Here’s the REST OF THE STORY Behind the Police Abuse at the McKinney Pool Party

On Friday McKinney police officer Eric Casebolt was called in to assist at an out of control pool party at a local subdivision.

Officer Casebolt was filmed throwing a bikini-clad black girl on the ground, twisting her arm and pulling his gun on the crowd.
austin pool party police

Casebolt has since been suspended. The incident is under investigation.

Now here’s the rest of the story…
On Monday a local wrote in to Steve Noviello to tell the rest of the story.

PLEASE HELP! That (now viral) video of the officer in McKinney subduing a girl in a bathing suit was in OUR neighborhood. The situation was NOT what is being reported…

A DJ setup in a public space next to the private pool in our neighborhood on Friday and played loud explicit (F-bomb) music for multiple hours (it is unclear if he was invited by a resident as no one has claimed responsibility). The teenagers (both black and white) were being brought into our neighborhood by the carload because the DJ was tweeting out invites to a “pool party” for $15 (obviously unauthorized by our neighborhood). The teens began fighting with each other and pushing their way into our private pool. Some were jumping our fence. The security guard was accosted when he tried to stop the beginnings of this mob scene. Some residents who live around the park/pool area tried to come out and settle things down. The teens started yelling racial slurs at our neighbors and started assaulting people and property (throwing bottles at cars and attacking a mother at the pool with 3 young children). The first officer on the scene was by himself. At that time, the party had grown to a large, aggressive crowd. As the officer arrived, many teens started running through our neighborhood. Many of the teens were being very aggressive and yelling at the officers as more arrived.

This was a very dangerous situation for the officers AND the teens/residents not involved. The news media has refused to hear the neighborhood’s side of this story. The video being distributed is only a very small segment of what happened. This information being distributed by the media and others is extremely distorted and in some cases outright lies.

PLEASE HELP US STOP THE BROADCASTING OF THIS IGNORANCE. The media is trying to make it look like our neighborhood is a white’s only, racist area. Anyone who has spent even a few minutes in our area knows this is an outright LIE.

On Sunday a far left group posted the home address and phone number of McKinner officer Eric Casebolt online.
The group also threatened violence.
Read more here.

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  • juandos

    Strong strain of political cowardice is running through the ranks of city authorities…

    The parents/responsible adults of these delinquents should be made to take on the fines and other punishments for their childrens’ public misbehavior…

  • Paladin

    No way?! Blacks acting out of control? I’m shocked! They act like feral animals then expect society to deal with those who oppose them in a civilized manner (lawsuits, firings, negative media coverage) I’m so sick of the Obamafication of America.

  • Patty

    Truthfully, we don’t know what transpired before the Video.

    In my opinion he could have gotten out his tazer gun. He was alone for a few minutes before back up came. She was resisting arrest and then another punk came into the mix. Then again, with all the murders that have transpired as of late of our officers, he was more than justified.

    Consider what officers have gone through over the past year. I am of the belief that this is another job well done by this Officer.

    Ages of these kids were around the same age that started the firestorm in Baltimore, as I believe. So, many cities run by democrats, I cannot keep up on all them.

    Who knows what would have transpired had this officer didn’t do what he did. The officer makes a judgement call and this was the route he choose and a good one in my humble opinion.

  • Patty

    Kids, they think they are above the law.

    UPDATE: More school districts report chaos after ‘white privilege’ theory influences discipline rules


  • Onebysea

    The disturbing part of the video was the cop pulling his gun on the crowd. It was disturbing to his fellow cops, too, as they more or less jumped on him and made him holster his piece.

  • Roddy

    STOP the Marxist disinformation – JIM change the title – there was no Police ABUSE

  • NotKennedy

    It looked like a taser, to me.

  • Oklahoma Lady

    Why would anyone want to be a cop in the age of Obama?

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Listen to the ferals bleating when their game is up.

  • NotKennedy

    Soon, the police will take a page from lawless Holder’s method book and exercise “prosecutorial discretion.” That has become the cutting-edge standard for places like O’BaltiMalley, Ferguson and places were distinguished lives matter, for those with respiratory impairment. Next time the police or fire department are called, they can throw out some garden hoses and hand distribute pamphlets about community empowerment, social justice and a donation card for Sharpton’s special interest groups.

  • JumpingDolphin

    austin? I thought this was near Dallas?

  • NotKennedy

    Liberals don’t need no stinking geography lessons. Besides, Texas is fly-over country for MSM.

  • lazypadawan

    More of the media’s war on cops.

    Besides, I’d like to see how the multimillionaire talking heads would like it if a flash mob of “youths” showed up in front of their brownstones and co-ops in Manhattan, or their exclusive gated homes in Connecticut, Long Island, Westchester County.

  • Debra Moore

    where are their mothers!!!! smacking them all the way home!

  • Uncle Max

    McKinney, Texas, a suburb of Dallas,….. not Austin PD 300 miles south.

  • mrs

    I think the investigation is appropriate. After watching the video and in view of what has been happening in other parts of the country………this officer may have been within bounds. The officer may have been a bit abrupt and it is a little hard to tell from the video, but the girl was not properly responding to instruction by the officer. Then, when she was being put to the ground……….you can CLEARLY see the two males advance on the officer from side/behind. Body language of their approach was NOT passive the video clearly shows them circling around to get behind the officer, while looking for moment of opportunity to jump in. The guy in the dark shirt actually removes his hat to in apparent preparation for contact. The officers draw appears to coincide with warding off their advance on him. This is what can happen when a “knock-out game” and physical (if not lethal) assaults are happening against officers all over the place.

    Although very much easier said then done………in a heated situation, it is best to obey the officers command(s); (as long as are within reason, as cops can get out of line, too). A request to sit until things cool a bit is considered within reason.

    Just saying…………those 2-guys were definitely advancing with intent. In the wild…….this is how pack animals act as well.

    Overall…………I would have to say the loud demanding conduct of the officer may well have been a factor in quashing an escalation. Risky though, as could have gone either way. Keep in mind…….the crowd was large and they were someplace they were NOT supposed to be, doing things they should NOT have been doing. You make a choice to jump the fence and you have to be prepared to live with the consequences of your actions.

  • topperj

    You mean it’s not what it looks like? Haven’t we learned anything from Trayvon, Michael. et al, that it’s a good idea to wait and actually see what happened? These angels deserved what they got. The cop should not have been suspended. That sends the wrong signal to the mobs and the race hustlers.

  • Progressive Democrat

    Open fire? Castle Doctrine says you can use force (i.e. shoot them in the leg) if they enter your property.

  • Tim jones

    yeah i don’t see any police abuse..

    what i see is a bunch of people invading a private community and acting like it’s theirs.

  • GuestPoster

    LoL. Nothing new to see at your link. As I told a person who was advocating for this kind of disciplinary policy in our schools that there was no reason that anyone teacher, administrator or staff should allow the habitually bad behavior of one student to disrupt the learning environment for the other students who are there who do want an education. Of course, it fell on deaf ears and here we are.

  • GuestPoster

    I’d say they jumped on him and made him holster it knowing full well what TNB would result if it went off and shot a black. You know. Rioting, looting and arson?

  • Bob

    That cop did the right thing pulling his gun. We need to support the cops. This is getting out of control. The DJ should be arrest too.

  • Jay

    I’m sure it is just a coincidence that all of the perps were black.

  • JonathanDunbar

    Sheboon alert!!!

    Notice how the black men sit down and shut up, but the sheboons carry on full speed ahead!

    To any black man reading this post, the sheboon bitch WILL get you either [DEAD] or [INCARCERATED]!

    Yes I know your ‘mamma black’ but she is still a sheboon selfloathing detriment to the black race/culture in America!

    Notice, the monkey in the bright orange bikini was the one starting the fight in the first place with the 40 year old white woman. These black teens crashed a gated community pool party.

    Please view Tommy Sotomayor’s webcast concerning the BT-1000 Teminatrix known as the African American female or ‘sheboon’ for short! Don’t believe this black man typing from the other side of the screen about the sheboon menace, then view his video:

    Everytime there is mass social trouble, there is a sheboon bitch at the center of it… sad but true …sad but true.

    Now I know I am a house Ni@@ER for saying this and I am DAMN proud of it:

    A white/black/other police man/woman with a 9mm gun tells me to leave the area, I don’t need to ask how fast because I am [GONE]! The sheboon BT-1000 Teminatrix can NOT be reasoned with! They can’t be stopped! They can do NO wrong ever! She could have walked away and gotten away with felony battery, but no the sheboon bitch wont stop … she is a nuclear bomb going off in your face and there is no stopping her short of putting your boot on her neck! And even then it might take a few heavy blows to her head or even a slog through her head to finally get her to stand down … she is a tidal wave of despair and agony. She hates herself and the world around her. She will destroy far more than she will create!

    Black sheboons are the most tragic life form on the planet … just a waste of energy and resources … a complete waste!

  • Akela

    Really? And whose daughter did he pull the gun on? Did you not look at the video before running your mouth?

  • JonathanDunbar

    Obviously Andrew Martin didn’t view the video but just shot his stupid little mouth off. I wouldn’t be surprised if in real life, Andrew is just a sheboon hidding behinds a white man sounding name… A lot of sheboons and their ni@@a simps do just that. They make up white sounding accounts and use these accounts to justify the animal actions of ni@@a America.

    Trust me, I know first hand the sickness of the sheboon and the street ni@@as they produce … trust me!

  • getthelibsout

    one of the main reasons black males seek out white females

  • getthelibsout

    if she’s breaking the law….

