BREAKING POLL: Donald Trump Leads ALL GOP Candidates With Hispanic Voters

The latest PPP poll shows Donald Trump leads all Republican presidential candidates with Hispanic voters. Trump scored a 34% favorability rating with Hispanics followed by pro-amnesty candidate Jeb Bush.

Trump visited the US Southern border last week.
trump border reporters

This comes after his infamous hit on illegal immigrants from Mexico and his promise to build a border wall.

MRC TV reported:

Presidential candidate Donald Trump leads other GOP contenders among Hispanics, a recent poll shows.

Trump recorded a 34% favorability rating among Hispanics in a national poll conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP) among 1,087 registered voters between July 20-21.

Trump has made immigration a seminal part of his campaign, receiving praise, but also criticism, from the political left and right.

During a much-publicized visit to the border in Laredo, TX last Thursday, Trump told reporters he thought he would “win the Hispanic vote.”

Gov. Bush (R-FL) follows Trump with a 31% favorability rating among Hispanics, and Senator Cruz is close behind with 30%.

Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Rand Paul (R-KY) both recorded 29%, Gov. Scott Walker (WI-R) 26%, and businesswoman Carly Fiorina 25%.

Rounding out the poll was Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) with 21%, and former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) and neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, both with 16%.

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  • Patty

    Well, considering Obama was counting on the Hispanics to be for the Democratic Party, I would say, Trump just screwed the pooch. Hope I am using that phrase correctly.

    That would mean, it is close to being true that Trump would beat Obama hands down in a Presidential elections. Good for the Donald, he is getting to look better and better every day.

  • haywire63

    More hand ringing and tears from the msm. and glen beck and fox.

  • Patty

    and this is beautiful:

    Talk about a dynamic duo: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio
    wants to go into Mexico to solve our border security problem, and he
    wants to enlist the help of 2016 presidential hopeful Donald Trump to do

    In a weekend interview, the Arizona lawman said he wants to
    “straighten out the illegal immigration and drug smuggling problem” by
    working with Mexican officials and possibly stationing American troops
    on the Mexican side of the border.

    “I want to go to Mexico City or somewhere in Mexico to talk to the officials,” the sheriff said.
    “Now if Donald Trump wants to go with me, he can go with me. Because we
    both will talk about the economy, which is very critical.

    “So I’m not going to give in on this one … I’m not going to go as a
    tourist. I’m going as a top law-enforcement official if I go.”

    And, he said that Trump could help solve the border problem, especially with his economic might.

    “If I was with him (Trump), you know what’s I’d say?” he asked
    rhetorically. “Hey, I’ll build two Trump towers in Mexico. Start hiring
    people there to get jobs so they don’t have to hop the fence and come
    into the United States. So I look at this as an economic problem, too.
    Not just a law enforcement, political problem.” MORE HERE

  • ridgerunner

    Illegal immigration and Ferguson have destroyed the lives of many minorities. Nice work, Obama.

  • ridgerunner

    Trump is significantly more intelligent than his competitors (save possibly Cruz and Jindal). And he is on a very steep learning curve compared to his competition. This is why I expect Trump will widen the gap.

  • Ira Goldstein

    Hahaha I guess all of the pandering by ¡Jeb! the cuck was for nothing … stupid #cuckservative

  • avihawk

    Trump creates jobs and the opportunity to provide for your family.
    Hispanics here legally want to work and provide for their family.
    Libtards will try to put a stop, to all the above

  • William of Netland

    phrase usage seems backward, usually it connotes having done a hideous mistake

  • Tim jones

    is that pronounced “yeb” en espanol ya think?

  • realetybytes

    Actually, George Soros deserves much of the credit, also…

  • realetybytes

    How about a great big, well deserved “I told you so!” from @realDonaldTrump!

  • Patty

    Now, Trump needs to talk Veterans.

    Obama Threatens to Veto VA Accountability Act

    Says the bill would violate VA employees’ due process rights

  • Nash Montana

    Who are these morons favoring Jeb Bush. That name should never ever be in the news again, and especially not in a presidential race. The only time I wanna hear that name ever again, is when one of them dies.

    I’m disappointed that Cruz isn’t doing better, I hope his favorability is gonna come up as he is showing his power in the past few days. I don’t understand why people can’t see that.

    Polls are for the cats anyway.

  • Patty

    wasn’t sure about it. Well, Trump just proved that he loves Hispanics, too, and he won’t let them down like Obama has.

    Better? 🙂

  • Nash Montana

    Screw Glenn Beck. He lost me a while ago with his stupid footballs for illegals crap.

  • Malatrope

    I pronounce it “Yob”.

  • jainphx

    I’M still hoping for some type of a combination of trump and Cruz, their the only chance we have.

