usingTrump and the KKK is another reason not to watch the show

  • dbt3481

    Liberals have no humor. They are either offended or offending others. There is no middle ground.

  • nightsong

    No one likes Colburt, why did they put him in there? Failure.

  • dbt3481

    Never have, never will.

  • Wayne Patterson

    Good job… bought the 1990s college communist fairy tale………..sure pal……..that’s why the kkk were in Wilson. Fdr. And lbjs cabinets……….that why Clinton’s hero Fulbright used the n word in every sentence……….yes greasy, you are “that guy”

  • whoodoo

    But, as with all mass media/advertising these days, one need only fool a relatively small segment all the time in order to “succeed”.

  • anAmericanMom

    I think people like colbert got picked on a lot in school.

  • dbt3481

    Because he is a good little parrot for the narrative.

  • democrat CockRoach

    I thought the jerks said he wouldn’t be acting like his normal hateful liberal self?

  • blueangel69

    Sort of the present day version of the booger joke. It’s not funny it’s silly and childish.

  • TruthBeTold

    Maybe ¡Jeb! was behind this.

  • blueangel69

    Praise the Lord!

  • Mike in Illinois

    But Snake, what if the real deal is that they actually want trump to be the candidate? What if both wings of the uniparty know several things are going to crash hard during the next administration and what they REALLY want is to be BOTH enabled to blame a “non” party politician? What if the two factions are opposing trump because they really want him put in office – knowing that their opposition to him actually helps him?
    What if their game is get Trump in there, via their supposed opposition, all as a means of creating a fall guy that ultimately protects the stand alone “two party” system (thinking that never again will voters go astray from the parties themselves?)

  • Bolt Upright

    The Liberal species of human has been genetically identified. Their condition is irreversible. One of their many disparaging symptoms is “projecting”.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    Trite little fruit booter. Disinformation has always sold to idiots.

  • flyboy

    I would pay REAL good money to be able to get in his face and tell him what I think of the little leftard toad. I mean GOOD money…TO. HIS. FACE.

  • Bolt Upright

    KKK started in the Liberal Democrat party.

  • Chezleigh Honolulu

    same old sh!t, different time slot

  • menemenetekelupharsin

    Have you also lost your mind? Bad enough that a nobody like Colbert equates Trump with the KKK, you gotta top him by saying the Jusuits are worse than the KKK?

  • dandeman

    Here’s some ideas for next week.
    Hillary talking about her concern for children and grandchildren while playing a video from Planned Parenthood and a homosexual wedding
    or…Old Joe talking about GM is alive and Bin Ladin is dead while playing a video of ISIS burning alive Christians in the middle east.
    or.. Bernie saying he’s for raising the minimum wage to $15/hr while playing a video of illegals crossing the borders so they can work for less than current minimum wage.
    or.. some Liberal saying they think the Republican Party is the party of old white politicians while showing Hillary, Joe, Bernie, and Al Gore on split screen.

  • Jorge Martin

    the POS colbutt should be put down like rabid dog

  • Bolt Upright

    heh..talking to Liberals is a useless endeavor. They only understand one method of communication to get their attention/change their behaviour.

  • blueangel69

    What’s hilarious is that the Donald is showing all the Pubs how it’s done when you have a set of balls. So obvious. Stand up and be a man (or a woman as the case may be). Every last cowtowing Republican should be ashamed of themselves.

  • SnakeUSMC

    Very excellent point. At this juncture, you and I do not know. Bone head in the house is now facing rough seas against the Tea Party. They are thinking of replacing him which would be good. Trump would know what to do, I for one would NOT know what to do because my Limited Business experience of two business is all I can base my thoughts on.
    Still, Trump is a lot better than any other repub standing. So we must wait and see and watch broom hillary go down in flames Subject: Re: Comment on GROSS: Colbert Launches ‘ Late Show’ with Donald Trump on Screen With KKK (Video)

  • blueangel69

    Media creation.

  • Scott Clendenin

    Libs are terrified of a cloudy day

  • Mike in Illinois

    You are felony stupid, or maybe a willful liar, Samalamma99, with yer big 69 comments……

  • 2ndprotectsall

    Just one of the reasons the MSM is dead.

  • Patty

    Jeb: 2d Amendment Doesn’t Necessarily Apply Nationally, Gun Control Should Be ‘Left Up To States’

  • Talikka

    I was going to watch but hearing Colbert’s first show had a KKK picture I decided I won’t be wasting my time in the future.

  • Scott


    The KKK was founded by the Democrat Party just after the civil war.

    Albert Pike was a founder and high ranking member. He was also the most important Freemason on Earth.

    Today, the Democrats are ruled by his descendents.

  • Wanita Wally

    Let’s see if his run beats that of Air America.
    It all sounds good and looks great on paper but THE FACT is that they’re incapable of supporting their own ideologies…for very long…without government supported assistance.

  • carroll Schraeder

    Colbert is a stupid idiot that didn’t listen when people had something important to say

  • GovSlacker

    In one word “not ready for prime time” – or was that more than one word? Colbert has become a parody of himself. As they say, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Stephen is strictly cable fare. His schtick has strictly millennial appeal. He needs a seal audience to laugh at his smug leftist jokes. I think his nightly Trump basing will become boring over time. The Late Show will now give people a reason to catch up their sleep.

  • Truth_Hurts_Progressives

    That guy Colbert is a Prog [email protected] who does not deserve to live in the USA. His show will be cancelled soon.

  • ISeeThruYou

    Trump ought to invest a couple hundred grand investigating the personal life of Colbert. He looks like a real freak, so I’m sure he could dig up something to shut Colbert up forever. 🙂

  • democrat CockRoach

    He’s old enough to remember when Al Gore’s daddy was a member of the KKK.

  • Norinos

    The left will never understand that for comedy to be funny it has to have some truth to it. But then again they are morons and this show is hasn’t been about comedy for some time.

  • ISeeThruYou

    I give him 6 months…

  • GovSlacker

    He came out in support of his sister and she lost in a landslide.

  • goturner

    Good excuse to go to bed earlier!

  • Lib t ards R Really Fascists

    Always hated this q u e e r anyway. And nobody watches the Comedy whatever. but under 30 morons.

  • ItsJo

    Agree with you, and that’s why the Leaders(joke) like Boehner/McConnell who LIED to get our votes, then the next day-ignored their voters SHOULD RESIGN. These Rino’s are merely “Dem-Lites” that bend over backwards FOR Obama, the Marxist who is hell bent on “Taking America down the Tubes.”…’s working!

  • Zio Matrix

    Just another yid bootlicker.

  • amyyo

    Is Colbert really that stupid or is he just lowering the bar to pander to his low IQ audience?

  • Mike in Illinois

    Maybe their plan was to put him out there, and then play the third party card thinking it would force him out. And his candidacy has taken off to their chagrin? It is hard to say, for sure.
    I tend to think a great deal is going to change after the CNN debate. In the two weeks after, I predict five will bow out. Unfortunately for the party hacks, Donald won’t be one of them. Karma might really gonna bite the party hacks this time. I sure hope so, no matter how Trumps candidacy plays out.

  • Middletown

    you forgot they also own the black panthers, muslim brotherhood and the union thuggery

  • GovSlacker

    Boy, you must be really old. The Left is not funny or interesting.

  • johnfarmingdale

    Didn’t Colbert retire? oh that right it was the other do uche bag.

  • Lib t ards R Really Fascists

    Sux that part of my Cable bill goes to a network I never watch to promote garbage like this.

  • TruthBeTold

    Colbert is only the front.

    Look behind the curtain.

    NAME his writers. NAME his producers.

    As long as you only focus on Colbert you’re missing the mark.

  • CenCalDevil

    I’m surprised that people are caught off guard by the feeble little d-bag Colbert acting like the feeble little d-bag he has always been.

  • Tim

    Trumpophobic fool.

  • GovSlacker

    I bought my last Oreo, and I bet I’m not alone.

  • Glad people are waking up. Welcome.

  • Hooray for Heebwood

    That was the Horowitz phony, who parties with the Traitor in the WH. For those that think obongo is anti-jewish.

  • Norman Bates

    Is he a comedian or something? Never heard of him.

  • SoTxJoe

    Colbert needs to be removed.

  • I even stopped watching most FOX shows. The Fair and Balanced reminds me of “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”.

  • Nomorelibliers

    He is desperate for ratings. What a POS!

  • Mike in Illinois

    Then tag the advertisers too.

  • ISeeThruYou

    Leibowitz. Get your “witz’s” straight, bro. 😛

  • backliner

    Guilty as charged I guess. I remember way back when when Hollywood was pro America

  • Hooray for Heebwood

    My bad…..i knew it was some heeb name with a witz. Hiding behind the all-american sounding name of jon stewart.

  • ISeeThruYou

    I’m not sure Hollywood was ever pro-America. They’re just more open about their anti-Americanism now.

  • backliner

    Guilty as charged. I remember way back when, when Hollywood was pro America

  • Pm

    Won’t watch crap

  • Mariner

    Started to watch it, was tuned to CBS but it seemed lame and after 5 minutes I was preoccupied with something else while it was on in the background.

  • Idiot Box

    Just another reason to……..Cut the Cord. Dump the Dish.


    BBBBBBBBBBBENGHAZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH #TCOTARMY!!!!!!!! #0BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RISE UP!!!!!! AGGGH

  • Pm

    Crap crap crap that’s all that is fed to us anymore the people are turning on it wait and see

  • chronovisor

    @$$hole, why don’t you learn some facts m0r0n, the kkk was FOUNDED and promoted and “staffed” by DEMONRATS…ever heard of robert GRAND dragon byrd??? pathetic pencil neck hack


    What would happen if this graphic was showed when 0 was running?

  • flynny

    Sorry Colbert, AKA “The Limp wristed Company Fink”. Your drowning, your show sucks too, like you.

    TRUMP 2016!!!

  • Gabriele D’Annunzio

    Hope your ratings are in the toilet Colbert, you are a worthless

  • The Warburg Brothers

    Only when we were fighting the Germans for them and dying by the 100’s of thousands, while their banksters were funding the 3rd Reich. They were real pro-american then.


    KKK graphic okay confederate flag bad.

  • Norinos

    That’s true. From the producers to the writers to the host. All fellow ideological travelers.

  • chronovisor

    drum roll please…touche’

  • frigu

    Hopefully Stephen Colbert dies a violent death at the hands of one of those people Donald Trump is trying to save him from. It would be a bonus if Bill Maher and a few other Hollywood imbeciles are with him.

  • arkpaul

    Watched about 40 or 45 minutes of the show. Colbert is just not funny. Boring, in fact. 9 months to prepare? For this? Colbert is a short-termer. Oh, and he obviously thought he was funny. And precious..

  • HappyG

    It’s sad that he has to reach into the gutter for a laugh…

  • HappyG

    He’s a legend in his own mind…

  • TruthBeTold

    Identify the WRITERS who came up with this script.

    Make their names public.

  • Libs Luv Child Rape

    Looks like a child molester to me. Wonder if he visited Jeffrey Epstein’s child rape island ?

  • Pm

    I never forget when and who spews crap it time to invent, reborn, clone,reincarnate a new Kieth Oberman hatred and all.
    What ja’s

  • ISeeThruYou

    I couldn’t give that guy 45 seconds now. I watched him a few years back and wanted to punch him through my screen. LOL

  • Pm

    Put a respectful real man on not a hack.

  • Codetrader

    Good way to alienate a huge segment of the population………Americans flock to Trump because the country has a de facto one-party state, where all the traditional means for the people to seek the redress of grievances have been blocked by the self-absorbed, unaccountable, permanent political-media elite.

    The establishment, its hair on fire, cannot decipher Trump’s appeal because it is divorced from the people and increasingly divorced from reality. And that which the establishment doesn’t understand, it seeks to destroy.

    Like Lexington and Concord, Donald Trump has provided a spark and a rally point for the American people to regain control of their government.

    Stay tuned, the corrupt political-media establishment is about to implode.

  • Mark Talmont

    The way NYC is going under DeSleazio I think Reality is going to seriously intrude on this farce. (tune in to the first half of the John Batchelor radio program as he has an update on the “tragedy of the commons” issue pretty regularly–also JB has some points of view on China and Russia that don’t get much air on the Channel One media).

  • ISeeThruYou

    I wondered the same thing about him actually. I know I certainly wouldn’t want him around my kids.

  • Pm

    Probably a closet dweller that thinks he knows the old stories are made up because he is smarter then everyone else and is full of lost in a bottle

  • Tinderbox


  • Pm

    It’s not too late to quit

  • Pm


  • samalama99

    Enlighten me on what I said is a “lie”
    ….. waiting.

  • Jack Naaf

    Wow, that’s a brilliant ratings plan to alienate over half your audience.

  • Idiot Box

    This putz is a classic example of people they say are funny and actually aren’t in the slightest. But they pay people or have aspiring actors sitting in the audience of these live shows to guffaw at everything they do or say…and the sheep laugh right along. As they don’t want to appear un hip or not cool or not with it.

  • Pm

    Any body would be an improvement over letter hole but his who is in control of these ja’s any way

  • whoodoo

    Just bear in mind that this is another product of CBS — owned by CBS Corporation, in turn owned by National Amusements, in turn owned by Sumner Redstone (i .e, a multinational family-owned mass-media corporation). He also controls BET Networks (via Viacom) and MTV (via Viacom Music and Entertainment Group, via Viacom Media Networks) – the latter airing a documentary, by an illegally-resident alien Vargas (a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and amnesty activist who has worked for the Washington Post and the Huffington Post.) that shames “white people” for what they’ve done in America.
    He’s longtime Democratic supporter, with a history of donating to many Democratic campaigns, including regular donations to the late Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle. Like all good corporatists, he supports candidates that are good for his corporation, not the nation.
    So, what else would you expect? Redstone hates America and the people who built it. Colbert could be considered his hand-puppet.

    This is just another attempt of the multinational corporate elites to control the public debate by using the MSM as a propaganda tool for their own (v. national) interests.

    Trump is a real-estate mogul, not a corporatist or capitalist, Such people existed long before capitalism and corporations arose in modern times (from the ancient Greeks, Romans and feudalism), and that’s one reason he can challenge Wall Street financial houses and corporatist elites, and why they hate him and fear him.

  • As has been all but proven (see link below), Jon Stewart was and is a tool for the Left. The same is almost certainly true to Stephen Colbert.

  • Liberty2Day

    yup, then they think they won, and move on

  • Shameless

  • jackb

    Won’t spend any time watching his show…..he’s as stupid as the rest of the idiots with a D behind their name.

  • TruthBeTold

    Identify his writing staff.

    Name names.

  • Bob Roberts

    Colbert, pronounced COLE BERT, is a left wing loon who has never been funny. Watch his ratings go into the toilet soon.

  • axethecouncil

    Tards are getting desperate.

  • Mark Talmont

    Bernie Goldberg and later Sharyl Attkisson were their last gasps. Bernie once managed to get a report about the Mena Arkansas airstrip on the national newscast and I think Sheryl was the last reporter to touch upon vaccines with anything but the thumbsucking fealty now exhibited with absolute uniformity.

  • Hooray for Heebwood

    I can guess what they are. As is 90% of Heebwood. The one’s that aren’t are bootlickers.

  • Bob Roberts

    Hillary just needs to come out as gay. Gays are in these days, aren’t they?

  • Liberty2Day

    We can worry and jump up and down, but the Daily Show only ever had like 3 million people watching it a week, 1% of US populace, while Savage, Rush, Drudge, Breitbart, each get 15-20 mil a week.

    This is an insignificant crowd that gets a lot of press

  • Mark Talmont

    Except that crowd of demonstrators could never get their sheets that white. Unless maybe they stole them?

  • No ones knows the names or faces of his writers. How is that going to help?

  • Financial wizzard

    Should be banned from intelegence

  • Bob Seeley

    CBS is a true wonder. How can they put on such terrific prime time programs and then turn around and shoot themselves in the foot by maintaining the Late Night Show hosting by idiots? Not sure whether Colbert will prove to be more rabidly left wing than Letterman was or not.

  • glamdeluxe

    Sumner is himself just a puppet for the escort wife he hooked up with, a former limo driver wrote a nasty tattle tale account of the Redstone estate and it’s goings on. Stock holders beware. The trophy prostitute/guru is having a big `ol time on them.

  • Liberty2Day

    yet another example of why cable is going out of business, and taking the networks with it — all it is is a hate group

  • Financial wizzard

    Hope he goes away soon. Why always a clown can’t they find someone with broad appeal?

  • Zio Matrix

    Just like BlackLivesmatter…they had 300 people at a protest, cop shoutdown and the press goes gaga.
    Beck had 20,000 ppl in Birmingham and nobody knew it went on except those in Birmingham. People need to realize just how truly they are being manipulated and lied to, by these creatures that control the MSM.

  • Liberty2Day

    if everyone slighted by this crowd sued them for libel, CBS and its ilk would not last the year.

  • whoodoo

    I seriously doubt that Sumner’s women have any concern with the content broadcast on any of Redstone’s media outlets.

  • TruthBeTold

    Colbert isn’t a one-man show.

    He has writers.

    Identify them. Make their names public.

    If you only go after Colbert, you’re missing the real people who are behind this and who are setting the agenda.