  • venicementor

    “PLEASE HELP! That (now viral) video of the officer in McKinney subduing a girl in a bathing suit was in OUR neighborhood. The situation was NOT what is being reported…” that’s all fine and well, but not one did he say anything about the manner in which the young woman was treated.

  • JonathanDunbar

    BINGO! If you are black, and have anything going for you: job, career, education, technology, finance … anything positive, get a non-sheboon female .. TRUST ME!

    As a black, I have COMPLETE respect and give a thumbs up each and every time I am out in public a see a black male with a non-sheboon female on his arm.

    Most times. this signifies the black male usually isn’t a street ni@@a thug. Non-black women don’t suck the dicks of losers… sheboons do suck the dicks of losers!

    And the sheboon wonders why she is the least married of all American women … she wonders why … she wonders why…

  • getthelibsout

    estrogen and attitude……BAD combo!

  • Jet_Jaguar

    Why can’t Blacks act with decorum and grace? If they did, trouble would not follow wherever they go. If I’d have shown up at the pool and found that it was a private party, I would have appologised to them and left immediately.

  • getthelibsout

    they always pissing&moaning about being TREATED like criminals……HEY, stop acting like criminals

  • Patty

    Black Activist On MSNBC Threatens America With ISIS-Style Terror Attacks Over McKinney Pool Party Incident…

    Crazytown has a new mayor…. this guy.

    Wow that dude needs to stay the hell away from microphones. More about McKinney here and here.

    Read more:

  • JonathanDunbar

    sheboons … just ignore them and in a few generations they will go extinct!

  • Watson

    These teenagers could have all went home without incident. . . they brought it on themselves! Here is a longer versio of what happened, they handcuffed this girl because she was mouthy and out of control and inciting violence. After she calmed down, they let her go.

  • JonathanDunbar

    For a sheboon to calm down is truly a rare thing indeed!

  • Vance Shearer

    You need to watch it again, slowly and carefully. The cop had two males aggressively advancing on him from behind. BOTH had hands behind their backs. Once they ran off he holstered it.

  • Akela

    There is nothing wrong with the manner in which she was “treated”.

  • rp454

    If my daughter was behaving like that, she had better worry about what her mother and I are going to do to her when she gets home.

  • dfw63

    Absolutely not, the gun should not have been pulled. He’s got pepper spray and a taser if he thought those kids were such a threat. There were no lives in danger, the gun stays holstered until then. He’s earned a suspension, but certainly should not lose his job.

  • ToddsMonster

    I’m just curious why the officer ran full speed all by himself into a huge crowd instead of waiting for backup. Frankly, he lost his sh!t and acted like a hardass and not like a professional.

    This ain’t Ramadi, and he’s no longer an MP.

  • George Bentley

    They were running up behind him, they were part of an unruly mob, they were aggressive and they were going to interfere with his attempt to detain that young lady.

  • DivineEncounters

    There you have it. I blog on a site called Yabberz and the father of this girl put out on twitter the phone number of the McKinney police. Well I grew-up in McKinney from age 13 to 21 so I called some of my friends and the police dept. They are getting calls from all over America and the world and I knew there was more to this story.

    Again another screaming by Blacks just like Zimmerman, Ferguson, Baltimore and now McKinney.

    This needs to stop.

  • dave0987

    Agreed. Upvoted if it sticks. This has to end. Anyone who says, after seeing all we’ve seen to date, that if they were surrounded by a mob of feral savages, that they wouldn’t pull their gun is either stupid or lying.

  • dave0987

    Also what we see-as far as the the reaction to the police, is the “Our numbers are far greater than your so we refuse to comply with the laws and anything you police say.”

  • ohio granny

    She was treated the way she should have been. When will young blacks learn to follow a policeman’s orders and stop acting like animals?

  • dave0987

    Yep, have we all forgotten what happens when a large group of feral blacks surrounds someone-especially a cop? I would have pulled my gun too. Google Colin Flaherty folks…it’s much worse than you think, and has been going on much longer than most are aware of.

  • ToddsMonster

    You need to watch again. The two males “aggressively advancing” began retreating when the officer looked at them and took a step toward them. He pulled his gun to further their retreat.

    It doesn’t seem like there would be a legitimate legal defense for pulling a gun on someone for the sake of scaring them off. That’s kinda iffy.

  • ohio granny

    My daughter would have done what he officer told her to do. Otherwise if I found out about it she would have been in a lot more trouble with me than the police.

  • ohio granny

    Some only need the accusation to go off the deep end and blame cops. They will be the first ones to expect the cops to come to their aid if they feel threatened.

  • Servo1969

    “There were no lives in danger”

    You’ve never been surrounded by a violent mob, have you?

  • Patty

    not sure if I would say it in that way but I do believe that if this nation doesn’t fix these kids who disrespect the law, now, then, the police certainly have their work cut out for them in the future when these punk grow up, notice I didn’t say adult, as they remain children who just seem to have a wish, either be killed or locked up.

  • ridgerunner

    The charge of the Zero Brigade. Underachieving, over-privileged victims, all.

  • dfw63

    Yes, I have and it was a race fight, black vs. white.
    He’s paid to keep the peace, drawing at that moment …. well, it was a successful draw in the end because the 2 utes scattered.
    Being a cop is the worst job in the world.

  • Your Prez and SCOTUS Hate You

    dang….there goes that anti-cop narrative

  • Servo1969

    Knew a black guy who said if you’re ever somewhere like a club, amusement park, festival, mall, etc. and you see more and more blacks starting to show up – find the nearest exit. He said the greater the number of black people in any given area the greater the chance one of three things is about to happen: “F/cking, Fighting, or F/cking sh/t up.” His words, not mine. He called it the three “F”s. He said, “Always, without fail, one of those is going to happen.”

  • homerwasapoet

    Choke on this, you stupid racists……many whites are NOT of mixed race and neither are most Asians!
    Nor will whites be a “minority”, in America, in 5 years.

  • uselogic19

    Did you get your OFA troll bucks for that post? Now wander back upstairs out of mommy’s basement and get a real job. IOW…piss off.

  • kerri

    Actually he only drew his gun to hold the crowd in abeyance. I think he was concerned about being attacked by them . ‘
    FTA….’Officer Casebolt was filmed throwing a bikini-clad black girl on the ground, twisting her arm and pulling his gun on the crowd.’

  • Mr. Izz

    No, it is alive and well. The media will make sure of that.

  • toongoon

    Blacks continue to abort themselves. Save your victory dance.

  • dave0987

    Show me a site with whites such as whitegirlbleedalot(.) Com and then we’ll talk.

  • Written by Vladimir Ufland, USSR, 1958

    America is changing rapidly.
    The Negroes quickly gain the power
    And soon the famous Lady Liberty
    Will be repainted in black powder.

    Then “disadvantaged” and the poor ones
    Will mock the millionaires blatantly
    While Anglo-Saxon-Whitey Puritans
    Will rush to mimic Negroes ardently.

    They will respect the Negroes dearly
    And glorify the blackest fellow,
    And Whiteys, walking with humility,
    Will bow the first to every Negro.

    See item 20 of the Platform

  • dave0987

    Tranquilizer dart?

  • No Hillary

    The truth is going to prevail as today we hear past what the race baiting liberal media originally reported.

    -Uninvited group of feral blacks…check
    -Trespassing on private property….check
    -Violence breaks out when ordered to leave….check
    -More non compliance to police orders…..check
    -Liberal media reports “teens abused by police”…check

    Keep throwing those race cards, chump.

  • SineWaveII

    Sue them.

  • dave0987

    Derbyshire’s rules, plain and simple. Pure truth.

  • No Hillary

    When you are outnumbered by a flash mob like this, you do not have very many options.

  • SineWaveII

    Just like no one is pure “black” and “hispanic” isn’t a race. Btw you’re wrong about “whites” being a minority in five years. It’s thirty-five years not five and that’s ONLY if the current birth trends hold and there’s no reason to believe that they will.

  • dave0987

    Thank you. Cooperate, stop being vicious, nasty, and acting like a wild out of control animal to law enforcement and just maybe they won’t have to get aggressive with you. But no they can’t do that. And then they wonder why things escalate further and further.

    Of course they could also try just behaving in the first place, but I think in society today we are way past that, and that’s asking too much.

  • dave0987

    Perfectly stated, and 100% correct

  • SineWaveII

    Amen to that.

  • ridgerunner

    Don’t see it ending. When the populace finally steps up, the feds will move in. Until the populace is ready to step up to the feds, this problem will continue and get worse.

  • US.Patriot1776

    So a backlash is in progress. Police officers are laying off of
    discretionary enforcement activity and the “criminal element is feeling
    empowered,” Dotson said.

    The racist Black Lives Matter movement has also been working hard
    since the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case in
    Sanford, Fla., to inflame racial tensions. And the Obama administration
    sent taxpayer-supporter community organizers from within the Department
    of Justice to Sanford and other racial hotspots across the country to
    help cause mayhem, Judicial Watch discovered through the Freedom of
    Information Act.

    Mac Donald cautioned that this trend of rising violent crime isn’t
    rearing its head in every city. “There are cities where crime has not
    gone up, but I think what we’re seeing is, is the advance,” she told
    Sean Hannity. “If we continue down this path, I think the 20-year crime
    decline that the country has benefited from, and above all, inner city
    communities will be in threat.”

  • Police were under-manned… needed 6 more cops and a few bullhorns to disperse crowd. What you see are cops doing their job… informing the arrestees of why they are being detained… and the rest of the mob disobeying cop’s orders and yelling at them with no respect for authority.

    If this one cop gets punished for doing his job, then what cop is going to want to do their job at all in this community?

