Wow! Laura Ingraham Just SCHOOLED Charles Krauthammer on 14th Amendment and Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Wow! Laura Ingraham Just SCHOOLED Charles Krauthammer on 114th Amendment

For those of you who have never seen Charles Krauthammer get schooled by a fellow journalist – here you go…
ingraham krauthammer

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham just absolutely destroyed Charles Krauthammer on the 14th amendment and anchor babies tonight on Special Report.

Charles Krauthammer: The issue of anchor babies or birthright citizenship, it is a sideshow because it’s a symptom…

Laura Ingraham: There’s quite a debate about whether the 14th Amendment has to be repealed. I know a lot of people glibly say… That’s not actually been settled and you could do a whole hour on the jurisprudence surrounding that.

Krauhammer: It’s been around for 150 years.

Ingraham: Well, we actually didn’t have a problem with illegal immigration in the 1800s as we know. That wasn’t an issue. It was directed at the slaves who did deserve to stay here. So, it really was an important clause and the author of the clause Howard Jacob said it didn’t apply to foreigners in the United States. But, you know, this is a long conversation… And I know Trump’s rise annoys a lot of people now. And I get it. But the people in this town who have been propping up two parties that have failed the Middle Class, failed them on these global trade deals… that have absolutely not delivered what they promised to deliver to the Middle Class, failed them on enforcing the border, failed them on all these ideas that America was going to export its values around the world… They’re ready to throw in with the guy who has all these conflicting positions maybe because the guys who said they were going to be consistent weren’t. And they’re not fighting for the people.

Krauthammer: It’s easy to go and attack Washington and it’s a clever dodge. The issue here is birthright citizenship…

Ingraham: And Bush and Obama didn’t stop it. Neither stopped it. Neither did McConnell or Boehner when they had the chance. They’re not stopping it. People are tired of it.

Wow. That was brutal.
Never has Charles Krauthammer sounded more like a Wshington elitist than he did tonight.

Via Special Report:

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  • Nash Montana


  • alohasteve

    Huge Donald Trump rally in Mobile, AL…

  • ★FALCON★

    Meanwhile there’s a foreign enemy combatant killing America and the 14th doesn’t even make him eligible to collect food stamps.

    I know it’s only a matter of time until Trump rolls the establishment elite. The build-up is terrific.

  • NeoKong

    “Krauthammer: It’s easy to go and attack Washington and it’s a clever dodge. The issue here is birthright citizenship…”

    Seriously….I am getting a little tired of being lectured by Washington DC elite millionaire insiders who all party up at the White House Correspondents dinner

  • impeachalready

    Finally someone schools the Dr. He’s becoming more unhinged as Trump rises. I an imagine all the elites being apoplectic and trying to use their old arguments to show their brilliance. All they are doing is digging deeper and exposing their true agenda for all to see. Glad Laura took him on.

  • Hillary For Prison

    Sorry Dr. K, America is not going to be taken by illegal criminal invaders.

  • ofallon

    It was a joy to behold. I was on my feet cheering! Way to go Laura!

  • Cole

    Reminder – Krauthammer was a speechwriter for Mondale, and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He’s a leftist in GOP clothing.

  • Look_A_Squirrel

    Krauthammer has been sounding like a Washington elitist since Trump starting talking about running and Krauthammer has called it wrong at every turn – he’ll never run, he’ll never file, he’ll never reveal his financials, he’ll never take this seriously…

    Krauthammer is just another pundit who thinks he’s smarter than the unwashed masses.

  • pumped_up_kicks

    boehner and mcconnell are no different from pelosi and reid…

    maybe the french did have the better idea on how to conduct a revolution.

  • pat

    George Will disclosed his wife’s connection to Walker yesterday. His tone was snarky and pissy.

    Add him to the unhinged Rhinos

  • pat

    Beware of Middle Eastern anchor babies.

  • valinva

    Dr Krautface, if the issue is chain migration wouldn’t it help if there was no ANCHOR for the chain? It’s not just about Mexican illegals and their anchor babies. For years Koreans and then Chinese have been coming to the US to have their babies (Mexican’s do it too as anyone who works in a hospital near the border will tell you). These babies go back to their home country with their mothers but at some point they can legally come into the US to stay because the 24 hours they spent on US soil after they were born makes them citizens. Once the young adult gets here, they immediately start the importation of Mom and Dad, siblings and grandparents. Pretty soon the entire clan is here and because they are all legal they can start collecting government free stuff. At the same time illegals come to the US to stay and have a baby who is a citizen. If the government tries to deport the parents they claim that they have a right to stay because their baby is a citizen. Stop giving citizenship to children born to people who are not in the US as permanent residents and both problems go away.

  • bigdaddy

    Krauthammer does not underestand: “STOP THE INVASION”, he must live inside the beltway. not the real world..

  • ObserverMI

    Hey Charles, ‘attacking Washington’ as you put it, is ‘Not’ a “clever dodge”.
    Washington is the ‘Problem’, the ‘Failure’ and one assesses and defeats problems. And you defending it shows either your shallow mindedness or your corruption. Maybe both.

    Either way Charles, tighten your ‘Beltway’ allegiance and get the hell outta our way because you defending that corrupt statuesque is indefensible and intellectually dishonest.
    Put that in your pious pipe and choke on it.

  • Mike in Illinois

    What is happening here is this: One side is arguing what the Constitution actually says while the other is arguing what a judge said about what he personally thinks the Constitutional language shouldmean in a perfect liberal utopia. Said another way, one side is arguing law crafted by the legislatures of this country while the other is arguing case law, manufactured (sometimes nefariously) unconstitutionally within the judiciary.

    We do indeed have to have a huge 14th amendment discussion, and illegal immigration is high on the priority list, you know what? We have to address the idiocy of “case law” itself and how THAT false premise, false pretense, has hijacked even our most plainly enumerated rights.

