IRAN TORCHES EFFIGY OF OBAMA on Quds Day in Shadow of Nuke Talks

Today was Quds Day in Iran.
Massive crowds chanted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” in Iran’s capital on Friday.
The protesters carried an effigy of Barack Obama at the rally.
obama torch

And they torched it.
torch obama quds
They also torched Netanyahu at the state-sponsored rally.

quds day

The protesters carried Down with USA and Down with Israel signs.
down with usa
(Photos from Fars News)

Meanwhile, the Obama administration was trying desperately to iron out a nuclear deal with these savages in Vienna.

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  • “Penned” In

    Employment Wanted:
    Location Tehran Iran
    Job Description:Govt Protest Store Manager

    Selling effigies of foreign enemies not limited to John Kerry, Barak Obama, George Bush and Joe Biden
    Must have the ability to forment a protest using real or manufactured propaganda
    Teaching flag burning classes with a emphasis on family safety
    Be able to speak over a loudspeaker during protests to maximize sales
    Must be Shia and have a hatred of Sunni and American people
    Must be able to teach protesters how to spell “Death to America” in English on signs
    Must have the ability to sell sharp Afghanistan rocks for public square stoning events
    Must be able to provide coffee for clients in our coffee shop

    If qualified, please send resume to:
    Ayatollah Kameini
    303 Qud Square
    Tehran Iraq

  • porcer34


    Apparently I have slightly more in common with the Iranians than I would have thought..

  • gunnartheviking

    Well they did get one thing right. He is now a world clown.

  • It’s one thing to have the Iranians basically dumping loads in Kerry and Obama’s faces but it’s another thing altogether to have Kerry and Obama jump at every chance to invite the Mullahs back to do it again and again.

  • Tiktok La’mar Quentarius III

    Theys should love the man. He’s done more harm to Americah than theys ever could.

  • portle44

    “Massive crowds chanted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” in Iran’s capital on Friday.
    The protesters carried an effigy of Barack Obama at the rally.”

    Not sure why the savages were burning Obola.He is on board with both of their slogans.

  • newyorkgroov

    Why, in Gods name, are we in serious negotiations with these savages?

    That’s right.

    We have a community organizer as a commander in chief.

    How did we allow a man who doesn’t have enough work experience to run a lemonade stand participate in world diplomacy?

  • CZB

    Maybe they’re jealous of the competition.

  • Obamastein

    Ya gotta be kidding. The babbling baby boy blunder Obama is their hero and one of those sand toads.


  • CZB

    If you believe in the concept of reincarnation, you gotta believe that both will come back as sh*t eating dogs.

  • Libslayer

    Wow, so there is one thing that’s legal in Iran, that would result in fines, intimidation, death threats and jail time from the Obama syndicate, if anyone dared to mock the prophet Barack in America like that.

  • ElKrisO

    And we continue to give Iran aid money, not to mention about to unlock billions in trade. It’s obvious Iran is a bunch of racists towards minorities.

  • Trust No One

    Maybe a beer summit in a bathhouse would ease the tensions.

  • Libslayer

    They hate him too, but they know that he’s a clueless wimp who will allow them to introduce the world to nuclear-armed jihad. They know he’s a sap. Nuclear Islamic jihad aimed at America will be obama’s biggest legacy.

  • CZB

    I read yesterday we’re promising out mideast allies 6 billion dollars in arms to go along with this insane deal. We’re cutting 40,000 troops from our military and passing the savings onto the oil barons. Obama-nomics in action!!

  • cecil91

    Obama: “But but, what about the DEAL??

  • Libslayer

    Actually it’s high treason. But no one will dare criticize our “HISTORIC FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT®”, much less impeach the traitorous creep.

  • CZB

    If the protestors don’t quiet down, Kerry won’t get James Taylor to come out and sing “You’ve got a Friend” to them. He would, but James isn’t that crazy!!

  • dixiesuzan

    Our Obama ??? Burned in effigy ???

  • CZB

    Yep. Everyone knows only racists would disagree with Obama. He said so himself!!

  • Jeff Justice

    Burning an effigy of Obama hardly effects America in fact it may actually help.

  • another_engineer

    Let’s send the real deal and call it even : )

  • parlezlibrement

    Yeah, because American colonists burning effigies of George III were “savages” too.

  • Libslayer

    Repeatedly. Every day.
    The Obama presidency is the Farrakhan presidency when it comes to white people. He truly hates whites.

  • 57Bootsy

    To Obama, it’s a family squabble. They’ll kiss & make up, O will continue to send them billion $$ checks, and Iran will follow thru with the plans they’ve had for 1,300 years. Nothing to see here……

  • Pungo2

    They are already that!!!!

  • cmdprompt

    Scheiße, let ’em have a nuke. What could possibly go wrong?

  • CZB

    And Americans in general. I don’t think he even likes blacks. The guy is so self-obsessed and quick to throw his closest advisers under the bus, I think the only person he loves is himself.

  • cmdprompt

    I lol’d. Glad I was out of coffee. Hot coffee flying out my nose hurts.

  • 57Bootsy

    We shouldn’t spend a dime on impeachment, just arrest the POS & throw him in prison.

  • BecuzCuz

    It’s not the effigy burning that makes them savages.

    Geez, you can’t even troll properly…

  • fedup

    The dummy’s do not even know Obama is on there side…..sad little commie people …..

  • Libslayer

    He hates blacks too. But he uses them as a bludgeon against whites.
    Other than that, the only Americans he cares about are himself and the men who golf with him and wash his balls.

  • CZB

    Most of us don’t have a problem with that part. It’s the whole flag and “Death to America” thing that we don’t like.

  • Tiktok La’mar Quentarius III

    That be a good point, yo. Like two dealers beefin’.

  • 57Bootsy

    Didn’t George Soros already place that ad?

  • Newshound24

    The sight of John ‘F’n’ Kerry up there at the podium, wobbling around on a pair of crutches, is perhaps the best visual depiction of the Obama administration’s ‘foreign policy’ platforms. A bungling fool with broken legs, hobbling around and begging our enemies for help.

