SHAMELESS=> FOX News Debate Anchors Actively Planned Zingers – Prepared to Escort Trump From Stage

FOX News debate anchors knew they would have a record audience tune in to their Republican debate because of Donald Trump.

So they purposely planned several zingers to get under his skin.
fox moderators

Then they all congratulated themselves for their debate antics.
And they opened the floodgates of hell on the candidates for future debates by liberal anchors.

They are shameless.

The anchors didn’t even ask a question on the Obama economy, the worst recovery since the Great Depression, until 73 minutes into the debate.

The FOX moderators won over Media Matters, who said, “The Fox News moderators appeared reasonable, effective, and pointed in their questions to the candidates.”
They must be very proud.

They didn’t want to appear conservative – so they unloaded a barrage of personal attacks.

The LA Times reported:

As they sorted and re-sorted questions, the unpredictability of real estate tycoon and reality-TV star Donald Trump was never far from their minds.

“I would say the level is about an eight on the concern meter because of the unknown,” Baier said.

Baier even had a “nuclear option” at the ready for Trump if he ignored all protocol.

The script — which Baier didn’t have to use — took a page from Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” TV show. It went like this: “Mr. Trump, in your business you have rules. You follow rules. We have rules on this stage. We don’t want to have to escort you to the elevator outside this boardroom.”

“We’re hoping we don’t have to use it,” Baier said later. “[But] we’re locked and loaded.”

For anyone embedded with the news team on debate day, it became clear that it wasn’t just the Republican hopefuls who would be on-stage this night — but also Fox News, widely seen as the network most friendly to conservatives. No one here wanted to appear as if they were pitching softballs.

“You can’t let them have that offramp” was Baier’s rule as they hone each line.

Indeed, when Kelly rehearsed a question for another candidate — delivered in the staccato style that adds to her reputation as a tenacious interrogator — a producer at the table said, “He’ll go berserk.” That’s a compliment for Kelly, who smiled.

For the individual anchors, the debate was also a chance to burnish their reputations. Kelly has emerged as the channel’s prime-time star. Wallace is a seasoned veteran of the Washington beat. Baier has perhaps the most to gain from the expanded national spotlight.

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  • cavt

    Yeah–I saw this LAT article yesterday. Pathetic anchors. Surprised Baier would speak so openly about this. No concept on how bad this makes them look–

  • Patty

    Yes, they did. This was their plan from the get go. Bret and Chris both were talking about the fact that they would go home and start planning their strategy. And that strategy was to get Trump the top runner for the presidency. Of course, they always go after the top runner and apparently with Trump’s TV reality show and his many ventures into business making him a Billionaire, they had quite a lot to work with. They pick more of his faults and not his assets to work with.
    REALITY SHOW works, so, their focus was on just that.

    And the kicker is, they really didn’t talk that much about the faults of the others on that stage. It then became a dump Trump campaign by Fox News. And what helped was exactly what The GOP elites wanted Fox to do what they did, and they actually, ask Fox to do what they did.

  • ridgerunner

    Houston, we’ve got a problem. Anyone giving credence to Fox from this point forward is in la la land.

  • l.barney

    this gives the people who used to appear on Fox-and now denounce it as “fake conservatism” like Debbie Schlussel does, more ammo to show that they are right. Makes FOX looks very bad indeed.

  • Patty

    Rush: ‘Orders from GOP donors to take out Trump’

    According to Rush Limbaugh, the loser was … Fox News.

    At least, in the sense that the network may have blown its credibility with conservatives.

    And Limbaugh said he saw it coming.

    “Everybody should have known this was gonna happen,” he said. “This
    is presidential politics, and Republican candidates are where media
    people score their points. It’s where they build their careers. It’s
    where they establish their credentials.”

    The conservative talk-radio giant saw another motivation for the moderators’ attack-dog tactics.

    He said GOP bigwigs ordered Fox to take out Trump.

  • Patty

    On Friday, Limbaugh began by telling
    listeners how, on the day of Thursday’s debate, he had learned “that
    big-time Republican donors had ordered to take out Donald Trump in the
    debate last night.”

    “We all made a mistake,” he explained. “We assumed that the orders
    went out to the candidates. But the candidates did not make one move
    toward taking Donald Trump out. The broadcast network did; the
    candidates didn’t.”

    Rush said it was clear that Fox News had it out for Trump when his
    colleagues refused to pile on, even when given multiple opportunities to
    bash the front-runner.

    “Not one of the remaining nine candidates joined Megyn Kelly in
    taking the shot at Trump. Not one. Yet we have been told that there were
    orders from Republican donors to take Trump out.”

  • srdem65

    They don’t care how they “look” to all of us in fly-over country, they were playing for the establishment – the Press and the political elites.
    MrTrump screwed up all of their plans, royally.

  • DoubleD2015

    The debate format was totally juvenile. I’d rather see the moderator ask a question and let all the candidates answer the same question then on to the next. FOX moderators jumped from gotcha questions for some but not others to skipping some candidates altogether with some topics.

    I’m hoping CNN does a more professional and traditional debate in CA next month. This debate seemed to be more about smug moderators talking 31% of the limited time than getting any contrast on each of the candidates for the issues affecting the country and the world.

    The only reason FOXNews had 24 million viewers was because Trump was in the debate and showed him no respect from the beginning. After asking Trump if he would support the republican nominee a pertinent follow up question might have been will the RNC and the candidates support Trump if he wins the nomination.

    The bias was clear as day and looks as if Murdock put out a memo to get Trump. Hopefully CNN will show FOXNews how it’s done and be more professional and more traditional so the viewer comes away being more informed about all the candidates and not feeling like they just watched some stupid reality show where the moderators are competing to win a prize from Rupert Murdock.

  • DoubleD2015

    I don’t know if Megyn Kelly is a bimbo or not but mama always said bimbo is as bimbo does.

    Megyn Kelly on Howard Stern show
    Megyn Kelly In GQ: Fox News Anchor’s Revealing Spread
    Prevent Megyn Kelly From Hosting Any Further REPUBLICAN Debates.

  • Rose

    They got the record viewers this once – and showed the planet what they are made of.
    If the GOP ESTABLISHMENT thinks THIS helps their credibility and their VOTE numbers, they are mistaken.
    Apparently, the Truth is, they are THAT DESPERATE to confirm a DIM WIN in 2016.
    Or, even more likely – Martial Law, before that.

  • srdem65

    Just like my moniker, I’m a lifelong Dem. I don’t vote the straight ticket, don’t like or approve of the current Dem agendas and don’t know where I stand – a indie/Dem?
    MrTrump is not a ‘clown’, a joke, something to take out of the running, but a serious businessman who has been mostly successful. So he was on a reality show, so what?
    He was a flawed husband, so all the men who are perfect can stand up now………
    He is a good father, an upstanding citizen who has contributed to many politicos on both sides of the aisle.
    FOX ignores all this to promote their fav candidate and expected his supporters to fall away. The ‘third-party’ run – what if he does and he wins! It could happen, it could also happen that BernieSanders beats out MrsClinton, then what?

  • Mexican De Tocqueville

    No wonder they had so much air time

  • Rose

    A lady wouldn’t do the things Megyn did.

    Jerry Springer tactics for a Gotcha moment NOT a former lover?????

  • nevergiveup

    I’ve lost what little respect I had for Foxnewtered since the debate. The more I see of Trump, the more I like what he’s doing.

