VIDEO=> Donald Trump DEPORTS Univision’s JORGE RAMOS from Press Conference

jorge ramos deported

Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa Tuesday evening.

Ramos Trump CNN
Jorge Ramos on CNN Monday night attacking Donald Trump over illegal immigration.

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos stood up and started speaking to Trump without being called on by Trump.

Note: Video clip plays twice in succession, the actual incident is about 50 seconds in length.

Trump repeatedly told Ramos to sit down. Ramos continued speaking, making a statement that Trump could not deport eleven million (illegal aliens) from the U.S. Trump talked over Ramos telling him to go back to Univision.

A large Trump security man walked over to Ramos and escorted him out of the press conference as Ramos continued to talk.

Trump went on with the press conference, calling on another reporter who asked him about Trump’s latest spat with Fox News.

ABC reported Ramos was later allowed back in the room after a reporter asked Trump about him.

Ramos had an opinion article published at Univision on Monday that called Trump’s illegal immigration proposals a “horror” for illegal aliens. He mocked Trump’s vision of an America secure from illegal aliens as “Trumplandia.”

Ramo’s concluding sentence: “Trumplandia is the horror.”

UPDATE: Video, via Real Clear Politics, of Ramos and Trump debating for several minutes after Ramos was let back in to Trump’s press conference.

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  • Jim

    When the media becomes part of the story, or the story itself, they are no longer “journalists”. Trump was correct in his criticism of Kelly, and the ejection of Ramos. It’s very unseemly in a press conference to witness reporter whining like fourth graders to the teacher when the have the answer – “Pick me! Pick me!” or in this case, the question.

  • Mendel

    I’m voting for the leader who has the cajones to do this! Go Donald!

  • US.Patriot1776

    One question …
    Is Ramos here ‘legally’ ?

  • Mendel

    Is Nikki Haley really legal …. I’m not so sure .. and I think it is a valid question.

  • ridgerunner

    Just more “Megyn Kelly” media. SHUT THEM DOWN – HARD! Thanks, Donald. It’s been a long time comin’.

  • cavt

    Poor low information pundits and reporters just can’t figure out why Trump is popular. Actions like kicking this jerk out is why. Can you see any other GOPer doing this? Maybe Cruz.

  • ridgerunner

    Right, Jim. Good Comment. Just more Megyn Kelly media. They can’t process being respectful.

  • ridgerunner

    Just like the Charlie Daniel’s advertisement with the fiddle, “That’s how you do it, Son.”

  • nodhimmi

    hasta la vista, jorge,

  • Haha! I hope Trump deports Ramos first!

    Go TRUMP! Kick theire asses! TRUMP 2016!

  • Horsesoldier

    Poor little Jorge…
    Wet himself.

  • ridgerunner

    Should have kicked Megyn Kelley out of the Fox debate after her Candy Crowley question.

  • Barry52

    I’ve watched this jerk Ramos on Hannity. He’s a typical Liberal, they have diarrhea of the mouth. They will not shut up. They have NO respect and think they are something special.

  • frozeninbemidji

    vaya con diablo, whorehey.

  • ridgerunner

    Trump put Ramos on the “Go Team”. Funny, funny, funny. O’ Happy Day!!!!

  • Amjean

    This was awesome! We might finally have a president who is a man; not a spineless, wimpy
    metrosexual in skinny jeans! Donald Trump does not take prisoners.

  • MI33O3

    Jorge Ramos is yet another Mexican who believes he’s entitled to jump to the front of the line.

  • Moses

    That ignorant Latino should be banned from ALL news conferences until he learns to speak clear accent free English. It is torture to listen to that idiot stutter in Spanglish!

  • disqus_ZE3VhQZ7M6

    Cruz would not kick him out but would eviscerate him in a very calm firm way and make him look like an idiot.

  • JY1

    Ramos has one thing right.

    Enforcing laws is horror to those who are breaking those laws.

  • S.O.B.

    I would rather see a horror of deportation for eleven million illegal aliens than the horror those eleven million illegal aliens are perpetrating on the economy of three hundred million United States Citizens.
    What part of the fact that they are here illegally do they not understand?

  • ridgerunner

    A verbal joust accomplishes little. Trump demonstrated how to conduct a bum’s rush on a wimp.

  • O’Brien’s Math Facts

    Ramos sounded like he was channelling Milton from “Office Space” stuttering about his stapler.

  • Pat Loudoun

    Jeb would have walked off and cried. Not necessarily in that order.