    Good luck with anarchy and crime, McKinney; that’s where your town is headed.

  • JonathanDunbar

    Yes … wishful thinking … SIMP negros will continue to chase and mate with sheboons because basically a ghetto ni@@a has no other options than sheboon tail. Professional/smart thinking non-black women don’t want the offspring of the sheboon, so yes, the only source of p u s s y for the ghetto ni@@er is the sheboon terminatrix 🙁

  • Sniffy Pop

    Why is this Officer Suspended?

    These Feral Savages were a threat to the entire community and were violent. He did not a thing wrong and IMO many of these Punks should have been beaten down by the neighbors armed with Louisville Sluggers.

    IMO the guy who set this up should be in jail.

  • Jason Smith

    I really like GP, but, there are two sides to every story.

    Moral is.. Don’t be an ass and chances are you won’t end up on yours.

    This goes for black or white.

    Please GP investigate the video of the fight that happened BEFORE cops arrived.

    Thank God for sites like GP and Breitbart

  • Servo1969

    And it was you vs everyone else?

  • Ubeturbipy

    I imagine if the lower level of humanity would act respectful and responsible then they would not have interactions with the LEOs. When you send out an invitation (unlawful or disruptive actions) one should expect LEOs to arrive and control the situation asap by any means necessary, given the circumstances. I support blue and based on multiple writings about this incident the fault is with the heathens not the blue

  • anotherinterestedreader

    I hope more videos turn up that will add information.

  • J. Austin

    I saw a longer cut of the video. Everything in the above account may be true. It is still not an excuse for how that officer conducted himself. Period. Why didn’t someone kill the power to the DJ?

  • Cushite

    Nice try, but that’s the usual internet eye witness slander to justify the
    obvious criminal behavior of Rambo cop. Make a tall tale by demonizing
    the people in the video, describe the victims as a mob and completely
    ignore the facts in the video. This is called a diversionary tactic.
    Works well on sheep personalities.

  • Lou Sander

    Well, at least the cop didn’t shoot the unarmed teenager. Maybe that means that the “open season on blacks” isn’t so open after all. Or maybe the season is just for males — sort of like deer season in a lot of places. BTW, one purpose of cops having guns is to insure that they are always on the more powerful side in a battle. Sometimes the purpose of drawing them is to intimidate the bad guys into submission. Believe it or not, that is often what is needed.

  • jakysnake

    This disrespect by youngsters is fostered by Mr Obama , his Justice Dept. Al Sharpton activists . This pack mentality is becoming the norm. Being a cop is bad enough . Facing down a mouthy snotty teen
    Isn’t worth it. Let them fight. At least the police person will keep his job.

  • Suzanne Rockefeller

    It was no abuse because it wasn’t your daughter being thrown to the ground

  • Alphabet_Soup

    Thanks for the link. I thought GP was taking a “middle of the road” stance on their report before I read the WP link (and several others) and still think so. The WP story is a prime example of yellow “journalism” that attempts to sway an opinion rather than report the facts.

    I do agree with your moral statement ;’)

  • Alphabet_Soup

    And if they were forced to fend for themselves it would be 2%.

  • Jason Smith

    I agree 90%.. LOL

    I do like GP but I think in an effort to point out the hypocrisy of the lame stream media they jump the gun from time to time. When I first read the story I immediately thought to myself, “why were the cops called in the first place?” I’ve lived in a community like this and most common areas are restricted with key fobs. Someone had to have had a key; someone was responsible for letting all that DJ equipment in. The security HAD to have seen it being set up and said nothing because the person organizing had a right to be there. Come to see now, that a fight broke out before the cops even got there. Notice in the video (the WP link) there is a young girl who jumped on the phone during the fight. (Pure speculation) but that could be the call to the cops.

    100% speculation to follow (again).

    What I THINK happened here is someone authorized to use the pool decided to throw a party that got out of hand. Other authorized members became upset at the behavior of the party goers and said something to the organizer. The organizer (pumped up on all of her friends being there) said something back. Words became fists and cops were called.

    The Breitbart link I posted seems to have more information (but they published a lot later than GP did).

    Edit: But NONE of my long winded response here suggests the cops did anything wrong.

  • dnhook

    If my daughter was engaged in that, I’d want her arrested. Stop making excuses just because they are black.

  • tommy mc donnell

    what about abusing the police, does that bother you?

  • Ben

    I knew that police in general had a relatively low I.Q, but this one was certainly surprising. You NEVER point a gun at someone that does not pose an immediate threat to yourself or another. An officer of the peace should know this, perhaps better than I do. After all, you should know the law you enforce. This is also retarded reporting. One person writing in on a Facebook post by an obscure blogger does not constitute evidence. Vagrant and abhorrent though the teens were, nothing they did constituted a threat against the officer, particularly since the officer had backup.

  • Alphabet_Soup

    90% ain’t bad ;’)

    From what I’ve gathered the DJ set up in a “public” area adjacent to the private pool. There is obvious speculation as to whether or not the person who organized the DJ portion of the event had any authority (permission) to extend the event to the pool area proper. I don’t know.

    From what I’ve read it looks like a bunch of kids saw an open invite to party – who wouldn’t say “count me in!”, arrived at the pool only to find that the invite wasn’t legit, and climbed the fences to get in anyway.

    I know that individual commenters are gonna post whatever and (to an extent) Breitbart and Zip and GP can’t control irresponsible opinions, but WP should know better than to pay Urnalists like Mz. Phillip to openly agitate.

  • gullycat

    Hey I’m white. Pure white. Not a drop of Negro blood. Don’t like it? Too damn bad! Perhaps in the South there’s more racial mixing but there are a lot of white people who know their ancestry and know that they’re entirely northern European. Some of us are pure white. Which, after living in the US and watching the “troublesome 12%” do their usual behavior makes me extremely glad that I share very little of their ancestry and cultural background. Vile, feral and stupid. A bad combination.

  • jenny whitley

    I still think the cop was in the wrong!

  • pgroup

    Nice smackback.

  • tommy mc donnell

    how the hell do you know what happened. you or nobody else knows what situation the police officer was confronted with. that video could have been edited for political reasons, we damn sure know the news is.

  • Sniffy Pop

    The Officer did not a thing wrong. I have no clue why the man was suspended.

  • Jenn

    White,black,purple, it doesn’t matter ! Fact is, there were a lot of people (party goers) and only 1 officer at first. He did what he had to do to protect himself. Unfortunately, kids are getting younger and younger that are involved in no good. Kids shooting kids (at schools and such). I live in an HOA and I KNOW there is a limit in how many people you can have at a community pool UNLESS you rent it out. In addition, the girl was asked to get down and she refused ! If I or my child refused, I would expect the same. This is NOT a race issue, it’s an issue of kids feeling entitled ! Plain and simple !!

  • gullycat

    My daughter wouldn’t act like that feral little black asswipe. She deserved what she got and should have gotten more.

  • paul52

    Pull a few all nighters in da hood with the popo before you pass judgement.

  • Guest

    My daughter would have left when told to do so by law enforcement.

  • Raoul Duke

    Can someone please tell me why Charles Johnson hates Jim Hoft so much. I occasionally,, in a fit of nostalgia, I visit LGF for the tunes he posts. I, among many, was banned in the late 2000’s for posting comments questioning the authority of Kim-Jong Charles Johnson. His content sucks. But there seems to be so much butthurt there. Weren’t they friends once?

  • Guest

    Apparently, this pool is key carded. There were little ones there, too.

    Communities like this have small pools. No way the girl could have organized a public party. That would have cost serious $$. You’d also need security and lots of it.

    Cops are forensic. They’re called at the time of /after something happens.

    Had he told a White girl to leave TWICE, do we think she would have left?

  • Guest

    It’s the scattering like roaches that actually tells us a great deal. Something was up until a gun looked to be drawn.
    People were NOT behaving well.

  • Guest

    Up the streets both ways from where I live are little, fenced pools for their apartment communities. They are SMALL.
    I can’t imagine a whole raft of people showing up for a party around one of these. What were they all going to do? You wouldn’t be able to swim. These places don’t provide food.

  • Guest

    There is a short video of two girls fighting ahead of this video. I have read about another one, another fight.
    Where were the parents? Adults?

  • Guest

    Let’s put out locations of THEIR pools and THEIR community ‘greenspaces’ and see what they’ll do.

  • Sniffy Pop

    IMO she had it coming. I used to repossess cars in Los Angeles. Some of the most dangerous situations I had been in, is when some Mag Pie chick comes out and finds that her car is being taken, then tells everyone around to kill you.

    IMO this little malcontent should have been popped in the snout. These little punks can be very dangerous.

  • Guest

    Beginning in the mid-1980s, we saw real disrespect for authority in Bart Simpson. Yes, there was the ‘don’t trust anyone under 30’ meme of the late 60s/early 70s. But go back to mid-century movies and you’ll see different generations moving amongst each other and treating others with respect.

    I was furious with Spiegelman for Bart Simpson. Then came more and more treating of others with disdain, until we got to actual SONG lyrics that told people to hate police and treat women like sluts.

    Now, we have this.

    Only with intervention by adults, such as occurred among Black rioters in the 60s-when their older men told younger ones to stop-did violence and agitation get quelled. It comes from within.

    Now, we have a POTUS who is a communist agitator and tells people to ‘keep going.’ It’s disgusting.

  • another_engineer

    Saw multiple videos and stories.. cannot side with the cops on this one.

    sorry.. swell shirts and a gun belt don’t make you god.

  • Nash Montana

    “Call my mama, I want my mama, I am done!”