  • CardiLover

    Court jesters playing to the ruling class. Disgusting, disgraceful, and sophomoric.

  • Conniption Fitz

    The word Rush Limbaugh used for Sandra Fluke comes to mind.

  • really now

    Take very clear note of the candidates who have thrown in with Megyn against Trump, perhaps most notably Carly Fiorina.

    These candidates want to be part of the establishment machine. Not turn it from DC-focused to citizen-focused.

  • jainphx

    Yes and part of the greater problem!

  • Rose

    How serious are WE THE PEOPLE about SAVING AMERICA from utter and total destruction?
    Time to PRAY to the LIVING GOD of HEAVEN.

    2 Chronicles 7:13. If I shut up heaven so no rain falls, or if I command locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people,
    14. If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.
    15. Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer offered in this place.

  • Gaius_Suetonius_Tranquillus

    While they’re congratulating themselves, the conservative world has now written them off as partisan RINO hacks.

  • LouAnnWatson

    they already have their inked contracts and don’t care…click!!! that’s the answer. you don’t need them as much as they need you!

  • Sanmon

    Fox News hosted a reality show not a political debate. It shows the fox is watching the chicken coop licking its chops over its next dinner. The true looser is the American people and our Liberty.

  • dave0987

    So let’s see, that’s the LA Slimes, the New York Slimes, Media Propaganda Matters…wow, Fox is really getting the score card.

  • Rose

    Remember – C.H.A.O.S. and N.U.D.G.E. aren’t just jokes – yeah, they sound like Superhero Comic Book enemy organizations – always helpful if the enemy is something or someone who looks like they cannot be taken seriously – can be treated dismissively – they are serious Cass Sunstein organizations working for the Saul Alinsky/Josef Stalin Agenda in the Obama spere for decades – for the destruction of America, not only through the White house, but through both major political party apparatus.

  • Rose

    Jerry Springer Reality Show…

  • LouAnnWatson

    let us remember that kelly is a lawyer turned journalist! she practiced law in chicago (there’s that magic city again) she has bachelor’s in poli sci. puppet of the progressive media…conservatives in manhattan are hard to find and usually masquerade as moderates just to coexist.

  • jainphx

    The candidates can put a stop to this by agreeing to not answer any attack ambush questions, but alas Bush, Grahm, Potataki, are all for them! To certain people, not them selves of course!

  • JimWinchester

    Trump; I will buy all of your contracts and none of you will ever work in NY again….”YOU ARE FIRED”.

  • DakConserve

    Agreed, so the goal was to intentionally provoke Trump by asking incendiary questions…..

  • Wigglesworth

    Fox News is the Trojan horse.

  • jainphx

    Martial law? I’m beginning to think that is their agenda.

  • BubbaTex

    Really disappointed in Fox News.

  • Teddi

    Fox is in damage control. They insulted the very base audience that made them who they were on cable.

    Never watch Fox again. Hope Kelly’s career goes in the can over this attack/hit job on behalf of the RINO/GOP establishment.

    Ban The Bimbo Sign petition, its still skyrocketing @ … …

  • Rufus

    Bret Baier always did remind me of a high school Hall Monitor who would rat you out to the Teacher.
    Looks like I was right all along.

  • ridgerunner

    Feel more like a victim of the knock-out game. Almost like someone who discovered their spouse had a hit put out on them.

  • tommy mc donnell

    I watched some of a panel show on fox yesterday. everyone of the panelists want trump out of the race. now a television station thinks it has the right to decide who can run for president. this is even below msnbc. if fox news had any character it would apologize to Donald trump, their viewing audience and fire everyone involved.

  • tommy mc donnell

    they all should be fired.

  • ridgerunner

    Dear Jim Hoft, Thank you for not folding to the GOPe and keeping this site as a place for truth and freedom.

  • tommy mc donnell

    the utter arrogance of a television station thinking they have the right to decide who can run for president.

  • frozeninbemidji

    That’s pathetic. The moderator’s job is to ask questions and let the candidates debate

    They wanted to please the people they’ll never truly please, much like the corrupt republican establishment. Of course maybe that’s who they’ve always been. Either way I’m done.

  • ridgerunner

    Only watched 15 min of Fox and that was Pat Caddell and the Political Insiders – not one word swas mentioned about Megyn Kelly or Bret Baier. Even they are bought off. Deleted every Fox reference on my computer after that. Never thought Pat Caddell could be silenced.

  • Johnny

    Fox news has screwed the pooch this time! I had a lot of respect for them until last week. Never again.

  • SWohio

    I hope they will sit around that table with those same producers and laugh like loons as they watch their ratings go into the toilet, joining the rest of the worthless MSM.

    I know I will.

  • Joan Earley

    They telegraphed the fact it was a mission to get Trump dumped from the GOP candidacy stage by telling media they had “secret plan” to deal with him

  • Gregor

    This seems to indicate the establishment candidates actually knew of the plan in advance and were most likely instructed that it would be better for them to remain impartial and allow the moderators to take care of it. Notice the only candidate on stage who actually attacked Trump was another non-establishment candidate, Rand Paul, who was most likely not informed of the plan.

    Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Chris Christie all sat back and seemed to watch what they already knew was coming.

  • donh

    Huge ratings…moderators all working for JEB….and JEB down 3 points in post debate polls..That’s a 20% decline in support…….So will anyone be asking JEB if he will pledge support for the eventual nominee ?

  • ridgerunner

    Would you want Jeb endorsing you? I would tell Jeb, “Let’s don’t, but say you did.”

  • SWohio

    The kicker really is that of the 30% of the total time they spent talking, hardly any actual policy questions, questions relating to the actual presidency, were even asked.

  • ridgerunner

    Absolutely correct. That is why Carley scares the dickens out of me. Don’t think she is for real.

  • US.Patriot1776

    It didn’t work, Fox; in fact, it blew up in your face.

    What is being misunderstood is that this is not so much about Trump as it is about the Republican party, which has lied repeatedly over the last several decades and, when in power, has failed to deliver on any of its promises despite having the ability to do so.

    The mealy-mouthed games have finally awakened the people of this country who understand that there is a Constitution and it has meaning — the original meaning in the words, not some load of crap after-the-fact that happens to be convenient for you at the time.

    The cuckservative games, whether condescending crap that spews repeatedly from John McCain, the crying of Boehner, the outright lies of Ryan and McMorris-Rodgers and more have finally reached the point that the people of this country with a view toward the original intent and wisdom of the founders of this nation, never mind the Republican structure of our government, have simply had enough.

    We’re not going to vote for another McCain, no matter what name he has. We’re not going to vote for a Bush who takes credit for a Florida “economic miracle” that was in fact all built on housing market leverage, liar loans and illegal Mexican labor. We’re not going to vote for those who claim to be opposed to virtually every program President Obama has championed and led yet while holding the power of the purse to stop every last one of them they were instead funded, continued and expanded! We’re not going to vote for a Doctor who refuses to raise and debate the issue of outrageous monopoly interests that drive
    the price of medical care up by 10x what it should cost, and why the people involved are not under indictment and in prison rather than driving around in a Mercedes. And we’re not interested in the excuses coming from the various orifices of these candidates while they bow before the Koch Brothers and their money, or show up at Redstate when its leader bars Trump from coming after he, and the media, charged him with using words he never spoke,turning a well-justified riposte for an uncivil and intentionally dishonest attack put forward by the big corporate media into words he never uttered.