  • Robert49

    Good! Kick the jackass so-called reporter who supports wholesale illegal immigration in to the USA out because all he was trying to do is disrupt the press conference. Too arrogant to wait to be called on like all other press conferences are done.

  • Libtards Lie

    Well done President Trump, well done. Jorge lives in a gated Miami community away from anything real I am sure. To bad Jorge, your 15 minutes of fame is up, bye bye.

  • really now

    EVERY other candidate would have pandered to Ramos.

    Every. Single. One.

    We’ve got one choice for a leader.

    Read the comments on both YouTube videos (the wrath of Ramos and the Return of Ramos) everybody is FED UP with pushy illegal immigrants and pushy journalists.

    Give em hell, Mr. Trump!

  • Demonrat Plantation

    Deporting the first million with Ramos first would send a strong message that the rest would respond to without force needed

  • ZaphodEpicurus

    What this communist Ramos calls Trumplandia has another name – the USA – his job is to try to trick people into thinking they should be ashamed to defend their country from an illegal invasion. This outside agitator should go back to Mexico and criticize Mexican jack-boot politicians.

  • really now

    Jeb would have apologized.

    In Español.

  • Hotlanta Mike

    These media elitists don’t understand the anger the American people have of our elected officials and the media in general. Moments like these are going to further elevate Trump as a man of the people. Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

    BAD NEWS FOR DEMOCRATS: Trump Is Doing Better with Non-Whites than Spanish-Speaking Apologist Jeb Bush

  • Hotlanta Mike
  • really now

    I’ve seen lawn jockeys taller than Ramos.

    what an irritating, impudent little man.

  • Infidel Knight

    Seems to me Trump has no time for the same scumbags that I don’t. Every time Trump “Trumps” someone, I gotta admit it makes me feel almost as good as it would if I was the one doing the “Trumping.”

  • really now

    It’s comical watching other Fox “journalists” trash Trump, then turn around and interview nicey-nice with Kasich and Miss Lindsay.

  • really now


  • Original Prankster

    The GOP is starting to get scared given that if Trump gets elected their meal-tickets will go away

  • Webb

    Trump boots Whore-hay Ramos from his presser. Awesome!

  • Datz Nutz

    Jorge Ramos. Adios cabron!!

  • Original Prankster

    It would be great if Trump had looked him in the eye and called for a translator, who then said in broken English: “Sorry, Meester Trump no at home.”

  • splainittome

    I feel it important that this time around, we as a nation vote against the media come November 2016.

  • will jones

    anyone who disrupts an event should be kicked out.

  • will jones

    anyone who disrrupts an event should be kicked out.

  • Pat Loudoun

    Lágrimas en los ojos.

  • Mac in Texas

    Ramos is no more than a troublemaker.

  • Phoenix_Damaged

    Trump was right to toss him. After all, Trump paid for that microphone.
    The jerk was lucky Trump was gracious enough to let him back in.

  • Haydee Balajadia Pherson

    That shows what kind are they…

  • therak

    Good point, but also find it troubling that Trump talks about allowing a lot of immigration via his management of the process. What we need is to turn off the flow completely until the ones here can be found and escorted out… until the ones already in the legal queue can be assimilated… until the border is secured… and until the magnet of entitlements are equally turned OFF via smaller government. Trump never talks about smaller government or explains the constitution.

  • jerseyj

    Great manners Jorge. I guess you’re accustomed to just speaking out whenever you want. After all, you’re a Univision reporter; or are you perhaps you’re just an agitator? With an agenda??

    How about we just adopt Mexico’s immigration laws George? You OK with that AH?

  • Brett

    BEST news I’ve heard TODAY. Keep it up, Trumpinator!!

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    “Deports” HAHA, nice one GP.

  • Seamus Magnusson

    Ramos is a douchewaffle and got what he deserved. This was priceless. Bravo, Mr. Trump, Bravo!

  • Nash Montana

    My gosh I love this. Finally someone with balls big enough to stand up to these goons.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    Whoa, now, let’s not get carried away. Face it, you know good and well this whole thing is as phony as professional wrestling. If you have been paying attention you’re not in a major city and have a few months worth of food and water planned, and enough ammo to protect yourself. I’d encourage you to just enjoy the show. The Donald is at least good theater being experienced in the “reality” TV business.

  • toad

    Yeah, remember last week or so with Beany Sanders and the two loud blm women? To him everybody is equal, so they had an equal right to scream on his stage, wimp.

