BREAKING: KHAMENEI Threatens AMERICA in NEW YouTube Video – Bombs on US Navy (VIDEO)

Ayatollah Khamenei released this threatening video six hours ago—
“If Any War Happens”

The video contains images of Iranian bombs raining down on a US battleship.
bombs us navy

The video continues: “They should know that if any war breaks out one will emerge humiliated out of it.”
The video then shows US soldiers returning home in caskets.
iran bodies us soldiers

Democrats approved Obama’s nuclear peace deal with the regime last week.

Ayatollah Khamenei tweeted this out earlier today.

We’ve seen these sort of threats before…
Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps launched a massive military drill, called The Great Prophet Nine, in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz in February.

Hundreds of speed boats equipped with missiles took part in the maneuvers.

At one point in the production the camera panned across a banner that read, “If the Americans are ready to be buried at the bottom of the waters of the Persian Gulf – so be it.”

irgc drills
The Iranian regime sinks a mock US battleship.

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  • Donna

    obola built this.

  • Pigg Pie

    When war breaks out can we please send all muslim to internment camps located somewhere in the ME?

  • SIG_M400

    Thanks demonrats for embolding our enemies!

  • Steve Miller

    Obama and the dems OWN this now and for MANY years to come.

  • NadaElElefante

    Now can we tear down that fence around the White House!

  • *][*2O11

    Two words: Baghdad Bob

  • matt

    in a war between iran and the u.s.a., whose side would king obongo be on?
    in his secret heart.

  • Bob

    America is being had big time by weeping heart liberals and corrupt politicians and the public runs around wringing their hads wondering what to do. For starters buy ammo and practice because it’s going to get nasty.

  • Patty

    hey, Obama, hear that, can I give you some Q tips to clean out your big ears. Idiot.

  • newyorkgroov

    When will the left realize capitulation does not work with these stone age throwbacks?

  • Tori

    I’d like to negotiate a new deal please. One where this idiot sees the tip of one of our nukes that we DO have. Some people just need to be eradicated. No, I feel no guilt, white or otherwise, saying this.

  • That was a mock carrier, not battleship. Also, those were boats not bombs raining down.
    We have to keep our reactions to stupid lame propaganda smart and cohesive.

  • Tori

    It ain’t so secret.

  • freddymetals

    Remember that this clown received the noble PEACE PRIZE. I loath this man. I can’t wait to sterilize his offspring.

  • Number 41

    And thanks Mitch McTurtle and the flacid Boner Worm for enabling. Hoist another few on us at the Old Ebbit Grill.

  • DickRitalin

    obama IS A MUSLIM.

  • fake like fake

    This is the only way to assurance a long ‘world lasting peace’ US is the main reason for wars in the planet.

  • Tiger184

    Well Obama *could* draw a new Red Line.
    That’ll show ’em!

  • frankgriffin

    Only the Democrats would think it wise to make peace while the other side is threatening you. This why Democrats are not fit to lead.

  • Les Morpions

    The Iranian Navy is a siting duck for three well placed tactical nukes. That’s all their destroyers, all the little missile boats, and a good portion of they manpower.

  • HockeyShark

    And you can bet that limp noodle is damn proud of it.

  • American

    Sounds like Iran understands the concept of DEFENSE against warmongering Israeli and US threats of war. The “perfect world” for the warmongers is everyone must disarm but them – LOL! Insanity reigns in the fiat kingdom.

  • HockeyShark

    They don’t care.

  • Stanley Chamberlin

    There may not be “MANY years to come.” Remember, the muslims are looking forward to bringing “The End Time” as soon as they can. They are not deterred by the threat of “mutual destruction” because they want to kill the infidels and meet allah as soon as possible. That’s why suicide bombing is so popular among them.

  • EtoculusDei

    Boy…electing Barrack Obama sure has made things better for America. Now our friends love us and our enemies respect us. Offering a hand instead of a fist was a real good idea. I can’t wait to see Oklahoma Carpet bombed by Muslims.

  • callmeBob

    I foresee a brand new (very large) depression made of glass where Iran previously existed.

  • Patty

    How Obama’s Nuke Deal Leads to the Next Iraq War

    Handing over Iraq to Iran had been a key part of Obama’s plan.

    In the Senate, Obama had insisted that the only answer to Iraq was a
    “political solution.” This “political solution” in which Iraqis and
    their “neighbors” would work things out could only take place after a
    troop withdrawal. All these were euphemisms for letting Iran and its
    puppets in Baghdad take over Iraq.

    When asked about the
    danger of Iran taking over Iraq, Obama replied, “We have to send a clear
    message to the Iraqi government as well as to the surrounding neighbors
    that there is no military solution to the problems that we face in

  • sashamanda

    The Senate signed away its treaty powers, so McConnell et all OWN it, too.

  • Bob Roberts

    Piss on the Iranians. One nuke dropped on Tehran would change their tune.

  • EtoculusDei

    If only we had a heterosexual male in the Oval Office.

  • SIG_M400

    Yes those two bass turds as well are as much to blame as the slime they claim to oppose!

  • Patty

    Trump was kidding when he said that but no a bad idea.

  • Rufus

    They are provoking the Congress to insure that they reject the deal and force Obama to go against his own people.

  • Patty

    that is for sure, the right always has to clean up the left’s messes.

  • Simple_Man

    Sounds like the terms of a deal Obama, Kerry and Congress would support.

  • Jorge Martin

    bomb iran NOW
    remove from earth

  • First Last

    I have an idea, lets give them 150 billion dollars.

  • Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

    The Turtle and the Drunk enabled the Dems to dismantle and endanger the republic and for this they are as much as the enemy that the Marxists are. History will ensure their disgrace for the rest of the worthless days.

  • Bob Roberts

    If the punk ass Iranians keep messing with Israel, that country may get turned into a glass factory.

  • Zapp Brannigan

    If the US and Iran were to go to war, then Iran would be f’d. The US military has no peer. It isn’t even close right now. China is just now deploying their 1st ever aircraft carrier and it is basically for training. Russia has one operational aircraft carrier. The USA has 12.

    The only way to fight the USA and win is to use asymmetrical warfare, like IEDs and suicidal lone wolf mass murderers. Iran would certainly use those methods vs the USA. They would also use their fleet of small water craft to suicide bomb US warships as was done to the USS Cole.

    The fact is that US military pulls its punches, people forget that the US can commit to total war as we did in WWII. If any war ever goes badly enough then we would. If Iran sank a US aircraft carrier and killed a few hundred sailors and marines then the gloves would come off.

  • yerfackingmammy

    Say, how’s obama’s golf handicap these days?

  • actually, it is we who will be sent to the camps.

  • First Last

    Not under this President.

  • yerfackingmammy

    It won’t happen.

    What is more likely to happen under this president is that Israel will be forced to act pre-emptively to protect itself against an impending Iranian attack and the US will defend “Iran’s right to nuclear ‘facilities'”.

  • Mournblade

    Unless someone puts a boot on their neck, the 7th century Iranian savages will have their nukes; and, they will use them. Nothing less can be expected from a Stone Age theocracy that views suicide for the sake of Jihad to be the pinnacle of human achievement. The left hates Jews, that much is understood. Leftist Jews value ideology over faith and heritage. The fact that the left’s hatred eliminates their survival instinct is an atrocity. Obama is leading us into global thermonuclear war, there will be few survivors of any political stripe.

  • Zapp Brannigan

    I disagree, the public outcry would give him no choice but to act. However, he is reluctant to go to war with Iran to begin with, I agree there.

  • john williams

    Over the years Iran has been running its mouth about having a war with us………..Its time for Iran to shut it s mouth and bring it on………this is what obama should be telling these idiots…….EITHER BRING IT OR SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!………. We will give you and your false religion new meaning to the word I RAN………:-):-):-):-)

  • Bob Roberts

    Iran wishes they had a nuke. Israel HAS nukes. I hope Iran pushes Israel too far one day. They will be crying to Allah.

  • Zapp Brannigan

    I never said we were going to war with Iran. Just stating the obvious. Iran has zero chance of winning a total war with the USA. That is why they want nukes so, so badly. That won’t change no matter how much President Obama thinks that it will.

  • yerfackingmammy

    He doesn’t think it will. Get a clue.

  • Bob Roberts

    Wimp Barry would never use one.

  • JJTX


  • Ranger Frank

    When will our Lawmakers and Governing Officials realize that even if you give the “Bullies” our lunch money they will NEVER leave you alone and only want more and more and eventually still attempt to kick your ASS even if you given them what you want! It’s time to stand up and become the GREATEST NATION on this PLANET once again!

  • ZZZzzzz

    Oh yeah? You must really be scared seeing as it looks like Trump will be our new President on 01.20.2017 and said you’ll be releasing the hostages as soon as he clinches the nomination and before he’s even sworn in.

    Of course, B. Hussein wants America and Israel destroyed, after all his Mommy Val gave him a spanking and is telling him what to do. She learned very well from her disgusting Daddy. Sickest part? Jewish Democrats and RINO Repubs made it happen.

  • crazy horse

    Just keep repeating – “His legacy is all that matters, his legacy is all that matters, …”.

  • King_Solomon1


  • Zapp Brannigan

    Like I said. Obama thinks that th deal will “liberalize” Iran and make them desire a nuke less. He is incorrect. Iran will continue to want a nuke. When the deal expires they will go nuclear. By then they will also have ICBMs. They want a MADD situation with the USA and Europe so that they can become the regional power in the Middle East.

  • Tori

    ? I think he’d consider dropping one … on us.

  • Lily157

    Empty rhetoric designed to excite supporters, just like how Trump says he’s going to deport 11 million illegals..

  • Scott Clendenin

    No treaty, no power

  • Oboy_must_go

    Too bad we don’t have a President with balls!

  • 16inch 50 Cal

    We don’t have any battleships! Are they really going to bomb one of the Iowa class Museums as the video shows? Those also look like boats doing a USS Cole style attack not bombs. I don’t think it would do much because of the armor belt that is over 12″ thick at the waterline. Where it was designed to take hits.

  • dailyslave

    Sounds to me that Iran is only warning the Jew controlled Zionist occupied government of America not to invade their nation. Seems reasonable. America has surrounded their country with military bases.

  • Sue Anne, Dallas

    It takes a 2/3rds Senate majority to approve a treaty of any sort. Obama’s atrocity is not a treaty, it’s a worthless piece of paper that can be overturned in the future by the stroke of a pen.

  • bumblingjack

    …and their lives and descendants lives will be just as wretched, those who survive what this Dear Leader has brought about, as will It’s daughters…enjoy your golf and night show visits while you can, haha.

  • craziesRincharge

    Well, K. If a war breaks out, I’m sure you wont be around long enough to see the ending.

  • Vince Foster

    Seems to me you’re braindead.

  • sashamanda

    Just because Obama says it isn’t a treaty? The “agreement” fits the government definition of a treaty, and that gives the Senate the power to approve or disapprove.

  • Libslayer

    Our new “Partners in Peace”
    Brought to you by the Muslim supremacist Obama administration.
    That 150 Billion will kill a lot of infidels, so it’s all good according to Imam Barack.

  • Teddi

    ..and his OZ behind the curtain Jarrett.

  • GRIZZ The Infidel

    Ain’t happening.

  • Vince Foster
  • Mike CJ

    The real problem with the Iran agreement was missed. Not so much a nuclear Iran. But, an agreement that functions like the neglected ‘red line.’ He was so desperate, our adversaries see that they can do anything and nothing practical will be done about it. The Russians in Syria, the new uranium ‘find’ and this threat are just the beginning. The blood is in the water, and the sharks will not start feeding.

  • Jack Coyote

    You said it. Worse than Barry’s deal is the fact that anyone actually supports it esp. The senate democrats. America has lost it’s way.

  • Sal befor

    he will have to travel very far to get the US Navy. Obamas defense cutbacks: 1st time in recent history no carriers in or around Persian gulf.

  • Jack Coyote

    Liberals, living in a drug and alcohol induced fantasy world while the rest of us have to live in the real world. A real world with real consequences for poor decisions.

  • craziesRincharge

    Yes, Libs and other fools, there is an alternative to the Obama/ Kerry/ Iran charade. Scrap it.

  • Vince Foster

    That is where the real problem lies…

  • Prelusive007

    So now that the leftwingnutjobs have absolutely dumbed down the office of the presidency, lowered the bar for Barack “the pathological and sociopathic liar” Obama and then empowered him to put such dumb azzzes as John Kerry and the lying, conniving Hillary Clinton in charge of foreign affairs….. we continue to see the ineptitude of Barack “the pathological and sociopathic liar” Obama as he continues to lead from behind while bowing, genuflecting, kowtowing, and curtsying to our sworn enemies . . . . . even empowering them with BILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer money . . . . borrowed from other enemies; the likes of communist China . . . . and someone is surpised at this outcome?????

    WHO but an ignorant, self-righteous leftwingnutjjob could be surprised at this? NONE.

  • Libslayer

    Democrats sold their souls to the devil years ago.
    Then they elected him president.

  • Prelusive007

    I have a feeling it won’t be that many years….

    (by the way, I like your “Fly Like an Eagle” album)


  • CZBZ

    Michelle has the balls in that marriage!

  • Jack Coyote

    Obama has decimated the military all part of his ill advised retreat from the world stage. What’s going on in Syria and with ISIS is just the beginning. That said, another carrier is due back in the region I believe by late fall.