  • Liberty2Day

    the internet is the best thing ever at exposing these cretins, as least so long as it remains free of coercion and censorship.

  • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

    oy vey. Blood libel dies hard.

  • Recovered Democrat

    Oh GREAT….another Leftist @sshole that thinks tearing apart a famous person that does not think the way he does politically is entertaining. Phuck you Colbert.

  • Financial wizzard

    Let’s show up with torches and pitch forks.

  • Kenya_Diggit

    Awaiting Trump’s response.

  • Zio Matrix

    Yep and that’s why they’re trying to get the internet under their control. If you’ve noticed a lot of these internet sites don’t allow comments. Because thru these comments we can see just how many there are of us. And they want us to believe that our numbers are small.

  • Gabriele D’Annunzio

    who would waste an hour of their life watching this ape?

  • Recovered Democrat

    Really? Does he not decide for himself what he can and will say?

  • Financial wizzard

    F Colbert

  • Liberty2Day

    yet the left is the one victimizing black folk daily, on numerous levels.

    talk about OUT OF TOUCH

  • Clark Simpson

    Colbert came from the Comedy Channel supported by young Liberals. Now he is with CBS which has a much larger demographic. So why is he alienating half of them so early unless he is trying for the same bunch as as Jimmy Fallon. He should be more like Leno who played to everbody and that’s why he was number 1 for years.

  • Financial wizzard

    Taking back our COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liberty2Day

    glad to see yet another propaganda arm of the marxists tanking from the get go

  • TruthBeTold

    As long as they’re behind the scenes, they’re untouchable and they’ll keep doing this bs.

    Make their names public and publicly shame them. Let them know we know who they are.

  • Oral Roberts

    In DC and Hollywood and NYC, a big affirmative.

  • Johnny Lately

    Colbert is a lop ear clown that has more in common with the kkk. Bet he wants to give Iran money and the bomb like Clooney and Obama. Then they behead non believers and blow Isreal off the map. Colbert is now the Grand Wizard. Nice goose stepping Democrat.

  • ISeeThruYou

    Opus Moreschi – Supervising Producer/Head Writer – jewish
    Jay Katsir – Co-Head Writer – jewish

    Matt Lappin – Writer – jewish
    Paul Dinello – Writer – either jewish or bootlicker

  • TruthBeTold

    Do you believe he alone writes all his own material?

  • Blandly Urbane

    He’d find a larger audience if he busted on the party that truly needs the busting, but that would be too brave.

  • Liberty2Day

    bingo, nearly all right leaning sites allow comments, while most leftist sites do not, and those that do are intensely censorious, not wanting to expose anyone to right leaning ideas.

  • Yodeling Larry

    Stop the press!!! A comedian making fun of Republicans and leaving Democrats alone? That’s never been done!!!! What a visionary!!!! What a trailblazer!!!!

  • Otto

    You idiots Trump IS a democrap! Always has been, and he’s pulling the wool over all your eyes! Don’t fall for it you fools, he’s going to make the Republicans loose the election and that has been his plan all along! He invited Hillary Clinton to his wedding and says Canada has a good Health Care system and he wants to raise taxes, etc etc etc. You fools!!

  • Liberty2Day

    the left ought to talk, America is on its last legs thanks to the left’s evil policies.

  • World’s best political comment

    I wonder how many Democrats noticed that Colbert DIDN’T invite Hillary to open his new show. That’s because like the rest of the country, he KNOWS she’s a loser.

  • Recovered Democrat

    Dear Mr. Colbert,

    Nobody gives a sh*t about your political leanings, but now that you have exposed them, your audience is going to shrink BIG time. You are an @sshole, and you are against the people that financially support your program. Lots of Luck.

  • Tangair

    Wow! This imbecile really puts the A$$hole in GAY….

  • The Bacon Abides

    Who needs the KKK when you have Planned Parenthood

  • John Schilling

    SC needs to die. Really, that simple.

  • Veritas

    He’d be booted off the air, just as Jay Leno was forced off..because he was cracking on the Little Dictator Obama.

  • Facebook User

    David Letterman turned into a bitter old lady in his last few years on the tube. He was mean and most often not funny. So far, colbert is just not funny. He’s a non-comedian who longs to be a comedian, but isn’t quite sure how to go about it.

    But he is also completely irrelevant. I heard a lot of his sketch work thru the years is mostly unwatchable and…not funny. And now he’s on a network no one watches.

  • Dennis

    Colbert is nothing more then a little leftie POS that thinks he’s funny. Guys dumb as a rock. I don’t know if he knows it or not but there are a lot of Democrats that will vote for Trump. I heard that 25% of blacks support Trump in a poll taken. Wouldn’t waste my time watching this pimple on Johnny Carson’s a**.

  • TruthBeTold

    Colbert is a front. Identify his writers.

  • Winter Soldier

    Sad that he had to talk about Trump in order to get some ratings.
    You know that no progressives would watch these left wing “journalists” posing as “comedians” posing as “comedians” posing as “journalists” unless:
    A) They are religious bigots
    B) They talk about Trump
    C) both
    By the way who is Stephen Colbert is he from France?

  • Otto

    You fools Trump IS a democrap! Always has been, and he’s pulling the wool over all your eyes! Don’t fall for it you fools, he’s going to make the Republicans loose the election and that has been his plan all along! He invited Hillary Clinton to his wedding and says Canada has a good Health Care system and he wants to raise taxes, etc etc etc. You fools!!

  • nn55nn

    Colbert is much closer to the KKK than Trump ! By Far.

  • Idiot Box

    Where we can get after the content of these shows and show our displeasure and actually disgust is: Do not buy products that advertise during these shows.

  • Alicia McHugh

    Bush supporter ay?

  • Dems n libs hateful vile perverted. Photoshop a penis in colberts mouth let it ho viral

  • ISeeThruYou

    ‘Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ Writing staff:

    Opus Moreschi – Supervising Producer/Head Writer – jewish
    Jay Katsir – Co-Head Writer – jewish
    Matt Lappin – Writer – jewish
    Paul Dinello – Writer – either jewish or bootlicker

  • Mark Talmont

    I tuned in only until the first commercial break, long enough to witness one of the most bizarre moments in the history of network TV. He introduced a sheep’s head with horns as some kind of demon that had power over him and compelled him to promote (and then sample) the sponsor’s product, a hummus dip thing I had never heard of before. Weird and not particularly effective as I don’t recall the brand name anyway.

    You can web search a bit for terms like “Illuminati cult influence in media” or “satanic media imagery” and find tons of stuff people have collected as evidence. (the music videos are packed with it). Scoff if you wish but I think it’s in the nature of the forces at hand to “hide in plain view”…witness the Iranians bellowing about erasing Israel even as the treaty that’s not a treaty comes to a vote.

  • Blandly Urbane

    Oh the seething hatred

  • Suzanne

    Obviously a show for Leftists only. I won’t be watching.

  • BeaveVillage

    Colbert has bad taste and no class. Why can’t he talk about Hillary’s e-mail scandals?

  • Recovered Democrat

    He’s trying so hard to be Jon Stewart.

  • World’s best political comment

    I remember a few years ago when people were saying Colbert was a Republican because every now and then he would poke fun a Democrats–nothing serious, that would actually damage them, but that allowed him to save his real attacks on Republicans. He was a little Liberal twerp back then and he’s a little Liberal twerp still.

  • ISeeThruYou

    You mean Jon Liebowitz?
    ‘Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ Writing staff:

    Opus Moreschi – Supervising Producer/Head Writer – jewish
    Jay Katsir – Co-Head Writer – jewish
    Matt Lappin – Writer – jewish
    Paul Dinello – Writer – either jewish or bootlicker

  • Not Obama

    Over / under on how long this DA lasts. I say 2 years max

  • TiredofPC

    I, for one, have never found him to be the least bit humorous. He’s always been an unabashed liberal and flack for the dems. I’m hoping his ratings tank and he’s off the air within a year. It’s really pathetic that these guys keep getting away with this kind of bashing and bullying when they are the ones that preach tolerance and anti- bulling. We have to stand strong against these azzhats and their incessant drumbeat of lying about and mocking all things conservative.

  • SorrowfullSoros

    Oh, I’m certain he’ll tear both sides of the political spectrum to shreds.
    BTW, are you interested in a bridge I have listed for sale?

  • Idiot Box

    Quit buying any products advertised during his show and it will be a whole lot sooner. We need to used the power of the purse to kill shows that promote libtardism.

  • Pamela Trammell

    I hope he makes the Republicans “loose”. Sit back and watch em run loose all over any Democrat that is the party nominee! LMAO

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Just hedging his bets in case Hills or Bern should win. Can’t risk missing out on all those star-studded gourmet-catered parties at the White House starting right after the obligatory “Yes, I know what I said during the campaign but this is the real world. NONE of it’s gonna happen, suckas, uh, my fellow Americans” speech.

  • Alicia McHugh

    Otto, read his presidential announcement speech. I don’t care what he did or why he did it, he’s preaching to me now. Build the wall, make good deals, bring back jobs.

  • Not Obama

    Hey dumb arse. The public is smarter than you. Shocking! KKK were founded by democrats. Put that image next to every single democrat you have on your stupid show moron. Watched one. No more.

  • Kenya_Diggit
  • Not Obama

    Amen brother!!!


    Democrat/Liberal/Progressive these are code words/dog whistles for Domestic Terrorist, Baby Killer, Organ Dealer and TRAITOR!

  • Arminius

    Steven, who…?!?

  • Not Obama

    Colbert. You are not funny.

  • Pluto’s Moon

    Colbert is just another Metro-Effeminate-Limp-Wristed-Pansy !
    ( I’ll bet he squats when he pees too ! )

  • John Galt

    Gee, they could’a had Leno!

  • Jack Hagan

    Keep telling the truth. You won’t get results right then, but you will over time. The Bible even talks about this. Keep the faith.

  • Recovered Democrat

    What an @sshole, and an idiot. I guess he thinks his viewing audience is extremely ignorant. Phuck you Stephen Colbert. I hope you fail, and pardon my language.

  • JimBob

    Colbert is a low-life, always has been a low-life, and always will be a low-life.
    And that’s exactly who he appeals to: low-lifes.

  • Otto

    Liberal academic troll. If you support Trump you support Hillary! We need a real conservative to make America great again! Not some born rich elite democrap from New York.

  • John Galt

    Let’s hope!


    Democrats are Americas home grown ISIS. It is clear who the enemy is, act accordingly.

  • kogk1943

    Liberals are such predictable scrotes.

  • Not Obama

    When you preach to the choir it really doesn’t matter.

  • Not Obama

    Another late show ready for the dung heap. That didn’t take long

  • JimBob

    This moron is too stupid to know that the KKK was started by Democrats and never had a single Republican member. The guy is total scum. (no offense to pond scum)

  • Arminius

    Q-burt is about as funny as a case of gangrene.

  • Pamela Trammell

    I’m a Ted Cruz supporter, but if Trump wins the nomination, he WILL get my vote in the general election.

  • tonyloaf

    No one can rewrite their history to expunge their evil past like the Democrats. They are master deceivers.

  • JimBob

    I predict this a–hole will last a month or two. Nobody likes an obnoxious a–hole.

  • TruthBeTold

    He’s a front. Identify the people behind the scene; writers, producers.

    Left-wing writers with a left-wing agenda.

  • Varsitybleau

    Colbert is the worst. Boring and cheesy.

  • Pamela Trammell

    Learn to spell LOSE there buddy. The word LOOSE gives your statement the opposite meaning. lol

  • Tony Tads

    send letters to sponsors and tell them you don’t want your company
    support a political party.
    a soft boycott..that what blacks,latinos,women and rainbows do.

  • DonaldDuck

    Jon Stewart is an executive producer of the show. No more left wing than that idiot.

  • tonyloaf

    “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”
    ― George Orwell

    This is one of the tools the Progressives/Democrats are using to destroy the country.

  • teapartyguardian

    God willing. I mean allah…

  • Arminius

    Who’s idea was it to get this liberal suck-butt any airtime again and why are they still getting a paycheck?

  • Steve Roberts

    Holy cow…..

  • TruthBeTold

    The DNC.

  • Cracker

    SC, F$*^ Y%# and the pygmy pony you rode in on….

  • Craig B.

    Looks like Colbert has stumbled upon a sure fire way to extend his fifteen minutes in the Stardom Machine.
    Just expand on the false “White racism” narrative…

  • Arminius

    Silly me.. I should have known.

    But we can cut off his sponsors.

  • mark miskiw

    Nothing said about the Zionist, the most “RACIST” people on the planit. Why because the Zionist have chosen all of these canadates to run for President!!!!!!!! So America make your choice amungst this two party “DEMOLICIAN CREW” / Monopoly. Make you than break you for Entertainment and a $

  • TimeHasCome

    Colbert’s blow buddy King Putt is going down as the worst Prezzy ever.

  • Who were the sponsers of this show?


    Democrat these are code words/dog whistles for Domestic Terrorist, Baby Killer, Organ Dealer and TRAITOR!

  • mark miskiw

    Their all going c down as Zionist chosen ones


    Liberal is code words/dog whistles for Domestic Terrorist, Baby Killer, Organ Dealer and TRAITOR!


    Progressive is code words/dog whistles for Domestic Terrorist, Baby Killer, Organ Dealer and TRAITOR!

  • Arminius

    Not a glue… I wasn’t watching. Nor will I ever.

  • MudFlapShoes

    the KKK, is a chupacabra.

    i’ve never seen one.

  • Peter M.

    What drugs are you taking?!

  • Yo momma

    Another shill for the li beral station owners pimping for democrats, Aka Jimmy fallen and dave letterhead


    Why are so many shocked at how low liberals can go? You are talking about people who murder babies and sell their organs, why the hell would this shock you?

    Remember to hold those that vote Democrat, responsible for the crimes of Democrats.

  • mark miskiw

    Chosen Ones is the word of the day by the Zionist Democrate and Republican!!!! Remember their the Chosen ones to kill and committ every crime known to mankind

  • Yo momma

    Colbert is a pimp! Let’s bash repubs because there is something wrong with all of them but Hillary is perfect

  • Peter M.

    I bet you didn’t know that all those southern white supremacist dems joined the Republican party 50 years ago.

  • Arminius

    Planned Parenthood… you know, the babyparts distributors.

  • Asheville Pete

    Let the sponsors of this show know you are unhappy.
    so unhappy that they support this vile garbage, that you will boycott their products

  • mark miskiw

    Trump has a big mouth so what comes around goes around

  • Bob Coco

    Just like Air America

  • John Galt

    Looks like truth serum to me.

  • Peter M.

    This article is a hack job. The first show was pretty good and I think it will only get better.

  • jamesben

    You’re an idiot, so ya – true, it just around on you.
    TRUMP ’16

  • Zach Campbell

    Yeah conservatives typically hate Colbert.. Smart humor and all.

  • Jack Hagan


  • jamesben

    There’s not much humorous about Colbert. He’s another Leftist pus*y.

  • Piquerish

    The the wriggling worms in the cess pit of the left long ago mastered the art of projection.

  • Don’t taze me bro

    The KKK is a democrat organization, strange association since trump is looking to pull blacks out of poverty with a better economy… Hummmm…

  • Piquerish

    Bet you are wrong. More like 98%.

  • Peter M.

    Someone swapped the labels on him. He took a hallucinogen.

  • sbut01

    His left wing antics aimed at brain dead college kids (and not many of them at that) are not going to carry him on a national show that needs a large, diverse audience. I will take satisfaction in seeing him get cancelled.

  • Piquerish

    Slander becomes the libt2rd.

  • Arminius

    Admit it… your sick self thinks butchered baby body parts are humorous.

    Nobody’s buying your propaganda anymore.

  • Aivilo Truoccm

    I do not watch TV at all. This jerk will just reinforce this. What an a**

  • Arminius

    Like a late term abortion…

    Nobody is buying your propaganda anymore.

  • Cahal the Mad™

    Left-wing “comedy” is not even funny, nor is it even comedy. Everything they label as “comedy” is nothing but hate, bias, partisanship, and propagandist idiocy. 10-year-olds in adult bodies, is all they will ever be.

  • John (magnum)

    Anyone with half a brain knows the KKK is the demoncrap good ole boys club !!

  • Piquerish

    Lolwut? Libt2rds typically love Colbert.. Slanderous humor and all.

  • Don’t taze me bro

    I bet you didn’t know that’s not true, the dems had a clan grand master senator in their ranks within the last 5 years, he died in office… Think about it, do you really think the racist in the dems party really left to join a party that had ended slavery and had just passed a civil rights act? The very legislation they hated…really?…lol

  • Piquerish


  • Arminius

    You’re right…

    Just look at what’s happening to Shrillary.

  • Madness

    Who is this Colbert jackass? Network tv is dead. Somebody should tell this fool that he isn’t remotely entertaining as well.

  • libtarded

    Yup– Lyndon B Johnson (DemoCrap) resisted the Civil Rights movement, and upon passage of the “Great Society” welfare programs was quoted as saying… “We’ll have those N***ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years”– and for the last 51, it’s been true.

  • Zach Campbell

    Oh god forbid some one doesn’t like a conservative. Sorry guys, time to find out that most of America feels the same way. Get ready to feel the Bern!!!

