AUDIO: Mark Levin Rips Megyn Kelly on Her Trump Gotcha Question

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Mark Levin gives an excellent rant on the first half hour of his show in which he breaks down the problem with Megyn Kelly’s ‘Gotcha’ question against Trump (during the Presidential debate).

It’s hard to decide which portion of the entire rant is the best part to post first. The opening 15 minutes of the rant revisits Trump’s originally reason for his reaction to Rosie O’Donnell—which was in response to Rosie’s vicious attack on Trump and his family on The View. In fact, as Mark Levin points out, the O’Donnell attack also MOCKED WOMEN in general. Mark Levin makes an excellent point on why Megyn ignores the war on women from the nut cases who run The View.

But Mark was just getting warmed up, and in part 2—after a commercial break—Levin really socks it to Megyn, so let’s start there. Enjoy!

For anyone who would like to catch the first 15 minutes, the audio for Part 1 also provided below for your enjoyment (and found at this link here).

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  • Patty

    Everyone is getting on the band wagon about Kelly’s questioning about Women and Trumps comments.

    It was a low time in the debate, embarrassing for both but that was the question and the debate is over. Yes, I do believe Kelly brought her anger with Trump to the debate. Sad but there you have it.

    My question is, where was this when Obama was running. I mean if you have to go into the gutter than why not with Obama? Answer, he is black.

    Now, you swallow your pride and just,
    Move on!!

  • O’Brien’s Math Facts

    The debate is over.

    People who supported Trump before the debate, still support him.

    I supported Megyn Kelly before this debate. I can guarantee you she will have one less viewer of the Kelly file from here on out.

  • Patty

    The Red State host told reporters Friday night that his decision was
    based on “common decency. I mean, come on, you’re going to accuse Megyn
    Kelly of having her period and that’s why she asked the tough questions …
    I just think that’s crap.”

    Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina responded to the situation Friday night and tweeted:
    Carly Fiorina


    Mr. Trump: There. Is. No. Excuse.

    George E. Pataki


    Sad but predictable meltdown from Trump. With all due respect to @megynkelly the outrage at Trump’s divisive language is long overdue.

    12:17 AM – 8 Aug 2015

    Read more:

  • Patty

    I personally can take her or leave her before or after debates.

    It happen and there is more time for other debates. Trump though, needs to stop talking about this and just let it go. When someone attacks him it is coming from the right. That is really not just hurting the GOP but it hurts us, too.

  • DrJonnyChepe

    Ahhh, she ain’t that hot anyway.

  • joe02779

    Mark Levin is by far the most brilliant of the conservative radio hosts, at least that I’ve ever heard. He’s always spot on and thoughtful, and he offers solutions.

    Fox News set out to destroy Trump, it’s pretty obvious. They jumped the shark a long while back (Geraldo). It’s now obvious they’re in the tank for whoever/whatever the establishment is pushing today, Jeb, with a fall back of Kasich in case Jeb keeps stumbling.

  • US.Patriot1776


    Carly Fiorina Attacks Cruz: ‘No Honor’ in Fight to Defund Obamacare

    Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO Northern California Republican who ran as a conservative to get the Republican Senate nomination in 2010, attacked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Wednesday, saying there was “no honor” in his fight to defund Obamacare.

    Fiorina made her remarks just days after she joined the American Conservative Union, an establishment organization on the right that supports comprehensive immigration reform.

    In an appearance on CNN’s The Lead, Fiorina blamed the government shutdown on Cruz and implied that Republicans would have been better off waiving the white flag from the beginning on eliminating Obamacare.

  • Guest

    An Old Recording Of Megyn Kelly Talking About Penises, Breasts, And How She Has Sex, Proves Trump Was Right Kelly Is Absolute Trash

  • Brook River

    Wow. Completely devastating for Megyn Kelly, the non-journalist and gotcha drone and water-carrier for the Republican establishment.

  • gsp9993

    Just another blonde fox bimbo

  • okie71

    Fox News has changed its name. It’s now the Karl Rove Propaganda Network.

  • albertan

    Rosie O is a pig. She trashes Trump at every opportunity. Meghan had no right to bring up that feud. Shame on you Meghan.

  • Amjean

    And while the rest of the Fox Anchors circle their wagons (I snuck a few peaks last evening – they
    were mostly proud of the ratings and not apologetic for their behavior), Mark Levin, who is a Fox
    contributor, is unafraid to call them out. Kudos to you Mark!