  • Patty

    But you’d be shocked to listen to the media yesterday, last night, and
    realize how many politicians don’t know that. They think you’re born
    here, you’re automatically a citizen, not the case. And it’s not in the
    14th Amendment. I’m getting blue in the face on this. It isn’t in the
    14th Amendment. The Constitution doesn’t say a word about this. The
    only thing the Constitution says about citizenship is in Article I where
    the Constitution grants Congress the power to define citizenship and to
    establish the circumstances by which one can become a naturalized
    citizen. That’s all.

  • Wingman

    Off with their heads!

  • Patty




    No, it isn’t, but that amendment will pass like wildfire!

    It’s like being accused of robbing a homeless person. (1) I didn’t; (2) WHY WOULD I DO THAT?

    “Luckily,” as FNC’s Shannon Bream put it Monday night, Fox had
    an “expert” to explain the details: Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox’s
    senior judicial analyst.

    Napolitano at least got the century right. He mentioned the
    Civil War — and then went on to inform Bream that the purpose of the
    14th Amendment was to — I quote — “make certain that the former slaves
    and the native Americans would be recognized as American citizens no
    matter what kind of prejudice there might be against them.”

  • ember

    It boils down to those who were elected to represent We The People haven’t done their jobs and We The People are pissed off and ready to throw them all out. Including the talking heads that think just because we’ve listened to them in the past we don’t have brains to think for ourselves. We don’t need the talking heads. We’ve just been amused by their chatter in the past. No longer are We The People amused.

  • morecotwo

    Laura is one smart lady obviously.

  • morecotwo

    114th Amendment??? When we get there we are lost. Done. Kaput.

  • DakConserve

    I don’t watch Special Report because of Chuckie and Georgie…. Always trashing conservatives!

  • Ron Hunt

    They are acting like a bunch of bitchy little girls and a lot of people are OVER IT!! Good on ya Laura!

  • Mike in Illinois

    Listening to Fox claim Trump, Cruz and others “want to repel the 14th amendment” made me want to destroy my TV in Elvis fashion. Several “personalities” have been out and out lying their little journ0lister butts of on Live TV!

  • videosavant

    We’re done genuflecting to the exalted conventional wisdom of our failed, mediocre “elites.”

    Charles K,, whether he understands it or not, is becoming their poster boy.

  • videosavant

    Charles K. showed his true colors when the Tea Party movement began, so this is not just a Trump thing.

    He’s establishment through and through. A brilliant mind, but littered with blind spots he has no interest in acknowledging.

  • Finncrisp

    The illegals are illegal – this is not subject to debate. Fairness needs to start with law abiding Citizens, and we must have an honest response to the invasion of our country by fence jumpers. Thus far there has been none.

  • brian

    Its like the media don’t get that they are a big part of the parasite that is Washington DC enriching themselves at the expense of our children’s future.

  • brian

    Tackle the 10th amendment while you’re at it.

  • tommy mc donnell

    if Krauthammer doesn’t like what is happening to the republican party let him take it up with Boehner and mc Connell. they have cause a revolt of the party’s voters that are constantly lied to by the republicans they voted for. Charles has a problem with government OT the people BY the people FOR the people. we have had enough of government of the people by the politicians for the benefit of the politicians.

  • Obomination

    Yes, when you have a megalomaniacal Marxist as POTUS who is bent on destroying this country and the leader of the opposition party in Congress is lamenting that he can’t play more golf with him, it is easy to attack Washington.

  • tommy mc donnell

    this country does not belong to the politicians, this country belongs to the American people. it is not the politicians’ to give away to people from other countries.

  • really now

    Krauthammer is as much a part of the problem as the rest of the Beltway bandits.

    Who elected him for anything?

  • ridgerunner

    Dodge? More like going for the jugular.

  • sigh

    Trump is smoking out the elite cuckservatives

  • Winefred

    Oh please. Nobody “schooled” Krauthammer — Ingraham just blew past his point (without denying it) to make the more general argument that people are fed up with DC establishment process, when they fail to deliver on their promises. Krauthammer’s point was that undoing bad legislation is fast and simple, whereas Constitutional amendment is slow and difficult, and by the time you accomplish your goal the problem has gone unaddressed for way too long. He also made the obvious point that you only get anchor babies if people manage to sneak over the border — so if you seal the border you don ‘t have to invest a lot of time arguing about whether the 14th amendment applies to anchor babies. Ingraham is correct in her interpretation of the intent of the 14th amendment, which was to guarantee citizenship to freed slaves. But if subsequent court decisions or legislation have undermined that meaning, then go after the source of the problem most directly, and find the candidates who have a plan to do that. Voters have plenty of reason to be angry. But let’s not mistake a civilized (if a bit heated) exchange between two smart people as some kind of beat-down between warring armies. I can’t imagine Laura Ingraham would see it that way.

  • Circa53

    Krauts inane babbling isn’t anything new, People are just paying more attention to it.

  • Steve_J

    Krauthammer has sounded like a DC insider quite often. Just like George Will.

  • jainphx

    George Will said worse things about Reagan. He’s been trying to say he’s a conservative for 40 years. Krauthammer also. As Trump goes up they go down.

  • jainphx

    Had it up the wazzo with lies and more lies!

  • FreeSpeech

    Charles Krauthammer is a sell out

  • B. Smith

    I saw that tonight. First impression was that Kraut was pissed that Ingraham knew more than he thought she did. She did school him though. He’s a bit of an elitist and calling it a dodge was very condescending.

  • Pigg Pie

    I am tired of the flood of muslim refugees into America can we please out a stop to this as well Mr. Trump?
    You have my vote just for addressing the disaster effect of Anchor Babies but I want much more.

  • Why is this assclown even considered a “conservative”. He was a speechwriter for Walter Mondale when he ran against Ronald Reagan, for pete’s sake!