  • Raoul Duke

    I’m with the cop. It was a high powered adversarial situatiion. He had several people coming in from different points of the compass. Any of them could’ve carried a weapon.

  • Raoul Duke

    Go away troll

  • Raoul Duke

    Hey troll…don’t comment until you’re ready to wet your pants when this happens to you.

  • Sniffy Pop

    I disagree with you. Like i said in an earlier post. I used to repossess cars all over Los Angeles, some of the most dangerous situations I have been in, is when some Black chick comes out and starts screaming for people to kill you.

    IMO the only thing that will deter this BS from ever happening is if the neighbors come out armed with Pipes and start clubbing these little bastards down like Baby Seals.

    The Feral Savages will never pull that crap again.

  • Sniffy Pop

    I agree. The Officer did not a thing wrong. Many people who feel the Officer was wrong most likely have never been in very dangerous situations.

    I have been in many. These little savages should have been beaten to a pulp by everyone in that neighborhood.

  • mg4us

    So true. . glad GP is getting facts out. enough of MSM lies and propaganda from Muzzies on planes claiming discrimination to Ferguson BLACK LIES MATTER!

  • TruthBeTold

    The same thing happened with the shooting of Oscar Grant by BART police officers.

    It should have been a simple arrest but the crowd overwhelmed the police and the police were cornered and scared that the crowd would attack.

    Go to youtube and watch the video.

    The crowds make things dangerous for the police.

  • Wingman

    Maybe he ran full speed into a huge crowd all by himself because… It is his job to restore order. This isn’t jolly old England where the bobby politely asks the crowd to obey a police order. He did the right thing by drawing his service weapon when those 2 guys ran up behind him. Note that the one was grabbing at his waist and the officer had to make a split second decision whether he was going for a weapon or just holding up his pants. Get over it.

  • If it were my child it would have been ME throwing them to the ground!! And if I weren’t there, then I would have no problem with my child being handled just as I saw in the video. One thing for sure is my child would remember that forever and hopefully NEVER resist authority again.

  • Yea she dindu nuffin! Gnome-sain?

  • W.t. Gregory

    Good thing he wasn’t one of those said bullies and did what was needed. Also glad there is no way you will be successful in politics.

  • tateabolic

    Neither of my daughters would have EVER acted like that. IF by chance they had, what that cop did is nothing compared top what they would get from me. THAT is why my girls would never act that way. THAT is what is wrong with the world today. Kids have NO respect, no fear. If parents would put the fear of God back in their children, the world would be a better place.

  • tommy mc donnell

    well it looks like another police officer being wolf blitzered by the media. this girl is claiming she was an invited guest, that she was trying to leave the area when she was thrown down by the police officer. that is clearly a lie, the police officer told her repeatedly to leave and she didn’t. we need to start calling the democrat party-media complex to demand they tell the truth.

  • Lynne Allen

    Patrick, these were not kids at their own party. They were thugs crashing a private pool for the neighborhood. What is your address will have the thug DJ announce the meeting place for these :kids to party” your house.

  • BigFurHat

    Did you watch the video, you dope?

    First of all, it wasn’t a kid’s party.
    It was a barbecue across the street, promoted by a girl who had no authorization to throw such a party, and she CHARGED ADMISSION ($15). The attendees jumped the fence at a private pool across the street from the barbecue.
    Second of all, you dope, when the girl is being arrested two men come towards the police officer and one postures as if he is taking something from his back pocket.
    Go look, you dope.

  • BigFurHat

    He wasn’t suspended.
    That info is wrong.

  • Alphabet_Soup

    She was resisting a lawful order. And then she was resisting arrest.

  • BigFurHat

    The cost of reserving the pool for a party at that development (for HOA members) is $50 with a $175 deposit, with a maximum of 20 people.

  • tommy mc donnell

    have you been paying attention to how many police officers are being killed lately. it is not given much coverage in the democrat party-media complex but there are other sources if you willing to look.

  • CherylG

    See you’ve had run ins with the law huh? I bet it is ALL their fault too,they made u do it.

  • CherylG

    Should be the NO Police Abuse at the Pool Party

  • BigFurHat

    uhhhhhhhhhh, no.

  • CherylG

    If everyone (Black & white) were acting properly then the cops wouldn’t have been called there in the first place. I’m sure they didn’t go there on their own accord to deal with that mess,I can just about guarantee that! So stopyerbitching & act like civilized people. Everybody wants their lives to matter,well guess what COPS LIVES MATTER TOO JUST LIKE YOURS,MINE & EVERYBODY ELSES

  • W.t. Gregory

    Obey the law and if you do get a bad cop be polite and do what they say. They may get rough but do what you are told and if you have any issues speak up later when there are others near.

  • W.t. Gregory

    Not bigger balls. Dumber, ruder and entitled possibly.

  • TruthBeTold

    Put yourself in the cops position.

    Imagine what it’s like to be called to a situation you know little about.

    You don’t know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are.

    You trying to regain order by asking people to co-operate but they don’t.

    They become confrontational. You’re surrounded by people who are screaming at you and running around you. You’re looking forward and you have no idea if there’s a threat behind you.

    How do you think you would feel? Safe? Calm?

  • I hope hundreds of these entitled undisciplined “urban youths” invade your home apologist white guilt clown.

  • Your mistake was having access to your moms laptop kid.

  • mg4us

    Patrick still is stuck on stupid and the Ferguson/Baltimore BLACK LIES Matter routine.

    They start small here in Dallas but become bigger problems like in NJ at the MET LIFE Stadium

    Notice, like in Dallas, Blacks Thugs started climbing fences. . a sign of disrespecting bounds and private property. Their attitude is laws do not apply to me. .that is why they get out of control and need a heavy hand to handle.

    Amazing if they would line up and stand still and say yes sir. . in our dreams. .
    Dr. King must be Oh so proud.

  • W.t. Gregory

    Read the article. That could help.

  • T_Ford

    Did you read the article Evan?

  • W.t. Gregory

    And the reply of an intellect.

  • BigFurHat

    So, I guess the answer is you are a friggin’ dope.
    – It was unauthorized use of private property. The girl gave an open invite to all comers at $15 a pop and promised access to a pool that wasn’t hers.
    The “party” that was in progress, however, was an end of the year party thrown by a mother for 4th graders.
    That was the party that the interlopers crashed.
    It doesn’t matter if they were black or white or green. They were wrong to hop the fence.
    – The cop drew his weapon to deter the men from attacking him. He didn’t have his finger on the trigger. It did its job. No shots were fired and the men didn’t get to attack the police officer.

    I guess cops shouldn’t be called when trespassers hop a fence and take over private property, right?
    That’s the world you want because you probably are a fence hopper and own no private property.

    That’s the difference between a conservative and a progressive.
    Progressives are losers who want to become winners without doing the work.

  • warpmine

    The adults you ask. Most of them adults would be and are more than willing to dump their problems(teens) unto somebody else for an afternoon so they(adults) can get high, drunk or whatever they do when nobody’s looking.

    Remember, they send their problems to public school to just for the baby sitting. None of them can understand the work that follows the kids home because none of them were educated in the schools they attended.

  • Guest

    Thank you. You know this means that the girl got herself in hot water all by her lonesome. She took action that gave scant attention to the welfare and safety of others.

  • 25986

    what i see is a bunch of thugs invading a private pool.if it were my pool there would have been a warning then some .40’s would fly.

  • 25986

    i just add extra clips.

  • BigFurHat

    Her adult mother helped her organize the party.
    She promised a pool when she posted the open invite on FB.
    When hundreds showed up from miles away they all expected a pool.
    The tiny pool, which was already hosting an authorized party, was crashed.

    But let’s not have the McKinney cops showing up pissed. It’s not like they have a vested interest in keeping the community from becoming a feral playground.

    I spent a bit of time in McKinney.
    Beautiful town.
    Let’s keep it from lawlessness. If that means a loudmouthed brat gets tossed to the lawn as an example, so be it – whether the loudmouth is white, black green or purple.
    This is what the cops are supposed to do, preserve the peace. The peace was disrupted that day by the interlopers and the party organizer.
    “Go back to the Section 8” seems like an appropriate statement given what happened that day.
    And that would include white Section 8 people.

  • 25986

    the taser gun he has you only get 1 shot.his service weapon he gets anywhere from 7+ depending on caliber etc.when you have a bunch of thugs (more than 1) i’d use my pistol too.1 shot vs 30 thugs isn’t a very good idea……

  • another_engineer

    No disrespect intended, but they were not repo’ing cars.

  • tommy mc donnell

    the same would be true for you. if you read what someone that claims to have been there said in the above story you would know lynn was just repeating what that person said. but you would rather come here to sling your racist lies.

  • thomas

    Hey wisenhymer it was both WHITE AND BLACK kids get your facts straight. Oh let me guess you’re the type to cherry pick the facts.

  • tommy mc donnell

    I hope you’ve noticed its been open season on police officers in the united states since the dept. of(in)justice created the black lives matters movement.

  • Valerie

    You should try that.

  • Valerie

    Charles Johnson hates a lot of people. He got weird a few years back, and alienated his regulars and allies.

  • Valerie

    Nice try, but we just saw the usual internet “eye witness” slander to justify the obvious criminal behavior of the perp.

  • Lori

    Hence, Jade Helm! This is a setup, blacks are getting more and more out of control in part to Obama and Holder! When the populace steps up you are correct, the war will be on!

  • Patty

    I know, I may ask a cop I know and see his take on this one. I may get back with you on his opinion.

    Me, I would have done the same damn thing. Pulled out the service revolver. And btw, he did a terrific Job in my Opinion and I thank him for that.