  • Amjean

    I agree; because I support Trump, I would like him to tone down the rhetoric
    in response to the continued attacks on him. This behavior, while somewhat amusing now, and who doesn’t love the media being slammed, will get old as the political game
    moves forward. Americans would like to see some class and gravitas in their
    presidency. We don’t want our president to shout that “Putin is a clown”, although
    it may be true.

    Personally, I would love to see a Trump/Cruz ticket as the best for our country.
    Cruz has some experience in the Washington political game and Trump has business
    experience and will bully the republicans and some democrats in congress to
    straighten this mess around. Then in 4 or 8 years, Cruz who will be very seasoned,
    takes over as president. We need 12 or 16 years to undo the damage done in
    the last at least 4 decades, in particular during Obama’s presidency.

  • mg4us

    FOX behaved like a fox. . sly and cunning

    This was note a “debate” but and INQUISITION. . .
    The moderators did not ask thoughtful questions that affect our country but attacked the character and beliefs of candidates.
    The moderators tried to do gotcha questions.
    Punches were given to candidates, especially Trump.

    Donald should have punched back better. .
    with a takedown of the moderators

    Three examples:
    One question of supporting the eventual Republican candidate Trump should have said:
    Brett, How can ANY patriotic America loving person support another RINO or McLame as we did twice before, only to see them loose. We have Big serious issues facing America and we need the right candidate to fix them.

    On Megyn’s Question:
    Megyn, I employ hundreds of women. Why don’t you go speak to them? If you are so for women, why isn’t Carly Fiorina on this stage. . .and don’t give me the poll crap answer as polls can and ARE manipulated.

    On Chris Wallace bankruptcy question:
    Chris, funny how you want to ask me about four bankruptcies I had where I lost money, out of Hundreds of deals I have done over the years. The money lost was mine and that of sophisticated investors not mom & pops. How come you never asked Obama about HIS bankruptcies like Solyndra and GM and Chrysler where Billions of taxpayer dollars were lost? Or why Obama is bankrupting the US with $18T of debt. . almost double to when he took office?

    On Chris Wallace and Mexican Proof.
    Chris the proof is in the news and some are in the US jails. You DO know about a third (1/3) of inmates are illegal aliens.
    Also, many now coming are gang members and criminals from Guatemala and Honduras. . how can they pass through Mexico which by the way has one of the toughest anti-imiigration laws, without the full consent of their President? Chris, as a journalist I would have expected you to do your homework.

    Trump needs to punch back. .but with a VELVET GLOVE!!!!!!
    As well as cut the legs out from underneath the Zuckerberg (Facebook) sponsored moderators of the sly and cunning FOX.

  • NotKennedy

    Another talented trollop, inserting herself into the story that was not about her.

  • ridgerunner

    Dear Sean Hannity,

    If you can confirm that Fox News tried to take out Donald Trump, you should resign from Fox TODAY.

    You are a man of integrity. If Fox did this, this is totally un-American.

    It’s show time. Do right, even when no one else is doing it.

  • ridgerunner

    Sean, Who is going to elect the next President? “We the People” or FoxNews? Do you want to be part of that un-American activity?

  • ridgerunner

    Two Less

  • ridgerunner

    I am tired of “chip-on-shoulder” politics, whether it’s #BlackLivesMatter, the War on Women, etc.

    If Fiorina is going to push this, I don’t care how smart, silver-tongued or polished she is, she is just another chip-on-shoulder personality. I guess I’m glad she outed herself so that Trump will never select her, so something good came out of her tweet.

  • Lee Jan

    Loudmouth Levin backing the wrong horse. Go back in time and see how he made sure Menendez was elected NJ senator. Menendez opponent didn’t meet Levin’s purity test.
    Trump is trash. Too bad Rush and Levin are singing from the same songbook for some unknown reason.

  • mg4us

    An Interesting Piece by RUSH. . .
    Trump was RIGHT about Mexican Government supporting Illegals. . .

  • Lee Jan

    So you want a single payer health care system and you think 20% tariffs on imported goods is a good thing. He rants on and on about China but does business with them.

  • Lee Jan

    Methinks Meghan and Rosie relate!!!

  • Lee Jan

    So how come Red State did NOT invite Dr. Carson????