    As in the 70s, the only ‘fix’ for this Iran problem will be to get a new President. As long as Obama is in office, America’s enemies will continue to run amok. Because they know that Obama, Kerry, and every blasted Demorat in Washington are a pack of morons – weak, spineless, gutless and brainless. And Iran in particular is taking ruthless advantage of their weakness to nuke up and live up to their promise to ‘wipe Israel off the map’.

  • zzzzzzzot

    No need for for effigy part.

  • CZB

    All is not lost. He may have failed as a troll, but he can still be a community organizer.

  • susandanielspi

    Trump will.

  • susandanielspi

    Hate the zebra.

  • Libslayer

    That doesn’t even require a brain.
    Just a soul that’s black as pitch.

  • fedup


  • Davole

    To address the issue of Obama being burned in effigy, hopefully he will pompously travel to Iran in order to tell the mob to “Get real!”

  • nostudme1

    And, potential POTUS.

  • fedup

    No need for that ..his sorry a– will give them the bomb and some American tax dollars all is COOL….

  • rexlax

    Don’t worry, they do , it’s all theater. Barry’s stressing cause of the embarrassment due to the circus show and unfortunate rhetoric.

  • CZB

    He’ll just claim that the effigy is George Bush and not him.

  • rexlax

    They regularly toss his kind off tall buildings, much more exiting than burning them

  • FallonVet

    Wait a bit – until certain other things take place. You might be surprised.

  • Libslayer

    Maybe if Barry leads a gay pride parade through Teheran, those friendly Mullahs will lighten up and make a good nuke deal.
    hey, it can’t hurt to try, can it?
    Obama is a uniter, not a divider. He said so.
    Iran just needs some diversity!

  • stella blue

    I’ve been reading that the Iranian people desperately want a nuke deal with US. Playing hard to get seems to be working. The more they insult Obama the more desperate he becomes.

  • FallonVet

    Stated very ‘delicately’. LOL

  • JJ

    I guess their liars recognize our liars.

  • rexlax

    Gitmo would be perfect, maybe that’s why he wants to shut it down

  • Libslayer

    I’d love to see that creep in prison for life.
    He’s earned it.

  • Libslayer

    I slept through “subtlety” class in high school.

  • FallonVet

    They too have an image to uphold. Even the Iranians don’t want to be seen as Obama cronies.

  • lordanson

    Instead of going through the motions of burning Obama in effigy, why don’t the Persians just travel to Washington? The ground is quite fertile there.

  • Guest

    If the great Collaborator, (not appeaser), showed his face there in person does anyone think they would not torch him in an instant? Now there’s gratitude for you!

  • Jim

    There is nothing to like about Iran! but, If they are burning Obama. I am with them on that! Make it real. Nothing else. Just that.

  • Doug

    Weeee,, more racist with a fanatical twist…doubt Kerry brings that up at the table… pretty sure the response will be…

    what ya gonna do about it

  • retona4

    Something that must get you off.

  • FallonVet

    Can you say Leavenworth? – hard labor while awaiting his trial for high treason.

  • John Campbell

    You mean have a beer at the bathhouse?

  • FallonVet

    What a great idea – I bet half of San Francisco would volunteer to go along for the chance to demonstrate how a gay pride parade is really done.

  • John Campbell

    Contempt for Iran’s rulers surely seems in order. Although, their disdain for Obama could be a unifying moment. I suggest a trade. Iran gives up any and all nuclear ambitions and we’ll give them Obama. Deal? :o)

  • Prelusive007

    Kerry is the proverbial one-legged man in the azz kicking contest and he’s losing big time.

    The Iranians probably sabotaged his bicycle.

  • Prelusive007

    I wonder when Kerry is going to play his James Taylor card…… Have Taylor show up and sing “whenever I see your smiling face, I have to smile myself because I love you…”

  • Thomas Nelson

    well were kinda on the same page there. What I think of buckwheat is worse than that….

  • Trust No One

    Not in real life? Pfft…..

  • 2fastball

    When they are all ganged up in one place like this, hopping up and down, waving their arms, and making threats against Americans, why not just blast a scud missile their way and clean them out each time?

  • Jeff Justice


  • Guest

    Iran: No sanctions, no inspections and no restrictions. Just give us billions of dollars to fund our nuclear weapons program and terrorist networks so we can take over the Middle East. After that you can take your stinking deal and get lost, permanently. And we get to have as many nukes as we like. p.s. after that we are coming for you.

    US: Sure, that’s not a bad deal.

  • parlezlibrement

    That’s because I’m not trolling. Only the uneducated troll.

  • rahimi hash

    These are the people John Kerry is trying to bargain with, when he is not getting shouted at by his Iranian counterpart. My administration would have John Bolton telling the Iranians in very clear terms what is expected of them. The Iranians would not get away for very long at shouting at John Bolton.

  • mumzieistired

    Why are we still talking to these people???

    It’s like Obama and Kerry are suffering from “battered wife syndrome” or something… It’s getting creepy.

  • yennikcm

    As the stomach turns……

  • Ubeturbipy

    Why burn an effigy of Obama when no one would stop you from grabbing him here?
    I’ve always thought I could agree with the goat ropers of Iran on anything but I guess I was wrong

  • Patty

    okay. not to be sarcastic but what do we expect from Iran. They are laughing at us. another fine predicament Obama got us in.

  • Gas_Passer

    Maybe the Iranian’s don’t like gays is why the set fire to Obama’s effigy. I’m just trying to figure out why they would do that.

  • jainphx

    Effigy? Come on guys you can do better than that.

  • jainphx

    Come back as? Hmmm I was under the impression, well never mind.

  • jainphx

    Kerry and Obama!!! One should be shiite on and the other to cover it up with.

  • jainphx

    Ask that big fat lesbian from the view, he shut her up fast.

  • jainphx

    It did me! What’s wrong with that?

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    Obama has got to be really upset about this.

  • Martin Weiss

    They burned Obama in effigy ? Only in effigy ? Damn.

  • Awana Killakoon

    Shame it was only an “effigy”.

  • saturn

    President Trump will hopefully make an annual holiday where an effigy of Obama is burned.

  • Hermanutics

    Ain’t nothing like the real thing baby. Ain’t nothing like the real thing.

