Obama Leaves Out ‘God’ From 4th of July Weekly Address (VIDEO)

Guest post by Patch Adams–

obama 4th

As Obama’s term as President is slowly nearing its end, more and more of who the man is, and what he truly stands for, is beginning to seep out.

For instance, President Obama released his 4th of July weekly address for 2015 with one key ingredient missing: God.

Unlike his weekly addresses during the previous two years, where the President concluded his speeches with “God Bless You All” (2014) and “So, God bless You All. And may God bless The United States of America” (2013), Obama left out any mention of God in his recent address. Instead, this year, he chose to end his speech with a very politically correct, “Thanks, everybody. From my family to yours, have a safe and happy Fourth of July.”

Here’s the transcript:

“Remarks of President Barack Obama
Weekly Address
The White House
July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth of July, everybody. Like many of you, Michelle, Sasha, Malia, and I are going to spend the day outdoors, grilling burgers and dogs, and watching the fireworks with our family and friends. It’s also Malia’s birthday, which always makes the Fourth extra fun for us.

As always, we’ve invited some very special guests to our backyard barbecue – several hundred members of our military and their families. On this most American of holidays, we remember that all who serve here at home and overseas, represent what today is all about. And we remember that their families serve, too. We are so grateful for their service and for their sacrifice.

We remember as well that this is the day when, 239 years ago, our founding patriots declared our independence, proclaiming that all of us are created equal, endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights including the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

A couple of centuries later, we have made ourselves into a big, bold, dynamic, and diverse country. We are of all races, we come from all places, we practice all faiths, and believe in all sorts of different ideas. But our allegiance to this declaration – this idea – is the creed that binds us together. It’s what, out of many, makes us one.

And it’s been the work of each successive generation to keep this founding creed safe by making sure its words apply to every single American. Folks have fought, marched, protested, even died for that endeavor, proving that as Americans, our destiny is not written for us, but by us.

We honor those heroes today. We honor everyone who continually strives to make this country a better, stronger, more inclusive, and more hopeful place. We, the people, pledge to make their task our own – to secure the promise of our founding words for our own children, and our children’s children.

And finally, what better weekend than this to cheer on Team USA – good luck to the U.S. Women’s National Team in the World Cup Final!

Thanks, everybody. From my family to yours, have a safe and happy Fourth of July.”

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  • sw74

    Because he believes he is a ‘god’.. (lower case ‘g’ on purpose).

    Thank you for putting up the transcript. I refuse hearing his voice.

  • Jack Hoyer

    He doesn’t like to share the stage with the competition.

  • sw74

    And finally, what better weekend than this to cheer on Team USA – good luck to the U.S. Women’s National Team in the World Cup Final!

    Sports. Sports. It’s always sports sports sports.

  • Pat Loudoun

    Of course he did. God damned Marxist.

  • Squid Overlord

    He’s a walking pestilence.

  • Scott

    This is how JFK did it:

    On The Religious Element

    “The informing spirit of the American character has always been a deep religious sense.
    Our government was founded on the essential religious idea of integrity of the individual. It was this religious sense which inspired the authors of the Declaration of Independence: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.’
    Our earliest legislation was inspired by this deep religious sense: ‘Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion.’
    Today these basic religious ideas are challenged by atheism and materialism: at home in the cynical philosophy of many of our intellectuals, abroad in the doctrine of collectivism, which sets up the twin pillars of atheism and materialism as the official philosophical establishment of the State.
    Inspired by a deeply religious sense, this country, which has ever been devoted to the dignity of man, which has ever fostered the growth of the human spirit, has always met and hurled back the challenge of those deathly philosophies of hate and despair. We have defeated them in the past; we will always defeat them.
    On The Idealistic Element

    “In recent years, the existence of this element in the American character has been challenged by those who seek to give an economic interpretation to American history. They seek to destroy our faith in our past so that they may guide our future. These cynics are wrong, for, while there may be some truth in their interpretation, it does remain a fact, and a most important one, that the motivating force of the American people has been their belief that they have always stood at the barricades by the side of God.
    It is now in the postwar world that this idealism–this devotion to principle–this belief in the natural law–this deep religious conviction that this is truly God’s country and we are truly God’s people–will meet its greatest trial.
    Our American idealism finds itself faced by the old-world doctrine of power politics. It is meeting with successive rebuffs, and all this may result in a new and even more bitter disillusionment, in another ignominious retreat from our world destiny.
    But, if we remain faithful to the American tradition, our idealism will be a steadfast thing, a constant flame, a torch held aloft for the guidance of other nations.
    It will take great faith.”
    On The Patriotic Element

    “From the birth of the nation to the present day, from the Heights of Dorchester to the broad meadows of Virginia, from Bunker Hill to the batteries of Saratoga, from Bergen’s Neck, where Wayne and Maylan’s troops achieved such martial wonders, to Yorktown, where Britain’s troops surrendered, Americans have heroically embraced the soldier’s alternative of victory or the grave. American patriotism was shown at the Halls of Montezuma. It was shown with Meade at Gettysburg, with Sheridan at Winchester, with Phil Carney at Fair Oaks, with Longstreet in the Wilderness, and it was shown by the flower of the Virginia Army when Pickett charged at Gettysburg. It was shown by Captain Rowan, who plunged into the jungles of Cuba and delivered the famous message to Garcia, symbol now of tenacity and determination. It was shown by the Fifth and Sixth Marines at Belleau Wood, by the Yankee Division at Verdun, by Captain Leahy, whose last order as he lay dying was “The command is forward.” And in recent years it was shown by those who stood at Bataan with Wainwright, by those who fought at Wake Island with Devereaux, who flew in the air with Don Gentile. It was shown by those who jumped with Gavin, by those who stormed the bloody beaches at Salerno with Commando Kelly; it was shown by the First Division at Omaha Beach, by the Second Ranger Battalion as it crossed the Purple Heart Valley, by the 101st as it stood at Bastogne; it was shown at the Bulge, at the Rhine, and at victory.
    Wherever freedom has been in danger, Americans with a deep sense of patriotism have ever been willing to stand at Armageddon and strike a blow for liberty and the Lord.”
    On The Individualistic Element

    “The American Constitution has set down for all men to see the essentially Christian and American principle that there are certain rights held by every man which no government and no majority, however powerful, can deny.
    Conceived in Grecian thought, strengthened by Christian morality, and stamped indelibly into American political philosophy, the right of the individual against the State is the keystone of our Constitution. Each man is free.
    He is free in thought.
    He is free in expression.
    He is free in worship.
    To us, who have been reared in the American tradition, these rights have become part of our very being. They have become so much a part of our being that most of us are prone to feel that they are rights universally recognized and universally exercised. But the sad fact is that this is not true. They were dearly won for us only a few short centuries ago and they were dearly preserved for us in the days just past. And there are large sections of the world today where these rights are denied as a matter of philosophy and as a matter of government.
    We cannot assume that the struggle is ended. It is never-ending.
    Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. It was the price yesterday. It is the price today, and it will ever be the price.
    May God grant that, at some distant date, on this day, and on this platform, the orator may be able to say that these are still the great qualities of the American character and that they have prevailed.”

  • yennikcm


  • Linda

    Oooh, Squid–I like your comparison! “Pestilence”! That’s a new one! Extremely descriptive and biting! Mind if I use it?

  • Linda


  • sw74

    Yes he does.

  • man_wolf

    Of course he does.
    Did anyone expect less from Allah’s servant?

  • Goose

    We knew this in 2008. There is NOT ONE THING! Zero has said or done that is a surprise to anyone who bothered to research this enemy in 2008 – silly me, I thought people took their vote seriously.

    there is very little new information about his origin and background that has been learned since 2009.
    I’m not the only one, but I immediately knew who this guy was- why didn’t you?

    the Saul Alinsky connection was an immediate Red Flag! the rest, Frankly, was mere confirmation.
    Anyone who understands The Left knew exactly what was happening in 2008, why didn’t you?

    there are wa-a-a-ay too many Republicans and Conservatives who STILL don’t see the noose around their necks- the only difference from 2008 to today is that now, Zero’s fangs are out for the Kill.

  • Goose

    “bread and circuses”

  • NotKennedy

    Obama hates God. God does not hate Obama. It is called Grace… something Obama, and socialists in general, are unfamiliar with.

  • man_wolf

    Barack Hussein Obama is to America what the black death was to 14th century southern Europe.

  • Avspatti

    What is with this “folks” stuff? Aargh.

  • NotKennedy

    Ooohhhh… dat’s racist! Black death, SOUTHERN Europe. Sounds like the Southern Poverty haters have been around for a long time.

  • Darrell Standing


    That’s not really surprising is it … the only God he has are the two creatures he sees in the mirror!

  • NotKennedy

    It’s code. Some words are not ready for primetime. This a family oriented internet, well regulated and all that sort of stuff.

  • Noneya

    I demand congress do their damn job and impeach this pos. If you don’t call congress and demand it daily DO IT

  • man_wolf

    Obama has ruined that word for me.

  • man_wolf


  • sw74

    Drugs. Effects from his choom gang days.. He thinks he wants to be a folk singer.

  • NotKennedy

    He is definitely not a Soul Man.

  • NotKennedy

    Congress owes you nothing. Once they take their gilded oath, they become elite, removed from the human filth who let them stay more than a couple of terms. I submit, for your consideration, Benedict Paul Ryan.

  • Darrell Standing

    I started researching the skinny tan tyrant in 2004 … knew in my bones peering in at that DNC convention … that they would push this prick as their candidate in 2008! I was not entirely shocked at how many fools would vote for their own demise … because they did elect a serial sex abuser twice!!! Second time around with Zero I knew the Chicago way would fix the election! If we aren’t finished by the time he leaves … if he leaves … if the same fools elect Hildabeast she will continue the agenda of the left … on steroids!!! At that point … nail the coffin lid shut on the Republic and start covering it with dirt!

  • NotKennedy

    He has the voice of someone who has smoked for a long, long time.