  • firedup49

    Bravo Laura
    I would love to hear Mark Levin school Charles

  • Mike in Illinois

    Look at Krauts real goal there (you admitted it Winifred). He wants to avoid dealing with the 14th…..see that? In order to deal with what you say should be targeted, the “undermining”, the judicial activism, the 14th is the perfect vehicle to demonstrate it! How ironic, huh? Well, why would a DC establishment elitist want to avoid that conversation? To keep the status quo, possibly?

  • TheGipper

    Are you from Houston?

  • TheGipper

    Republicans have been doing a bait and switch on illegal immigration for years, and it took an outsider like Trump to actually bring the issue forward and emphasize it to the point that voters have someone to vote for who might actually do something about it.

  • SelfSufficientOne

    Charles, a stooge for jeb bush, the same as Dana Perino, are showing their true colors. It’s not about republic vs democrat anymore. It is about middle class values and elitist cronyism. Although Laura is from Dartmouth, I think she is understanding the anger of the middle class. It is a long election cycle and we must persevere. jeb bush is waiting out for the long haul and we must be ready when he unleashes his torrent. He is saving his elitist money for the right opportunity to barrage the airwaves with propaganda meant the fool a tired and weary electorate. Don’t be fooled. Endeavor to Persevere!


    The press talking heads don’t like T because he doesn’t fear them.

  • SelfSufficientOne

    I am wondering if people really understand the danger that is brought upon us by the elitist and the one word government crowd? At first glance it sounds like a great endeavor to bring the world under one banner and “equality” for all. Truth be told, when it is revealed what the progressives, and they are progressives, really are espousing is a fascist regime ruled by an entrenched elitist class. the bushes, clintons, wills etc. What the American middle class can look forward to, and has for the past decades, is a declining standard of living. NAFTA has destroyed our ability to manufacture and our ability to be self sufficient. We are made weak when we are forced into dependency. A real world example of what the future holds for the middle class are the poor victims of Katrina in New Orleans. They sat back and waited for their government to help them out and they suffered and died. There comes a time when America throws off the yoke of tyrants and elitists. Our forefathers knew when to do it. Will we? Now is the time to do it peacefully by voting out the political hierarchy in ALL areas of government and not allowing them back on their feet. We are not a political party, we are Americans!

  • Billygoatpuke

    Krauthammer is a lifelong democrat who was a speech writer for Walter Mondale.

  • Billygoatpuke

    Laura Ingraham has been the most out-spoken critic on illegal immigration for years. Go Laura!

  • Billygoatpuke

    Thanks for that! Always fun to read Ann’s work.

  • Look, what you don’t understand and what you need to understand is that Trump, according to recent polls, is leading in Florida. JEB’s whole plan for victory in the Republican primary is based on winning Florida. With that now in jeopardy, JEB’s backers are hitting the panic button. They want to ban Trump from participating in any future GOP debates.

    What’s they you say: “If the RNC leaves the highest polling Republican candidate out of their debates; they will be playing Trump’s game. It will be they who will pay the highest political price, not Trump. If Trump isn’t the GOP nominee, whomever it is; they, too, will pay a high price in the general election. Additionally, if the GOP leaves Trump out of their debates, Trump’s Florida polling numbers will only go up.”

    Yes, of course they will, but the GOP’s puppet-masters, the U.S. Chamber of Crypto-Fascist, Crony Capitalist, know all this as well. For them, the goal isn’t winning the next presidential election, it’s preventing Trump from doing so at any costs, by any measure

  • jimmy jack

    Just send the national guard down to the southern border to practice ambush techniques on anybody who attempts to cross. If they aren’t dead they will be discouraged. Save the cost of a wall.

  • John Dowd

    In defense of Krauthammer he is right to raise the issue of chain migration. It should be abolished. Laura is also right on the 14th. amendment. It was never intended to allow “anchor baby” citizenship. Ann Coulter has the most complete and correct viewpoint on the “Immigarion” (not just illegal) problem. Ann Coulter’s recommendations are the best and most complete solution to this problem.

  • Nate

    Let’s not forget Laura was all over the Christie knob before Trump blew up the scene. Just sayin…

  • m50motorway

    I’m really so tired of Krauthammer’s beltway arrogance, nobody challenges him. Good job Laura!

  • Rose

    Never was anything else.

    A Mondale man.

  • m50motorway

    I can’t wait to see the Dems and GOP collapse in hysterical tears when Trump wins.

  • Rose

    Because they always have been, and nothing else at all.

  • Rose

    When your term is so offensive…
    … take a hint – it is painting something on your posts that prolly isn’t your intention.
    Other terms are more effective for your cause.

  • Rose

    Prolly already more of them than all the rest.

  • Rose

    David Barton – Wall Builders – has the most complete and authenticated information and documentation on it.

  • Rose

    Ignernce on his part to underestimate Laura, in spite of her affections for Christie and a few other Liberal leanings.
    She is still far Right of Chuckie

  • JBD

    Ignore them. They need to adapt.

  • Rose

    Don’t be cruel. His heart is true!”


    Look at it this way. The media had controlled the last two
    Presidential elections, but THIS TIME, Donald Trump is controlling the

  • kathrynlnichol

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  • JimWinchester

    He speaks softly and uses really big words.

  • roastytoasty

    Trump, baby. Donald J Trump. The man with a plan and the know-how to get it done. Who could you trust most? A man like Trump? Or a men like Bill Clinton, John Boehner, Mitch Mconnell and Harry Reid? Professional politicians vs. a proven & accomplished professional? Look at this picture of the Clinton family, then decide for yourself:

  • Conniption Fitz

    Thanks for taking up for the middle class ordinary hard-working citizen, Laura Ingraham. You, Trump and very few others are doing so… because the likes of Obama, Reid, McCain, McConnell, Boehner, Bush, Rubio, Fiorina, Christie and Graham along with Will, Krauthammer, et. al. are not.