  • John (magnum)

    stooooopid alert !

  • Arminius

    Your poo slinging isn’t sticking anymore.

    Try again monkey man.

  • BSWatch

    Never watched his other show…..won’t watch this one either… only appeals to low info libtards anyway…..

  • Nutzak

    Colbert is a scumbag…nwo shill. Trendy, but scum.

  • Arminius

    Liberal comedy is an oxymoron.

    Liberal baby killer is not.

  • paul52

    Robert KKK Byrd…. Grand Kleagle or is it Grand Beagle? Same difference.

  • WeAreAConstitutionalRepublic

    who is steven colbert?

  • Trendies R Tards

    Trendies = brainless moron scum

  • bugmetoo

    Why would he show him with the KKK? Donald isn’t a Democrat.

  • Libs Love Sandler Too !

    It’s not humor at all.

  • They Call It News

    So there is a picture of:

    1. An A$$hole
    2. The Democrat Party
    3. Donald Trump

  • BeatTheDeadHorse

    Liberals always turn to slander, defamation and ridicule in form of “comedy” when they can’t come up with substantive arguments.

  • joeysdad

    It looks like the Late Show is going to go the way of the printed news media.

  • Arminius

    KKK… you mean like democratic senator Robert Bryd?

  • Elapoides

    Colbert, the chronic liberal d!cksmoker. When Trump is elected, and uses his executive order & also uses “Obama-Tactics” to reverse all the damage Obama did, it will be a treat to watch to hate exude from Colbert’s ugly mug. How will the liberals like Colbert complain when Trump uses Obama’s sleazy political tactics, and rubs it in their stup!d faces?

  • Leveut

    Except for Strom “Sperm” Thurmond”, all the racist, segregationist Democrats who voted against voting rights, civil rights, integration, etc. died as Democrats.

  • Hooray for Heebwood

    It was terrible the last several years with Letterman, who was long long past his expiration date.

  • Addison Jacobs

    I was afraid Cobert was going to make the Late Show into the Cobert Report. Not funny and it wouldn’t be funny if it was about Hillary either.

  • Down Lowbama

    Right on. Way to start off with some White Devil material. Remember, if it’s white, it’s not alright. Anything else is just racism.

  • SnakeUSMC

    I live near Congressman Darrell Issa He has pissed me off by not delving into a Back Ground Check on obamass. When I received my TS BI/Final you could not believe the amount of paperwork required and they did a nit picking about everyone I knew. Once you have a TS it is for a limited time and it can be renewed which mien is.
    You are correct, more is happening behind the green curtain in the land of OZ than meets the eye. THAT is the reason, if we have enough people write in Trump and TELL the GOP before hand not only at the national but local level, as we say in the Corps, They will Sh.t and go blind
    Semper Fidelis

    Subject: Re: Comment on GROSS: Colbert Launches ‘ Late Show’ with Donald Trump on Screen With KKK (Video)

  • The Left hates morals

    Don’t forget Black Lives Matter!!

  • HarrySak

    typical self hating anti-white white liberal

  • John Brittingham

    Colbert should put a picture of a pile of the dead victims of illegal aliens next to Obama golfing, that would be hilarious and true.

  • HarrySak

    world has gone to hell

  • HarrySak

    the youth don’t know much of anything

  • Dave Turner

    90% of today’s youth probably don’t even know who MLK was or what importance he played in history.

  • lspanker

    Name one, if you can…

  • HarrySak

    MLK was a scam artist and a communist

  • YesMeansNOMeansYES

    Really? Maybe you should read the whole comment

  • YesMeansNOMeansYES

    you seem to be the troll… Conservatives don’t despise the rich

  • Elapoides

    Colbert, like Obama, are the by-product of food that has passed through the stomach, then through the large & small intestines, where it is finally excreted into a pile of steaming human waste.

  • Agent Kruger

    Obama is a greasy kenyan Islamic turd for sure

  • 9$##P00@@@

    Trump is not a member of the Democratic Party therefore he is not a member of the kkk. That is owned by the dems.

  • Dave Turner

    Except that fecal matter attracts flies and some can be useful as fertilizer. Colbert and Obama aren’t useful for anything except idiots.

  • Agent Kruger

    Colbert should be deported to mexico

  • Dave Turner

    It eats at him and all the media. Trump isn’t interested in playing with them and they can’t understand why.

  • firedup49

    Woodrow Wilson brought them back also segregated gov. U.S. Post Office……….

  • c834r605b9n

    “The Smear Factor”
    When there is no leg to stand on, smear!

  • JasonX

    Smart? A typical estrogen soaked Libbie male isn’t funny. Is it hard bring a feminist trapped in a man’s body?

  • AJF

    Nice job, Colbert…Way to introduce yourself to the American people, by insulting over half of them right out of the gate.

  • Deez_Nuts2015


  • Sharon

    What an a$$ hat, who watches him? Low information voters?

  • Norinos

    Cue the lies, slander and anti-Americanism for the low information voters consumption and couch it in the (not so funny) humor without any truth.

  • constantvigil

    Hey F head, the Democratic Party is the party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow and KKK…

  • Sharon

    Because of our failed education system.

  • Agent Kruger

    I farted and it smelled like a mexican

  • Elapoides

    Like this?

  • Agent Kruger

    democrat voters don’t care they just want dem food stamps nigga

  • Agent Kruger

    what else could it be

  • Elapoides

    Or this?

  • Jim

    Colbert is just a carrier of the Democrat disease of delusion, deceit and lies.. oh yeah, and he’s really stupid too.

  • Agent Kruger

    what does a black man get after sex? 15 to life

  • BlkCon

    He lost his job for a reason.

  • Don Miller

    Oh, how clever… if you disagree with a liberal then you’re a Nazi. I’m impressed beyond words. I’m surprised that Colbert didn’t also call Trump a racist, a homophobe or a misogynist. Colbert’s use of lame liberal clichés speaks volumes about his intelligence.

    So this is who CBS thinks will draw in millions of viewers?

  • CoachScottLA

    Trump is impressive in those clips; an intelligent, plainspoken, sincere guy who loves America! And, a self proclaimed Republican. Twenty seven years later and he’s still making yellow ties look good. Definitely could be our next President.

  • Steve Roberts

    Going on a date

  • Oirish

    How dare you, you POS! At some point even leftists have to stand up or be exposed as communist stali. What are you, its pretty obvious to me. Dont even try to hide behind that BS statement that you are an entertainer. You POS.

    A Veteran.

  • luvourtroops

    Low IQ Liberals watch him thinking that he is funny. Hey Colbert, did you crack any jokes about Obama when he was running for office ???

  • DertyDemHater

    Colbert is a nerdy Sissy Boy would piss himself if a real man ever got in his goofy face and said boo.

  • tommy mc donnell

    no democrats changed to oppressing white people after the passage of civil rights act outlawed racial discrimination. they immediately started passing affirmative action laws to do to white people what they had done to black people to keep political power. for fifty years it has worked like a charm. they get 90% of the minority vote for selectively oppressing white people and still get 50% of the white vote of racists like you.

  • Agent Kruger

    Thank you for serving the pro gay tranny , open border, tax and spend, drone striking,domestic spying USSA

  • FollowDaMoney

    Ask them who EGore’s father was and how he voted?

  • Random_acct

    Well, we can be sure that his audience will be as dumb as it was when he was on Jon Stewart’s show.

  • Retribution

    The Democrat party jesters doing what they do.

  • Mongoshorse

    Cackle, cackle, cackle… another liberal bore.

  • Trump/Attkisson 2016

    Abolish the FEC.

  • So Cal Guest

    No, they became democrats. You see Peter, they prey on people like you that have opinions based on nothing. No facts. They rely on your lack of education and I see it’s working wel. Wake up.

  • Miggy10

    Colbert has 6 weeks to gain traction or he’s done. He will not be able to count on stoned college kids, they don’t even know what CBS is……Ratings will be his end……soon, South Park reruns on Comedy Central will have higher ratings…….and CBS will start looking for somebody else.

  • Joe Adragna

    I thought the late night talk shows were supposed to be funny. This guy is so far from funny.

  • Linsu

    I now know that I will NEVER tune in to watch the Colbert show.

  • Vince Vega

    I guess Steven Colbert isn’t afraid of being lynched. He should be.

  • ubik

    Yeah, he’s a Nazi KKK member. But he supported Hillary in 2008! And taxes on billionaires.
    Sure it will work out. Like go on TV and get his money for the Mexican gardener!
    And he goes to the ER and pays the hospital and doctors when gardener gets hurt!!!!


  • Vince Vega

    just kidding – maybe!

  • Lets all go to Saudi Arabia

    Please my friends do not expect anything new from Stephen Colbert, he is a liberal media creature.

  • Tony Konte

    This is precisely why a couple years ago I totally stopped watching TV altogether! and I do not miss it in the least!

  • ubik

    no lynching. Just don’t watch, see him get fired.
    He is in fact, not worth lynching, That would imply he mattered.
    He is not that funny and snark has an expiration date. I think it was 2 months ago.

  • Agent Kruger

    I like women in veils

  • Republicans = Nazi Alcoholics

    STOP GOP terrorism against Marijuana Consumers.
    Republicans are alcoholic hypocrites, bigots and racist Nazis.

  • GozieBoy

    I’m sure that CBS and its sponsors are delighted that the Late Show has forever lost >50% of its potential audience ovenight.
    Then again, Les Moonbeam probably is.

  • libtarded

    ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz…. Snore

    Seriously dude– get really high, then go play in traffic.

    The Gene Pool

  • Agent Kruger

    democrats haven’t donemuch for you either stoner!! fuuuking burnout

  • Republicans = Nazi Alcoholics

    STOP GOP terrorism against Marijuana Consumers.
    Republicans are alcoholic hypocrites, bigots & racist Nazis.

  • ubik

    Watch The Middle. It’s good. Andy Griffith in black and white. Don’t reject society, it is too isolating. The last Mission Impossible movie was good. So was Guardians of the Galaxy. Skip any of the other Marvel crap.
    We live in a society saturated by popular media. Most of it is evil and should be avoided (Jersey Shore and anything Kardashian/Jenner.)
    You can reject most of it without becoming irrelevant, especially if you have young adults in your house. They will see what you don’t.

    I heard a minister talk about sparing the rod. The rod is not a stick to beat the lambs with. It is a gentle guide used with love.

    That is us for younger people

  • F1 Lover

    Why don’t you go hit the bong again and leave the discussion to the adults.

  • libtarded

    An ignorant population is an easily controlled one.

    Failed? Not at all– The Federally managed education system has done exactly what it was intended to.

  • ubik

    When Obama surrenders to ISIS in January 2017 (year one for ISIS) expect veils.

  • ubik

    That’s why OBAMA won twice.

  • F1 Lover

    If we were Nazis, you would already be dead there stoney,

  • Agent Kruger

    99% of pot smokers have a double digit IQ.

  • ubik

    I won’t watch any of them. May get those Johnny Carson DVD’s. Buddy Hackett in a body cast after a vasectomy. Classic!

  • Republicans = Nazi Alcoholics

    ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz…. Snore

    Seriously dude– get really drunk, then go play with yourself.

    The Epigenetic Pool

  • Republicans = Nazi Alcoholics

    100% of white republicans have tiny testicles.

  • Bitter Clinger

    Does Colbert know the KKK is a Democrat organization?

  • guest

    The “education system” is a complete success. It has accomplished exactly what John Dewey, father of the government school system and outspoken Fabian Socialist intended it to do.

  • Bitter Clinger

    MLK was also a Christian. The antithesis of Soetoro.

  • Agent Kruger

    SO you have fondled a lot of testicles.

  • Bitter Clinger

    In other words, educating Democrats is pointless.

  • Republicans = Nazi Alcoholics

    You will learn from those you have abused…
    “Operation Paperclip” is being dismantled.

  • John Galt

    Why would you have to photoshop? There’s probably a bunch of real pictures of him and Obama around.

  • Howie

    ..and that why liberalism is a mental disease.

  • Gringo Bandit

    And what did you expect from Colbert who has President Pookie’s male member up his derriere.

  • Agent Kruger

    I love N I G G E R S

  • Republicans = Nazi Alcoholics

    Why don’t you go hit your wife again and leave the discussion to the adults.

  • Zvi

    Colbert is a lightweight loser with a third rate sticht

    He blows

  • mrbadhabit

    did your parents have any Children that were born NON Brain Dead… or are You the Epitome of their efforts?

  • Jim

    Hey Otto! Reagan was a democrat once upon a time. Go back to your cave.

  • Regardless of your political beliefs, that show was terrible.

    When they were yelling Ste-Phen, I was Heav-in!

    Bush said Visa -Versa LOL

    It is not a talk show its a circus and a bad one.

    Hydrox, Bush, Clooney, all of it. NOT FUNNY!

  • Rick Schroder

    Colbert is a moron. He is too afraid to have Trump on his show. Don will rake him over the coals. The Libs are shaking in their shoes because of Donald Trump. The RINOs are too. I will be voting for Trump. As a veteran, I’m sick of all of these career politicians. We NEED someone like Trump to upset the apple cart!

  • Jim

    History of Western Civilization, try reading between naps.

  • Danny K

    He’s still not funny.

  • Rascal69

    Robert F Byrd, revered Democrat leader and renowned member of the KKK. Strong indications he was a Grand Dragon. And the liberals lap it up.

  • roval

    It isn’t the ‘Late Show’, it’s the ‘Hate Show’. A little history lesson to you. The Democrat Party is the founding Party of the KuKluxKlan. Democrats introduced the word ”racism’ into this country. ‘Jim Crow’ laws during the sixties were created by southern Democrats(Dixiecrats). But of course,liberals must not let this truth out. So they try to change history.

  • S.O.S.

    Thats fome funny $hit. Don’t worry it won’t work. People want a winner in the White House NOW.

  • RLABruce

    Libs have been desperately grooming Colbert to be the loony-left’s answer to Rush Limbaugh. They must be so disappointed….

  • Jim

    One more “Peter” –


    Democrats are still the party of Jim Crow, in spite of their protestations to the contrary. The only thing that has changed about the Democrats since the bad old days of Jim Crow is the methods they employ to keep black Americans “in their place.” For the sake of historical review, Jim Crow is the name given to the segregation laws that existed in the South until passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Enacted following the misnamed “Reconstruction Period” after the Civil War, Jim Crow laws were designed to keep black Americans in subjugation in spite of the 13th Amendment.

    Jim Crow laws separated the races into segregated schools that were supposed to be “separate but equal.” The schools were separate, but they were not equal. Jim Crow laws required black Americans to sit in the back of busses. In fact, at the height of the Jim Crow era an elderly black grandmother or even a pregnant black woman would be required to stand up and give her seat to a healthy young white man if the bus happened to fill up. Jim Crow laws required black Americans to enter grocery stores though the back door, prevented them from eating in restaurants, forced them to drink out of “colored” water fountains, and required them to sit in the balcony when going to see a movie. Perhaps worst of all, Jim Crow Laws prevented black Americans from voting by requiring so-called “literacy tests” that were purposefully impossible for them or anyone else—including those giving the tests—to pass. White citizens were not required to take the tests.

    Fortunately for black Americans and our country, Jim Crow laws no longer exist. Unfortunately for black Americans and our country, the Democratic Party has found other ways to subjugate black citizens. The only thing that has changed since the Jim Crow era is the methods Democrats use. Now rather than passing segregation, the Democratic Party uses so-called government assistance to keep black Americans down. Further, if a black American turns his back on government assistance and succeeds through individual initiative, the Democratic Party attacks him. To Democrats, successful black Americans who adopt conservative views are “turncoats” and “Uncle Toms.” In fact, nothing frightens Democrats more than successful black Americans who do not want their help.

    What is worse, the Democratic Party of today portrays itself as the compassionate party that cares about black Americans. But if Democrats really cared about black Americans would they continue to wage a misnamed War on Poverty that has done nothing but keep black Americans poor? If Democrats really cared about black Americans would they perpetuate government programs that encourage fatherless families, high dropout rates, youth unemployment, drug use, crime, and violence? If Democrats really cared about black Americans would they provide government funding to organizations such as Planned Parenthood that abort thousands of black babies every year?

    The subjugation of black Americans by Jim Crow was delivered with a look of undisguised hatred on the faces of its perpetrators—although the faces were often covered by hoods. The subjugation of black Americans by government assistance is delivered with a smile, but it is subjugation nonetheless. Whether the Democratic Party seeks to keep black Americans down overtly through Jim Crow or covertly through government assistance programs, it is still the party of subjugation.

  • Hillary Hates America

    Colbert is a pure POS.

  • Ron Stanford

    The person who has named themselves “Republicans = Nazi Alcoholics” is in no position to talk about “adult conversations.”

  • Rascal69

    As opposed to liberal idiots who have no idea what their sex is.

  • Agent Kruger

    What do you call a chinese n i g g e r with AIDS?
    Coon Die Soon

  • S.O.S.

    99% of statistics are made up on the spot

  • RLABruce

    Colbert is supposed to lead the Millennials to the left. I think he is scaring them away with his fanatic Liberalism instead.

  • roval

    CBS will never cancel this show even if the ratings suck. It is just another forum for the MainStreamMedia to advance their liberal socialist agenda.

