NAACP Leader is busted as a Fraud!
She’s actually WHITE and was born in Montana!

rachel dolezal
Fake Black Lives Matter–

Her parents say she’s been misrepresenting her race for years.

Rachel Dolezal got busted by a reporter on video:

Rachel Dolezal is president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP and teaches African American culture at university.
KHQ reported:

There are questions about Spokane’s NAACP Chapter President, Rachel Dolezal. The city confirmed with KHQ she claimed to be of African-American descent on a city application to be on the Ombudsman commission. But we spoke with her parents today who say Rachel is white and has been misrepresenting her ethnicity for years.

Dolezal teaches African American Culture at Eastern Washington University as an adjunct instructor. Her blog also says she is an art instructor at North Idaho College, is an advisor for the NIC Black Student Association.

Dolezal made headlines back in February when she claimed someone had mailed racist and threatening letters to the NAACP post office box. KHQ managed to obtain a 38-page Spokane Police report about the investigation into that mail. Officers concluded that the mail had not been properly processed through the post office, and was likely put directly into the post office box, without being mailed at all. They said only a few people have access to the box: the USPS employees who work there, and the boxholder. Police said they do not believe the USPS employees put the mail there. The investigation continues.

More… Rachel Dolezal posed in native-wear with her family. She said she was born in a teepee.

Still More… Figures. NAACP Supports WHITE FRAUD Chapter Prez Who Claims Her Black Daddy Beat Her With “Baboon Whip”

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  • David Bradshaw

    this will be interesting

  • freeinaz

    Wonder if she knows that native-American senator Liz Warren?
    Seems there’s a lot of this fraud going on in academia.

  • everyman

    Spray tan + college indoctrination + Debbie waserman Shultz hair stylist = INSANOWORLD!!!

  • Prometheus

    If the NAACP is offended by this news, then they are RACIST.

  • Wow. The schadenfreude was so strong I nearly passed out.

  • Cherry Walker

    If Bruce can be Caitlyn then white can be black!

  • pattywack

    Jeb thinks he mexican, Liz warren thinks she’s native and Bama actually is half and half but won’t admit it much. Now this woman thinks she’s black. man people are sick on the left.

  • Steven DePriest

    I am assuming that the NAACP will accuse the questioner with being a racist for asking the woman if she is white. Also, since the Liberals want us to decide if we are male or female, why can’t we make the same presumption for color? Just because I “look” white, doesn’t mean I am. Right?

  • People Corporation

    Awkward, now she has to be kicked out based on race.

  • phoenixgirl

    race hijacker!!!!

  • RhiannonHR

    I wonder…since the NAACP HATES whites, are they gonna kick her out and close her chapter down?? Liberal Left says we can choose our gender, why can’t we choose our color too? Wouldn’t that be the TRUE way to make the world color blind??

    We could create a whole NEW race…..the Rainbow people. LMAO j/k Please don’t come hunt me down… IS a joke.

  • HAHAHA, how pathetic!

  • Zigger

    mind blown .. “are you african american ?” ” I don’t understand the question” … cue funny horn sound.

  • C.Manzano

    The new “Norm”. LOL

  • C.Manzano

    This Focking world is getitng crazy Eh?

  • Blargette

    She identifies as black therefor she IS

  • Blargette

    There was a funny call into Rush Limbaugh the other day on the topic of Bruce Jenner self-identifying as a woman now. A man called in self identifying as a black even though outwardly he was saddled with the white skin. It was so funny. SO. And here we are.


  • Blargette

    Ward Churchill. LOL

  • bggatbdl

    How is this any different than Ted Cruz claiming to be an American when he was born in Canada to a white mother? Instead of maligning a professor who has devoted her life to the advancement of minorities, you should be writing stories about someone who claims to be a minority for personal advancement.

  • Blargette

    Let’s not forget Jimmy:

  • Buffalobob

    Youes can bees what evar yous want to bees.

  • People Corporation

    Or Obama claiming to be American and not Kenyan right? Sucks that you guys set the precedent that illegal aliens can be president huh?

  • Feaze_Shabazz

    It’s Soul Man II: Nubian Princess

  • irishalaman

    SO..if she wrote the letter to NAACP and it is racist..She has..broken how many laws and has she actually commiteed a racist hate crime as she is many laws? Guess we can ask the Senator from Massachussetts about that ..Squaw Blue Blood..not hIllary..the other Squaw blue blood..Warren

  • everyman

    If the authorities could tie the hate mail to her, she could go down for hate crimes against her beloved false identity…… This is rich.

  • everyman

    you should be writing stories about someone who claims to be a minority for personal advancement.

    The Cheif Elizabeth Warren Story

  • Pinetree3

    But, but, but,,,she “feels” black. They call it transracialism. Bruce Jenner “feels” like a woman, therefore libs say he is a woman. Liz Warren “feels” like she is an American Indian, therefore she is one. Libs will use that same “logic” for Dolezal.

  • Obamanus

    alias Obama pretend to be black and it worked really well for his gayass

  • booradley55

    If the members of the Spokane NAACP elected this lady as their President, they must be just as confused as she is.

    Do they just go by hair “frizziness” to determine someone’s ethnicity?

  • Nash Montana

    Well that was my WTF moment of the day.

  • Mama Bear

    Blackface. Racism!

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    Hey, I’ve got an idea! Let’s all just call ourselves “Americans”!

    Nah. It’ll never work.

  • booradley55

    White Guilt taken to the extreme… She’s so guilty she frizzed her hair, dropped all the ‘g’s’ off of all of her words ending in ‘ing’, and got elected as President of the NAACP.

    Here’s a question – I know that the ‘CP’ in ‘NAACP’ stands for ‘Colored People,’ but I always thought that Color was something other than White?

  • booradley55

    Michael (aka Michelle) has been pretending as well and he got all the school kids in the U.S. to literally eat $h*t for the last 7 years.

  • jonhartz


  • Griffonn

    Well if Bruce can be Caitlin, why can’t a white girl run the local NAACP?

  • Pinetree3

    “Later, in an apparent reference to studies tracing the scientific
    origins of human life to Africa, Dolezal added: “We’re all from the
    African continent.”

    There it is. She’s black. End of discussion.

  • sw74

    Worry not, tomorrow may be a doozy with that back-stabbing obamatrade deal.

  • sw74

    Wished we could forget that old anti-Semite fossil.

  • Pinetree3

    “On the application for the oversight committee is a section to declare
    ethnicity. On Dolezal’s application, she indicated that she was white,
    African-American, Native American and two or more races.”