    These traitors call us Vulgarians, Crazies, Wacko Birds, Tea Baggers, etc.
    These traitors prefer and confer rights and benefits to illegals over the US taxpayers.
    These traitors have compromised our economic, health, social, military and national security well-being to invaders…many of them malevolent and dangerous.

    It is evident we are being governed by those who love power and profit, but hate America.

  • Y_Lee_Kiode

    We can talk and talk but where is precedent that the 14th excludes illegals aliens children from citizenship?

  • roastytoasty

    I saw a few ads the super-pacs ran against Gingrich in Florida. I read somewhere they spent 30 million bucks in 30 days in an all-out assault against Gingrich’s character & sanity. This was during the 2012 Republican primary cycle. Same thing in 2014 with Chris McDaniel in Mississippi; RNC & U.S. Chamber of Commerce super-pacs paid Mississippi Democrats to vote against Conservative McDaniel. In Mississippi it was money-grubbing collusion between RNC & DNC that kept place-holder Thad Cochran in place. I hope Donald J Trump burns RNC & CoC to the ground along with political correctness & then pours quick-lime and rock-salt on the rotten stinking ashes.

  • GWB2000

    So CK is in the business of simply ignoring massive problems in the name of it being too hard to resolve?

    I noticed CK only wanted to talk about the 14th amendment part of the plan being that Trump set the goalpost so far back on real and actual problems that if he only got half of it done it would be a smashing improvement that this country has never seen since……Ever, as far as I can tell.

  • oldeagle145

    The 14th Amendment only applies to those who are under the Jurisdiction of the United States, hence the black slaves that were already here. Illegal aliens are still under the jurisdiction of what every country they are citizens of therefore the 14th does not apply, it never has. It’s just another example of the left misusing a part of the COTUS to achieve their goals… Just like the commerce clause.

  • Bill Board

    I admire someone who will call a spade a spade and an “anchor baby”…. an anchor baby.

  • Y_Lee_Kiode

    Completely understand and I gather the same form readings. I suppose my point is that, until we have precedent to clarify this, the statists will continue to lie [well, when does the truth stop them anyway?]. This must be tested in court, the sooner the better. Before Nov 2016? Unlikely, sadly.

  • Calamity Jane

    Laura ROCKS!

  • firedup49

    Laura was right also Mark Levin explained this in the Constitution

    1866, Senator Jacob Howard clearly spelled out the intent of the 14th Amendment by stating:

    “Every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the United States. This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons. It settles the great question of citizenship and removes all doubt as to what persons are or are not citizens of the United States. This has long been a great desideratum in the jurisprudence and legislation of this country.”

    (Jacob Howard co-wrote the 14th amendment)

  • firedup49

    Bravo Laura
    Nice guy but, Charles thinks he is a elite know it all

  • PharmDoc61

    Except for the Oval Office.

  • Mac in Texas

    He’s always been part of the establishment the dc cartel as Ted Cruz so aptly calls it and that’s our problem in this country (we have the democrat’s who are and want to be socialist fascists and 95% of the republicans wanting to be democrats like Charles Krauthammer). He still is in love with Schumer’s boy and can’t let that go.

  • RKflorida

    “attacking Washington is a clever dodge…” Hay Charles, Washington is not the victim! It is the perpetrator.

  • mg4us

    Laura Ingram knocks it out of the park.
    Wish she would have turned to Charles sour-Krauthammer and said:

    Enough of your DC elitism and cocktail party snobbery. . .
    Americans have had enough of pelicans that creat the problems they pretend they are fixing.
    As the song goes: We’re not gonna take it anymore!

  • Realist

    But attacking “Washington” is exactly what needs to be done because it is the federal government (“Washington”) and the venal, corrupt bought-and-paid-for politicians who are taking this country in a direction the great body politic of the country DO NOT want to go and that body politic is making their voices heard while they have someone who is willing to stand up for them and give voice to THEIR wishes, desires and interests and to suffer the assault of that corrupt establishment and their lackey, lickspittle Big Media attack dogs. All of this would only hard to understand for entrenched, inside the beltway operatives like Dr K, apparently.

    And the “clever dodge” meme insinuates that Trump is nothing more than another loud mouthed, populist demagogue. Again, who but a smug inside the beltway operative would dare to claim that the resonance Trump has found among those who KNOW that they have been effectively disenfranchised and deceived time after time after time is a “dodge”? The little peeps (In particular the white middle class) have been singled out by the Ruling Class owned politicians and their Big Media journOLista and RINOlista and specifically targeted by those Big Media operatives for endless scolding, lecturing and hectoring. The little peeps are constantly lectured that they MUST accept the Ruling Class demanded flooding of the country with hostile, diseased and imiscible aliens or they will continue to be lectured to death, or worse. And anyway, the powers that be will simply NOT ALLOW the long range plans and hopes of their Ruling Class paymasters to be torn asunder! This is THEIR country and they are not going to let some impudent rabble middle classers have any say in the direction or demographics of THEIR country!

    I say Screw ’em. I mean ALL of the Ruling Class and their bought and paid for politicians and Big Media operatives. The more their operatives attack the enemies of their Ruling Class paymasters (Trump, et al) the less I will listen to anything they have to say. Just because the Ruling Class Monsters own and control the various elements of the Big Media Deception Machine doesn’t mean they will still get to set the agenda and corral us all into their self-serving penstocks. There is a very real societal war brewing, and I would not want to be on the Ruling Class side in this one.

  • thatindividual

    Laura is tired of Krauthammer and so are we!

  • jkmckin

    Untrue. He is a liberal convert ala Ronald Reagan. Like ALL pundits, they don’t get it right all the time but personally, I’m glad he is in our side.

  • thatindividual

    The PC police are here.

  • Have “YOU” been #popularized /handcuffed psychologically by the pop-CULT-ure …

  • Gerald Roberts

    Laura Ingraham is spot on !! Trump 2016

  • shadetree56

    the kraut has really shown himself to be an inside the beltway rino supporter.