  • Ms. Necessary Evil

    If anyone would put a bullet between this sand toads eyes I would pay to see it on pay per view….

  • craziesRincharge

    Fortunately, there are plenty of retired Patriotic Generals who will not allow Obama to destroy our country. Hope it doesn’t come to that.

  • Mo Fo

    But Obama said the Muzslimes were good people and they are committed to peace???

  • seygor

    They don’t own it we do

  • Prelusive007

    “The sweetest sound I have ever heard is the muslim morning call to prayer”
    ~Barack “the pathological and sociopathic liar” Obama

    (one of the very few times he has been absolutely honest with his true feelings)

  • craziesRincharge

    “I am a citizen of the world”. (Obama, 2008)

  • MyCityIsGone

    Our partners in peace. lol

  • craziesRincharge

    If a man says he is American, and also something else, then he is not an American at all”. (Theodore Roosevelt, 1906)

  • Prelusive007

    To be more precise; he is the first half black muslim b __ __ _tard illegal alien president of the United States.

  • Prelusive007

    I sincerely wish we would give the Secret Service the next year off.

  • MyCityIsGone

    So what happens if Iran in 2017 claims to have a nuke and demands that Iraq be placed under its protection?

  • Mac mcintire

    Mitch is known as the great enabler. He made this deal possible. Impeach McConnell. People of Kentucky. Let’s get rid of this guy forever

  • craziesRincharge

    I say, start at the top, and work our way down.

  • chicodon

    Who else will join in calling for early elections? Obama out in January.

  • HindaRifka

    According to obama & his UN buddies, Israel is causing the problems in the MidEast and will face their wrath if they try to take out these Iranian terrorists. Thanks Progs, for starting WWIII.

  • Prelusive007

    The lying b __ stard Obama would not even allow the war. He would surrender us at first opportunity.

  • One thing I can say positive about the Iranians; They continue to reveal to everyone in the world what a fool Obama and the Democrats are.

  • Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

    We need a Turtle and Drunk dump.

  • Hanks

    If you remove the fear factor from your enemies, you become the victim.

  • Prelusive007

    Just about 3 seconds after Barack switches off the internet and all cell service is rendered ineffective, all those generals will realize we’re all in the same boat with NO means to communicate to rally the “patriots” and very few “patriots” with the real pluck to leave their ”’comfortable”’ homes to support each other in the grand fight.

    The fact is, the furtherest most of the “preppers” will “bug out” will be to their back yard and that’s only because the electricity will be off and therefore the air conditioning will be rendered useless and the outdoor breeze will be the only relief from the heat of summer … or provide fire for heat in the winter.

    Forget the “generals”. They will be useless as most of your neighbors.

  • Andy from Beaverton

    The Iranian think we have Ohio class battleships still in commission, according to the picture to the video.

  • Eugene Comiskey

    I a tree falls in the woods, is it George Bushes fault?

  • Seijinvet

    Not even a pen is needed. Islam glories in deception. This “treaty” is as worthless as Chamberlain’s “peace for our time” scrap of paper he negotiated with Hitler.

  • Big Apple WORM

    It would make my day if each of the politicians voting in favor of OBAMADEAL would walk into the country now, holding a daisy and calling out PEACE. We will all see what peace is intended and which piece will be taken!!!

  • Dave Turner

    That looks like a combination of Russian WWII propaganda design and American WWII war films. Why anybody listens to these idiots when they prattle like Chihuahuas is beyond belief.

  • flyboy

    Yep, the price of Obama’s legacy shopping spree is going to be HUGE for the following REPUBLICAN president to have to pay for and clean up. Any IDIOTIC administration that KNOWINGLY allows $150 billion released which WILL flow back to HAMAS and other terrorist-supporting organizations is guilty of malfeasance to the highest degree.

  • Dave Turner

    Isn’t it always?

  • ra

    President Obama will unite the Sunni & Shia and then take his place as the leader of the Caliphate.

  • Agrippa

    The Senate under the leadership of Mitch Mcconnell is but a bunch of eunucks.

  • What?

    Way to go Barry!

  • Maindrian Pace

    This is true, and it will be eliminated – along with the fellow traveler/useful idiot demonrats that signed onto it.

  • Freedom

    * Those who constantly run their mouths have nothing to brag about.
    * Those who speak softly usually carry a big stick.

  • Dewreck

    Humiliated? Ok, fine, Iran will cease to exist.

  • Freedom

    That’s their problem……:-)

  • sanfordandsons

    Another superlative accomplishment of Obama. God is he good or not? NOT!

  • jessebarbersharpton

    We are doomed Boner and Mc Cunell sold us out . That’s what happens when you get caught with your pants down and everybody has a cell phone camera .Blackmailed into treason . They’l just go off and retire some place at full benefits , we lose again .

  • dailyslave

    You can’t even elaborate as to why I am wrong so you obviously have no argument.

    American foreign policy is dictated by what’s best for Jewish interests and Israel. This is a fact. We need to stop policing the world for Jews and stop this illegal alien invasion that is happening on our southern border.

  • jamesben

    Or “Iowa” class battle wagons – but, yes I totally agree.

    Iraqi “soldiers” were surrendering en masse to the drones launched by the USS Wisconsin (and USS Missouri) after they bombarded the absolute crappola out of them during the first Gulf War.

  • mdksgk

    Israel will attack Iran before Russia sells them the anti-missile system.

  • Brad N. Jackson

    You are giving them an awful lot of credit by implying they are at 7th century standards in my opinion…

  • Khameni’s empty threat reminds me of Sadam Hussein’s empty threat before Desert Storm.

    Khameni should Google “Highway of Death” if he wants to know his future in a war with the USA.

  • GaryB

    Iran is a third world country run by a nut job. Thats what makes them so dangerous. A nuclear attack on anyone should result in their total destruction.

  • EtoculusDei

    We’ll thank them in 2016.

  • EtoculusDei

    I could not possibly agree more……with the warning so well expressed in your words. MADD or mutually assured destruction is meaningless to a people who find glory in suicide.

  • Bitter Clinger

    So glad Obama’s giving him nukes, aren’t you?

  • Muhammed Steinberg

    Khamenei is just like every other Iranian leader – a hate-filled compulsive a$$hole with the stunted mental development of a 10 year old who can’t stop running his evil mouth. Obama and Putin are his bitches

  • Bitter Clinger

    Apocalypse is their mission in life.

  • sashamanda

    Or traitors. Or both.


    This is the old renegade’s way of telling everyone just how deep he’s got Obama and Kerry in his pocket.

  • Amos3

    “table?” Don’t you mean The Drunk’s favorite bar stool?

  • LudicrousSextus

    Most amusing! A Youtube visual suppository for team Obama and his worldwide team of Muslim extremist enablers…

    If ‘modern’ Christianity had 1/100th the *monthly* atrocity/body count Islam has – every church in the Western world would be bull-dozed to the ground in a matter of weeks – with Obama smiling for photo-ops fueling the bulldozers…and the NY Times publishing ‘maps to churches still standing’…

    Iran, on the other hand – the foremost enabler of Islamic terrorism on the planet…gets a free hand from Obama to develop nuclear weapons…

    Face it America – our president is an imbecile of Islamic/historic proportions…

  • gary lacey

    I think Kerry sold the American people out for a potential Peace Prize!

  • Really?!???!!?!

    I feel bad for the military that has to stand behind our president. Every day that goes by, I wonder how many of our soldiers will lose their lives because if his asinine decisions and deals.

  • LudicrousSextus

    Barry could just give Kerry his…he damn sure isn’t using it for anything…

  • nickoury

    Nice avatar.

  • Bitter Clinger

    Who here would be surprised if Obama sent Khamani coordinates for US Navy ships in the area?

  • Bill Jefferson

    A lot more death-cult Moslems (pigpiss be upon them) still need killing.

  • Really?!???!!?!

    what? You mean commit treason…again?

  • FWalus

    The main mullah is demonstrating what he thinks will happen if his country is attacked by U.S. forces. Saying he will defend himself if attacked constitutes a threat?

  • jamesben

    Ha ha , silly raghead – the U.S. Navy, by itself, would obliterate Iran in about 48 hours.


    under moslem comrade BO BOZO our dear leader has issued orders to our NAVY “at the first sign of trouble lower the AMERICAN flag and raise the white flag”

  • “We learned not to engage in land wars in Asia, but you would have thought we had learned that lesson previously. We had to make a deliberate exception in Viet Nam because it was critical to our grand strategy of containment; and we actually won that war, and got our land troops out, and defeated the next invasion from the North with air and naval support the Army of the Republic of Viet Nam. Saigon remained Saigon, South Viet Nam remained an ally – at least they thought so — and Communism remained contained. We didn’t have to occupy the North, it cost Russia funds they did not have to maintain the North, and ARVN with our naval and air support could have resisted invasions from the North forever and aye. That was containment, and the collapse of the Soviet Union would not have been delayed.

    The Democrats would have none if it; they controlled Congress, and when North Vietnam invaded the South with armored divisions again, the Democrats voted our “allies” 20 cartridges and two grenades per man – and no air support. Saigon accordingly became Ho Chi Minh city, and the world received another lesson about trusting liberal democracy when the going gets tough. So it goes.

    We seem to be hard of learning; but that makes sense because our schools are designed for this result. If they deviate from that, we send in federal interference. So it goes.”

  • Mark

    Well now, judging by the quality of their presentation, we are truly and totally defeated. We might as well wave the white flag or…..UNLEASH HELL UPON THEM!

  • Danny

    There you go Obama fans, The nut you drool over is still being laughed at by the Iranians.

  • Danny

    And that is the country Obama pretty much gave a nuke to and giving them billions to continue their terrorist ways. There is something wrong with any of you that still support Obama and think it was a great deal. You people need your heads examined.

  • Miagogo

    But I thought this deal made him like us? He can’t possibly still want us to die… This is all a lie. It’s obviously Bush and the republicans’ fault.

  • tedlv

    No, the white flag is racist (being white). They will be ordered to raise the rainbow flag.

  • OldSailor

    It’s part of his “legacy” along with ISIS, the failed states of Iraq, Libya & Yemen, Russia’s conquest of the Crimea and resurgence against NATO and the Chinese moves to seize the South China Sea from Vietnam and The Philippines …

  • somehistorian

    DNC/Ayatollah Khamenei approved (any year) campaign message.

  • John Campbell

    This is actually weird! Anyone who has played EA Games: BATTLEFIELD 2 knows full well that these Iranian promos like this look like the beginning of a video game intro. Moreover, every time these terrorist types get taken on they get their posteriors handed to them.

    Since there’s a historical quotient to this EA Games should be able to use this one free of charge for it’s next release of BATTLEFIELD. :o)

  • obama the extremist

    Every liberal is my sworn enemy. They can burn in he!! forever as far as I’m concerned.

  • obama the extremist

    May obola and his satanic followers burn forever in hades.

  • Sedition

    I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  • Fritz_Von_Dago

    We should bring back Reagan’s neutron bombs. You pop one off over each of the cities in Iran and over the next several days everyone dies. Then you just walk in and take everything you want and destroy the rest. No Americans die and these stinking Iranian mullahs are made an example of to the world.

  • obama the extremist

    That would be a great policy for all liberals. I would have no problem if liberals aborted themselves out of existence.

  • Fritz_Von_Dago

    These Mullahs better pray to their Moon God I never become president!

  • WallToWallTrump

    You’re no better than the worst of them.

  • Grumpy (Trump/Sessions 2016)

    Funny how Russia is helping Iran get S-300’s, war planes and tanks, helping in Syria with arms and soldiers… Me thinks this is some of the flexibility Obama was talking about with Russia a few years ago…
    Funny the propaganda wants us to think otherwise.

  • WIVet

    Let help Iran’s nuclear ambitions! Let’s deliver our own enriched uranium, we’ll even use missiles, to be sure it arrives quickly!

  • dygene

    Yup, by Trump’s executive order!

  • JG

    If only we extend an olive branch and offer to talk to our enemies… Surely they will like us!

  • nicolasofcusa

    If, against the wishes of the people and the Congress, Obama’s releasing $150 billion to an enemy that swears openly to destroy us, giving that enemy guaranteed privacy to develop the nuclear weapons with which to do it, and opening the country to infiltration by agents of that enemy are not treason and impeachable high crimes, what else would be?

  • Delta Wild Man

    We’d run through the Iranian Army like $hit through a Goose.
    Just like we did in Iraq and every other army in the $hit hole known as the middle east.

    Only thing keeping us from doing it, is the coward president we currently have

  • Reg Dunlop

    A Muslim Community Organizer as President ? What could go wrong ?

  • WallToWallTrump

    The entire situation sucks. Israel can’t destroy what Iran has because they don’t have the bunker busters, the Iranian people are controlled by these religious kooks, Russia has to be an antagonist, Bush destroyed Iraq who had them in check…it’s just a mess. Eventually we will bomb the Shiite out of them when they start playing games with inspections.

  • inspectorudy

    Yes but Sue we can’t get the $100,000,000,000 back!