  • Trump + Marijuana = Victory

    Trump + Marijuana = 3rd Party President 2016

  • Reason And Believing

    I’m sure you can find a photo of that without having to photoshop it.

  • Trump + Marijuana = Victory

    Trump + Marijuana = 3rd Party President 2016….

  • RLABruce


  • doug johnson

    We’ve got a terrorist state led by apocalyptic zealots on their way to getting nukes, and dope smoking is your highest priority. Maybe give your few remaining brain cells a break? Oh, and please never vote or reproduce.

  • Trump + Marijuana = Victory

    Trump + Marijuana = 3rd Party President 2016……..

  • roval

    You’re being flagged. Expect to be banned from this forum soon.

  • Agent Kruger

    you must be a liberal

  • Trump + Marijuana = Victory

    Trump + Cannabis (Kanne Bosem – Exodus 30:23) = 3rd Party President 2016.

  • RLABruce

    It’s not a veil; it’s a Ninja outfit….

  • Trump + Marijuana = Victory

    Trump + Marijuana = 3rd Party President 2016……………………….

  • S.O.S.

    Speaker “Boner” is defiantly an alcoholic. 0bummer is definitely a pothead and racist.

  • elwap0

    Cole Bert sad propagandists

  • Trump + Marijuana = Victory

    Trump + Marijuana = 3rd Party President 2016……………………………………………

  • Trump + Marijuana = Victory

    Trump + Marijuana = 3rd Party President 2016…………………………………………………….

  • Richardnsider

    Stayed up late to watch the show. Should have gone to bed. What was once a funny character of a right wing nut turned into a real life limp wristed unfunny liberal water boy.
    Anybody try to watch the unfunny racist that replaced him on comedy central? I watched it once.

    Good luck stevie, and whoever the unfunny racist is.

  • Trump + Marijuana = Victory

    Big talk for such a little phaggot…

  • RLABruce

    Tar and feathers would keep you off death row.

  • Agent Kruger

    Why are trees so close in Harlem?
    Public transportation

  • Trump + Marijuana = Victory

    Trump + Marijuana = 3rd Party President 2016……………………………………………………

  • Rambler

    You know what’s really scary?
    People who choose late night comedy leftist propaganda form their opinion…
    Sadly these idiots run rampant.

  • Trump + Marijuana = Victory

    GOP is a Disease.
    Marijuana is the Cure….

  • John Hopson

    Hard to imagine there’s anyone in America who finds that idiot funny. Guess we’ll see how long the network lets Colbert sink before they yank him off the air. By the way, does anyone know just who this jerk’s audience is supposed to be?

  • Jim

    A “grand keegle” (sp), some type of recruiter.

  • Jim

    Hemp rope? She’s already a bag.

  • K M

    Now I know why Colbert stayed in character all those years… Yawwwnn, more like Colbore.

  • Agent Kruger

    What do a slinky and a n i g g e r have in common?
    Both are useless but it’s fun to watch them falling down the stairs

  • ubik

    They vote!
    Don’t worry though, last election was the last one that mattered.

  • ubik

    Tear down that racist’s signs all across the state!!!!

  • RLABruce

    Alinsky would be proud of Colbert.

  • doug johnson

    No, Democrats just switched plantations. Now they harvest votes instead of cotton. Democrats lock blacks into failed schools and a Marxist mentality, then they use private schools and capitalism for themselves.

  • Alec Stuart

    Don’t you have some made-up patent number to throw out showing the medical benefits of Mary-J? You need to hit some more of that reefer and chill the hell out, Buster.

  • A. Rogers


  • O’Brien’s Math Facts

    This article is the closest I’ll ever come to watching Colbert.. I don’t care how funny he is.

    There are plenty of funny idiots in the world, Colbert is just another one of them.

  • Alec Stuart

    Imbeciles, half-wits, dimwits, thugs, muggers, buggerers, and college kids.

  • Danny K

    I agree. He’s not funny.

  • wasitsomethingisaid

    Did anyone expect anything different?

  • HaHa Jokes on Libs

    funny… I just look forward to it all crumbling down! People need to wake up!

  • doug johnson

    I expect that propaganda from Colbert. What pisses me off is that all of tech journalism refuses to cover the biggest email scandal in history. The Secretary of State running a home brew server? Move along, nothing to see here…
    Bunch of hypocritical hacks.

  • GiveTheWookieACookie

    Colbert is too busy pledging his allegiance to the party of the kkk and slavery. Don’t bother him with facts; he’d get so confused just like all libtards who can’t tell the difference between reality and GTA.

  • Cata Strophus

    Colbert may as well come to my house and spit in my face and laugh. That’s how much of a traitor I think he is.

  • Daniel Mobile

    Colbert = Communist collaborator

  • GiveTheWookieACookie

    Just have a bong hit, I see?

  • wasitsomethingisaid

    Tried to watch it a couple times,the guy is a complete tool.

  • gary lacey

    It appears Col-bert is picking up where Letterman left off, classless and tasteless.

  • Patty

    POLL: Donald Trump and Ben Carson Blow Out All Other GOP Candidates in
    South Carolina (And in Most February/March 2016 States)

  • libtarded

    Why would I do that when your wife does it for free.


  • Alec Stuart

    Post of the day, right here. Not only a home brew server, but one located in the lavatory. To push a pun, one can only imagine the [email protected] that could’ve been found on it…if only Hilldog hadn’t wiped it….

    I’ll show myself out.

  • Lisa – Dallas

    Nazi see, Nazi do….

  • Colbert is and always was a political shill for the Democommies..

    Going up against Trump is like a hitting a steel wall. Bye-bye now…

  • Did you know Robert Byrd remained a Democrat through his whole career. He had President Obama at his funeral… He led his own chapter of the KKK. People believe that BS you spout because individuals like Barry Goldwater who believed in less government(sound familiar) didn’t like the provision about private businesses being FORCED to accept “protected classes” in the Civil Rights Act. He felt that getting equal treatment by the law, and repealing all those Democrat Jim Crow laws that made government discrimination not only legal, but REQUIRED was the important thing. You see it wasn’t just that the establishment owners didn’t want whites sitting with blacks, legally you weren’t allowed to let them sit there.

    Republicans were for smaller government and reduced interference before it was popular.

  • Blightness

    I don’t know what is more disturbing – Colbert and his lame schtick or the jackasses who watch his show and believe it.

  • ZorroKitty

    colbert is an ass. really, WHO watches these late shows?? I guess only those getting food stamps and obamy phones. If you have a job, you are sleeping.

  • blad

    When the COCK-roaches stop being afraid of the light and can of Raid its time to “burn the bitch down”.
    Isnt that what some racist black guy said at ferguson?

  • wasitsomethingisaid

    The DNC is relying on Colbert to revive their party,the ignorance spread by him,letterman,and Stewart has kept them in business for years.

  • Lisa – Dallas

    We have alcoholic Republicans who terrorize over 750,000 Americans each year.
    Phuck you – You are the enemy.
    Legalize Marijuana – before “WE THE PEOPLE” eradicate your political power in America.

  • wasitsomethingisaid

    You are the epitome of ignorance,an illustration of the liberal condition.

  • Stephen J. Koach

    A police forensic investigation has proven the document posted on the White House website is a forgery. That is a felony. Arrest this domestic enemy now. Treason is serious.

  • aberdeenvet

    What else would you expect from a progressive liberal socialist democratic main MSM TV network?

  • Einstein

    Gee wiz, another white liberal elitist bigot just off the plantation, like Maher…hand-picked liberal establishment arbiter of civil rights and racial justice???

    A truly free press would question why Letterman’s replacement wasn’t a diversity candidate.

  • Lisa – Dallas

    Trump + Marijuana = 3rd Party President 2016

  • Colbert is a Bill Maher Mini-Me…

  • Lisa – Dallas

    US Patent # 6,630,507 – go read it, you won’t understand any of the scientific concepts presented in the article, you ignorant Republican imbecile.

  • truth_nigga

    Colbert is and always been an Obama teabagger……dang son you need a breath mint!!! Dat skunky liberal breath stinks up ma television !!!!

  • toc7

    This is why I can’t stand liberals and entertainers. They are manipulative lying fools preying on the low info voter, all the while dragging society down and destroying America

  • konc2

    That’s about as funny as a turd in a punch bowl at a party, maybe you can have your messiah obama on and give him a BJ on live TV for some laughs little man.

  • toc7

    You foolish liberals are the such a gangrenous bed sore on society

  • aberdeenvet

    How about “did it’s parents have any other botched aborted children like it, also, with no brain cells?”

  • toc7

    You’re rather unstable. Seek psychological help

  • Agent Kruger

    I’ve got a big steaming turd waiting for you boy

  • Jess_Axen

    You’ve been stuck on stupid for at least a year with this spam, even after it has been pointed out to you that every piece of federal anti-cannabis legislation in the past century has been produced by a Democrat Congress. You can’t even get the history of German National Socialists correctly. I’m guessing you were low-IQ even before you started using weed, and it hasn’t increased. It’s probably leftism that caused your intellectual handicap.

  • johnnygeneric

    Did you hear that loud noise? That was Colbert’s ratings crashing through the floor.

  • Patty
  • Agent Kruger

    It was me and your momma breaking your mommas bedsprings boy!!!

  • Hawkdriver1961

    The socialist party of the USA, otherwise known as the Democrat party, is a stuck record. They call themselves liberals and progressives but in reality they are the opposite of what they claim to be and stuck in the 19th century with Marx and his repressive ideas that were responsible for over 100 million dead in the 20th century alone and untold numbers of people in abject misery under the failed system of socialism which has failed every time it has been adopted and tried…

  • Darrell Standing

    Yep … I still get that old urge to smash his face with a hammer punch … every time I see him … the only thing better would be able to do the same to Stewart simultaneously!!!

  • Joe Griffin

    You DO know that the Nazi Party was and is a SOCIALIST Party?

  • CrushGOP

    It’s all falling apart ¡Yeb!…your desperation is unseemly.

  • Lisa – Dallas

    The GOP is a Disease.
    Marijuana is the Cure….

  • Joe Griffin

    And we need to add…the NAZI Party, which the left likes to characterize the right as…Is also a SOCIALIST party (for their entire history), just like the KKK.

  • Lisa – Dallas

    The GOP is a Disease.
    Trump + Marijuana is the Cure….

  • Darrell Standing

    The MSM and scumbags like Colbert and Stewart have been painting decent American people who just want freedom from Gruberment control and wasteful spending as KKK for a long time … they have no shame … you need a soul for that!!!

  • Siddhartha

    God, I hope Colbert gets a flat tire at midnight in Baltimore.

  • Mikey117

    Wouldn’t watch that crap if you paid me.not funny,not funny,not funny.

  • disqus_ayvQwhvS6h

    black people don’t care about george bush

  • Mr Juggernaut

    Seriously, who can watch this crap and give a sh*t besides college students and pot smokers? He and Stewart never were and never will be funny.

  • progressivehead

    David Duke endorsed him. he didn’t disavow it so what’s the problem?

  • ofnet776

    Never watched Colbert or Letterman before, not going to change now.

  • progressivehead

    that was before the civil rights movement. all those “dixicrats” are now republicans.

  • ofnet776

    The KKK was created by democrats to keep blacks from voting for GOP candidates that were running for both local and national seats.

  • roval

    I make it a point to correct people who falsely state that Republicans are racists. That’s the liberal propaganda they always spread.

  • Never heard of Stephen Colbert. This article gives no reason why I would want to watch his show.

  • Lisa de Texas

    Trump + Marijuana = Phuck the GOP 2016

  • colossians28

    The problem is this, FACTS HURT! Nice!!!

  • Displaced Yankee

    It would be much more appropriate if he launched it with Obama on there with the BLACK PANTHERS and FARRAKHAN giving his hate speech to kill.

  • Lisa de Texas

    Trump + Marijuana = Phuck the GOP 2016……

  • colossians28

    Martin Luther King was a Republican and loved Lincoln. Both killed by KKK members and most likely DemocRATS!!!!

  • jakeViz


    missing the point….

    Might as well have said:

    Black cat + blue sky = morons abound

    sh|t maybe my statement makes more sense haha

  • Jack_Kennedy

    it was obvious that cbs knew they had a problem with stevie……… the local cbs channel have been shilling for him for the last month and the locals have complained………..a local anchor actually apologized for their action (off camera, off course)

  • colossians28

    FarahCONMAN loves Eminem! What a joke! I heard that he only eats BROWN M&M’s?

  • LosersClub

    He is just another court jester.

  • Patty

    he looks it too.

  • BillyHW

    Do you think we’ll ever see a comedian do an Obama joke in our lifetimes? I mean, he’s the president right? Trump is just running for an election in 2 years.

  • Trump/Attkisson 2016

    Colbert is a qūeer and a Democrat hack. The best late night comedian since Johnny Carson was probably Rick Dees.

  • Misty Graves

    90% of today’s youth do not know 90% of what they should know.

  • DertyDemHater

    Colbert is married to a man named Peter I. Lick.

  • Mae West

    Colbert is as messed up as his ears are, just like Obama.

  • Texasdav

    Colbert is a jackass

  • S.A.Clark

    Colbert tried to give Jeb Bush an opportunity to act halfway intelligent, but Jeb couldn’t get it together. He is still a million times smarter than Trump, who has as much a chance of becoming POTUS as the ghost of Herbert Hoover. There is no way a republican will ever win the White House again. Dubya made sure of that.

  • betterthanu

    an idiocy as well considering the Nazi brown shirt tactics of the left

  • ZZZzzzz

    I did even bother listening. It’s obvious Colbutthurt is buttered Trump is #1 in the polls and on his way to winning the Presidential nomination, getting blacks, hispanics and millennials, in fact, a total Rainbow of supporters.

    Stop being so jealous leftist liberal regressives!

  • betterthanu

    No that Is just typical liberal projection. They call you what they are to make your point mute before you make it. Stupidity in action

  • Charles90210

    Stephen’s Toupee is slightly off center

  • ZZZzzzz


  • Pos7al

    No need to tune into that show, that was easy. Guy tries to make our country better and the media won’t have it. Clowns.

  • Flechette

    True quote. It is amazing how blacks will vote for Democrats when the Democrat leadership despises them so.

  • Flechette

    What is this “CBS” that you speak of?

  • RunTrumpRun

    It’s so bizarre you lose your human status if you disagree with a Liberal politically!

    Folks like Bill Maher, Steven Colbert, John Stewart get a following because they mock and bully people. Its a sick fact humanity enjoys the belittling of others….especially if you disagree with the target politically. Its so Mean Girls and high schooly.
    Not surprised its Liberals who love these guys either and yet those same people hypocritically stand on a soapbox over bullying, white guilt and political inequality?? So its BAD to mock a race, custom or individual….but to a Liberal its GOOD to do exactly the same to someone you disagree with politically??? Your comedy idols aren’t funny, they’re hypocrites. They aren’t comedians, they are cowards cause they do all their dirty work behind the back where the target can’t defend themselves and when called out these yellow bellies cry…I’m a comedian!!! I’m hard pressed to find Liberalism is anything other than a complete hypocrisy. If you are honest you can’t defend someone who mocks a certain political group nearly exclusively while ignoring those who in your perfect Party do no better.

  • Lode

    Colbert is a gutless a z z clown.

  • Meathead Rob Lowe ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Remember when Stephen Colbert was funny? Neither do I bro!!!!

  • Hal321123

    Colbert is doomed. Letterman was bad enough, but at least he had a hip side to him. Colbert, you’d have to be pretty unhip to think he’s hip.
    Goosestepping P.C. smarmy, repetitive “progressive” parakeet…not entertaining.
    last thing I’d want to go to sleep hearing. Count me out.
    And I watched Letterman since the early ’80s, so losing people like me is not likely what CBS had in mind. So, bye bye, what’s-your-name…

  • Steve

    Does anyone actually think that this guy is funny? I watched 10 minutes of the show Tuesday and 15 seconds Wednesday and didn’t even get an emotional response either way. The guy is such a hack that even his inaccurately offensive material isn’t even offensive.

  • rs1123

    I’ve seen enough already to know that a) Colbert and his show suck and b) I’ll never watch it.
    Trump should buy his network and fire him.

  • Professor Fate

    Letterman and Colbert: same crap, different bucket. Who watches this smarmy Moonbat anyway? College kids? Welfare moochers? Insomniacs? Mental patients? Security guards? What a fool.

  • Rockford

    Wow, did you watch that Oreo bit?…….. I haven’t seen comedy like that since the guy skateboarding on a railing slipped and fell onto his n u tsack on funniest nut cracker home videos.

  • Girius

    Colbert’s major problem is that he is just not all that funny.

  • propel7

    What this little PUKE does not understand, and what his fellow Globalist Banker satanist CONCUBINES fail to comprehend, is that their little spin machine does not work on Trump. We KNOW who Trump is. For all we know, this Colbert is probably a cross-dressing gay child molester. He will lose and Trump will win. Not a wise can of worms to open.

  • Greta

    Great thing is, the more these little liberal bedwetters pull this cr a p on Trump, the higher his approval rating go with the majority go voters who will not vote for a liberal bedwetter.