  • Goose

    maybe God will forgive the Zero, I will not- the demon bastard is despoiling Our Great Gift.

    in another posting, I said what I truly feel on this July 4th, Independence Day 2015:
    my ancient DNA is Southern European and this Idea, America, was founded by Northern European Christian/Protestants (starting with The Pilgrims, 1620) based on Judeo-Christian Principles, distilling the Best of Greek democracy, Roman republicanism, the Enlightenment, Natural Law and British Common Law, culminating in the Greatest Nation-State since Ancient Israel.

    while Europe had been wracked by tribal divisions for Centuries, this Idea, America, established “Liberty”, “In God We Trust” and “E Pluribus Unum” ” as its ‘Holy Trinity’ belief system.
    So, I got to live my entire life in the Top 1% of Every person who has Ever lived. Thank You God.

    May God Continue to Bless America as long as we don’t despoil a great gift.
    (questionable at the moment, it’s very late, I only pray that Patriots have a couple more ‘at-bats’)

  • Patriot

    Loser in chief

  • bobdog19006

    This man represents absolutely nothing I value, nothing I respect, and damned little of what America represents.

    If I was the praying type, I would pray that America outlasts his second term.

    The issue is still in doubt.

  • Goose

    that’s right, the bell rang early with this obvious Leftist choice.
    I remember 2004 also, “a State?! Senator is giving the Keynote Speech? huh?!”

    still amazing to me is how many Conservatives (forget RINOs) don’t know Zero’s original opponent for U.S. Senator, the Premiere Golden Boy, Jack Ryan, and what all happened.
    that story was the signal for the start of the race to disgrace America. Shame on RINOs.

    it still goes on, RINOs never Fight! back, ‘Blue State’ Republican Partys are all worthless.
    Nationally, take note of who defends Trump and who piles on with The Left. (Rubio?)

  • Darrell Standing


    He has much in common with someone else who loved the word “volks”!!!

  • jaimo

    God, he’s such a piece of sh*t.

  • Goose

    I still admire JFK and think too many Conservatives get him wrong.
    I don’t expect anyone to be perfect for me to admire them- Reagan was not perfect.
    I can list all their flaws, too many Conservatives miss the opportunity to use JFK’s example.

    for goodness sakes, when was the last time a Conservative used JFK’s most famous quote?
    JFK was the last President to speak the word LIBERTY, yes LIBERTY! not just Freedom,
    “…assure the survival and success of Liberty”

  • NotKennedy

    His breeder unit is not particularly appealing, either. But, for really nasty, you gotta see Valerie. That’s a whole new dimension to POS–and we’re not talking about an accounting system.

  • Summerwarmth

    I am sure G_d will leave out Obama too.

  • Lee Jan

    So sorry G-d rained on your picnic. Maybe you should have remember him in your speech.

  • keystonepipe


  • CV1

    Didn’t those lips recently utter Amazing Grace? What an amazing disgrace!!

  • Rick554

    Well …..missed another of the king Putt’s speeches. Wonder how many actually listen to this farce anymore

  • WKRP

    If Obama wasn’t such a coward, he’d say what he believes in. He’d say “Allahu Akbar!”

  • GowithGod

    …with a lisp.

  • ljm4

    After his signature middle finger salute he’d flick of his wrist and say Aloha Snackbar!

  • livedwell

    He’s a Muslim, what do you expect? How he ever got elected to office is beyond me.

  • ljm4

    he was placed not elected.

  • Jim

    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”
    Ronald Reagan


    In light of the recent appeals court ruling in California, with respect to the Pledge of Allegiance, the following recollection from Senator John McCain is very appropriate:

    “The Pledge of Allegiance” – by Senator John McCain

    As you may know, I spent five and one half years as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War. In the early years of our imprisonment, the NVA kept us in solitary confinement two or three to a cell.
    In 1971 the NVA moved us from these conditions of isolation into large rooms with as many as 30 to 40 men to a room. This was, as you can imagine, a wonderful change and was a direct result of the efforts of millions of Americans on behalf of a few hundred POW’s 10,000 miles from home.
    One of the men who moved into my room was a young man named Mike Christian.
    Mike came from a small town near Selma, Alabama. He didn’t wear a pair of shoes until he was 13 years old. At 17, he enlisted in the US Navy. He later earned a commission by going to Officer Training School. Then he became a Naval Flight Officer and was shot down and captured in 1967.
    Mike had a keen and deep appreciation of the opportunities this country and our military provide for people who want to work and want to succeed.
    As part of the change in treatment, the Vietnamese allowed some prisoners to receive packages from home. In some of these packages were handkerchiefs, scarves and other items of clothing.
    Mike got himself a bamboo needle. Over a period of a couple of months, he created an American flag and sewed it on the inside of his shirt. Every afternoon, before we had a bowl of soup, we would hang Mike’s shirt on the wall of the cell and say the Pledge of Allegiance.
    I know the Pledge of Allegiance may not seem the most important part of our day now, but I can assure you that in that stark cell it was indeed the most important and meaningful event.
    One day the Vietnamese searched our cell, as they did periodically, and discovered Mike’s shirt with the flag sewn inside, and removed it. That evening they returned, opened the door of the cell, and for the benefit of all of us, beat Mike Christian severely for the next couple of hours. Then, they opened the door of the cell and threw him in. We cleaned him up as well as we could. The cell in which we lived had a concrete slab in the middle on which we slept. Four naked light bulbs hung in each corner of the room. As I said, we tried to clean up Mike as well as we could.
    After the excitement died down, I looked in the corner of the room, and sitting there beneath that dim light bulb with a piece of red cloth, another shirt and his bamboo needle, was my friend, Mike Christian. He was sitting there with his eyes almost shut from the beating he had received, making another American flag.
    He was not making the flag because it made Mike Christian feel better. He was making that flag because he knew how important it was to us to be able to Pledge our Allegiance to our flag and country.
    So the next time you say the Pledge of Allegiance, you must never forget the sacrifice and courage that thousands of Americans have made to build our nation and promote freedom around the world.
    You must remember our duty, our honor, and our country.

    “I pledge allegiance to the flag
    of the United States of America
    and to the republic for which it stands,
    one nation under God,
    indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”
    I do NOT pledge allegiance to Obama –

  • Noneya

    Busted government hires trolls to sway public opinion. Don’t waste your time with me troll

  • Patty

    I feel that with all Obama has done so successfully in transforming America and all we have known about his friends and associates before he became president and all those who are working for him who are Muslims, not mentioning God, is not surprise, really, is it.

    I will not list what has happened
    in Relationship with God, under Obama, as patriots, freedom loving American Citizens, already know. So, today tell someone you love them and you are thankful to have them in your life and then keep a level head about you and tell them God is everywhere and he will help all of us get through no matter what Obama says or doesn’t say, because we all are unite in God.

  • TsarBomba

    Trumps hairpiece could do a better job at ruling the United States than a pathological narcissist.
    Barry’s God is Radical Islam.

  • NotKennedy

    Troll? Touch yourself before you think about the bridge. Read your own comments, as well:

    “If you don’t call congress and demand it daily DO IT”

    That is enough wasted time, with you.

  • Patty


    Obama speechwriter reveals secret same-sex marriage at White House

    During a special presentation of the popular live storytelling podcast “The Moth Radio Hour” at this year’s Aspen Ideas festival, former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett
    shared a story about how, years before gay marriage would become legal
    nationwide, he secretly performed a same-sex marriage at the White

  • Guest

    And finally the Delusional Legacy…

  • Guest

    On Purpose and by Design…

  • Guest

    Solving the Nation’s Problems…

  • Patty
  • Patty

    What Good Is Liberty Without Religious Freedom?

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

    America is a land that has always cherished religious freedom.

    We have never had a federal church. We have allowed many different
    faiths to flourish in our nation. And, as noted above, we enshrined the
    principle of free religious expression into the First Amendment of our


  • Guest

    Upholding the Constitution…

  • Shuckk_N_Jive

    In my opinion the single worst thing to befall this nation since the War between the States. We will pay for this train wreck for decades to come.

  • Guest

    The Fourth Stooge…

  • NotKennedy

    Good story… but i don’t believe a word that issues forth from the mouth of John McCain.

    And, for that matter, I do NOT pledge allegiance to this republic, the flag and, in particular, the indivisible part.

    Fifty states. Not one state. States, plural. E Pluribus Unum, yeah. A federal dictator, NO!

    This federal government has turned it’s force against the the citizenry and the states with abject dereliction that was not imaginable before Obama. McCain, and his boyfriend, NancyBoy Graham have done NOTHING to preclude what has actually occurred.

    McCain would make a deal with devil, or worse, if it would advance his Obama-like narcissism. If their is one thing McCain has in common with Obama, it is narcissism.

    Obama will time-out in another 18 months. McCain? McCain IS THE REASON OBAMA IS IN OFFICE.

    John McCain was a thrown election, from the outset, complements of the GOP.

  • NotKennedy

    Satan might have had a lot to do with his life.

  • Jim

    “And, for that matter, I do NOT pledge allegiance to this republic, the flag and, in particular, the indivisible part.”
    Fine, you are now my enemy.

  • DarkQuark

    He won’t mention the Christian God but I promise you he is thinking about Allah and Mohamed.

  • pap

    there is only one god. you’re not getting into heaven following the mohammad the molester…

  • moron

    So what. Four years ago when he had God, marriage was between a man and a woman.

  • NotKennedy

    Well, Goose, I agree just about all of that and only add this thought, if I may. The devil’s job is to lead us astray. No one does that job better than Satan… and the forgiveness part can really hang us up the most.

    In the Christian faith, that last, new commandment, to love one another, as I (Jesus) have loved you, or more commonly thought of in The Lord’s Prayer as, “forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us” IS why we rely upon the Grace of God, as Jesus Christ.

    So, hopefully, that other part, “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil,” may take on some context.

    Obama is an easy person to hate. Hate is not love, and Obama is an easy path for Satan to lead us astray. It’s a good thing, at least for me, that we have Jesus.

  • NotKennedy

    Works for me. Serve whoever you like, it’s your dharma.

  • NotKennedy

    BTW, Jim, look it up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pledge_of_Allegiance

    “The official name of The Pledge of Allegiance was adopted in 1945. The last change in language came on Flag Day 1954 when the words “under God” were added.”

    Another of those “evolving” government refinements. Chief Justice Roberts likes that sort of thing, it’s a liberal tradition. After all, even the founders must have sworn an oath of allegiance!

  • Guest

    Someone say I left out God? That can’t be. Let me be clear…

  • Annie J

    Obama only invokes God’s name when he thinks it will work to his advantage.