  • gerry d welder

    This will confuse them:


    Hack of Netanyahu Chief of Staff Shows Israeli Control of ISIS … 2015/ 07/ 11/ hack…

    11 hours ago … Israelleaks: Cables Reveal Tel Aviv

  • TioDon

    or we could just burn him in ********** Square (“Washington Square” but I don’t know if we’re still allowed to say the former slave owner’s name)

  • Thrill22cl


  • tiredofit2015

    Stirring up the heathens…

  • Mohammed_Goldberg

    Why use an effigy? The real thing would be better….

  • Steve Roberts

    Heres an IDEA 🙂

  • Mohammed_Goldberg

    Burning an effigy of the lying African muslim mulatto’s administration would be more appropriate. Especially the muslim advisors he has around him.

  • Mohammed_Goldberg

    The Iranian’s execute gays and lesbians for public entertainment for the masses….

  • Reason And Believing

    It’s official, only gays and criminals like Obama now.

  • Cirrhosis

    Trump should be negotiating these nuke talks.

  • Frank Weinkoff

    If we made and sold Pinatas of Barry to LEGAL AMERICANS and our FRIENDS in ISRAEL, the US would be outta debt in a week !

  • canalway

    Why do they bow down to that big box? What’s in it?

  • Attila

    They look like the DNC convention. Frankly, they’re very similar groups of people.

  • LeisureForeigner

    I thought I saw some of my old co workers!

  • pking1

    Only a lunatic believes that obama has the best interests of the U.S. in mind.

  • Nome Sane

    Pay no attention. It’s just a normal greeting from some of Obama’s many ‘best friends’ – that he richly deserves. Note to Obama: Watch out behind you after you are no longer POTUS.

  • Fred

    So they torched an effigy of 0bama and chanted “Death to America”.

    I’m so confused – are they with us or against us?

  • Frank

    Kerry is continuing the epic failure aka ‘legacy’ which Hillary left off. They’ve created an alliance because these radicals of the counterculture ultimately share the same hatred for the US – now they’re trying to speed up that agenda realizing the masses are FINALLY starting to catch on…

  • johnrhett

    How are you confused? They’ve been our outspoken enemy since Carter helped oust the Shah. The Obama administration is traitorous, every single man and woman of them, selling us out – for what? – to people who have no gratitude for it and hate them just as much as ever.

  • Hillbilly

    Oboma has been shouting , Death to America since he took office , no one wanted to listen , Democrats and Liberals are the Scourge of America .

  • Hopsaregood

    Wow, the evil insane muslims of iran did something I agree with. Burning Obama in effigy is a start.

  • Hopsaregood

    I can understand that. Many of us in this case I believe.

  • Hopsaregood

    This is at least their third trip I am sure. They are to good at it not to have done it several times before.

  • Andrewmag166

    Why does obungo keep insisting they pour in to the US and live here illegally?

  • Hopsaregood

    Along with Crazy Nancy.

  • Hopsaregood

    Yes he is a self centered and obsessed egotist.

  • Sol T. Knutts

    Top Men are on it!

  • Hopsaregood

    The golf is secondary to the ball washing.

  • Hopsaregood

    The Shiite will hit the fan sunni I think.

  • Henry Lancaster

    Why are we “negotiating” with Muslim animals that want to use these nuclear abilities for the sole purpose of creating nuclear weapons to destroy us?

  • Hopsaregood


  • Hopsaregood

    A giant camel vagina?

  • Jas

    In their club, no girlz allowed


    Seems crude, and you’ll be dependent upon daddy government to do much of your work for you. So, I have a different idea:

    Capture the Black Stone.

  • Jas

    Himself and his elite Free Mason buddies

  • Even though obuma is a muslim terrorist the rest of em do not respect him for being so weak!!! LMAO!!! Thanks white liberals for putting this POS in office!

  • Andrewmag166

    Actually I must say they look a little better than the average DNC convention at least the men are men and the women are women. They aren’t throwing used rubbers all over the place. They arent worshiping rainbows and megalomaniacs. They aren’t holding a thug up that got shot trying to beat up a cop as a hero. They aren’t looting robbing stores and burning down the city. Much better than average libs and dems.

  • Pouncekitty

    Heheheee!!! Can’t wait to see the big march after Israel levels this cesspool of criminals.

  • Also love the flag!! My choice for America! Thanks for displaying the Stars and Bars!

  • Jerseyvet

    Are the Iranians crazy, especially the citizens. I understand their rulers are nuts but why would the Iranian people want to start a war with Israel and the USA? I wonder if the Donald has questioned yet, “Are those people nuts?” I know their leaders belong in an asylum but you would think the ordinary citizens would have better sense. Apparently, they’re so stupid that they welcome death. And there ain’t gonna be any Allah waiting for them.

  • Jas

    It’s empty now, it used to house all the effigies of the local tribal gods before Muhammad took over and removed them as pagan.

  • paysalotforgas

    That pic is killing me. I guess they thought the pic of him throwing it back was worse.

  • Andrewmag166

    maybe there are 40 virgins in the box

  • John Schilling

    “…if words could make wishes come true…”

  • GuyFawkes

    Iranian born White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett is very proud of her people in Iran. I’m sure Obama is taking all of this with a grain of salt.

  • Andrewmag166

    Israel doesn’t fight real countries that can fight back, they only wipe out defenseless citizens, you know women and children. Israel makes its stooge america fight its wars christian and Muslims fighting that’s the Israel way..

  • Soflodoug

    What happened to logic? If somebody says they want you dead and to go to helll, Then logically they dont like you and want to see and even participate in harm against you, right?
    So why is the bony headed kerry over there making a fool out of himself trying to negotiate with the enemy?
    Im sorry, am I still a man or a purple penguin? Times today are really getting confusing.

  • Jas

    Iran has a Jewish population that is treated very well. Israel has repeatedly tried to get them to immigrate to Israel, their answer, no thanks crazy people, we are happy here. Iran is a big country with several minority populations that are protected by the state and a mostly tolerant local populace.

  • Jasonn

    Totally understandable. Folks don’t think much of that feckless zip over here either.

  • Jerseyvet

    I don’t like Obama but remember he dropped the Al Queda people into the ocean after their 9/11 attack on NYC. You don’t want to mess with this guy and that’s clear to anybody with a brain. But Muslim fanatics think Allah will be there to welcome them. That’s like betting the earth will stop revolving tomorrow.