  • RS Gee

    Looks like Tatiana Rhodes and Lashana Burkes never applied for, asked, or got permission from the the subdivision Homeowners Association (HOA) to have the pool party. Even though Tatiana
    hired a DJ and promoted the event as a pool party. Kinda like a flash mob showing up.

  • ira

    Patrick, I will admit I no nothing about this case, but your comment is not accurate. Any order given by a cop is a “lawful order” until such time it is adjudicated by a court of law.

  • iamwinstonsmith

    I’m sure you missed the video of beloved Ferguson Riots Hero Captain Ron Johnson pulling a pistol on a bunch of kids on bikes.

  • Sniffy Pop

    Well Patrick. This was not a Kids party. It was a large pack of Feral Savages that were attacking and threatening the neighbors. Every single one of these little Criminal Bastards were well aware that they were trespassing and that they did not belong there.

    It was a community pool funded by the Homeowners. This was Private Property. Just wait when you get surrounded by a bunch of these Violent little bastards, you will wish you had a gun.

    You are way off base

  • iamwinstonsmith

    Let’s just state the obvious: If this were a white punk male getting taken down by a cop instead of a black punk female, you never would have seen the video – and nobody would have cared.

    Currently the most protected class you can be right now in America is a black female (bonus points if you are homosexual or Muslim).

  • Sniffy Pop

    I hope not. IMO that is what this administration wants. Have to wait for a new President then may be things might be different.

  • iamwinstonsmith

    Yes, I’m sure both of you would have welcomed rowdy teens blaring music with F-bombs into your front yard.

    You wouldn’t have even thought about calling the police.

  • Elle Williams

    I have four daughters…and on one occasion, was called to pick one up at a public park where his boyfriend was setting fires on picnic tables with brush. When I arrived, the officers had her appropriately subdued. She had been belligerent to the arresting officer…and yes, IF she had been physical and resisted arrest, I would have supported the officer. She spent the next year grounded from a social life. Today, she has a government job and is a productive citizen….
    But then, I raise my daughters to behave like human beings and respect authority…and yes, they are black.

  • Jim Kelley

    The cop also told her many times to leave…She wouldn’t listen and got even louder…The people rushed him and he pulled his weapon…I see no wrong doing on his part…

  • Sniffy Pop

    It is always the Punk with the loudest mouth that creates the biggest problems.

  • StarrLady

    Three times he asked her to move away, she kept yelling back as him. This girl needs to be slapped by her mother, but instead her father is crying the blues. If you don’t raise your kids to respect the police, this is what happens. She was brat and deserved what she got.

  • StarrLady

    and she announced it on Facebook… It was an accident waiting to happen.

  • Valerie

    Yes, we know you had your mind made up before you ever came here, determined to do battle on behalf of your preconceptions. There is none so blind, as he who will not see. The simple truth is that, as usual, highly excerpted and prejudicial versions of events get out and are selectively pushed by dishonest media, for consumption by fools.

  • StarrLady

    If that daughter listened to the cop when he told her 3 times to move away and she turned and harassed him each time? She deserved it.

  • StarrLady

    I agree, the cop asked her three times to move on and she kept on sassing him. Her mother should slap her, or her mother should be slapped for raising a disrespectful kid.

  • Sniffy Pop

    It was not their pool. They were not invited by anyone in that community and it all started out with some guy that made a post on social media. They threatened neighbors and attacked some of them and that is why the Police were called.

    All these bastards were well aware that they were trespassing. All those punks should have been ticketed or went to jail so their negligent parents could have picked them up.

    What freaking part of this do you not get????????????????

  • StarrLady

    that’s right, respect starts at home

  • StarrLady

    The party planners should be held accountable

  • dave0987

    White guilt much?

  • dave0987

    Patrick has a bad case of the white guilt.

  • StarrLady

    I saw that, too, George, but nobody else wants to. They came up behind him and he had to react, he didn’t know what they had in their hands, a rock, a bottle….

  • Ron Smith

    I believe the situation got out of hand. I believe more officers needed to be present to control and manage the number of teenagers present. I believe the officer attempted to control and manage the crowd “independently” likely resulting in “frustration” because some of the youth were not responding to his commands. The officer seemed to target the youth that did not automatically responds to his commands. I believe when you are dealing with a number of unarmed civilians in this case youth he probably needed to use better discretion for his safety and the safety of the civilians. If you noticed there were a number of unarmed adults present that seemed to be walking around. Parking his vehicle flashing his lights and speaking more from a bull horn or speaker system would have probably assisted with management of the crowd while other units arrived on the scene. The officer was doing most of the “yelling” not the teens therefore the atmosphere was not violent but eventually could have turned violent. I believe the officer did not use good judgment. “SAFETY FIRST.”

  • Valerie
  • Sniffy Pop

    OK Buddy

    Here is the whole story from the Conservative Tree house.

    It will explain everything and all the threats that these little bastards dished out. The girl that organized should be sued out of existence.

  • Sniffy Pop

    Here is a deal on the whole story what happened at that pool. It was beyond criminal and IMO the neighbors should have been kicking the snot out of these Punks.

  • l.barney

    My mom lost it when they began playing the race card Immediately after the even(thanks, KiNG O -not) they are with the cop on this one, but when I said that bikini girl will get her own tv show they said no dice. BUT I’ll bet she will! In Obamalanf, its only the law abiding who are tarred and feathered!

    those neighbors better speak up NOW before the O loving media completely take over the Narrative!

  • FreddieMercuryFan

    No one was shot, Patrick, so calm down. I do think the cop acted a tad erratic. But being a cop, like being a teacher, is an emotionally draining job. I think there ought to be new protocols…one week on the street, next week behind a desk. I cannot imagine how difficult it is to police the general population that needs policing.

  • Sniffy Pop

    Just ead on the Conservative Tree House that the now protesters are back at the pool.

  • John Catfish Vasquez

    You cant expect cops to be logical thoughtful people, who are trying to make a difference in the world…..they are just normal people, making a paycheck, worried about themselves otherwise they would be teachers, or doctors, or social workers, they are low wage workers with a gun

  • Xmystic

    “… on kids at a party.” “…shoot a black kid when you feel like it.” Yep that’s what happened Al “Patrick” Sharpton.

  • Lori

    I hope not either, but look at all the things that have happened, Jade Helm will have the military in place (unconstitutional) but when he calls for martial law, and he will, it’s gonna be a bloody battle if Americans, or I should say our Senate and Congress need to have him arrested, it’s not like he hasn’t done anything that’s unconstitutional! He does it on a regular basis!

  • Alphabet_Soup

    It tried – the mirrors keep breaking.

  • Patty

    Much more on site above.

    The HOST Of The POOL PARTY In McKinney Texas SPEAKS OUT

    Which led to numerous phone calls to the police as the teen mob became ever more confrontational with a security officer and local residents. The mob refused to leave the area. The police arrived.

    With hundreds of teens ransacking the area, the first officer on scene immediately called for back-up. Nine additional officers arrived to try and restore order.

    The video below is what has driven the media frenzy, however it is approximately 23 minutes after the initial fight with Tatiana and the adult resident took place.

  • Cassandra

    Police abuse? The police abused no one. The out of control youths attempted to abuse the police, and there will be none of that. They weren’t in Baltimore.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    It was a violent “flash mob” and the organizers need jail time.

  • Cssandra

    Wrong, it’s a bigger risk for an officer to have his gun taken when he’s surrounded and it’s in the holster. He did the right thing. He had to make a decision on the fly and police know what these mobs of capable of. When an officer is in control of a firearm, he’s in control of a crowd.

  • IdahoFireFlyer

    This has a familiar ring to it.
    I think the last time some lunatic tried to start a race war, he called it Helter Skelter.
    Charlie is still locked up in Corcoran for that.
    Where will we put Obola and Hilder for what they attempting?

  • IdahoFireFlyer

    seems accurate to me whats your problem.

  • theoldsargesays

    Not true.

  • theoldsargesays

    I heard Chris Rock say it best….”You can have a bunch of black people getting together to have a good time and then a couple of ni¿¿ers show up and ruin it for everyone “

  • theoldsargesays


  • lolwut?

    The funny thing is, Gate communities were originally created to keep blacks out and to have a safe neighborhood away from them…

    Who’s bright idea was it to allow blacks to purchase homes there?

    Oh and FYI……. Trayvon Martin lived in a gated community also….

  • Eagle Eye

    Stone Age primitives bump up against a First World civilization. As usual, everything was fine until the vibrant diversity showed up.

  • gregzotta

    Welcome to ObamaNation! There are black activists
    calling RACISM to the incident at the out of control pool party in Austin
    Texas. They are upset that the police officer pulled out his gun during the
    incident demanding he be fired for that. If you look closely at the video when
    the officer pulled his gun he was approached by two boys, who rushed upon him
    and the one was reaching in his back pocket as if he was getting a weapon. The
    officer then drew his weapon and the two boys fled. The officer did pull his weapon,
    but never pointed at anyone. I see no problem with what the officer did. The
    protests have already begun. We will have to wait and see what the outcome will

  • Sara

    The section 8 tenet signed a lease where the HOA has a set fee for a pool party including a limit on the NUMBER of allowed “guests”……. the section 8 tenet did not pay the fee and did not keep her tramp daughter’s thug friends UNDER HER CONTROL.

    The section 8 tenet is responsible for EVERYTHING including MISusing and ABUSING the police….. the thugs were told to leave….. did they? NO.

  • AuntieFran

    It started in Ferguson, moved on to , then McKinney, TX. The latest brawl was in Trenton, NJ. How many more have there been that we don’t know about? We can thank BOzo, Sharpton, Soros, Farrakahn, ad najuseam.