    We, those of mind such as myself and others, simply refuse to play this “but if you don’t vote for our jackass, evil though he may be, Hillary will win” game any more. This garbage was run with McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012, and it’s not happening again. I voted for Cthulu last time for this very reason and vowed to never again lend support or assistance to any such crap by the cuckservative Republicans — then or in the future. I meant it.

    Yes, this means that if Trump is improperly treated by the Republican Party and/or their media affiliates and as a result he decides to run on a third party or independent ticket, an act he certainly can do and fund himself, I will vote for him. If you think I fail to understand the consequence of this you’re wrong; my intent is to destroy them Cuckservative party now masquerading as “Republican”, and I’m not alone.

    Yes,that is a threat Mr. Boehner, Mr. Ryan, Mr. McConnell, Ms. McMorris-Rodgers and all of the rest of you. It is a lawful and political threat. It is a gigantic “**** you” middle finger in your direction, exactly as I expressed in plain language to a McMorris-Rodgers staffer after all of you folded in the debt ceiling debacle rather than doing what you were elected to, and promised to, do.

    I will accept no more excuses nor will I accept any more lies. I am done
    and so are millions of others who identify as Conservative. You are not conservatives, you are cuckservatives, sellouts, frauds, liars and thieves and you will either reform now and turn back all of what you have done to destroy this republic, federalism and the rights guaranteed to us under the Constitution before you ask for my vote once again or I, and millions of others, will take every legal political action available to us to destroy YOU.

    THAT is what this — and Trump’s popularity — is about.

  • Tyrantsbleedtoo

    If those liberal fascist scumbags ever escort him from the stage, they will guarantee his nomination and presidency.

  • And they bring on Meghan McCain as a contributor….so done with them!

  • Goose

    FOXbots! it has taken you this long to finally awaken?!
    Shame on you! what else are you missing? slow to recognize?

  • Tyrantsbleedtoo

    My brother; I like how you reason and eloquently articulate the pure substance of truth and liberty.

  • US.Patriot1776

    FOX News is One of Top 10 Largest Donors to the Clintons

    Sadly, too many people think that FOX is giving them the truth all the time. They war against others who watch MSNBC, CNN, and the various other alphabet media corporations, who are basically owned by a few.

    This is why it is always a good idea to watch or listen with discernment no matter who is reporting news to you.

  • klaffner

    Trump’s whole gig smacks of a Clinton political trick to get Hillary elected. The only way I (or any of us) can be sure it isn’t a trick is if Trump vows support for the nominee. It is easy for someone like Trump to announce as a Republican, engage in the rhetoric he has engaged in and develop a following. Once that is done, it is just as easy for him to pout like a child that he is not being treated fairly (poor baby), take his toys (supporters) and go third party. When he does that, it will ensure a win for Hillary. Honestly. I like what Trump is saying. But can any of his supporters say they trust him? Really? He donated to Hillary. The Clintons came to his wedding. Bill called him before he announced. All this is on the record. Come on now. Do you trust Donald Trump to reign in govt? Reduce spending? Be faithful to the constitution? Do you?

  • ridgerunner

    Fox has been sucking in liberals for quite a while. So many that the conservatives are getting overwhelmed. Even Bret Hume is towing a moderate line. Feel like the line in “Mama Told Me Not to Come”, “Don’t know what it is, don’t wanna see no more.” I’m outta there.

  • US.Patriot1776

    Fox’s Murdoch Tweets: Mission Accomplished

    Candidate Jeb Bush attends Chamber of Commerce dinner with Fox’s Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (December 2014)

  • Amjean

    Trump is not a politician. To get to where he is at with his businesses, he has to be
    pretty smart and must deal with smart people.

    He has to learn to deal with stupid people. He could start by reading your posting.

  • sandyindestin

    You got that right sister!
    And don’t think they are going to give up the fight easily.
    They see this as the BIG PUSH, and the freaks are coming out.

    We ain’t seen nothing yet, they taste power and will never just give it up, not for an election.

  • gary lacey

    I bounced DIRECTV from my home because of Fox News years ago.I think Fox News management is morally bankrupt.


    Shameful on Fox. #trump2016

  • Goose

    “if you don’t know where your news is coming from, you don’t know what news you’re getting” I don’t mean you-you, you understand… Soviet dissidents understood this axiom.

    btw, freedomoutpost has some great stuff, don’t they? check this out, a mindblower!
    “well my My MY… what do we have here?”

  • Tyrantsbleedtoo

    It is time to assault political correctness, and all of its rhetoric, manipulation and propaganda that promotes rogue opression. Delcare war on liberal femi-nazis, RINOS, lobbyists, and liberal-progressive Islamo demoncats.

  • Shaygirl

    I said during the debate when they hit Trump, bam, bam, bam I was afraid he would walk off. that’s exactly what they wanted Go TRUMP. Megan Couric Crowley you know what you can do. Please notice those two ******* are gone just like you WILL be.

  • Kenny Budd

    In political jargon, useful idiot is a term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.

  • Sniffy Pop

    100% Done with FOX.

    The establishment is very afraid

  • Amjean

    WOW! You expressed my sentiments exactly. Great rant!

  • dave0987

    Yep, they are in full blown panic mode right along side the commiecrats they love to enable.

  • carrier pigeon

    Lol!!! That is the absolute best assessment! Ha! Thanks!

  • Tyrantsbleedtoo

    Everytime the criminal Obama and his treasonous Cabinet does something “for” us, they do something destructive to us. Dont be nice to his supporters. Dont bend or break for them. Go head-on for them, and put them in their place, as the filthy, preposterous propellants of tyranny that they are.

  • Tyrantsbleedtoo

    Let the war on LIBERAL DEMONCAT women begin. Charge!!!!!

  • haypa2

    I thought tune-in matters. After all this, a number of Fox viewers now have time for other pursuits since they are no longer watching.

  • Donebelieving

    Because Fox cared only about itself, the voters learned absolutely nothing that would help them make an informed choice. With nothing but liberal debate moderators ahead, Fox stole the one chance we had to really get to hear where these candidates stood. Why not ask Trump what his plan is to solve the immigration problem? Why not ask Bush, why he would choose importing foreigners over putting Americans back to work?

  • ohio granny

    If what this article says is true Fox News is finished or should be. I think they lost a lot of viewers after the way this debate was conducted. The big losers are Fox News and Megan Kelly.

    Maybe it is true what some are saying about Murdock’s liberal sons taking over. There is plenty of liberal news organizations. The “fair and balanced” is what made Fox the favorite but they can lose that real fast if they become too liberal. They have enough liberals on now they surely don’t need more.

  • Here WeGo

    Doesnt anyone get what was really going on? The head of Fox is a democrat. They want Jeb because they know Hillary can beat him. They know Trump can beat her so they want him OUT. Those questions were approved at the top..those moderators didnt decide that on their own. Now, they are losing viewers and gave Trump a call. Trump was very forgiving, but If I were him..I would keep the hell away from Fox. Their minds didnt change about Trump, it changed about their crummy ratings this week. So, if you stopped watching Fox…keep it up..we are getting results.

  • really now

    Trump to be on Hannity tomorrow night.

    Will the “set-up” be discussed?

    Forward this article to Drudge. Forward to Mark Levin.