  • ed

    He thinks he is God, perhaps. Who knows what that freakish other believes.

  • Annie J

    It must, look at all his ever faithful brain damaged supporters. I don’t know of any brain damage I’ve suffered yet but I tend to mute the sound now when he is speaking on TV because the sound of his voice and all the lies makes my ears bleed.

  • RegulatorJohnson


  • xknight

    As Barky’s speeches go this one was borderline acceptable.

  • NotKennedy

    That is not unique to Obama. Actually, is there anything unique about Obama? Obama is pretty ordinary, pedestrian, undifferentiated and definitely not gifted or talented. That may account for his appeal to the “low information” voters, they identify with him.

  • Duffy

    They invited guests??? My guess is they invited more folks from Saudi Arabia….that’s his style of “guest”.

  • Shofar threading

    My computer audio is out and THIS time I’m glad. This man can’t imagine all these insults of God will eventually hit him in the face. How he can live with himself is beyond me.

  • Patty

    me too, sw74!! Happy Fourth!!

  • lonestar

    If he used the word “I” then in his mind, he did mention God.

  • FlyFree

    Obama’s a dick-head. Simple as that. Case closed.

  • Not Chicken Little

    Obama is the most un-American American President ever. What a disgrace he is to our country. When I read about our Founding Fathers and the men of honor that they were, and what they risked and lost for honor, to help establish this country, Obama is by comparison a sad, sorry pathetic figure whose only “virtue” is that he is clever at times in a sort of wicked and dishonorable way. He is surely a little man, the smallest we have ever had as President.

  • Patty


    so, does this. Lies and lies, how can Obama bring up God with a clear conscious.

  • roberted

    Boehner and McConnell cannot allow impeachment of Obama without a huge risk to themselves, no matter the stated cause for impeachment, of revealing and having acted on the complete truth about Obama’s usurpation of the presidency. Congress, both parties, is complicit in allowing the ineligible, identity fraud con-artist to become the putative president. Impeachment would not happen in a vacuum, the truth of Obama’s fraud would emerge. To avoid being charged with high level treason Congress believes they have no choice but to continue the
    almost 7 year charade of legitimacy they and the media have surrounded the usurper with ever since before he was elected in 2008…….., especially since they did nothing to prevent him from being sworn in back in 2009.

    This is the primary reason why Obama was not impeached years ago and it’s why he won’t be impeached ever……….and, it’s obvious from Congress words actions and inaction, right up until today. Anything Congress fights so hard to prevent is likely to be a good thing. They will do and have done everything possible to prevent the impeachment of Obama.

    Congress protects Obama to protect themselves from being held accountable for their part in the biggest hoax ever perpetrated against the American people.

  • DM1499

    Its smart, really. It lessens the possibility of him slipping up and saying “allah” instead of “God.”

  • Patty

    boy, the picture makes me sick.

  • Patty

    and I must put this somewhere so I thought this was a good place!


    Rolling rally for Confederate flag

    NOW, you all must come out and vote on Election Day, Please!!! This outrage by republican leaders as well, concerning the Confederate Flag PC. And it doesn’t serve them well to tell us the Confederate Flag must Go.

    It didn’t kill, the gun of a mentally disturbed Racist Killed.

  • Mike Foley

    It wasn’t on purpose. Obama just doesn’t believe in God. He can’t help himself. For Obama, the world revolves around him.

  • Pocho Basura

    doubtful if obamma left allah out of his ramadan greetings when he hosted muslims at the nations white house recently

  • Gumada

    No need to worry…one day even Obama’s knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, and then he will spend eternity in hell.

  • NotKennedy

    The beard improves his appearance and the raggedy turban looking thingy on his head helps to hide the horns.

  • jackb

    I would NEVER listen to this muslim fraud…..can’t stand to see his face. It’s a disgrace he is living in the White House……….belongs in Kenya.

  • DogWithoutSlippers


  • alvin691

    God assumes a higher moral authority, and statist revolutionaries can’t put up with that.

  • Phoenix_Damaged

    Hearing him speak on the Fourth of July, is like listening to Pontius Pilate give advise on silver investment.

  • mail.comSam Spade

    Praise be Mohammed and his 7 year old girlfriends!

    How many does Obama have?

  • dixie68

    Couldn’t expect more from this usurper.

  • johnfembup

    Really? I left out Obama from my family 4th of July.

    Coincidence? Not really.

    That’s because you can’t believe a thing Obama says, anyway.

    Not a damn thing.

  • 4grands

    Anything Obama says is either a lie, or one of his pipe dreams (as in dope). He takes his orders from Valerie Jarrett and Michele…they are all communists, and don’t deserve our time of day.

  • Patty

    Obama is maintaining a blistering golf pace
    this year, with today’s outing marking the the 22nd time he has played
    in 2015. That’s about 110 hours devoted to the golf, if we include the
    trips to and from the courses, or nearly three weeks of 40-hour work
    weeks. He has now played 235 times as president.


    What’s not to like?

    Obama is maintaining a blistering golf pace
    this year, with today’s outing marking the the 22nd time he has played
    in 2015. That’s about 110 hours devoted to the golf, if we include the
    trips to and from the courses, or nearly three weeks of 40-hour work
    weeks. He has now played 235 times as president.


  • will jones

    I will be a lot happier when this idiot is out of office.

  • carlcasino

    I can understand the low info voters holding out their hand for more, I can even understand my tree hugging sister in Laws voting white guilt, What I cannot understand is how the media can be so complicit in this fraud. Do they not understand that the ONE will not stand up for their 1st Amendment rights when TSHTF? If this is what Journalism has devolved to how do the few Constitution Loving Americans continue to get the word out. I forecast that since the FCC has now taken control of the Internet this medium will not survive much longer. If you thought the “Fairness in Broadcasting” was a reach watch what happens when the entire media is CONTROLLED by the Feds.

  • mficentral

    My family also saw this POS for exactly what he is. A Muslim, traitor, coward, liar, thief and antichrist. He will get what’s coming to him for what he has done to America and her people. Vengeance is mine says the Lord.

  • El

    What’s wrong with his face? He having strokes or something?

  • SharonLOrtega

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  • saturn

    Some people say he is the anti-Christ and some say he is the Devil. Maybe they are right.

  • gregzotta

    Come on now, Hussein Obama was probably thinking about Allah.

  • Cahal the Mad™

    Divider-in-Chief. I love how many leftrash still claim O-hole is a “Christian”.

  • jainphx

    No time in our history has one person shown such dis respect to America and Americans. No one eeeeeever. G-D to Obama is Allah, you know the god that is so feeble he needs his believers to kill and maim those who believe in the one true G-D, the G-D of love and mercy.

  • PassingBy

    Why does Democrat Billionaire George Soros and Democrat Silicon Valley Billionaires like Marissa Mayer of Yahoo, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Eric Schmidt of Google support Obama and give him money? Kickbacks?? Special Laws for the billionaires? Obama is everything Donald Trump says he is.

  • PassingBy

    Incredible comment. I agree with it. Thanks.

  • jainphx

    Yes take note! They will expose them selves to being the rats they really are. Jeb, Rubio, Christie, Pataki, and on and on. rats all of them.

  • jainphx

    Scary just to think about!!!

  • jainphx

    it just proved that those who count the votes wield the power. Voting machines that are owned by Soros.

  • jainphx

    My friend sports keeps us rabble from going of the deep end, although political correctness has stuck it’s nose under the tent flaps so that even sports no longer is a release from the Shiite rolling down hill from Washington.

  • jainphx

    That makes us even because I hate him. This is so hard for me a Christian to say. may the good LORD forgive me.

  • i mess up everything real good

    Hes looking rugged, and kinda greasy. Burned out, did i mention greasy.

    Looks like hes been smoking trucker speed for 2 days.

  • jainphx

    I’M beginning to believe that also. No other way he could get away with burying any think to tell us who or what this Pos is, and allow VJ to have any voice in the running of the office of President. A conspiracy of silence, but why?

  • jainphx

    Well said! The good LORD is patient, and slow to anger, but he will not be mocked. Obama is of the devil with the proof of the flies that buzz him and land on his lip without him even shooing them away, and rats that run behind him.

  • jainphx

    The only hope for us who he created in his image. Your so right about how easy it is to hate Obama, and I must confess I’m guilty!

  • jainphx

    The only man to ever give his exceptance speech with no one on stage just those devilish Pillars. Every other had family and supporters and cheering friends, not Obama, should have told us something, I know it did me.

  • jainphx

    Except for those dumbo ears he is a midget.

  • jainphx

    Elated for me!!!

  • jainphx

    VJ is a Muslim communist

  • jainphx

    All toads have horns

  • Mary_Linda

    Thanks for the offer (to listen to him). I’d rather pass!

  • Edna4512
  • Steve Morris

    edna…go take ur scam some where else…we are wise to ur antics and will not fall for ur false promises

  • kmanoirdala50

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  • kmanoirdala50

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  • itsy_bitsy

    So you’re just noticing this! The reason is because he can’t say Allah and that’s the only god he really bows down to, well with the exception of the Communist Manifesto!

  • saturn

    The ungodly shouldn’t mention God’s name.

  • HaroldLDavis


  • glenn47

    He is delusional if he thinks just because he says something or omits a word, the people will fall on their knees and worship him. He is meaning less and less to the people.

  • donnieboy64

    then i trust you don’t waste your time breaking bread with those who do support this cockroach?

  • devan95

    Communists will tolerate no higher authority than the State…….

  • Mac in Texas

    10-4 Darrell! Warning bells and red flags went up first time I heard it give keynote speech at democratic national convention while still a Illinois state senator I new trouble was ahead. A nation of fools is what we had then as well as now and why Benghazi hilly or the next Marxist democrat probably will be elected.

  • Evil Otto

    ‘L’etat c’est moi.’ -President Barack Obama

  • honestAbesurd

    WOW! I can’t believe he is letting his daughter learn how to perform analingous.

  • NotKennedy

    I didn’t know that… but in Obama’s case, if might be his only verifiable authenticity. Just look at the mass following of toadies he has acquired.

  • BeansFerSupper

    At the last democrat national convention obama left God out of the party platform. When some democrats thought they’d put God back in for appearances sake, the majority booed the decision. Democrats say they are for working people, but this is what they booing about.