  • Funkmaster5000

    We should give Iran 100 nukes. Delivered courtesy of B-1 Bombers, delivered right to their front door.

  • Jas

    Odd, they didn’t show video of them actually chanting that, they just ‘tell’ us they did. Also, how many people were there? What if their news only shows them gay pride parades and Aryan nation protests, a handful of idiots does not represent the whole country.

  • Pouncekitty

    Clearly you don’t read history. Israel beat back a MUCH LARGER ARAB ARMY in 1967 and the did it again TWICE MORE. Those were real Armies, genius, larger and better equipped. But, hey! They were commanded by Arabs. Your brainwashing has disabled your ability to read, much less comprehend. BTW, there is no such thing as a “Palestinian.” That’s a fake made-up “ethnic” group of loser Jordanians and assorted sheep herders who can’t get it together. Any more questions?

  • yerfackingmammy


    Gawd does this pose a dilemma.

  • mewp12

    I just hope we can survive the next 18 months.

  • Jas

    Actually the old maps and books quite consistently use the word Palestine.

  • burningtree

    And remind me again why we “negotiate” with these fanatics?

  • Andrewmag166

    right roll eyes

  • Libslayer

    Obama WILL destroy America unless he is stopped.
    The end of America and Israel were the “Dreams from Obama’s philandering drunk deadbeat communist father”
    He intends to finish the job.

  • Ray Arlen

    I wonder if the protestors realize that half of America shares their feelings about Obama. Maybe we have more common ground than is generally thought.

  • Andrewmag166

    you call me a genius? jew tards and their corrupt media put ovomit up supported him and got him elected, genius. Guess if you collect enough [email protected], criminals illegals misfits and freaks let them vote 3 or 4 times you can get anyone elected.

  • fred

    Iran is a filthy nation filled with filthy people.

  • giatny

    My view on Obama is the same except for opposite reasons. He is clearly funding
    Iranian terrorist takeover of entire ME. Doesn’t anyone recognize that half of the
    p+ is on Iran’s side? They are happy to get the worst deal possible for US.

  • FallonVet

    I don’t think they’re allowed to care.

  • Andrewmag166

    yeah, its been creepy for 7 years. Knowing the clowns running the show it will only get creepier.

  • Andrewmag166

    i am sure they would just like them walk right across the border, might even give them a free meal, healthcare, plane ticket and some go money too you know standing exec orders.

  • Joseph Tarlton

    but wait….I thought if we elected Obama the world would love us …never mind

  • Andrewmag166

    People call them fanatics which they are but they still look much better than the average, Baltimore Ferguson … “protest”

  • Andrewmag166

    and blacks would love us too, for showing them we arent racist. Well blacks hate me more now after 7 years of o nightmare.

  • Joseph Tarlton

    agreed, and if Black lives matter so damned much, start acting like it…

  • CZB

    That’s probably exactly what they’re showing their people, the things that support their agenda. As far as the chanting goes, if it’s in Iranian, we wouldn’t understand it anyway. Who knows, the media slants left or right, they have their personal agendas to support.
    It’s insane we’re lifting sanctions and trying to cut a deal with these people. Iran will do just like N Korea did, keep developing their nukes and refuse inspections. We’ll do nothing and look the other way, like Clinton did when the CIA told him N Korea was still working on them. We’ll just be making it easier for them to do so.

  • Victor Cachat

    Obama could not care less.

    He is bent on the destruction of America and the West.

    But, if we did something similar against Iran and their leadership, the media and the traitor would be all over us.

  • James

    reminds me of Baltimore on a Saturday night.

  • disqus_TZwmIwpSB5

    It will not be a Cold War between the US and Russia that destroys the world but the Muslims in the Middle East in their desire to create an Islamic caliphate and rule the world under Sharia laws. WIll the world tolerate them destroying Israel and the US with their nuclear weapons? It won’t matter because the destruction of the US will starve much of the rest of the world’s population.

  • Smrgy

    Hey Diaperheads, he’s one of you… LOL

  • Dana Preston

    Yea, Obama is making DEALS with Iran alright, but it’s going along with the UN AGENDA 21 PLAN (old name: NWO-NEW WORLD ORDER). The BLUEPRINT to DESTROY AMERICA.

  • Luther

    If they would just tone it down to “Death to Washington,” they would forge a strong common bond with the American people.

  • Yu So Wong

    After The Community Orangizer and his sidekick Lurch give away US and Israel security, Israel will be forced to take out the Persians with a first strike to prevent the inevitable.

  • lee

    Obama ” I only give head for the jihad’ I’m not really a homo”!

  • Steve Roberts

    The New Crusades is on us ….Like it or not.

  • Ron Cole

    Almost 40 years ago I moved to a Southern river town.
    The first impression received was a huge crudely painted “Nuke Iran” on the water tower.
    I have seen no better solution over these decades.

    The leftist AA current fascsit “gummit” gang removed the request but not the prevailing sentiment.

  • Steve Roberts

    They take all the Shitt gathered from all the outhouses throughout the world, put it in the box and pray to it.

  • Ron Cole

    Perhaps lurch can encourage it* to visit in it’s finest wh bath house gown with matching knee pads.

    Those folks would know just what to do eliminating two t%%ds with one fell swoop.

    It: the wh bath house curtsying ho hussien on many aliases.

  • Ally

    Das raciss, er something.. liberals make me laugh, sorry.

  • Cletus B Neckbeard

    They are pretty frivolous people. Frivolous to the point of being dangerous.

  • Cletus B Neckbeard

    When you’re down and troubled
    And you need a helping hand
    And nothing, nothing is going right…

  • Uncle Milo

    They are under the spell of the likes of Jonathan Gruber and Valery Jarrett.

  • Ally

    Their busy body, ‘I’m doing this for your own good’ mentality is truly shocking, and like you said – very dangerous. If you say the word ‘ban’ or ‘censor’ .. one immediately thinks of a liberal. What a sad joke these ‘I’m smarter than you’ idiots are.

  • DontTread

    We need to hurry up and get that treaty signed so all of these wonderful people will start liking us….

  • Cletus B Neckbeard

    I just bumped into this a couple days ago. I thought it was spot on.