  • LouAnnWatson

    the sound bite generation machine…if you briefly scan what the alphabet networks are “reporting” on their morning “news” shows, it’s their cheerleading for the soundbite that kelly created. she’s a willing sellout. this was done for one reason, to damage trump. he’d better have a head removing comeback for anyone bringing this up again in any debate. he needs to slay the dragon. but as rush limbaugh has said, “the media didn’t make me, so the media can’t break me.” mr trump fortunately has that going for him as well.

  • I used to like Megan Kelly, but it was clear she was being overly aggressive and cornering with her gotcha questions. I hope Trump tells FoxNews to pound sand. Trump should schedule a debate on one of FoxNews’ competitor channels on the same night/time as the next FoxNews debate with the candidates who don’t make the top 10 cut. Sabotage FoxNews and give the competing channel the big ratings. To hell with FoxNews and Megan Kelly.

  • LouAnnWatson

    they were all beaten down but the “you’re a racist” fear

  • Lee Jan

    Yes he does. He is the smartest bestest brilliantest……..LOLOL

  • LouAnnWatson

    ignore all of these media narcissists…the internet has all you need. to think that any of them are going to give you any meaningful conservative news. well, hannity, but i can’t take too much of him either. glen beck saw the writing on the wall years ago and left them behind.

  • Lee Jan

    Oh they are in a defensive mode for sure. Bret had to come out to defend themselves. Too bad Trump didn’t know when to shut up.

  • ridgerunner


  • Bubba Johnson

    Watching the talking heads on the idiot box makes you crazy?
    Just turn it off.

  • BillyBob Bob

    The 24M viewer record will stand for decades. News Flash! for Fox: No one tuned in because of your moderators; rather they tuned in to watch the first ever ‘conservative’ or Republican moderated debate which they thought would have substantive policy questions. Instead, we got Media Matters generated Gawker questions from Megyn Kelly. You think 24M will ever tune in to another debate with her on the panel?

  • BillyBob Bob

    I guess you missed the “I don’t think I will” back Trump. Oh well.

  • Dopey

    You are putting words in his mouth. He was not referring to her period. You’re wrong.

  • KB

    Levin has put this issue into clarity. Megyn should be more concerned with America instead of her and Fox News ratings. Using gossip to attack – shameful. I used to like you Megyn – not so much now

  • cavt

    Excellent, factual analysis be Levin as usual. Biggest disappointment is the total flop by these moderators in getting valuable insight from the candidates on their ideas–immigration, economy, ISIS, et al. Moderators were too interested in ‘gotcha’ questions and showboating themselves–

  • campfollower

    Exellent POST!!! CALLING all the candidates!! READ THIS POST and remember what it says!!!

  • campfollower

    Definitely, thanks for the reminder!!!

  • Groty1


    1) Rupert Murdoch just handed over day to day control of the News Corp subsidiary that owns Fox News Corp. to his liberal sons. Coinciding with that management change, Roger Ailes signed a new contract retaining his services.

    2) MSNBC is going through a major restructuring. It cancelled three programs a week or two ago and it has already been announced that Brian Williams is coming to work at MSNBC to make it more newsy and less opinionated. So MSNBC is going to be pursuing a major strategy change – potentially impacting Fox News.

    3) We know from history that the debates always draw much broader audience than a normal, regular Fox News broadcast.

    Fox used the opportunity presented by the large audience they knew the debates would draw to reposition itself to appeal to a broader audience going forward to both appease the liberal Murdoch sons desires and to better compete with MSNBC. Watch the Fox programming going forward to see if a change in how content is presented is detectable. In other words, see if the news events they cover change of if they cover them in a different way than they used to.

  • nickthecat

    Mark, I admire you. But I think you’re wrong on this one. Trump is not to be trusted. Please look into this more.

  • ridgerunner

    This is not about Trump. This is about killing the Political/Media/Corporate beast.
    Trump is not perfect, but he is the only one that can kill the beast.

  • Bocephus

    Can you imagine for one second, if Megyn ask Hillary; we noticed from your history, that you have in the past, attacked and destroyed women in whom Bill has abused. What would you like to say now to the women of America? 🙂

  • gnikt

    Fox is a ‘ the worst clowns show on earth’ – What do they try to accomplish – shoot up like the rocket, sorry it had bad trajectory and shot – no not to your foot, it shot into your behind.

  • Dorrie

    I will never vote for Trump, but Levin is right about Megyn Kelly! She was WAY out of line! What scares me the most is that Trump has so many followers now, that he has the ability to split the party so that we will lose the election and not have a Conservative POTUS!!