    Amendment 1, Page 32, line 43:
    We need a government that stands up for the hopes, values, and interests of working people, and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.

    Amendment 2 – Page 63, Line 26:
    Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel. The parties have agreed that Jerusalem is a matter for final status negotiations. It should remain an undivided city accessible to people of all faiths.


  • Chuck G.

    I know what you mean about his voice sw74. I can’t stand to hear him speak
    for any amount of time at all. He is so disgraceful that I refuse to listen to any
    of his lying speech.

  • Nix

    Romans 13?

  • Proud Skeptic

    Much ado about nothing.

  • Elvia Alatbi

    What a bunch of haters!!!
    You should not talk like that if you love your g*d so much.
    good job Mr. President, I love you and respect you even more.

  • Kerry Fox

    THIS is what white supremacists read instead of news? The collective I.Q. here is in the single digits.

  • John D

    If Obama believes in God, it’s not the same God I worship. I’m not a Muslim. Anyone that hasn’t figured that out is an ignorant fool.

  • justapatriot

    I don’t call him Obeelzebub because he’s saintly.

  • John D

    Surely not. There is no way I will ever associate with any fool that supports Obama. I spoke to a liberal one day and found I lost 10 IQ points.

  • John D

    Anytime he comes on TV, my wife changes the station. Smart woman.

  • John D

    Have you been asleep ? The media has been corrupt for years.

  • GenesisZero

    Yay a President that doesn’t try to shove god down my throat in an address that is intended for everyone in a country that is made up of many religions, not just one. Quite happy with the way he’s been acting over the last while. I wish this was the man we had seen from the start.

  • roberted

    Congress intends to protect Obama and get him
    across the finish line in January, 2017 still officially considered a legitimate president. They will do anything to make that happen and nothing that even “might” prevent it. The excuses from Congress to not impeach will continue, no matter what Barry does. Actually, after their big victory in 2014 the Republicans ran out of excuses and now just say, “Obama will not be impeached”. This is not to protect Obama, it is to protect themselves.

    To allow the impeachment of Obama runs a very real risk of treason charges at the highest possible level for many rich and powerful people. Obama must be able to complete his term and prevent Congress and others involved from having to deal with the biggest Constitutional crisis in history, which they created by allowing and assisting a total fraud to become America’s putative president. It’s their personal freedom they are protecting.

  • Drew Binkley

    And this is exactly why we don’t need another lying ass politican as President or a member of Congress they lie so much they don’t even know when they are not lying.

  • Aeffesstoo

    He mistakenly believes that he has finally overcome those that he previously described as “bitterly clinging to their guns or their religion”

  • fedupMan

    Man this dude never quits does he. He sticks his fingers in USA’s eye every chance he can.

  • Hardlee_Ded

    God is a major issue on the 4th of July? Really?
    I could’ve sworn that the 4th of July was a celebration of the winning of our independence from the British…

    ….and what this God thing needs constant praise for is beyond me, sounds like a worthless deadbeat to me.

  • Hardlee_Ded

    After they talked to you we had to put them on life support…. unfortunately the stupid in you was so powerful they suffered a brain aneurism and died of the exposure to your extreme idiocy.

  • XaurreauX Pont DeLac

    Secularism is for grownups.

  • BPatMann

    Obama, like Satan, knows his time is running short.

  • bobdog19006

    You didn’t lose them, John. That liberal claimed them as his own.

    Just ask him.

  • amongoose

    And worships a fallen god.

  • Chris Clements

    Love this guy!

  • I can only do the Christian thing and forgive him.

  • JTC111

    Oh for feck’s sake, stop with all the fake outrage and fake god bs, you bunch of whiny ass titty babies.

  • BNBjustina

    He mentioned God as “Creator.” It’s right there in the transcript. It’s not at the end, but it’s still there.

  • ZigZ

    search: “wright down low club”
    The only reasons Obama went to the Chi-ton Trinity church was for optics and Rev. Wright ran a match making service for married gay men.

  • formwiz

    Yes, but how many times did he say “me”, “I”, “my”, or “mine”?

  • jackb

    Same here, either mute or change……Can’t stand to see or hear him.

  • shadetree56

    did he mention his savior allah? Or is he still trying to hide behind the bible?

  • cheatruler

    This man is the best president that America has ever seen.

  • shadetree56

    you forgot to put a (sarc.) after that .

  • lilyleft

    How I admire President Obama–who has had so much hate sent his way (for no reason), so much obstruction by those who wish the country and him to fail. anyone who wishes for his failure is a traitor to the USA. I am proud of his many accomplishments–stock market values tripling, no wars started, killed the leader of 9-11, got healthcare passed when no other president for the last 100 years was able to do so, has expanded our equality, plus much more and is appreciated and respected around the world. all the haters here should calm down and step back and look at the facts instead of the lies that foment their hatred

  • Eugene Hughes

    GAWD is for CHURCH. Keep your invisible made up sky wizard out of my government

  • David Lindsey

    Are you drunk?

  • J.r. Bomber

    How could he fail to remember the allfather Odin?

  • Neotrotsky

    Well, with the recent rulings, he might be looking at Michelle in a whole new light.
    So maybe he just has a lot on his mind

  • Goober_Pyle

    Go back to mommy’s basement.

  • Chris915

    Close, but not completely devoid of myth – he referred to a ‘creator’. However, as a secular nation, he’s not obligated to mention anything theological.

  • Chris915

    Except that Muslims worship the same God that Christians do, just different interpretations. That’s why they’re called the Abrahamic religions, they all originate in one way or another from Abraham.

    Muslims also view Jesus as a messenger of God and messiah. They also view Moses as a prophet. So, want to try again?

    Even then, read the Constitution, no religious test shall be given to hold public office or trust in the US.

  • Goober_Pyle

    Respected around the world?? You are delusional. How about the debt being driven up to levels from which we can’t recover? What about a record number of people without jobs?? What about the rise of ISIS occurring while he does absolutely nothing? Yeah, he is just awesome. I’m assuming and hoping that you are not of voting age. Such an outstanding example of public education.

  • Chris915

    You realize that means “God is great” in Arabic, right?

    Allah is Arabic for God the father.

  • Chris915

    Actually, it is.

    Islam is one of the 3 Abrahamic religions, the other two being Judaism and Christianity. You both worship the same deity, just different interpretations. Muslims also view Jesus as the Messiah, Moses a prophet, etc.

  • Goober_Pyle

    I think you meant to go to the PBS kids site. Adults only here.

  • McKallarkie

    Agreed; he said – “all of us are
    created equal, endowed by our Creator”
    Was he well endowed I wonder?

  • Goober_Pyle

    And yet you’re here posting.

  • Chris915

    You do know that Allah is “God the father” in Arabic?

    Do you also know that Muslims consider Jesus a messenger of God and messiah?

  • Goober_Pyle

    Yes and I also know that Jesus wasn’t a pedo perv that married a 9 year old.

  • WKRP

    Of course I do, but how many non-Muslims say that.

  • Joe Krozac

    Why would Barky mention “God”? We all know he doesn’t like to talk about himself!

    Doesn’t anyone remember his inauguration?

    “I Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear (blah-blah-blah) … so help me, Me”.

  • shadetree56

    your point is?

  • moose

    What GREATLY concerns me is the dozen plus guys running on the GOP side and Berney Sanders the Socialist who is drawing crowds by the tens of thousands!!! He originally had booked a rather small venue and then realized it wouldnt hold all that wanted to hear him speak and TEN THOUSAND plus showed up to hear him…..I dont think for a moment that the dumb youngsters out there and some older ones too would have an orgasm trying to decide who they should cast their vote for Sanders or Hillary…..this country is truly going to HELL

  • Chris915

    A lot, not realizing that Muslims and Christians believe in the same deity.

    Even then, his religious views are irrelevant to his office, as expressed in the Constitution.

  • McKallarkie
  • gordonsoderberg

    The comments here suggest the intellect of the readers are equal to their ability to understand what has happened to their lives in the last 6.5 years. Stock Market tripled unemployment cut in half and dropping and wages are increasing. But, since he did not mention god on the most godless day in American history where we celebrate the defeat of hereditary power and required allegiance to any religion forever you are having a hissy fit. How fantastically poignant, not to mention repugnant.

  • JTC111

    No, I called it correctly. If you can’t handle being criticized, turn off your computer. But to whine about my post calling you a whiner, simply confirms my criticism.

  • Goober_Pyle

    Reading comprehension much? I bet community college was a real struggle for you. Learn to compose adult sentences and maybe someone will take you seriously.

  • splink

    Well, I hope he enjoyed eating “burgers and dog”
    That’s the Indonesian Muslim way. s/
    He made a big deal over Ramadan, calls it the “Holy Koran”..but calls the Holy Bible just “the Bible”.
    Big celebration everyone the day he and the horse he rode in on move out of OUR House.

  • splink

    Unemployment has not been cut in half. Count the people who have quit looking for jobs. Count the HUGE increase of people on food stamps..
    As for the stock market, those ginned up numbers are the result of his lackies at Federal Reserve.
    The crash is coming.

  • Jess

    Probably the only 10 you had left as a conservative.

  • Jess

    There have been over 2700 religions…..you honestly think you were born into the ” right” one?

  • splink

    I believe there is no forgiveness without apology.
    I refuse to roll over and enable the bad guys to keep repeating their wrongs because I “forgive them”.
    God gave us brains to fight against evil.
    I will not be a volunteer victim of evil.

  • Jess

    Even if he were a muslim who cares? There is no religious test for office.

  • Jess

    President Obama is going to go down in history as one of our most influential and important presidents and rightly so.

  • Vernon Burgess

    So do all Mormons. They believe they are a God. And achieve godhood through special underwear. And when they die they will be a God of their own planet.

  • Vernon Burgess

    Not every speech has to say what you want. He gave a speech simple and good enough. Get over yourselves. Pathetic people to bitch because he isnt saying what you assume he should. Do you in every speech you make? No.

  • Gene Dooley

    The hate, the vitriol, the poison that comes from your anonymous christian fingertips…I love it! You people are the absolute best tool the atheist community has for inspiring free thought the mass exodus of faith and religion. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

  • Vobbo

    As someone from outside the U.S, Obama seems to be the most genuine president in my lifetime. I’m really not sure why there’s so much hate for him, he actually seems to care about the people and the country, instead of just reacting to crises as damage control, which most world leaders seem to do.