  • Reg Dunlop

    Obama lost the middle east not Bush

  • joefriday

    Nuclear weapons are sought by countries that want to avoid being invaded. The U.S. is the only country that has ever used a nuclear device on another country. Iran has never invaded another country and is as much a danger to the State of Israel as California. They have no air force capable of operating outside it’s borders, their navy consists mostly of powerboats (as the article suggests), I am not sure they even have any armor. Plus if our media is to be believed , after14 years of development after having been given the plans and an outline of how to develop and build nuclear devices they have either been unwilling or unable to do so. Israel on the other hand is known to possess around 200 nuclear devices, which is probably why it’s neighbors stopped attacking them. My country which is ruled by madmen( not elected) has no business in the Middle East . There no amount of oil or land or gold there to justify the loss of even one American life much less the buckets of blood that have been shed because of the greed of our rulers and I don’t mean our elected ones. To the people that say “Remember 9/11” I say the only Middle eastern country involved was and still is our supposed ally and has never suffered even one iota of retribution and probably never will.I personally do not want to have the blood of more innocents on my hands as all Americans do now .I think this treaty is a moot point because America has bent or broken every treaty it has signed and ratified .This will be no different.

  • WallToWallTrump

    That’s your opinion.

  • ItsJo

    Good one. ANY Congress Member(including Schumer/Schmuck) that also Includes RINO’S you mention and the rest, and ALL Demo Thugs who voted WITH OBAMA FOR THIS SECRET

  • Riko7467

    I like a lot of what Obama has done. But this deal and not going into syria have to be the worst decisions he has made as president. Obama needs to stop listening to that iranian valerie jarrett, she needs to be put in jail for treason.

  • Fthoma

    It was theirs all along. We just didn’t let them get at it with our sanctions. It’s not money from our treasury.

  • WallToWallTrump

    Iran burns coal and thier air is polluted…dummies in USA don’t realize that fact. Iran wants cleaner energy.

  • inspectorudy

    I understand your feelings but before the Corker-Cardin amendment obama was not even going to let Congress read it. Since he has called it an executive agreement they are not required to read it let alone vote on it. Corker figured that there were at least 15 patriotic Demorats that would side with America and Israel and not their stupid traitorous leader. He was wrong but I can’t blame him for trying to have some say in it. Now, at least, we have the cowards who voted with obama on record so that we can shame them like they deserve.

  • Bitter Clinger

    Is there an end to it? Heck after he traded 5 top Taliban generals for a TRAITOR, it was pretty clear whose side this guy is playing for.

  • Riko7467

    When the next president gets elected I hope he has the balls to put that these crazy bastards in check.

  • 2Marines

    Obama better be praying to Allah -Trump never becomes President.;-)

  • Riko7467

    I can’t wait for them to mess up this deal so we can attack them and liberate the people of iran. At least the ones that want to be liberated

  • 2Marines

    You and zero better pray Trump never gets the WH then,a Trump DOJ – will be a nightmare for Bambi Obama.

  • JOHN

    jdp…The USA CAN TAKE THE BS IRAN puts out, but if real bullets fly, we should pound the IRAN turbans to rethink what they did, not leave one mosque standing. nor any buildings to use.

  • Paul

    All propaganda to get the Nuke deal through….these clowns always claim someone will be humiliated…words of hated and envy

  • Reap What You Sow

    When a nation elects someone like Obama they will get what they deserve. The American voters built this.

  • SWDC

    Just the opposite and keep the buildings.

  • 2Marines

    150 billion will buy a lot of stuff,Joe.

  • Libertas omnium

  • The Democrats and RINO Republicans made a deal with the devil, there will be a war, people will die, Israel will survive, despite Kerry, Jarret, and Obama trying their hardest to destroy Her, God bless Israel!

  • WallToWallTrump

    Israel can fight its own battles. We surely give them enough money and arms.

  • 2Marines


  • Paul

    Joe, why do you hate America…my country has been a force for good since WWII

  • WallToWallTrump

    Was Vietnam good ? We killed nearly 2 million people. The Vietnamese say we killed 3 million.

  • Paul

    And jobs…don’t forget jobs

  • Paul

    Dirty bombs poison the soil over each nuclear site

  • Jennifer

    This video brought to you by Team Jarrett and her puppet Muslim president.

  • [email protected]$ ₣€N€¥

    Iran has been producing medical nucleatides…Cobolt 60…for ten years.
    If they load it on their Shehabs, they can wipe out Israel quickly, Iron Dome or not.

  • inspectorudy

    I don’t care where it comes from because we all know what it is going to used for. They will support more terror and fund more subhuman groups to kill and cause displacement of Middle Eastern people like is going on right now. They are winning the war with Europe without firing a single shot. This money will be used to cause even more immigrants to flee.


    We should EXTERMINATE every living organism in IRAN, the problem will be solved then.

  • Ira Motus

    Is this the son of the original Khamene? He looks like he could be from the same camel butt I don’t know

  • JOHN

    jdp…If IRAN is the lovable peaceful people they claim to be, then we should tell all their people, with banners in the air for all to see, andthen show them the threats they make.

  • sashamanda

    The president was never given the power to enter into binding “executive agreements” by the Constitution. Even the State Department admits that. Clearly, the Senate knew they would not stand up to the President’s abuse of the Constitution and this was the default. But, failure to act according to the Constitution in response to a failure to act according to the Constitution is morally and legally culpable,

  • WallToWallTrump

    I don’t know if anyone here remembers the TV preacher Dr. Gene Scott, I remember him with his bulletin boards giving speeches about Revelation and Blue Turbans and prophecy blah blah blah and he use to always say Russia and Iraq were not the ones who would destroy Irsael but Iran would be the one… I miss that guy.

  • Mick

    The greater issue is whether Putin and China would side with Iran. Both have previously warned the US to back off Iran.

  • Truth

    An Iranian apologist devoid of fact. Fun. Iran funded the current Yemeni insurgency and funds terrorists targeting Israel. God stands with IsrEl. So should we.

  • Paul


  • Paul

    And nonsense

  • Paul

    Vote Trump

  • Riko7467

    Donald chump will never get elected lol!! You call yourself a marine, but your supporting a person who dodged going to war smh!! Maybe in his next life lmfao

  • ImTiredOfThis

    If America had anyone at the helm of Gov’t leadership that was worth anything at all we would not have to listen to tripe such as these ragheads spew out daily.


    BOO HOO lets blame the democrats for our TWO failed illegal wars! No WONDER america unamimously voted you natzees OUT of OFFICE!


    Never forget it was the NEOCLOWNS republicants watch on 911, and due to their TOTAL incompetence, the terrorists were allowed to freely hit any target they wanted!

  • WallToWallTrump

    Of course they will. Putin is godless like the Chinese.

  • ImTiredOfThis

    That may be so, but we need to get him out of office before that can happen. I believe he’s thinking third term right now; and damn the Constitution (which btw, he thinks is a “worthless piece of paper”)

  • Royal Richardson

    Bush’s invasion of Iraq handed Iraq to Iran You don’t remember Hussain fought a war with Iran.

  • Paul

    Joe, I was in Vietnam…how old are you? S Vietnam asked for our support…Monks were emulating themselves in the streets of Saigon…JFK promised our support…

  • SoCalMike

    Amazing how no one in the media will call this treason, sell out or betrayal.
    It’s all of these but the thought police know what not to say so they do disrupt the mass media background noise default setting.

  • Jake Morphonios

    What many of you seem to not be paying attention to is that the video clearly indicates that Iran does not want war, but that it will defend itself if America invades it as was done to Iraq. Everyone knows that the USA has been itching to invade Iran for years. Everyone knows that the USA invades other countries based on false pretenses. It is logical that Iran’s leaders would be concerned about an unprovoked invasion, considering what America did to Iran’s neighbor – Iraq.

    My fellow Americans: You are falling for pro-war propaganda against Iran meant to prepare our citizens to accept the very unjust invasion that Iran is speaking about. Did you learn nothing from our illegal war against Iraq and the way that our government manipulates the public sentiment with messages of impending doom?

    After 9-11, the message from the government was that war with Iraq was necessary because it possessed weapons of mass destruction that would be used against Americans. Today, the message from the government is that war with Iran will be necessary because it is building nuclear bombs that can be used against Americans. Just like with Saddam Hussein’s WMDs, there is absolutely ZERO evidence that Iran is building nuclear weapons.

    Once upon a time, facts and evidence were necessary before the American people would support the need for war. Today, all you need is a blonde bimbo on Fox News giving her opinion that we must go to war or face certain destruction. The American people have become brain-dead zombies who act without thinking. As we get closer to the inevitable war with Iran, please try to remain intellectually honest. Demand facts and real evidence and only consider war after all other options and avenues have failed. Use some logic. Iran, a nation that has never initiated a war in its history, knows that to attack America would guarantee its own annihilation. The last thing Iran wants to do is to start a fight it knows will result in its own destruction.

    With nuclear Russia as a staunch ally of Iran, an American invasion of Iran presents a much greater risk of nuclear war than any other alternative.

    If you believe in peace, then join me in speaking up in social media. The side that craves war and bloodshed is more than adequately represented.

  • ImTiredOfThis

    Vince, I thought you were dead…

  • Jedediah Morningside

    I haven’t yet seen anyone posting that, according to the Koran, the maximum length of any treaty that muslims must abide by is ten years. They may–may–be bound for ten years, but after that, any treaty that a muslim nation signs is null and void. Not saying that they will abide by this one for that period, but even if they do…

  • WallToWallTrump

    I’m 52. Ho Chi Mihn also asked for our support.

  • lib4ever

    Thank many Repubs as well they didn’t fight the Dems hard enough on this.
    If we release all that money back to them then were are nothing but GD fools.

  • wasitsomethingisaid

    What a load…….

  • lib4ever

    Once the money is released it is released. There will be no taking it back.
    Muslims are invading Europe right now and what is American doing about it? Nothing but trying to figure out how to get more Muslim into this country as well.

  • ImTiredOfThis

    On second thought; how about us preempting a bombing on both Medina and Mecca. That should rile all sorts of the mooslims. Oh, then we could spray bacon grease over the entire area.

  • WallToWallTrump

    Just a rumor

  • RykELee

    Some people have a theory that the main reason to invade Afghanistan and Iraq was to essentially encircle and encompass Iran. Turkey, Iraq, the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan. Look at it on a map, who’s resides in the middle?

  • LysolMotorola

    The entire Nuke thing with Iran is a distraction while the real damage is being done as 100,000’s of “refugees”(almost all of whom look like 18-30 year old healthy males) swarm the borders of Europe from the East and South. This scum do not assimilate. They are bred to a cult that has at the heart of its “holy book” the command to lie, rape, murder, steal and conquer. Are these the type of people you want moving in on your block?? European elites are not taking phone calls…they are too busy committing cultural suicide.

  • WallToWallTrump

    I remember looking at the map and seeing Iran in the center.
    Iran has always been the enemy…Taliban and Al Qaeda too.

  • WallToWallTrump

    Send them all to Germany…karma.

  • RykELee

    unamimously? That’s some special math skills you got there bucko.

  • RykELee

    And O care wasn’t a tax.

  • RykELee

    You left out gay cokehead.

  • One Man

    Anyone surprised? The mullahs are home free now.

  • jcarsc

    Our traitor President and Traitor Kerry are about to sell out our country to these murderous clowns. The free world and allies are doomed. Way to go you loosers.

  • jcarsc


  • pilgrimson

    Fear not friends!
    Back in the early 50’s we were taught to duck under our desks when we saw a bright flash.
    It’s time to teach our kids that trick of survival. That ought to teach our enemy that we know a trick or two!

  • allah is a fantasy

    Nope. Jizyah is the only valid treaty between Muslim and Non-Muslim now. Even if a Muslim signs it in blood it cannot be adhered to unless all parties are Muslim. All other agreements are expired. According to the Qur’an [9:1,2,7]:

    كيف يكون للمشركين عهد عند الله وعند رسوله إلا الذين عاهدتم عند المسجد الحرام فما استقاموا لكم فاستقيموا لهم إن الله يحب المتقين

    براءة من الله ورسوله إلى الذين عاهدتم من المشركين فسيحوا في الأرض أربعة أشهر واعلموا أنكم غير معجزي الله وأن الله مخزي الكافرين

  • wbf850

    the Iranians have been exporting terror and war for about as long as i have been alive.. they will not start a war… what a frigging joke. the free world just hasn’t responded yet.

  • Fritz_Von_Dago

    Yes Dirty Bombs do poison everything thats the reason for the name …..but you need to do more research on Neutron weapons. They are not “Dirty Bombs!” They are what is called an “Enhanced Radiation Device” (ERDs). They are nicknamed the “Capitalist Bombs” by the socialist of the world!

  • Leonidas

    We may never launch a real war against Iran, and that’s just fine by me. But, the $150b of cash and other assets that would be released to Iran will most certainly be used to continue financing terrorism throughout the region and perhaps the world. Do we simply test the waters to see what will happen when the money is released? Probably yes. And if something does happen (and I don’t mean something good or benevolent), then we’ve got the justification to launch an action.

    Do not trust Iran, do not trust the radical Islamist, ever!

    And no, I’m not contradicting myself. See what happens then act, or move forward based on history, and I mean millennia-long history.

    You decide.

  • Fritz_Von_Dago

    Either one of us, makes no difference to me!

  • Dane Ironfoote

    osama-bin-bama should get the electric chair for treason against the United States of America. mitchy-poo and bo H ner the stublebum drunk should also be tried for treason. The people of America are on their own. We have had no representation now for a very, very long time.

