BREAKING AUDIO: #BlackLivesMatter Radio Show Calls for Race War “Kill Whites and Cops”

A shocking racist hate-filled show ran on blogtalkradio today.

** The hosts say it’s open season to kill whites and cops
** There will be more executions of cops and whites
** They are going to start picking white people off one by one by one
** They also find the execution of Texas Deputy Daron Goforth hilarious

Harris County Sheriff Deputy and Killer ABC13
BlackLivesMatter online radio show laughs at the execution of a Texas Deputy.

The show was recorded on September 1, 2015.
The hosts urge listeners to kill more whites and cops.

From the video:

It’s open season on killing whites and police officers and probably killing cops period. It’s open season. Picking them off. Today we live in a time when the white man will be picked off.

They laugh at his death of Texas Deputy Daron Goforth seen here with his family.
cops killing

These radicals want a race war!

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  • ipsprez

    Another Obama policy victory

  • JM

    I’d much prefer a spelling contest than getting shot in the head from behind by a coward.

  • frozeninbemidji

    You’re not a lion, bud. You’re a racist taking advantage of free speech.

  • ArmedandWilling

    If the 1/4 of the 15% of the population want a race war, I don’t think they’ll like the results when they come in.

  • BC

    big money funding.
    even if all balck americans supported this nonesene, there still wouldn’t be enough donated to pay for a radio show.

  • Mike in STL

    Once Soros gets bored and the money drys up, BLM will be remembered with the great Occupy movement. lol

  • nodhimmi

    If the races were reversed, you know the media would be on this in minutes, but because it is against people of MY RACE, to them this is a giant FU. Thanks so very much KING O.

  • Nash Montana

    When is the pushback gonna start? Never. Because white people are GENERALLY not racist pieces of s*** and they’re not organized in their racism like knee grows.

  • Americadies

    I hope the police take a hard line on the criminal element and shoot first and ask questions later. A few thousand dead will help these animals quiet down.

  • Pegon Zellschmidt

    Networks and cable news shows that fail to report this story over the course of days will be complicit for failing to warn white people of the coming black race war.

  • LouAnnWatson

    it’s ok…all those that live in all white communities will have license to kill on trespass…we can claim the trayvon defense. your move, thug douches

  • Teo Bear

    Now that they want a war, how many of them figured out WE are ARMED. Or did they think Obama will magically protect them?

  • Circa53

    They see Whitey put obongo in the White House, and Whitey supporting carson, And afros killing cops for sport, And Whitey not doing a thing to them. They know Whitey is afraid of them..

  • Circa53

    Which means All of Them..

  • JY1
  • Jock

    Race War , as Obugger hopes, will lead to a declaration of martial law….and it goes downhill from there. Another reason to be glad you live in redneckia

  • t_borocks

    Prepare and arm yourself for self defense, and when threatened, shoot to kill. Keep shooting until the threat is gone. Remember blacks already commit 85% of all violent crime in this country. Be prepared and use deadly force. Stand your ground.

  • dave0987

    So we can expect the vast majority of blacks, the non-racist, non-violent, who don’t agree with this small percentage, to come out in large protest to publicly condemn these things right? We can expect to see anonymous phone calls to police, by friends, family, acquaintances, who know these people are planning things, to stop them right? RIGHT?

    Of course we know better than to expect that.

  • t_borocks

    They better be getting that way!

  • ZZZzzzz

    Listening to this feral animal talking to other ferals made me sick. I think there will be more killings of innocent white cops, actually ANY cop. I’d say where’s the President on this, but we all know he loves what’s happening and prays to Allah on his carpet facing Mecca every day for as many cops to die as possible.

    I despise these freaks.

  • NotKennedy

    He sounds like a Southern Poverty Law Center recruiter. Serve a warrant on him, obtain his subscriber list and serve them as well, take those firearms and weapons into protective custody and remand him into custody of the court pending mental evaluation.

  • dave0987

    Couldn’t agree more. But then they want this too. They are communist liberals who engineered Obama’s win by keeping all of his evils hidden from the public.

  • ZZZzzzz

    Exactly, we know better, but that would be the right thing to do, just like leftists claim there are ‘moderate Muslims.”

  • Matty Q

    Communist have been trying to turn black Americans against America for decades. These EVIL FYF911 racists are simply useful idiots. Tell me oh great King Noble, how many whites have you killed? What’s that? None? That’s what I thought. You coward POS! He is manipulating mentally ill or hopeless blacks into throwing their life away by committing murder. He is no different than the Islamic terrorists that talk children into strapping on a suicide vest. They won’t do it themselves because they are too pink.

  • dave0987

    Look at it like 9/11. We have grown lazy, and recklessly irresponsible with our security in a myriad of ways…so we all know, sad to say, that we deserve and need-and will get, another 9/11, possibly worse. Just a matter of time/

    The same could be said here. Whites need this. They need this to snap out of their apathy coma-trances. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll break them away from American Idol, the football games on TV, the Kardashians, etc.

    These days in AmeriKa, we need epic catastrophes to wake us up and get our attention. I wish it wasn’t so, but it is.

  • Jenny Caitlyn

    LoooooooooooooooooooL! Ok then King Douche, good luck wit dat b!tch:-)

  • JY1

    P.S. – If I am to believe all those stereotypes, white people are “all crazy, own lots of guns, stockpiled supplies for Y2K in their underground bunkers, and are itching for an excuse to kill”. Kind of surprising that the same people saying such things about us would also say it’s “open season” on us.

  • NotKennedy

    If Trayvon had lived, long enough…

  • jukin

    It’s getting real close to the time when white men begin to live up to the media’s expectations.

  • Jenny Caitlyn

    Trayvon is pot free;-)

  • Matty Q

    Whites have completely turned their collective back on the KKK and other hate groups. Any time a white hate group shows itself, whites are there protesting them and telling them to go to hell. Blacks will not do this with black hate groups. You may see one or two individuals make a YouTube video denouncing it, but that’s about it.