  • GPContrib

    That’s just not true. Example:

    “Donald J. Trump joins Americans for Limited Government in fight against Trade Promotion Authority & Trans-Pacific Partnership deal

    Mr. Trump’s opposition to TPP is consistent with his long criticism of trade practices that negatively impact the American worker and manufacturing sector. He has been a consistent vocal critic of TPP and TPA tweeting his opposition for the last year. Mr. Trump’s opposition to TPP is based on his extensive knowledge of currency manipulation and trade agreements that he has accumulated through The Trump Organization’s international dealings. He also criticized leaders for continuing to allow such antics, stating his disapproval of the TPA fast track legislation, which Mr. Trump says is designed to allow the president to enter such an agreement without the support of a supermajority in the Senate.”

  • LouAnnWatson

    Obama threatens behind the scenes, trump humiliates them on the spot. fight the leftist maggots with their own weapon of choice, public derision.

  • Jo Daniel

    The more i hear Trump the more i see he’s the ONLY hope for this country.He may not be conservative enough for beck but he sure is for me..Trump right or wrong is the answer to many prayers..Go Trump

  • LouAnnWatson

    one of the few who has done it since Reagan said “I paid for this microphone”

  • Chris

    Next step needs to be campaign stops in the black communities to tell them how illegals are hurting their job prospects.

    That’s how you generate leverage off this.

  • jainphx

    Why do we get lectured by non citizens, or allow them to question our candidates on immigration, it’s none of their damn business.

  • firedup49

    Is Weaslezippers the only one telling the truth in their headlines?
    We know he was let back in but the headline is deceiving

  • jainphx

    I know he’s not a citizen! I guess you can tell by his demanding attitude!

  • jainphx

    The “illegal” part. We would be saving billions a year by deporting them, not to mention opening up the jobs market to citizens.

  • jainphx

    You know they have super rights!

  • jainphx

    Who gave them the right to demand from us? I’m tired of being brow beat by alien invaders.

  • jainphx

    Ha! He would not have been escorted out! He would have been dragged out by the ankles.

  • Lou Cypher

    what a dimwit… I might think more of him if he actually spelled out his policies using more than generalizations.

  • jainphx

    Jeb would have called on him first!

  • Lou Cypher

    i wonder if that’s the default response to anyone who has a different viewpoint. the Donald doctrine: “first we round up all the mexes, then all the libs, then anyone else who don’t see it my way”

  • jainphx


  • jainphx

    No just the default when someone tries to hijack his presser, and more power to him. Rudeness is never acceptable.

  • WatzUp

    Lou Cypher is a new two post discus troll acct. FYI

  • guesto3

    Sanders would have given him the mic for the rest of the night.

  • c834r605b9n

    Jorge Ramos is a shill lapdog for Univision and La Raza.
    Ann Coulter schooled him already.
    He is trying to score points and failed miserably. Illegal means against the law and apparently to Jorge the more break it the better. Shame hack journalism has gotten to new lows even for non-english speaking news networks.

  • Patty

    “Donald Trump DEPORTS Univision’s JORGE RAMOS from Press Conference”

    Wouldn’t you or anyone of us.

  • Dopey

    I can read.

    The headline is accurate.

  • STLstudent

    Trump is the ONLY real fighter among a throng of Republican wimps. Aren’t you tired of Republican surrender-monkeys in Congress and in the media?

  • Dopey

    They lie as much as any politician with their reporting. They fan the flames to gin up anger with all of the protests hoping for violence. They more than the protesters want to see businesses looted and burned down. It’s a moment in the sun for them and they advance their careers.

    I hate every single one of them.

    They ignore Planned Parenthood. They demonize people advocating traditional American values (come out to say you believe in traditional marriage, they’ll pile on to destroy you).

    They all have plausible deniability as being such a small piece in an industry that has become wholly monolithic and useless to the people. They don’t learn or practice journalism. They only learn how to read a teleprompter, comb their crappy hair and deceive the public with soundbites.

    Completely useless. They are the Dominant Liberal Establishment Mass Media and they’re all a bunch of slothful money whores.

  • therak

    @ GPContrib

    Then why does Trump think the Stimulus is a great idea and necessary? The only problem Trump had with the stimulus is that Obama implemented it poorly and Trump would know how to implement it correctly. For the record… Trump talks about infrastructure now if you listen closely (which is Liberal-speak for stimulus).

    Trump on TARP and STIMULUS sounds more like a Crony Capitalist than a conservative

  • VoodooDollHillary

    Tries to get to the front of the line, can’t wait his turn, drowns people out – sound familiar?