    I see that bitter, hateful men are standing together to fight against decency (or as they call it, “political correctness”).

    Truth is, Trump is a thin-skinned closet-progressive who would probably be worse than Hillary, but don’t let that get in the way of your collective temper tantrum.

  • Kim David










  • Kim David

    It’s a conspiracy to knock out Donald Trump. Americans need him. They are the ones who got us into this mess. They are the ones who are corrupt. If Donald Trump did anything illegal… that’s all we would be hearing about. WE THE PEOPLE vs THE POLITICAL KLAN. Let’s help Trump take our country back.

  • klaffner

    Good heavens. Now even Fox is in the tank with this sloppy crap. I am thinking the next moderator should be someone/anyone who takes the opportunity seriously and is also an unabashed conservative. BTW: Trump lost it for me when he talked about his negotiating position as regards a third party. In that one instant, he made it clear it was 100% about him and 0% about the country.

  • LeftistsStink

    I don’t agree. He is driving a hard bargain because he is an expert deal maker. He believes in himself. He’s not just going to hand it over in case some loser rino is chosen to be the R nominee. He has leverage and he’s using it, as any smart businessman would. Are you kidding? He’d have been thrown out of the race instantly if he went along with the party establishment elites.

  • klaffner

    Yes, Trump could be a big help due to his deal making capability. But he is NOT a conservative. He will not govern as a conservative. He is not called to run for president. I now know that he is doing it as a vanity event. If he goes third party, we lose. I despair for this country with people like you who hold such destructive thinking.

  • O’Brien’s Math Facts

    Great post. Well said.

  • O’Brien’s Math Facts

    Everyone does business with China. He’s talking about the unfairness of our trade agreements with China and how he would correct those.

  • O’Brien’s Math Facts

    Erickson is a racist POS.

  • Shelley

    As a business man he does business with China. Evidently it is good for his business profits. As a President he would understand the inside of business dealings with China. As a business man he knows the loop holes that are used such as bankruptcy, tax credits, etc., and has used them. He is being criticize for using them now, but they are legal options that have been put into place by our government, probably to be used by our Congress members and their cronies. They are calling Trump out for using them. He will understand, from personal experiences, where tax cuts can be made. This is what the Establishment is afraid of. It is the Political Establishment and the Rich that are afraid of Trump. They know that Trump can easily tear down or downsize their Playhouse.

  • Amjean

    You cannot see the forest through the trees.

  • really now

    Mark Levin read off the legal doc Fox sent him covering the use of excerpted Fox debate clips.

    It was unprecedented in its scope and restrictions.

    Ticked Mark off enough he stated he would not run the clips at all.

    Fox rode the “conservative alternative” approach all the way to the top.

    Once firmly at the top of the heap, they are showing their true stripes.

    Murdoch was no conservative. He’s a businessman who finds voids and fills them. Had the networks, CNN and MSNBC been conservative, Fox would have been launched as a liberal alternative.

    Take everything with a grain of salt. Everything.

  • really now

    Not at all. When her contract with Fox is up, CNN will pay her a ton. Or CBS and so on.

    She’ll get a Katie Couric level deal, just watch.

  • D.l. Hannah

    Love ya mark, but I think you miss the picture. while this question from a conservative group might have stunned the crowd it needed to be asked. We all know trump has many bones in his closet and we as a people need to see how he handles criticism…so far its always in full attack mode and to denigrate the questioner. He never lets anything roll of his back. He is looking less presidental and together every day IMHO….i’d rather have a cruz, or carson. Trump is no Reagan. Reagan showed class while he dismantled you from the inside.

  • really now

    Erickson is also very anti-free speech.

    Go over to RedState and look at the number of posts deleted questioning his inviting Megyn Kelly after disinviting Trump:

    redstate com/2015/08/07/i-have-disinvited-donald-trump-to-the-redstate-gathering/

    They finally turned the comments off. These were thoughtful posts by long time members. Censorship is alive and well in Erickson’s bubble.

  • rereally now

    It is you who are misguided.

    Giving something up without anything in return is what Obama and Kerry did with Iran.

    Telegraphing plans ahead of time is idiotic. Look at what happened when Obama revealed withdrawal dates for Iraq. Look at what happens when McConnell states “we will not shut down the government”

    America needs competent leadership, that inherently involves making deals.

  • really now

    Murdoch was also under investigation by the Feds since 2012.