  • NotKennedy

    He be emancipated, too.

  • Gnome Sane

    Defending yourself will be illegal….See Katrina.

  • dave0987

    Yep-you got it. And that should have changed by now. Maybe in another 50 years perhaps.

  • JY1

    A business associate related a story of going out of town on vacation, stepping up to the bar in Florida, and striking up a conversation with the black guys standing next to him. Upon learning that this man was from St. Louis, the black man asked the following question:
    “What the hell is wrong with all the black people in St. Louis, are they crazy or something?”

    The conversation proceeded with both discussing the difference between black people who are law abiding citizens and productive members of society, as opposed to criminals and welfare leaches.
    Both agreed on all points.

    There is hope.

  • Matty Q

    The noble SIMP probably has a white woman for a girlfriend! Farrakhan’s son is married to one. “Kill Whitey”, “except for my baby mamma”!

  • Sniffy Pop

    Why have these people have not been arrested?

    You can not say this crap.

  • PrivilegedCracker

    Obozo’s plan is falling right in place. This has been planned out so this all comes to a head a few months before the 2016 election and he can declare martial law and cancel the election and we will have KING OBOZO FROM THEN ON.

  • Alice_Bailey

    It is against the Law according to the FCC to threaten to “kill” someone !
    Why is this person not being arrested and charged ?

  • RightSideUp

    FCC is run by libs and they’ll delay any action to make sure it’s out there before they (might) do anything.

  • HockeyShark

    Don’t hold your breath for that to happen.

  • czradio

    From the Blog Talk Radio Terms of Use…

    You agree to make sure that Your Content is truthful, bug-free and
    doesn’t violate anyone’s rights. You agree that Your Audio Content will
    not contain any material that:

    is obscene, indecent, offensive, libelous,
    hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, defamatory, unreasonably
    violent, threatening, intimidating, harassing, or features any illegal
    or pornographic content (including child pornography);

  • Alice_Bailey

    I doubt since the FCC was taken over by Loony Toon Lib’s they will ever do anything about this Violation of FCC Laws.
    This King Kah Kah cannot do this over a public communications system like this.
    This should be turned into a Legal Advocacy Group like JUDICIAL WATCH immediately. They kick buttz ! JUDICIAL WATCH everyone, let them know !

  • Thegoldman

    Show us the pictures…

    Of the people calling…

    For this shooting of Whites and Police ! ! !

  • objective123

    I am black and a Christian and I don’t support this mess because they don’t know what white folks can do. Ask the Japanese Americans after they were put in internment camps after Pearl Harbor attack. Ask the blacks in Tulsa, OK who created black wall street where the federal national guard destroyed blacks. These ISIS run, George Soros funded movement is in for a huge awakening.

  • Ron Peterson

    Please folks, calm down. It is well known that this inflammatory rhetoric is for internal consumption only, just as the Iranian muzzies razzing up the home crowd, while negotiating in good faith with Johnnie Kerry over the bomb. Nothing to see here, please move on. (sarc)

  • Gun Control

    You’re a nut case. You have no clue what you’re talking about.

  • objective123

    Agreed. However, it is not going to work. Obama and his fools will be removed one way or the other.

  • HockeyShark

    We’d need an honest government for that to happen. The thugs have been given a free pass to loot, murder and rape. Anyone tries to stop them, they’ll have to answer to an armed federal regime to answer to.

  • Thegoldman

    They are brain DEAD…

  • Circa53

    “HomeGrown” terrorists….Whitey pays for them to breed and live for Free..Whitey refuses to offend them

  • HockeyShark

    That’s like waiting for “moderate” muzzies to come out and condemn terrorists and isis.

  • Alice_Bailey

    I’m turning this King Kah Kah into JUDICIAL WATCH *dot* Org.
    They will kick his butt.

  • Gnome Sane

    BO finally has his coveted “legacy”.

  • dave0987

    Exactly. The parallels are striking. It’s the same thing.

  • objective123

    Look, I think since you have been brainwashed by liberal public schools to rewrite history, you need to read what happened to Nat Turner after he tried to kill slave owners during slavery and what the folks did to him and the black who insurrected and how long slavery lasted. This is going to be a loosing battle for these militant blacks.

  • Alice_Bailey

    No, this is a job for a deep investigation. A FOIA will be filed & King Kah Kah will be found out.
    JUDICIAL WATCH *dot* Org

  • Valerie

    This hatred is not sitting well with our substantial blacks. Listen to Joe Evans, Jr., The former vice chairman and executive director of the Jefferson County Republican Party.

    I think we could see a major desertion of the Democratic Plantation during this Presidential election.

  • Alice_Bailey

    Yeah, and as of 2009 41% of Blacks lived off of SSI Supplemental Security Income FOR LIFE. Without any Work or Taxes required.
    Whole households Slothing around all month on SSI checks.

  • BoldEagle

    And then there is Farrakhan’s recent speech…talk about hatred pure and simple…

  • tommy mc donnell

    I still would like to know what part the Obama administration played in the creation of the #blacklivesmatters movement. I think it anyone looked they would find eric holder’s hands all over it.

  • Gun Control

    Well…first, I’m not a liberal. That should be obvious. But I’m gonna bow out of this conversation because you’re all over the place. Good luck with your argument.

  • Alice_Bailey

    He’s got nothing to lose at this point. He’s 82 years old, and very FAT now.
    So, he’s trying to get his low IQ minions to do his dirty work before he get’s his ride on his Double Wide, what he calls, his “Mother Wheel” to pick him up and take him to outer space.
    Farrakhan does not just believe in his type of Islam, he also believes in Scientology !

  • stevemusicmaker

    No one said these racists-blacks were great thinkers, and after a bunch of bullet holes, they’ll be great stinkers, too….