    Coming to a city near you!

  • Kenyan Mocker

    FYI, This was near Dallas, not Austin ……..
    You are correct on the teen in the tan shorts.
    The girl was told to leave, she turned back and started the incident.

  • Kenyan Mocker

    What other videos did you see?
    Please post them so we can all see what you have.

  • Kenyan Mocker

    How sure are you?
    Funny how black residents have come forth and confirmed the problem was too many kids that wouldn’t leave.

  • Robert J. Bubba-kelly Martin

    The video, IF you watch the whole thing, shows that officer pulling his handgun ONLY AFTER a pair of muscled up punks violated his order and where shown running up to the officer and about to attack the officer. They are lucky that even though he pulled his weapon he did not fire it. I do wish he had a tasar and shot the punks with that, they deserved that and then could have been cuffed and arrested.

  • di

    Gotta love the “no name” local … a very reliable source.

  • lari

    Too many typos, please spell check before posting.

  • lifsabsurd

    What is wrong with those people in that community? They didn’t build that pool. It isn’t private property. You can’t make rules with a HOA in a gated community. Fools think this is still America. No. This is Abomination. There is no private property in a communist country.

  • Sue Johnson

    IF we are allowed to have a new president.

  • littlebum2002

    Of course they were fighting and partying, that’s why the cops were called in the first place. That still doesn’t excuse the cops behaviour. He used excessive force against someone who was just standing there minding her own business. There was no need to drag her to the ground by her hair. Whether or not she had been fighting previously doesn’t change that.

    Conservatives have to learn that “being a criminal” doesn’t mean the cops can do anything they want to you.

  • honestAbesurd

    so this occurrence is a Conservative versus Democrats?

  • PinkPigs

    She wasn’t minding her own business. Showing up at other peoples homes….where you don’t belong and or were not invited……throwing a pool party in someone elses pool…..running around in a bikini……acting like a punk thug isn’t minding your own business.

    She had NO BUSINESS being there. PERIOD.

    If she would have been minding her own business……..she would have never been there in the first place.

    Tell you what… drop in my house and invite your friends… in my pool UNIVITED you are not going to be sat on. 🙂

  • PinkPigs

    Its a little difficult to cuff or wrestle a white teen down when the majority of the party was black.

    A black girl is the one who sent out the invites……..since there is a lack of whites teens I would say the black girl is a racist.


    These killer cops are out of control.

  • dabbobean

    You’re correct….she was given the opportunity to leave several times but chose to stay and confront the police……she was given about the same level of respect she gave this cop.

  • RepublicanDon

    Probably does not want their home and family targeted.

  • Ray Rotello

    Most likely off screwing someone besides their fathers. Also most likely getting a paycheck every month for 18 years ta boot.

  • Larry Sheldon

    I have seen clips that show a man apparently drawing down on the officer (not clear if he is actually armed of not).

    The officer draws his weapon and points it at the man,

    The man runs away and the officer holsters his weapon.

  • mitch

    I wish there was more informatino here – would make it a lot easier to get the word out. Video of the activity, or screenshots of the tweets…the name of the DJ…ANYTHING.

  • Rachel Christensen

    It’s a paid suspension pending the investigation. Hopefully people in the community will be able to come forward as witnesses.

  • Rachel Christensen

    People, not puerile.

  • Fer Bar

    Leaving appart the absolute lack of source of this pretense of an article and assuming that it is all true, I still don’t see the reason for a police to pull a gun for a running unarmed kid or to push a girl as he did, even assuming that she was not obbeying or, let’s invent something, swearing at him. Since when the US became a fascist country where it is fine to pull a gun for somebody not following an order??? Heil America!

  • LouAnnWatson

    they were rushing the cop and he was in a poor defensive position…how many times have we seen black “teens” assault cops while initiating an arrest? they act like this because they allow them to

  • LouAnnWatson

    for “a police” , “obbeying”…government schools? he drew his gun because a group of “teens” were rushing at him while he was attempting to arrest her.

  • George Bentley

    nice try, he pulled the gun because they were running up behind him, they were part of an unruly mob, they
    were aggressive and they were going to interfere with his attempt to
    detain that young lady. We can debate the merits of detaining the girl, but being that he was attempting to detain her and she was resisting he did not use excessive force.

  • George Bentley

    This reminds me of a tactic used by gay activist a few years back where they would behave badly in public (heavy petting) and then decry any reaction they would receive as “homophobic” while claiming they were only kissing. Here they were an unruly mob of invaders and fence jumpers on private property who yealed “racist” the moment anyone objected to their unruly behavior.

  • Butchie

    Just proves my point further, the media is the biggest problem with this country. They paint a picture that sells and gets ratings. Therefore causes tension and gets people hurt and killed. Its a damn shame.

  • Jaques Carbeaux

    Watching the social fabric of America disintegrate daily, right before our lying eyes is rather entertaining. It is too stressful to consider taking sides. I just watch the monkeys toss their feces and the police/thug/military try to deal with it all in a viciously politically correct climate. That was the real climate change. The complete breakdown of civility in America.

  • dave0987

    If it hasn’t already been said, I think we also need to drop the whole “kids” (er, umm “keeds”) crapola too. Many if not most of these “keeds” commit crimes worthy of being charged as adults quite frequently.

    Calling them “kids” (keeds) implies they don’t know better, are really lovable and harmless deep down inside. BS to that. They are animals.

  • Steven DePriest

    Having been a former police officer, you NEVER pull your weapon unless you intend to use deadly force to protect yourself or the life of someone else. Having someone run up behind you is not reason enough to use deadly force. Who is it running up behind you? Another police officer? A child?

    Placing his hand on his weapon as he turned to face the situation is all he needed to do. After he saw that there wasn’t a clear danger to him or others, he goes back to whatever he was doing prior to turning around.

    Watch the video again. One police officer is speaking to a few young boys when Officer Casebolt comes up and starts placing them on the ground as if they are a threat. They were talking to the officer in a calm voice. Where was the threat? Why did he need to place them in such a position? The officer they were speaking to didn’t seem alarmed. Why not ask the officer to either watch them or place them on the ground for further investigation.

    Officer Casebolt then runs to two guys in the street and yells at them to move and get on the ground. He then starts shouting about “Don’t make me run around here with 30 pounds of G*d D**m gear in the sun…” Yea, it’s hot and he has to carry alot of equipment, but who’s fault is that? It’s part of the job.

    Do you see any other officers running around putting people on the ground? No. Do you see any other officers running around at all? No, but there are at least two other officers close to him.

    Watch the video where Officer Casebolt starts to put the girl on the ground.(About the 3:00 mark) The two guys run up to him and then begin to back away. The officer pulls his weapon although he can see they aren’t armed and he is not in any danger. He then proceeds to chase them a few feet with his weapon drawn. Why? To scare them?

    Officer Casebolt shows a lack of training and expertise in dealing with crowds and of not keeping his emotions in check.

    (These comments have been edited to reflect the correct name of Officer Casebolt. My apologies to using Officer “McKinney” instead.)

  • Ben

    I don’t see how anyone can say what he did to the girl is acceptable. It clear that this officer has issues, and is a person who scared. Not all police officers are bad people, but there is a percentage of them who should not be in this line of work. Some make a difference and other abuse their position.

    Who owns the private pool? Who had the party? Do you know your neighbours or are you all just stuck in your little boxes to scared to be part of a community.

    I’m very thankful I don’t live in the U.S.

  • Goober_Pyle

    A 14 year old girl in a bikini is not a threat. That officer clearly was overly aggressive with her. That is a problem. Having said that, it looks like the party was out of control and needed to be disbursed.

  • Goober_Pyle

    Since you’re asking who owns the pool and who had the party, you don’t know the facts and yet you jump to the bigoted conclusion that Americans are too scared to be part of a community. Pure idiocy.

  • Aggie95

    getting ready to throw him to the mob

  • Tutifruit

    All I see here is that some teenage kids were disrespectful, rowdy, and mouthing off to the police officer who was by himself in the beginning. His actions appeared appropriate due to being outnumbered and being visibly threatened by others as he was trying to get the bikini clad teenage girl under control. She was obviously not going to cooperate, so he did what he would have done to anyone, man or woman, black or white, large or small, and that is get them to the ground in handcuffs for his own safety. These accusations in general towards any police officers and/or police departments have got to stop. They are doing their job.

  • Smfrmrinfrisco

    First, Lori, the DoD has been carrying out Jade Helm exercises for years and you might be surprised to learn most folks never know they have occurred…second, the Military isn’t going to enact martial law short of there being an invasion….third, paranoia doesn’t help address problems – it simply adds to them

  • Lisa

    Because its only 7 minutes of a 45 min video, not showing the whole story.

  • Tutifruit

    My daughter wouldn’t be acting like that either. That little brat needs a good ol’ fashion lesson on respect and to do what you are told in a situation like that. She just couldn’t walk away could she? She kept on mouthing off after being asked to move along. She got what she deserved and asked for.

  • klaffner

    Just a side note here: Mike Gallagher (the conservative talk show host) jumped into this situation before the facts were anywhere to be seen. He just waddled into it like any MSNBC host would. I am a conservative and between Gallagher and Hannity, I can’t decide which does more to harm the cause. Gallagher is always engaged in ready, shoot, aim attempts to prove that he is above the fray by attacking other conservatives. Hannity talks over and interrupts any and all thoughtful comment that doesn’t align exactly to his shouted talking points.