    Wow. What a farce.

  • sw74

    You on the wrong site.

  • nadadhimmi

    An NAACP President must be judged by the contents of her skin, and not by the judgement of her character. Or something. She’s WHITE, so she must be BAD. But she has a vagina, so she must be GOOD. We’d better ask Caitlyn on this one.

  • nadadhimmi

    The famous Indian in this photo was actually a white American of full Italian Heritage. He just played an Indian on TV. So prototypically Democrat as to be hilarious. Fauxchahantas and the NAACP bigot is acting on well established Democrat principles of flat out, lying their azzes off.

  • Rayne

    This white liberal claims she is black, Elizabeth Warren lies and says she is Native American, Jenner has decided to be a woman… It’s pretty obvious that liberals just hate themselves, so they pretend to be someone else… It’s actually really sad.

  • Patent Attorney

    How dare you narrow minded, bigoted christian conservatives question her racial identity? Transracials are people too.

  • saturn

    Faux-Black lives matter.

  • teebor

    hahahahahhahahahahhahaha, you progressive shout it from a mountain types really suck at this, i mean its comical, surreal and terry gilliamish every few hours. Just stick to simple things like flan, cutting coffee beans in those grinders is a close second. General daily things like a brain that researches will always win. I need you women around when my balls itch thats about it.

    you act like you really need to switch to decaf just be thrown to the wolves, or throw you in the labrea tar pits, extinction for this dipshit way of thinking sincerely needs to happen.

    There are more than enough morons, the world doesnt need more.

  • C.Manzano

    Transracials! Love it. It will soon be in the liberal bible.

  • TheRealTruthSerum

    White is the new black.

  • RedOnTheHead
  • TheRealTruthSerum

    You’re way behind the times. I read an article about three months ago about ‘transniqqers.’ I am not kidding. These are people who are white but identify as black. This ‘identification’ has nothing to do with mixed-race heritage, only that because they feel that way, they are. They also had a piece on ‘transspecies.’ I’ll let you figure out that one.

  • Toni

    Nothing new under the sun! They have been stealing our identity since ISREAL

  • lifsabsurd

    They were previously just called Whegroes, or Whiggers. It has long seemed to me that most if not all white Democrats are black racists. Some believe it has to do with a sort of Stockholm Syndrome mentality. Or maybe it is better described as an Oslo Syndrome.

  • Bill Weaver

    So true, man are democrats sick

  • Bill Weaver

    Now that’s hitting the nail on the head.

  • Bill Weaver

    I love it, seems as though everybody that is demoncrat fibs.

  • Bill Weaver

    Don’t be afraid, it still is America I think

  • Granny

    Actually, white is a mixture of all colors. Black is a total absence of color.

  • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

    Progressives are such flakes.

  • sward14

    Not any different than Obama thinking he’s qualified to do his job. All democrats are liars and frauds, I mean you can look at her and see she’s white, and they call us dumb. Hilarious.

  • hottrodscars .

    Jimmy Carter was a fool then and he is a fool now!

  • Chester

    The sad part is how it shows that the higher education system in our country is so screwed up.

  • Yabba_Dabba

    Lol. Another peice of Human Filth working at the Black Victim Pimp Factory …

  • George S

    Maybe she’s just Trans-Racial. She feels she is a black woman trapped in a white woman’s body. Call it Reverse Michael Jackson

  • 301

    Bubba says he’d do her, no matter her ethnicity.

  • Ganesha_akbar

    Meanwhile, Leftist-fascist enablers at The Atlantic offer a fawning tribute to the convicted terrorist Black Panther “Minister of Culture” who asserted;

    “The only way to make this racist U.S. government administer justice to the people it is oppressing, is … by taking up arms against this government, killing the officials, until the reactionary forces … are dead, and those that are left turn their weapons on their superiors … thereby passing revolutionary judgment against the number one enemy of all mankind, the racist U.S. government.’”

    Today, orchestrated campaigns of deadly anti-white violence in Ferguson, Boston, New York, Baltimore and Cleveland are now spreading to Texas under the inspiration of Obama’s Liberation Theology doctrine:

    Black theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill Gods who do not belong to the black community… Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy. What we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love.”

    The black diaspora today is led by Obama who spent the last quarter century worshipping a god committed to “the destruction of the white enemy.” Why would any rational person exult these neo-Goebbels racial arsonists?

  • OK4AYL

    She din do nuffin………LOL

  • Finncrisp

    White privilege alert. She took a black person’s job. DOJ needs to investigate this despicable act!

  • PharmDoc61

    And absolutely zero accountability. Liberals are morally bankrupt.

  • John graham

    geeeee……..a liberal democrat who lies……..who knew????????? and where are the trolls that constantly whine about “bush lied”……..crickets, same as always

  • Lockstein13

    Trans-racial! At least she isn’t calling herself “Caitlyn”…!

  • Black face is back!

  • ridgerunner

    Now that, my friends, is doing a job even true Americans won’t do.

  • Odo

    Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.
    Anyone got an Almond Joy?

  • Odo

    Transliberals…….that will be just a interesting as well.

  • WhiteDog

    Wow. She says she is black, what’s the big deal. She obviously was born that way it is not a choice. Oh sorry I am just going along with today’s agenda with the perverts and their homosexuality agenda.

  • Odo

    Calling Eric Holder!

  • ridgerunner

    That is one dirty job.

  • ridgerunner
  • Odo

    Somebody got to do it.

  • Pamela Ann Myers

    I grew up in a small community that was all white but when a black family moved in they ‘passed’ as white.

  • Angie Pruett

    Why? Because if she white she wouldn’t never have hired there. Leave her alone she helping others , she s not doing harm , others lied and done harm and they still sitting in their positions lying and harming people. We are rare humans like to be treated bad. She doing good I’m proud of her.

  • dave0987

    Lol…talk about white guilt. She must have been a valedictorian in a white privilege class.

  • Leah Danes

    Funny you didn’t mention your Caitlyn Jenner, and long list of sex offenders, Even sicker on the right.

  • Ged the F up

    Barack Obama

  • johnfarmingdale

    I bet she hates herself.

  • Harry McMerkin

    I always thought she was just another wigger.

  • Harry McMerkin

    It is OK because she is Trans-racial. You see, as long as she IDENTIFIES as black then who are we to question her? Don’t H8 her, she was just born that way.

  • Brashatina

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! She did a nice job on her hair!

  • SoF

    Well….according to the leftists….if someone “feels” that they are of the opposite sex, they are. So if someone feels that they are of another race, the same reasoning must apply, right? So…she’s black!! End of discussion.