  • WallToWallTrump

    I don’t trust anyone waving a Quran

  • Pos7al

    No, it’s the truth.

  • Dan Austin

    Your obtuse reasoning simply ignores basic facts that render your arguments meaningless:

    -Iran has repeatedly lied about their nuclear program in the past.
    -They repeatedly call for the death of Israel and the US.
    -Obama got us into an agreement where Iran can inspect themselves, have a 23 day waiting period before anyone else can inspect which starts only after endless delays and UN meetings.
    -Certain military sites are excluded from any inspections.
    -After 10 years they get nukes, even if they do what they never did before and actually live by the agreement.
    -They get billions of dollars out of the agreement which they fully intend to use to finance terrorism.
    -They have not disavowed terrorism, and are keeping 4 American prisoners.

    “If you believe in peace, then join me in speaking up in social media. The side that craves war and bloodshed is more than adequately represented.”

    YOU might believe in peace, but the leaders in Iran clearly don’t

  • icallshenanigans

    Spoken like someone who has never been in a high risk situation.

  • jimboelrod

    You left out the fact that since 1979, Iran hasn’t needed to go to war with anybody (except, of course, for a confrontation with Iraq in the ’80’s) because they established proxies like Hezbollah and Hamas to war for them.

  • Randy Workman

    It’s kind of easy to blow up a fake aircraft carrier when no one is shoot back at you.

  • randyrocker

    Obama can commit his own suicide, he has no right to commit America’s.

  • Leonidas

    You’re right, I’ve not been in a high risk situation. Did you read one of my sentences? No trust of Iran or radical Islam.

    I give them one chance, and one chance only. Then, let all hell break loose.

    By the way, I have many near and dear to me in high risk service. I’m not in a great hurry to see them continue with even more; but if it’s needed, I support them wholeheartedly. No doubt about it.

  • Standup 4 Freedom

    Obama must love being greased up and bent over the table

  • Standup 4 Freedom

    Democrats… The new National Socialist Workers PArty

  • randyrocker

    Obama just paid for this commercial with his agreement released funds.

  • randyrocker

    Obama, was this sell out to Iran just another dream from your father?

  • Paul

    Both would work but dirty bombs are better…you know, as kids, we sprayed bugs just to watch them act all crazy then they just stop moving

  • jetpilot

    Thanks Obama for giving our enemies who want to kill us $150B of US taxpayer money. And after the nuke deal our hostages are still in Iranian prison. You are pathetic!

  • Paul

    Ho Chi Mihn was a communist

  • Newman

    Can someone please explain why Obama and the Dems are providing what will soon evolve to nukes to barbarians who only want to destroy everything this country stands for?

  • Debbie Steinbeck

    True enough.

    But, the cowards leading the GOP want to give him what he wants. Such gaul. Now, he is so confident of the worthless GOP leaders, he is about to give us worthless edicts on the utter phony “global warming/climate change” lie. We need a genuine and real leader after this disaster slinks out of office.

    Go Trump!!

  • CG59

    Wow, I liked the Iranian video better than the Chinese “Call of Duty’ knockoff.

  • 44guyton

    Even Hitler had the common sense not to threaten the allies after the Munich Agreement. Its apparent the Iranians have no (ZERO) respect or fear for the feckless Obama administration and castrated Republicans.

  • 44guyton

    There is no explanation for the insanity.

  • F M

    True, but unless Trump or Cruz gets into the White House. I’ve got little confidence that a future Republican president will overturn it.

  • Phukazz

    Gotta love fake rivalries. Iran has been our favorite boogy man since the USSR. Good cop/bad cop anyone? All while the North / South Korea issue appears more to be about Apple vs Samsung. *YAWN*

  • Peebody

    They’re bombing a museum?

  • Weso Dum

    But, but the agreement changes everything, right Obummer?

  • 100 Million Moooocher Nation

    BAHAHA Iranian made in English. And these muslims supposedly produced this in a cave. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Another CIA Pictures Production, I’d be surprised if Disney doesn’t have a hand in it.

  • 100 Million Moooocher Nation

    Surprised George Bush isn’t in it babbling like he did during the 911 farce. This whole crap is an American invention,

  • 100 Million Moooocher Nation

    Likely REP party made this to pressure the Obama admin to drop the Iran deeeeel and fill more US body bags with the American poor.


    wbf850 Israeli cuckholder

  • 100 Million Moooocher Nation

    Was expecting to see Spielberg, Brooks and the rest of Jewllywood in the credits.

  • Fritz_Von_Dago

    Ok Paul when Im president we will use both and throw some VX in the mix to really get them to flip flop crazy like on the ground! Hows that for a quick Representative response?

  • michael dodge

    Obama is a moooozlim jihadist

  • J***h2

    That is why the MAD scenario does not work with these Maniacs!

  • Burnerjack

    And yet Obama and the dhimmi think the arms embargo against Iran should be negotiated away. Brilliant. $150-180 billion to be freed up for them to buy whatever arms they wish. Muslims wish for the Apocalypse. Obama seems all to happy to pave the way. Instead of neutralizing the Iranian Threat with millions killed, it will blossom until BILLIONS are killed. Stock up and hunker down Mr. Toad. Its gonna be a wild ride. Just as Albert Pike allegedly predicted in his Letter to Mazzini.

  • Chantal

    Barack the Transtesticle will keep everyone safe . Yeah everyone in IRAN !

  • J***h2

    Only good side is our folks know where all Iranians Subs are and I’ll bet we know where their surface ships are. They try it, gonna be hundreds of new artificial reefs in Gulf!

  • rusty shackleford

    He should rename himself Farrakan or Sharpton, that way his violent rhetoric would go virtually unreported


    thank you; i feel that the rainbow flag is more appropriate i will try and remember that .no more “DON’T GIVE UP THE SHIP” instead; “SURRENDER THE SHIP”

  • Heidi

    So what was Libya?

  • Mandingo1

    Repentance means a change of mind. You must change your mind about Jesus Christ. He wasnt just a man, or a great man, or a philosopher, or just some historical radical who was killed for his beliefs. He was and is the Lamb of God. The very Son of the God, sacrificed by God the Father for the sins of the entire human race. Even Adolf Hitler and pedophiles. Mind boggling I know. But it is true. All human beings are completely healed and forgiven in the eyes of God. But it must be received by an act of your will. You must repent and receive this gift, otherwise you will be lost and will go to Hell, a horrible place created for Satan and his angels.


    i like to think of two as “BONKERS THE DRUNK” and “MC RINO.”

  • Polarisguy

    Even if he’s a lunatic (and he is, no doubt) how can anyone possibly rationalize ‘doing a deal’ with Iran now and/or for the foreseeable future? This nuclear deal is the hight of irresponsibility and presents a threat to all World Peace and mankind. Our politicians who have allowed this are guilty of treason

  • Polarisguy

    But, Obama will make sure we will abide by it, anyhow

  • honestAbesurd

    Obama will let them attack us before he would be willing to destroy them. All the Iranians involved in this administration will never attack Iran, even if they attack us.

  • Barack “Jim Jones” Obama

    It’s all about Presidential leadership

  • Time for the American to wake up and smell the humus.
    i.e Throw out the dhimmicrates and vote for the Republicans

  • tmanosaurus

    We dont need our communist administration, except to boot from representation. They are guilty and inexcusable for the hell they have dog whistled for and invited at their grand “Elite’s only” parties.
    They have set themselves apart, above and seperate from Americans…. they are a new taxable predatory and abusive element of American fabric, seperate and uniquely destructive to American principles.

  • NWOD

    Hmm, US has been threatening to bomb them, in their country, for doing what they have a fundamental right to do, for decades. They make a video promising to defend themselves if attacked without cause, and they are the ones “threatening”. Yeah, from the POV of a US global dictatorship, true, anyone who does not bow before US supremacy is a “threat”. You folks are no different than Stalin, Hitler or any other tyrant: you think anyone who does not bow to your tyranny is a “threat”.

  • Male Man

    Saddam said the same things……however he had some serious dirt in his hair when they pulled him from a spider hole….not to mention he had that deer in the headlights look when they put the noose over his head…..Talk is Cheap….

  • NWOD

    You are a 100% clueless mindless tyrannical racist. You know absolutely nothing about Iran, and are confusing them largely with the US’ ally, Saudi Arabia. Only people leading the world into thermonuclear war is hate-mongering, war-mongering morons like you.

  • Then tell it to BHO to begin preparing to vacate the WH.
    That he occupied undeservedly.
    Or else impeach him now.
    If you do not he is going to sell your country down the Tehran river.
    When you go to the polling station(or whatever you do over yonder) make sure exactly where to put/click the ones you want next in the WH.
    No more disingenuous Democrats..just vote for the Republicans.

  • Male Man

    Better check the vest you have on…..

  • US.Patriot1776

    They ARE the enemy within!

    Exclusive: New Emails on Secret Benghazi Weapons

    Turi said support for arming the Libyan rebels came from the most senior levels of the US government. Turi’s claim is consistent with a Reuters news service exclusive report from March 31, 2011 that stated

    “President Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing covert
    U.S. government support for rebel forces seeking to oust Libyan leader
    Muammar Gaddafi…Obama signed the order, known as a presidential
    “finding”, within the last two or three weeks, according to government
    sources familiar with the matter.”

    “I’m being extremely transparent and you gotta understand from a, a
    person in my position, you’re not going to go to a country that’s under
    war and hold yourself out there like you’re a black market arms dealer.
    You are committing suicide,” Turi said.

  • NWOD

    Not wearing one, but I”m sure that is only one of millions of your assumptions which have no bearing on reality.

  • With you all the way thank you.
    And take no notice of that moron called NWOD

  • Patty

    Classic Psychological Projection: Obama refers to critics of his Iran Nuke deal as “Crazies”

    Psychological projection also known as blame shifting is a theory in psychology
    in which humans defend themselves against unpleasant impulses by
    denying their existence in themselves, while attributing them to others.
    For example, a person who is rude may constantly accuse other people of
    being rude.

  • Male Man

    My reality is 911, Boston Marathon, Marine barracks and several US Embassies….not to mention the over riding proof that Iran supports terrorists in the US and Israel….now you can defend those acts all you wish but at some point someone will destroy the nuclear facilities in Iran…..

  • Patty

    Convicted Fraudster Helped Obama Sell Iran Deal

    Creamer, a political consultant who is intimately connected with Obama’s inner political circle, pleaded guilty
    in 2005 to tax violations and bank fraud. He served time in a federal
    prison and was under house arrest. After finishing his sentence, Creamer
    worked for Obama’s presidential campaign, training organizers.

    As Breitbart News first exposed in 2009, Creamer used his prison time to work on a political manual: Listen to Your Mother: Stand Up Straight! How Progressives Can Win.
    In it, he devised a strategy to guide a future “progressive” president.
    His plan included implementing “universal health care” as a first step
    to other radical reforms, including amnesty for illegal aliens. Obama
    strategist David Axelrod called the book “a blueprint for future

    In the book, Creamer also warns against an effort by “Neocons” to
    launch a military strike on Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear
    weapons. Creamer also blames America for the rise of the Iranian regime:
    “The United States helped set the stage for the fundamentalist
    resurgence of Islam in Iran,” he argues, by overthrowing the Iranian
    government in 1953 and backing the Shah. (These same views are widely
    shared in the Obama administration.)

  • Barack “Jim Jones” Obama

    Persians cannot handle modern civilization and must be put in their place. American uses its superior psychological powers to induce the Iranians to drop their stones, and put down their sticks. Grow up and try living in the real world.

  • NWOD

    9/11 was neo-cons + Israel + Saudi Arabia. Period.

    There is no proof whatsoever that Iran supports any terrorists, much less ones in US. Israel is a state terrorist and Iran supports some groups that fight Israeli terrorism, it is true; but Israel’s terrorism extends to the US (9/11, USS Liberty, and others).

    It is typical for tyrants to blame the victims. Of course, it is natural. The man who beats his wife for a later dinner, well, you know, the dinner was late. Iran has every right in the world to have a nuclear program. If anyone doesn’t, it’s Israel. Someone should destroy their facilities. But as you seem to be a Jew supremacist or Jew worshipper, you won’t see that.

  • NWOD

    Hmm, after writing your driveling nonsense, you tell em to “grow up” and “live in the real world”? Delusional much?

    But it is typical war-mongering intolerance. You accuse Iran of not being just like you, and so you conclude they must be destroyed. Bravo. Stalin, Hitler, Genghis Khan, Pol Pot, they must all be your heroes.

  • Bill

    Way to go obama any more nuggets of stupidity you can share with our enemies?

  • jscott099x

    Lotsa noise like this when Cater was in also…then came Reagan and suddenly Iran wanted to ply nice…day of reckoning coming soon idiots

  • planeboy

    “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

    ―Albert Einstein

  • ithakavi

    Everyone should thank Jimmy Carter for installing the current regime in Iran. Hurry up and send him an email before cancer eats out his brain.

  • boeing46

    They think Allah is going to protect them from our 20,000 lb. bunker busters.

  • Barack “Jim Jones” Obama

    I am comfortable in my skin as an American. We have pacified Indians, Philippenoes, Germans, and Japanese…just to name a few. We have also given Vietnam, Syria, and Iraq very bad days. Yep, there is no way like the American way

  • pingjockey

    If headragville ever bombs the US Navy, then Iran will be a pile of CHARCOAL! Maybe in 2016 we will get a new President that has a backbone.