  • therak


    And DON’T MISS THIS ONE in which Trump thinks the Iran deal should stay in his administration… because we all know what a great negotiator Trump is since he never fails to remind us of this talent he possesses.

    Notice Trump says our taxpayer dollars will go to Iran with or without the Iran deal. Obviously Trump isn’t aware of the constitution nor does he mention the concept on the power of the purse being up to Congress… not in the power of the Iran deal or even the absence of the deal.

    Meet The Press: Donald Trump: The Iran deal stays in a Trump Administration

  • therak


    And I’ve asked this question multiple times but why is everyone willing to ignore Trumps willingness to use the big arm of government to steal the property of others? How is this a small government idea?

    TRUMPED: The Donald, the widow and eminent domain

  • therak


    The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior. Also listen closely to the words a candidate uses which always reveals his true beliefs. So with that said, how is Trump a small government conservative when he wants to still fund Planned Parenthood with OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS because he believes they still do SOME good things

    He said it on two different occasions and only retracted it after he got heat for the statements during an election year…. watch below. Notice Hannity didn’t hold his feet to the fire when he said it a second time. Scroll down and watch both interview clips at the link below:

    Abortionists love Donald Trump’ flip flop on Planned Parenthood

  • therak


    The red flags are abundantly present but as Mark Twain once said: “It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.

    Trump avoids the question when asked about G-d. It’s very troubling that Trump doesn’t feel he needs G-d in the process of his decision making. Not a Luntz fan, but am glad Luntz asked the question and held Trump’s feet to the fire to answer it. And the BS answer Trump offers to skirt the question by talking about Norman Vincent Peale is also troubling. Does anyone know about Peale’s history? Peale decided to start a church that embraced homosexuality and Peale also opposed capital punishment. In other words, Peale was a secularists… not a religious person. Peale was a follower of Masonry that teaches anti-Christian principles.

    According to an article here: Peale’s spirituality was a blend of Christian Science and mind science teachings with a dash of Christian terminology: The world you live in is mental and not physical. Change your thought and you change everything.

    Trumps’ lack of a strong connection to G-d is not what is needed in these serious times, coupled with Trumps’ lack of understanding of the constitution.

    VIDEO: Donald Trump on God and Forgiveness

  • S.O.B.

    Maybe your asking the wrong question.
    How about why is the government willing to use their power of eminent domain to assist an entrepreneur?

  • therak

    @ Jenkem Huffington

    Totally agree that Trump is good theater… and glad he’s stirring things up. Just worried that people will not see through the act. He’s playing the part of a conservative and everyone pretends to embrace the right when in an election year. Thus their actions in the past are the only true indicators and we should be just as critical of past behavior for candidates we want to like on the right… as well as the ones we don’t like on the Left.

    Trump’s antics reminds me of the cartoons I used to watch as a kid… especially the Ralph and Sam cartoons… notice that even though these two characters are always beating each other up…. the cartoons always started and ended with them being best friends when not in front of the camera. This idea has to be considered whenever watching Trump and especially true of all the Fox News shows. See an example of this below:

    Ralph and Sam best friends when clocked out of their job

  • cadgbd


  • Blargette

    Ramos said the issue is personal. He crossed the border illegally? Seems it is just as personal for me as it is him. My country is being invaded. I want it to stop. Nobody bit Trump and Cruz seem to want to mount a defense. One candidate is welcoming the invaders with a fruit basket.

    Who among us doesn’t have skin in the game?

  • glenn47

    Ramos was acting like the jerk he is. He thinks we have no right to stop the illegals. He thinks we should take in anyone that comes.
    Mexico has admitted they are not going to stop sending their criminals.

  • glenn47

    Especially when you read the rules for immigrating to Mexico. Very strict.

  • soniajpreston

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  • pgroup

    I heard him state he was a US citizen. He didn’t say he was born here.

  • dave0987

    This communist traitor who like most other Hispanics, is hellbent on bringing a Democrat dictatorship to this country, should be jailed for treason.

  • dave0987

    Oh he knows we have a right. He wants to take that right from us. He wants what most Hispanics want, ESPECIALLY the illegals and that is a Democrat dictatorship. They want to remake America into the very things they escaped from. It’s in their blood-their culture. They know no other way, then living under oppressive dictatorships-where “At least everyone is equal” and in our case, “Those evil racist whites/Americans will be put in our place.”

  • glenn47

    It seems if they wanted something so bad, they could all stay in their own countries and fight for it. They could take their countries back. There is enough of them.
    They are coming here, not to escape, that is their excuse, but to get on the doles and sit in their rears the rest of their life.