  • honestAbesurd

    She is a effing LIAR. Probably like you.

  • Phil Cohen

    What a loser.
    This should follow her where evever she goes…. Hell, if I had money to pee away, I would fund billboards for the rest of her miserable life, wherevever she lives, telling the world what she has done. POS wouldn’t be able to go out of her house without being exposed for what she is.

  • Remie

    “Is she single?”

  • To Be or Not to Be

    Great suggestions Tyrannocankles rex!

  • BurmaShave2

    He also pretended to be American

  • dave0987

    Lol…yep, my first thought too.

  • dave0987

    Take it to the bank. Leftists always like fraud and deceit. It’s who they are, so it’s no surprise when they applaud other leftists who engage in it.

  • Frank Julian

    deleted by op

  • Pegon Zellschmidt

    Bravo! If you set up a ‘Blacks only’ organization and ‘Blacks only’ university curriculum, I say “Bravo!!” to the white person who sneaks in, if even to bash her own race.

  • Lulu

    this is so pitiful — imagine how her parents feel

  • Scott Royster

    You dumb asses. What you failed to see is she lied about her being black on a form which is fraud and then lied repeatedly on interviews and on camera. if you are not sure what I am saying that is because you’re a dumb ass. She LIED ON THE FORMS and committed fraud.

  • Optimus Quantitative Easing

    Look more proof liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Louise

    Why should Obama admit his half and half (your words) When society says his BLACK

  • meangirl

    That’s what happens when people are allowed to invent things about who they are and the rest of us are not allowed to question.

    If someone tells you they are a tree, we are supposed to believe it, respect them and accommodate them. We are soooooo doomed!

    Let’s build a giant camp/hospital where we send these mentally ill people so they can get help. We are glorifying mental illness and calling it “courage” in some cases and get rewarded for it. That’s going to encourage more crazy people to be crazy instead of getting help.

  • SomethingWicked
  • meangirl

    Mental Illness.

  • francesca9

    i feel like a Native American Indian therefore I am one, now send me my share of the casino money!

  • francesca9

    blacks have been “passing for years”….

  • barb patton

    and I am a Dutchmans uncle, married to a Pumpkin and am an utter bitch (dog) I reckon my kids are turds – mostly multicolored, my grandkids are little turds – one has red hair, so, she is a red turd and thats that..Take it or leave it This stupid girl is delusional and has a personality bugger up like other people in the news that say they are christian/muslim married to a woman/tranny claims not to smoke with a pack of cigarette in hand, says he is transparant, as a bowl of toilet water not flushed for a week, and says he is was born in Kenya/Hawaii (now how is that for having a twin in the next dimension?? Last but not least, since my skin is sunburned and very wrinkled with lotsa bruises (thanks to bloodthinners) I now identify myself and believe I am a neglected farm road in the middle of Redneck land. I smoke, thus I am a chimney I therefore have mutiple personas. this is good, this is right. Enough said. On second thoughts I am a piece of old rusted corrugated iron.

  • ridgerunner

    The NAACP needs to learn to celebrate diversity!

  • bob

    On point

  • Apex Gaming

    Long list of sex offenders? Some people listen to the MSM way too much. There are way more of those sex offenders on your side kiddo, the media just doesn’t like to talk about them much.

  • gskeers


  • MC Slammer

    Although biologically Caucasian, I now identify as Black.

    Now gimme my free college education, affirmative action job of which I can never be fired, subsidized mortgage, etc. etc. etc.

  • Southside Girl

    I have never understood why they call Obama Black He is clearly biracial. Why is he more Black than White? I never get that. But it was a smart move on this party’s end. Much stronger to say “first Black president” than “first biracial president.”

  • G

    Yeah except liberals aren’t racists who support blackface…

  • MC Slammer

    Why? Almost half of the inhabitants of what officially is America do not share a culture, history, morality or mentality with the majority. Why would they call themselves Americans? Most are openly hostile to the majority and boast that they will soon displace us. They have no desire to be Americans any more than they have a desire to be Germans or Italians.

    Sorry, we are way past the “let’s all hold hands and sing kumbaya stage.” Way past.

  • MC Slammer

    Obama won’t become recognized as biracial until the first 100% black man runs for president. Then we’ll hear how the new guy will be the first authentic black president and how obama really was just a White guy in a dark skin, based on his spoiled upper middle class upbringing and sheltered non-thug youth. It will be your duty to make history by voting for him. Leftists are so dam* predictable.

  • dave

    So Wait! She works her way up to be a president in a branch of NAACP. Now it’s found out she’s white and she’s going to be fired for the color of her skin. If this happened to a black person, people would be up in arms. Everyone needs to realize that black people are doing this to themselves. Open your eyes!

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Too funny!

  • MC Slammer

    Who knew race hustling was an equal opportunity position?

  • spraynandprayn

    “Racial disfunction repair” operations are just around the corner

  • SomethingWicked

    From a stand point of Light and photon therory you are correct, however….. good luck taking all the crayons in your box, coloring in your coloring book, and coming up with White.

  • Guest

    Monbassa Syndrome. Shame, her hairdresser may find he’s out of a job.

  • jdmix

    Perfect, Odo. An almond joy is white coated in black!
    There was probably a never more perfect metaphor!

  • Patriot

    If Bruce Jenner can be accepted as a woman now why can’t this woman now be accepted as African American?

  • petunia

    She identifies more with being black…..

  • Gerrr

    She’s not the first.

  • ErSwnn

    Or Prozac.

  • RhiannonHR

    Some days I wake up, look at the news and REALLY wonder if it IS still America. *smh*

  • Guest

    Why can’t an Eskimo be a Pygmy? For the same reason a Democrat can’t be a Conservative and an Islamist can’t be a human-being. Why can’t America elect a real president? We can but hope in tomorrow’s Brave New World maybe it can.

  • Rob

    If she loves us then we love her. As long as she is doing the job she is paid to do. God bless her.

  • pogo46

    President Obama is 50%white 43% Arab and only 7% black….so if he can pretend why can’t she ?….=)

  • Guest

    She got in under false pretences. Ring any bells? In politics dishonesty clearly pays.

  • 24601

    Taking a page from Chief Elizabeth Warren’s playbook.

  • DrJonnyChepe

    Either way she’s ugly

  • MC Slammer

    Free speech for me, but not for thee? LOL, I’m laughing in your face.