    In mid-2014, he had a meeting with Valerie Jarrett.

    In January 2015 the Feds decided not to prosecute him.

    Tell me there was no deal.

  • O’Brien’s Math Facts

    Exactly. Great point.

  • really now

    Moderators were reading scripted questions that had approval from higher-ups.

  • Marine Gunner

    Ya know what? I love and respect Megyn Kelly and kinda like Chris, too, but they started this food fight with Trump by going after him in the debate. Their questions veered well away from meaningful questions on the issues and got into personal attacks. So, Trump came back at them. Now, they’re whining about it. It’s time to hitch up their big girl and big boy panties and brush it off. We’re adults here and there’s nothing that Trump said (yet) that they should get their panties in a twist about.

    They remind me of my kids in the back seat, punching each other and then yelling, “Daddy! Daddy! Donald’s touching me!” My response is, “Knock it off or I’m going stop the car and punish all of you!”

    The fact is that Rosie O’Donnel IS a “fat pig.” This doesn’t affect Megyn Kelly and whatever went on between Trump and O’Donnel should stay between him and that foul mouthed, obnoxious pig. Megyn should butt out.

  • bigL

    3 less viewers

  • LeftistsStink

    Would love to see Trump play hardball in dealing with foreign nations who deserve it…starting with Mexico.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    I believe that Megyn Kelly got her anti-Trump information from

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    Republicans playing the faux outrage/victim card just like the liberals isn’t pretty.

  • Billy

    After this debate, the Kelly File only belongs in one place: The circular file.

  • darrell_b8

    I love his show; but my blood pressure goes thru the roof when I listen;

  • US.Patriot1776

    “If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand that difference, and choose their news sources accordingly.”

    -Thomas Sowell

  • okie71

    She’s also the person who almost sank HP with the purchase of Compaq. A terrible company with a terrible product, and she overpaid. In a business sense, it’s close to the Iranian nuke deal. Then her response to being given her golden parachute was eerily similar to Obama’s retort to his critics. She is the polar opposite of Trump: Polished, well spoken, but incapable of coming out better in a deal.

  • PVC1234

    You hit the nail on the head!!!! Fox leaned right to fill a void because the rest of the media is obnoxiously left.

  • PVC1234

    Kelly desperately wants to show the left she is “fair ” instead of asking real questions pertaining to a presidential debate. When people care more about being loved by all or the other side instead of doing the best job possible, they show they are a phony.

  • MicahStone

    -Compared to Mark Levin, erickson doesn’t even rise to the level of a “conservative” pygmy.

  • WeAreAConstitutionalRepublic

    you ain’t the only one passing on her show. Just pissed away her career.

  • Dopey

    It’s fake outrage. His comment wasn’t about the menstrual cycle unless you want it to be. What do you think they’re going to do to Cruz when Trump bows out, or Carson or Fiorina?

    Next man up. They’ll try to rip them apart too.

  • Dopey

    Trump just isn’t the one to say “thank you sir, may I have another.” And the question about supporting whoever the nominee will be, was aimed entirely at Trump. A gotcha question to start the “debate.” I won’t fall for that and Trump was right to be defiant.

    Looking back at Gwen Ifel as a moderator though, she’d be welcome in comparison to the Fox crew.

  • Dopey

    His own moderators are the trolls.

  • carl6352

    if they ban trump we should ban her and boycott her show. nothing scares a teleprompter reader more than viewers disappearing!

  • LouAnnWatson

    “big girl and big boy panties”? narcissists don’t expect criticism, so they deal with it badly. which means deal that it’s their fault (obama) and then attack you for being mean to some minority group that they belong to. (progressive favorite)

  • LouAnnWatson

    so obama can have bones stacked a mile high and yet no one cares, but now a challenger comes along and you think this question needs to be asked? i like others better, but if trump is the man, so be it. his style is of little concern as long as he gets the job done for this country.

  • LouAnnWatson

    it’s all about clearing the field of all serious challengers. hillary could never beat a populist groundswell and the republicans don’t want to actually have to do the heavy lifting.

  • LouAnnWatson

    if it goes to jeb bush we lose. huckabee, lose. carson, lose. graham, lose. perry, lose. who was the last president to govern as a conservative? do take your time now. hint, their last name isn’t bush.