  • caldoc

    Progressive liberal Democrats are like the Zombies on The Walking Dead……Brainless entitlement takers.

  • Gary Callihan

    …..and always amazed that a majority of black Americans are Democrats…a “new” history is apparently taught in schools…along with the daily oscillations of lips pumping out the lies, repeating over and over and over – tiring, it has become

  • aznative

    Where are the skinheads and militias when you need them.

  • FBHO

    F88k that piece of liberal trash Colbert.

  • Sharptonneedsasharpstick

    If you want to send a message to the Democrats and Republicans then vote for Trump. Let them know we are tired of their games and broken promises.

  • Tm Man

    Anything said about ratings first night?Remember ratings is only thing that scare them.

  • Why

    No more illegals in this country. Build that wall. I am tired of working my a## off so someone who broke into my country can have everything for free.
    TRUMP 2016

  • pittssuck

    TRUMP 2016
    If you are here illegally leave! We owe you nothing!

  • FBHO

    TRUMP 2016

  • Hal Slusher

    Another liberal turd in the punchbowl of life

  • Why

    The GOP wants their boy Jeb to win. It’s his turn.
    He and the GOP make me sick. I have never voted for a democrat in my life and never will. But I will not vote for the establishment Republican that the GOP trots out every four years again either.
    TRUMP 2016

  • Why

    TRUMP 2016!

  • Rachel Pancake Corrie

    Impeach Obama

  • aznative

    I’m tired of these lying liberals. They don’t have an American bone in their body.

    The demoncrats started the kkk not republicans.

  • Frank

    That’s funny..
    You all are easily mistaken for ignorant, whiny, f—ing children. Seriously though.. are you all really this GD stupid? Perfect example why most countries look at us like brainwashed idiots.. because of propaganda eating dip s–ts like you. Pointing fingers and crying about liberals all day. You’re f—ing pathetic. You and all these grumpy simple minded nitwits. Now go on a 10 minute rant on how “i’m a dumb liberal”.. You broken f—ing record. There is no denying that you types are the definition of whiny, pathetic, and out of touch. I hope to god all your kids grow up more open minded them you fools. Maybe one day realize how “stupid dad/ mom really is”.

  • Frank

    You all are easily mistaken for ignorant, whiny, f—ing children. Seriously though.. are you all really this GD stupid? Perfect example why most countries look at us like brainwashed idiots.. because of propaganda eating dip s–ts like you. Pointing fingers and crying about liberals all day. You’re f—ing pathetic. You and all these grumpy simple minded nitwits. Now go on a 10 minute rant on how “i’m a dumb liberal”.. You broken f—ing record. There is no denying that you types are the definition of whiny, pathetic, and out of touch. I hope to god all your kids grow up more open minded them you fools. Maybe one day realize how “stupid dad/ mom really is”.

  • Frank

    Are you all really this GD stupid? Perfect example why most countries look at us like brainwashed idiots.. because of propaganda eating dip s–ts like you. Pointing fingers and crying about liberals all day. You’re f—ing pathetic. You and all these grumpy simple minded nitwits. Now go on a 10 minute rant on how “i’m a dumb liberal”.. You broken f—ing record. There is no denying that you types are the definition of whiny, pathetic, and out of touch. I hope to god all your kids grow up more open minded them you fools. Maybe one day realize how “stupid dad/ mom really is”.

  • Frank

    Whiny f—ing children. Seriously though.. are you all really this GD stupid? Perfect example why most countries look at us like brainwashed idiots.. because of propaganda eating dip s–ts like you. Pointing fingers and crying about liberals all day. You’re f—ing pathetic. You and all these grumpy simple minded nitwits. Now go on a 10 minute rant on how “i’m a dumb liberal”.. You broken f—ing record. There is no denying that you types are the definition of whiny, pathetic, and out of touch. I hope to god all your kids grow up more open minded them you fools. Maybe one day realize how “stupid dad/ mom really is”.

  • Sharptonneedsasharpstick

    Shut up commie. Jane Fonda is calling for you in her sleep.

  • Frank

    You all are easily mistaken for ignorant, whiny, f—ing children. Seriously though.. are you all really this GD stupid? Perfect example why most countries look at us like brainwashed idiots.. because of propaganda eating dip s–ts like you. Pointing fingers and crying about liberals all day. You’re f—ing pathetic. You and all these grumpy simple minded nitwits. Now go on a 10 minute rant on how “i’m a dumb liberal”.. You broken f—ing record. There is no denying that you types are the definition of whiny, pathetic, and out of touch. I hope to god all your kids grow up more open minded them you fools. Maybe one day realize how “stupid dad/ mom really is”.

  • aznative

    I think the biggest threat to any person running for office is to be affiliated with either party. They both no longer work for this nation. Washington DC no longer represents the United States of America and our constitution period. About 80% of these people don’t belong on any govt payroll. The federal govt should have never gotten this big and they don’t belong in education, healthcare or welfare or in the bedroom (marriage). It is up to we the people and our states.

    This is the most dishonest corrupt vile disgusting group of leaders in our nations history. They don’t honor or respect our nation any longer. They are siding with enemies of our nation. An act of high treason against our nations laws and constitution and sovereignty. These leaders are so full of themselves and make believe power that they have all lost their freaking minds.

    It is illegal and unconstitutional -Dear Americans ask yourself what would our founding fathers do?

    The federal govt today no longer represent our constitution. Limited powers. It is time to abolish this illegal foreign unconstitutional terrorist syndicate in DC. And give UN 24 hours to get the hell out. It is over. DC is an illegal nation operating in our country illegally and stealing our treasury. All federal agencies are now illegal. They are going against this nation and state sovereignty. Our founders gave us authority. Time to arrest traitors and shut it down. Our founding fathers would have.

    I think it is time to end both parties and start over. Neither have any redeeming values. They no longer represent we the people. The GOP is a joke and the demoncrats are a morphed out perverted communist radical foreign organized crime syndicate operating in our nation illegally and funding their criminal activities with our treasury. Defund it all per our Declaration of Independence. All we need is an American military to secure and protect our borders.

    What we are not hearing from any candidate is that the federal govt has over reached all authority and common sense and are illegally involved in all areas of our personal liberty. God gives us freedom, not the govt. This nation was founded upon liberty, not federal regulations period. The federal govt as it stands today is illegal, nothing but a foreign organized crime syndicate. This leadership and congress are liable for their illegal activities not we the people including the illegal funding of the UN, foreign radical nation building and illegal borrowing of funds from communist nations. This is the most vile corrupt leadership in this nation’s history.

    I suggest we not only vote but demand any one running for office promise to uphold this nation’s founding principles and constitution and promote limited federal govt. We need to elect only a leader who will abolish all these illegal agencies and cut the federal govt by 80%. It is time to defund Washington DC and this illegal unconstitutional radical foreign regime now operating in Washington DC. The federal govt job is only national security and protecting our nation’s sovereignty. And it is the military’s job to protect our nation not DHS. The rest of the powers belong to the states and subject to the will of we the people period. It is time to abolish and defund DC. It is over!

  • Why

    You sound like a raving lunatic. Liberals are dangerous people and you are proving it. You should be in a nut house away from society before you hurt someone or maybe cut your transgender boy/girl friends privates off.

  • pittssuck

    Speaking of broken records.
    At least we had dads and moms. Sounds like your two dads molested you. Is that why you are so angry?

  • Sit down Frank, you dummy.

  • Why

    His major problem is that he is a liberal piece of crap.

  • Frank

    Pathetic whiny agenda loving morons.
    out of touch old farts with absolutely no experience when it comes to the real word.
    Just what the media feeds to you all.
    If Trump called Obama the “N word” he would win over the masses of you typical broken records.
    Now to the person who did this article:
    There is NO effing way they pay you for this..
    Childish as it gets.
    Feeding the grumpy brainwashed idiots what they want to hear.
    I’m sure my comment will be deleted because of the whole “freedom of speech unless it’s against my views” thing.
    Lol exact reasons other countries look at us like complete morons.
    People like all of you.

  • FBHO

    He probably hasn’t sat down in 30 years. Being poked in the a$$ by his boyfriend for that long apparently makes your a$$ sore.

  • FBHO

    Frank is mad
    Frank is sad
    Frank had two dads

  • Bill

    Trump won’t say this but I will. olber you suck. Fukushima vomit.

  • Bob USAF(ret)

    Good point, most of the millennials voted for clown maybe it is 95% I bet most of them can’t do basic math without a calculator.

  • FBHO

    Trump would say it. And that is why we like him.

  • saturn

    He should know as the KKK were Democrats.

  • FBHO

    Democrats lie about everything, including their own history.

  • joethefumer

    You are wrong, 99% don’t know that.

  • Relax Frank. Here’s a picture of your next president!

  • CarbonaNotGlue

    I’m sticking with Conan.

  • The Democratic Party is the party of slavery, the Civil War, the
    assassination of President Lincoln, the KKK, Segregation, Manifest
    Destiny and the Trail of Tears, Japanese-American Internment,
    institutionalized racial division, hatred, dependence, and incitement to
    murder, the slaughter of sixty million innocents, the Abolition of
    Marriage and the First Amendment, and now, the greenlighting of Iran’s
    nuclear genocide program.

  • Typical racist liberal…just like Jon Stewart. FYI, Trump enjoys a large portion of the black vote.

  • fjrtraveler

    Your comment sucks. Enough already!

  • What’s really stupid is how you have to cut and paste the same rant. What is Soros paying you for?? Stop being so lazy and earn your keep.

  • Stop repeating yourself, as The Donald would say: LOSER!!!

  • LOSER!

  • No history is taught in our public schools, or, if it is, it’s just a snippet of liberal revisionism.

  • bob

    reverse psychology maybe

  • Buster000

    La Raza…the new and improved version

  • bob

    He’s eating oreos.. the nabisco logo is a double cross on top of a circle(theearth?). Oreos are poison… just sayin

  • RichardTater3

    Douchebaggery is not a crime, you’re free to go.

  • RichardTater3

    La Raza is the Klan with a tan. Steven Colbert is a United State of America hating dirtbag.

  • Unhappy Again

    Aren’t you Tre Tastic from the Facebook post above? I recognized you from your liberal adolescent temper tantrum.

    And your comment is still here, ahole.

  • Unhappy Again

    I’m just loving the anger, Frankie! Thriving on your delicious tears! Cry, Frankie, cry!

    Oh, and you’re a dumb liberal.

  • Unhappy Again

    Stomp your feet, Frankie! Smash your head into the wall! Keep going – maybe you can come up with a different rant if you try real hard. Try stabbing yourself in the neck with a fork, that might help, too.

    Oh, and you’re a dumb liberal.

  • future

    Historical idiocy.
    The Democrats who founded the KKK were the losers in the Civil War.
    The parties have long since switched civil rights roles, with the republicans executing a racist “southern” strategy and the Democrats passing one civil rights law after another.
    This stupid, ignorant article, likely written in crayon, makes an accusation like accusing the Germans who welcomed the immigrants as N^zis,

  • bob e

    this freak is a little piss ant. good thing they got
    a laugh track in the studio. he thinks it’s all about him. FFS

  • ifmek

    It sounds like you’re whining and out of the touch. Are you a liberal?

    ‘them you fools’, was brilliant. keep up the good work.

    How’s the hopey change working out? Has it turned into ‘blame and damn’?

    Have you complained about bush and koch yet, today?

    Thanks for the laughs.

  • R. Reagan

    Liberals aren’t dumb..they just choose to ignore facts of history that don’t fit their narrative. And their only recourse when confronted is hate and character assassination. They seem to be highly allergic to opposing views and independent thought. The biggest fear of the modern Liberal Progressive is an engaged,informed electorate.

  • C.D. Austin Tx.

    I happen to be sick of Colbert ….. years ago….

  • bovnyccc

    Colbert has committed the greatest sin for a comic-he isn’t funny. The KKK was a Democratic organization, Colbert. Comedians should wade carefully into the area of political punditry.

    People still remember Will Rogers after so many decades but Colbert will be forgotten very soon. He is just too smug for my tastes.

  • Benjamin Freedman

    My message to colberts career, rest in plss you existed far too long on j-media poisoning the airwaves with your ridiculously morose and certainly unamusing banter.
    Stop existing already

  • Karloff

    Ninety percent of ALL Americans don’t know that the KKK is democrat. And most of the youth get their news from late-night talk shows, so they won’t know what’s really going on anyway.

  • Karloff

    I don’t mind a late-night hacks taking pot shots at any celebrity or politician–but it has to be FUNNY, which Colbert wasn’t.

  • sammy4231

    Wrong. Democrats feed people they ID by skin color like pets.
    Democrats remove their right to bear arms.
    Democrats kill their unborn babies.
    What you call civil rights, I call constant division by color politics.

    Civil Rights is what Democrats filibustered, before figuring out Republicans were going to win.

  • JM40

    didn’t see the show but the lib media were slobbering all over it … one big circle jerk ..,

  • Benjamin Freedman

    I don’t like the media, it’s not conducive to the propagation of intellectual thought whether legitimate or purely for the sake of killing our precious minutes of existence upon the earth like colberts ridiculous uncareerworthy crud

  • atheistinside

    Another partisan radical left attack on the percived republican front runner brought to you by the old democrat media.

  • Mandingo1

    Yawn. Same old liberal stupidity.

  • Mandingo1

    Ok so it’s a show for brain dead pot smoking idiots apparently.

  • Benjamin Freedman

    Death throes of a career foisted upon us by those idiots like sumner redstone that produce trivial crud for mass consumption

  • Benjamin Freedman

    Idiots in general I’d say , no brain rotting pot required

  • future

    Johnson got the Civil Rights laws passed, and the racist Dixiecrats found a new home in the GOP.
    These are incontestable facts.
    hat kills black children i sthe US is lack of healthcare. adequate food and poverty.
    Please demonstrate how the gun rights of anyone have been “removed.”

    Also, the “feed” nonsense.

  • sammy4231

    Big cities make extra gun laws to make it difficult to carry as criminals and police do.
    That incontestable fact (singular) is contestable, and not a fact.
    Poverty sucks for the people Democrats keep poor.

  • agobbler

    I bet Dave Letterman is dancing in his grave.

  • future

    Yeah, right, the black politicians in these cites want their people defenseless.
    The right wing keeps people poor.

  • annoyed

    maybe i am no longer a snarky youngster but frankly this guy isn’t funny. just obnoxious.

  • sammy4231

    I went out and looked for Republican Dixiecrats.
    None tonight, or for the last 35 years.
    It took a Republican to start pulling down the Democrat Rebel Battle Flag from statehouses.

  • SuperGoyem

    Colbert bends over to keep his producers gleeful. The American people have seen enough of these socialist hacks . A new wind is blowing . Fill your sails or get out of the way!

  • annoyed

    yup. typical liberal. pointless name calling. thanks for proving the point on your own.

  • annoyed

    ahh how cute you actually believe only the “kids are smart” and all adults are stupid…..

  • annoyed

    too many for them to choose. hhahahhahahha

  • annoyed

    plus he isn’t funny

  • sammy4231

    35 years ago, I started asking Republicans where to buy a KKK robe.

  • Dennis

    Liberal communist !

  • future
  • angrybeyondreason

    For the Stupids out there KKK was formed by the DEMONRATIC PARTY. Never the GOP ………..COLBERT YOU DAMN FOOL!

  • bbwh

    Whatever the Left is against, I am for.
    I guess the Democrats ARE scared of Trump.

  • Palmer1943

    Colbert was and still is a left wing nut job. mental health issues seems to be a incurable part of his schtick

  • sammy4231

    Ya, one man said that.
    I still don’t meet them were I go. It’s a myth that Republicans are racist.
    Go btch at Nixon.

  • ernldo

    Man, Trump has our dear media traitor scum running scared. It doesn’t need to contain a hint of truth, just slam the GOP front runner. Hey media slobs, and Colbert the reetard, you’re FIRED! TRUMP, 2016!

  • future

    You need to get out more.
    And your personal experience is not evidence.

  • ernldo

    90% of Millennials can’t tie their shoes without assistance, especially negro youth…

  • ernldo

    Try sobriety, nitwit buttwipe fool….

  • Mountaindog

    The progressive swine will never learn.. This clown boy is going to doom the show..

  • ernldo

    He should, but its scary the number of brainless twits that watched Liebowitz (Stewart) and thought it was “news”…..

  • I hope to GOD that some kind soul already ripped your balls off, so that you cannot contaminate the rest of the world…oops, from your shrill menopausal shrieking, sounds like that’s already a go. Sounds like they took whats left of your tiny little mind too

  • sammy4231

    Wholly carapola.
    You reject the most reliable evidence on earth.
    How many racist Republicans have you met?
    Think about how lies endure. Statements like yours tell us to ignore our eyes and ears.
    C ya

  • jsb

    Colbert is horrible. I watched and never will again. Left wing cook. Shame on CBS to give this guy a national platform.

  • future

    Elementary rules of evidence: objective evidence is needed. Not personal experience.Your eyes and ears are not evidence, except to you. This makes clear the intellectual shallowness o the right.

  • Proud Conservative

    Colbert is as always the WORST worm that ever appeared on network television and that is saying something. A HACK thru and thru.