  • petunia


  • Lore Earll

    It’s pretty funny how it’s TOTALLY accepted and EXPECTED that when you say BLACKS ONLY, it’s fine. But if you dared to say ONLY WHITE FOLKS SHOULD APPLY the entire force of the federal gov’t would RUIN YOU.

  • R. Novak

    Michael Jackson did it the other way right?

  • Daniel Braisted

    Or a President who, it is reported, was a foreign exchange student on financial aid app, who, it is reported, was born in Hawaii.

  • abbaby1971

    Since when is it legal to ask an applicant’s race on a job app anyway?

  • abbaby1971

    I agree.

  • MC Slammer

    You had me going there for a minute. I totally love your satire. You even have a little avatar! Nice touch.

  • FarmerJack

    Kind of like Elizabeth Warren claiming she was Native American but wasn’t?

    But hey, according to Hillary Clinton: “What difference does it make?”

  • Daniel Braisted

    Or at least a permit to open a casino in your livingroom

  • Johnny Olson

    This “blite” (black/white) woman is double-dipping! So, she’s using her “white privilege” AND obtaining the social and financial perks afforded only to blacks? I call racism! Oh wait, can I do that? Would Sharpton consider her a white devil or an Uncle Tom? Like her, I’m so confused. Bahahaha.

  • abbaby1971

    She’s a “blite” on society.

  • MC Slammer

    Ok, I admit that I laughed at that.

    Michael Jackson: the little black boy who grew up to be a white woman.

  • Fred Baginski

    Snickers for everybody!

  • Trace Smith

    I feel rich. Now somebody start handing me money.

  • Johnny Olson

    Abbaby, maybe (now I’m wondering if she’s actually a she) she’s trying to get in line for the “reparations” bill Obama will most certainly push next year before he slithers out of office. Hahahaha.

  • Keely

    That’s funny, cause we think the about the people on the right.
    Black, white?? Who cares if she has the qualifications. On the lying part, maybe a psychological evaluation. Though, I believe all repubs need one too.

  • Fred Baginski

    That’s one of the problems with liberals, they think something and expect everyone else to accept their dreams as facts! When the real facts come out, the name calling starts.

  • peg_c

    Best laugh I’ve had in ages!!!

  • george orwell

    In 60 years, I’ve heard all kinds of stories about very light skinned blacks using it to their advantage to ‘pass’ and obtain privilege in a white world. Apparently, this has gotten turned around. This is the first I’ve heard of working it the other way around, though. The question I have is: why would someone CHOOSE (and pretend, no less) to be black, if being white is so much more of an advantage?

  • DiabloDA

    So if white people have so much privilege, how come we never hear about black people pretending to be white in order to cash in on it? Instead we have cases like Rachel Dolezal or Vijay Chokal-Ingam pretending to be black to become NAACP chapter president or attend med school with sub-par grades. Maybe it’s time black people started checking their privilege.

  • antiglobalJoel

    “I was born a poor black child.” The Jerk, Steve Martin

  • george orwell

    I’m offended by this comment. Moderator? Please remove for hate speech.

  • Guest

    Peer pressure.

  • M. Black

    Hey now, at least he’s happy with the current president since it gets him off the hook as being the worst one in history.

  • M. Black

    So I stopped littering over a big lie?

  • Guest

    It’s the president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP – Not in White face.

  • bgluck

    “You have to accept my lifestyle!!!”

  • george orwell

    ^^^ said the bigoted mega racist ^^^ Thanks for clearing that up. I’m white, but when I fill out this application to University, you’re saying, if I ‘feel’ black, I’m allowed to fill in the African American box, so I have a better chance at getting in? I really do feel black today. I like this trans-race thing.

  • sally thomas

    i would hit that.. i like thick white women.

  • steveyuhas

    As an African-Asian-American myself, I understand her desire to make a difference. Isn’t blackface a bit more oppressive and offensive than anything any white could do? I’m not sure I could get away with blackface in any industry, but I guess this is permission to try!

  • Guest

    America, the Land of Opportunity. That includes the opportunity to fool millions.

  • Burnt Meatballs

    She’s very beauty but on the subject of her being AA or white, I could care less.

  • garrysworld

    And if something doesn’t quite fit to their liking, Liberals will simply rewrite history to their benefit. Simple. No problemo. With MSM on their side, who’s to challenge them?

  • H. Zayre
  • MontyRay

    Rachel shall now be known as “Rachel”. She has been struggling for years living as a black woman in white skin. We should all celebrate her transformation. I’ll call ESPN and Vanity Fair immediately.

  • H. Zayre

    White people will not be reporting to work on Monday after laughing their narrow asses off all weekend long.

    They Everywhere! They Everywhere!! White people infiltrating and taking over!!!!!!

  • tcheak

    So because she “feels” black, the rest of us should put our intelligence aside and ignore the irrefutable facts that this woman is genetically white, was raised white, and is committing fraud by claiming to be black and is apparently faking death threats.

    When faced with facts, feelings don’t matter. She’s a fraud, likely mentally ill and should be treated as such.

  • tcheak

    And apparently you’re sexist, judging from your name. What only feminists have a right to a “safe zone”? Please…

  • I’m Batman……

  • H. Zayre

    The question of the day is HOW GATDAMN GULLIBLE is Black folks today, especially in Spokane???

  • tcheak

    A better question to ask is why is it illegal? If I own my business I should be able to hire or not hire whoever I want.

  • joe barron


  • Guest

    TV Mogul Byron Allen: President Obama ‘White President in Black Face’.

  • dave0987

    Perhaps she wanted in on some of that Black Privilege? Just a thought.

  • 1Suncatcher

    Let’s see, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D, MA) is a Native American (not, but she got the Gov funding and into Harvard); Bruce is now Caitlyn (and worth 100X more than he was as a man, per most biz mags); now Ms. Dolezal claims to be African American in order to qualify for minority benefits / jobs. The rest of us must be doing something wrong…?

  • The NAACP was founded by white Republicans.

  • rainmom

    “A former
    president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP added that being a person
    of color is not a requirement to become president.

    ‘It is traditional to have a person of color in that position, but that
    hasn’t always been the case in Spokane,’ James Wilburn said.

    He added that at least half of the Spokane Chapter members are of European descent.

    Read more:

  • DD1988

    Awesome! Now if I can just convince my kids to identify as black, they may actually get some scholarship money!

  • Guest

    Hey, can I really be President?

  • squid68

    Oh dear. “Pocahontas” Warren has a West Coast wannabe counterpart. I wonder if she ever applied for a minority gimme like Warren did.