  • LouAnnWatson

    and iran

  • LouAnnWatson

    probably worse than hillary? how would that be possible with he king unable to run again? if you’re in nj and you think you’re a conservative, you’re just fooling yourself. i lived there and knew guys like you…that’s why i don’t live there any more

  • LouAnnWatson

    “I will never vote for Trump’ first never and always don’t exist, especially with hiilary as a possibility

  • LouAnnWatson

    nice sentence structure

  • LouAnnWatson

    yes, and called them “bimbo eruptions”. millennials know nothing about this, yet…

  • LouAnnWatson

    i’m comparing mark levin’s ability (who worked for the reagan administration) to research this versus yours. you lose

  • LouAnnWatson

    it’s all about media coercion…you don’t have to pay me, just do things for me when the time is right.

  • LouAnnWatson

    bingo, they can’t scratch their ass without permission to go forward

  • LouAnnWatson

    she was ailes pibull, only trump had a club.

  • LouAnnWatson

    every media outlet is basically the same when it comes from a big blue city…and very few don’t

  • LouAnnWatson

    cut the cable, and now i just get to make fun of the local jerks around town.

  • LouAnnWatson

    no one is clean…who do want for president?

  • LouAnnWatson

    yeah, he’s worth how many billion because of his mouth and you’re worth pocket change?

  • LouAnnWatson

    he may be a dragon slayer, if he can survive long enough. don’t you think he gauged the media attitude by this debate and his team will proceed accordingly? if this is how the softest media outlet will treat him, he’ll have a good read on how to proceed with the rest going forward. if you read speeches of what the founders said about each other, they all would be kicked out of the debate.

  • LouAnnWatson

    they’re media “starz” on different ends of the scale

  • LouAnnWatson

    and then the facelifts will start and she’ll get kicked to the curb by her compassionate leftist bosses.

  • LouAnnWatson

    “fairness” is a different word for her compared to the rest of us.

  • LouAnnWatson

    yeah, you’d have to wake up next to her after a rough night to get her real look. and from the tape, it seems she’s been married twice. wouldn’t it be interesting for trump to have her ex do an interview?

  • LouAnnWatson

    remember, these are the vice presidential candidates

  • LouAnnWatson

    backwater know nothing

  • LouAnnWatson

    he doesn’t want to hear or see why his career is now imploding. no conservative will use him as a guest radio host between now and the election…

  • LouAnnWatson

    i hate woman who think they need to climb at the expense of men. that goes for kelly, florina or anyone else.

  • LouAnnWatson

    succeed or fail, ceo’s always get their golden parachute. i don’t care what your method or polish, just get it done.

  • LouAnnWatson

    “supports comprehensive immigration reform?” she’s cooked, not even veep. another woman wanting you to vote for them because of their gender.

  • Rachel

    “War on Women” charges from FOX and Megyn Kelly in particular are a JOKE. When’s the last time FOX hired a woman who wasn’t blonde, curvy and gorgeous? Normal women need not apply. THAT’s the War on Women. Not Trump calling a fat slob what she really is. I’ve called her worse!

  • LouAnnWatson

    cruz knows the law, arguing for the state of texas in front of the supreme court, and winning every case he solicited. she’s just static now. rubio partnered with schumer, so he’s done. cruz, walker are the serious conservatives, but trump has the mojo, so not sure where this leads.

  • LouAnnWatson

    it’s listed here and can found on youtube as well

  • LouAnnWatson

    flat tax and a wall to keep the likes of you out? i’m there…

  • LouAnnWatson

    he also said if there was an american manufacturer left to build the things he wants to buy, he would. these people are just single level fools…ignore them.

  • D.l. Hannah

    that’s my point…put them on the spot and let them get use to it…..trump is not use to being put on the carpet….its usually his carpet before he says your fired.

  • D.l. Hannah

    if not by fox it will be asked by a lot others with real blood in their eyes…we need to find out who can handle it. as for Obama…if i was in the house i would push for impeachment…alas i am not and we have to many beholding to money.

  • RS Gee

    Mark Levin completely undresses Megyn Kelly and exposes her. To bad we can only get it in audio.

  • democrat CockRoach

    How come she didn’t bother to even ask Cruz or Rubio why the HECK they’re even running since they’re not eligible. Nor has she ever discussed Obama’s problem. Sick to death of democrat hypocrites running their mouths

  • Truth_Hurts_Progressives

    Exactly, Mr. Levin! Thank you!!!

  • D.l. Hannah

    she should have even though i think it has been put to bed by most…personally IDTS….constitutionally they don’t make the grade. but I don’t make that call…lucky for them.