  • sw74

    The mentally insufficient leftist Obozobot trolls and Atheist-tards have found this story. They’re starting to pop up more now.

    Gotta make excuses and protect their little golfing Man Child barry at all cost..

  • Vobbo

    After reading further down the comments, I realise there are still religious people in 2015. Sorry folks, I forgot you existed, and I was happier for it.

  • Ekkle21

    I blame the fairies. THE FAIRIES MAN, they’re always up to no good.

    Actually, maybe it was Winnie-The-Pooh. That sleezy bear has his hands in so many pots it’s not even funny.

    -> What you sound like talking about fictional characters like “satan” and “god”

  • Dopey

    Sudden and massive destructive events in society, tend to do that throughout human history.

    From the ashes something better will emerge. We have to hang on just a little longer before we start rebuilding what was destroyed. The embers of Obama’s significant failures are still burning people.

    I hope you’re right. We hope to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

  • Pixielol88

    god* and which god are you talking about?

  • CurtisCBanks

    Next few days start your new life…thegatewaypundit… < Find Here

  • Markby2

    However, let’s vote for “king 1%” so that he will look at the 99%, just like every other 1% does. Totally logical. Get out.

  • gordonsoderberg

    You refute reality so there is no point in continuing a conversation with you. Have a nice day. Stock market is over 18000. Unemployment which before the crash only included people looking for work at the time, is at 6.3 percent. Food stamps are on the increase because military discharges and states that have reduced support for job placement. You blame the president for what republicans caused is like shooting the guy that pulled you out of a burning building that was set by people you voted for. You are the very definition of a lemming.

  • Jaeger Naught

    He really wanted to say Allahu Akbar but stopped himself short.

  • Dopey

    Paul Krugman, is that you?

    Labor participation rate 2015 = 1977.

    Real unemployment closer to 40%. President Obama could also be known as president downgrade.

    Zero growth in manufacturing while mining shrank. We have a growth of government bureaucrats in the medical fields.

    You should maybe check on the definition of “intellect.”

  • Dopey


  • LouAnnWatson

    to paraphrase an old saying…

    God is dead: Obama

    Obama is dead: God

  • LouAnnWatson

    shove your godless socialist opinion and your arrogant, self congratulatory nothingness

  • Clarkson55

    Warning: The comments are essentially a case study proving the effects of media “brainwashing”, with very vocal, illogical, and often relgiously-based arguments, obtained from sources of pure opinions, rather than anything close to unbiased observation. Let the games begin.

  • LouAnnWatson

    have it your way, it’s going oh so well…

  • LouAnnWatson

    you’re in the minority, so feel free to basque in your ignorance

  • LouAnnWatson

    unemployment cut in half…what a shallow little lemming you are

  • janwhitehill

    A muslim can’t say, “God Bless America.” That’s what he is, disgusting muslim. He should be arrested by our military.

  • Slogg3

    When you’re dead you won’t have vision, sight, smell or touch. You won’t even see “blackness” because you won’t have a brain to process what your eyes see. You’ll literally be nothing. Infinite time will pass on the moment of your death, because you don’t have a perception.

    Death is scary, and people believe in a god to protect themselves from this sour truth.

    Cling to your fantasies harder, because you will die, just like me.

  • JimmyP93

    You should be shot by your military.

  • LouAnnWatson

    we see that you are a delusional true believer of the daily shallow media propaganda machine. you’re right, no point having a conversation with someone who will not look at the facts…food stamps are on the rise partially because obama is purposely importing non citizens and giving them a full ride. be ignorant at your own peril. and you’re still blaming bush…means your man is incompetent

  • Vobbo

    Godless? Thanks, that’s exactly what I was going for. I’ve cursed the idea of your christian thug in the sky for decades and my life has been perfectly fine. “Ohhhhh you’ll get it when you don’t get into heaven!!!!!!!!11” Sure.

  • LouAnnWatson

    the voters get what they deserve

  • LouAnnWatson

    or allah

  • LouAnnWatson

    God is for the public square…shove your intolerant atheist nothingness

  • Headley (sic) Lamarr

    As it should be. If you want to hear about God, go to church.

  • LouAnnWatson

    like moths drawn to a flame…i think they all purposely google god on a daily basis just to spew their intolerance. funny that they have to think of god everyday even though they don’t believe he exists

  • Vobbo

    Nailed it, Eugeue. I was losing my mind with all these delusional comments but yours is gold. +1

  • Vobbo

    Honestly, I have a soft-spot for humans. When I see them get it so, so wrong I feel I have to help them realise the truth instead of have them waste their life on this silly idea of god. Unfortunately most religious people are rather aged, and the only reason to cling to religion now is because it’s too late to go back and recover the years of wasted devotion to someone less than a plastic fork. At least a plastic fork has a function.

  • LouAnnWatson

    so the atheist mutual admiration society has once again googled the word god, and once again consumed their day attempting to ridicule something they believe doesn’t exist. priceless

  • bigdaddy

    This means his “Oath of Office” is null and void to him.

    If he doesn’t believe in the oath and is not guided by it, what exactly guides
    him in his life to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States…
    or is it his lust for absolute POWER ?

  • Dopey

    You make it seem like atheists are hateful people. ISIS is trying to destroy Christianity. They are inspired by the idea of the mass exodus of that faith. Are you speaking for all atheists and likening them to ISIS?

    You forgot to sign your post mr. Sunshine. The founding of our country was initiated on the principle of individual liberty and it was specifically aimed toward religious freedom. Without God this country might not have ever become what it is today.

    William Bradford was inspired by God.
    George Washington was inspired by God.

    You’re confused. You need to work a little harder.

  • LouAnnWatson

    did you just become aware? i thought democrats believed it was kennedy

  • RickyTricky1

    “god” doesn’t belong in Government. If you disagree with this then I’m done talking to you.

    If you agree with this, then aside from your comment being idiotic, there’s no reason for me to talk to you.

  • LouAnnWatson

    you love a dictator

  • Dopey

    I really think he just wants to graduate off the lady’s tee and to not have to pull the 3 wood out of the bag on the fairway on a par 4.

  • LouAnnWatson

    bingo…they just can’t help themselves

  • RickyTricky1

    @cheatruler Agreed.

  • gordonsoderberg

    Actually manufacturing has increased in many sectors Detroit Auto, Wind, Solar, Electric vehicles, the fact that many jobs are still over seas is because republican lead efforts to reduce labor wages for their patrons is not the result of this president’s policies. But pull all the reason you want to hate this president for what republican lead efforts have done. I can;t help you . nobody can.

  • jeffie

    suck a willey silly the No1 homo presidenti

  • Vobbo

    Btw, “LouAnnWatson” is a troll. Just look at their comments history… just saying the most nonsensical things , presumably to get a response. Best to stop replying when you encounter someone like that.

  • Dopey

    God doesn’t belong in government. That’s pretty vague.

    If you agree that congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; (bold, the part lefties usually forget about), then you need to be more specific. As it is you statement is childish.

  • Dopey


  • Vobbo

    Religion shouldn’t have any SAY in Government, not that the Government can’t address religious issues. Just like Iraq doesn’t have a say in US Government, but the US Government address Iraq daily.

    Government > Religion, not:

    Religion < Government, not even:

    Government == Religion

  • GenesisZero

    I think you might want to look up what the word dictator is? I believe the people in Cuba and China would beg to differ with you on his “dictatorship”.

  • Vobbo


    Religion > Government*

  • amongoose

    Think so, my God doesn’t condone murder, rape, and pedophilia as one major religion (satanic cult) does.

  • stratton7487

    Are you really as stupid as you sound?

  • Gene Dooley

    Dopey, not hateful, just excited to see the GOP imploding AND inadvertently inspiring free thinking. I’m not sure why you mention ISIS.

    No need to sign my post; my name’s at the top. Ah, you’re correct, Dopey, freedom of and FROM religion. Anything else I can clear up for you?

  • mileikowski

    Wow! Potus is an asshhole because his weekly address was carefully sanitized from the word ‘God’ to avoids competition. Since White folks are drunken ‘Gods’ of 4th of July. Oh no you can do better than that.. its Obama’s few extra milligram of pigment on his skin that made him Gazillionaire unlike CLINTONs who live on Middle East bribes and BUSHs who’re surviving on PMCs’ handouts.

    This is just come in from ISIS Headquarters. SORRY… no congrats. Baghdadi and his dream team love to celebrate 4th of July if Jeff Goldblum ain’t featured in Independence Day as that Israeli sccumbag who saved the whole world. Just kidding! Happy 4th of July for my US readers, I would like to extend my best wishes for a Happy Independence Day, 4 July 2015, as they celebrate 239 years of this great nation. Well, go on, share it.

  • stratton7487

    Good one.

  • Dopey

    Ignorance is bliss. At least you have faith in that.

  • Frau Katze

    My but HaroldLDavis looks awfully feminine? Tweak your spambot.

  • stratton7487

    You got that right. And say, why hasn’t Jeremiah Wright checked in to correct his good christian pal, Obama?

  • Dopey

    We have this one already sorted out. It’s the constitution. The truth is, the constitution is the law of the land. The constitution says government should not have any say in religion (there is a limit when it comes to the violation of an individual persons liberty and well being, like with sharia law, which is religion and government, married). You state it exactly backwards as our laws state it to be.

  • gordonsoderberg

    Every part of the economy is subsidized from Walmart employment to big oil, Pharma and farming. Again, republican lead and supported subsidizing. That does not address the base need for the economy to recover that require increases in wage earnings. Your claims are false. Your reasoning backwards. your attempts to obscure are transparent.

  • Dopey

    LouAnnWatson is a respected contributor here.

  • jimwilson81

    His judgement is coming, if not by us, then by God.

  • yougo

    actually your god does, murder, rape and slavery all in the bible with god giving his chosen people permission to do so.

  • Vobbo

    Good one!

  • jimwilson81

    You reminded me of an old joke: no matter how much bread you use on a $#it sandwich, it is still a $#it sandwich.

  • Dopey

    You’ve simplified it almost down to a bumper sticker.