  • JT Streeter

    Being that you are a libtard, what you believe is utterly useless

  • Well this proves it:

    “Black is the new Black”.

  • squid68

    The emptiness in some people’s lives that drives them to this stuff is sad. When it starts causing problems, it has to be dealt with.

  • Amused To Death

    You spelled Feminist wrong. If that’s your life, you’d think you could at least get that right.

  • squid68

    I have native American blood and almost surely some African-American blood. Plus Irish, Scots-Irish, French, English, and who knows what else. I’m applying for anything and everything as a minority, then I’m applying for workman’s comp after I collapse from the effort.

  • Amused To Death


  • squid68

    And accepted by supposedly intelligent people.

  • Amused To Death

    FeNiMist….how long have you had this blog spelled wrong????

  • tcheak

    But men and white people shouldn’t? Thanks for proving my point.

  • Anthony Priest

    It’s OK, she’s a liberal, and we all know she meant well. besides, it’s ok for liberals to lie when the facts aren’t on their side.

  • Curmudgeon

    Spokane NAACP members became suspicious when a recent audit uncovered that Ms Dolezal used her own money, rather than NAACP funds, to get her hair did.

  • Curmudgeon

    She almost blew her cover at last year’s Kwanzaa social mixer.

  • tcheak

    Oh… But white people, men, and heterosexuals don’t deserve a “safe space”.

    Thanks for proving my point.

  • Amused To Death

    User name is spelled wrong…MODERATOR DELETE!

  • nadadhimmi

    Just think of all the McDonalds cups you could have thrown out your car window.

  • tcheak

    Oh… Some some lives and people matter more than others….


  • Amused To Death

    Yeah. Sure.

  • OkieGirl

    Lol! However, I feel it’s fair to interject that Liz Warren is bi-racial. She is part Native American which is all that’s required to be on the books as Native American. In Oklahoma, there are many blond, blue-eyed people with Native American genes. They qualify for Indian Nation Heath care.

  • Johnny Olson

    Moderator? This is obvious humor. Check into it.

  • Pepper79


  • mapsure

    Pinetree3 Absolutely fabulous you reply! “transracialism”

  • carter

    Rachel should be a Politician, she’d fit right in with the other self-proclaimed Black, Indian, and Jew who profess love for social justice.

    There used to be a day in America where such issues were treated differently, remember “Black Like Me” ?

  • Chad Wilhite

    And there is a problem with her being White? She is working to improve black lives? Is that wrong for a White person.WHAT IS YOUR POINT YOU RACIST BIGGOTS?

  • Michael Sullivan

    One does not have to be negro to hold the position. You are assuming you know something when in fact you do not.

  • Guest

    A dark day for America but don’t worry. Lighten up – this is funny.

  • cyndie

    the new reality of political correctness. i wonder if obama thinks “this could be my wife”

  • Les Petersen

    Kinda funny, all the Northwest blacks praising her highly, only to find out she is WHITEY! OUCH!

  • Mark

    She was born a Black woman in a White womans body.. Changing Race is easier and less harmful then changing sex.. She has the right to be who she feels she is.. Just ask Katlyn..

  • David Rosier

    I hope that was a joke. She claimed to be black on the city application. Do you think the NAA(L)CP would have allowed her to be a chapter president if they thought she were white. Not bloody likely.
    Claiming to be African American also got her a full ride scholarship at Howard University.

  • jacamina

    It’s all about FEELINGS! We can’t say that – cause it might hurt someone’s FEELINGS! Screw this PC Crap!

  • Buffalobob

    Can’t wait until Big Sis is outted as straight.

  • T Frederick Douglas

    If that is what she identifies with then whatever. Does not impact me one bit. Does not mean I have to think it’s not nuts.

  • NotKennedy

    Nice legs, how much they asking fo’de’ho?

  • Guest

    After the sex change he’ll be getting a divorce, if you’re interested.

  • Jenni Abelseth Stewart

    I agree cherry walker…

  • Johnny Olson

    I think “epithet” is the word you’re looking for. And please school me on the meaning of the acronym, POC, and to which “privilege” of mine are you referring?

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Hey, if our half white President can do it why not a totally white person? She’s one screwed up in the head bitch though….Lol, yeah just like Obama too.

  • JY1

    Trans-Racial-ism is the Achilles Heal of the Affirmative Action program.

    If the constitutional protection against racial discrimination can be extended to a prohibition of questioning a person’s claimed race, then all of the racial set-asides and quotas will be null and void, simply by everyone checking the box for African American and returning the worlds of education, college acceptance, college grant monies, job placement, government grants, government contracts, and government subsidies, to a level playing field where race is no longer the deciding factor.

  • Joseph J. Mauricio

    And I am a hybrid Alien from Mars.

  • Patty

    They are going to find out tomorrow that she is Catlin Jenner’s brother.

  • Richard Baier

    Another wannabe…

  • Billy

    Not this year – Kallifornica is having the worst drought in YEARS .

  • Patty

    NAACP, humm. No, background checks, sounds familiar. And the parents, they knew since her birth.

    Shame on them, the entire family is mental.

  • Patty
  • Chad Wilhite

    Obama lied on his app too. He’s still President.

  • Billy

    I have to agree . Bama has set race relations back to levels never seen before . Sharpton and his ilk have done their utmost to have a race war – ok – they are 17% of the population – and most can’t shoot or even own a gun . Send a buck out in front of a redneck – say 150 yards , he’ll drop the deer with one shot – still want that race war ?

  • Billy

    Boy , you must have drank a gallon of the kool-aide .

  • Bittterroot

    All liberals are Liars.
    I’ve said it a million times. And they always prove me right.

  • Patty

    Breaking: NAACP “Stands Behind” Fake Black Leader #RachelDolezal×492.png

    The national NAACP said Friday it “stands behind” Rachel Dolezal, the president of a Spokane, Washington’s chapter who lied about being black. “One’s racial identity is not a qualifying criteria or disqualifying standard for NAACP leadership. The NAACP Alaska-Oregon-Washington State Conference stands behind Ms. Dolezal’s advocacy record.” Spokane city officials are looking into whether Dolezal violated the city’s code of ethics when she identified herself as black on her application to serve on the citizen police ombudsman commission. Public records show Dolezal is the biological daughter of Ruthanne and Lawrence Dolezal, who are both white and exposed their daughter in an interview Thursday.

  • EmptySea

    I am of an Irish Indian tribe the kornbeefncabbige tribe.

  • Guest

    Laugh damn you, it’s funny.