    Needs visibility. Don’t think Rush mentioned it.

  • really now

    ^5 Amjean!

  • dave0987

    Agreed. He might as well get on with Candy Crowley or one of the other nuts again if this is how Fox is gonna be.

  • I felt the same but a friend of mine told me that Donald Trump is a genius and he will work this for good. He knows marketing an he is getting millions in free advertising. I have been biting my nails but am going to stop. Let us see Donald Trump in action.

  • really now
  • tommy mc donnell

    I would like to know the names of these donors. if this really happened they must be brought out into the open. if fox news engaged in a conspiracy to deny someone their right to run for public office they should lose their broadcast license. this is the kind of thing you would expect to happen in a banana republic not the united states.

  • David Cooke

    We would have been better off with Candy Crowley.

  • democrat CockRoach

    I don’t shop at WalMart any longer either since I found out they were working on facial recognition with barry and I used to spend HUNDREDS of dollars there a month.

  • brian

    We listened to part of the debate on the radio. One thing that jumped out at me most: It seemed to be more a debate between the moderators and the candidates and not as much discussion among the candidates. A fair number of people listened in to get a better idea of who the candidates are and where they stand, and how they are different. Other than reaffirming my strong dislike for Huckabee (and I am a Christian) I didn’t get much out of this.
    I’m looking forward to hearing Hugh Hewitt in one of the future events.

    Even better would be to have someone like Hugh and a small set of other radio talk hosts individually interviewing each of the candidates, then releasing the video after all the interviews are done.

  • 6plus12

    FOX may have lost more than it gained by this attack debate –

  • rainmom

    so glad you brought that up! the first time she jumped trump about the comment, it gave me pause, but wanted to give her another chance. then the very next morning she
    doubled down on her initial comment, adding that women knew what he meant. baloney! it’s disappointing that she couldn’t rise
    above it, but instead joined the grievance groupies, pc police, w/e. i don’t need her to speak for me if she’s going to take offense so easily. conservative women are not weak and don’t need big, bad government to clear the path so we can succeed. can’t take her seriously.

  • AlecJ

    wow, Valerie Jarrett hanging with Jeb and Rupert. That about says it all. This picture needs to go viral.

    They sure are having a good time, arent they.

  • brian

    I don’t shop much at walmart anymore because they stopped selling a lot of their generic brand home improvement and fixit stuff ~10 years ago or so. With some other inventory changes I stopped my previous habit of checking walmart inventory before going to other stores.
    I don’t have cable anyways and never watch fox. Hearing “fox radio news” all I heard was the typical liberal issue echo chamber. So I figured fox was just another network with tolerance for some actual non brainded conservatives like hannity, malkin, etc.

  • Obomination

    Yup, the truth about Fox is plain as day. Some get it, but it’s sad how many don’t.

  • disqus_TZwmIwpSB5

    The debate should have been about the candidates not the moderators.

    I will be voting with my feet and will not be watching several of the moderators’ shows anymore. If their ratings go down, they will be replaced.

  • Ubeturbipy

    Fk those liberal whores at FOX

  • TorchOnHigh

    One of them was staring you in the face all night, the liberal mecca “Facebook”

  • Ubeturbipy

    I turned FOX off as soon as Kelly opened her mouth and attacked Trump and that’s the last damn time I will watch it….there are no unbiased news networks and definitely none that is fair and balanced.

  • Nosmo2

    Levin is always praising Baier for being fair….Wonder what he thinks of Baier now…

  • WakeUpPeople

    The Koch brothers and Sheldon Adleson, to be sure. Many, many more.

  • cheryl

    The country would have gone berserk if they had escorted him off the stage. They would not have been able to contain the rage.

  • Rocky Seven

    Disgusting display of ego by underachievers.

  • gsp9993

    Fox loses all over for this planned attack on Trump. Wheres the petition to stop Fox from ever hosted another debate. I want to sign it..

  • gsp9993

    Fox betrayed Mr. Levin too.

  • really now

    As Krozac said up in the FB comments above, “weatherman Bret Baier”

    I don’t watch TV, but if someone can note who advertises on his show, I’d be delighted to send some product boycott letters

  • really now

    Yep. Fox sold their audience out.

    They will get good ratings this week to see if there are any more Trump fireworks, then will see their numbers decline.

    I may even call some local radio stations and urge them to dump Fox as their news radio feed.

    Fox can make nice, but they are dead to me.

  • Right wing

    WalMart also sells Che fashion, along with Cuban and Iranian flags. I try not to shop there if at all possible. They praise Vets and then sell that junk.

  • SadieJoan

    Wow!! Disgusting!

  • Right wing

    I have been a faithful viewer of the news for years, but after seeing how unfair and smug they are and how they constantly push for the traitor Rubio, I can get my news online at Drudge and Breitbart from now on.

  • pattywack

    That’s who did it… Alfred nueman and his money as FOX and FB merged they tried a hit job. Too juvenile for big doners more like little boy tactics using bimbos to do the dirty on him.

  • pattywack

    To stand with Meygan is to stand with dirty tricks and attempts to silence the frontrunner cause you don’t like him personally. Now that is just not right….. everyone knows it’s not right so what’s up Carly…..

  • Diamond_Jim

    The media continues to refer to Kelly as a “pretty blonde” – to me she’s always looked like a tranny.

  • pattywack

    Hannity is trying to say hey it’s all over just like that…. I don’t think so. look they have Dana, Kraut, bret, Will, Geraldo, Gutfeld. They like the GOP are fully infiltrated with goons.

  • pattywack

    It should be against the law to do that …..

  • Realist

    RINOlista at FOX serve the same cabal of paymasters as their counterpart journOlista at ABCNBCCBSPBSCNNMSNBCWAPONYT. The only concern of both the journOLista and RINOlista is to gird the loins of their respective untermenchen warriors with enough red meat outrage that the untermenchen never have the time to notice that they are the ones are being targeted for destruction.

    The Ruling Class has absolutely zero interest in giving voice to the wishes, concerns and interests of the little peeps, nor will they. Their game is stealthily guiding those little peeps towards the Ruling Class penstocks through their use of Big Media deception, fabrications and lying.

  • Paul

    Probably so…but another more sinister angle…they want Jeb just in case Hillary implodes…see they want the backing of either candidate…

  • pattywack

    BOYCOTT ever watching missy meygan ever again. That is the ONLY way to get the attention of money grubbers like this. Face it soon you will have to leave facebook too with that kid spreading money to do evil. His name was all over that.

  • pattywack

    I saved what you said here because it’s exactly the same as how I feel. I bet there more of me out there. Great writing….

  • really now

    Yep, he’s being short with callers that are ticked about the debate and stuffing the show with a lot of Middle East filler. They’ve been killing each other before we existed and will be killing each other after we’re gone. People are sick of the Middle East. We ARE interested in protecting our darn borders. Talk about that.

    If it comes down to Jeb vs. Hillary and no third party I will write in TRUMP as a big middle finger to the GOP, Boehner and McConnell.

    If Hillary wins over Jeb so be it. Crash the whole mess and start over.

    Voted for McCain (ugh)
    Voted for Mitt (against Obama, not because I liked Mitt)
    Done voting for the liars, ESPECIALLY after the GOP House and Senate FAILED to deliver on any of their promises. Boehner and McConnell make me physically ill.