    There’s a Quasar out there that emits a solid beam of light stretching beyond the diameter of a galaxy. You know it’s there, but you can’t truly comprehend it. Mere existence, you can’t explain it and you can’t truly comprehend the size of the universe or the passage of billions of years of time. You know these things happened.

    You know the Grand Canyon was carved by natural erosion. You can’t comprehend the passage of time for that to occur, but there it is.

    You’re pitting your assumptions against thousands of years of human history and any actual snapshot of the universe. “Just is,” says you.

  • Pam

    Democruds. Communists. ALL OF THEM.

  • JTC111

    My sentences are fine. Yours, on the other hand, could use a bit of polish. For example, where you wrote “I bet community college…,” that’s just poor English. I’m not going to provide you with a lesson, however, because that kind of high falutin’ edumacation would be lost on your knuckle-dragging wingnut ass. On the other hand, I do applaud the keen sense of self-awareness you demonstrated when you chose your user name. “Goober” is spot on.

  • Blargette

    Sure it was just an oversight. Positive. After all he is a professed Christian. Yep. Skip skip skipadeedoo… rainbows and unicorns.

  • Dopey

    Freedom “FROM” religion doesn’t mean the president can’t say “God bless America.”

    Try clearing the pile of misunderstanding blocking your brains access to the constitution.

  • Dopey

    Electric cars, solar and wind cannot survive without the subsidies. Oil and coal don’t have a problem with that. I’m all for ending subsidies. Just because you can point to one, doesn’t mean another should be created. Get rid of them.

  • Dudley Pedro

    “Happy Fourth of July, everybody.”
    WTF ???
    Whatever happened to “Happy Fourth of July, my fellow Americans” ???
    Hussein-The-Destroyer is a godless Fascist. That’s why he can’t say, “May God Bless the United States of America.”

  • ddanimald

    God will Bless America again after America Blesses God again.

  • Dopey

    When was the last time you read the Declaration Of Independence?!!

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    “It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.” – George Washington

    This, then, is the state of the Union: Free and restless, growing and full of hope. So it was in the beginning. So it shall always be, while God is willing, and we are strong enough to keep the faith. -Lyndon Johnson.

  • gordonsoderberg

    The amount between the dollars subsidizing big oil banking and minimum wages compared to green energy is laughable. The fact that the cost is going down with the increase of production implies parody and profits in the future where as that can never be said for the vacuum of profit and subsidized corporate plutocrats and 1% socialists.

  • Dopey

    You should read the constitution. It says government should stay out of religion. You’ve got it complete backwards.

  • Dopey

    You still ignore our founding, our founding patriots, our constitution and the words and wisdom of hundreds of patriots and former presidents.

    You basically dismiss the Declaration Of Independence.


  • Dopey

    That made me chuckle.

    The subsidies if they are eliminated would see all of those industries lose money. Oil and Coal are much more efficient energy sources and they would survive losing ALL subsidies. Electric cars, solar and wind would fail if competing on the open market away from government influence.

    It’s not even close.

  • techish

    Actually, the voting machines are owned by the countries where used. Made by Diebolt, in fact. Romney panicked over them because his son works for Diebolt so there couldn’t be any of the usual games played by Republicans.

  • techish

    Then you know ZERO about your religion.

  • Valerie

    It would not hurt to seek Divine Guidance, especially because He has given us so very much power. I would ask that we always seek liberty and justice for all our people, and that our causes outside our borders be just.

  • techish

    Eisenhower, at this point, had racked up over 600 games. He played golf so often, he’s in the Golf Hall of Fame and has a street and gate at the National named after him. There was a tree, too, but it died after the ice storms in Georgia last year.

  • techish

    Except Eisenhower was president and Congress was Republican

  • Gene Dooley

    Again, Dopey, this has nothing to do with ISIS and nothing to do with the constitution. Stay focused. Maybe the president isn’t even a believer. And why would you even care what he says or what he is? You have no respect for him anyway.

    Access to the constitution? What’s the actual matter with you? What does that even mean?

  • Freebird

    Another picture of a stoned Obama..

  • techish

    The body of the Constitution clearly prohibits any candidate for any office in our country being subjected to a religious test. In other words, you can’t demand that anyone from county clerk up to the president prove a belief in any particular religion or even demand they have a belief at all.

    That is even MORE important than the individual privilege to practice any religion or none as one chooses.

  • techish

    Interesting how many of you have no idea that he was quoting the Declaration of Independence. It’s also frightening that none of you know that Jefferson put in a reference to a vague “Creator”

  • Valerie

    You really do not know what a fool you have made of yourself.

  • Valerie

    Well, I see I got suckered into replying to a troll today. Dopey and Vobbo are both busy in the thread below.

  • LarDog

    I’m shocked! Shocked!!! to find the Grinning Narcissist doesn’t think of anyone being greater than himself! /sarc

  • Paul Merrit

    Trump 2016!

  • Mike

    Every morning I wake up and turn on the news hoping that the Islammunist In Chief has assumed room temperature by natural causes along with every other commie progressive in the USA. Still waiting but it will be a great day when it happens.

  • Paul Merrit

    Trump is the answer!

  • Mike

    Yeah we sure cannot elect someone who has a proven success record now can we. No we will continue to elect the most disgusting vile and dishonest people on the planet, lawyers, and somehow hope for change. Stupid beyond belief.

  • Mike

    Hillary 2017! For prison inmate.

  • Mike

    You are sub-human debris.

  • Roy Jones

    The only thing more pointless and idiotic than this commentary is the bulk of the reader comments that follow.

  • Joe blow

    Amazing, if he had used God the ignants would say something about that….here’s the deal, you can lie your asses off, make up crap all you want, infer meanings when they aren’t there, but guess what. He’s our President, has done an amazing job working through you liars and liars in Congress and Hillary will be the next President and the more you lie the more votes she will get because people see throught your backwoods crap.

  • Terrence M Truax

    Me too, guys. It’s like watching your countrymen line up to commit mass suicide and you’re not able to do anything to stop it. And you’re being dragged over that cliff with them.

  • warren

    well actually it does… but like most “Christians” you did not read your bible to see it

  • warren

    most of the founding fathers found religion to a thorn in the side to put it mildly

  • warren

    all the religious nuts are crying becasuse he didnt mention god…… now which one would you like him to mention?? there are plenty to mention… so better off not to mention any of them

  • Joe blow

    Yeah, he should have lied about WMD, helped housing fail worse, not help out the banks or auto industry, let unemployment continue losing 800,000 job a months and last but not least let another country or hate group bomb one of our largest citites….but instead he turned all of that around and gave us all a better living only to have ignant dolts like yourself complain.

  • Sure you can or you wouldn’t be commenting LOL

  • marmaduke040

    Nothing but RWNJs posting here… waste of time.

  • Cozman57

    So what?

  • Greatest President to ever be. You got it right. There are thousands of gods that people worship. None should be recognized if we can’t recognize all.

  • That’s why we voted him in not once, but twice! Love him!

  • ImaMe


  • dave0987

    Thousands huh? And I guess they all have an equal shot at being the truth (however many there actually are) regardless of so many radical differences among their teachings right? Lol. Wow. Yeah if only we could vote for Obama a third time.

  • dave0987

    Well let’s see he claims to be a Christian, and Christians are not supposed to deny their faith, so there is that…and since we know what your next talking point will be:

    Question: How should a Christian view the separation of church and state?

  • dave0987

    Yes, Obama the Christian. Lol, because we all know there has been so much fruit to indicate that.

  • dave0987

    Lol, LouAnnWatson has been well known here for a long time. She’s legit. First I’ve seen of you in the 5+ years I’ve been here though.

  • NotKennedy

    Does that offend you? Do you want to kill me for my belief and faith? That’s what you sound like.

  • Ubeturbipy

    Why wait that long? She way past due for the gray bar motel now.

  • Blargette

    Yep. Mounds and mounds of partially eaten apples.

  • Goober_Pyle

    Goober is an inside joke with my family. My English is just fine. Your pathetic bigotry and childish name calling puts a smile on my face. Good, cheap entertainment.

  • Ubeturbipy

    Did Back Door Barry and Miserable Moose light up our house in red, white and blue in celebration of our Independence Day as they did the colors for the rainbow perverts?

  • NotKennedy

    I was just a kid during Eisenhower’s terms but distinctly remember his fondness for golf. He might have been more enthusiastic than Obama, in that respect.

    “President Eisenhower had been baptized a Presbyterian very recently, just a year before. He responded enthusiastically to Docherty in a conversation following the service. Eisenhower acted on his suggestion the next day and on February 8, 1954, Rep. Charles Oakman(R-Mich.), introduced a bill to that effect.”

    See! Just look at what those Presbyterians have done to America!! /sarc

  • olddog

    praise be to allah..would be more fitting..for this Choomer Chump SOB..

  • olddog

    Then swallow the Choomer and wipe your chin, Obagger (D)rone..Whoooa you LWNJs are NASTY AZZed HOs…PERIOD!!!

  • olddog

    From an Atheist-Vangelical CULTIST//priceless..

  • bobdog19006

    Because of all he’s accomplished.

  • olddog

    On your knees..Atheist-Vangelical prayer time Obagger (D)rone..and mention the Choomer Chump..while you’re (D)OWN..HO..

  • splink

    In June 2015, the real unemployment rate (U-6) was 10.5%, nearly double the widely-reported unemployment rate (U-3) of 5.3%. Here’s how to calculate both:

    Step 1. Calculate the official unemployment rate:

    U-3 = 8.299 million unemployed workers / 157.037 million in the labor force = 5.3%.

    Step 2. Add in marginally attached workers: There were 1.914 million people who were marginally attached to the labor force. Add this to both the number of unemployed and the labor force.

    U-5 = 10.213 million / 158.951 million = 6.4%.

    Step 3. Add in part-time workers: There were 6.505 million people who were working part-time because they couldn’t get full-time work, although they’d prefer it. Add them to the unemployed, they’re already in the labor force.

    U-6 = 16.718 million / 158.951 million = 10.5%. (Source: BLS, Table A-15)

  • lesmiles

    Only among conservatives is ignorance considered a virtue

  • mfsnyder

    Oh yeah satanic cult is a major religion. That sir is laughable

  • blueday

    Wow did I miss the Red White and Blue lights on the White House on Independence day like the colored lights when the court legalize gay marriage? Oh never mind if he can not include God in his address what else should I expect. Obama needs to remember that God will not be mocked…..I would not want to be in his shoes on judgement day, pray he changes

  • mfsnyder

    So let’s just humor you for a minute and say his is Muslim. You do realize your Lord and the Muslim “Allah” is the same God?