  • livedwell

    Obama is the “horror” and the results of this traitor’s actions will be evident in our country for years to come no matter the president.

  • Brett Favre

    another hyphenated american… how quaint

  • BlueEyedDevil

    I’d gladly fly a Trumplandia flag, or maybe a Confederate States of Trump. It could just be the old confederate flag or maybe an upside down Mexican flag. I’m glad to see someone running that’s looking out for Americans and not the invading people from foreign lands looking to occupy after it they’ve bled everything from its people.

  • R_of_the_H

    You can go out in the country anywhere in the world and when you come upon a house you’ll here dogs bark. Because even dogs know what boundaries and property rights are.

  • R_of_the_H

    That was an excellent display of how deportation works. You get the biggest troublemakers first. Looks like they’ll identify themselves for us, thus becoming a priority. Looked pretty effective to me.

  • R_of_the_H

    Congress always says, “where you going to get the money to do this”? Trump says: “we are going to take it back from what we are spending on them now”. How hard is that to figure out?

  • dave0987

    Oh yeah. I’ve long wondered in amazement how in their home countries cesspools how they are such cowards, yet when them come here, to the best place on earth, suddenly they are mighty warriors.

    Of course we know the answer, because our pandering politicians roll over for them, and half the country is beholden to political correctness and too scared to take a stand.

  • Look_A_Squirrel

    BINGO! SOB – That is the essence of the matter.

  • Look_A_Squirrel

    If you’re waiting for the perfect candidate you’ll die before he/she shows up.

    Who else running has shown one iota of courage in addressing what voters have said are their top concerns for 20 years?

  • Look_A_Squirrel

    You missed the point – Trump is assuming he’ll have to manage the deal because the RINOs are going to pass it.

    That’s called REALISM!

  • disqus_DB2DJgg6Zi

    ? Is that why Shriners has one of the largest children’s hospital networks in the world?

  • LouAnnWatson

    Obama consults himself

  • lgeubank

    To coin a phrase, “All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten.” Like, taking turns, and raising your hand to be recognized before you start spouting off. And, “You are not a special little snowflake, and you don’t deserve to jump to the head of the line.”


  • honestAbesurd

    what do you call a gay hispanic? — A senor eater —- wut?

  • Live Free

    Excellent! This alone earns my vote.



  • Blargette

    Ramos wants Obama to put a bark collar on all the citizens. The Left happily obliges. If the bark collar comes off, they then send someone to remove your ability to bark.

  • Escoffier

    Jorge confirmed that a certain demographic, ahem, doesn’t think they should have to wait in line, take turns, follow the rules of civilization or common decency, speak civilly, or show mutual respect. We already knew this Jorge. Thanks for the making it crystal clear.

  • oi812

    I am no Trump fan but Jorge was way out of line and glad Trump removed him.

  • oi812

    The RINO’s will all vote against it. They need 14 Dems to join them

  • pjt

    Ramos was sent by Univision to trap Donald in some way to help them with the lawsuit that he has against them. He acted just like the hispanic people are acting in the USA. They think they deserve special treatment even to the point of not waiting their turn to speak in a press conference. Ramos was born in Mexico City. Works out of Florida. I haven’t been able to verify if he has ever become a US citizen.

  • Jim Norris

    Yes just like those who protested several years back in our major cities flying their mexican flags telling you and i that there is nothing we can or will do about their ILLEGAL presence…. You want to bet we can;t kick your butts out!!! These people bilk our systems of entitlements and pay no taxes for the most part… It would be cheaper to place a BOUNTY on the head of each deported ILLEGAL… That’s right, you turn them in or capture them and once deported a cash reward of 2500 dollars is yours! Who would need a fence or wall… It’s my guess for that money the LEGALS would turn the ILLEGALS in for the cash… Remember these ILLEGALS are hiding out with their folks in the spanish speaking neighbor hoods… They all know who the ILLEGALS are!!! Well maybe not all, but for 2500$ they will start paying attention… Thank about the cost of the cops, courts, jails, the entitlements, the lack of taxation on their wages, the crime committed by destitute ILLEGALS AGAINST OUR PROPERTY AND PERSONS and tell me that 2500 isn’t a deal!!!

  • glenn47

    It goes back to the ole, give them an inch and they will take a mile. They use our goodness against us. They are no different than the muslims coming here, they will push, bully, extort. And downright blackmail us into doing what they want.