  • Cletus B Neckbeard
  • SamIamTwo

    Yeah, it’s a negotiation technique. Obama should toss his pens and exit door left from these wild donkey of a man.

  • SamIamTwo

    “The United States Air Force (USAF) and National Nuclear Security Administration
    (NNSA) have completed the first development flight test of a controversial update to a nuclear bomb that has been use since the 1960s.

    A ‘safe’ version of the the B61-12 nuclear gravity bomb with no warhead was tested at Tonopah Test Range in Nevada.”

    NATO has a batch of them.

  • Peter Gibson

    Thanks heaps for that link Bruv… At a glance it looks like a piece worth digging into proper, once I’m off this silly little stupid/smart phone thingy. Trying to “disqus” on this tiny screen is a losing battle. I’m bloody cross-eyed already.

  • MelAnosis

    It seems his apology tour after taking office didn’t do much to make the world love us. It seems that hate us more than ever. Hope and Change Y’all

  • Ally

    It’s definitely a great read,

  • Ally

    It’s the “liberal” equation. Take something that you know nothing about, hire morons, and inject feelings. Recipe for disaster every time.

  • pissobama

    Just an effigy. Such a wasted opportunity.

  • Cletus B Neckbeard

    Ha ha. You’re welcome.

    I love my tablet but it’s just not the same.

  • Last Patriot Standing

    Hey, Cletus! He’s baaaack…

  • Korban Dallas

    Obama probably chants the same things because from what I’ve seen and heard from him, he, just like his domestic terrorist best buddy Bill Ayers, his Reverend of hate he sat and listened to spew vileness against Whites and the U.S. for 23 years, and his biological father, hate the U.S. as much as Iran, ISIS, and Al Queda do.

  • Cletus B Neckbeard

    Crap. Just when my latest shipment of Prep H has expired.

  • palvadore

    What?! Oh, you mean the guy they tossed in the ocean and said it was OBL. That doesn’t sound at all like the beating-his-chest Obama. He order the body tossed into the ocean precisely because it WASN’T OBL.

  • Shep Schultz

    Which one is he?

  • Last Patriot Standing

    Speaking of “oops, I crapped my pants,” thanks for referring all to that read over at The Federalist. I think.

  • Last Patriot Standing

    Look for the big red “N.” Like Kevin and I, HuskersLoveBo goes well back into the Intense Debate stone age. [edited for accuracy]

  • Shep Schultz

    Here is a resupply AND some holistic remedies.

  • White Clowns

    I vote to have Obama sign the treaty in Tehran. Then the military and the Secret Service all sneak out the side door and head back to the states, leaving Obama all alone to live with his mess.

  • Shep Schultz

    Honored to be talking to one of the ancients!

  • dscottv

    The boldness of the propaganda from the WH is breathtaking. Paving the way for the Iranians to legally have a nuke is proclaimed as a diplomatic victory for Obama…how is it that the left does not see the foolishness of this?

  • White Clowns

    Because they never questioned their communist college professors a single time. Now they are even more entrenched and blinded.

  • TheKungFuJew

    psyche meds. 70% of adults in america are on psyche meds of some kind. it’s the only thing i can think of that has caused so much radical change in such a short amount of time.

  • Dan Austin

    Why don’t we have demonstrations calling for the death of Iran? Why don’t we burn their leaders in effigy?

    Doesn’t this show the utter stupidity of our leaders, thinking they can work out a deal with these devious, lying zealots who have no problem violating any agreement with us?

  • Paladin

    Something in my lumbago tells me that Israel is ready to go… just wants a reason before conventional action takes place as well as the unleashing of the ‘on station’ Sayeret Metkal.’

  • TheKungFuJew

    Both the GOP and Dems are afraid of Trump. The absolute last thing Obama wants is Donald Trump taking over right after him. If Trump wins the election, Obama would have to run his paper shredders into overtime at some far away dusty warehouse. Hawaii would pretty much have to stop everything and focus on creating an Obama birth history since there is none.

    Or Trump could win, and invite Obama to the white house and give him a big smooch on the cheek like that KrispyKreme Governor.

    Obama has 18 months left to destroy and kill. Anything can happen.

  • broadcastdude

    Iran: “Death to America.” Who knew they were such nice guys? Who knew Obama was so stupid? I did!

  • jaz

    If somebody went into the Obama effigy manufacturing business, I wonder if domestic sales would exceed international sales? I’m guessing yes.

  • obuma is an idiot socialist and all white people need to offended now ! He is clearly an anti white racist!







  • Cirrhosis

    They are not allowed to worship stone statues, so they worship stone cubes.



  • Bucksergeant

    Infa is definitely going into the Brain Grater business.

  • Royg

    Hey Obama and Kerry,….pull your head out!

  • ..

    Typical…the Iranians were too lazy to get an Obama piñata.

  • Libslayer

    Obama NEVER, EVER mentions his “white half”.
    He loathes 50% of himself.

  • chevyman

    Obama and Kerry are complete idiots. Neville Chamberlain on steroids!

  • Silence Dogood

    Obama is simply fulfilling a prophecy that states that , like the Antichrist, he ‘will come as a man of peace…’….

  • Goreloon

    Well…they don’t like gays!!

  • Goreloon

    Sounds good!

  • AlexxelA

    I know this is ancient history… President Jimmy Carter failed to back the Shaw of Iran and that opened the door for Khomeini. This is what caused the chain reaction that continues till today. Allowing Iran to develop their nuclear program could only end badly for the United States and the world.

  • Goreloon

    Kerry the fairey!

  • PatriotFirst1776

    How much of our hard-earned cash is being wasted on Kerry and his team farting (can I say that?) around with these confirmed and committed HATERS of America?
    I want them to come home NOW!

    How did we get Iran to the table in the first place? Sanctions, sanctions, sanctions and more sanctions…..turn on the station machine, dial it to MAX, lock the controls and walk away. Once we see that they have no energy, no food, no more influence in the region, no money of all sort…..maybe, just maybe do we answer their pathetic phone calls.

    If I were leading the team, I would say thanks for the soup, ask for the check, give it to them….and say, “No deal! Ba-bye….” … and go home and cut the lawn.

  • Goreloon

    And Feminazis and sissy men

  • Goreloon


  • Cletus B Neckbeard

    I though I followed one of you. Ooops.