  • mfsnyder

    Huh? He just said to cheer on the woman’s soccer team – so therefore he MUST HATE AMERICA. Your logic escapes me.

  • JTC111

    Why am I not surprised that you can’t see your grammatical error even when I draw you an arrow? “I bet” …you used the present tense and it’s neither “fine” nor correct. If you don’t know how to write a proper sentence, perhaps you shouldn’t be calling out others on their English usage. It makes you look even more foolish than your political views, goober.

  • mfsnyder

    So he didn’t mention God – big whoop.

  • warren

    oh so you know what I am going to say…. but you really must be smart …….. well not

  • warren

    cultist??? what do you call the church and all the things you go through,…. crossing yourself… eating bread and drinking wine on certain days praying … meeting in the same building once or more a week to sing songs and repeat the same verses over and over… now that is a cult….. all I do is live help people that need help and treat people the way I want to be treated… I dont need a dusty book to tell me how to live…..

  • Americadies

    Leftist love Obama because is the epitome of a piece of sh*t.

  • olddog

    I have NO IDEA..I’m not a Thumper AZZ-WIPE..but I’d rather live next to Lion Food than Head Hunters..He’s the SOB that said he is a Christian..not me..So your CRAP should be at the PHONY POS…Hell I think he’s a Mudsliming BroHOODIE JERK-OFF..PERIOD!!!!!!

  • olddog

    well then what is the POS Choomer?? Mudslimer/
    ?? Christian??..or absolutely WORTHLESS and MEANINGLESS??

  • Hardlee_Ded

    Which has what to do with today? What’s with this bull that everything has to be about the God thing…. the God thing didn’t fight for our independence, men did… and the men on both sides were Christians…

    The God thing has nothing to do with US independence and it is the height of arrogance to think that invoking the God thing does either group anymore good than the other… or to suggest that victory was achieved through divine intervention.

    Basically… We won our independence because it cost England too much in treasure to fight a war on another continent. Same reason the other European nations gave up.

  • Americadies

    WASHINGTON — Health insurance companies around the country are seeking rate increases of 20 percent to 40 percent or more, saying their new customers under the Affordable Care Act turned out to be sicker than expected. Federal officials say they are determined to see that the requests are scaled back.

    Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans — market leaders in many states — are seeking rate increases that average 23 percent in Illinois, 25 percent in North Carolina, 31 percent in Oklahoma, 36 percent in Tennessee and 54 percent in Minnesota, according to documents posted online by the federal government and state insurance commissioners and interviews with insurance executives.

    Same as the facts about Obamacare. rate increases going through the roof because the parasites are sicker than expected.
    This POS president is a liar and will always be.

  • Carrie Nemi Miller

    The 5th Satanic rule of the Earth: Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.
    The 9th states: Do not harm little children.
    The christian bible condones all of those, yet the Satanic Bible expressly forbids them.

  • Jon Frejlich

    Good, don’t see what god has to do with the 4th of july lol

  • Pam

    i hope we can make Trump our next president. End the corruption with someone thati s not involved in political corruption. Trump will help put America #1 again. He loves our country and our Constitution and knows how to create jobs. He is the ONLY one in my book at this point that I would trust. I am tired of lies on top of lies. His honesty is long been needed in an office that is suppose to be trustworthy.

  • conservativefactcheck_dot_com

    From the transcript, above:

    “We remember as well that this is the day when, 239 years ago, our founding patriots declared our independence, proclaiming that all of us are created equal, endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights including the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

  • Spanker

    George Bush was elected in 2000, silly!

  • Bob

    Obama did mention our creator in his speech which is the same thing as God. You people always find some way to criticize Obama.

  • Spanker

    Laugh it up now, but your NeoCon, god-lovin’ candidate will be pandering for their votes in 2016.

  • NJK

    He was spawned from Lucifer.

  • ZZZzzzz

    I’m giving him a pass on this because he did use “our Creator.” If he had said “God Bless The United States of America in EVERY 4th of July speech and just not this one, I’d be curious. I’m thinking he did it in 2013 & 2014 in the run-up to the Midterms.

    Even so, it was Malia’s Birthday too (the irony) and he grilled burgers and dogs (glad it wasn’t Bo & Sunny), watching fireworks in his ‘backyard barbecue.’ He was surrounded by military, which is good as he’s the Commander-in-Chief and said good things about them. He used the usual divisive racial code words: Diverse, inclusive, blah blah….throwing in the World Cup was a nice touch.

    “Thanks, everybody. From my family to yours, have a safe and happy Fourth of July.”

    Thanks everybody?? For what?

  • Spanker

    Ah, it’s so cute the way that you self-righteous Conservaturds writhe in the hatred and loathing that you’ve whipped up. Good luck winning that next presidential election! You may be able to gerrymander your favorite dumbsh!t candidates into congress, but you’ll never win the White House again. And in time, you will die and be replaced by more reasonable people who know how to get along and get things done.

  • starstream42

    oh, for GOD’S sake. It was a wonderful speech for a secular holiday. Don’t you people have anything else to do but nitpick?

  • mficentral

    You don’t ever have to humor me. The word allah is a muslim word meaning whatever they want it to mean. Don’t ever associate that word with my God Almighty. Try reading a reputable book about Islam and find out the truth. Stop parroting every murmur that satanic cult makes..

  • ZZZzzzz

    Reasonable?? Like Hillary who sucked as Secretary of State, took millions into her slush fund AKA Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Foundation? Raising over $1 Billion mostly from foreign sources all tax-free, while being SOS. All 3 should be in prison for tax evasion.

    Bernie Sanders?? This Yuppie wannabe is a self-proclaimed Socialist, who needs another Barry on steroids.

    O’Malley?? He thinks he’s Putin Lite…

    Nah, looks like Trump is Trumping them all. Democrats are afraid, very very afraid and so is the GOP Establishment losers like Jeb! who needs to back away. Get the Popcorn, the debates are gonna Rock!

  • ZZZzzzz

    Ya did he light up the WH with Red, White & Blue?? Good question. I’m thinking probably NOT!

  • ZZZzzzz


  • GOpig

    That’s pretty serious stuff

  • Guest

    Whatever meds you’re on they’re not working. Doubling the dose might help.

  • Does it matter at all that Obama in fact did not leave out God as the article claims he did?

  • bodica

    The usual waffle. Not the “Independence Day” address, but the “Weekly Address,” a not so subtle DEMOTION of Independence Day. He never misses a chance…

  • bodica

    Jeremiah Wright from the Nation of Islam – started a church to ‘cover’ Oprah and Obama/

  • Dopey

    I don’t care if you think the “God thing” had anything to do with anything ever at all. You are free to believe that. Today we celebrate Independence day, the 4th of July, to commemorate the past. The celebration was today (yesterday to be exact) but the guest of honor, so to speak, was the past and the events that took place there at that time.

    Those men, regardless of what you might think of them, were inspired by the “God thing.” I know this to be true because they wrote it down a lot and one time, in an official declaration (the guest of honor on the 4th of July). Today it’s fun and hot dogs and fireworks and friends and family. But for many, not you, they also want to pay tribute to the actual reason for the fun and hot dogs and friends and family. They want to remember those men, back then, what they said, what they did and they want to be inspired to love their country as much as an original patriot. The “God thing” is part of that.

    It has nothing to do with today. It’s about the past and remembering history as it actually was experienced. You hate the “God thing,” that’s ok. But I don’t ever think about running over to you and telling you that I’m sick and tired of your stupid “no God thing.” But, we’re different people.

  • Dopey

    I don’t require my president to believe in God. It’s just that they all do. My president claims to be a Christian and that he believes in God and he also wants me to believe that he’s not muslim.

    My president is a liar and when he omits things that demonstrate his true nature of being deceptive, he gets called out for it. The anti-God trolls think it’s about shoving God down everyone’s throats.

  • Goose

    I saw a bumper sticker (for real) “Hillary 2016 – Prison or POTUS?”

  • Dopey

    You implied “God bless America” was violating your right to be free of religion. I know the president isn’t a believer. That’s the problem, he’s a liar and says he is. I don’t like liars, I have no respect for them.

    Words are tough on you aren’t they?

  • Goober_Pyle

    So sad. Angry and bitter because people have opinions that you don’t share. Sounds like you get your little feelings hurt quite easily. Go to bed little one. Mommy is ready to tuck you in.

  • Cindy Bott

    um not to point out the obvious, but isn’t “our creator” god?

  • MissChiChi

    Um, so what? Why is it important for him to mention god in every speech he gives? And he is not a Muslim, but if he were, again, SO WHAT?

  • g_mantwo

    So what do you call the part about, “endowed by our Creator?” Are you intentionally stupid, or do you have to work at it?

  • g_mantwo

    What a bunch of morons hanging out in one location. The combined IQ of all the posters on this page is equal to…well, I’d have to go to negative numbers here.

  • g_mantwo

    He is a golden orator compared to Bush, who was a constant foot-in-mouth disease.

  • NoCoincidences

    Actually, it sounds like a screeching snap before wind breaks to herald out the trots and toilet rocks that are sacrificed..

  • XaurreauX Pont DeLac

    We scare the crap out of people who are so emotionally and philosophically needy that they require the government to prop up their religion. I can’t blame them. After all, the irony is that without that reassurance from the government many believers will be forced to rely only on the faith they claim to have. And both atheists and believers know that’s not going to happen! ;^]

  • davidalinika29

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  • Nevermind the NSA!

  • Kimberly Jones

    What do you mean by “he believes he is a ‘god?'” O.o He has significant power, yeah…

  • Kimberly Jones

    What’s the big deal?

  • Kimberly Jones

    Are you in elementary school?

  • YolandaITurner

    …………….Feel Freedom thegatewaypundit…….

    ……………….. Find Get More </b

  • pixeloid

    So now when Obama quotes the Declaration of Independence, right-wingers get angry because he used the original word “creator” instead of “god”. Grow up.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    Obama also proclaimed that “We practice ALL Faiths”…….which also leaves God out of it! That is not what our once great nation was founded upon! And Obama also called our Founding Fathers……”Founding Patriots”! Another slap in OUR America’s Face! I have had enough of the America hating lying Muslime in OUR White House!