  • Bubba Gump

    One should think carefully when arguing with a former SCOTUS law clerk. She is correct that the 14th is about former slaves as written and has nothing to do with anchor babies which is what the left has been promoting for the pleasure of new voting blocks in future years. Twisting the meaning of the constitution is doing nothing more than destroying this nation. I first thought Trump was a ringer for the hag but that might have been Billyboys downfall when he made that call. Trump might just like being the head of state and do well even though he does have some baggage. You will never find the perfect candidate. They all have baggage but picking the one that sees this as their duty rather than privilege is the key to keeping this country going.


    Well said.

  • Malatrope

    Thirty million is Trump change. He won’t have any problem countering any media onslaught.

  • GenEarly

    Not on my side. Dr. K. is a big government sycophant pushing the progreSSive chamberpot repub agenda. It is about the Country not Der Party. The DemocRats are clearly Marxist and the ChamberPots clearly Fascist.
    There better be someone speaking for Constitutional Liberty before it just becomes a museum artifact for DC tourists.

  • Malatrope

    It’s also another example of the general population just going along with whatever has rolled downhill on top of them rather than doing a little research and educating themselves about what the real laws are.

  • GenEarly

    Well of course the good herr doktor must explain to the sheeples what the 14th amendment means. the plebes cannot read or understand that anchor babies is clearly the law of the amendment granting citizenship to former Male slaves after the unCivil War to impose Feral Gov Tyranny. Slavery was and is wrong, however destroying the Republic to do it was a bit excessive. Allowing anchor babies is the final nail in the coffin regardless of the buffoonery of the chattering class of Elitists.

  • Billygoatpuke

    He is not on our side with Trump or was he with Palin . Not sure what you’re talking about. He is a liberal with some conservative values that’s all.

  • Jackson Savage



    If you come here and you’re nine-and-a-half months pregnant and you have a baby here;
    the baby is automatically an American citizen.

    Pregnant women were coming from China and Mexico, having babies in the airport, and pulling the whole family in. Canada was being inundated by mainland Chinese.

    CANADA ELIMINATED THEIR LAW! A Chinese-Canadian who finally said the Canada couldn’t survive if it permits China to keep doing this!




  • LeeLee Turner

    good post

  • GrannyGripes

    he should take them all into his house

  • TexasPigHunter

    Krauthammer is nothing more than an elitist POS …

  • TexasPigHunter

    Dana Perino is an annoying little C___, she would worship Bush’s poop ….

  • CTsOpinion

    I cannot see a distinction between the Bushes and Obama on the mass invasion on our Southern border. The last thing this country needs is another Bush or Clinton.

  • Kevin J Lankford

    The grand “anchor baby” lie was the impetus, just the pilot, for our now wide open one way border. I myself, have tried for several year, on different sites (often moderated out) to explain that the 14th amendment never granted birth right citizenship simply for birth on U.S. soil. It changed nothing that was not already the accepted rule of law from the time of the ratification of our Constitution, except that it now encompassed the now freed slaves left in limbo at wars end, having no nation claiming jurisdiction over their citizenship, and acknowledged them as citizens under the jurisdiction of the United States. This is gleaned directly from the contemporary congressional debates on the 14th amendment and the very words of the senator responsible for the introductory phrase.

    There are those who consider the “wong kim ark” case as precedent, but in fact, for all the judges’ references and blathering concerning their decision, there was nothing whatsoever to support their interpretation of the 14th amendment in that case. It can only be seen, in all honesty as an intentional miscarriage, for purposes unknown. The fact remains, a child can only be what the parents are. A child born to parents with differing citizenship has dual citizenship, regardless of place of birth. A child born of parents with the same citizenship, inherits that citizenship. Only by being born of parents with the same citizenship, within the borders of the nation possessing jurisdiction of that citizenship, is a child a “Natural Born” citizen. Only one who supports the infiltration of our highest office by foreign interests has motive to dispute these simple facts.

    Finally what should be considered, by current liberal definition we have three “anchor babies” vying for our highest office at this very moment. both rubio, and jindal were born to foreign citizens making them “anchor babies”. Then there is cruz, born in canada, born to two non canadian citizens, making cruz a “canadian”anchor baby. How bout that for fraud.


    Krauthammer was Walter Mondales speech writer and delivered a message that lost 49 States for his boss the democrats. Anyone who listens to him and trusts him doesn’t know his history.


    Which sites were you moderated out of?

  • jackb

    Laura is one smart cookie….she knows her stuff.

  • 8ball

    You are lying

  • 8ball

    He’s one of the few reliable conservative voices. It’s Trump who is not a conservative

  • physicsnut

    i saw a wikipage yesterday saying that Conor Friedersdorf at The Atlantic is “conservative” –
    if that dude is conservative then i am the Pope.

  • pat


  • Billygoatpuke

    You’re wrong. There is nothing more conservative than wanting to secure our borders. Taking care of our veterans is very conservative!

  • Billygoatpuke

    How is that a lie? Prove it you little b*tch!

  • Billygoatpuke

    Did He write speeches for Mondale?

  • Helen

    Only a moron would have us believe that this whole birthright citizenship 14th amendment is an unchangeable thing! Truth is…this is government for the people by the people. The government is supposed to do what we say, not the other way around! It’s refreshing to see the libtards on the ropes! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Adios Anchor Babies and the parents who made this mistake when they entered illegally! They have NO ONE TO BLAME BUT THEMSELVES!

  • Helen

    And to be honest, I cannot take the name Krauthammer that serious anyway.

  • Steve J

    Pizz off.

    It’s a currently used and entirely legitimate word.

    If it offends you, so what?

    Cuckservatives offend US!

  • jainphx

    On our side he said! Ha! How is perpetuating the GOPe line of lies being on our side?