  • MH27610

    I wonder how many people are going to die as a result of this administration’s arrogance and ego? Sure, they can appear to be heroes now, but what about in a few years?

    Allowing a country that wants to kill you to get anywhere near a nuclear weapon is plain idiocy.

  • Cletus B Neckbeard

    LOL! Do those rounds come in hollow points?

  • Goreloon

    There is something wrong with Kerry…he is not normal!

  • Goreloon

    Me first…me first!!

  • emiliani

    While I was in high-level negotiations for my car purchase, the dealership I was at started chanting, “Death to Emiliani, Death to Emiliani!” while carrying assorted insane flags and piñatas of my family members to burn.

    I went ahead and completed the transaction because I was sure that they really didn’t mean it and really wanted my business.

  • Goreloon


  • Shep Schultz

    No, dammit, CLETUS!
    Pay attention dis time.
    One inserts dem in da hollow point.

  • pmxpilot

    ANY agreement with these idiots in Iran over anything is stupidity that only Obama and Kerry can dream up.

  • Chinga Chavez

    I would have gladly let them use my lighter.

  • Brian

    Obama and Kerry et al are desperately trying to deal with a religiously fanatical foe. You cannot make a deal with savages and why, what is the upside to lift sanctions and placate the Mullahs? Iran is a provably, debased and terroristic country and making any deal is a bad deal, especially since it’s only to assuage Obama’s guilty conscience, for supposed American hegemony in the Mid East.

  • Walt99

    I dont think 40 virgin camels will fit in that box….

  • Walt99

    Then why is the WH still occupied??

  • FallonVet

    No problem, Sweetie.

  • Dick

    Obama is NOT stupid and his programs have NOT run amok. He is intent of destroying the United States and he, his administration, the democrats, and the rinos are doing exactly that. God help America.

  • Dick

    That’s IF he follows the law and leaves the White House. I still see him declaring martial law and naming himself as emperor. God help America.

  • tjl

    Muslims have many superstitious beliefs. The Black Stone is the eastern cornerstone of
    the Kaaba and is revered by Muslims as a sacred relic. Muslim tradition says it fell from heaven and dates it back some 6,000 years. The nature of the Black Stone has been much debated and what it really, is remains a mystery. It’s amazing what people believe if it has a religious

  • crabcon

    We don’t burn retards in America, darn it…we’re civilized over here….

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    “IRAN TORCHES EFFIGY OF OBAMA on Quds Day in Shadow of Nuke Talks”

    Some way to treat your best friend and closest ally!

  • realheadline

    We have agreement. Both countries hate Obama.

  • Lenny Liberal

    I don’t believe it, the world loves us now that ChimpyMcBushitler is gone from office.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Asymmetrical rectangular Oreos

    They worship stuff, Mega Stuf to be precise.

    Their obeisance extends to Mondelēz International.

  • WeHaveBeenDeceived

    Savages? People wanting to live unmolested by the zionist and western empire are savages? You think maybe if we stopped staging coup d’e tats and militarily occupying other countries we might actually garner at least some type of respect? The US and Israel piss on any country they feel has resources to steal and land to exploit all in the name of empire expansion. The NWO is the enemy of freedom. The fact that people are still resisting means humanity still has a chance.

  • blackfeather

    so much for zero’s “iran deal”…and kerry the klown applauds.

  • JohannesP.

    It is disgraceful that Barack Obama and John Kerry are making a deal with a committed enemy of the United States and Israel. Obama’s only legacy is one of weakness, pandering, immorality, evil, destruction, division, incompetence and lying.

  • jerrykregle

    Aw inndat special, John frankenstein kerry is going to arm Iran with nukes so they can obliterate Israel and the USA… Someone needs to Gibbs slap the more-ONS that elect and appoint these tools in office.

  • Daz World

    When they burn his body and his PC wife on Pennsylvania avenue, I MAY give a crap. I’m thinking Mussolini and his whorrrrre wife.

  • JAJ

    Darkie burning up a fellow darkie

  • pruttmaster

    dont these idiots know Obozo is just a front man puppet for the elite. Try an effigy of Soros , Kissinger or

    Zbigniew Brzezinski…heck any of the regular scumbag Bilderberg members! Then you’re getting closer to your true enemy Iran!

  • JA Galletti


  • SeeTheLight

    Although it looks bleak for Obama at the moment, he would like you to believe that he and John Kerry have got them just where he wants them! – This all part of their skilled/shrewd negotiations!!!

  • JA Galletti

    You forgot to add Medina.

  • JA Galletti

    Good point. But isn’t funny that only the white slave owners are criticized. Why is it that nobody mentions Obama’s ancestors who were the ones that would go out and capture the poor brutes that would then be sold to the Portuguese traders.

  • But gosh Iran, we didn’t have nothing to do with it, direct your anger towards DC, there’s where the problem lies….and lies…..and lies…

  • Blunts in the Smokehouse ;)~

  • WaylonII

    They couldn’t burn the ‘real’ obama because it would pollute the atmosphere beyond repair with all they black smoke coming off of that tar baby.

  • Calvin

    Don’t they know obama has a Nobel peace prize? But as to what they’d like to do to him, please, carry on.

  • gil wambold

    Death to Iran. And it is time to turn Mecca into a nuclear wasteland, and its people to carbon.

  • zedanski

    So, does this mean 0bama is sunni?

  • dabbobean

    Obama’s Muslim outreach has been great success.

  • Zach Peterson

    I never thought I’d have so much in common with Iranians.. torching Obama in effigy is just another Saturday afternoon at my house.

  • Zach Peterson


  • Zach Peterson

    Dung beatles…

  • TAK1

    Ironically, we have been chanting “Death to Iran” every day in my neighborhood. We are sick of those pissants.

  • njlou

    10+ years of “negotiations”??? What a joke. That gave Iran 10 years of diligent work on a nuclear production FACTORY!!!! Do you think that the Kerry “deal” will stop or remove that production. It is as big as General Motors!!! They will crank out bombs like crazy for their own use and to sell to other terrorists around the world. The time they spent “negotiating” added a lot of additional facilities. Do you think that they would let the UN or any country inspect their facilities?? What a cruel (worldwide) joke this has become.