    Trump is a man without substance, he never has anything specific to say about anything leaving anyone with two brain cells to wonder who he is. His support in the GOP Base is as confusing as Bruce / Cait Jenner. What ARE his policies?, His positions? On the issues of the day we need more from him and a leader than bumper sticker rhetoric…….

    You will get bored of winning
    I’m never eating Oreo’s again
    Politicians are dumb
    Mexicans love me

    All these one liners fit only for Bumper Stickers are NOT policies or Plans to help this country recover from ODiquehead and the DemoKKKrats.

    He will eventually spoil the election like a three year old when he throws his little third party tantrum as his support begins to fade. One way or another Trump will single handedly provide the path to the WH for the next DemoKKKrat in line. He needs to STOP pounding his chest and get in the damned game if he is going to run!

    Donald! Put up or Shut Up!

  • floyd

    So you wish to demonstrate your brilliance with the use of:
    f—ing and dip s–ts .
    No tea-b-gger?

    You may or may not be a “dumb liberal”, but you are certainly are a lazy commenter if the best you can do is throw obsenities.

    However, I can see why the likes of Colbert and Steward would attract you – they use the same vile methods.

    My suggestion to you would be to relax and try to engage thoughtfully – you might find it more satisfying.

  • Proud Conservative

    I guarantee you that Black America doesn’t know this or they would NOT vote DemoKKKrat every time

  • Proud Conservative

    It must be terribly crowded in that small small mind of yours eh, Sling Blade?

  • sammy4231

    Arctic ice has increased for the last 3 years, contrary to all Alarmist predictions.

    If I can’t meet more than 3 or 4 Republican racists in 35 years, somebody’s lying.

    Another example:
    They told us Fascism is Right Wing for 50 years. Suddenly Berkeley switches to calling it Left.
    Watch out what you’re told.

  • aka_Deerhunter

    In the great CBS tradition of Dan Rather…..

  • sammy4231

    I was very surprised they stayed out of the Zimmerman lie.
    Lesson learned.

  • future

    The Arctic increase is because climate change has altered sea currents, sending some colder water northward. The Antarctic ice is shrinking rapidly.

    Fact: July was the hottest moth ever. EVER. That’s global fact, not a secondary and limited effect.

    Here’s a little evidence for you, from people who don’t rely on random conversations to reach conclusions.

    Your way of acquiring “knowledge” is deeply flawed: try getting a Master’s degree based on stuff like that. Or, use a doctor who treats you based on stuff he’s heard.

    Have no idea what you are referring to with the Berkeley reference,

  • Tired of leftwing rants

    I take it you are not at all familiar with any history books?


    Colbare wont last a year….bet on it!

  • buckeyejim

    Colbert thinks he is funny, Cbs thinks Colbert is cute,

  • TeddyNovakIV

    This is to be expected from a Democrat imbecile (but I repeat myself).

    The KKK was founded by the Democrats as the terrorist arm of their party to kill blacks and Republicans. The late Senator Robert Byrd (DEMOCRAT-WV) was a member of the Klan and one of the most revered Democrats of our time. Today, the Black Panthers serve in the role as the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party. The Klan With A Tan, if you will. Sitting U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush (DEMOCRAT-IL) was a member of the Black Panthers. Seems the Democrats have racism in their DNA.

  • sammy4231

    Obama just visited a receding glacier. Other glaciers are growing.
    Under the receding glacier was a stump from a 1200 year old full grown tree.

    Tree ring proxies are unreliable in warm periods. That’s why they’re not used after 1990, or so.
    Going back in history, they DO use them to negate Medieval, Roman, and Minoan warming periods.
    Our temperature is normal. Satellite measurement doesn’t show the same high temps as altered ground station data.
    The 1930s were hotter, but not as hot as those warming periods, or most of the first half of the Holocene.

    The Berkeley thing was a 50 year lie to smear free markets as Fascist-related.
    Fascism came from Communism. Musolini and crew couldn’t sell Communism to Italy. Too many rumors of mass murder. So, they invented control of citizen ownership, instead of stealing everything outright.

  • daveugber

    This is the biggest reason donald trump scares the bejeezus out of bot establishments…

  • AscotFine

    The meme perpetuated by so called “conservatives” that the KKK was/is Democratic is historically factual (sort of) and quite silly. It is well known that the “solid south” was heavily democratic until the 1980s when it began to convert to the Republican party. The organization founded as the KKK in the 1870s was hardly a terrorist organization and was made up of Confederate officers and other war veterans to oppose the efforts of Reconstruction. That KKK died out with the end of reconstruction. The second KKK was based in the North and actually dominated the Republican party. It actually ran the state of Indiana for most of the 1920s. It was mostly a reaction to the enormous influx of blacks from the South to work in the booming industrial towns of the north. That KKK ended with the depression. The last KKK we are all familiar with was centered in the south again and was a reaction against the civil rights movement. It never attained high political status like the last two incarnations and can be mostly associated with populist fervor of people like George Wallace (Democrat turned independent ) and Strom Thurmond (Democrat turned Dixiecrat turned……Republican). Almost all the political figures associated with this fringe in any way disassociated themselves from this movement because, in America if you want a job and friends you do what leftists tell you to do.

    What is the point of calling the Democrats the real rascists? Are blacks ever going to vote for conservatives in large numbers? I don’t think so. All you do is give the left the moral high ground. You whine and gnash teeth that you aren’t rascist….they are! Why play their game? The proper response to the leftist that calls a conservative racist is: screw off or go to hell or maybe a swift crack to the head.

  • Knock down that fargin wall!

    Sounds like you just made that one up on the spot.

  • Ovary Clinton

    Colbert is a partisan socialist hack. About as funny as the other liberal hack that ran that operation.

  • TruthBeTold

    Colbert is just the visible front man. It’s the people behind the scene that are responsible.

    Identify his gag writers and producers. Name them. Find out who they’re connected to. Do they have ties to the DNC or liberal funded groups?

    That’s where the real story is.

  • 10 bucks says they are Ashkenazi Jews.

  • Ovary Clinton

    Nice liberal revisionist history. You are such a tool.

  • gsp9993

    Coilbert is a turd and never has been funny.

  • Knock down that fargin wall!

    No, he just used Christianity like Soetoro did, who also wanted the title of “Reverend,” when it still meant something. All the leaders use Christianity for their own gain. They will be judged. Just like Obama did during his campaign, the “Reverend” Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc.

  • daveugber

    Trump scores 25% with blacks polled even though he’s called a racist…he polls nearly 50% among women even though he is labeled a misogynist… he has the guts to call barack obama stupid and the president of mexico a hypocrite, and people still trust him… what i like to mention is that when donald trump made his first BILLION, barack obama was waving goodbye to the CHOOM GANG and entering his first year at occidental college on a foreign student grant…

  • ISeeThruYou

    ‘Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ Writing staff:

    Opus Moreschi – Supervising Producer/Head Writer – jewish
    Jay Katsir – Co-Head Writer – jewish
    Matt Lappin – Writer – jewish
    Paul Dinello – Writer – either jewish or bootlicker

  • I accept checks =D

  • drwho2

    is colbert really going to start this bs already….he is just picking up where he left off from his old useless show

  • Backpacker1

    “Brainwashed idiots”??? You’re joking right? You have to be deaf, dumb and blind to not see what’s going on right in front of your face with this Deceiver/Propagandist in the WH being lead around by Valerie Jarrett aka G. Soros.

    Look at the world Frank – is it a better place since Barack H Obama began working his wonders and plying his wares? And what he’s done to this country….”Hope and Change” – “Love your Dr, Keep your Dr” – “Benghazi? What’s Benghazi? It’s that filthy videographer’s fault the F____world is falling apart and we’re gonna see him rot in jail” – “NOT a SMIDGEON of corruption in MY IRS but yes Lerner took the Fifth, so what?” – “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman and GOD is in the mix” (paraphrased David Axelrod: “Barack lied because I told him he had to or he wouldn’t be elected President”) – but HOW DARE you question that our President is a Christian!!!!
    The LIES never stop with this guy.

    The man who lives in our WH and his followers like you are insufferable liars – admitted liars for your “cause”. Anarchists, fools, immorals who hold no respect for human life.
    You’re disgusting to look upon – the entire rotten progressive enterprise.

  • orlfla

    So if the confederate flag is so offensive that it has to be removed so people don’t see it because it reminds them of something bad then why do low information comedians use pictures and reference to the KKK to make their low information audience laugh? Something’s wrong in this picture. Can you find it?

  • Jorge

    Colbert is still a horse’s arse. If you are a man and a Democrat you are a sissy boy.

  • Carolann313

    This moron’s ratings will fall just like the candidates who put Mr. Trump down. He isn’t funny, he’s obsolete.

  • toondog

    This is what the leftist do. We can not let the Democrat media choose the leader of the free world again. Boycott the sponsers of his show.

  • Mitch1056

    KKK is a creation of the democrats.. its a juggling act for Colbert to link Trump to a charter member of the democrats

  • lopagus1

    frank needs to seek help, as do most liberals. colbert is just another left wing punk, like bill maher. both should be dropped to isis…let them deal with these 2 punk cowards.

  • Lyle52

    I see, so that’s why the KKK are supporting republicans. Absurd!

  • Sharknado

    Here we go again…more liberal disgustingness exposed.

  • TruthBeTold

    Truthiness: The quality of stating concepts one wishes or believes to be true, rather than the facts.

  • skcoop

    They still lie, that’s all these liberals have, and the stupid sheep who watch their shows believe it hook line and sinker.

  • Lyle52

    I bet 90% of today’s youth don’t know that the southern democrats who started the KKK turned republican, did you?

  • paul_vincent_zecchino

    Ha ha ha, isn’t he funny? He’s the reason many people shut off their TV’s long ago.
    More nasty, vicious, petty, metro-nancy-man creepiness from the marxstream media.
    Let’s hope Colbert keeps it up: he’s beautifully exposing the mindless, soulless, bottomless pit of rot which comprises the Left.

    Perhaps for his next show he can call Trump a ‘racist’ and a ‘nazi’? That’ll go over well, too.
    The Left is hate. Revenge is its pastime. Genocide is its legacy.

  • Miccofixico

    Colbert wants to kill your children with filthy illegal-alien diseases.

  • paul_vincent_zecchino

    Were it not for lies, they’d have nothing to peddle.

  • paul_vincent_zecchino

    Great Cut & Paste job, boyo. Be sure to give our regards to your boss, SoreStinkos.

  • Attila

    What a vile, ignorant little creep.
    He’s a good match for his doobie-sucking audience demo from Comedy Central.

  • BDnSC

    Gee Frank, if your comment isn’t a bunch of whiny, ignorant f’ing children talk, what is?
    Like most liberals…You are the epitome of what you hate! LMAO!

  • jbl1984

    Colbert SUCKS as much as letterman did I hope his crap show is canceled ASAP !!!!

  • gram56

    Lets be fair…Not all Democrats were in the KKK ..but all KKK members were democrats.

  • Bitter Clinger

    MLK was a believer in Christ. Obama is a pretender whose true “north star” is Mohammed.

  • lopagus1

    both colbert and maher are gutless punks. boyfriend too, i guess. wish isis got a hold of them and drop the 2 of them from the golden gate bridge. not to worry, this turd and his clumsy propaganda won’t last long.

  • Pluto’s Moon

    Don’t you just love watching effeminate guys on late night TV ? ! ?
    ( Sarcasm off/ )

  • jbl1984

    the typical mindless liberal

  • Tonto

    Most times when you think you’re really funny, you’re not funny at all. This dork is case in point.

  • future

    This is all a GlenBeckian mish-mash.
    The earth’s climate has varied widely over the ages.
    What’s its “normal” temperature?
    This is a joke.
    Here are some facts:

    Communism and fascism are deadly enemies, as American right wingers will learn some day.

  • Flyoverman

    They are losing and know it.

  • Ram6

    Hell 99% of today’s Democrats don’t know this.

  • Fortuna Favet Fortibus

    He should balance it out and put Obama on with the Black Panthers. Apology accepted…

  • Mark

    MLK was a communist, plagiarizer and a sexual pervert! Who cares what political party he belonged to.

  • Tonto

    There are 320 million people in the US. At the most 300,000 make time for this ignorant show. Does it even matter what he says?

  • atkoa

    Colbert is not a comedian, he is a political hit man, with a left wing political audience. Notthing funny about him.

  • Ram6

    Liberalism=Mental Defect or Disease.

  • Orange

    Consider the effect of relating Trump to the kkk. Or just look below. The rulers control TV to manipulate opinion. They use social media to gauge the effect And pretend democracy is preserved.

  • Yodeling Larry

    Wow…cutting edge stuff there. What a conformist. Yawn…….


    I enjoy reading all the comments from all the butt-hurt Christian conservative morons. HAHAHA… Go cry into your Bibles you nutters.

  • fred

    We live in times of great deception. Learn to discern.

  • obama the extremist

    Be fun to watch ISIS take your head off.

  • pajamakat

    You mean “accidental” college. If he’s so smart why doesn’t he release his college transcripts and all other data. Let’s see those all those straight A’s.

  • Propaganda much?

  • obama the extremist

    I refer to liberals as cancer, but “gangrenous bed sore” works just as well.

  • Oboy_must_go

    Can’t wait for Trumps reply. LOL

  • dave0987

    At least Colbert thinks so. But you don’t win you disgusting commielib, so give it up.

  • Fortuna Favet Fortibus

    He should put on Obama with the Black Panthers. Apology accepted.

  • lib_erator

    This is the most truthful thing I have read in a while. Thank You

  • jacksadullboy

    well, so far Trump has been called a nazi, KKK, racist, etc. etc. etc. not to hard to decipher who is putting the propaganda out the the masses. we get it. you don’t like Trump. he is not your controllable puppet.

  • Detroit refugee

    Never found that Colbert guy to be funny at all………just another left wing moron doing his job at the democrat propaganda ministry…..

  • John Geyer

    I watched briefly to see if I liked Colbert. Worthless. I won’t watch it again.

  • kommencents

    Colbert… Using racist tactics on the largest employer of minorities in the race for potus. Then ineptly trying to make it funny. His gravy train is 500 days from its last stop.

  • StampOutLIberals

    We we all here one loud “flush” in the not too distant future, and he’ll be in the long line of liberal talk show hosts unemployment line…..

  • John Hopson

    Oh, I see. Colbert’s target audience is democrats.

  • Larry46

    In case no one has noticed, it is the Democrats that are the most divisive, racist and intolerant of society. There are Pro Choice members of the Republican Party. Try advocating for Pro Life at a Democrat function. There are Republicans who are in favor of same sex marriage. Try advocating D.O.M.A. at a Democrat function. There are republicans who favor “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” including a “pathway to citizenship” for illegals. Try advocating secure borders and adherence to current immigration laws at a Democrat function. A little research and honesty will reveal who should be pictured with the KKK.

  • CTsOpinion

    Who expected anything else from this little leftist d*ckhead, he makes his living slandering.

  • Centerfire

    We know that liberalism is a mental disease. Now I am concerned that it is also an inherited genetic characteristic.

  • BobinNC

    Stevie must have surrendered a bunch of lunch money back in high school – and time inside wall lockers.

  • angus o’shea

    Trump will be the next President !
    Democrats for Trump “2016”

  • danno1180

    Opening was an insult to the National Anthem——rest of show stunk except for Jeb—-Clooney needs a makeover—–scared my dog——colbert = trash………..

  • GoIrishGrad

    Wow – didn’t expect that from Colbert! Ground breaking stuff, Stephen.

  • Tonto

    Isn’t an overweight, has-been crook that is so awkward she can’t even speak without a resulting tragedy funny enough for Colbert? HRC –

  • BobbyD

    The radical left is afraid of Trump. They’re VERY AFRAID!

  • toondog

    They get away with it because they own 95% of the media.

  • GoIrishGrad

    Sounds like your an educated man.

  • Valerie

    Obama did not. That train has run.

  • toondog

    The Democrats just keep pumping weak minds full of hate. What could possibly go wrong with that? I’m surprised they didn’t have a bunch of people dressed as police with nightsticks behind him.

  • Valerie

    The Donald has plenty of real flaws — so all Colbert can do is lie? Not very effective. Maybe we’ll see this in a commercial.

  • Gnome Sane

    Commie Central.

  • Obamasucks69

    Stephen Colbert what a piece of krap..freaking liberals are the down fall of this country…

    I didn’t watch his show on the other station, and I won’t watch his show now…….
    You want class people I watched Jimmy Kimmel , he had one of the heroes from the France terror train, gave the guy a brand new Chevy Camaro…and thanked him…now that’s class people not like Colert the DNC mouth piece that he is….

  • nickb

    At first I wasn’t a Trump fan, but the Left has changed my mind. Trump 2016!

  • paul_vincent_zecchino

    That was nice of Mr. Kimmel to do that, wasn’t it? Thanks for the tip, will give him a try. Sounds like a great guy. Thank you.

  • bidiski

    Does he really think he is going to get ratings with this nonsense? As I suspected, the show is ALL ABOUT COLBERT and it will fail.

  • Obamasucks69

    Obama and the DNC are destroying this country, and now their policies are destroying the rest of the world. All the refugees fleeing Syria, are a direct result of obama’s DO NOTHING POLICY’S in the middle east.
    Obama was warned about pulling all our troops out of Iraq, but no he didn’t listen he did it his way, and now you see the results from an idiot…….Obama worst president in history, Carter can go to his grave now knowing he made it to #2 worst president in history.