  • jainphx

    Conservative voice???? Where do you get that from. Every election cycle he and others throw their weight behind the GOPe choice. Let me ask you, did they tout Dole or someone else? How about McCain, or Romney? If they did tout these three, didn’t and aren’t they doing the bidding of the GOPe?

  • jainphx

    So right! They care about “black lives matter” but not our unborn and born children. Nor do they care about those who gave of themselves to give them the right to be stupid! No they make them wait months hoping they will die just to save money and get their bonuses. Murderers get more sympathy than our veterans and unborn. I’m sick of it all, it’s becoming more than I can handle, but then I say if I give up they win, can’t let that happen no matter what!

  • jainphx

    Why he did, and he tells us everyday! Trump has done us a service by forcing these crypto-liberals out of the closet!

  • jainphx

    All smiles and wearing head scarfs to honor a homosexual murderer! I never seen this photo, where and when was it taken?

  • jainphx

    No not PC, but just polite even when the word is not what we on the right need at this moment. We are trying to take the country back from the scum now in power, not join them in crassness. I think the word is accurate, but agree there should be one we all can use.

  • thatindividual

    RINO cowards? Is that better?

  • jainphx

    Don’t act like the ones we fight against, she makes a point! Isn’t making points what this is all about? Discuss!

  • jainphx

    Ever so much, hey were on the same side here as is Rose! No stronger voice can be found, for the cause of our freedoms, than Rose’s. If you’ve read any of her posts you will see where she is coming from. She has a good heart and mind, but some words upset her. I’m sure there is some that will upset you also. We need to stick together through this to win!

  • jainphx

    According to all reports, the drug cartels own most of Arizona just 30 miles south of phoenix! How soon will they own Phoenix? When do we stop this? When do we fight?

  • Steve J

    I’ve tried that approach for over sixty years and that has made the perpetually offended the sole arbitrators of what is acceptable in adult public discourse today.

    Part of the reason that we are in this mess is because normal folks would rather be polite than right, (read correct).

    No more.

    EVERYBODY is offended by something every day. THAT is a very big part of living in any FREE society.

    So, again, NO mas!

    If you want to whine about how offended you are about something how about you just PIZZ OFF?

    Do I need to give you some real life examples? Such as the how in this society the films showing the truth of the ongoing butchery and slaughter of babies for money are considered so vulgar and rude that they refuse to air them on public broadcasts?

    You see the TRUTH about ABORTION is too rude and nasty to expose the perpetually offended to it.

    Screw THAT!

  • Ozark_Lee

    Yes, he did. He was also in the Carter camp.

  • jainphx

    Christie at one time had me thinking he was something different than he was. I can see how both Laura and Ann believed the same thing!

  • cojar

    Ingraham sees where this is going. She may be realizing that being standing against a nation of pissed off voters, the silent majority, may be a dangerous thing in the end.

  • jainphx

    Yes I agree, but so does Rose! She didn’t deserve the Pizz off. never mind! Why should I bother your set in your ways as am I, but say Pizz off to my face would cause a problem.

  • Steve J

    You are certainly entitled to your own opinion, it’s still a FREE country.

  • Steve J

    Why should you have to change your vocabulary?

  • Steve J

    Very true and well said.

  • cojar

    Is Laura FINALLY coming around too? She in the tank for Jeb Bush. THIS COUNTRY DOES NOT BELONG TO A BUNCH OF ELITIST SNOBS IN WASHINGTON.

  • Ozark_Lee

    Spot on. At every turn where the Republicans could have drawn a line in the sand Krauthammer sounded the warning that they would be “sushi” if they actually stood their ground. He has consistently belittled Ted Cruz and given cover to the feckless Republican leadership.

    I enjoy hearing what he and George Will have to say since it is so radically different from the rest of the network / print reporters and columnists but they both are tone deaf IMHO.

    I’m not quite ready to jump on the Trump bandwagon but did anyone really think, six months ago, that we would actually be having a discussion about deporting illegals for real and actually be reading articles on the meaning of the 14th Amendment as it relates to anchor babies? All we hear from the rest of the field that isn’t for a “comprehensive” immigration solution (amnesty and open borders) is the same tired crap about securing the border that we’ve heard for the last 25 years. I don’t believe them any more than I believed John McCain when he said “we’ll build your damned fence”.

    When Trump talks about building a wall I actually think he might mean it – the man builds things and he does them on time and on budget.

  • Steve J

    If any so called “adult” gets stressed out over being told to “piZZ off” on an online forum then I’d say that “adult” needs some help.

    IF you deserve it, face to face or not, I would be happy to say whatever I believe is true to you, (or anybody else in this world,) using whatever vocabulary and syntax that I think is appropriate to MY intentions.

    You can take that to the bank.

    Puffing up your chest up online is what a punk does. I know you didn’t mean it that way, and I spent ZERO time in my life being “offended”.

    IF something really does “offend” me I actually DO something about it.

  • Paul

    He wear a bow tie

  • oldeagle145

    i couldn’t have said it any better… People just being lazy and uninformed.

  • oldeagle145

    Exactly, We wouldn’t want to go back to the author for the actual intent now would we… The average lo-fo American will believe just about anything…. That needs to change… Rapidly. Excellent post by the way!

  • Areminder

    They are becoming almost fun to watch in a truly macabre way, aren’t they?

  • Areminder

    Many dems saw the groundswell for Reagan and decided to jump and catch his coattails to up their political capital. Most never changed their original beliefs more than a couple degrees on the compass.

  • Areminder

    Thought I recognized that white stripe down his back but on TV or the internet, you don’t really get the “down wind” clues.

  • Areminder

    I say we convince the cabal to hold a confab for them all at the white house, Then we build the Wall around it, COMPLETE WITH O’S MOTE AND ALLIGATORS!
    Then we can deal with the walls on North and South Borders, without their interference!!