  • objective123

    Unfortunately, you don’t know deductive reasoning. If these militant blacks do an “eye for an eye” and try to kill whites, they are going to LOOSE not only with their life by death or prison but also the other blacks will loose. Obama is not going to stay in office long especially if they try this action, HE WILL BE REMOVED BY FORCE AND THEY WILL BE PUT INTO PRISON OR CONCENTRATION CAMPS. Trying to repeat the 1960’s (late) will not work.

  • BoldEagle

    All this what happens when millions are on the streets on welfare with no jobs or work requirement. Idle hands are the devils workshop… Obama’s formula for mayhem and chaos while simultaneously emptying the taxpayer’s wallet.

  • Gun Control

    I’m looking forward to it. WTF are you ferals waiting for? Bring it!!! No balz, no glory.

  • Valerie

    I have read that BLM was created by a couple of girls, and then “grown” by funding from Soros, and expanded in numbers by OWS. I don’t think Holder even had to get his hands dirty on this one, unless he wanted to. Obama himself has given them plenty of encouragement.

  • Valerie

    Link? Seriously. His actual words would be instructive.

  • Alice_Bailey

    Here is a picture of Holder wearing a Monkey’s Paw necklace.

  • Finncrisp

    How hard is it to find out who is behind this? The vast investigative powers of the DOJ or FBI should be able to figure this out in about a week. Why haven’t they?

  • Alice_Bailey

    Gee, it’s just all over Breitbart !

  • Fried Chicken

    Hope they don’t mind us returning fire.

  • ofallon

    Soros’ hate group.

  • Dan Howe

    You will be seeing more and more of this. The Democrat Hate Machine has been cooking on high for six years, and is now starting to pay off. Nutcases like this one will start to snap and become Lone Wolf Democrat Terrorists.

    This is part of an emerging pattern of terrorism by Democrats. The Democratic Party is in armed insurrection against the United States: in Baltimore, in St Louis, in Ferguson, and with a slow drumbeat of Democrat terrorist attacks, including the plague of knockout game/ polar bear hunting, the rabid, inflammatory rhetoric of the likes of Farrakhan, Zerobama’s divisionism, and these lone wolf terrorist attacks.

    Their objective is to use the chain of violence they are deliberately creating, to force a totalitarian government on the United States, “For our Safety.” “Oh, won’t you think of the children.”

    It just recently dawned on me that this is exactly what daesh (ISIS) is doing. They don’t have to organize “terrorist cells.” they don’t have to pick targets and make plots. They beat the drums of hate and true believers will respond on their own. It is more dangerous than a conspiracy.

    It is terrorism by the strictest definition of the term. They are using violence in an attempt to promote their political agenda.

    Democrati delenda sunt. No price is too steep to pay.

  • TheVelvetKitten

    Everyone forward this to your representatives and media and demand and these people be held accountable.

  • ZZZzzzz

    Yep, WTH is going to be in his disgusting useless Library, unfortunately being built in Chicago, which I rather have it known for Al Capone than B. Hussein.

    It’ll be filled with the Hall of Shame, Racist Rotunda, Bigot Boulevard, Islam Island via the ISIS Inlet, Golfball Gulch, Unaffordable Care Act Circle, Lawless Lane and #BlackLiversMatter Wing sponsored by PlannedParenthood…I could be here all day….

  • NotKennedy

    You bet. They call that the Holder Effect. Still, it beats having them go Waco on you.

  • Cracker

    “You can’t fix stupid.” ~ Comedian Ron White

  • DakConserve

    Soros funded violence…. can we deport him yet………….. and arrest his surrogates!

  • ZZZzzzz

    Most definitely…..nice fro, check out those massive Muttonchops!

  • Gregor

    If you find this “shocking” … you’ve been in a coma the last 10 years. Wake up.

  • jainphx

    Why do we sit back and allow race bigots to call for murder. Can you imagine if Rush came out advocating the murder of blacks? They would be at his studio in seconds flat perp walking him in front of every TV camera in America, and yet nothing is even said about the bigots with black skin.

  • Zvi

    Low IQ hooligans itching for a fight they can never win…

  • Alice_Bailey

    Best to inform neo-Bolsheviks like George Soros to stop funding/financing his Professional Activist’s then !
    Linda Fithian was called into Ferguson & Baltimore to TRAIN the “protesters” and she’s White. Also, REVCOM is at every single BLM protest. REVCOM is White and their name stands for Revolutionary Communist Party.
    If you have watched & listened to enough UStream LIVE protests w/BLM, you would know that their Leaders are neo-Bolshevik Whites with Trust Funds.
    So, inform these neo-Bolshevik Whites that you are fed up with them leading your people around like Bulls with rings through the nose.

  • jainphx

    Soros? How does he get away with this? Is he a citizen? I don’t know so I ask, but regardless is he that powerful that we tolerate him? Confusing world we live in, can’t tell them apart without a score card.

  • Gregor

    I would tell them the same thing I tell so-called “moderate Muslims.” Speak up, act aggressively to put a stop to it, or expect to be seen as the enemy when the fighting begins. Well, that time is now.

  • jainphx

    The Soro’s of this world don’t want them to win, it’s the war that serves their purpose, they don’t care how many die as Hitler didn’t care either.

  • jainphx

    Amazing when you think of it, but Waco was started to protect the children, and then they burned them alive in the end.

  • usndao

    ‘Their community’ is more important than our country, it appears.

  • monacall

    Blame obozo for this, if “I had a son he would look just like that black man who killed that deputy, shot him in the back, yep that’s a son after my own heart!”. obozo is getting what he wants! killings!

  • Dopey

    That’s a rhetorical question right?

    Obama: “oh no. Please stop. C’mon guys. Oh gosh…”

  • Alice_Bailey

    Well, as an example of George Soros style, when the LEFT destroyed COAL, Soros bought up it’s stocks and now holds all the COAL cards in America.
    He’s now trying to destroy the Cattle (Beef) industry in America because he bought up all the Cattle (Beef) industry in Argentina.
    He’s ripped off London, Malaysia, and Russia and is mad he can’t rip off Ukraine (he tried to buy the Ukraine for 2 Billion).
    Side note: Soros lives in a Big Mansion in Bedford Falls, New York

  • irmvi

    they probably need more midnight basketball.