  • jainphx

    You would think he would change is losing agenda, but his kind never learn they just double down on stupid. never vote for him ever.

  • jainphx

    Polls right now mean nothing, except that Trump has a big lead, but to put Bush ahead of Cruz is a stretch! Bush at 13%? no damn way. Every body here sees what people think of him. Not just here I don’t care what site you go to and find Conservatives or Republicans, you hear the same comments on Bush. Wait till after the debates, so much can happen we just take it a day at a time.

  • okie71

    Trump leads Jeb in every state – including Florida – and now nationally among hispanics. It is now time for Donald to be wary of anyone whose parents are close personal friends and business partners with the Bush family.

  • haywire63

    When he took the toys to the border I posted a rather nonflattering comment about it and my account was abruptly cancelled. The blaze is blocked on my tv. By the way they hate Trump.

  • I’d rather have Cruz for AG, or Senate Majority Leader.

    If Trump does win the nod, and dagnabbit I want him to win the nod to stick it in the eGOPs faces, then I’ll take Allen West as his VP. West would give the ticket political/military experience. Plus, as the VP candidate, it would be West’s job to be the pit bull, and we know he is one, not that Trump isn’t a pit bull himself. But with West on the ticket, Trump could focus more on catching up on international relations/policies, and fine tuning his messaging of same. And I have this feeling that Trump would not be a McLame keeping Palin on a leash; I believe Trump would gladly let West off the leash, a role West himself would most likely relish with wild abandon.

  • I pronounce it ‘Deb!’.

  • mg4us

    Very true. . here is an interesting piece from American Thinker on Liberalisms four great Lies

    Remember you cannot spell Liberals or Liberalism with out L-I-E-S

  • John Baker

    That would be a strong ticket. Strong enough for a false flag event to postpone the elections.

  • Joe Sixpack

    Trump Jindal, kill the inevitable “racist” jibes at Trump. And i like Jindals “hypenated-american” talks, like TR.

  • Valerie

    I’ve always thought it more than a little odd that Democrats were claiming that Hispanic voters who bothered to become legal immigrants somehow support illegal immigration.

  • Valerie

    Who the hell are you to decide all by yourself who can run for President?

    Jeb Bush is a former governor who is well-spoken and ran a successful state government. He is in every way exceptionally qualified to be President of the United States, except, in my view, because I do not want to perpetuate a dynasty. If enough other people disagree with me and choose him as the Republic candidate, however, I will vote for him.

  • dave0987

    Agreed fully on all points. It’s a shame, because I was a long time listener/viewer of Glenns, and over the years there’s no doubt that he played a vital role in exposing the many evils of Obama and his administration.

    Having said that, he has changed in recent years, and I think few would disagree, that among several of his problems, his popularity got the better of him.

  • Stargell_Stars

    That’s a very good article, thanks for the link.

  • MP

    If you are a legal Hispanic citizen, you would support tighter border controls, because most likely, illegal Mexican immigrants are your direct competitor for jobs. This is something Trump understands and the rest of the candidates do not. If you are a Hispanic American, you also don’t want illegal immigrants committing crimes all over the place, because YOU would look bad by merely being a Hispanic person. So it is in the Hispanic Americans’ best interest to stop illegal immigration.

  • But Yeb Boosh has spent so much time pandering. Aye Caramba! Mios Dios!

  • Shannon Martin

    They fled the dead broke countries to get away from the dead broke moochers
    and work for a chance at prosperity.
    Of course the non-moochers favor TRUMP 2016
    They are voting for a shot at personal success & opportunity

  • President Donald Trump

    Most Mexicans here legally hates illegals more then all others

  • gatorman60

    Maybe next to Larry, Curly and Moe

  • gatorman60


  • President Donald Trump

    What a intelligent reply, 10 to 1 you are a liberal

  • SharpDressedMan

    When will people learn – not all hispanics want the rest of their brethren from south of the border here competing for jobs either?

  • SharpDressedMan

    And when will the GOP learn that pandering to hispanics on this will get them nowhere but an alienated base?

  • buzman

    TRUMP 2016

  • celphelp

    Yes it is a lot of hoops to jump through these days and long lines. Just think you are in a bread line during the depression and you have been waiting for 2 days to feed your family, You did everything right up to this point and you are next…and suddenly 500 people cut the line in front of you. And then hit you with a baseball bat and raped your kid. That is the best I can describe it.

  • StevenE

    Trump wants to lower our taxes by getting rid of government waste. We will stop paying for illegals and sanctuary cities thereby taking care of legal citizens and our vet and military at home.

  • feenix219

    I agree. Jeb could be the best possible choice and a great president, but I still don’t want anyone to choose him. The name is tainted by this point. Too much baggage and history. We still haven’t stopped hearing about the last one; I don’t need to hear that name for the next 2 decades.