    ……………………After the summit, the British prime minister Chamberlain returned to Great Britain where he declared that the Munich agreement meant “peace for our time”

  • TAK1

    Nancy is not a girl folks. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it ain’t feminine.

  • Daz World

    You Persians really need to know that most of us don’t give a goat’s butt what you think, right!?!? I mean, if you really want to martyr yourself for 72 4-legged virgins, great! Go for it. Baaaaaaa.

  • WrenchMan

    Thanks for Laugh out Loud post!

  • WrenchMan

    This has got to be thee most inept yet calculated destructive presidency ever!
    It’ll be amazing if this Republic survives this sociopathic narsisists final year and half!

  • Gas_Passer

    For the ISIS beheading terrorist?

  • Chuckers

    We have more in common then I thought. Burning Obama in effigy is a perfect way to let the regime know how pleased we all are with his deal.
    I guess when the first shipment of weapons leaves for Tehran we’ll finally know what’s in the deal.

  • FredTex

    Maybe we can ship them some additional effigys to burn!

  • WrenchMan

    Beautifully said… All these things and a media so willing to betray this nation and their citizens in pursuit of ideological zealotry first…. Since 01/20/09 I wake up every day wondering how so many Americans have and continue to be fooled by this fraud of a president

  • Chuckers

    Lurch keeps threatening to walk out but the Iranian delegation takes that about as seriously as his line in the sand. The embargo on caviar stands damxit!

  • richard

    But but but but…..the Iranians really really want to reach a deal with us!

  • Gas_Passer

    Yeah Right…

  • Pouncekitty

    Yes, the JEWS were the inhabitants of Palestine. Again, you can’t focus, learn or comprehend simple history. I’d suggest you go back to school, but it’s probably a waste of everyone’s time.

  • Pouncekitty

    Is she Caitlyn or Shaneequa?

  • Pouncekitty

    You seem to have missed the point of this article in your dumb-down little world of Jew-hating. You go, girl. Meanwhile, Obozo and his voters are indeed dangerous loons, so you get a D- for waking up in the morning. Wadda ya gonna do? There are a lot of self-hating Jews who voted for Obozo. But you’re still off-topic. Look, darling, the Israelis will flatten Teheran before their clumsy missile is even 100 feet in the air.

  • crismahn

    I’d like to see more of that burning Obama in effigy here in the country.

  • Ironic Mike

    Not the Left.

  • Ironic Mike

    Who cares: They’re both losers

  • Ironic Mike

    More like Sunni-of-a-bitch

  • Ironic Mike

    Ain’t THAT the truth.

  • Ironic Mike
  • Ironic Mike

    Why camels?
    A few months ago there was a story coming out of Saudi Arabia. A donkey was going to be the subject of amorous advances of some horny and lonesome (You may change that to loathsome if you wish) Islamic man. The donkey objected and kicked him death. It was interesting reading. With luck you might be able to relocate the story.

    There was no word if said donkey was male or female.

  • JnGalt52

    An incredibly bad deal with a country lead by mad murderous monsters… made by inept national leadership.

    Seems like old times with Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler. Except this time it’s our own President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry.

  • Ironic Mike

    The current Occupants forgot to flush the toilet.


  • ex-DWP anonymous

    Newsflash to Iran!! We don’t like Obama either !!

  • Rodney McCarthy

    This is all for show, they know Obama is a Muslim president in an enemy country, (theirs and his) so they feign hatred for him, as he feigns fighting Isis.

  • CSinMiami

    What balls? He has none.

  • Conservative Not Republican

    Just goes to show, at least on occasion, one can find a silver lining where it seemed impossible for one to exist.

  • Justin

    You fμcking stupid ragheads!!! You should be WORSHIPPING Il Duce Ob*ma !! Ob*ma is ONE OF YOU! He’s a gay commie Mooselum! We in America are the ones who should be burning the Kenyan interloper in effigy!

  • Blither box

    Finally. A leave us alone protest everyone can understand. Sort of. Anyway. Its burning effigies of bad people. Its fun.

  • Justin

    Nancy is an old hag. Ob*ma’s “wife,” the “First Wookie,” is a man with a fully-functioning appendage.

  • Justin

    Q: What’s the difference between the “Planet of the Ape” apes and Mooselums?
    A: The “Planet of the Apes” apes didn’t kill each other when they danced around their black obelisk.

  • Andrewmag166

    Sorry haven’t seen Israel fight a real war in my lifetime. They just wipe out Palestine, wipe out all the women and children when a unruly youth happens to shot a bottle rocket over the fence. Israel would lose any war with a real army. They would just run away make America do the fighting.

  • bikerdogred1

    WOW! Really want to make a deal with these muslim A-HOLES.

  • Mark Davies

    Want happened to just loving us, Obama was going to make the world respect us with his mere presence. The even lit the White House up in rainbow colors…

  • Decline of an Empire

    I would have never thought in a million years that I would have something in common with these Muslim savages.

  • Morris65

    And yet he continues to “give away the store” in order to cement his enduring legacy….in the hearts and minds of all enemies of America!

  • pmxpilot

    It does not get any better than this! Quick, sign the FRIENDSHIP agreement. /S

  • Robert Zola

    OWE-BAMA’s uncle?

  • Tom

    Yeah, really. I guess that’s why the basic American will never quite understand your basic sand pounder.
    My belief is those America haters are just that, haters. And according to the Washington types, that’s a okay. But for American to actually hate someone or something, this attitude will bring the wrath of the federal government upon thy.
    Does anyone else see a problem with this picture?

  • JimmieMee

    Obamas plan…beat them with words and ideas…their plan pop a few nuclear bombs on us …..and its not like they didn’t warn us?

  • Tom

    Crazy Nancy. I’ve never heard it put so eloquently, LOLOL.
    And by the way, where has she been? It’s so funny, between her and Reed, I’m not sure who to choose as our Bagdad Bob representative.

  • buddman

    Come on towel heads why not torch the real thing????

  • Annie

    That so called “deal” is demonstratively demonic and satanic and evil made at the behest of the demonstratively demonic and satanic and evil prez who doesn’t give one bit about America or Americans. He NEEDS a deal – ANY DEAL – with Iran for his legacy. He doesn’t give a damn that he gave away America to those vile and evil animals!