    Everyone(tm) is ‘holden and ceepen'(tm) ’em down.

    Blaming and Damning 101

    White girl bleed a lot/Don’t make the black kids angry/Colin Flaherty

  • Pauli

    follow the money. Who is underwriting this organization. Posters,travel, food and accomodations cost money. Is it Soros, Putin , Obama or the ayatollahs or all of the above? This is just an offshoot of OWS. Usefull idiots being played for suckers by forces long intent on bringing down the west.

  • Dopey

    The same ol’ same ol’. “It’s time to kill those that kill us.” His typical white man is the devil unintelligible driveling spew.

  • jainphx

    Sadly it’s always been so! Noah built the arc while the rest just went on about their lives until disaster struck.

  • Alice_Bailey

    Neither did Lenin & there’s 2 Lenin Statues prominently displayed in Public areas on US soil.
    Fremont~Seattle Washington State in a Square & “Red Square” atop an apartment building in New York City.
    The neo-Bolsheviks have marked their territory from West to East Coast like dog pee.

  • jainphx

    What color is his skin?

  • Alice_Bailey

    If you go to DISCOVER THE NETWORKS it has an entire write-up on George Soros being responsible for the Funding/Financing of this.

  • Dopey


  • jfnei

    ‘Beer Garden Summit’ duo.oh ?

  • jainphx

    Hatred is only counted if a non protected class does it, otherwise it’s ignored.

  • Alice_Bailey

    What ?

  • Bitter Clinger

    Obama built this.

  • NotKennedy

    That has become a liberal tradition. If you couldn’t find any valid reason for doing something that never should be done, just mention education, or children. If anyone challenges them, they are instantly branded as child haters or trying to keep the unlearned in ignorance.

    Yeah, Waco was one of those “save the children” imperatives.

  • Darrell Standing

    Huh … I wonder how long a show would exist if it started calling for the executions of all blacks … gone in 3…2…1…

  • Darrell Standing

    Pretty much all of the above … but DeRay has had a money umbilical attached to Soros for a very long time!!!

  • NotKennedy

    The same as Foghorn Clyburne’s daughter, Mignon Clyburne, the acting chairwoman of the FCC, appointed by Obama.

  • US.Patriot1776
  • NotKennedy

    And the GentleGiant is now a potted tree!

  • jainphx

    I never in all my years thought that your advise would be needed in this Country, but alas we must heed your warning.

  • Pauli

    Thanks Alice, I will check it out. Something really stinks here.

  • america is freedom

    Obama was definitely channeling Mugawbe but Mugawbe had military strategy.

    Ini Zimbabwe the white farmers were to turn over their farms, often tended for generations, to blacks, for reparation.

    As soon as one farmer resisted there was a run of slaughter, which Mugawbe allowed – of course.

    Once the white farmers had been slaughtered and the land given to blacks, who had no farming experience, Mugawbe moving in with his thug militia (sound familiar?) and declared that the lack of ability to farm proved that the people needed government to own all land. It went from being the bread basket of Africa to a reasonable facsimile of North Korea.

    Obama has been using the tactics of Mugawbe since day one – and of course no one in AMerica was taught about something that happened only 35 years ago, making it possible for him to pull the same stuff here with no one the wiser.

    The difference is that blacks marauding here are NOT all ready to swear allegiance to this president and there is not a private militia yet in place and the citizens and military have not yet been disarmed.

    And we still, courtesy of a still (at least mostly) unrestricted internet, can find out the truth. Both the UN and the FCC of course are struggling to get that changed before Obama is gone.

    So what is key, in our favor, is that the blacks are not all blindly following of Obama and we have many blacks who are maligned routinely by the left, for being conservative, but with the left failing so badly there is window to hear them and since what they say is indisputable, it leaves a severe crack in their plan to install a private militia and martial law.

    there is still a window open, but as with Planned Parenthood needing to be defunded NOW or their global political strength becoming too strong, this needs to be a leading topic by the people who are trying to become our representatives or, like Heritage, Judicial Watch and Alliance Defense, trying to educate a sadly propagandized and deliberately, maliciously and tyrannically dumbed down population.

  • OwlCreekObserver

    This is exactly what Screwy Louie Farrakhan has been promoting in his “church” in recent days. Sounds like the so-called blacklivesmatter nitwits have now become just another group of Farrakhan toadies.

  • DakConserve

    He was naturalized in 1961…..

    Top 10 Reasons George Soros Is Dangerous

  • dogwonder

    They are terrorist, where the fork is Homeland security.

  • neo

    oh really now…my reply to these people is the same thing Patrick Swayze said at the end of the original Red Dawn when he took out that Soviet commander in that train yard…..YOU LOSE……

  • HarrietHT2

    There is no free speech for people inciting others to commit murder.
    You are mistaken in that false notion.
    Try it yourself, online, in this forum, and see what you get.

  • frozeninbemidji

    Some animals are more equal than others.

    Not only can they threaten, they get Police escorts while doing it.

  • STL Photographer

    If this was on blogtalkradio, as described at the beginning of the article, it wasn’t a radio show, it’s just a podcast, which the FCC doesn’t control. it’s
    an internet “radio” show, not an over the air radio show. The FCC
    doesn’t control what is put out over the internet. The term radio is an
    out dated term when describing what is really a podcast. It’s like
    having a videos on YouTube and calling it your own television channel,
    or digitally recording video with your phone and saying you “video
    taped” or “filmed” it.

  • Curmudgeon

    Homeland Security is essentially at the mic in this clip.