  • NWOD

    You are a sad nut job. “We” have … lol. What exactly was your contribution? And it certainly wasn’t the “US” that “pacified Germany”, but this site seems to be frequented by the US equivalent of the Taliban.

  • tbone51

    I see that you prefer Goliath to destroy David.

  • Barack “Jim Jones” Obama

    Are you crazy? Have you ever heard of the B17 bomber?

  • NWOD

    Sure I’ve heard of the B17 bomber. Have you ever heard of the Eastern Front? Have you ever heard that Britain, France and countless other countries were also fighting Germany? Sure, the US was great at dropping bombs on civilians – US has always excelled at mass murdering civilians. All the examples you gave above, prove this “greatness”.

  • thatindividual

    Stupid liberals. There is not a working brain cell in their heads.

  • AZfederalist

    Enjoy a nuclear Iran. This is a regime that has flatly stated Israel will not exist in 25 years. … and yet you defend their “right” to a nuclear bomb.

    Clue for the clueless: The world is not a nice place; just because you want to play nice does not mean that those other countries have the same goals or objectives. The US has been a stabilizing power for decades and, under Obama, has walked away from that. Guess what? Those tyrannical regimes across the world aren’t “admiring our restraint”, they are now actively planning their forceful expansion. Thanks for your support of destabilizing civilization.

  • NWOD

    Actually I prefer nobody be destroyed. But as Israel is, aside from the US and UK, the world’s leading war-mongerer, if someone’s nuclear program is to be destroyed, it is at the top of the list.

    And Israel is no David. It has hundreds of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them by missile, airplane, submarine and more. Indeed, Jewish supremacism is the greatest danger facing humanity.

  • Barack “Jim Jones” Obama

    America, Russia, and China need to iradicate Islam. All three of these super-states do not want the savage Muslims lurking about…acting crazy, raping, and killing. The world doesn’t need this organized insanity…it is wacked out enough

  • tbone51

    “Indeed, Jewish supremacism is the greatest danger facing humanity”.
    Sort of like all those disappearing Christians and non-believers? If you don’t believe as the Muslims do, then it’s perfectly OK too remove their heads.

  • NWOD

    I’ve said nothing about a nuclear bomb – there is no proof of any nuclear bomb in the Middle East, except for Israel, for which there is massive proof.

    As to Israel not existing in 25 years – that is just another Zionist lie. Iran has predicted the “Zionist regime” will not exist in 25 years. Just like you may predict the “Assad regime” or the “mullah regime” will not exist in 25 years. Of course the Jew supremacists like to twist “Zionist regime” (like “Nazi regime”) into “Israel” (like “Germany”) because, well, there is a clear agenda there to war-monger against Iran. Obviously you are part of that propaganda effort.

    US has been “stabilizing”? Hahahahahaaha! LMAO. And Stalin stabilized the USSR too, eh?

  • NWOD

    Just read the comments here and you’ll see “conservatives” have no advantage.

  • Barack “Jim Jones” Obama

    America was smart in WW2 because it let Stalin and Hitler bleed each other dry. America did indeed occupy a huge chunk of Germany…with the bare minimum investment. Don’t blame America for being very intelligent…we are hard wired that way

  • In 5 short paragraphs, better than anything written by our esteemed Commentariat.


    America silently crumbles

    By THE WASHINGTON TIMES – – Sunday, September 13, 2015

    The immigrant and refugee wave sweeps the globe, homogenizing Europe and America. The border — or what is left of it — in the United States is only thought about when the media accidentally makes mention of it or some rare public figure speaks of it.

    The climate continually leads international summits as the imminent danger and most potent and deadly threat for all — unless we somehow magically control it.

    The Iranians chant directly into the face of Americans their longstanding intent to murder each and every man, woman and child here and in Israel, and we nod and sign over checks giving them the money to do it.

    The pretend political parties and three separate branches of American constitutional governing have blended into one detrimental entity. The Iran “treaty” requires no approval from the American people or their supposed representatives, just as the nationalizing of health care required no support from Congress or the citizens.

    International bodies are at work with great momentum as liberty and sovereignty disappear, somehow seemingly without notice or fanfare. The carnivals and sideshows roll on.


    Columbia, Md.

  • NWOD

    No, it’s not. Only people who do that are the Wahhabists, who are from Saudi Arabia (where the ideology comes from). And guess what? Saudi Arabia is the closest ally of US, UK and Israel in the Middle East!

    So let’s put thin in perspective. ISIS is created/funded/supported by US. Taliban was created by US (as the “mujahadeen” when they were fighting the USSR). Al-Qaeda is also an outgrowth of US’ efforts. Radical Islam is preached to innocent children, who are hopelessly brainwashed, in madrassas funded by …. Saudi Arabia! They put these schools all over the Middle East and Pakistan and radicalize people. Yes, Saudi Arabia does this, it creates these head-choppers. Indeed, Saudi Arabia is the world’s leading head-chopper.

    And to come back to the main point: Saudi Arabia is the closest ally of US, UK and Israel in the Middle East!

    Check out the history of Wahhabism and where this most radical brand of Islam comes from. (And note: the House of Saud, which preaches this cult of hate, was put in power by …. the British royal family! And is kept in power by … US/UK!)

  • whoodoo

    The first rule of power politics (in business, government or life in general) is to never make a public boast, promise or threat that you are incapablle or unwilling to make good, because sooner, rather than later, someone will call your hand.

    Obama fails on so many levels that it’s difficult to know where to start, but this issue is so damaging, widespread and involves so many nations, that it cannot be left to “work itself out”. He should be called to task for it, and his decisions, along with his methods, should be rejected and replaced with a responsible response that addresses the real problem at hand in a realistic way.

  • mourningcalif

    Obama knew exactly what he was doing – he knew what the outcome would be. They said they know that some of the money we gave Iran would be used for terrorism! This is how much this POS in the W.H. hates America & hates Israel, this is how evil Obama is!

  • Omega Max

    If you think this video was made by Syrian’s you’re kidding yourself. I don’t see a lot of high end video graphics production coming out of that country, do you? This HAS to be another false flag.

  • FalcondRippr

    Trump has his work cut out fixing this sick monkey’s fuccups…

  • NWOD

    Let me add: the places in the Middle East where there was the greatest tolerance for non-Muslims were/are: Iran; Iraq; Syria; and Libya. And guess who is busy destroying all those countries?

    What do you think will happen to the Christians in Syria – the oldest Christian civilization in the world – when the Saudi- and US-backed ISIS head-choppers take over? Well, well, well.

  • Misterpolen

    If I could do justice to the Ayatolla Khamenie
    For all of his vicious deeds and chicanery;
    At the risk of making him into a martyr
    I would chop off his “honor”
    At the “Magna Charter”.

  • NWOD

    Yes, indeed, coming in and conquering the land that has already been defeated may be “smart”. But it goes against your false claim that the “US” “pacified” (if you call genocide “pacification”) Germany. The major contribution of the US to the war in Europe was fire-bombing civilians, refugees, women and children in cities. US also did this task in Japan, and not just with atomic bombs, but at least in that case it also did engage the Japanese military to a significant degree.

  • tbone51

    I see, so taking Israel out of the equation will resolve all those problems.

  • tbone51

    Going head -to-head shows thatindividual has the edge on you.

    4633 comments • 6144 votes

    1607 comments • 1614 votes

  • Rob Miller

    Didn’t take long for the Jew hater to come slithering out, now did it.

  • Displaced Yankee

    Instead of Impeachment, maybe we could trade Obama, Kerry and Hillary along with Bill and Joe for the prisoners Iran is holding. Without Iran maybe there would be peace in the middle East.

  • TheAnswer

    I have a great idea. How about Khamenei sucking a wet fart out of my arse!

  • grizzled1two

    Or those that play the race card?

  • dan from ohio

    Obama’s homeboys on the move….

  • Nash Montana

    But will the Electorate College feel the same way??

  • NWOD

    LOL, look, it’s a bunch of anti-Semites k-k-k-k-coming to k-k-k-k-kill you!

    Only hater is you and the various hate-mongers on here trying to call for making war against, sanctioning and even “nuking” Iran.

    Only hate I have is for hate-filled losers like you.

  • Barack “Jim Jones” Obama

    Pacify is an euphemism for killing the troublemakers

  • Barack “Jim Jones” Obama

    Are you a troll? You have all the hallmarks of a troll

  • WallToWallTrump

    Exactly. No better than the other.

  • daddyhawg

    It is a bunch of spineless republicans that have allowed president 0 to get everything he wants.

  • WallToWallTrump

    They will cut his head off too.

  • Rob Miller

    Obviously, since you favor the Iranian fascists. But I think the 9/11 Troother crap and the Jew hatred pretty much outed you.

    Tough luck…this time the Jews are armed and in spite of what inhabits the White House now, they have the ultimate veto over this disgraceful appeasement..don’t be surprised if they use it. And the majority of the American people who realize how bad this is will cheer them all the way.

    Funny, how powerful nations that go after the Jews sow the seeds for their own destruction, isn’t it?

    Israel stays. Seek professional help and learn to deal with it.

  • Jokef1000

    The nation will remember Obama’s betrayal forever.

  • Carthage

    Wondering if those who signed the Iran “deal” were onboard when the hell rockets fell….

  • JohnCCalhoun

    And they’d say, “You’re welcome, comrade.”

  • Jersey_Prophet

    The Muzzie in the White House will never attack the bearded one in Tehran. He promised he’d be on their side.

  • AtlEsquire1973

    Obama has done more damage to this country than Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, or Musalini.

  • AtlEsquire1973

    We need prez Carly with VP Rubio and secretary of defense Trump

  • Nick Tams

    Those aren’t bombs – they’re a top-down view of Boghammars (IRGCN Fast Attack Craft) making a swarm attack on the battleship. Of course BBs are gone, making your assertion that the Iranians sank a mock battleship (it was a mock aircraft carrier) just as wrong as the Iranian belief that BBs will be making a comeback. Sloppy editing all around.

  • AtlEsquire1973

    Truer words have never been spoken. Get your tickets now to WW3. Scary.

  • LarDog

    Dolts!! USS Navy?

  • NMInfidel

    Radical Islam has had plenty of “chances”. When it comes to a nuclear armed Iran, that’s not a chance I’m willing to take. Your notion of giving them “one chance, and one chance only” is dangerously foolhardy.

  • NMInfidel

    Send in the Cranes!

  • Jersey_Prophet

    Oh, if we only had a Reagan running things now instead of a limp wet noodle worse than Carter. Remember back on January 20th, 1980? Reagan informed by secret channels Ayatollah Khomeni that unless the 52 American hostages were released the moment I take the oath of Office you bearded savages will see your 72 virgins as my first executive act in office.

    It worked. The hostages were released as the new President Reagan spoke his oath of office.

    To save face, Iran and US diplomats made up a story about the Algerian Accords to explain Iran’s sudden capitulation. The real reason was the savages in Iran know only one thing: brute power, and they knew they were about to feel it up close and personal.

    That is the way to deal with 7th century troglodytes!

  • NMInfidel


  • LarDog

    Indeed. To quote from President Lincoln’s prescient Lyceum Address:
    “Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant to step the ocean and crush us at a blow? Never! All the armies of Europe, Asia, and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest, with a Bonaparte for a commander, could not by force take a drink from the Ohio or make a track on the Blue Ridge in a trial of a thousand years. At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer. If it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide.”

  • Datz Nutz

    Definitely Prez Trump. Carly and Rubio, nnnnnnah!!

  • Gun Control

    Who knows for sure where this video came from!

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    Is there a gruber outside any sanctuary city who will admit having voted for obozo now?

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    Really? King Dyperhead had to steal the Joker’s Theme from the Dark Knight?

  • Coloradogirl

    Can’t wait to give the morons who voted for Odumbo the Anticchrist to get a taste of their own medicine. Trump is getting out his phone and his pen for the ready. Trump 2016!

  • DasKarl

    I call President Obama the First Theoretical President because his entire leadership rests on the ‘theory’ that the world would be a better place if White People would just get the hell out of the way.
    Another of his Harvard Political Lab theories is the idea that our enemies are really just misunderstood souls whose ‘understandable’ passions should be seen as expressions of diversity, not in any context of right or wrong or winning or losing. and politicians.
    Obama’s Theoretical Leadership has set the world afire wherever his words have been broadcast.
    The world does not need his ‘help.’ The rich, on the other hand, have had a great run pf things over the last 7 years, though.

  • Coloradogirl

    Exactly why we need a strong border. I don’t want one single human from the Middle East.

  • Coloradogirl

    In America we call that retarded.

  • Coloradogirl

    You’re too kind.

  • cadgbd
  • Coloradogirl

    Better description is flying monkey Jarrett

  • John Adams1

    At least Chamberlain acknowledged there were Nazi’s, Obama still refuses to acknowledge that Islam is the enemy…

  • Coloradogirl

    Paid too lol!

  • SIG_M400

    You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you? If we don’t reverse what you A-holes have done over the last 8 years you and your pu$$y liberal friends might get to see what a civil war looks like. If it comes to that make sure you wear your pink liberal berets so you’ll be easy to spot in my reticle.

  • Coloradogirl


  • Dan Danner

    Where is Patton when ya need ’em?