    Maybe Levin will be a little more vocal, not reporting to Ailes and all.

  • ridgerunner

    No, I do not trust Trump, but I trust the GOPe far less – and if you are GOPe, so be it.

  • Muawiyah

    The consensus is that if FOX had played it straight, they’d left a good taste in everyone’s mouth, or whatever.

    Instead, it’s like they served a “terd” sandwich……

    Looks like the sons’ are already wasting their patrimony.

  • GMan

    No…the intention was to deliver damage.

  • Nate

    I remember this one time when I was watching UFC and the referee joined in the fight….oh wait, no I don’t.

  • Flannigan

    If this is all true, the demise of the Republican party and FOX NEWS should be at hand.

  • Muawiyah

    No you would not.

    Creepy Crawley actually tried to change publicly known numbers and threw a hissy fit …..

    Megyn quoted from scripted TV show segments……

    She had to have been hallucinating.

  • darrell_b8

    So much for these ‘fair and balanced’ POS……………….

  • Leerichs

    Shortly after the debate someone on Twitter (not me) asked why Jeb was not questioned about his presentation of an award to Hillary. Seems only fair after Fox grilled Trump on Hillary attending his wedding.

    I have no idea if Trump is the answer or not, but what I do know is Hillary isn’t and Jeb isn’t. Could Trump be worse? I highly doubt it.

  • doni124

    Was totally predictable. You can’t have all the moderators of a debate employed by the same person/organization. Facebook, as cosponsor of the debate, also suffered some humiliation in my meager opinion. One of the Fox drones should have been replaced by someone representing Facebook and that person should have been the one choosing the questions from the people asking questions electronically. It’s certainly no surprise that Ailes called Trump today to tell him that he would be treated fairly. Hilarious…….like the head of Fox News should even need to make such a call. ‘Fair and Balanced’ my butt! The ‘three stooges’ should be looking for work after that pathetic performance.

  • Gary Causer

    I’ll only tune in if the Don is on or Sean is on…..

    Go Trump

    Molon labe

  • really now

    Facebook got their hooks into the debate to datamine it.

    Everything will be passed on to the DNC for targeted advertising and deciding which Republican candidates can be destroyed by targeted spending.

    Might as well have cosponsor the debate. Someone at the RNC is an idiot or a plant for signing that deal.

  • I’ve lost a lot of respect for baier over last 2 days.
    never really had much for kelly so no real loss.

  • James

    I refused to watch Fox News Sunday and I will continue to avoid FOX all week long until they do something to apologize to us, their damn audience.

  • Patty

    According to an Associated Press report,
    “Republican donor John Jordan said Monday that GOP leaders should take
    steps to block Trump’s access to the first presidential debate in early

    “Someone in the party ought to start some sort of petition saying,
    ‘If Trump’s going to be on the stage, I’m not going to be on there with
    him,’” Jordan the AP. “I’m toying with the idea of it.”

  • Patty

    Donors urge GOP candidates to boycott debates if Trump participates

    Allahpundit sums up the efficacy of this
    idea perfectly: “So, so dumb, but that’s our donor class for you.”

    The New York Times details the “logic” of why boycotting the debate by
    major candidates is a good idea:

    The thinking, according to a Republican involved in the conversations,
    was that the lesser-funded prospects who have been eclipsed by Mr. Trump
    would follow suit, and the TV networks airing the debates would be
    forced to bar Mr. Trump in order to have a full complement of

    Allah blows that nonsense out of the water:

    Bush, Walker, and Rubio can each argue, somewhat credibly, that having
    Trump in the race is good for them. For Jeb, he’s a big-name foil, a guy
    whom Bush can use to underscore his own comparative moderation and
    electability. There may be nothing worse to many “somewhat conservative”
    voters than nominating a Bush … unless the alternative is nominating
    Donald Trump. For Walker, what…(Read Full Post)

  • YoOleMe

    Certainly Mr. “RedStates” Erickson’s sense of decorum equilibrium
    flashed in neon-bright PC there, not to mention his two-nanometer deep sense of true elements in dire need of correction for our nation’s recovery!!!!

    Having collected and digested any & all of the past three-weeks’ internet traffic I could find, applicable to the understanding of “Donald Trump, Presidential candidate” – notwithstanding his previous “liberal”
    politic activities, which justly fit within his $Billion-strata of normal business routine, as the Donald explained: I’ve found comfortable belief that a) the man is in fact, genuine in his various stated posits, and b) endowed with sufficient acumen to accomplish the tasks to which he aspires. Concomitantly, I find his copious business enterprise successes – certainly to the tune of an $8-10 Billion net worth, coupled with his having made the bulk of that wealth as the Brooklyn / Queens interloper within the Ashkenazi Jewry’s Manhattan Real Estate playground ( e.g. the WTC incriminating financial evidence content, destruction ‘play’, with double-indemnity insurance bonus!) – bring to the table such innate experiences that fit perfectly INTO UNDOING what this Zionist juggernaut to hell is about.

    In fact, in that context: I’m compelled to recall the old childhood maxim, “It takes one, to know one.” – except that in Trump’s case, as that interloper now bore-sighted within their media-gun reticule, his excoriation by Zionist oligarchy apparatchiks may well be forthcoming in the nature of their progressive “pump & dump” moron-manipulating Poll-numbers, already appearing to materialize around this first “Debate,”

    Albeit: Should Donald Trump attempt a third-party run, THREE
    dominate differences from past failures in such efforts are extant: 1.
    (“Brand,” THE CORE ELEMENT of the man’s billion-dollar empire), scope and depth of publicly-utilized business successes (thirty-years of major hotels, resorts, casinos); even Teddy Roosevelt was not so deeply ensconced in populist exposure!!! THUS: COMPARING Trump to Perot for evidence of third-party folly, is comparing vintage Champagne, to CO2 charged grape juice! … MY GUT FEEL HERE IS SUCCESS, and I think the “R”-Party Zionist- PTB have the same GUT FEEL (BUT THEIRS IS NAUSEA)!!!

    ERGO, on balance today (09 August, 2015), even with all of his warts: I find Trump to be a man-of-his-words. and within that clearly
    business-language context he defines his “stay, or break away” posit, a genuine republican nominee contestant; alas, most of us fail to appreciate the necessity of this power element in deal-making against the Party’s Zionist-elitist, who want neither Trump, nor Rand, nor Ted, nor any other of their ilk so bent on breaking that D / R pseudo opposition cyclical continuum to their NWO finale, assured to them through their computer voting machine rigging – STILL EXTANT TODAY!!!

    Albeit, all the computer voting machine rigging aside, in the final analysis: UNKNOWN (or at least insufficiently cognized by most) is the ultimate hurdle in this nefarious, surreptitious, quadrennial U.S. presidential appointment process, these past two decades: TABULATION of the entire vote-process IS DONE IN ISRAEL, BY ASHKENAZI ZIONIST INTERESTS!!!! … however: BY ELIMINATING electronic involvement at the precinct level, with a voter’s citizenship verified by physical Birth Certificate [TODAY, EVERYONE HAS 15-MONTHS TO GET ONE], and paper-ballot evidence, tabulated within an open, citizen-proctored hand-count; such skullduggery is at least refutable with proof!!! …


    In case you came in too-late for the resent decade’s exposé of the A.D. 740 KHAZARIAN EMPIRE episode in world history – and certainly, BEFORE you join their “Anti-Semite” chorus:

    THIS IS ABOUT Eastern-European Khazarian Ashkenazi Jewry, Talmudic converts who OWN TODAY’S FINANCIAL WORLD; constitute 85% to 90% of Israel’s populous and virtually the WHOLE OF ISRAEL’S GOVERNMENT, BUT ARE NO MORE SEMITE THAN AN AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL, and ABSOLUTELY NOT SHEM-ROOTED, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob [Israel] Israelite DESCENDANTS’ – of which Christ Jesus is part!