  • america is freedom

    ACtually, judging from the many rational blacks who rose up when they realized the harmful intent of both planned parenting and redefined marriage, (blacks are well aware of the harm divorce and abortion have had on the traditional family), I think it’s not too bright to imply that a race that has legitimately fought to use their freedom well is the same as same sex attracted activisits and radical islamists. Muslim, history will show, only has enormous numbers because of spewing propagandized hate and having forced conversions on millions centuries ago. As for same sex attracted, whether their sexually focused identities are in vogue or demonized the side effects remain hte same. Unless they are in power and in the money and have contacts, premature death, outrageous domestic abuse, sexual diseases from crazy promiscuity and depression and many forms of addiction can be looked forward to as a consequence.

    WE have both clinical studies AND the testimonials of those who have chosen not to engage in activity that they found to be so detrimental to their own lives.

    And we know that it’s true because every venue of communication will not allow them to bring their message to the public.

    It used to be understood that if you had the truth on your side they could throw any objection they wanted to at you, but now we are seeing the liars preserving their rule by ignorance by blocking all completely validated evidence and branding all who even try to share it as haters.

    It is not the same thing and many blacks are well aware and already are helping. Don’t forget that the black policemen who have been bravely denying the racism.

  • america is freedom

    I’m a pure mutt, and I am so NOT PC, but I find this comment and the previous not so much offensive as ludicrous.
    So you are saying that BEn CArson, Alveda King, Starr Parker, Tom Sowell , ARmstrong Williams and Larry Elder and….are all NOT legitimately black?

    There are not many Muslims openly speaking aganst the insane Islamists. Likewise you will not find many same sex attracted who are speaking out (although there are a few, like TAmmy Bruce and some others). However, there are more than a few blacks who are very aware that blacks are being manipulated either for votes or for extermination.

  • Goober_Pyle

    Bring it on idiots.

  • Hugh Everett

    I live outside of Houston, close to where the deputy was assassinated.People down here have absolutely no fear of attack from democrat voters. We have them greatly outnumbered.

  • Trialdog

    Is this the BlackLivesMatter group the Democratic National Committee just endorsed?
    I tell you, that if the RNC endorsed BlackLivesMatter, every reporter would be asking every republican candidate that question.

  • dave0987

    Good point. That kind of mocking about various issues – certainly the urgency of what we are talking about here, goes on still today.

  • dave0987

    so it seems, yes. I don’t know quite what else to surmise.

  • 240grJHP

    Yes it is and this will haunt them in 2016.


    Editing the content for them would be my guess.

  • dave0987

    Yes we all know of these exceptions to the rule, but sadly they are just that – exceptions.

    Now that we are faced with blatant threats of mass executions, I would like to think it’s getting down to the wire, and can’t get much more serious than this.

    So the question becomes: Will we start to see black communities getting involved on a massive scale, or will they continue to sit idly by as a race war develops?

  • Thankfully there are more and more speaking out.


    “People down here have absolutely no fear of attack from democrat voters”

    Nonsense. I’m in Sugar Land and get attacked on the roads by 90 year old Chinese and Indian immigrants every day! They are Democrats. Also, Houston is a s-hole of Mexicans and Blacks with the NO Katrina “victims” who still prey on us ten years later doubling the trouble we already had from the Mexican gangs. Of course now the new cartel members that Obama has brought in by plane train and bus may be evening that score. So…..
    What the ‘ell are you talking about?

  • ZZZzzzz

    No, of course not. I’m 100% not saying ALL blacks feel this way, but so many blacks are being influenced by the Nation of Islam and don’t even know it as #BlackLivesMatter has been infiltrated by them and the NBPP.

  • Michael Daniel

    So your declaring war on a group thats heavily armed and highly trained? Good luck thug life


    “However, there are more than a few blacks who are very aware that blacks are being manipulated either for votes or for extermination.”
    For extermination? What does that mean exactly?

    By the way you’re wrong. Those people you mention are the exception and even those exceptions are by degree. Blood is thicker than sloppy sentimentality.

  • dave0987

    Because it’s a new day in ObamAmeriKa.

  • NotKennedy

    Remarkably enough, he is more articulate than Al Sharpton. More convincing, too. If Eric Holder had a son…

  • tommy mc donnell

    I wish all the people here that are saying bring on the race war would knock it off. if you want to go to war with someone go to war with the white leftists that are behind this. the wade rathkes, andy sterns, bill ayeres, bernidine ohnsteins, Michael klonskys, jim wallises, Marilyn katzs, et. al. the race war that you want is exactly what these WHITE leftists have been working for since they were young spoiled leftist brats in the 1960s.

  • Eagle61

    Exactly correct. We don’t really want the FCC to control the internet. That would essentially be the end of free speech via the web. I do think, though, that there are some smart
    hackers that can track and derail this podcaster.

    We can’t allow the race war to occur. We don’t want a federalized police force; which is exactly what Obama said he desired when first elected in 2007.

    There are white, black, brown, red and yellow citizens that should take control of this rhetoric and shut these idiots down. All lives matter.

  • NotKennedy

    Succinctly stated, precisely right. Last I heard, Rathke was no longer on the continent. He might have one of those “offshore” accounts that Harry Reid is always flaunting and ranting about.

  • ZZZzzzz

    This is exactly what the Muslim-in-Chief wants, no surprise seeing as he was influenced by Frank Marshall Davis, who I believe is his real Daddy…

  • 338Lapua

    Well, its pretty clear that the DoJ supports this 100%

  • 2lambs4USA

    The BLM “movement” is a harbinger of what we can expect in the next 18 months before the election. Obama is intentionally stoking the fires of hatred and racism through his house -iggas like Sharpton and Jackson. He wants to create so much anger and division that he is willing to sacrifice millions of Americans all for his delusional idea of what a just society should be.

  • JY1

    The good news is that we are seeing more dissent from the upstanding black community than we are from the peaceful, moderate muslims.

    Diamond and Silk doing the Youtube videos.

    Peggy Hubbard’s Youtube rant turned into national television appearances and a growing anti-violence movement.