  • Banjo33

    SHE LIED TO GET HER JOB. Why is everyone skipping this? Everyone wants to say “Caitlyn Jenner BLAH, BLAH, BLAH” Caitlyn Jenner didn’t lie to get a job. This Rachel lady is a liar and remember it’s only racism if she was black, lied saying she was white, and trying to enter a predominantly white group. Then she could bring a lawsuit and Al and Jesse would call for a million-man march.

  • moron

    Ward Churchill. Elizabeth Warren. Rachael Dolezal. Good little delusional patriotic Democrats! Supported by American Hebrews!

  • Stevie10703

    If Michael Jackson can become whitey, then why can’t see be a sista?

  • Johnny Olson

    Hope I didn’t offend you when I corrected your spelling of “epithats” to “epithets.” And, I would really like to know to which of my “privileges” you are referring.

  • Bryant Hill

    He did it both ways

  • jack

    So what if she white, she as done an amazing job as a fake afican American. Good enough job to get presidency as a NAACP rep. Now that she white its a sine. Amazing how people think. This is exactly why there are still racial issue today… Crazy!!! Maybe that’s a sign that race shouldnt be an issue. We can all be equals????? Leave the race card alone.

  • pattywack

    Both sides have them but the left has fine tuned it to where they are all fake.

  • Look, she was giving it a good faith effort, with the Chaka Khan perm and all.
    Did she take dance lessons too?

  • LiberalBalderdash

    You can comment when your party even remotely pretends to hold Obama’s administration accountable for its actions. If you want further proof, just look at the way they coddle their next candidate.

  • Johnny Olson

    Moderator? Please delete this obviously racist woman’s post. Hahaha. And, you didn’t tell me what my “privilege” was.

  • LiberalBalderdash

    Our sex offenders are usually run out of office. Yours are given platatudes and awards.

  • Johnny Olson

    Seriously, what “privilege” do I have? I’d like to know what I’m missing out on. And your politically correct “workshop” full of silly buzzwords and funny “look-at-me!” haircuts and piercings just doesn’t sound very interesting to me.

  • Suki

    Yeah but the European decent members don’t say they’re black and live a fraudulent life based on that lie.

  • MC Slammer

    “A former president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP added that being a person of color is not a requirement to become president.”

    Of course not, anybody that hates YT and believes in black supremacy would make a fine zookeep.., uh….I mean president of the NAACP.

  • Nannette McGowan

    Heck, it worked for Elizabeth Warren so it should for you, too, francesca9. Did your mammaw tell you that your high cheek bones made you a Native American, too? That was Liz’s defense.

  • Suki

    “…therefore libs say he’s a woman” when actually he’s only mutilated his body and put on hair and makeup and a dress. Haven’t they ever heard of xx or xy? Gender is a matter of genes.

  • Cliff Britt

    Rachel looks the part; like one’s everyday negro whore.

  • Nannette McGowan

    All you need as proof, according to Liz Warren, is for your mammaw to point out that’s why you have high cheekbones. Ha!

  • Oklahoma Lady

    The woman has some serious identity issues, aka mental illness.

  • Sniffy Pop
  • Curmudgeon

    National NAACP leadership became suspicious when this chapter began operating in the black, had zero liens and made regular rent payments for their office space.

  • Charles Freeze

    they were too dumb to know what color she was.. I cant feel sorry for them on that one.

  • [email protected]

    Homer Adolph Plessy is rolling in his grave.

  • Oklahoma Lady

    Living in Oklahoma, I see commercials constantly telling me how great the Chicasaw people are. I laugh each and every time, as these people are blonde, sometimes blue eyed and without the high cheekbones.

  • Oklahoma Lady

    Very sick.

  • GeeGee


  • MicahStone

    —Join Rachel Doleza and get your FULLY BLACK PRIVILEGE, TOO !!
    This month only: Mention the name “Doleza” when ordering and get an immediate 10% OFF your RONCO WGR Kit !!!!

  • MicahStone

    Don’t be left out of ALL these great privileges just because -through no fault of your own – you had the misfortune to be born a cracka:

  • Johnny Olson

    If you just let me know what my “privileges” are, I’ll leave it at that. No more “debate.” That’s fair, right?

  • Johnny Olson

    Oh no! Please! Not the Maddow Retribution! Would you really do that to an innocent person of color like myself???

  • M. Black

    styrofoam too with whale skin hubcaps on my caddy.

  • Johnny Olson

    Well that does me no good. My girlfriend does all the shopping. What else ya got?

  • jsl55

    African-American is not a race. Negro and Caucasian are races. If she were born in Africa and became an American, regardless of her race, she would be able to claim African-American. But since she was born in Montana, she is a FRAUD.

  • Johnny Olson

    Good luck. I’ve got Rachel on speed-dial. We’re tight like that. Not really, but I’ll report you to Rush Limbaugh. Hahaha.

  • Johnny Olson

    My gf does all the shopping. What else ya got?

  • Infoczar

    me too

  • jsl55

    They are only 13% of our population. While it may be true that most of them can’t shoot well, why can’t they own a gun? Having a felony only precludes them from LEGALLY owning a gun. But since criminals don’t obey laws, many do have guns. They still wouldn’t stand a chance in a real race war even if every one of them had a gun.

  • Ted N

    That is the single largest difference between the left and the right. The left rewards or overlooks abhorrent behavior where as the right cuts them off and condems them.

  • Johnny Olson

    Ok, I’m gonna report you to Rush Limbaugh! Bahahaha.

  • Johnny Olson


  • Sourcecode-v19

    Why are liberals fuming at this? I don’t understand?? Isn’t this the
    world you idiots want??

    You all sit here and applaud men when they wake up one day with a mental
    illness wanting to be a women and vice versa… So what this women is
    black in her mind? Aren’t all you self proclaimed tree huggers supposed
    to coddle her now during her “transformation”???

    Hell, put her on a cover or something stupids.

    If beiber can do it so can she!!!

  • Johnny Olson

    Impact1, I think she wants to be able to cry racism no matter who’s offending her. Hahahaha.

  • Conservadiva

    Was she trying to cheat affirmative action benefits in college??? This is a direct maneuver to take a job away from an African American who ought to hold this position at NAACP. Furthermore, as a professor of AA studies, she is also taking a job away from a qualified candidate. Despicable.

  • Johnny Olson

    OK Lady, you’re right…..she’s definitely mental, and racially confused too. Kinda like Eminem. Hahaha.

  • Dean Kuhner

    It’s actually called a Negroplasty … South Park actually already did an episode on this about 10 years ago

  • Landis Menzie

    U forgot one thing most blacks been in every war the United states had so we use to shooting two legged bucks do u really what it?