    When Donald Trump touts his sacrifice to conduct this effort; you might make note of the fact his efforts are against this same Luciferian-worshiping Ashkenazi ilk who “converted” the 1917 Russian Empire into the Union of Socialist Soviet Russia (USSR – a.k.a. the Soviet Union; COMMUNIST RUSSIA) in the following manner:

    Tsar Nicholas II abdicated following the February Revolution of 1917 during which he and his family were imprisoned first in the Alexander
    Palace at Tsarskoye Selo, then later in the Governor’s Mansion in Tobolsk, and finally at the Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg. In the spring of 1918, Nicholas was handed over to the local Ural soviet by commissar Vasili Yakovlev who was given a written receipt.[8] Nicholas II; his wife, Alexandra Feodorovna; his son, Alexei Nikolaevich; his four daughters, Olga Nikolaevna, Tatiana Nikolaevna, Maria Nikolaevna and Anastasia Nikolaevna; the family’s medical doctor, Evgeny Botkin; the Emperor’s footman, Alexei Trupp; the Empress’ maidservant, Anna Demidova; and the family’s cook, Ivan
    Kharitonov, were executed in the same room by the Bolsheviks on the night of 16/17 July 1918. [See: WIKIPEDIA ]

    As the senior US economist and political activist, Paul Craig Roberts, put it recently in his essay, ‘Does the West have a future?’: ‘If you
    believe in murdering your opponents, not debating with them, dispossessing the powerless, creating a fictional world based on lies and paying the corporate media to uphold the lies and fictional world, you are part of what the rest of the world perceives as ‘The West’…. People without valid information are helpless, and that is where Western peoples are. The new tyranny is arising in the West, not in Russia and China’.

    God Speed,


  • darryl

    Fox proving it is just another alphabetical propaganda/ news outlet ,same as the rest of them .

  • sweptarea

    Time to bury Fox News. And it doesn’t need to be under a heap of dirt, if you get my drift. I too will be interested in the next cable news viewership figures… something Fox has had no shame bragging about lately. Betcha they aren’t so boastful now.

    Goodbye Kelly, O’Reilly, Van Susteren, Smith, Wallace/Baier. Will miss Hannity but he’s not enough to patronize the Fox sponsors with my valuable viewership.

  • News is the Net now.
    So, they are becoming irrelevant

  • sweptarea

    I’d thought better of all of them. I was wrong.

  • sweptarea

    He!! – Who knows ? If the Fox network go down in value enough Trump could buy it at a fire sale price. It wouldn’t be much of a chore to restore the brand: Fire the on-air trash and hire conservatives to replace them.

  • sweptarea

    There is no right to run for public office unless I missed that Article in the Constitution.

  • moaldee007

    Trump is now at 32%…

  • sweptarea

    Doubt the Kochs had anything to do with it.

  • Aimee

    A plan to “escort him off the stage”?
    This just gets worse and worse.

  • Nachum

    Megyn Kelly = Piers Morgan with a bra

  • Greg Boyington

    Fox news…piece of work. The three interrogators…..well, I’ve lost all respect for them. Go Trump!

  • Sheikh Hasan bin Sobah

    People who rely on Liberals,
    Are the stupidest people in the world
    They’re all children, acting like other children
    And yet letting a Liberal pride
    Hide all the stupid inside
    Acting more like LIVs than LIVs

    Send copyright royalties to Democratic Barbra Streisand, Malibu, CA (where Negroes are not allowed to live)

  • funnybone

    Maybe they will hire her to replace Stewart, the brain-deaders’ erstwhile most reliable news source.

  • NJK

    Ted Cruz is my candidate, but I despise what these people have done, and what they are. They use the public to enrich themselves. They lie to people and take them for fools. They are propagandists.

  • jackb

    Who would want their picture taken with that commie Jarret………really disgusting.

  • jerseyj

    Whatever they think they “honed”, it wasn’t their reputations. I wasn’t in the least surprised with Wallace since he’s long proven his position on most matters. I am surprised at Baier whose “fair, balanced and unafraid” seems to have been flushed down the toilet. Kelly, don’t care, don’t watch her.

    Can’t wait for the first democrat debate so I can watch Cindy Crawford and George Steffenopolis really put it to those contenders!

  • Rick Caird

    So, it turns out that Fox out did CNN by providing three Candy Crowley’s. Lovely, just lovely.

  • Mousey

    is there a location to see the entire debate online?

  • Aubryn

    Cruz also took no part in it.

  • Tom Bennett

    Just because Ailes minimizes his role doesn’t mean that Bill Sammon, the Vice President of News, didn’t play an active role in shaping the questions in his role as overseer of the debate prep.

    I’ve watched a ton of coverage and the consensus seems to be that Trump got the toughest questions and Marco Rubio the easiest.

    I’m no Trump supporter — far from it — but it’s difficult to argue against those who suggest that Fox News was out to derail Trump’s campaign. Even if they have no definitive proof.

  • Keitha Culwell

    No need to tell us they were planing to torpedo Trump. He sure turned that around and headed it back towards them. We blocked Fox on Sunday because they kept at it and only mentioned Trump in the worst light if at all. We watched Jake Tapper and loved it, give it a try. I did bypass my husband and watched Fox and Friends this AM and Cavuto in the afternoon.

  • brenda chafin

    there sure was a lot of eyes rolling around, checking out the toes of their shoes, probably would have been a good time to take a drink of water, they tried to hang Trump out to dry… bad very very bad. This is why I love Trump, he never missed a beat, took on the question and stared Megyn down, and kept right on rolling without pre scripted answers or teleprompter. No other person on the stage had to fend off a bottom feeder comment like that, but they didn’t dare jump into that either. Donald and Rosie feud is old news and serves no one to bring it up.

  • Aubryn

    I posted this to twitter. TY!

  • Aubryn

    That was petty. Klaffner has a good point, and of course it is what many are thinking. Don’t be a baby, act like an adult.

  • Sparkle Plenty

    Brett the coward took down his FB page. No more fist bumps and high fives taking place at Fox these days.

  • Sparkle Plenty

    Don’t feel bad, we were all duped by these total sell-outs. Want to send a message? If you’ve liked any of them on FB, unlike them, if you’re following any of them on Twitter, unfollow. And last but certainly not least, stop watching their channel.

  • Sparkle Plenty

    Maybe CNN has a slot for her, seeing as they canned their Candy Crowley.

  • Sparkle Plenty

    Yup, no more fist bumps and high fives going on at Fox. Paybacks gonna be a biotch.

  • Sparkle Plenty

    Faux news new slogan should be: We’ll tell ya what to think, and when to think it.

  • Sparkle Plenty
  • Crockett

    Actually Jeb Bush did. He is OUT!

  • WakeUpPeople

    The Kochs hate Trump. Google some articles about them in the last few weeks.