  • Rachel Pancake Corrie

    Dammit ..that was my comment …..these iranians are about as threatening as milton bradley too

  • MelAnosis

    And this is the guy Obama gave away the store to. It is unbelievably incompetent.
    Luckily only 20% of Americans are foolish enough to agree with Obama on this………and we know they’d support him if he were caught murdering a child holding a bloody knife in his hand……so, in effect, almost all decent Americans oppose the deal.

  • Maindrian Pace

    And Mr. Soetoro brought that hellish prediction far closer.

  • Rachel Pancake Corrie

    This is not theoretical it is by design

  • MayIseeyour Id

    Screw those bozo’s. Even with the disadvantage of anti American President Obama, we would still wipe these fools off the map in a minute.

  • Mad Dog

    At least Hitler didn’t whiz in Chamberlain’s face after he took Chamberlain to the cleaners. Obama doesn’t even get that much respect.

  • Rigged4fun

    If this President thought anything about this country he would send a very succinct message to Iran and Khomeni. Simply “shut the f**k up” or we will not only reneg on the “deal” but blow you off the face of the Earth. But we all know the closet Moslem would only apologize that we still exist. .

  • JimH69

    So glad Father Hussein cut a deal with these maniacs.

  • Jon_Babtist

    The best friend in the world our enemies have is in the White House.
    The worst enemy in the world America has is in the White House.

  • DE

    Also, Reagan’s shadow cabinet went and negotiated with the Iranians, who were sold weapons soon thereafter.

  • Cjones1

    Mr. Khamenei acts like an American gangster with his bravado. Most of them were either killed by their own associates or ended up in jail. Maybe his deal with the Russians will help him…for a while at least.

  • JBar595

    It’s a shame you can’t comment on what you really think or want to say, Obama might arrange a meeting for you with ISIS.

  • Jasonn

    Someone should whisper to that knucklehead that jihad can work both ways.

  • JOHN

    Well OK if we can get all the rag-heads out of them

  • Jake Morphonios

    And YOU left out the fact that the reason for the 1979 revolution in Iran was because the United States had overthrown the democratically elected government of Iran through a well-document CIA coup and installed our own puppet, the Shah, to steal the oil wealth from the people who legitimately owned it. The people revolted against the illegal and unjust US imperialism and theft of their natural resources. OUR own government’s actions are what radicalized the people and pushed them into the arms of the Ayatollahs. Put yourself in their position. If Iran overthrew our government and installed a puppet in the White House that immediately began putting our natural resources into the hands of Iranian corporations, would you sit by quietly? Of course not. It is the height of American hubris to do such despicable things to weaker nations while expecting them to love us in the process.

    Second, Hezbollah is a Lebanese organization. It was created by the Lebanese people in response to the illegal 1982 Israeli invasion. While the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia work through proxies such al Qaeda, al Nursa the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS to accomplish its geopolitical goals in the Middle East, Iran works to maintain a balance of power through Hezbollah. You cannot say that when the USA funds militant Islamists that it’s okay but when Iran does it it’s not okay.

    Third, Hamas is a Palestinian organization. It is true that Iran has given money to Hamas. But Saudi Arabia has given Hamas 4 times as much as Iran has – and some of that money originated in America. Given the fact that the USA provides Saudi Arabia with hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid each year, and that some of that money is given to Hamas, are you willing to call the USA or our ally a sponsor of terrorism? Or are we, again, to only apply the label hypocritically to Iran?

    I have never suggested that Iran doesn’t participate in the strategic intrigues of the Middle East. But they do not do so to any greater degree than Israel or Saudi Arabia. The reason America considers Iran an enemy but not Saudi Arabia is because one of them gives us cheap oil while the other does not. Saudi Arabia is, by leaps and bounds, the greatest state sponsor of Islamic terrorism on the planet. 15 of the 19 9-11 hijackers were Saudis. Osama bin Laden was a Saudi. Wahaabism is home grown and spread to throughout the Middle East and Europe by the Saudis. If people were worried about the sponsorship of terrorism, they would be demanding that our government stop its support and funding of the Saudi regime. But such people are either too ignorant of Middle Eastern affairs or too jingoistic to care about these facts. They simply parrot the government propaganda that Fox News shoves down their throats without doing any real research into the matter for themselves.

    The war drums that are sounding are not because Iran poses any threat whatsoever to America. They are sounding because the same powers that took us to war for oil in Iraq want to regain control of the Iranian oil fields that we lost in 1979. I will NOT support a war for oil that will cost countless innocent lives, including the lives of American service men and women. NO MORE BLOOD FOR OIL.

  • Ben Ghazi

    Yes, but with the GOP playing sissy ball with obama and Kerry, it is even more of an issue. Why does the GOP leadership keep laying down on these serious threats.

  • BigD

    Dear Bearded Bitch,
    FUG YOU!!

  • geezer_daddy

    Nuke the rag head bass tards and all of their lefty liberal friends.

  • RykELee

    We won’t get the money back. But negating the treaty would be the proper direction to take..

  • txsrangers

    With a President that has a spine, Iran would be decimated at the first sign of aggression toward the U.S. and her interests. With Barry 0, the U.S. doesn’t have a chance. Better hope Trump is in a position to make Iran fear the U.S. again.

  • Let My People Go

    Obama’s arrogance has destroyed in him all moral clarity and the inability to discern good and evil in himself and others. He is the greatest security risk the United States has faced since Jimmy Carter.

  • txsrangers

    Trump/Carson or Trump/Cruz.
    The rest can just sit back and watch how it’s done.

  • txsrangers

    I think he knew what he was doing all along, and never had any “moral clarity” to begin with.

  • Sarge

    This is the sobering truth, no stopping it now. Every man dies, not every man really lives.

  • hive

    We’ve been threatened by better

  • SWFL.Archer

    Not surprised one fricken bit.

    The world is ran by power hungry greedy idiotic egomaniacs.


    IF you blame the Democrats solely for this atrocity YOU’RE A FRICKEN IDIOT SO DO US ALL A FAVOR, GO AHEAD AND SHOOT YOURSELF, by doing this you save us all the pain of listening to your one sided bullschlitz.

    This has been a Public Message provided by our sponsors!.

    Μολών Λαβέ.

    “Venturus et assumpturus illos!”

    “Libertate vitae, et beatitudinem capessendam.”

    “Lignum recreari aliquando libertatem patriae tyranni sanguine.”

    “Constitutio mea scutum meum contra tyrannidem!”

    {The Constitution is my shield against tyranny}

    Enough said.

  • RykELee

    I live in Olympia, Rachel s hometown, ‘Rachel Pancake Corrie’ is how my friends and I refer to her, when the subject comes up. I had a Tonka D-8 Cat, hood ornament on my truck, when the demonstrations were going on. You Sir, made my day.

  • Ladyvinia

    Sooo where are al the regressives who said this was a good deal? Insisting if we did not approve this deal we’d have war. Looks like we’d have war any way. Come out come out wherever you are!

    You called us names like idiots and morons and racists for wanting a new deal, You sneered at our views, made fun of our opinions. Where are you now? Hiding under some rock? Well, get out from under there and face the mess you’ve created.

    How can you, the Jewish elected officials who are in agreement with this travesty of a deal vote for the assured destruction of your people? Your grandparents must be spinning in their graves, Did you not learn anything from their history? Did you not inherit a shred of their courage, their will to survive? You just made it possible for Hitler’s allies, the Muslims, to finish the job he started. Is your allegiance to the Democratic (Socialist) Party more important than the safety of your families?

    Oh and the Republican leadership doesn’t get off so easy. We voted you in to stop the madness. Grow some balls and to hell with what the media, Reid, Pelosi, et al call you. WE voted you in, not them, WE pay your salaries not some old newsroom senile aholes who think they are still hot just because they are on TV. DO THE EFFING JOB WE VOTED YOU TO DO AND STOP PLAYING NICE, THOSE DAYS ARE LONG GONE!

  • TheBruce

    If there’s one thing you can count on when it comes to Democrats, it’s that they never fail to seize an opportunity to embolden our enemies.

  • ltbl123

    Try to get the 150 billion n back after its released.

  • Ignacious

    Jim Hoft is guilty of omissions and misinterpretation on this exceedingly brief piece. Bombs come from overhead, the video actually shows light attack watercraft approaching the USS ship on the starboard. Caption ends with “One who will emerge humiliated out of it will be invading and criminal America.” And there’s a little wild west thrown in. Looks like the work of a treasonous U.S. PR agency.

  • Arnold

    The community organizer sure knows how to organize communities against this country.

  • NWOD

    It would solve a lot of problems. Imagine ISIS setting up camp in Southern California. Might that cause problems? That’s like Zionists setting up camp in Palestine, in case the analogy escapes you. And then these ISIS are constantly working to destabilize the surrounding areas …..

  • NWOD

    Hmm, Iranian fascists. Fascist = corporate power, “national” “socialism” plus ethnic cleansing. That’s Israel to a tee!

    I’m not surprised at anything Israel does. They threaten the world with nuclear weapons. But they are just incapable of accomplishing their objective. I think the word is: impotent. Oh, and Iran is armed too.

    Appeasement – that would be what US does to Israel every year? And what the world does to the US when it constantly bombs and destroys other countries?

    Israel may stay, it may go. I don’t give a damn about Israel, aside from the fact that it is part of the Axis of Evil, a genocidal terrorist state and a war-monger.

  • DickRitalin

    I couldn’t of said it better!

  • HongryHawg

    Because he is the enemy.

  • Ignacious

    “gall” No, it’s just cowardice. Obama’s NSA has too much dirt on GOP corruption. It’s blackmail (or is that also racist now?) which sobbing, alchie Boehner probably deserves. Expecting the GOP to have courage is like expecting the Democrats to have brains. A third party is truly needed in this stinking fixed game, this Kabuki play of grand costumes animated by posturing eunuchs. Would be amusing theatre were it not our own wayward country. We’re trapped on a soon-to-be ghost ship, moral skeletons at the helm. We’re going to have to work Revolutionary (or is it anti-Revolutionary) time into our daily schedules. Modern life is growing a wee bit too stressful & demanding – it’s hard enough trying to secure our individual futures let alone saving a republic from its metastasizing internal afflictions (otherwise known as the Progressive disease)..

  • Ignacious

    Tyrants have always hated constitutions – it’s like having to dance on hot coals.

  • Ignacious

    It’s their money in our banks, accounts frozen.

  • Ignacious

    Europe doesn’t go to war – it jobs them out. But their favored U.S. contractor is now headed by a pseudo-Muslim. Quite the quandary, Oui? Jawohl? And the Europeans are so deep into PC Socialism they can’t even recognize as enemies those who are crapping on their heads.

  • Fascist Patrol

    They are using American ingenuity to produce this video. It is all from Adobe After Effects and similar programs.

  • Gateway Pundit I’m speaking to YOU! Your moderator blacklisted my good friend Russ Richards (well liked as, Teachem & Teachem-Twice), please see, Face Book comments above for posting things like:
    “Looks like the Oslamic Bastârd-in-Chief will be pulling our Flotillas out of the Persian Gulf and running like Hell for that Peace Prize now.!.!

    What’s your problem Gateway Pundit? You’re the reason why many of us don’t post or read your “conservative” site anymore! Are you closet PC-Rrr’s, or maybe you’re under Obama’s hypnotic spell, think about it. The Oslamic Bastârd-in-Chief is politically correct. First Obama supports Islam more than anybody we know and has integrated that into his religion making him, Oslamic! Second, Obama is a Bastârd child from a drunken ‘ol man who left his mother. He is the “commander in chief,” thus making him the Oslamic Bastârd-in-Chief!! If Gateway Pundit’s going to sensor people for pointing out the truth and mocking them for what they are, then ban me too! Pundit in your site name does seem to be an oxymoron on this point!

  • Americaweeps

    “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries, improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

    A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement, the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

    Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.”

    – Sir Winston Churchill 1899

    Make no mistake this is anything but a “peaceful religion”, Muhammadism is a cult of murder and fear.

  • WallToWallTrump

    All Muslims are victims of the false prophet Muhammad

  • Cap_Curmudgeon

    Who would feed and house a dog that bites one’s own children?

    It’s the same person who would do a deal with a country that wants us dead. That would be Obama.

  • “Looks like the Oslamic Bastârd-in-Chief will be pulling our Flotillas out of the Persian Gulf and running like Hell for that Peace Prize now.!.!”
    Quoting Teachm, Teachm-Twice, or Russ Richards above in Facebook. Banned by Gateway Pundit for not being PC enough!

  • Americaweeps

    It was a true religion up until he injected his own “Mein Kampf” to lead the followers into the darkness. Ever since that time they have murdered each other and anyone else with frightening regularity.

  • Cap_Curmudgeon

    The border doesn’t matter when we’re paying to fly them into our East Coast airports. CBP agents at the airport take their orders from Obama and their orders are to roll out the Welcome mat.

    We are so-o-o screwed.

  • Brett

    Geez, I thought that we had a “deal” with these islamic SAVAGES….

    So, they want to bomb and sink our battleships, that haven’t been in service or over 20 years, by all means, GO AHEAD and SINK THEM!!

  • Ignacious

    “The video contains images of Iranian bombs raining down on a US battleship.”
    Nope. Attack boats approaching the right side of the USS Navy ship. (Delete your errors, not my comments.)
    And watch it in full-screen mode. Geeze!