    It’s not enough. The entire black community should be ashamed that there aren’t more conspicuous examples. If this blows up and we have pickup truck loads of people driving around looking for people of another color to shoot at for revenge and retribution, all of the blacks who agree will wish they spoke up sooner to avert the bloodshed. But we can all hope that the voices shouting now are only the start of a loud chorus.

  • gsp9993

    The first graffiti sign you see coming into downtown St. Louis from the airport and Illinois say, “xuck the cops”. This threat is real.

  • juandos

    Why am I not surprised that a collection feral parasites aren’t smart enough to think this sort of threat through?

    This could be a dream come true (though in reality it would a hellish nightmare) for those who got that brand new Barrett M 107 for Christmas…

  • dave0987

    In related news, though I wouldn’t watch the VMAs if my life depended on it (okay maybe then) a friend brought MTV’s new satire? White Guilt-promoting website to my attention, that apparently aired a commercial during the VMA:

    Anyone see this get coverage yet on conservative blogs?


    “Now that we are faced with blatant threats of mass racial executions”
    Those particular Black intellects have been saying that since 1964. Isn’t it funny how you give a man an inch and some want a yard. Jefferson was wrong.

  • US.Patriot1776

    This graffiti has been found around Houston. Law enforcement needs to stay alert. #ThinBlueLine #PoliceLivesMatter

  • David Mills

    There is a a Massachusets girl who encouraged her boyfriend via text message
    to commit suicide, and he did so she is being charged with involuntary
    If they can do that, then no doubt in my mind they can chage this broadcaster with inciting murder.

    Also, copied from “Is violent speech a right?”,
    “…1969 decision in Brandenburg v. Ohio. There the Court said the
    government could not take action against a member of the Ku Klux Klan,
    who said, among other things, “We’re not a revengent organization, but
    if our President, our Congress, our Supreme Court, continues
    to suppress the white, Caucasian race, it’s possible that there might
    have to be some revengence taken.” The speaker did not explicitly
    advocate illegal acts or illegal violence. But in its decision, the
    Court announced a broad principle, ruling that the right to free speech
    does “not permit a State to forbid or proscribe advocacy of the use of
    force or of law violation except where such advocacy is directed to
    inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or
    produce such action.” via

  • Deez_Nuts2015

    Open season on whitey? Oh yeah, bring it on, boy…..BRING IT ON.

  • dikdakduk

    Don’t fool yourselves. the black trash knows most whites wont do a thing because an overwhelming amount of whites are not willing to risk their jobs (yes, white people work) or their freedom to kill blacks. all we really have are the cops to protect us from the savages. now yes, maybe in 25 years things will change, and we will be more willing, but for now, the black thug has they advantage cause they have nothing to lose.

  • Patty

    who turned ISIS loose into America. Who, Who?

    And now, this is what Obama is hoping for, A New Kind of Civil War.

  • Paul


  • What’s It 2 you/2.0

    No sane black person wants a race war here.

  • Paul


  • dave0987

    Only now they have a racist black president who thinks pretty much the same way they do, and likes to give them all slaps on the wrist at best for their criminal behaviors.

    They are more emboldened than ever before.

  • ZZZzzzz



    Of course they are that was the point of the exercise of electing an African, not American man into the White House. It doesn’t matter, Blacks are powerless, completely powerless just like always.

  • ZZZzzzz

    I think so too. Same thing on buss & trains in Chicago….more…

  • Patty

    Sorry, media but they do want cops killed and Whites. Reminds me of Holder, he started this when he dropped the case against Black Panthers. They too want white babies killed and whites killed. And then Obama, Cambridge Police comment, “police acted stupidly.” Then when officer Darren Wilson kill big Mike.

    Nothing really to see there but Obama and Holder knew this would be the shot heard around the world and they needed to pay back Americans and here we are.

    A mole hill has blossomed into a Mountain and they are loving every minute of this.

    Obama has paid back Christians for their love of God and their beliefs. It seems we all are part of some bigger plan. Shameful, that the GOP has been so silent they are guilty, too.

  • dave0987

    I would say, that all the baby mamas and baby daddies should be proactive and try to pull the plug on this movement, so that they don’t have to end up weeping at their children’s funerals.

    But then we have seen over and over again historically how they do not do much of anything to keep their children from the lifestyles that bring them a premature death in any other way.

    So we should not hold our breath.


    That’s the Black sub-culture that arose when MLK became the first man to give up the Cross of Christ to become a community organizer. American Black people used to be majority Christian, hard working and looking forward to building families and futures witnessed by all the things they did like build universities and contribute to the arts, sciences when finally allowed to let their talent been seen by all Americans. They owned music in this country since about 1930.

    What you see now is a creation of the Democrats, the Left, the socialists, the Progressives, the Communists and Satan himself.

  • helmethead

    Those who foment race wars and killings might not like things so much if they end up on the receiving end.

    Which surely may happen if they persist in their campaign of murder and hatred.

  • Patty


    but even when we do tag these groups what happens to them anyway?


    In 1972 as a very young man I had the opportunity of having a Black gentlemen tell me matter-of-fact-ly that there would be a race war. The man was probably about 50 years old and not at all belligerent when he said it. I just as matter-of-fact-ly pointed out that numbers probably make that deal unworkable. It doesn’t matter, it’s “A Dream” by a “Dreamer”. There are a lot of those all over the place these days. It’s the inevitable outcome of a society that isn’t serious about survival.

    But what we’re talking about in this instance is the uncensored Black sub-culture that arose when MLK became the first man to give up the Cross of Christ to become a community organizer. American Black people used to be majority Christian, hard working and looking forward to building families and futures witnessed by all the things they did like build universities and contribute to the arts and sciences when finally allowed to let their talent been seen by all Americans. They’ve owned music in this country since about 1930.

    What you see now is a creation of the Democrats, the Left, the socialists, the Progressives, the Communists and Satan himself.

  • Obama is just following up on the Dems goal to turn Texas blue. The city of Houston is a lost cause. There are still jobs here, but scum isn’t here because of the jobs – they’re here to rob people who have jobs….