  • Areminder

    Or, as announced yesterday in Alabama, with the DC building, AHEAD OF SCHEDULE and UNDER BUDGET!

  • cavt

    ‘Attacking Washington’–wtf is wrong with Krauthammer. Is it invasion of the body snatchers or has he really become this dumb because of his hatred of Trump? Washington has failed us in so many ways and low information pundits like this, think we’re supposed to lie down, take it, and give up. Go Trump— Put these bastards in their place—

  • Sam

    And, the Kraut is wrong on the 14th amendment. Birthright citizenship doesn’t apply to people in the country illegally. Children born here of parents here illegally have no birthright to citizenship. Here’s what it says:
    person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to
    their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a
    citizen of the United States. This will not, of course, include persons
    born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the
    families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the
    Government of the United States, but will include every other class of
    persons. It settles the great question of citizenship and removes all
    doubt as to what persons are or are not citizens of the United States.
    This has long been a great desideratum in the jurisprudence and
    legislation of this country.”

    The kids born here are not subject to our jurisdiction since they are citizens of a foreign government. Their parents and the child invitro came to the U.S. illegally, ergo, the child has no birthright citizenship, period, end of story. The Kraut fails again to put forth his Liberal-side view.

  • Sam

    Heard this the other day:

    Krauthammer has always presented himself as a real smart person. Hmmm!

  • gary lacey

    We know what the trouble is, its Washington wanting to keep the status quo and if we continue down that road, it ends for all of us!

    And sure I would like to have the whole pie(conservatism), Trump offers up a big chunk of that pie!! With the exception of Cruz, none of the rest are offering a taste!

  • South Paw

    Illegal immigrants and their children (whether from Mexico or China) have no business being here. The Bill of Rights only applies to US citizens. Plain and simple. My paycheck should not be raped every month to be given away to Illegals. If you want these people in our country, then you pay for them and let them live in your neighborhood. We have to get this under conteol, just look at what Greece, Germany, and France are going through. Their economies are being crippled. The last thing we need in this country are more freeloaders. We have enough as it is!!!

  • ideblasi

    Krauthammer has become an apologist for the elites in Washington, used to like him, NO MORE!

  • me

    You heard this on Rush’s radio show.

  • Winefred

    Anyone who watches or reads Krauthammer regularly (as I have for decades) would find no basis for believing he has some kind of personal stake in preserving establishment Republicanism. He doesn’t hesitate to blast those types when appropriate. What he is advocating here is efficient effectiveness over a lengthy and unpromising big-C Constitutional wrestling match — not out of a personal desire to “avoid dealing with the 14th”. Where’s the evidence that he has ever favored a tsunami of illegal immigrants? — quite the contrary, which is why he advises against the big-C fight and its inordinate delays. It’s not a question of anybody’s attitude toward the “anchor baby” citizenship classification, but rather one of which strategy is best to halt the chain of immigration that inevitably follows — a 14th amendment clarifying re-write is ultimately desirable but doesn’t itself plug today’s hole in the dike. In my view, a more urgent Constitutional crisis, probably requiring some amendment, is the extent of executive power the current President seems to be able to wield without impediment — for the sake of the nation’s future, should another stealth dictator slide through the election process, we need to have nipped his executive excesses in the bud, within unambiguous statutory and Constitutional limits.

  • Dan Pierson

    They are caught not doing for the people. ..that’s why they are afraid of Trump point is We the people want our country back so we want a change

  • DoubleD2015

    Trump Derangement Syndrome
    [George]Will describes Trump’s performance as “squalid,” and contends that he “coarsens” civic life. “Squalid,” with its connotations of filth and corruption—of something that requires sanitization—is a surprising choice of words. Surely, this is an overreaction. But then what kind of conservative would satisfy Will? Well, you’d have to go back 60 years, to a golden age when Bill Buckley made “conservatism intellectually respectable and politically palatable.” That would be the same Bill Buckley who, in a debate with Gore Vidal, exploded, “Now listen you queer. Stop calling me a crypto-Nazi or I’ll sock you in your goddamned face.”
    But then I recall Will sniffing his nose at another déclassé Republican candidate and his supporters as “kamikaze conservatives.“ That was Ronald Reagan, and Will invited him to form a third party and lead his mob of followers “into outer darkness.” Will acknowledged that while this “would cost the party some support…it would make the party seem cleansed.”

  • thatindividual

    I shouldn’t, you are right. They instead should have to take a man pill.

  • thatindividual

    This was a waste of time, this conversation. We don’t have that kind of time. Just put on the big boy pants and fight. If you think the left or RINOs are going to stop for traffic lights or civility, you are kidding yourselves. This is war, and we are fighting for our country. I don’t have time to stop for Rose’s feelings.

  • Southernsoul

    Despite the ranting from the lefties, Fox News is not a conservative news outlet. There are very few Conservatives on Fox. Roger Alies himself said that Fox News is center-left. It just that the libs are so extremely, far-left everything seems Ring-Wing to them. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that their talking heads don’t know true Conservative issues.

  • Randy S

    Cuckservative is perfectly descriptive of the type.

  • Steve J

    Or an “adult discourse” pill at least.

    Why do people accept the absurd premiss that adult discourse should be in terms that won’t offend the sensibilities of preschoolers and little old ladies?

    F em ALL.

    The TRUTH is all that matters.

  • Of course Trump is right on the law re anchor babies. My daughter was born in Germany, I am American, she was ..American Citizen based on me. She has a German Birth certificate, but she is NOT a German citizen, she is an American. People pop out babies all over the world but I think this country probably is the ONLY one that has miscombobblelated the ‘anchor babies’ to be ‘citizens’. Yes, there are good people without criminal records and have good jobs, who are still ‘illegally here’. I’m sure Trump will find a way to expedite the part that makes them here legally and then… to become a citizen. They all have to go. I think it is unfair to ask candidates what exactly is the plan because ‘details’ of those kind of plans happen when you put your expert teams together after you are in office. You can be sure that Trump will choose an EXPERT team,

  • Mike in Illinois

    Where is the evidence? It is in everything he writes! He is no different than Arlen Specter, in that, he believes the judiciary (and its democracy) reigns supreme over the other branches, over the Constitution and over the Citizenry itself.
    As for Executive overreach, the check already exists – refuse to fund Executive antics. Simple and effective. I find it interesting that you would point to Executive overreach, when it is judicial overreach which has enabled executive overreach for over a century. A bit of diversion, perhaps?