  • Johnny Olson

    And back in February, she filed a false police report claiming someone had mailed racist and threatening letters to her NAACP mail box. Liberals: Always fraudulent, always entertaining. Hahaha.

  • Ken Darby

    Typical Liberal Answer. ‘Are you African America”? “I don’t understand the Question”.
    Yes, this is one of “The Leaders” of The looney Left

  • Ken Darby

    Since you have Sunburn, that means you are also an Indian, and therefor you can open a Casino anywhere you want here in the Southwest! lol

  • Ken Darby

    This lady is a Nut job, but She still has a ways to go to catch up with the Biggest Nut Case of All! Hill-A$$-ery

  • Johnny Olson

    I see that back in February, she filed a “questionable” police report claiming she was racially threatened at the NAACP.. That in itself is patently false because, well, she’s white. Hahaha. Too funny.

  • Silver Hammer

    The Afreakans should be beside themselves over this. Just listening to her you can tell she’s white. Ole Uncle Al should find her a put an uptown Saturday night back alley ghetto whuppin’ on her. LOL!!!!!!!

  • Ken Darby

    Al “I have A Scheme” Sharpton is running late, so he asked me to Fill in for him!
    You are All Racist! Thank you and Goodnight! That will be $10,000

  • axethecouncil

    Maybe she figured it would be a good way to get a free phone.

  • Frugalone

    No it was reported that she had no Native American blood in her.

  • Dennis Johnson

    “Dolezal teaches African American Culture at Eastern Washington University as an adjunct instructor. Her blog also says she is an art instructor at North Idaho College,”…..for those of you who are unfamiliar with this region, this area is as about as white bread as you will find. I guess she figured she could get away with it without anyone calling BS……….I’m calling it now BS! ( bovine slop)

  • Michael J. Bernard

    She literally teaches a class about White Privilege

  • Ziggy Freud

    How is her skin color and more indicative of her race, than reproductive organs are indicative of one’s sex? Why can a man decide he’s a woman, and we all must accept it, but a white woman can’t decide she’s a black woman??
    Am I the only one having trouble following the left’s line of logic?? Or lack thereof??

  • James Clauson


  • rainmom

    it doesn’t look like the NAACP cares, they’re calling it her racial identity:

    “The NAACP has released a statement saying it respects Dolezal’s privacy in the matter.
    “One’s racial identity is not a qualifying criteria or disqualifying
    standard for NAACP leadership,'” the group said. “In every corner of this country, the NAACP remains committed to securing political, educational,and economic justice for all people.”

  • opine

    Im ready to be black so I can get some of the freebies they currently get from the government. I mean from us, the taxpayer.

  • Scrotie McBoogerballs

    Who cares?

  • Jermaine

    BS. He only did it the one way… With people. Sheep, goats, horses, dogs. Prolly lots of different ways.

  • Art Goldsworthy

    She thought the “C” in NAACP stood for Caucasian.

  • UnCL3


  • janinec

    sometimes you feel like a nut!

  • janinec

    Actually, she has never been able to prove she has ANY native blood

  • copywriter111

    Race should not matter. Clearly a double standard. Someone felt she represented the black race well and she got the job. All the more power to her!!!!

  • copywriter111

    He was a Thriller

  • Valerie

    Point taken

    And, there is only one race, or one species of people, and that is human.

  • the_npp

    The funniest thing about this? If they fire her for being white, she can sue for racial discrimination.

  • lonestar

    If Bruce Jenner can be Caitlyn Jenner, white Rachel can be black Rachel.

  • Beedogz

    Since the USA is celebrating that anyone can choose their gender, then it is only right that people should be able to chose their race and ethnicity.

    I think I might be a German Shepard Canine myself. Woof!

  • Joe

    Caitlyn is a freak actually.

  • Beedogz

    I’m a lesbian trapped in a mans body.

  • Beedogz

    If Bruce Jenner can be a woman, this lady can be any race she chooses.

    DNA is no longer the standard, inner choice is. So sayeth Barack Obama, so sayeth the media, so sayeth every liber in the USSA.

    You deny her inner truth, you hater.

  • Beedogz

    I’m ready to be an illegal immigrant and get everything for free.

  • Beedogz

    No, Liz made it up. No blood, she was never able to prove it. The only native that has ever been in Liz was when she was drunk at the casino and pulled a train.

  • Beedogz

    Obama is Caucasian communist/socialist and Kenyan. No slave blood.

  • Beedogz

    That is what liberals now call a micro aggression.

  • Beedogz

    u aint be gots no gud englis. whut you be say?

  • Beedogz

    Obama is Caucasian communist/socialist and Kenyan. No slave blood.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    There is definitely a big chunk of unassimilatable anti-American trash that needs to be gathered up and shipped out. Yesterday, if at all possible.

  • Beedogz

    Lying? Obama and Hillary are 500 times more dangerous with THEIR lies.

  • Beedogz

    I’m a lesbian trapped in a mans body. Or a German Shepard canine.

  • Beedogz

    Yes snooty, we all know that. We read the same story and comment you did Mr Snooty. Humor much libtard?

  • Beedogz

    You might be better off declaring yourself a illegal immigrant. You can get in state tuition rates in all states, and more freebies.

  • Beedogz

    With Holder is gone. New injustice lead now.

  • Beedogz

    My privilege is 8″.

  • Beedogz

    Racheal MadCow? Just call Shrillary.

  • Beedogz

    They finally figured out what caused the car crash where Bruce Jenner killed an innocent woman.

    The Tranny was defective.

  • Johnny Olson

    Hahaha. Too funny, Beedogz. I think I’m gonna be a Labrador…a Black Labrador.

  • Lisa Wiese

    Why would the NAACP care that a lying fraud is representing it’s largely black Constituency, seems about right to me.

  • Teddi

    She belongs in prison with Elizabeth Warren – same crime…

  • Jenkem Jones

    I guess this makes me cis-ethnic.

  • VikingKing


  • JY1

    So you are saying he is half traitor and half African-African.

  • Odo

    Shame isn’t it?

  • Odo

    Make it Haldol

  • Odo


  • Odo

    And it got her a high-paying position at Harvard, and now a senatorial seat.
    Nice to have low friends in high places!

  • Odo

    I prefer Zagnut

  • Odo

    They just are lonely and want to belong is all.