  • Hedley Lamar

    Those death chants and effigy burnings would seem to indicate that Neville Keery is building a bridge to nowhere.

  • Hedley Lamar

    That’s why Obama is so wanting to give them the bomb.

  • Lt Taxpayer

    We are going to make a deal with these people? We have to be out of our minds to trust these people

  • Megamimi

    And so why would we roll over & give these folks ant slack on inspections, development & enrichment capabilities?

  • Tseug

    If they want “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” then they sound like the typical Obama supporter.

  • When will the West learn? You cannot make deals with Islamic countries. It is considered tradition to lie in order to get what they want and to cheat as long as it benefits the cause of Islam. You cannot deal with these people. They are the most two-faced society on the planet.

  • jeeps

    Got more laughs from these comments than I had in a long time. LMAO.

  • Brian Farrell

    If the Iranians are really interested in “Death to America”, they should support Obama. He’s off to a good start; he simply needs more time.

  • Dan Austin

    Darwin’s theory says that it is the fittest who survive. Being outmaneuvered in negotiations by enemies who cheat, lie, and call for our deaths are not acts that can be described as deserving of survival.

    By almost any measure, we are no longer the ‘fittest’ in the Darwinian sense, and our survival is at risk.

  • Willh33

    Hey O, they just love you so much over there!1 Keep on dealing you dumb POS!

  • danrighty

    That piece of muslum garbage in the WH will do all he can to give iran the nuclear bomb.When in the he!! are the American people going to wake up. The idiot in the WH is also going to give them 150 BILLION DOLLARS as a signing bonus. This is absolute insanity.

  • BLSplatter

    I keep hearing this name Anthony Johnson in my head who is he?

  • Morrowc1

    Several months ago, Trump said he’d give them an hour of his time and at the first “Death To America”, he’d order his negotiating team home. No wonder Trump is surging at the polls!

  • Pouncekitty

    Are you kidding me??? Then you must be one of the under-30 mis-educated types that has brought our country so low. How about the 1967 War? Have you ever read a book? Do you know how many times the Arabs have raised massive ARMIES and thrown them at the Jews, only to lose? Man-O-Manashcewitz, you are one clueless dude, extremely confused, don’t know what side you’re on.

  • gram78

    How idiotic is it to try to do a nuclear arms deal with this country when this is how they feel? It must have really angered obama that he was burned in effigy with Netanyahu, though, because he really hates him.

  • Jas

    …but….Who are….The Jews? So, anyone who claims to be Jewish can exterminate the modern population of a specific area? That doesn’t sound very God-like to me.

  • Jas

    So…..since N.Korea got nukes, we must have been nuked by now right? It just seems like a lot of hype and propaganda to distract from the only ME country who DOES have nukes, Israel. The country who refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, the treaty we violated helping Israel get nukes, how come ‘they’ don’t have to have inspections? It seems to me we have two standards for ‘International Law’ One for Israel, and one for the targets of Israel.

  • Pouncekitty

    What kind of idiot question is that? Jews are Jews. Dopes like you are dopes like you. “Exterminate” is a lovely word you try to use against Jews, but the FACTS are that Jews have been the victims of “extermination” from Hitler to Hamas to Hezbollah to Iran to Obama. You really need either 1) a better education or 2) a brain. Choose!

  • Tiktok La’mar Quentarius III

    Control the language, control the people.

  • RubyMontana

    This is too good!
    I am following you!

  • Goreloon


  • Goreloon


  • Jas

    Again a straw man argument with an ad hominem attack. A ‘dope’ like you runs around the question, who are the Jews? Are they from Palestine or Africa or are they from Khazaria and Germany and Poland and on and on? Are they even ‘Semitic’? and what does that even mean? You probably can’t answer because your list of ‘approved’ responses doesn’t involve ‘real’ information.
    lol….I almost forgot to ask, when did Obama ‘exterminate Jews’? I’ll agree he ‘exterminated’ their donation coffers! Also, when did Iran ‘exterminate Jews’? Jews live in Iran today. Maybe your vast ‘education’ or brain can fill in the blanks.

  • Pouncekitty

    Straw man describes your whole incoherent rant. You like to make up things so you can pretend to answer. You really are dopey, also dangerously mis- educated. You are a threat to my freedom. Calling the FBI now.

  • Goreloon


  • Jas

    lol! So you are going to call the FBI from Israel?? A straw man argument is where someone puts words into your mouth…where did I do that? A simple question like “Who are the Jews” and you have no answer? What if it was “Who are the Vikings” Would that be as hard to answer?
    You are the one who claimed, “Jews have been the victims of “extermination” from Hitler to…Obama” I asked for an example from Obama….your response is “I’m going to call the FBI”…..What are you 13?
    “dangerously mis-educated” ….You describe yourself.

  • Pouncekitty

    Talking to you is like talking to a 13 year old. Go back and read your barely literate posts. I don’t have to answer questions from a dummy like you — READ A BOOK! Dear, your self-delusion is complete. You are your own official bubble. Hitler? You don’t even know who Hitler was, so I’m done dealing with your shameful ignorance. Who are the Jews? Who are the Vikings? Who are the Troglodytes?

  • CZB

    Yeah, the country the other ME countries keep chanting about destroying, why would they need nukes?
    Silly Israeli’s!! Iran is your friend!

  • pelones

    No offence folks but wouldn’t it be more effective if you took these arguments to a more left-swinging news blog. We’re all singing to the choir here. It’s far more fun than hanging here with you guys. They’re the ones who need to hear/see this.

  • k.b . mcdan

    Obama you are an idiot!

  • k.b . mcdan

    Obama and Kerry, two of the biggest idiots the dems have ever forced on America! Oh, you liberals and democrats, that NUKE WiLL fry your stupid asses along with ours. That includes HOLLYWOOD, all you losers who have ponied up to this idiot and Kerry! You will be toast, your family will be toast, your houses, cars, and your money! Gone! Poof!
    Washington, the same goes for you and yours! Polesi all the kissing up to Obama will have been in vain, he can’t save you, any of you! You will reap what you have sown! Screw you all!

  • k.b . mcdan

    Me too!

  • k.b . mcdan

    Well said!