  • Mr. Someone

    Honesty, what is going to end up unfortunately happening, is that people like myself who were brought up in a good family and not TAUGHT to hate certain groups of people is this: I am observing the behavior of certain groups of people, I am observing and unfortunately forming my own opinions of certain people, eventually I will avoid at all costs moving to an area, or generally being around certain groups of people. I will eventually avoid having my children interact with certain people. I will also unfortunately avoid hiring certain groups of people. The content of an individuals character goes along way, and certain groups of people are destroying that image…

  • Earl Turner

    Thanks a lot, Africa.

  • RayOne

    All of those kids are YouTube pool party stars now. I wonder if they get a tox. screenimg before they are release to their parents?
    When will the DJ and invitation flyers be available.
    Those will be a collector’s when RevAl gets there.

  • Lori

    The military does not enact martial law, the president can, and I’m not paranoid! Just very concerned, look at what the president has done by EO, when he actually needed approval of Congress! But you can’t tell me that things are not getting a little out of hand! As a rule, exercises like these are done in “mock-up” towns, etc….

  • Kengi Stargazer

    Probably standard procedure while they investigate it.

  • BigFurHat

    I don’t think you know what the word means.
    If you do, point to something I’ve said that is bigoted.
    (This ought to be entertaining.)

  • RayOne

    BET was looking for a new program.
    ‘Spring Break Urban’

  • Kitty Kinnison

    Bigoted – having or revealing an obstinate belief in the superiority of one’s own opinions and a prejudiced intolerance of the opinions of others.

  • marno

    I see no pool in the video, no fence hopping, no pool invasion, nothing of that.
    In that case it would have been justified to tell the “invaders” traspasser to go away with some “force”.
    What I see is only an adult cop fussing around and arresting an unarmed bikini clad 14 yrs girl for being on a streetwalk doing nothing.
    The cop behaviour looks so much more far in time and place from the alleged trespassing fact that there is no sign of clear and present danger to property or person. I am blind/wrong?

  • BigFurHat

    Do you think your opinion, that if Rambo calmed his ass down it wouldn’t have gotten out of hand, is superior to mine?

    And if I do not “tolerate” other people’s opinions, what inherently makes that “prejudiced”?

    And you never pointed to anything I’ve said that is “bigoted.”

  • Zack Wagner
  • Really? Do you say the same thing for all the people on this site jumping to conclusions about the, oh, what’s the cute racist comment of the day.. oh yeah, ‘sheboons’ being the ones responsible for her maltreatment?

    The endless victim blaming of the right would make me giggle if it weren’t so utterly pathological.

  • marno

    I must note many commenters seems “control freak” to me. they all see some sort of “out of control youth” here where there is none. I see no angry or armed mob.
    What kind of problem american have with “control”…

  • Yup, that’s a good excuse for being a racist. Good job. Stay black, man, stay black.

  • bobdog19006

    You see what you want to see.

    Anyone who has actually seen the video can see the cop was surrounded.and was being threatened by two guys. He had no way of knowing if they had weapons, but one was gesturing as if he did.

    If he hadn’t drawn his weapon, I think it’s fairly clear they would have closed on him and attacked. Don’t even try that “innocent kids” stuff. This was about to escalate.

    Then what would have happened?

  • VividThoughts

    She was leaving, he went and got her… Hauled her back because he didn’t like her “freedom of speech.” He actually didn’t ask the group of girls to leave initially. When he finally decided to, they mouthed some things and left ergo complied.

  • Tron Smart

    Yep, it’s a race thing.
    For some reason, black people think it is okay to throw unauthorized parties, send out invites claiming it to be a pool party when their is no public pool to use and then play the race card when the people that were invited start breaking into a private pool because they feel entitled to what they perceive other races have and they don’t.

  • mawdeuce84

    Listen to yourselves. All of you.

  • PinkPigs

    You are not blind….you just have your head so far up your ass that the only thing you can see is the color of your own bile.

  • PinkPigs

    What is your address…….I think maybe you need a bunch of uninvited guests to show up at your house….and take over.

    How does 4am in the morning sound?

  • chas1356

    …and Steven, you show a lack of basic intellectual reasoning and intelligence. I doubt you ever were a cop, and if you were it was probably with the Mayberry PD.
    For a guy who tries to show how much he knows about the incident, you don’t even know the name of the involved police officer. His name is Eric Casebolt, and NOT Officer McKinney, I hope you get better and recover from your illness.

  • PinkPigs

    Walmart has kleenex on sale.

  • PinkPigs

    I am very thankful you don’t live in the US too.

  • VividThoughts

    No, they’re children. Your fear of kids doesn’t make them less so. It is clear in your context you’ve isolated the black children (though you lack the kahunas to assertively say so). All reports indicate the party insisted of white and black children. White and Black children overcrowded this pool, jumped the fence, and other “we’re on top of the world, it’s the end of the school year, woo! Pool party” antics. These children don’t understand the legality of private pool etc. It’s on social media and the thread of a cool party is spreading like wildfire. They don’t want to miss and become desperate to get in… To say they were in the “in Crowd.” Very childlike thinking. I’m not lacking in emotional empathy that I don’t recall the desperation to not miss these imagined life changing epic events that mean nothing in my adulthood.

    I don’t agree with what the children did. I understand black residents complained as well. I understand it was a mixed race function. The video showed plenty of white teens leaving and black teens leaving- complying. I believe the rowdier/deviant troublemakers (not thugs) ran and you end up with random kids who’ve walked into a situation that they didn’t understand. Because of systematic oppression and brutality from officers, it would be strange if the black kids didn’t flee or fear that even if they’ve done nothing harm won’t come to them. Let’s put slavery aside and acknowledge as a late thirties black American, I have relatives living above 40 and below 80 who went thru a Jim Crow south of white supremacy where police officers were part of sickened racist militias. These men where never charged. Government intervention basically enforced civil rights. These men and women were never put into prisons. They raised families and looked “presentable.” Many pass down the hate. Sly jokes and prejudices are continued. If any race is the thug in America, historically speaking- it is whites. You’re uncomfortable with that truth however. You’ve warped the public perception. Whites are on more drugs. There is more white on white crime. These are facts. Not opinion. It’s called the U.S. Consensus and studies. Yet you distort the truth.

    I can’t help you’re afraid of myself and those who share my face. However, it change the fact that the majority of us fear you. You can ruin me, make me into a villain while you look angelic. I have to hear I’m violent, uneducated, assumptions of welfare, poverty, etc. despite the heinous actions you’ve committed repeatedly. The worst thing you do is stab us and pretend you’re bleeding. Victimize yourself. You are like sociopaths or narcissists.

    It’s really frightening to hear you sustain such a flimsy argument that has no true merit in reality. One only has to peel the layers and see the truth. What can we expect…. From monsters.

  • W. L. Harris

    This type of policing will not end until ethical and professional officers BLOW THE WHISTLE. Another black eye for Law Enforcement, the profession I loved.

  • The Left is the enemy of humanity.

  • Most on the Left DO show “a prejudiced intolerance of the opinion of others.”

  • Barbara Ann

    To pacify the out of control blacks, they don’t want their town to look like Ferguson

  • Barbara Ann

    The MORON RACISTS only see two things :Black and White. Sorry bro, no issue, no story here.

  • Barbara Ann

    And the idiots have NO RIGHT to call the cops they hate so much for help, they can take care of it themselves.

  • Barbara Ann

    Of course we never hear why the officer acted a certain way, teen girls raising havoc? No surprise there esp since they youtube each other beating the crap out of someone else.

  • Progressive Democrat

    Good thing this was in Texas. One of the thugs might break out a pistol and start shooting people.

  • Kay Ellis

    I agree. That girl was asking for it. As you can see in the video she was marching her butt around and mouthing off. How many times did the officer ask the kids to leave and the guys to sit down.

  • Gordon

    What happens to all of the children being born for = E.B.T. $ by: “Baby Momas”?

  • “I think we also need to drop the whole ‘kids’. . .”
    Unless it’s a Duggar and it’s diddling a 5-year-old sister we’re talking about. Then, apparently, 14 or 15 is “just a kid.”

  • Liberty

    Sounds to me like Kitty K is the ass here.

  • dave0987

    Different kind of crime though. Molesting is bad-it’s wrong, it’s horrible, absolutely. But the out and out savage violence-mobs of blacks beating, robbing, in some cases raping and yes-even murdering one or few whites we see from savage blacks is far worse. Spend some time at whitegirlbleedalot[.]com then we’ll talk.

  • BigFurHat

    Poor girl was taught some buzzwords by some teacher who only gave her half the story.
    “Go forth and tell others that their strongly held beliefs are, by definition, bigoted.”
    It never dawned on her that, by definition, her strongly held belief of what bigotry is makes her bigoted.
    Today’s educational system is a sad state of affairs.

  • Blargette

    Actually she wasn’t. He told her to leave, she decided to stand over him and mouth off, he warned her again and she took a couple steps back and continued on with the mouth in a very volatile situation. He was WELL within his right to arrest her. I take some exception to the way he put two knees and most of his body weight on her back. Maybe that is they way they do it. He could have rightly had some adrenaline running thru him. Or maybe she was trying to get out from underneath him. I don’t know, but I do know for sure that that girl needed to be arrested. So did quite a few others. Some where lunging aggressively at the officers. You cannot have that. PERIOD. Unless you are trying to commit suicide by cop. These kids seem to think they don’t have to listen to lawful orders, can rampage and destroy without consequence – wrong.