  • Odo

    As Michael Savage has put so well……”Liberalism is a mental disorder”

  • Odo

    That is exactly how it will happen! When one gets elected from black parents from both sides that is exactly how they will finally admit what Obama is. Now they are just desperately grabbing at anything to promote a racial agenda.

  • Odo

    Well at least on his fathers side he has some credo. But only in appearance.

  • Kris Jones Lee

    There are 2 basic theories of human history. The Garden of Eden was between the Tigris and Euphrates, and considered to be part of the African continent. The evolutionists have traced the earliest humanoid remains to Africa, from which the descendants migrated to the ends of the Earth, with changes in appearance and body types as a result of the geographic areas they settled. Either way you look at it, all Americans are therefore African-American.

  • Lori Balbach

    Well white is a color too . So guess that she still qualifies as a person of color.

  • theoldsargesays

    These people huh?

  • theoldsargesays

    Yeah but I’ll bet they’re going to get rid of her white ass forthwith!

  • Wayne

    You are so right…..,

  • Chris Bellevue

    Yes, clever indeed! So clever that I’m going to use it 😉

  • Nothingisfreeinthislife

    They are stupid. Just another validation.

  • SeRiOuSLy!!??

    one of the things that truly disgust me is somebody who hates themselves so much that they have to pretend to be something they’re not. if you can’t be proud of who you are as yourself then get help to find out why, but to do something like deny your heritage or your identity is sick!

  • Thomas L. Stafford

    We are all “colored”, with the exception of albinos. Who pays someone to teach African American Culture? A state university should not be.

  • saturn

    She had heard a lot of good about getting affirmative action support for her education and teaching post.

  • john yates

    True you are what you eat!!

  • Amused To Death

    You sound very fragile, weak and quick tempered not what one would expect coming from a strong fenimist who runs a blog. See no reason to venture over to sais blog, could probably learn more from commentators here.

  • Steve J. Brown

    So, she didn’t have to lie, she just did what all liberals do. Lying comes natural to them.

  • They will use as their defense, Acting is not lying.

  • Kate

    Micheal Jackson went white. Why is this so much more of a shock?

  • PharmDoc61

    White is the new black.

  • Darkheart11

    Some how I can not feel any sympathy for the guys at the naacp who were fool enough to fall for this babes con. Considering the other lines of BS they accept, they deserve her!

  • justapatriot

    AS great as this is for comedic fodder, I want to see what the NAACP does. Will she keep her job?

  • Mike Lashewitz

    “All people”, who are NOT WHITE. Calling a spade a spade is not a bad thing. But trying to sell a plant stake as a shovel is unacceptable. If I cannot be listed in Wikipedia as the first Emperor of South Carolina she cannot be listed as Black just because she wants to be.
    Jenner WILL NEVER BE A WOMAN. A Ford can never be a Chevrolet. Obama can never be American Born. (Grandma and his brother said he was born in Kenya) Liars can never be always factual. Politicians can never be completely trusted and Bankers can never be considered honest.
    Makeup never makes a woman pretty. You either are or you are not. A fresh coat of paint on a rusted hulk makes it look better but it is still a rusted hulk.
    Political correctness is a tool used by criminals to push idiots into “believing” they are being good. One cannot pick up a turd by the clean end.
    How many companies and countries are robbed blind because they simply “trust” persons who represents themselves as something they are not. You know LIKE THE POPE and most every Muslim in existence. . . . Taquiyya IS lying, liars are criminal and Dhimmitude is Cognitive Dissonance. Every day drug addicts say they have gone clean and alcoholics say they are dry and people WANT to believe them until they go on another trip/binge/bender. How many times will the sheeple buy the bs?

  • Mike Lashewitz

    If we consider that “science” had proven we all come from a mitochondrial “EVE” out of Africa, the we are ALL BLACK and shades thereof. Technology is what allowed man to move from warm climates to colder climates. Without clothing we would still be living around the equator. So my pink to slightly brown skin just indicated I am mid transitional black.

    Racism was invented by the wealthy to create separations between people in order to reduce the size of population groups and to foment hate in order for population control. Divide and conquer makes WE THE PEOPLE easier to control.

  • booradley55

    Evolutionary science indicates that Homo Sapiens first emerged on the African continent. The Bible says that the Garden of Eden was between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, which is in modern day Iraq, which is also on the African continent.

    Whether you believe in Evolution, Creationism, or both, both support the fact that the human race began in Africa, which means we, as Americans, are all African-Americans, if you want to trace the lineage all the way back to the beginning.

    I propose that everyone, regardless of their color, should start checking the “African-American” block on all governmental forms. After all, this is the truth.

    Put the onus on the Government to tell us why we cannot.

  • JimWinchester

    So the Blacks who elected her to that position were really “color blind”…..or just plain stupid? Do they know that the NAACP was founded by three Jews from NY ( not black Jews)?

  • McGruff


  • Jay

    They have a procedure for that now.

  • SomethingWicked

    And yet they keep insisting that only Black policemen can police a black community

  • UtMadman

    And the word of the day is “Exploitation.”

  • Raptor Jesus

    Half of women are mentally ill. HALF. It explains so much.

  • Albert8184

    hahahahahahaha Yeah…. the tranny slipped out of gear

  • fiatdollars

    Nothing worse than a phoney. Then she makes up stories about bullshyt racial attacks?? That’s when she needs to be taught a lesson. She should be locked up for filing a false report and inciting racial conflict. As far as pretending to be black goes..who cares?’s just boring and pathetic. We are a peak retard levels in this country. The NAACP is exposed as a fraudulent organization that’s more about promoting victimization than anything else.

  • D. Frometa

    Sad how white people are ashamed of being white and make excuses.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    #SprayTanLivesMatter ~ Rachel Dolezal

  • Jason

    Imagine if this were a white republican doing this!

  • Jera

    Honestly, what’s the big deal? I mean if Obama can pretend to be black…

  • Destynee

    Right wing people, misinformed people, particularly political partisans, were exposed to corrected facts in news stories, they rarely changed their minds. In fact, they often became even more strongly set in their beliefs. Facts, they found, were not curing misinformation. Like an under-powered antibiotic, facts could actually make misinformation even stronger.. it’s crazy.

  • I breed U pay

    How dare this woman call herself black! She has no felonies,
    never had an abortion, no illegitimate children, no incest in her family, never
    collected a welfare check, or even had an STD! This is an outrage!

  • Jenkem Jones

    Because no one should want to be a n black.

  • larry

    Dang. She flew like lightning when the reporter busted her out.

  • CB Terry

    Another one of those seemingly brilliant, yet incoherent and cryptic comments casually masked as common sentiment.