  • PVC1234


  • Professor @1

    I totally agree. Fox is one of the ten to diners to Inton– three million dollars.

  • Allen

    Amazing how many of you are commenting and obviously didn’t listen very carefully … if at all… to the audio clips that Mark played.

  • JDon357

    Hey, loyal GOP conservatives… Quit triple posting and cutting and pasting, are you getting paid a dollar a post by ACORN?

  • justagramma

    Trump was a willful brat as a kid and NEVER got over it. He is a petulant, portly pig with a comical comb-over. His rants were fun for a while, but we have outstanding candidates and one idiot bully. Last thing we need is a another narcissistic, thinskinned, bully for a president.

  • tballard56

    They can just change the name to the “Kelly Agenda.” It is more fitting.

  • O’Brien’s Math Facts

    That is awesome!

  • Ed Wade

    Try NWO Network.. People need to realize that ALL of mainstream media, including FOX, as card-carrying members of the Council on Foreign Relations, have the same agenda. The advancement of the New World Order, and enslavement of the entire world population. Google “CFR Roster” for an eye opener.

  • Ed Wade

    Perfect. Thank you.

  • Ed Wade

    Cruz playing 2nd fiddle to Trump would be like casting Gregory Peck as supporting actor to Jerry Lewis.

  • Nicolas Burgos

    it was a set up between the Liberal Facebook Zuckerberg and the now liberal FOX to destroy the real enemy, Mr Donald Trump

  • lisa a

    I’ll pick my President.
    Not ya’ll!

  • patriotmom

    I agree. At first I liked her “self confidence” and now, I find it off-putting. I’d describe it as “arrogance” and she thinks she’s a little too big for her britches. Pride commeth before the fall.

  • Mara319

    Truth to tell, I was more annoyed [insulted] by Kelly’s questions. What was she trying to do – defend women whose egos are as pure and pristine as Rosie O’Donnell’s? I’m sorry, but not all women are as delicate as O’Donnell.

    Trump is an equal opportunity insulter. He’ll insult men, animals, rocks and tomatoes, if given the chance. The thing to do is not give him the chance. If you attack him with the stupid “war on women” weapon, he’ll attack you back. And his poll numbers will continue to rise.

    Megyn Kelly, let that be a lesson for you.

    [I’m sorry that my candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, was hardly given the chance to speak during the debate.]

  • 2amuse

    FOX is the blame and the premeditator of this debate fisco. They tried for character assassination and it is hitting them back in the face. Now this is entertainment!!! Well they succeeded in waking us up!

  • Brandi Andrews

    All Trump supporters come and get counted, we welcome your comments and posts. We are the largest Trump support group on FB with over 10,000 + members and growing. Go Donald Go. Keep telling it like it is and we will still be behind you.

  • LeftistsStink

    “I would bomb the Hell out of ISIS” – Donald Trump

  • Zada

    Mybe Karl Rove can bring his charts in and tell us who really won the debate… Kelly, Bret or Chris Elmer Fudd Wallace.

  • Emma Taylor

    I heard her interview with Howard Stern and she’s not a Conservative with her lewd and nasty responses. She’s a Progressive! But then again, she was not the one who actually thought of the meaning of what Trump said. It was some writer who cried war on women by accusing Trump of saying Megyn had her period at that time. I heard that comment and I did not think it was about menstrual cycle!. It was about the contempt and anger in somebody’s eyes! And if you were listening to the line of questioning, there would not have been any questions as to what he meant!! This fiasco was bad for the other Candidates. Because of Megyn, their participation on stage pales in comparison to the aftermath…they were overshadowed. Is Megyn going to get a medal?

  • Emma Taylor

    I heard her interview with Howard Stern and she’s not a Conservative with her lewd and nasty responses. She’s a Progressive! But then again, she was not the one who actually thought of the meaning of what Trump said. It was some writer who cried war on women by accusing Trump of saying Megyn had her period at that time. I heard that comment and I did not think it was about menstrual cycle!. It was about the contempt and anger in somebody’s eyes! And if you were listening to the line of questioning, there would not have been any questions as to what he meant!! This fiasco was bad for the other Candidates. Because of Megyn, their participation on stage pales in comparison to the aftermath….they were overshadowed. Is Megyn going to get a medal?

  • lvj777

    What good is money if you lose your soul

  • 1G25

    Why in hell is mg4us’ post under moderation ?