  • Buck Nut

    I don’t recall doing that, but I’ll look into it. Is it possible he’s posting from a mobile device? Some mobile IP addresses have inadvertently gotten banned thanks to spammers….

  • Dennis Schaaf

    I do’t know why we didn’t drop a couple of 2000 pounders on the head cheese’s hacienda during the Iraq war.
    That would have gotten their attention.

  • Buck Nut

    I just looked into that and not only isn’t he banned, but I have no record of any recent comments from him, and only two from you. So, I’m not sure what the problem is, but rest assured we don’t ban people for being politically incorrect here.

  • Ignacious

    “The video contains images of Iranian bombs raining down on a US battleship.”
    Nope. Attack boats approaching the right side of the USS Navy ship. (Delete your errors, not my comments.)
    And watch it in full-screen mode. Geeze!
    [And grow up, knucklehead]

  • Darwin

    Time to pass out some Nobel Peace Prizes.

  • Ignacious

    “The video contains images of Iranian bombs raining down on a US battleship.”
    Nope. Attack boats approaching the right side of the USS Navy ship. (Delete your errors, not my comments.)
    And watch it in full-screen mode. Geeze! Falling bombs don’t have drop shadows.

  • GozieBoy

    So they desperately want to blast us and Israel off the face of the earth. I’ve got a great idea! Let’s give them NUKES! And $150 BILLION to develop them fully, and long-range ICBMs to reach us. And then the rest can go to their terrorist buddies like Hamas and Hezbollah. And then we can pledge to protect them and give them technology to defend these nukes against US! Why, that would be … INSANE!
    Obama and McConnell did whaaaaaaat?

  • nulltransform

    Obama’s BFF’s

  • Stef Delarge

    Leftist self hating Jews are the basis for both the rise of Obama and the resurgence of the Jew hating caliphate. The irony is that they believe this will bring them acceptance after millennia of persecution when in fact it is their own death sentence 21st century holocaust. They are even against the survival of their own homeland, the only liberal democracy in a region of hate and death. yes Jews like Barbara boxer and Jerome Nadler are typical of this self-hatred and trade of dignity for acceptance.

  • 57nomad


    “They should know that if any war breaks out one will emerge humiliated out of it.”

    “If the Americans are ready to be buried at the bottom of the waters of the Persian Gulf – so be it.”

    That’s it? That’s the best you got, goat banger? You got nothin’. You need to take a lesson from Baghdad Bob, because that dude rocked. Check this out learn something about laying down the smack because your verbal karate is weak. Behold the SmackMaster:

    “My feelings – as usual – we will slaughter them all”

    “Our initial assessment is that they will all die”

    “God will roast their stomachs in hell at the hands of Iraqis.”

    ‘We have destroyed 2 tanks, fighter planes, 2 helicopters and their shovels

    “Surrender or be burned in their tanks.”

    “We have them surrounded in their tanks”

    Of U.S. troops: “They are most welcome. We will butcher them.”

    “Washington has thrown their soldiers on the fire”

    “My feelings – as usual – we will slaughter them all”

    “Our initial assessment is that they will all die”

    “God will roast their stomachs in hell at the hands of Iraqis.”

    ‘We have destroyed 2 tanks, fighter planes, 2 helicopters and their shovels – We have driven them back.”

    “Surrender or be burned in their tanks.”

    “We have them surrounded in their tanks”

    Of U.S. troops: “They are most welcome. We will butcher them.”

    “We will welcome them with bullets and shoes.”

    “Washington has thrown their soldiers on the fire”

    “Faltering forces of infidels cannot just enter a country of 26 million people and lay besiege to them! They are the ones who will find themselves under siege. Therefore, in reality whatever this miserable Rumsfeld has been saying, he was talking about his own forces. Now even the American command is under siege.”

    “We’re giving them a real lesson today. Heavy doesn’t accurately describe the level of casualties we have inflicted.”

    “Their casualties and bodies are many.”

    “They fled. The American louts fled. Indeed, concerning the fighting waged by the heroes of the Arab Socialist Baath Party yesterday, one amazing thing really is the cowardice of the American soldiers. we had not anticipated this.”

    “They will be burnt. We are going to tackle them”

    See that’s how you do it! Did you check out “roast their stomachs in hell”? That is trash talk POETRY!! Your stuff is lame.


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  • Puff

    Amazing .JANES says Iran has made real progress in SEA based attack , in so many words they say :

    Iran used to stuff a Russian rocket motor up a camels butt …aim the camel in the general area of attack …and launch .The camel would arrive unexpectedly in the area and then detonate plastic explosives stuffed inside the camel hump or humps .. (The camels fooled naval radar ). NATO designates the weapon as ” One Camel Hump ” or “Two Camel Hump”

    Their ground to air interceptors work much the same , the difference being the launcher is raised to the vertical position.

    JANES says the lesson is clear matter where one is in the battle theater of Iran …getting humped by a camel is a very real danger.

    As a side note ..Russia has offered to supply Iran with it s slightly used KRUSK submarine .
    ” We were having trouble teaching camels to snorkel” said one Iran elite guard commander.

  • Dubiousmack

    This is just straight up propaganda and makes zero sense. This obviously Israeli produced bull.

  • Dubiousmack

    Yeah that aint you, this isnt real , this is fake propaganda. Why would Iran do this when they just inked a nuclear deal. I smell a dirty rat named Israel.

  • Dubiousmack

    Good goyim slave, he doesn’t have to make it a treaty, it can be an agreement. This is a made up story for goyim slaves like you. Cant you tell its not real or are you really that stupid?

  • Dubiousmack

    wow are you really that dumb that you cant see that this is nothing but an Israeli lie. Iranians haven’t attacked a foreign nation in 230 years. stupid goy slave. Cant you tell the jews are trying to start ww3 because they are getting exposed.

  • Dubiousmack

    We have no business being there, any war will be our fault.

  • Dubiousmack

    Islam is not the enemy, jews are the enemy. This story is a blatant lie made up by the jewish media. Are you really that stupid that you cant see through it?

  • Dubiousmack

    Are you really that dumb that you cant see this is a lie made up by jews?

  • Dubiousmack

    Another jew from tel aviv trying to start a war. Sorry but Americans dont believe your media anymore. We know this is a lie.

  • Dubiousmack

    You think you are going to survive the next war, hahahah that is a good one. You are really that stupid that you cant see this is a jewish lie made to start a war.

  • Dubiousmack

    God you are that dumb, you think there is going to be an election. Cant you see this is a jewish lie invented to start another war. I truly hope you dont have kids.

  • Dubiousmack

    we dont want a republican or a democrat we want a real person

  • Dubiousmack

    So they deserve it , hopefully they will get a nuke and blow up Israel.

  • Dubiousmack

    Wow you are dumb, we border mexico not the middle east. Are you that stupid that you think middle easterners come up through mexico. You are stupid goy slave and should not be allowed to have a voice.

    You are the reason why the founding fathers did not give women a vote.

  • Dubiousmack

    You mean the jews, the enemy of the world is the jews. this story is nothing but a jew lie.

  • Dubiousmack

    try spending that 150 billion when the money itself is worthless, you stupid goy slave.

  • Dubiousmack

    When read you idiots I am glad we have a pretend muslim in the white house.

  • Dubiousmack

    No jews are responsible, this story is a jew lie to get at low IQ goy like yourself. And get your pea goy brain all worked up. There is not going to be any war goy, sorry.

  • Dubiousmack

    Israel is to blame, this story is a complete fabrication for the stupid goy cattle who believe something as stupid as this. You are like cattle being led around by nose ring.

  • ricardo

    LOL. Dubiousmack will be here all week, folks. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

  • Dubiousmack

    Israel is our enemy, Israel did 9/11 every american knows this jew. Quit trying to type comments from tel aviv. Americans are onto your lies. We know this story is a complete fabrication by jews and the jew owned media in order to foment war. It is ridiculous to say least. A cartoon at best. I am sorry but you are not going to get a war. Israel is the enemy not Iran.

  • Dubiousmack

    Israel spinning lies again, this story is too ridiculous to give any credit too. Only the stupidest of the goy slaves could believe such a ridiculous lie. Its propaganda.

  • Michael_M_Mulligan

    There are humans in the Middle East?

  • renojmc

    You are a fool’s fool. Jesus NEVER said Jews were children of Satan; he only referenced that to the Philistines and teachers of the law. And to blame Israel for the insanity of the Iranian regime is the height of stupidity.

    The stench of your antisemitism is so strong I can smell it from here. Hitler would be proud of you.

  • June Maulfair

    The republicans may be spineless, but the democrats are complicit. They help Obama pull this crap over our objections. I will never vote for a democrat for anything.

  • June Maulfair

    Really? Because Obama has taken all of our military support out of the area and look at the results.

  • Bruce Wayne

    New at the American box office blockbuster titled…..”Mushroom over Teheran” because intercontinental ballistic nuclear warhead over Teheran did not work

  • Tim jones

    just fry these cave men and be done with it.

  • Evil Otto

    Take your insipid medieval hatred of Jews and cram it, kook.

  • Robert Ta

    Is there really any question that Obama is one of them? He is a Trojan horse.

  • Robert Ta

    They must be destroyed if civilization is to continue.

  • Robert Ta

    Trump will overturn it.

  • Robert Ta

    We are smart enough to see the you are muslim scum, and must be eliminated.

  • Carolann313

    Time for another Hiroshima in IRAN!


    What kind of a legitimate country makes videos like this? It’s like a video game trailer.


    Honestly thats a stupid quote. Russia and the United States have fought many conflicts throughout the years without resorting to using nukes. There is no guarantee that they would be used in the even of a third world war. They know the dangers and risks associated with using them on the earth and enviornment.

    The danger is in countries like Iran and Pakistan having nukes. They have a, how should I say, different viewpoint of doing things.

  • Bruce Wayne

    The Mother of all Crusades… intercontinental ballistic nuclear warhead transforms Teheran into a mushroom. Pffffft.

  • ipmala

    Obama won’t do anything….because….
    He’s a goddam MUSLIM, himself.
    (He doesn’t want to attack his own people)
    Besides being GAY…and a Marxist.
    Add to that the 2 PUSSIES….McConnell and Boehner…..
    Who are both afraid of Obama…..because he’s BLACK.
    Obama is trying to DESTROY the country–> from within.
    When Trump gets to the White House…
    Iran won’t be talking so tough.

  • Ibulena

    Not sure about the Trump part, but I agree with the rest of your posting!

  • Ibulena

    Wow, are you one hateful person. You woild have made a good Nazi. I guess you are just a good Muslim (if that can be possible to be a Muslim and good).

  • Anthony Artesto

    This is who Obozo negotiates with. Until Obama, America did not negotiate with terrorists hence, until Obama, America was great.

  • Michael

    Dubious, you have a real hatred problem. Hatred is a cancer eating the soul! See Revelation 2:9 There are evil people in all races.

  • Anthony Artesto

    It is not just democrats. Republicans are worthless and cannot stop anything. They gain control but everything passes anyway.

  • Fred-qwerty

    Get our ships out of the Persian Gulf and let the submarines in the Indian Ocean handle Iran. How functional is the Iranian navy with operations 1,500 miles form shore?

  • Imahippyburning

    Barak The HUSSEIN controlling millions of naive minded Liberals who are Insane!


  • Kev H

    That’s only if the rule of law is upheld. Has the rule of law been upheld lately?

  • Dayna Hamilton

    I thought we WERE talking about Iran using nukes! That Khamenei guy is from Iran. Einstein didn’t say which countries would be involved in WWIII.

  • nearboston

    “Dear America,
    We are going to get The Bomb. We are going to build intercontinental missles. We hate you and are going to use those missles and to turn your country into dust!”

    “We are seeking dialog, a conversation. I believe this plan is the best road to long term peace”

    “Uh….excuse me…dumass…did you not hear what I just said???”

    “I like Iranians, they are my friends. They will send us puppies and lollipops!”


  • Dayna Hamilton

    You’re sick. Get some help.

  • Chris Hayes

    It’s all about the $$$$$$$$. Once they have it, they have(if not already) a nuke!
    I truly hope BiBi bombs the rags off their heads…… And their heads off too!

  • ohio granny

    Obama and Kerry’s buddies. DemocRats vote for the destruction of America and Israel. Despicable vermin.

  • ohio granny

    As scary as that is I fear you are right.

  • JamesTactical

    Unfortunately, scrapping the document in 2016 cannot reverse the harm that will be done in the interim. Do you think sanctions will ever again be imposed?

    Europe has a long history of putting their head in the sand until it is too late.

  • Chris Hayes

    You need a military to have a war. Obama has already decimated our military, far beyond what any other countries military could do!!!!!

  • Comcerned4Goyimamercans

    Old news and the zionist trolls are out in force. No more wars for israhell, this illegal out post of European, American Jewish squatters must leave middle east alone. There will be no more israhell in 5 years.

    It is a colon cancer on the world body, must be dismantled to save mankind from a disaster. Jews are controlling America via judaic financial snake.

  • ohio granny

    You have the same attitude as Obama, Kerry and all the democRats who voted for the Iran cave. So blinded by ideology that you refuse to see the truth. Idiot and a fool.

  • Comcerned4Goyimamercans

    The tiny demonic entity has lived past it’s unnatural life.

  • Comcerned4Goyimamercans

    Destruction of israhell is a must, Jesus needs a save passage and a clean environment for his arrival.