  • Debbie


  • archer52

    The hosts did their jobs. There were too many candidates. They had to hit them in their weak spots. Trump’s was his ego- and he failed. Carson on actual experience in this arena. Pataki in his liberal NY positions (he was effectively eliminated). Trump’s history drove the questions. Look him up. I’m old enough to remember him from the eighties on.

  • Tyrone Nunnely


  • Tyrone Nunnely

    Yeah, Shep the &^%$, Gerald Rivers aka mustache, Arthel, Martha, Kiersten and many others…LIBERALS are taking FOX to the cleaners…

  • Tyrone Nunnely


  • Tyrone Nunnely

    Meghan was so hyped up before for the “debates” that she used to act like a kid in a candy shop.

  • Tyrone Nunnely


  • oneprivateer

    The ONLY way FOX will feel pain is for all conservatives and Trump supporters to NEVER watch FOX again; we can acquire our information from the internet! Let FOX News turn into another CNN type of news center where MOSTLY low information voters and liberals watch it! I quit watching FOX 5-6 years ago.

  • Stephen Lowe

    Yeah they love to get accolades from media matters. If that floats their boat I will ignore them and turn to newsmax or fbn, which has a tad more authentic conservatives. I know they will miss me I am sure (not).

  • Debi Brand

    Charming, is it not?

  • Debi Brand


  • Debi Brand

    Control, manipulate the “herd.”

  • Debi Brand

    In a word, yup.

  • Debi Brand

    Asserted rainmom: ” … adding that women knew what he meant. baloney! it’s disappointing that she couldn’t rise above it, but instead joined the grievance groupies, pc police, w/e. i don’t need her to speak for me ….”

    Amen to that.

  • Kingscairn

    I knew by the third question on the first, the 5 oclock debate when Martha McCallum started making Trump >the issue< !
    No problem for me though because i abandoned fnc a long time ago !

  • bob

    If they treat the dems the same way then there’s no problem. I , however, have a hard time believing they would ever treat hillary , bernie , the fake indian etc. in this manner.

  • really now

    Jeb thanks you for your support

  • really now

    Check out this article on Bill Sammon (Fox VP of news) written BEFORE the debate:

    Biased source, but now the source that is congratulating Megyn Kelly.

    The “Murder Board” is particularly notable.

    Sammon is a long-time Team Bush member.

    Total setup. Designed specifically to knock Trump out. Not even a question.

  • glenn47

    It was far from a debate, it was an attack period. They have nothing to be proud of.

  • Patriot077

    Considering the fact that they hired Meagan McCain, I wouldn’t waste my time with anyone but the Fox Finance hosts.

  • jm323

    “…weak spots. Trump’s was on his ego, and he failed.”

    Then why is he polling even better after the “debate”?

    It’s the egos of these Fox talking heads that was on display. Yeah, everyone yours and my age knows “the Donald”. That’s why nothing he said surprised anyone nor would work to his dis-advantage. Nobody cares that he used derogatory language towards women, because that language was directed towards specific women who were simply getting back what they dished out.

    And, as for what drove the questions –ratings is what drove the questions. Fox as well as rightscream radio (Clear Channel, etc.) make their money on pushing buttons, getting people to scream at each other, raising blood pressures. It was Rupert Murdoch who introduced tabloid t.v. and the particular daytime talk show format with the demagogic host riling up audiences to American t.v. in the ’80s.

  • The Bishop Paradox

    and people genuinely wonder why Trump refused to say he wouldn’t run as a third party candidate. They are trying to get rid of him at every turn- it really is the only leverage that he has. As long as he keeps the threat, they can’t kick him out of the debates.

  • The Bishop Paradox

    Well to be fair, Cruz has never said a bad thing about Trump, even when others were piling on last month. So I don’t think you can assume that Cruz was “in on it” if that is what you are suggesting. The man called the leader of the Senate a Liar, on the Senate floor, practically to his face. I think he’s on our side.

  • PainesGHOST

    I don’t understand why the organizers of this event allowed any of these bottom feeding suckerfish to ask the candidates a single question. This dog and pony show they call “debates” have NOTHING in common with debates. I debated in school. You need ONE moderator asking PERTINENT questions and regulating time used. Ideally the questions should have been RESTRICTED to the concerns of the American Citizen: Border security and removing the 22million illegal job snatching, drug pushing, human trafficing border violators. The American Holocaust called Planned Parenthood. The RULE OF LAW. The erosion of our freedoms along with our wealth. Out of control federal agencies and bureaucrats. This blood-thirsty pack of hyenas performed ZERO service to anyone, themselves included. Is subtlety a completely foreign concept? Is JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY at a total zero in these people? Further, how is it that on FOX news, the one (we once thought) remaining bastion of actual journalism. Sounding more like JOURNO-LIST participants. TRIPLE SHAME on the organization in general and the individuals in particular. Not to mention good old useless Rience Priebus. What a joke! All these years and after the Candy Crowley incident we don’t know any better?

  • PainesGHOST

    I find myself strangely anticipating the destruction of these hacks’ careers. All of them should find themselves collecting unemployment or doing local color in Scapoose.

  • PainesGHOST

    Ahead of you there. Except for events such as this, and I confess I couldn’t make myself finish. It was like a whole pack of Candy Crowleys, and so very clear that the word was out to get the Donald. I’m wondering what fantasies filled their little heads as they planned this. “He’ll freak out!” He’ll crumble. He’ll be reduced to incoherence. He’ll wither away……. Bunch of goons.

  • Aubryn

    As I said, Cruz TOOK NO PART IN IT. I thought that statement was clear, and I cannot find a way to interpret that to mean I am suggesting that Cruz was any part of this. Cruz has my vote.

  • Katy

    I know I shouldn’t be commenting on this site. But then I can’t help myself. How many on this site wants Hillary Clinton to win in 2016? If Mr. Trump were to go third party in ’16, Hillary would certainly win or whoever wins the democratic nomination would win. Why wouldn’t any of you not want to know whether or not Trump would potentially run on a third party ticket? Why would you not want to know about Mr. Trump’s negative remarks about women? Note I said “women”. It wasn’t just remarks about Rosie. Even it had only been Rosie, does everyone think it’s ok to make rude remarks about a woman? Oh, I guess you must like rude comments about women. After all Mr. Trump’s remark that Megyn Kelly is a “bimbo” is ok too, right? I don’t think so. To think, I had actually considered voting for Mr. Trump. While I am no saint, I am not so sure I want the pendulum to swing from Obama all the way to a president that bullies anyone who dare question him about anything. A president that thinks his way is the only way, otherwise your long military career is over (you know “you’re fired”). Hmm maybe that pendulum really wouldn’t swing very far from where it’s at. Can our country survive another Obama like president (a wolf in sheeps clothing). No, it’s more like a bully with a bully mouth and a bully’s quick actions without truly thinking first. Now how many of you really wants this nation to sink because “We the People” want change? Remember we have had change and it wasn’t for the better. Will the change we get be any better than the last round of
    change that was voted into office? Think about that for a while before voting out of disgust/anger over the current president’s idea of change (not following the law, changing the law without congressional legislation, releasing terrorist without having the authority to do so, running this nation so far in debt that there is no financial room to support a war against those who would destroy our nation?). I am not accusing Mr. Trump of wanting to do this type of thing. But, what kind of choices do quick tempered people make? Again, think seriously about who you support for president. What type of personality does is take to be a good president? Does anyone want four years of REALITY TV with this nation being the stars of the world wide show?