    Is Fox News a moderator ?

  • 1G25

    “My question is, where was this when Obama was running. I mean if you have to go into the gutter than why not with Obama? Answer, he is black.”


  • Char1871

    Thank you Mark. You are “fair and balanced” and Fox News and Megyn Kelly are not. Megyn Kelly embarrassed herself whether she knows it or not. I want to see the same ridiculous, embarrassing, demeaning and stupid questions put to Hillary Clinton — one of the biggest War on Women candidates running. That would be “fair and balanced”. Let’s start with Benghazi.

  • klaffner

    You have picked some likely losers. Add Kasich and a few others. I think Carson could win. Other winners. Walker, win. Paul, win. Cruz, win. Fiorina, win big. What is your point? I think Reagan was the last to govern as a conservative. Before him, I think you have to go back to Coolidge. One more thing. Not sure if it is on point. But Trump will NOT govern as a conservative.

  • klaffner

    Don’t agree with you just based on two reasons. The first is simple ethics and good table manners. Once Trump decided to run as a republican, he ethically gave up a third party option. He is accessing all the benefits of being on the stage with other Republicans. Republicans automatically believe he shares their beliefs (this is what running with a party affiliation means). The second is that his whole gig smacks of a political trick to get Hillary elected. The only way he can prove that is not the case is to disavow a third party run.

  • klaffner

    yes. That is the best part of Trump. I also see him fixing ObamaCAre by inventing his own “wonderful” TrumpCare morass. I seem him raising taxes to fix the deficit. And generally embarrassing himself and the office for his entire tenure by making the entire presidency about Donald Trump. Trump doesn’t have a monopoly on being a touhg netotiaror. I am Certain that Cruz (for example) will be a tough American First negotiator.

  • klaffner

    You hit reply to the wrong person.

  • klaffner

    I guess I am old fashioned. I think someone running for the Presidency should put the country first. I am a little uncomfortable with a candidate who is so ready, willing and able to make it about “me.” It also shows bad ethics. If he wants to go third party, he has to go right away. He can’t start off Republican then switch once he has a following. It is just too slimy. Not to mention unethical and just plain bad manners.

  • LeftistsStink

    I don’t get the impression Trump is making his candidacy all about himself.

  • klaffner

    OK. Think about how he responded to the third party question. Was there any discussion of what is best for the country? Or was it about “my negotiation” position. “My leverage.” You may think it is a small one off, but it holds up. He mostly (almost exclusively) frames every single issue around his personality, his accomplishments, what he can do, or worst of all, how stupid, boring or rotten his enemy of the minute is because they criticized him.

  • LeftistsStink

    Only a poor candidate would not believe that he/she is the best choice to run the country. I don’t see that he is doing anything wrong in using his lead for leverage at this point. Shrewd move.

  • klaffner

    OK. We are just going to have to disagree on this one. Do you trust Trump to govern as a conservative? If so, on what do you base that opinion?

  • Bonnetblue

    If these three moderators do not apologize for their ill-gotten and misleading allegations/trashy insinuations against Donald Trump, they ALL should be fired. At the very least, they should resign for such a display of dishonesty. Who can ever respect Fox again? When the truth came out, they got caught in their own trap.

  • LeftistsStink

    He mout, then again, he moutn’t.

  • LeftistsStink

    Whoops. Double post.

  • klaffner

    I do think this election, for me, comes down to trust. Most of them say the right things. Which one can we trust to do what they say and govern as a conservative?

  • LeftistsStink

    Ted Cruz seems to be the most trustworthy to me.

  • klaffner

    WE do agree on that one.

  • Sparkle Plenty

    And their new slogan is “we’ll tell you what to think, and when to think it”.

  • Sparkle Plenty

    Controlled opposition, nothing more.

  • Sparkle Plenty

    The Establishment GOP and the Dems are tag teaming against Trump, and apparently Fox is a part of this apparatus.

  • Sparkle Plenty

    She’s already 90% fakery. Those long locks, hair extensions. And those false eyelashes couldn’t be anymore obvious. Bet she’s nasty without the pounds of make-up.

  • Sparkle Plenty

    I could really get behind this and I have seen Trump say that he wants a politician as his VP. Cruz would fit the bill perfectly. And notice that Cruz is one of the only ones not attacking and criticizing Trump. Trump also tweeted out that he’d pick Trey Gowdy as his Atty.General. Gotta tell ya his popularity soared with me after that announcement.