Breaking: Iranian Regime Already Breaks Nuclear Deal – Quds Forces Leader Visits Russia

The Iranian regime already broke the the nuclear deal with the West.
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Quds Force leader Qassem Soleimani already visited Moscow despite a travel ban.
Israeli activist Omri Ceren reported:

Fox News just published an exclusive confirming that Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani just visited Moscow even though he’s under a travel ban and prohibited from leaving Iran by United Nations Security Council sanctions. The article is at the bottom of this email and has details down to the Air Iran flight numbers and times of his arrival and departure.

Evidence of sanctions-busting by Soleimani has the potentially to be politically disastrous for the Obama administration. The Iranian general was originally sanctioned for a wide range of terror activities, including against Americans: U.S. military officials estimate that he has the blood of roughly 500 American soldiers on his hands and that the majority of American causalities during the final two years of Iraq were because of his surrogates [a][b]. The JCPOA lifted many sanctions against Soleimani were lifted under the final JCPOA, generating a flood of criticism and forcing the administration to go into damage control mode.

At first the State Department denied the concession even existed, with Kerry claiming that it was a different Qassem Soleimani who was being delisted [c]. That was false and so the White House quickly had to concede that the general was indeed getting sanctions relief [d].

Administration officials then shifted to declaring that the delisting was the best they could do: it would occur 8 years into the deal, after the UN’s sanctions authority lapsed, and would never occur on a domestic level at all. In the meantime they emphasized that both sets of sanctions would be vigorously enforced at the international level.

A senior administration official told reporters on July 14 “IRGC Commander Qassem Soleimani will not be delisted at the United Nations… [until] 8 years into the deal, so sanctions are not being lifted early on Qassem Soleimani… his designation under U.S. sanctions will in no way be impacted by the [JCPOA]. Since secondary sanctions remain in place on the U.S. side, this means that sanctions on Qassam Soleimani will still have an international effect” Kerry made the same point on July 29 to the Senate Armed Services “under the United States’ initiative… [Soleimani] will never be relieved of any sanctions” [g]. The talking point was built into a White House memo titled “The Iran Deal: What You Need to Know About the JCPOA” [e]:

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  • Wingman

    Wonder how the administration will spin this? Act shocked? Blame FOX News? Claim this wasn’t covered in the deal? Say it didn’t happen? Claim he went there to play golf with Barry? Hmm…

  • l.barney

    “You know, when the Ayatollah chants “death to american” that doesn’t mean they REALLY want to kill us! It’s a Persian joke that is too nuanced for those dolts who Hate my grand achievement in diplomacy!” -Long Jawhn Kerry or as Howie Carr calls him “LiveShot”

  • Charles Randall

    “sigh”, pray for a return to sanity of the leaders of the USA.

  • 2fi53pl45c3

    What did everyone think? These haters of the free world were going to play nice in the sandbox?

  • Rick Caird

    It is testing, always testing, with Iran. “Let’s see what we can get away with”. There will always be more testing because Iran does not care about the agreement. They are going to cheat anyway. They are just seeing what happens when they do a little cheating. If they get away with that, they will do some more.