  • Foctris

    Didn’t watch it and won’t.

  • michael dodge

    What’s Hussein Obama Jihadist mooozlim if trump is comparable to kkk??.. Hussein a satanist sissy mooozlim

  • Big George

    Colbert, classless and not funny, as usual.

  • Mike Nowicki

    Did anyone really think this ass hat was going to change?

  • EnchiladaEddie

    Bing! Bing! Bing! lmao

  • BraveNewWhirled

    “Radical Left”… that’s like saying “smelly poo”.

  • BraveNewWhirled

    Chuck Norris still punks him in the green room.

  • Eelo Fudpucker

    Blacks still don’t realize that it was the Democrat party that purposely destroyed their family unit starting in the sixties in order to create a voting bloc dependent on the government for assistance.
    When welfare was first started ,you could not collect it if their was a man living in the household.

  • kayray444

    Steve C. Is just a puppet. If he wasn’t so arrogant and full of his own self righteousness, I’d feel sorry for him.

  • toc7

    He has been the worst thing to happen to this country

  • Wingman

    These shows with Colbert and Jon Stewart are really shows for the uneducated and uniformed crowd
    that need visuals and humor to understands what is going in in the world…Kind of like pre school..

    His numbers will be good out of the gate then die off….

  • Eelo Fudpucker

    Thats the reason Barry has spent millions hiding his school records,he qualified for and received foreign student loans that were later paid off by radical Muslims.
    That is why he always bows to Muslim rulers when they meet.

  • booboo

    Well, I guess Colbert is going to finish the job David tried to do. That is kill the show.

  • toondog

    Exactly! Unfortunately the Democrats own most of the media and the educational system. It takes many years for them to stumble upon the conservative message. They will make sure George Bush will get all the blame.

  • dibbledobble1

    Fmeh…who watches this garbage anyway??? ZZZZZZZZZZZ !! Besides, no matter what the liberal media does…Trump SURGES in the polls..heh heh

  • qwerfghj8765

    Never like Colbert so why would I watch him now, same guy, just worse now that he thinks he has arrived. His little twirly dance that he did showed us all that he’s such a man…not!

  • Joe Sorrenttino

    Will be nice to see his ratings cave. Then there will grinding and gnashing of liberal teeth.

  • Arnold Kupferkopf

    Old Leftist demagogues never retire. Once they’ve fertilized and plowed the soil, they simply appoint a successor to tend the field and reap the crops while they supervise and manage things from the plantation house.

    Stewart “retired” the same way Putin “retired”. Colbert was his creation, his Dmitry Medvedev. He’s the voice of the new generation of low-information, high-titillation useful millennial idiots, all laboring away on the Marxist collective farm. Every night they’ll tune in for their daily ration of feel-good Truth, as dispensed by the men who know best.


  • jafo2me

    In the words of Bruce Willis aka Peter Fallow:
    “If you’re going to live in a who*ehouse, there’s only one thing you can do: be the best damn who*e in the house.”

    Steven Cole-bert… mission accomplished. A 1 trick pony who is all tricked out.

  • mrca

    Hey Colbert, want an accurate comparison to the KKK, try the tan clan, the panthers or BLM crowd. A hate group that openly advocates violence based on race. Has Trump advocated violence? Oh, and the KKK was democrat, when will you discuss that or is that more history that is hidden. You know like Hillary wanted to do at the source this time with her server. She could then make up history and not have to revise it.

  • anonymous

    Hell, 90% of ADULTS don’t know this!

  • lenny2012

    This is how Colbert had hinted to the Trump being member of the Democratic party before.

  • TeddyRoos

    Colbert was never funny and now he’s showing he’s also not at bright. Letterman owned late night until he moved to the far left. His star quickly faded and he just looked pathetic with endless tributes to the Dohbama family. Now Colbert is taking up his run and putting it on steroids. Hey in two years Dohbama can replace him.

  • MR55

    Who watches this animal anyway?? He knows nothng about the history of this Country.

  • lenny2012

    31% of Latinos and 25% of African-Americans support Trump.

  • I never like this laugh track idiot anyway.

  • Tattooed

    Trump ’16.

  • DMoney

    If Colbert goes the Letterman and Oprah political route, he won’t last a year. People hate that left wing stuff.

  • IhateLiberals

    Colbert just shows he’s nothing more than a sorry closet political hack. Someone needs to sh*t in his lying mouth.

  • AscotFine

    Wouldn’t it be great if we got paid to troll? I’m just part of a small band of conservatives trying to save Western Civilization from itself. When there is no homeland for your children and Camacho is President perhaps you’ll all realize you were chasing the wrong tail.

  • TeddyRoos

    Nor will they ever due to the democrat teachers union. Parents, teach your kids.

  • SenBlutarsky

    Nailed it

  • Tattooed

    Democrats want whites to pay for slavery. It’s White Peoples “origional sin” they can never atone for. Yet their own history is filled with lynchings and terrorism and bigotry….all they’ve done is move the hate towards whites who can’t be bullied into going along with their program….I am not guilty of anything liberals. I won’t be bullied anymore but you hypocrites.

  • Cynthia Crowe

    Colbert. you will go down in history as the Beast among us. I have never watched you before and will tune off CBS in the future as for the ads they won’t get any of my hard earned cash. I am an AMERICAN and just tired of the traitors among us.

  • SenBlutarsky

    and blaming Bush

  • TeddyRoos

    You forgot the best part. They say their plan hasn’t worked because they haven’t had enough tax payer funded dollars yet. They haven’t been able to do enough socialism.

  • Janet Williams

    I’m an IT worker. Half of my co-workers are immigrants from someplace or other. Which is why my pay is low. Add to that the H1-Bs and other ways to bring people from all over the world to bid down my wages.
    God bless Trump. He’s the only one who will talk about putting his foot down on immigration illegal AND legal.

  • Ralph

    So is Colbert telling us he agrees with the illegal invasion of millions of people in our country? Is he saying that he thinks the illegal that shot that girl in SF should have been here? Meanwhile we are giving Iran $100B and they chant death to us. Killary is a criminal and Americans can’t find jobs. Yeah, lets keep letting more people in. Anyone who continues to support the demorats is either very uneducated or hate America

  • geo

    What a hypocrite…needs Trump on his show for the ratings.

  • Ralph

    Problem is black people continue to support this policy. My only guess is because they are too stupid to know they are the ones being hurt.

  • chicodon

    The left relies on the big lie Their base stupidly thinks the KKK were white racist Republicans with pointy hats. They were Democrats. Republicans were created as the anti-slavery party. Google it. Blacks were Republican until the Democrats bought their votes with giant welfare programs. The lie continues today because of the ignorance of the left.

  • Ben Franklin

    colbert = loser

  • lee

    The Arabs were (and now the people from india) the biggest slave sellers of slaves ever.

  • SenBlutarsky

    Did Chevy give the car or Jimmy? IMO, Jimmy is low on the class totem pole. Has been for years.

  • glad I missed it….havent watched it since Johnny left !!

  • jafo2me

    And one more appropos quote by Sir Gerald Moore:

    I was at dinner last evening, and halfway through the pudding, this four-year-old child came alone, dragging a little toy cart. And on the cart was a fresh tu*rd. Her own, I suppose. The parents just shook their heads and smiled.”……. “THAT” is the sick, twisted mentality of the Libturd …
    communist left.

    They invest lots of ……. “Time and money” in guys like Cole-bert and it’s not working. …
    “In our house, when a tu*rd appears, we throw it out. We dispose of it. We flush it away. We don’t put it on the table and call it caviar.”

  • City observer

    Good launch….lets everyone know early to change the channel when he is on.

  • sammy4231

    Normal would be average for Holocene +/- …oh, say 90% of anomaly range.

    If brothers fight, they’re still from the same parents.
    They emanate from Marx/Engels’ 10 “despotic inroads” we call ‘planks’ today. (End of part 2, Commie Manifesto.)

    M/E wrote an improved French Revolution, using a con called Dialectical Materialism pseudoscience. Dialectical synonym, Polemic, if that’s a clue.
    Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite ——>> The Terror. LEFT.
    It’s happy coincidence the liars sat on the Left.

    Both Communism and Fascism promise goodness; but bring The Terror.
    Hitler, Stalin, Musolini, Lenin et al. all hated Liberalism, as properly defined in the 30s. True Liberalism is Progress, Reform, Representative Government, and INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.

    That’s handy, too. The Right means Rights. It’s too bad we have to call that Classical Liberalism, or Libertarianism, today.
    Leftists tried to steal the word Liberal/ism. People are getting wise to it. That’s why Hillary calls herself a Progressive. Progress toward what?

    Important part:
    Most people aren’t vicious liars. So, it’s hard for most people to imagine trusted leaders as vicious liars. (Frame of Reference, or Projection.)
    That’s how people end up voting away their Free Speech and Right to Bear Arms. They trust others to provide necessities without checking facts with their own eyes and ears.

    That’s why my avatar is HAL 9000. He ran the space ship; so the crew could do all kinds of important things; like get killed for someone else’s agenda.

    Good luck. If you check history for a few years, and compare to current events….. you might find Lenin’s speech promising free speech, freely spoken, 13 years before he took power. His first move was to increase the number of Cheka political police from 25,000 to 250,000.

    How big was Obama’s Citizen Security Force going to be?
    250,000. (from memory of articles about this short vid)

    Nice avatar, by the way.
    Again, good luck.

  • tdrag

    Liberals never let the facts get in the way of a proven lie. We have to play hardball with Liberal scum. They hate us and our pols should hate them but they are always trying to “reach across the aisle” it doesn’t work.

  • LawReader

    Colbert makes septic tanks look entertaining. Maybe he could get Valerie Jarret to come on his show – and since basically her entire family was investigated for it’s ties to the Communist party, he could flash some pictures of Lenin and Mao as a backdrop…

    Television is increasingly left-wing garbage – and Colbert is the death of the Late Show…

  • Terry

    I don’t watch the guy but if this is his act, that is really sad. Deliberate false propaganda. Liberals have no soul.

  • 65% of people know this 🙂

  • KeepYourPlan

    Watch the ratings…go south…maybe even to Mexico.

  • tdrag

    They remind me of mold. Very persistent and hard to get rid of. We need some extra strength bleach!

  • It’s almost over

    …they also have no brains! Sorry just had to post it…;-)

  • lee

    Black lives matter , Sharpton, the Nation of Islam, CAIR mooslime BroHood, black boy Panthers are is the new face of terror!

  • Gnome Sane

    You forget Lefty history. They have always “switched sides” at key points in history. It’s very confusing. The new Dems are the old Repubs that switched in the 1960’s but those Repubs were actually Dems in the 1860’s….it’s very difficult to follow.

  • KeepYourPlan

    Liberalism is a disease…a deadly disease.

  • William of Netland

    He is sickening, he drapes himself in Americana and pisses all over it.

  • It’s almost over

    Just more propaganda and mind control from the Left…! They learned it from Hitler and Hitlery Clinton.

  • TheSharpenedPen

    We on the right need to start calling it like it is: these so called “liberals” like Colbert, actively working to rewrite history in their own favor, are actually marxist infiltrators inculcated into American academia and media during Kruschev’s 1960s cultural invasion of America. Read some Marx on the question of the Jews, or some national SOCIALIST German workers party propaganda and tell me that racism isn’t rooted in the class warfare mentality of socialism.

    They always play the same hand of cards – demonize your opponents when you cannot counter their message, because, after all, the ends justify the means and progress down a toilet is still progress of a sort.

  • Republiker

    More signs of desperation. Good.

  • future

    Your “brothers fighting” argument is an aphorism,does not prove these ideas are “brothers.”
    Dialectical materialism is nonsense, h-fascism, which is also nonsense, rejects it.
    The French Revolution brought Terror.
    Created the kind of republic you favor.
    Your ideas go all over the map.
    Lenin’s security force compared to Obama’s?

    You have to be kidding.
    So, Obama sits down with the central committee, and models his force on Lenin?
    This is, again, Glen Beck stuff.

  • It’s almost over

    I did watch Leno…but now it’s trashy and way to political.

  • J Smith

    Newest Poll: TRUMP SURGES TO 32% SUPPORT!!!

  • Dan Higgs

    would it have been so funny to have ben Carson’s picture with the KKK ? Why is this acceptable – when a white guy is put up? Imagine the roar from the black racist, oh I mean the black lives, lies matter “Movement”

  • pking1

    This says a lot about the maturity level of the average guy on the street that would watch this man.

  • lee

    Liberals Union teachers indoctrinate not teach, this i the reason we need to get unions away from out teachers!

  • Gnome Sane

    Dance, Colbert, the organ grinder needs his money.

  • Tex Taylor

    I give the insufferable Colbert about a year while he drags his army of morons over to Late Night from Comedy Central before it becomes apparent the show nothing more than Democratic flack with laugh track. CBS is far enough Commie Left, they’ll allow this garbage to drag on to the bitter end, then quietly replace Colbert with the next shill, sending the dink off to “bigger and better things.”

  • Gnome Sane

    Libs are perpetual children.

  • RightStuff44

    In high school, we called people like Colbert a d!p sh!t.

  • Deserttrek

    the same network that carries this guy and many of the people flapping their keyboards will tune into to the same network to watch the nfl. If people are really upset and want the news and entertainment divisions of the networks to straighten up, then turn off the nfl and ALL network programming. they make the money from the sports divisions

  • prolifeconservative

    Ho hum, who’s going to watch that crap? Colbert will go down just like the rest of them. The good late night shows ended with Johnny Carson.

  • EviLibertarian

    Or they say the right people haven’t done it yet. They say everyone who has tried socialism/communism/collectivism just haven’t done it right yet.

    They are the ones they have been waiting for…

  • Liberalism_is_a_disease

    Typical leftist racism. I’ll never watch that show and look forward to his cancellation. Bye bye chump.

  • Pro Farmer

    I bet this guy doesn’t last a year.

  • Liberalism_is_a_disease

    And then stuffed his head in the toilet while flushing!!!

  • Spuchy

    Oh ha ha. Smarmy little left/right coast intellectuals dissing EVERYTHING middle America likes. Such rubes!

  • Original Prankster


  • Michael Jones

    Never heard of the guy. Is he on one of those cable channels that most remotes can’t get to?

  • lee

    If the sheets & hoods were rainbow colors instead of white, it would be the Gay Klan!

  • KennyDee

    This is all Progressive Demonicrats have anymore. They have zero humor and even their ridicule is based on falsehoods and fabrications.

    They are empty shells of humans. Sad really…they are truly dead inside and as ignorant as newborns.

  • You Wont Like It

    90% of today’s youth don’t even know who the current Vice-President is or how many justices sit on the Supreme court … Waters World on Fox is truly disturbing … dummies for days in this country …

  • Watchingbarry

    This show will nose dive in ratings and be quickly removed, as it should be.
    Whatever gave anyone the idea that Colbert has any talent?

  • JoeW

    Stevie is confused, he instead of the Donald he should have shown a picture of Grand Wizard Senator Byrd, Demonrat, with his KKK brothers.

  • IC XC

    Liberal morons just don’t get it. Republican Christians freed the slaves. Republicans pushed the Civil Rights Act over the finish line. Democrats like Gov. George Wallace and Sen. Byrd were members of the KKK. Leftists like Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood to control the black population. And democrats today are the new plantation owners keeping blacks on the leash. A-hole Colbert probably knows these facts but it’s so much easier to be a jackass.


    Never thought this weirdo was funny, will continue to never watch him.

  • IC XC

    90%? Try 100%.

  • Salem Lowe

    Colbert is calling Trump a democrat? He must be working for Jeb.

  • George Bentley

    “I’m surprised that Colbert didn’t also call Trump a racist, a homophobe or a misogynist.”

    Hey it was his first show, he has to save some material for next week.

  • George Bentley

    TALK ABOUT A TEN MINUTE RANT! and in all of that you didn’t address a single point I made.

  • TheSharpenedPen

    Senator Joe McCarthy – vindicated daily for his important investigation into the communist cultural invasion of America, by our marxist media and hollywood’s liberal regressives.

  • Kj

    Prediction ,Cobert ratings drop,desperation pursues a failure !
    Also If he is called humorous or funny then Obama is the Greatest POTUS ever,lol

  • You Wont Like It

    I dont care what people call me … one thing for sure they would never say it to my face … most libs are cowards and hide behind social media …

  • MrJackAmano

    Racist. KKK. Whatever. Just dont give a damn about these silly insults anymore. And the more you try to insult Trump, the stronger my support of Trump becomes.

  • You Wont Like It

    The only hope for the American Black Community is Black immigrants … they show they way to success with out the victim baggage …

  • Kj

    Never have ,cut the cord ,that is cable TV.Freedom of oppressive onslaught of commercials ,sexual perverted images and totally distortion of Truth .
    It will wake you up to the Truth once you have cut the cord .
    Basic digital over the air TV is just as perverted,that is perversion of the Truth

  • Ed from Queens

    KKK = Democrats = Governor George Wallace as an example…
    If you want to destroy something that runs like a well oiled machine, invite a Democrat as a decision maker! Every one of their ilk post JFK has destroyed the fabric of this great country!