  • Mirror

    There’s no way you can know that Hillary would definitely win. He’s pulling from broad swaths of potential voters. ugh! As a woman, I am SICK of women being all demure abt Trump criticizing women. Guess what? Equality means men & women can be criticized and he’s actually criticized far more men than women. This is a false meme. Poor, kind Rosie. She struck out at him and his fam and he struck back. You’d rather hear abt social media content than policies? If criticism or stating your opinion abt others’ performance or qualifications is bullying, you’re doing it right now. Ironic to see your concern he’ll make snap decisions, after you stated you knew you shouldn’t post here, but you “couldn’t help yourself”.

  • Bob34

    Rosie has gotten into screaming matches on air. She’s feuded not just with Trump, but with Hasselback, Whoopi, Kelly Ripa, her exwives, and more. Years later, Kelly doesn’t ask Trump how he’ll restore jobs, or what his plan is for veterans, but decides Rosie needs a champion? Nope. It was all a scheme to short circuit the normal electoral process; letting a candidate rise or fall on their own merits and plans. They planned questions to try to get him so out of control they could remove him from the stage and thus from the race. That’s what should make people angry!

  • DrJonnyChepe

    What a bloody mess….Period!

  • Blues of Morderer

    these 3 anchors are despicable scum. I will never watch Foxnews again.

  • maquignon

    Fox has turned into MSNBC

  • Sparkle Plenty

    Actually, believe it or not they planned on escorting him off the stage! I kid you not! They had a nuclear option of physically hauling him off the stage. These are some sick, twisted people and I will NEVER trust them again! Faux news alright.

  • Ghost Mis-Adventures Crew

    You know the news media are controlled they are all jumping on a campaign against Trump.. Hillary does not want a Donald Trump bringing up her crimes in a debate, she wants a dolt who mumbles –> Jeb

  • Sparkle Plenty

    Check it out. People are still slamming him along the side board of his page. But it just shows that he’s a “journalist” and has like 84 likes. Other than that it’s blank.

  • honestynow

    I had thought Baier more balanced and professional than this.
    So disappointed.

  • blackfeather

    me too sweptarea….

  • shadetree56


  • The Bishop Paradox

    Sorry- I was more referring to the person’s comment that you were replying to.

  • aceofwands

    Kelly handled Trump in the same fashion as John King did to Newt…how soon we forget. Was she auditioning for a CNN slot?

    “Gingrich delivers show-stopper at beginning of South Carolina debate”

  • Red Fred

    Rand Paul did take a swipe at him but didn’t achieve much, then DT says, “you’re having trouble tonight.”

  • AndrewInterrupted

    No, the Libtard networks are already offering to double her salary. Megyn Kelly is the hetero Racial MadCow.

  • Winchester1300

    Megyn and Fox have a HUGE credibility problem… Many conservatives have been watching and commenting on how Fox News has been slowly moving left, trying to draw conservatives with them… Now Megyn blew the lid off and gave them away.

    Megyn exposed the GOP/Fox plot to “Take rump Down!”

    Yesterday, Fox News chief Roger Ailes called Trump and assured him that he would be “be treated fairly on Fox”

    Fox News Chief Promises Trump He Will Be Treated Fairly by Fox News…

    Yet Megyn Kelly just keeps on yammering and bashing Trump!

    Goodbye Fox… Hello Newsmax.

  • Winchester1300

    You bet… Trump is creating a whole new support organization.

    Reagan Democrats are starting to take a real interest in Donald Trump…

    Many Reagan Democrats are tired of corrupt Democrats and Obama’s lies, they are starting to see Donald Trump as a man willing to step-up and protect American lives and protect American citizens.

    Trump will speak directly and honestly to black voters. Trump is going to say he doesn’t give a damn about color, and they are going to believe him. He is going to say, I’m rich. I made a lot of money and I am going to make you money too, and they are going to believe him. Donald Trump will actually offer black Americas a real shot at the American Dream.

    Trump is also likely to make a decent showing with Hispanic voters. A new poll in Nevada shows Trump in first place among Hispanics. He was the choice of 27.7% of respondents overall, but among Hispanics, the figure jumped to 31.4%.

    Trump will get a large part of the women’s vote too. Contrary to what the Rinocrats and feminazis would have you believe, most women appreciate a strong outspoken man or woman who will speak the truth and stand up for and protect what they believe. Being rich and famous doesn’t hurt either.

    Just think how many Reagan Democrats, Independents, women, blacks, and LEGAL immigrants Trump will bring!

  • D.A.R. Member

    I just heard Hugh Hewlitt will be moderating the next debate on CNN. Hewlitt HATES TRUMP. People We R in trouble b/c if a Regular Businessman wins the GOP nomination we may not see a 2016 election because Washington DC will not allow their power to be elected away ..

  • D.A.R. Member

    Trump mentions Rand Paul attacking Trump and Saying Trump is not a True Republican . Well Is Rand Paul a True Republican? Rand Paul said That he was at the start of the Tea Party but He does not Stand for Tea Party candidates when they run for office. Rand Paul campaigned for RINO-Senator Mitch McConnell . Whats worse is he shunned and vilified Tea Party Candidate Matt Bevins who ran for Mitch McConnells seat in Kentucky and so RAND PAUL is responsible for most of the Senate trouble we are having with these RINO’s in The Senate . If U want to know the difference between a Real Republican and a Republican in Name Only (RINO) Read the PLATFORM OF THE republican party and see if the candidate lines up with the Platform ..

  • mamapjs

    Yes, of course. 🙂 Trump has the Establishment GOP soiling their Depends, and it is going to go on for some time to come, I predict. 🙂

  • lvdancer

    The Bible assures us that trap you set for us will be the one you fall into.
    You really did think we were that stupid, didn’t you. Surprise! The only thing you DIDN’T plan for fell right on your heads. While the 3 stooges were looking for a pat on the head from Hume, we unleashed a rage you can’t possibly understand. Done. You are done.

  • Rob Jones

    Trump was correct in his assertions that the questioning was unnecessarily crafty.

  • Rob Jones

    She has been getting more and more mean spirited and thus dumber than a leftist.

  • LiberalsRLost

    The one thing DT has done is to flush out the covert progs better than a chocolate lab running into a covey of quails…….

    “Mission Accomplished!!!”

    Now the conservatives, maybe have had their eyes opened, about how and why we have been getting screwed for the last 4 decades……

  • Gramera

    You are so correct. They disgust me, traitors to their viewers. I cannot watch or listen to them anymore. Every article I’ve read has an overwhelming number of comments that pledge boycotting Fox and their 2 faced anchors.

  • Gramera

    They won’t get fired, their bosses loved it and likely had put their stamp of approval on the plan well before the debate.

  • Gramera

    Yep, and I like her less and less every day.

  • micg

    A visit to the Fox News web page proves how bad the damage is they have done to themselves.
    They have all but stopped covering the GOP field since their elect Jeb campaign was such a total disaster, (I would go so far as to suggest that they alone have had more to do with the Bush downfall than Jeb himself), and their election coverage is reduced to parroting the various MSM attacks on Trump and Carson.
    If you need further proof of where they are headed look at today’s headlines on Fox; “Strong Clinton debate puts Biden entry in doubt” …Did they watch the same debate as the rest of us?