  • Comcerned4Goyimamercans

    Thanks to president Obama for opening up Iran and Cuba for business for goyims. By the way jews have bought beach properties in Cuba already, Si.

  • Comcerned4Goyimamercans

    We are there because our Jewish war lords have an agenda, child murders in Palestine for purim festivities.

  • Comcerned4Goyimamercans

    Really? Genius with a one trillion budget? Decimated. Imbecile F off.

  • Ralph

    Hey democrat voters that Gruber called stupid, do you see it yet?

  • Comcerned4Goyimamercans

    George W Satan, hehehe mission accomplished, moronic nujob from Texas.

  • Comcerned4Goyimamercans

    At least he is not a Jew.

  • michael dodge

    I’m scared. A sissy queer mooozlim jihadist makes threats and somebody is supposed to worry. I’m waiting for you satantist mooozlim scum pig

  • Comcerned4Goyimamercans

    No more wars for israhell Americans.

  • caligula

    it’s cool when the cardboard ships don’t fire back.

    oh, what bluster.

    even with barack “the weak” hussein as preezy, our military could obliterate this iranian shithole easily.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Great judge of character, President Obama.

  • biglou15

    Our emperor and his band of leftist dems say we have nothing to worry about. They believe the people to fear are those of us who believe in the Constitution but to our ‘Constitution Professor’ (gag, gag) it is just another piece of paper. You know like what this treaty is written on.

  • Sierra Bravo

    What a doofus

  • Dustoff

    How dumb, we don’t use battle ships anymore and our other ship are protected by close in weapon systems. Yeah go ahead and bring your little boats. Want to see how fast they become match sticks.

  • Dustoff

    Dumb, really dumb fool.

  • Dustoff

    O-dumber. Red-line Re-set.

  • Dustoff

    What biz in Cuba… ???

  • Dustoff


  • Dustoff

    Racist dem… figures.

  • gotham1883

    Obama was born a Muslim. He was raised a Muslim. He loves Islam, but according to the left he is not a Muslim because he sat in the Rev wrights church for 20 years and listened to him spew his hate America and hate white(Christian) people rants. Personally, I can’t see any difference between Islam and Rev wright.

  • Aimee

    Insane Hussein thinks he has a “dialogue” with this nutter, lol!! What a fool, and his merry band of Democrat Iran-lovers too.

  • gotham1883

    Boehner is a drunken fool. He does whatever Obama tells him to do.

  • Tom Robertson

    This reminds me of a book a friend loaned me about Polish belligerence towards Germany prior to its invasion. A lot about the United States reminds me of Nazi Germany. I’d like to see proof that
    Khamenei tweeted this. I think we’re seeing, in some of the comments by the warmongers in this discussion, why the “non-aggression principle” doesn’t work. They’ll justify any aggression based on characterizing everyone else as starting it.

  • Hotlanta Mike
  • Hotlanta Mike
  • Hotlanta Mike
  • Tom Robertson

    Maybe their
    “viewpoint” is feeling the need to deter the United States.

  • Tom Robertson

    Chamberlain started World
    War 2. He manufactured an enemy in the Nazis.

  • Hotlanta Mike
  • Tom Robertson

    “They will support more terror and fund more subhuman groups to kill and cause displacement of Middle Eastern people”

    How would you describe the war in Iraq?

  • bobbybilly

    The U.S. could always place sanctions on any individual/businesses that wish to do business in Iran. The choice is theirs, business in Iran or the U.S. Who has more money?

  • Tom Robertson

    Who’s “they?”

  • Tom Robertson

    Maybe they’re threatening you because they think you will be the one to break the peace. Might anyone in Iraq have reason to believe that?

  • skeet shooter

    This moron probably thinks Facebook is an Iranian invention.

  • Cyrus86

    Well sinking an abandon vessel is one thing, sinking a multi-national battle fleet is another. This rhetoric gets old don’t you think? Does any remember when Hussein said the Gulf War would be the “Mother of all Battles”? Well that took 10 days. Now Iran does have a larger better equipped army than Iraq, so how about 20 days.

  • 7train1

    Is your tin foil helmet at the repair shop over in Fantasy Land?

  • Mike

    Every day the Islammunist In Chief is allowed to remain in office the nation is at risk from even these 7th century sand /Vonkeys.

    Barry should be on trial right now for treason because he leaked information on the Stuxnet virus [developed by the US & Israel] which was inhibiting Iran’s capability to enrich uranium. Immediately after our traitor of a president spoke about the Stuxnet virus, Iran had it removed from their SCADA [Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition] systems which were controlling their centrifuges.

    Thanks Barry, you placed the USA and the entire world at greater risk in your slightly veiled attempt to aid the Islamic Caliphate.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    A fag in a dress with a diaper on his head rattling his phallic saber. Would someone please put a bullet in his head before he buggers again?

  • joedidder

    Typical clueless Millennial reply to this story: “But, but, but….President Obama said the historic Iran nuke deal…”

  • Dave L

    I suspect this is all part of the globalist agenda to eliminate much of the world’s population

  • The 10th Crusader

    The Persians have an air farce?

  • Tommy Tunez

    If president Doofus and his sidekick Lurch think for one second that the mullahs in Turdschittastan are going to abide by their nuclear deal I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

  • I Am Not A Crook

    But I thought we just signed an agreement with Iran. It is Obama’s signature foreign policy achievement… John Kerry is supposed to get the Nobel Peace Prize… I’m beginning to think that maybe the mullahs don’t respect us that much… Well at least they will never have nukes… Thanks Obama.

  • So…do they plan on flying to Hawai’i and bombing the Missouri or something? Someone should tell him that the US Navy no longer operates battleships.

  • I Am Not A Crook

    Obama and Kerry gave that bridge to the mullahs. It was in the “side deals”.

  • No, he’s worse than that. He’s not a Muslim (I think it’s more likely he considers himself a god rather than worshipping one). He isn’t a “trojan horse”, which at least has more principles than what he actually is: a traitor. He has put his misguided ideologies ahead of his country. He is willing to destroy the US “for the greater good” of a global government. He believes a handful of elites should control everything, because they “know better” than we ignorant masses.

    He is a Marxist. He has no time for religion and no time for a strong United States. He believes in the doctrine that Marx and Engles set forth that social revolution must come about, no matter the means, even through conflict. And so he is eager to get as destructive a conflict as possible rolling so that his vision can become reality when the dust settles.

  • michaelrivero

    This looks like another SITE Intelligence Group or MEMRI hoax.

  • American_Proddy

    Psssst Ayatollah, the last U.S. battleship was decommissioned in 1992. You may want to tell your crack propaganda staff to upgrade their clip art.

  • keystonepipe

    Would be great to see Cruz as AG in 2017 charging Obama with treason !!

  • TAK1

    Maybe so, but the $100 billion will already be in Iran.

  • TAK1

    You are just plain stupid.

  • dondoc

    The Iranians mean what they say and believe that Allah is on their side. They are developing nuclear weapons and they will use them once they have them.

  • TAK1

    I beg to differ.

  • Arthur

    10 out of 10 people die it’s a proven fact. How you may personally die is not up to you all the time. With Odumba as presidunce we may all end up being roasted at a surface temperature of 6,000 °C (10,830 °F) you know that atomic bomb level heat due to Odumba giving iran the bomb… Typical ignorant Americans oblivious to all but whats on your TV screens voting in liars and wolves in sheeples clothing…

  • No Hyphen American

    The answer is obvious.
    Elect Trump, we win.
    Elect Hillary, we lose

  • M S

    “KHAMENEI Threatens AMERICA in NEW YouTube Video – Bombs on US Navy”

    Can we just trade Obama for those 4 hostages in Iran?

  • Hobart T. Flect

    this is so rich that if it were not so damn dangerous it would be humorous; obviously owebama and his entire regime should be prosecuted for treason if for no other reason than the fact that he and the democrats along with the republicans are acting against the will of the American people and have done so for years!

  • Michael T

    And this is the regime Prez BimBam is playing footsie with under the table while dumping on Israel.

  • clbrown

    They already have SOME nukes… or at least they believe that they do. They purchased several from the USSR (through back-channels) during the collapse of that entity. They’ve purchased several more from China, funneled through North Korea. They have, as best we can tell, about 14 “mid-size” warheads. They may or may not actually be functional, of course, but we have to treat them as if they are.

    The issue is that Iran cannot replenish their supplies, and cannot be certain that these weapons will work. So, they’re trying to build their own, primarily so that they can (a) replenish them, (b) make them untraceable (and unmonitorable), and (c) ensure that they’re actually entirely functional.

    Iran already has missiles capable… at about a 90% success rate… of launching into suborbital (“stratospheric”) detonation profiles. This is what they’ve been working towards. They also have a new fleet of “missile frigates” which have been operating off the US east coast over the past couple of years.

    Combine all this… they’ve set themselves up to be able to launch “EMP attacks” on pretty much the entire eastern US seaboard. We’d have almost no chance of stopping that, as far as any of us know (ie, unless we have working “star trek” global defense satellites which can blast missiles in-flight with super-powerful lasers)

    So, the Eastern seaboard… New York, Boston, Philly, Baltimore, DC, Raleigh, Charleston, Miami, etc… is suddenly reduced to a zero-technology level. No vehicles work, no utilities work, no services work.

    It would require a total, 100% nationwide mobilization to prevent those cities from turning into true “doomsday” scenarios.

    It’s like anti-personnel mines. They’re not designed to kill their target, they’re designed to wound, and disable, their target. Killing an enemy removes that one enemy from the battlefield. Wounding an enemy removes that same enemy, but also removes others who need to care for that wounded enemy. Wounding is much more efficient from a combat perspective.

    That’s why they like EMPs so much. And why they’re planning on using them against us.

    Once we’re “neutered” in that fashion, they can do whatever they want. Starting with a march westwards into Iraq, then into Saudi Arabia, then into Syria… unifying the Caliphate as they go… until one united Caliphate surrounds Israel on all sides, at which time their own prophecy tells them that they are to wipe Israel out and set up the seat of power for the Calpihate in “Al Quds”… aka Jerusalem, at the Temple Mount.

    From there, ACCORDING TO MUSLIM PROPHECY, their leader, “The Mahdi,” will rule, eventually controlling the entire world. The “Mahdi” is supposed to lead the Caliphate for 3.5 years (under a promise of “peace” with Israel), before breaking that halfway through, and sacking the nation.

    No, I’m not quoting CHRISTIAN prophecy, I’m telling you that this is MUSLIM prophecy. That it fits so well with Christian prophecy is… except that the “good guys” and “bad guys” are reversed… is, well… very, very intriguing.

  • FormallyTheFunkenSteinsMommy

    Iran’s newest Navy Destroyer – “The IIRGC Barry Obama”

  • clbrown

    Yeah, it’s been intriguing to watch him claim that he can “declare a treaty” and that somehow Congress must “override his veto” for it to NOT be a “law.”

    He thinks he’s a dictator, and many of our other leaders… including much of our press… have coronated him as such as well, it seems.

    There is ZERO “veto” against the Congressional authority to approve treaties. That is THEIR “check and balance” power against the President. For him to claim that he has a “check and balance power” through which he can overrule the thing which is a “check and balance” against his own power is… well, it’s demonic.

  • Odojoe

    Someone should request an injunction against the agreement. It is a treaty and should require approval of two thirds of the Senate. Obama says it is not a treaty and Congress goes along with that.

  • Right Cuban

    Bingo! Blackmail. Its the only reasonable explanation for the GOP to be working directly with Obama. He needed 2/3 of the senate to ratify a treaty. He knew he wouldn’t have that so the GOP changed the rules and flipped it months ago. This was lost before it even began. .

  • djw663

    No amount of “I told you so’s” will make any of this any better. We the people have warned them about so much, for so long and they just don’t listen.

  • Alan

    Brought to you by the “Religion of Peace”.

  • PrivilegedCracker

    I wish these phucks would make a move that would force Obozo to have to do something or expose that he really is a Muslim insider.

  • Jim Coles

    Notice to Iranian lunatics: it’s one thing to attack/blow up a plywood facsimile of a US carrier but another thing entirely to attack a carrier battle group that can & will shoot back.
    Even the craven Commie-in-Chief, Brave Heart Barry, can’t keep our ships afloat from defending themselves.
    I guarantee you, Mr Ayatolla, that you won’t like the result of any attack on our military. Yes, Comrade Barry has weakened us but we can still lay waste to your entire country with just a small portion of our remaining combat power.

  • JAKE671

    With which hands do Obama and Kerry wipe Khamenei’s spit from their stupid faces?

  • steamingpileofobama

    Oidiot and the other nations had the upper hand. They could have dictated what the Iranians will do. But NO!!!!!! Odiot and horseface let the Iranians have everything they wanted. Chit the nutjob Iranians get to inspect themselves.

    What should have been done is to tell the Iranians to sit down and shut up and this our none negotiable offer. We demand our hostage returned. We demand you nutcases stop telling the US and Israel that you are going to annihilate us. If you do not destroy ALL your nuke facilitates we will take your money we have sanctioned and give it to your enemies.

  • zaner8

    We need to vote on a rope that is not covered by Presidential pardon.

  • Patty
  • Steve Miller

    Thanks, my favorite.

  • joefriday

    truth hurts don’t it.

  • Susannah Fedders