  • Kj


  • V.Lombardi

    This is clear left wing propaganda. Only a fool would mistake this for entertainment. It’s appropriate that Jeb appeared on the show.

  • George Bentley

    Is it really too much to ask that you cut and paste a different comment?

  • big bird

    a desperate attempt, pathetic lightweight is in over his head and he knows it

  • big bird

    the more the loon left hates someone, the more that someone is probably good for america

  • Truth Of The Matter

    Colbert is known to have secret meetings with Obama, he is the controlled opposition, a little maggot who is a media puppet.

  • JimmaObama

    Colbert = low grade hack

  • Luke

    Here’s a joke for you: CNN.
    Want to hear another one? CNN Poll.
    Funny, huh?

  • Look

    wow, a late night liberal talk show, where the host spoon-feeds the idiot low-info viewers.

    What’a new concept…

  • dayumson

    This level of propaganda makes the North Koreans look subtle. I’m surprised they didn’t call Trump a puppy burning child molester.

  • Darkheart11

    And anyone expected anything else?

  • Darkheart11

    They save that for off camera.

  • Dandee

    No doubt Trump will call him out on it. He employs more people of colors than Colbert will ever hope to meet.

  • The Good Shepherd

    Yet another Leftist Hack who American Patriots are finally being able to Identify as he stumbles right out of the gate.
    How long will it take for MSNBC to open a slot for yet another POS Progressive Liberal HYPOCRITE like Donkey Colbert.
    …I suppose it depends on whether or not he’s another Libturd TAX CHEAT like Sharpton and Debbie Wasser-duche??

  • bicentennialguy

    Unfortunately, not for the practitioner.

  • 94c2500

    Colbert’s leftist Marxist approach will guarantee low ratings and failure.
    This is a problem that viewership (or the lack of,) will self correct.
    Colbert may not have been concerned with ratings at Comedy Central, but he works for a network now and this will have to change if his prog show is to survive.

  • Aqualung

    When it was reported that Trump is getting support from 25% of blacks, we knew they would begin a ‘Trump hates blacks’ campaign. It’s going to get nasty.

  • S H

    Yep. Now having libs argue with me about whether the USSR or Cuba are / were socialist.

    So they’ve graduated from denying the national socialists were to denying straight up socialistists… are socialists. 🙂 Only Bernie is a socialist! hilarious.

  • Jess_Axen

    It’s pretty sad that even 10% believe that lie, for which there is no historical nor electoral evidence. Apparently you aren’t very bright either.

  • Janet Williams

    I agree. And I would add this: most of the IT people I speak to,black or white, if they’re under 35, don’t even know what H1-B means.

  • Lyle52

    Has anyone noticed that the right doesn’t have any successful funnymen like Colbert and Stewart?

  • sammy4231

    Hitler’s pseudoscience was polygenism. But, he also fed the workers a big promise of equality he never made a single move to keep. Communists did that.

    Check The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. In 1926, Dr. Joseph Goebbels wrote an open letter to the leader of the Communists in his district.
    He said the two movements were essentially the same; and they should join together. (Page 126 in my first edition, and my brother’s later ed. hardcovers)

    Hitler got angry at that. Goebbels worked for a guy named Strasser. He told them both to steer clear of Communists, he had other plans. Strasser didn’t listen. He got killed in the Night of the Long Knives.
    Goebbels did listen. He got a nice promotion.

    The only difference between Hitler and Lenin was, Hitler wanted to take power over Government, Industry, Churches, and Army intact.
    Lenin smashed all but Government, and rebuilt. Hitler found that wasteful.
    When some Nazis arrested factory owners, Hitler reinstalled them. He wanted skill running industry.

    Notice, when Hitler was denied the right to make speeches, he almost failed. He NEEDED FREE SPEECH. …same as Lenin.

    As soon as he took power, he immediately removed free speech, just like Lenin. No one could remove him. He also outlawed all other political parties, just like Lenin. He put a party censor in all media outlets and schools, just like Lenin. He ran a work camp economy, just like the gulag economy. Check the history of China on those points. Check Italy and Spain.

    Everything was run like, by that time, Stalin ran the USSR, except churches. Hitler put all monogenists who refused change into camps/jail. Churches taught polygenism — God made Aryans to rule all others. Jesus was Aryan, not a Jew.
    Supernatural materialism is no different than Dialectical.
    Pseudoscience is merely the art of making up a useful story. Like, AGW today.
    [Polygenism changed nomenclature to Creationism. The current version doesn’t mention God creating various races of man separately. They’ll get back to it, if possible.]

    Look now easily China went to markets, but still control speech. Look how the Theofascists (Iran, etc.) do the exact same thing. Cuba markets labor to Spain. North Korea markets in cooperation with the South in an industrial zone whenever they’re not mad at them. They also run restaurants that double as brothels. Vietnam trades with everybody, including the US. No Commies run the old way, anymore. Venezuela didn’t even pretend to go Communist.
    They’re all Fascists.

    So, I’m warning you about The Terror because… What do I favor, again?
    How does that work with warning you to keep your Second Amendment to protect the First? … my profile.

    Check a Berkeley prof named Gregor. Work and Thought, especially the bottom two paragraphs. I argued with a Berkeley PhD and a Masters working on Phd that Fascism was Left, in ’05. They said I was crazy. I guess they slept through his class.

    You have a lot of words and deeds to look up. Don’t believe me. Check everything.
    But, certainly, don’t believe people running Democrats today. Always use your own eyes and ears.

  • slamdance13

    snarky douche bag.

  • Mark

    BLM is now the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party.

  • RedSoloCup

    Never cared for him and the other asshat, Jon Liebovitz (Stewart).

  • France

    the truth is for dummies….

  • SteveB

    That’s because if anyone from the right acted in the equivalent manner as Colbert and Stewart the thought police would put them in jail. Plus the right just naturally tends to be significantly less sophomoric.

  • Jess_Axen

    It certainly has not gone unnoticed that all of the most popular Court Jesters and Class Clowns are of the Left.

  • Huff955

    And lemme guess Fox, Hannity, Limbaugh and the like are the gospel right?

  • Huff955

    and Republicans started the wars in the middle east, the war on drugs, DHS, etc.. yes the country is much better off..

  • Huff955

    Like you from Hannity, Limbaugh, and O’Riley right?

  • Huff955

    Hmm.. Iraqi WMD’s seem to ring a bell

  • lgeubank

    Didn’t see it. I hope he’s dropped his faux-conservative shtick, which got old and tired about five minutes after he started it. This unfunny jackass is only good at ridiculing his political enemies and making outlandish faces at the camera.

  • S.A.Clark

    You right-wingers love to live in the past.

    When Democrats know better they do better.

    Republicans don’t know how little they know and never will. It is funny to watch the ignorance as it spews forth from the tiny little brains of the teabaggers and scumbaggers and rightwingingbaggers.

    What gets me is that they are actually allowed to vote: IQ tests should be required: we would never have another republican in office ever again because none would make it to 100 IQ points on the right.

  • Lyle52

    Evidently you aren’t very bright either if you believe white supremacist are supporting democrats. Hint, they’re supporting Trump. Here’s for further reading to educate yourself about southern democrats.

  • Lyle52

    Put them in jail? If that was true those idiots on FOX like the Five and Outnumbered would be in jail.

  • Buddy

    Les Moonves needed another court jester to confuse the low info audience. Came to hate letterman, (another rapist, my opinion), and, Democrats even more, with the attacks on Sarah Palin, night after night while talking up the Republican war on women as they absolutely trash a woman. Tards failed to see the irony. Of course, after the fact, what we knew was going on came out by way of Van Jones –

    Van Jones, We Lied About Sarah Palin:

  • ofallon

    Numbers not so good for his 2nd night.

  • wyntre

    After that stunt I would reread Balzac’s 100-novel epic, The Human Comedy before tuning to yous show.

    I was never fan a but now you simply don’t exist for me.

    Enjoy you long lonely talentless slide back down to the bottom of the totem pole.

  • fred

    Too bad he didn’t show a group photo of all the Elected Democrat leaders that were gran dragons in the KKK

  • Benschachar

    So basically the Democrats racial narrative can be summed as a series of psychological defense mechanisms. deflection, lying, and projection.

  • Robert Byrd was a former Grand Dragon, and the D’s seemed to be perfectly capable of forgiving, the ends always justify the means.

    Here they’re putting upon Trump the sins of his father.

    Progressives are simply narcissists so blind to their own egos, they can’t even see how authoritarian they are.

  • The narcissistic indignation revealed when discussing those with with whom Progressives disagree is a sight to behold. So blind, they can’t see how authoritarian they are for their own causes, the ends always justify their means no different than the worst of the GOP. Self righteous lot, all of them.

  • DogmaDestroys

    Hey Jim – Here’s a little experiment I want you to do: Go to your nearest chapter of the KKK (I have the feeling you’d know where to find them) and loudly announce to everyone there that you’re a proud Democrat and how big a supporter of President Obama you are.

    But, can I have your car first? Because you won’t be coming back alive.

    Dipshit. It’s true that the KKK was founded by CONSERVATIVE Democrats after the Civil War. It’s ALSO true that the KKK since has ALWAYS been populated exclusively by conservatives. And that means that in 2015, they are without a doubt the terrorist arm of the Republican party. History, dumbass. Read it. Learn it. Live it.

  • He’s just another smug progressive looking to engage in an evening circl3-j3rk of like-minded narcissists so they may share their common disdain and contempt for those who disagree with them on how to solve the worlds problems, so to justify the authoritarian nature of their own policies that violate others’ liberty.

  • To be Smug is to be Progressive.

  • Trump did say he WAS a Democrat – and the Klan were Democrats.

  • Jim

    I belong to several organizations, car clubs, veterans organization, etc, and none of them have as much hatred as you have shown in your post. I could say shame on you, but you feed on hatred and would lap it up. You have a twisted outlook on life and quite frankly would be at home in a sewer. Next, I’m going to flush. Have a nice day.

  • Jess_Axen

    Even according to Wikipedia (with which you show your ignorance by using as a source) Dixiecrats were just southern Democrats who remained Democrats their entire lives. They did not, contrary to your absurd, unsupportable claim, become Republicans. By the time the Dixiecrats (Jacksonian Democrats) lost influence, the Democrat Party had already been almost completely taken over by the farther left Progressives and Marxists, where they remain today. Even JFK would be considered a Republican by the left’s standards today.

    I never mentioned white supremacists. Nobody cares who your mysterious, unidentified white supremacists support. They are a miniscule fringe group. But the Democrat Party, as they have for the last two centuries, still see everybody through race-colored glasses, when they aren’t trying to divide everybody by class.

    And you still posted a lie.

  • gun_clutcher

    ..true that

  • It’s almost over

    It’s on both sides…no doubt. But the Left always brings up the KKK when demonizing the Right. But it’s the Left and their history that suggests otherwise. That was my point.

  • M. Black

    Democrats promoting democrats as always

  • S.O.B.

    It is pronounced See B.S.
    Truth in advertising at its best.

  • phyllis

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  • Mike in Illinois

    Maybe that is what has them all so scared about Trump?! Maybe they fear he will open the closet door and let the skeletons all fall out. Issa has been a blockade to solving the Fast and Furious scandal. I think it is because they all knew what was going on. HIs alarm company rise to congress is ironic. His chairmanship rang loudly, did nothing beyond screeching, and then just shut off.

  • Mike in Illinois

    SO I guess you are felony stupid then. Thanks for admitting it.

  • SnakeUSMC

    You are totally correct in your assessment. In the USMC we have a phrase which can be applied to the present people running government, both demo and repub. They are so scared, they are shi&&ng in their mess kits.
    This is the reason to let the “powers to be” no matter who they pick, if it is not TRUMP, we shall write him in. They cannot stop that and the write in’s will be so overwhelming, another phase, They will shi% and go blind.
    Semper Fidelis


    Subject: Re: Comment on GROSS: Colbert Launches ‘ Late Show’ with Donald Trump on Screen With KKK (Video)

  • Carolingian

    Dump Trump he said bring the islamoterrorists. He lost me.

  • Flechette

    I can only imagine him saying it like “Bring it on!”. He clearly does not want terrorism in the U.S.

  • samalama99

    Mike — you basically pulled the equivalent of ‘I know you are but what am I’ ….. be better than that.

  • samalama99

    Read what I said…. I’m talking about the Civil rights legislation passed during LBJ — who yes had his own ghosts (he’s from texas for god sakes) but effectively lost the south to the Republicans who gladly took those anti-civil rights votes away from the Dems.
    You want to bring up Woodrow Wilson? Really? I’m talking about the roots of todays Republicans which was planted during the Civil rights era. It doesn’t change the fact that the base of the Republican party was born out of an anger to grant civil rights to minorities.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    I did watch Letterman every night I could from his inception. But when Letterman starting going left wing Lib the past few years, I stopped watching him as much. I won’t be watching the Col~Bert! He is a sad Left Wing hack! And not even funny. I would say that his total lack of expression in his face totally displays his cold left wing heart!

  • Bard

    Aaaand…. That’s why your ratings are already tanking, Jackass.

  • Joe Will

    LOL MLK was a self described communist!!!!! As in LEFT WING. Yeah, very 21st century republican. LOL

  • Joe Will

    im kidding. im not laughing out loud. im smdh so hard i have a headache : (

  • Pamela Trammell

    I did read it, but he/she/it lost me at “loose”. He/she/it edited the mistake, but you obviously did not see that.

  • Pamela Trammell

    I’m a Cruzer.

  • Remmie

    Colbert’s rating took a dive on the second night. I’m guessing he won’t be around on that show for long.

  • Patty


    Trump Threatens Debate Pullout Unless CNN Donates Ad Revenue to Veterans

  • Southernsoul

    Trump may not be my choice for Predident, but at least he doesn’t suffer these fools. I’m sure it will be Trump who has the last word with Colbert.

  • Ubeturbipy

    Where is the segment with Killary along side BLM rioters and the new era KKK the NBP?
    Old Senator Byrd is rolling over in his grave every time some moron dunno nuttin says the KKK is republican,.
    As a democrat he proudly had the honor of being the grand Cyclops of the KKK.

  • tdrag

    You mean the ones the Russians moved to Syria? The ones that Assad had that we collected up and neutralized? The one’s that are probably responsible for “Gulf War Disease” although our government will never tell all those soldiers that’s what made them sick.

  • glamdeluxe

    Go watch the view if you think women don’t have an agenda. Sumner is a drooling senile old goober. surly you gest.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Ok Sam. Whatever you say.
    I made a either or, and in response you discounted one…..leaving the other.
    Got logical deduction?
    The KKK is just another democratic faction crafted and employed by some who seek to keep others from their rights – using the enslaving tool called unbridled democracy to do so. Assigning it to defenders of the Republic, is a fools errand, a dishonest fools action. Such stupidity is indeed felony stupid.

    It was, and still is, defenders of the Republic who stand opposed to race as a decider. This is true in everything from rights enumerated to affirmative action. Also still true is it that those exist who still think that the enslaving tool called democracy should be our form of government. Democrats are the unjust ones, sam, just as they were when they claimed that 60 whites and 14 blacks ought to decide everything from what is for supper and who is a slave.
    Defenders of the Republic, the government of republican form, are not the evil, sam, democrats are. Simple as that. Is that better?

  • samalama99

    Umm…. what in gods name are you talking about? This basically makes no sense outside your little demented revisionist mind. If you have something to say that doesn’t sound like a mad rant, get back to me.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Ok Sam. I will get right on that….or something.

  • Kuryakn

    So where are your talented late night right wing hosts? Oh right they don’t exist because you’re all bigoted untalented whiners.

  • Kuryakn

    Colbert is a patriot and a great american. You may not be watching, but millions of others will. And throwing around words like traitor for having a more enlightened opinion makes you the traitor. And a dumb one at that. You don’t even understand what makes this country great. Freedom to be different from our fellow Americans who lack a frontal brain lobe, such as yourself.

  • whoodoo

    There is no doubt that they have an “agenda”, but what I said was that the content of his media outlets is probably the furthest from their minds.

  • glamdeluxe

    Maybe you should do some research instead of just making bad assumptions. A probability that makes you feel good isn’t a fact.

  • whoodoo

    If you think watching The View is “research”, then there’s no use talking further about it. News flash for you, what you see on TV is not reality.

  • gregzotta

    Apparently, this
    ignorant, leftist Colbert is unaware that the KKK was from the Democrat
    (DemonRAT) Party and the now deceased DemonRAT senator Robert Byrd was a Gran
    Kleagle of the KKK. And Trump is running as a Republican.

  • glamdeluxe

    It is called context, sorry it goes over your head. Once again you ASSume. No Television here. Back to the original post there is no way that Sumner’s new handlers could be approched by out side parties.
    Keep those blinders on tight, wouldn’t want reality to sneak in there.
    Go have the last word I won’t make fun of your puny intellect anymore. You are safe. I have more interesting and informed people to debate with. Have a nice day.

  • Nancy Schtoop

    and your mother is a wh0re that sucks c0cks for hits of crack

  • Nancy Schtoop

    never underestimate these communists… they’ll slice a baby’s face open to sell it’s brain.