    Friend, we already have nine stealth dictators. They are appointed for life, unelected, unaccountable robed kings, dictating to the people their 5-4 democracy – despite what the Constitution actually says. They effectively amend the Constitution itself, unilaterally and absolutely unconstitutionally. I agree we must nip the excesses in the bud – and when it comes to “law”, that was done long ago. The problem rests in the reality that our country has become a company, our governance supplanted by democratic dictatorship in a hostile takeover.

    The Judiciary and its usurpations is the problem, the root problem, and the corruption within it and stemming from it is destroying everything our founders established and instituted.

  • lakeside227

    Precedent??? You mean the opinions of judges?? Judges can’t make law, so precedent means absolutely nothing. Each case is to be judged individually based on the Constitution and federal laws. Precedent is not any kind of law.

    The law to be used, here, is the 14th Amendment and what the framers of the 14th said it meant. That’s the only law that can legally be used. Judges don’t make law, their opinions are not law.

  • lakeside227

    And people allowing judicial opinions to be considered law – completely unconstitutional.

  • Y_Lee_Kiode

    Your interpretive skill is unimpressive.

    An easily found definition: A court decision that is cited as an example or analogy to resolve similar questions of law in later cases.

    Where are the court decisions to put this to rest, finally?

  • lakeside227

    Not my interpretation. This is what our Founders said.

    Courts settle individual disputes between parties. Look at the Constitution to see exactly what authority is delegated to the judicial branch. Court decisions don’t put anything, except individual cases, to rest. Laws decide these things, not judicial opinions.

    Courts are delegated the authority to use the Constitution, federal laws, and state laws when settling disputes. Courts are not delegated the authority to use the opinions of other judges when settling disputes. You won’t find ‘precedent’ or ‘case law’ in the Supremacy Clause as valid supreme law. That means they aren’t. What you will find in the Supremacy Clause as Supreme Law is the Constitution, Constitutional federal laws, and Constitutional treaties.

    Courts don’t decide our laws. The Constitution is Supreme Law and our legislatures make our only valid laws.

  • Foo Dog Too

    I’m a fan of Ms Ingraham, but Dr Krauthammer is correct on the facts. Whether Ingraham agrees or not on the “sideshow vs symptom” issue is not clear, because she doesnt address it- she just goes off on a tangent on the 14th Amendment. And Dr K genially gave her a way to come back to it, ie “its about birth-right citizenship” and she cut him off again.

    So, frankly, I think she realized she was over her head and pulled a cheezy host-bully-the-guest trick…
    blah blah blah, make some weak claim and …”now we have to move on…” diversion that doesnt either speak to the point, nor give her guest an opportunity to respond.

    Its not just rude to her guests, its unbecoming as to her own credibility.

  • FredSlice

    Where did flunk out of law school?

  • Foo Dog Too

    here is a good discussion on the facts of the 14th amendment- and a reminder- respectful debate on facts, and lets not get in a circular firing squad over personalities, or insist on group think- thats what the left does. We conservatives and independents are better than that…

  • lakeside227

    No, he is not. The framers of the 14th were very clear on who was ‘subject to the jurisdiction’ of the US. They excluded foreigners, aliens, and the families of foreign diplomats. The framers were very clear that ‘subject to the jurisdiction’ meant full, complete, and sole jurisdiction – not owing allegiance to another sovereign.

    That meaning is the one the states ratified; that meaning is the one that became part of the Constitution and our Supreme Law; that meaning can’t be changed by the opinions of courts or by legislation. Congress was delegated authority to make laws enforcing the provisions of the 14th – as it was ratified. Congress, nor the courts, were delegated authority to redefine the 14th or the meaning of ‘subject to the jurisdiction.’

    Tradition is not law. The courts illegally changed the meaning of the 14th and our Country has suffered horribly because of it. The traditional understanding is just wrong. That error must be correct by Congress making a law that does enforce the provisions of the 14th as it was ratified, not the perverted ‘understanding’ people have now.

    P.S. The author of the Townhall article is wrong, too.

  • James

    Some above did not get it, it seems. Cruz is not eligible. He was born out of the jurisdiction of the US. According to the correct interpretation its not possible for him to be a Natural Born Citizen.

  • James

    So true, she pointed out that one must be subject to the jurisdiction of the US. Babies born of aliens are themselves aliens, because children belong to the parents first not a state, then to home country’s sovereignty.

  • James

    People turn into the company they keep. Beware of the friends you make.

  • James

    I must say (coming from uneducated family) it is difficult to not be an elitist after receiving much education/indoctrination from public schools. It’s so easy to just go along with liberals and think one is better, if educated better than family and peers.

  • James

    Good point on 14A and alien babies. Now if we can turn the same energy to Natural Born Citizenship. The authors of the 14A said one must be born in the US to be a citizen or must be naturalized. Cruz can only be a citizen by naturalization, that in tern means he can not be a Natural Born Citizen. He can not run for prez.

  • James

    That actually sounds not bad. There is a constitutional process States can use to do anything on which we can agree. Convention of States, if 26 states meet and agree to discuss an amendment it could happen. It takes 3/4s of the States to agree on the finale version, then it becomes an amendment without Congress or the prez having ANY SAY.

  • James

    Thats why Mr T and Carson are leading the race.

  • James

    I thought I knew all the nasty slang in the US, don’t recognize that one.