  • FishinBuddy

    I live in Cypress. 11 miles from the Chevron station where the shooting occurred and 14 miles from the Black Panthers carrying weapons in Waller.

  • Ubeturbipy

    BLM? Sorry but inresponse #Fckiftheydo!

  • Nate

    Bring it on. That’s all I’ll say right now. Bring it.

  • Patty

    SHAMEFUL: The one simple rule for defining hate speech in Obama’s America×409.jpg

    Please explain to me how that compares to young girls, beheading men and children (albeit we now know the Planned Parenthood did the latter), and crucifying people?

    Apparently it’s NOT hate speech if it is aligned concepts politically acceptable to the liberal progressive socialist left. And right here on this website, when we bring out the truth, we’re accused by the paid Soros/Media Matters trolls of promoting hate.

    This is the world of the progressive left, where you can go onto social media and have a radio show where folks call for murder — and murder happens. But that’s cool, no complicit behavior.

    But it’s “hate speech” if a Christian who stands up for traditional marriage. Hate speech is defined as anyone who will not consent to killing babies. All the while, the real hate speech goes unpunished.

  • Nate

    The 3% of us will bring the Angel of Death to you and your parasitic offspring. Be careful with the fires you start

  • Patty

    We need more people to call out the racial hypocrisy of the left because

    there is hardly any outrage being shown over these recent shootings —
    other than attacking gun ownership. The left went apoplectic over the
    racist sociopath who committed the heinous crime in Charleston South
    Carolina. But there’s no demonizing of this past week’s two black
    assailants — why? Murder is murder, and by the way, there’s no such
    thing as “hands up don’t shoot.” The hypocrisy is blatant, easily
    recognizable, and should be simply inexcusable.

    This past week, Hillary Clinton referred to the GOP as the “Party of
    Trump” — we all see that as-over-the-top political hyperbole. But there
    can be no doubt today’s Democrat Party is the party of progressive
    socialism. It is the party of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Gramsci, Alinsky —
    and hypocrites. And it is the party that advocates a warped concept of
    social justice while defining hate speech to serve its ideological

  • juandos

    I like watching a pro work the 107…

  • Darkheart11

    Anyone know how the blackliesmatter racists feel about the NON-white and NON-black races?

  • Patty

    Have you noticed GOOGLE went the way of the White House!!


  • Hugh Everett

    Welcome to Texas. I’ve lived in Sugar Land for 40 years, and my Spanish ancestors were in San Antonio before George Washington was born.Houston is one of the largest cities in the country, and yet we have an unusually high percentage of Republicans.

    Out in the suburbs and exurbs, the populace is overwhelmingly Republican.Don’t be afraid, little lady. If you’re worried about mean ol’ Democrats, Texas men like me will take care of you.

  • Darkheart11

    Stand down wind of a bunch they already made that one.

  • Ubeturbipy

    Kneeggers say the damnest things.


    You dipsh!ts hired Guv Goodhair and George F’ing Bush, I’ll handle this Betty, thank you.

  • Patty

    Through our ongoing investigation, we’ve been able to determine who the key leaders of this group are.

    Left to right: Carol “Sunshine” Sullivan, Nocturnus Libertus (Sierra McGrone), Palmentto Star, and Malcom Jamahl Whitehead. A man going by “King Noble” is another key player in the group’s movement, only recently discovered.×261.jpg

    Although the FBI has been contacted and alerted of this group’s
    continued plans for domestic terrorism, nothing has been done to stop
    them. Now in the wake of these killings, it appears as though this group
    have now become even more emboldened. Please help spread the
    word about what this vile group is planning! We must force the FBI and
    law enforcement agencies to intervene before more innocent people die!


    I feel for ya. I’m looking at the Springfield M1A1 for extra close-in protection and I’m down here in Babaada Land. What are you looking at there in Cypress?

  • Neighbor

    Why would you say that? In private, all seven of the credible witnesses who led to Darren Wilsons exoneration by the DoJ were black or mixed race. The people who won’t openly stand up to their violent neighbors are justifiably afraid, just as police are when it comes to ratting on bad cops. Doesn’t means they are bad too, means they need our support.

  • Neighbor

    I don’t think they are exceptions at all. And the recent survey that showed a majority of blacks prefer #alllivesmatter to#blacklivesmatter supports that.

  • Neighbor

    Yes Obama’s lack of leadership on this crisis is shameful.

  • Neighbor

    No evidence abortion harms the traditional family.

  • dave0987

    Oh its way beyond lack of leadership. Obama has been the most racially divisive president we have ever had. He has said and done numerous things that have put him along side the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

  • dave0987

    Once again, “surveys” are talk. It’s long past time for talk and time to demand action. They can claim how the supposedly feel all they want, but if their actions aren’t matching those claims then it’s moot.
    The recent white reporters and this Texas cop are NOTHING. I suggest you spend some quality time and catch up, at Colin Flaherty’s site, whitegirlbleedalot(.)com

    As I said previously we need to be seeing two things from the black communities to show they care and want to make a difference:

    1) Snitching on people they know who are about to do these things to prevent them from happening. More often then not, someone knows someone like this. Be it a fiend, friend of a friend, relative, acquaintance-whatever. Anonymously report them, prevent a murder(s), and clean up your community.

    2)Large public gatherings condemning these attacks. Think of it as smaller “million man marches” across the country, saying “enough is enough.”

  • thehozer

    Then they need to stand up and speak out against BLM. They like the moderate musl ims either tacitly agree with the fanatics or they need to speak out. They are going to get lumped in with the bad ones.

  • olddog

    at 19, head shot at 500 68,head shot 499 yards…Oh the memories..

  • Cahal the Mad™

    Racist, domestic terrorist hate groups created by Obama and the left-wing media, so they are allowed to operate in the open with full impunity. Bring it trash, TRY to kill me.

  • dave0987

    Why would you say that? In private, all seven of the credible witnesses
    who led to Darren Wilsons exoneration by the DoJ were black or mixed

    -Okay-great! See, they can do it when they want to-there is proof. Now what’s the tens, hundreds, of thousands of others’ across the country excuses?