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    And secondly! The Founding of America is not a “Creed” as Obama says! He certainly looks and acts drunk in the video above! More nonsense from the America hating usurper in Chief!

  • Prof_M

    Great message from THE PRESIDENT!

  • Prof_M

    Hey, have any of you read the Declaration of Independence? “…endowed by the Creator…”

  • disqus_ggvdslgvY6


    In a country that is supposed to be egalitarian, the only reasonable course is to not mention anybody’s religion when addressing the nation. Otherwise, you’re elevating some people and their beliefs over others, and that’s unAmerican.

  • Nordberg

    This reprobate probably even forgot to give Allah some credit. It’s all about Obama. What a bozo!

  • StanleyMSimpson

    Some New Features with thegatewaypundit….. Go To Next Page

  • Brian Templeton

    President Obama made it very clear a number of times during his 4th July speech, that he spoke for all Americans regardless of their race or religion. Although Mr. Obama is a christian, and believes in a god, many
    Americans now, because of the immigration of peoples of many cultures into the U.S., dating from the first settlements in the country, do not believe in any god. At least a third of the world’s population is non-religious, and the remander are split among ten thousand beliefs including my own.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    Obama does not speak for me! Obama is a Muslim! And he hates OUR America! He has made that Very clear by his Actions! Not his Words!

  • Stephen Daugherty

    Well, you have to be pretty stupid to believe that could happen. Maybe you’re just figuring out you never had those points to begin with.

  • Stephen Daugherty

    Did any of you geniuses looking for a reason to be offended note that he spoke of the creator? It’s right there where he discusses the Declaration of Independence.

    This is grade a silliness, and it’s the reason I can’t take conservatives seriously anymore.

  • Nordberg

    No surprise. This reprobate wouldn’t call on God even in a foxhole.

  • PharmDoc61

    Did he slip in an ‘Allah Akbar’?

  • Christopher Thomas

    the butthurt displayed here, is priceless, omg…I love it…please guys! continue your downward spiral….it’s hilarious!

  • Long time coming

    Revolution for 2017. It’s time America. Talking is over with we either take action now or go down in the history books as the most cowardly passive generation the world has ever seen throughout the history of mankind. God is watching you Osatan and you will pay the price I only hope it’s at the hand of humanity.

  • And this actually surprises anyone? Wake up sheeple!

  • Philip

    Notice he also changed “founding fathers” to “founding PATRIOTS”–can’t appear sexist and patriarchal, right?!

  • Shawn Peters

    From the transcript you posted ” endowed by our Creator”

  • Terrence Jackson

    I appreciate the transcript, because I won’t listen to him talk. I hate lies. I’m GRATEFUL to GOD that he can’t run again. I am concerned about what ever State elects him to office though.

  • paul52

    Thank you for defending Ike, you little troll. /s/

  • paul52

    Did Ike host Ramdan dinners every year at our White House? Research that one, little troll.

  • ErikKC

    First, the right wing, conspiracy theorist, wack jobs tried to convince us he was a Muslim, and not even born in the U.S.

    Now, they are talking Atheist?

    Like that’s a bad thing.

  • ErikKC

    And his god is?

  • crab apples

    Did GOD arrange the Declaration of Independence. ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. There is “some Creator” but Y’ALL dumb RED State moronszzz sure don’ t know how that might work out out , do YOU?

    CUT THE B.S. already. This country has achieved what we have due to MEN & WOMEN dedicated to the proposition above and -‘ that from these honored DEAD we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion – that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain – that this nation , under God, shall have a new birth of freedom – and that government of the people, by the people, for the people , shall not perish from the earth.”

    Just ZIP IT MORONSzzzzTEA idiot Patrollers. TEA Time is defunct as OF Nov of 2016. The IQ of 85 Party that has NO idea of WTF you are doing in this Congress of the Keystone Cops. DO the WORK or else clear on out of D.C. you moronically IDIOTIC Cretins of TEA Time . . . . . .

  • ErikKC

    What god?

  • Jon

    He is an elected public official in a democratic government that was established by a secular Constitution. He doesn’t need to ever mention any god, as it has no place in his job. He doesn’t work for any religion or church. He is representing ALL Americans, who happen to believe in several different gods and no gods at all. Most of us don’t believe in ancient superstitions anyway and especially know they have no place in a secular democracy. Don’t be so ready to be offended, Jesus, just worship your god and live and let live.

  • pjt

    to Jon

    The people he represents is HIMSELF. Oh, and his ego.

  • pjt

    to crab apples

    They actually let a dodo like you comment on here. Enough said.

  • pjt

    to Terrence Jackson

    Amen,Terrence. Amen.

  • Big Ethel

    Terrific message from our President. Like that he mentioned God with the “endowed by our Creator” bit but didn’t lean too heavy on it. Something for everyone in there.

  • blackfeather

    his “god” seems to be adolf hitler.

  • Sven2547

    It’s sad the way right-wing media sustains itself on this petty manufactured outrage.

  • Dave Suchy

    Good question, but ask him before you make judgment.

  • I take ‘let those without sin throw the first stone’ very seriously. I understand if you need to be “paid” with an apology before you can offer forgiveness, but that’s not how I choose to live. Be well, splink.

  • MarcoZandrini

    Wow! I can’t believe the number of comments. So many nuts, idjits and dumbfuckistanis in one place!

  • Kirk Gaw

    There is nothing wrong with the President’s Salutatation at the end of his address! God is always in our President’s heart and mind everyday….it’s an Oval Office secret! It sounds like your article is EXPLOITING the President who always has God in his intentions!

  • jucifer


  • YouMakeMeLaugh

    Joh 14:30
    Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of
    this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.

    That’s his god … The prince of this world and he has nothing to do with Jesus …

  • YouMakeMeLaugh

    Only a spiritually blind man would make that comment …

  • sanford943

    From Ed Brayton

    Unlike his weekly addresses during the previous two years, where the President concluded his speeches with “God Bless You All” (2014) and “So, God bless You All. And may God bless The United States of America” (2013), Obama left out any mention of God in his recent address. Instead, this year, he chose to end his speech with a very politically correct, “Thanks, everybody. From my family to yours, have a safe and happy Fourth of July.”

    Oh yes, dear me yes. That’s just so “politically correct” to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July. This is an outrage, an outrage! It just reveals that Obama is…well, something bad, I’m sure. Of course, Obama did quote from the Declaration of Independence:

    We remember as well that this is the day when, 239 years ago, our founding patriots declared our independence, proclaiming that all of us are created equal, endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights including the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    This is how it works on Planet Wingnuttia: When Jefferson mentioned the “Creator” in the Declaration of Independence, he obviously was referring to Supply Side Jesus, the Republican version of Jesus, and this is proof that liberty is limited only to those things that their fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible would allow (never mind that Jefferson quite explicitly says the opposite over and over again during his lifetime). But if Obama quotes that passage it’s proof that he’s an atheist Muslim Antichrist, or something. Don’t you feel better knowing that?

  • Gene Dooley

    I implied no such thing. You “know” he’s not a believer? You know no such thing. But feel free to call him whatever you’d like; neither he nor I care.

    And, no. It does, however, feel very satisfying to have watched you and the rest of the Christian right get demolished last week. At least you’ve still got Trump.

  • Eric Collier

    Good for him. If I hear one pol slavering and pandering to the religious rabble in this country every time they open their mouths I’m going to hurl.

  • Dopey

    You have H and the socialist. You have no room to talk.

    And I mistook your “FROM” to be intentionally emphatic.

  • ErikKC

    A blessing?

    Silly superstition.

    In any event, some should talk less and listen more.

  • ErikKC

    A rhetorical one. I really couldn’t care less. As long as he doesn’t try to push his silly superstition off on me.

  • ErikKC

    And, you have a testable hypothesis to support the existence thereof?

  • YouMakeMeLaugh

    There is nothing hypothetical about the Almighty God that lives in my heart. It’s a spiritual relation that can only be started by God and we are all blind to it till then. Like you.

  • YouMakeMeLaugh

    Take your own advice. It’s better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  • You are right, there is still hope that he is just a bold faced liar & that he is not juvenile enough to still think the gods are REAL. Its just such a slim chance… 🙁

  • Okay, you are either winning Poe of the year this year… Or, you are really starting to freak me out.

  • ErikKC

    I’ll take that as a no then.

    Please feel free to provide evidence for your contentions of truth. It is the responsibility of those making such claims to do so.

    Otherwise, disbelief is the default position.

  • Gene Dooley

    Yes, one of which will be your next president.

  • Shawn Peters

    I don’t know why my comment was deleted. All I said was that Obama did indeed mention God (“endowed by our creator.”) – Silencing someone who is only stating a simple fact doesn’t make you look very rational.

  • YouMakeMeLaugh

    Mt 12:38
    Then certain of the scribes and of the Pharisees answered,
    saying, Master, we would see a sign from thee.

    Mt 12:39
    But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous
    generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas:

  • ErikKC


  • carlstone

    So when he said “endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights ” you think he wasn’t mentioning God?

  • Unified Me

    DId you listen to the address? The entire message was about the line
    “…all of us are created equal, endowed by OUR CREATOR with certain unalienable
    rights including the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

    Everything he talked about was about “our creator”. Give me a break!

  • Paul Merrit

    Obama or Trump?

    Obama is a known Atheist.
    Trumps god is money and lots of it.

  • Paul Merrit

    Trump 2016!

  • umando58

    you like me thegatewaypundit give you chance,,, Now Go Read More

  • Cathy CC.

    Good. Gawds don’t exist.

  • Well, in fairness to Obama, he did mention that our rights are endowed to us from “the Creator”. . .the problem isn’t that he doesn’t mention it. . he often does. . .the problem is he doesn’t believe it nor does he agree with the implications that American citizens, having been endowed by the Creator,. . are also then the source of governing authority. . .”by the consent of the governed”. . .Obama, conversely, believes that the power to govern is inherent within government itself. . .and this is why his policies are so wrong-headed, destructive and are doomed to fail. . . .sadly, in the process of enacting his brand of tyranny, he may succeed in destroying the country.