    The people who won’t openly stand up to their violent neighbors are justifiably afraid, just as police are when it comes to ratting on bad cops. Doesn’t means they are bad too, means they need our support.

    And we are giving them support, but they have to do their parts-we can’t fix the black communities, the real change necessary for that needs to start from within those communities.

    “The snitches get stitches” culture of the black communities cannot forever be something to hide behind. This is America, and you can either report people anonymously, or if absolutely necessary, go into witness protection. We’ve all got to stop with the excuses. People are getting slaughtered left and right, and this is not gonna end well for anyone, but it’s gonna end a whole lot worse for some-IF the black communities don’t start doing their parts.

  • another_engineer

    Now You’re cooking with gas.. BRING IT ON !!! WOO HOOO

  • another_engineer

    But the “moderate” blacks don’t head off the crazy blacks. tacit approval.

    Gnome sayin ?

  • dave0987

    I’m half tempted to agree, but I think when it comes down to protecting one’s life, family, and property, we’ll see things we didn’t think we’d see. It’s still “better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6.”

  • Infidel Knight

    I say starting with the next “officer down” murder, we respond in kind at the ratio of 100 to 1. If that don’t work, add another zero; repeat until the nonsense stops.

  • Achilles

    What are you prepared to do?

  • Henry

    It will not be a race war.
    Only Rabid Animal Dispatch.
    There are great black folks out there.

    Keep pushing sooner or later NBP & BLM is going to get smacked.

  • tommy mc donnell

    I don’t think working or anything else you mention as anything to do with it. whites are terrified of blacks plain and simple. you see it all the time at mass gatherings. there will be thousands of whites there and a hundred blacks will go around beating and robbing whites and the rest of the whites won’t do anything to help. in fact they will run away. face it white parents have raised generations of cowards.

  • 12777

    These are some very dumb, low IQ, brains dead racist black fools. Clean up the dog fecies in you own neighboorhood

  • loving eugene

    Start by throwing out the mayor. Wow she is a the worst of the worst. Start at home!

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    All I ask and pray for is please God let me see it coming a few seconds before it happens. Give me the chance Goforth didn’t get.

  • Alaskaninfidel

    Sez you…

  • asooph8pah4

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  • trudginon .

    Spot on. Might I add George Soros to the list?

  • throttler

    Look at daily kenn too.

  • Two2trees

    You are not what you seem.

  • Two2trees

    I know that name as a breitbart troll.


    It doesn’t matter where he comes from but it’s unlikely he’s spent much time in Houston over the past ten years.

  • throttler

    Remember the Zebra Murders.

  • throttler

    And the one on the left is a fake black guy.

  • throttler


  • Democrat+Republican= Oligarchy

    The Muslim religion says the Islamists can break their law to infiltrate and destroy the infidel. They smile in your face Muslim can end up being the behead you Muslim a day later.

  • 4ever&anon

    It’s a shame that those who fall for the BLM call to attack whites will make it pretty much imperative for their victims to shoot them dead when they try. All that would be needed is for the taxpayer to stop feeding them, cold. They would quickly learn the value of the white American.

  • Warloc


  • Addison Jacobs

    Is this host a known individual or is he hiding behind anonymity like a masked Islamic terrorist wearing a mask while telling young, poorly thinking youngsters to sacrifice themselves for the cause?

    If this host believes this so strongly let him be the first to pull the trigger. If he isn’t that passionate about killing cops then he’s just inciting violence and needs to be removed from society.

  • Brett Favre

    So Roof is their hero

  • Brett Favre

    Same way mooslims feel about the kufar

  • Because all Western (ZOG) governments are anti-White, and want to exterminate the White race.

  • freedixie

    Bring it on. You can’t win.

  • Jim22

    There is video to go with this audio. You can find it here:

  • slamdance13

    wow. i’m gonna have to start carrying my revolver now? impossible to get a concealed carry in cali, so i have to break the law? all because ‘blacklivesmatter’.

  • Jimbo aka”HD”

    Guess I’ll have to start carrying an AR with extra mags……….

  • Robert49

    I read on Brietbart just now that. that Monica Foy that tweeted that sheriff deputy deserved what he got has been arrested on a outstanding assault arrest warrant back from 2011. Her Facebook and Tweeter account shut down and the college (Top law enforcement school in the state of Texas, Sam Houston State University) she is attending is looking in to for violation of school’s Student Code of Conduct.

  • But I there are no whites, who will pay for your welfare checks? Your food stamps? Your EBT cards?

  • lifsabsurd

    Never forget. The worst black racist in the country has the power of the presidency.

  • CTsOpinion

    I hope the Black Lies Matter hosts are tracked down and their faces made public.

  • JimmaObama

    Good luck with your race war idiot……you will lose in the end

  • ujas

    Bring it on black thugs! I was trained to use a firearm and i know how to defend myself!

  • Darkheart11

    OK now try it in English.

  • MC Slammer

    Silly simian. He doesn’t realize that he and all the others like him could be made into non-problems during a single long weekend.

    Massa’s been asleep for 150 years and morons like him keep kicking the bed. Not a wise thing to do.

  • toolate2matter

    Gotta love the CCW laws in this country! Here in AZ we can open carry any rifle or gun legally, or conceal if you take a Saturday or Sunday class that is easier than defensive driving…..

  • toolate2matter

    Real nightmare is that my wife recently purchased her S & W Shield and now we have each other’s backs! (She was born in Texas, so she has a ‘different’ attitude towards the problem peeples…..”

  • toolate2matter

    …those must be speaking in “Ebonics” because I cannot hear them or understand them either…

  • dave0987

    EXACTLY correct. The moderate Muslim is the one who hasn’t received his activation phone call yet, or decided it was time to help out.

  • Americadies
  • Keebler

    Yup. All whites are scared. Keep telling yourself that.