  • Barbara B

    Well said. It’s sad that we have barely progressed passed judging others based on color of skin, religion etc… And children will be children regardless of their race. Like you, I remember similar events that we as children did whatever we had to not to miss them. And yes some of us got into trouble for it, including us white kids. I am white. Half of my family is black. I grew up in the 60’s,70’s, 80,s being judged because of it, and watching my stepfather being pulled over by LAPD just because he was a big black man. Never any arrests, just hassled him because they could. My five year old coming home from kindergarten asking me what a N***** is. Why? Because she was called one by other five year olds. We know children are not born racists… they live what they learn. Some of them turn into adults and never change how they feel about other human beings based on what they were taught about differences. Like you said: “passed down the hate”. Loving all people is the way I live, and then not liking someone’s actions based on their actions, not their differences. An entire race is not responsible for a few people’s actions. So calling all these kids thugs etc…. is insane to say the least.

  • dave0987

    Please spend some time at whitegirlbleedalot{.}com
    You have no concept whatsoever of what today’s “youths” “teens” and “young people” (all media code for black thugs) have been doing-ESPECIALLY in large crowds. Of course that’s largely because the media has kept most of it hidden.

    There were a SMALL percentage of whites sprinkled in-let’s not pretend otherwise.

    Also, the fact that blacks make up around 13% of the population, yet are responsible for around 65%+ of the crimes isn’t helping you either. Take back your communities from the THUGS. Drop the “no snitch” culture, and start SNITCHING anonymously or however you have to-to get the criminals PURGED from your neighborhoods and into PRISONS where they belong.

    You’ll improve your reputations and society as a whole. You seem to care about your reputation-GREAT. Rather than attack those who have PLENTY of reason to be the way they are, work on REAL CHANGE.

    You aren’t fooling anywhere NEAR as many as you think, so drop the pride, and admit CHANGE needs to start with YOUR neighborhoods. As the late Michael Jackson, start with the MAN IN THE MIRROR.

  • JnGalt52

    Watch the video 3:09 to 3:11 minutes in and you see a young man rush the officer and reach behind his back. THAT’S when the officer’s gun is pulled.

  • BigFurHat

    I saw this video when it had 50 views and I passed on it for my own blog because I thought it was a nothing-burger. I’m a naive idiot.
    I didn’t see abuse, I didn’t see high crimes by the kids.
    I saw a cop introducing kids into the world of authority versus insolence.
    Then I saw the cop get a little out of control with a girl who refused to bow to authority.
    Then I saw some peanut gallery heroes that were going to take on the cop and he took back control by showing a gun, which was immediately re-holstered.

    I blame myself for underestimating the lengths that professional race-baiters and professional grievance mongers will go to blow a story out of proportion.

    I’ve seen students beat the sh*t out of teachers on video and it garnished much less national attention.

    Next up for national news, white cop calls a black girl “sweetie” while he escorts her back to the curb after caught jaywalking. Cop on administrative leave.

  • dave0987

    Thank you. Yet the officer had no right to panic right? Because these things always turn out just fine-large groups of blacks-especially with cops right? Amazing the denial out there, and the attempt at defending the thugs.

  • dave0987

    LOL at all the libs coming in here trying to defend the thugs…wow. Yeah cop should have just let them run up behind him, surround him, whatever. What’s the worst that could have happened right?

    Yeah I don’t think so. Most of us know better.

  • Dave812many

    I think you miss the point, they knew they were wrong, they didn’t pay for their car, and when the owners wanted it back, they wanted a mob to kill the guy working for a living. so for them, killing was an appropriate course of action , rather than just making auto payments. seems to highlight the level of civilization in their midst.

  • george orwell

    One dude was just getting ready to grab the LEO’s gun, then pulls his hand back. Feral…

  • Anthony Spittler

    Dude, you are an idiot. The government doesn’t steal your money to pay them. It’s called taxes. As far as waiting for back-up. If the officer arrived and didn’t get out to TRY and keep the peace, idiots like you would be screaming why didn’t he do something. The man was doing his job. Sometimes in a situation such as this there isn’t time to wait for back-up. GET A CLUE…

  • physicsnut

    AmericanThinker and ConservativeTreeHouse
    have great articles on this ‘event’

  • dave0987

    And he probably would have. It’s in the culture. The mob mentality culture. The “we answer to no one because our numbers are greater than yours at the moment of this incident.”

  • Juan Hernandez

    Hey Barbara, I’m Mexican American and I had to explain to my daughter with the N word means as well. Please know that in our household, we don’t say either types of that word. I notice that when I drop off my daughter at school, the black kids use that word towards each other. So my question is this, if kids, or rather, black kids at that age, call each other that, how is it that we can change that perception and stereotype when it perpetuates itself in the black culture, regardless if its a form of expression.

  • dave0987

    Thank you.

  • dave0987

    Were we supposed to come away from that article with more support towards the thug “teens” and “youths?” Because if so, sorry to tell you I’m even more convinced of the thuggery.

  • dave0987

    Progressives ultimately would like to abolish private property. It’s not something they believe in, so it’s no wonder they have no respect for it. Add to this the mentality of the “youths” teens” and “young people” and we have what we have-another disaster.

  • tommy mc donnell

    that cop was judged based on his skin color. that girl lied like a rug. she told the media she was just trying to leave. you can see her in the video being told by the police officer to just leave at least three times .any white person that grew up in a black neighborhood can tell the same kind of stories that you relate.
    “an entire race is not responsible for a few people’s actions,” yes that is the way it is in the democrat party-media complex, it was just a few blacks youths, it was just a few rap fans, it was just a few muslims. yes it is always just a few in the complex with one glaring exception, white people. if one white person does something wrong, in the complex all white people are guilty and need to be punished. complain about that racism once in a while. hell white people are punished in the united states by white democrat politicians for something that happened over a hundred and fifty years ago. it seems like the entire white race is punished for that!

  • deborah conaway

    fire this cop he looked like a mad dog on a hunt we do not need cops like this on the force

  • dave0987

    Just read the Conservative Treehouse piece, and am even more convinced of the “teens” and “youths” and “young people” thuggery. They brought every bit on themselves, and once someone gestures in the slightest as if attempting to take something off of the officer, it’s GAME ON. That’s as big of a NO-NO as it gets.

  • deborah conaway

    he did everything wrong do you want this cop doing this to you

  • dave0987

    That was my initial knee jerk response too. Until I watched the video a few more times, and took note of the punk motioning like he was gonna grab something off the cop-his gun? Who knows, but you DON’T do that. That and I read more details,.

  • dave0987

    Thank you for the sanity. I love the armchair quarterbacks in here-libs mostly, that have all the answers. As if this cop had time to size each and every thug and hoodlum up like Robocop at rapid speed.

  • Liitj

    “Oh no! He pulled his gun on unarmed teenagers in bathing suits! How horrible! He needs to lose his job and put on trial!”

    Well guess what? The teens were surrounding the LEO, with the intent to hurt him because they saw him throw their young, defenseless, female friend to the ground. Their internal manhood kicked in to protect her. Even the young girls were going to fight to protect her.

    What’s the officer gotta do? Well, LEO’s are trained to take out their gun when surrounded. Did you know if they got a hold of his gun it’s all over for the officer? Nearly every documented case of a civilian taking an officer’s gun results in the shooting and killing of that officer. Even if they didn’t take it, they still had the manpower to overthrow him, which is why the officer needed to draw his weapon and point it at the group of adrenaline-rushed teenagers who were surrounding him.

    Also, did he need to slam the girl’s head into the grass? Why hell yes he did. She kept refusing to obey his commands and was physically resisting him. Who cares if you’re black, white, middle-aged, young, male, or female (the only exception are disabled and elderly imo). If you’re not following the commands of a LEO to sit down on the grass, he’s gonna throw ya down. Plain and simple. No judge is gonna disagree.

  • Smiley E.E.

    Both sides were Wrong

  • Liitj

    You’re right. The cops were wrong by not bringing enough LEO’s to help take more of them down to the grass for disobeying commands.

  • Willie C Mooneyham Jr.

    Maybe next time you can respond to it and settle things down.

  • Herb Shanafelt

    NO POLICE Malfeasance !! Law enforcement Officers were attempting to KEEP The PEACE (thats’ why their named “PEACE OFFICERS ” )

  • Rick Smith

    You see what the videographer wanted you to see.

  • Goober_Pyle

    I’ll stick to pure idiocy. The only other comment I made on this thread was very critical of the way the 14 year old girl was treated. No “victim blaming” whatsoever. Revisit 5th grade reading comprehension.

  • Leigh306

    If this is the “true” story, where are all the videos? hmm, just where are they? There are videos of everything else. I don’t believe this article one bit. Those black kids looked like nice black kids. If there was a DJ there with loud and offensive music, where is the video proving that? Where is the DJ being asked to leave? I just don’t see any of this report as being anywhere near the truth. This is some far right anti-black bull malarkey trying to make the police look all nice. Nice try, though, on keeping America divided and separated and on continuing to view the black community as different and violent.

  • maynardb50

    Jim Hoft, you are being called out as a fabricator of a story by the left regarding this incident. One example is Little Green Footballs. Not surprising. Do you care to respond?

  • SoIncredulous

    Well, you are half right: progressives don’t like YOUR fence, but THEIR’S is ‘necessary’.
    It’s only YOUR property they are interested in sharing. Have you ever seen a poor progressive? Al Gore? The Clintons? President Obama? George Soros? For people who believe in wealth distribution they sure do an abysmal job of distributing THEIR wealth!

  • James Jones

    Going to be a long, hot violent Summer. Glad I live rural.

  • Leigh306

    Blacks make up 65% of the arrests, not 65% of the crime. Whites commit crimes, it’s just that the police don’t concentrate on arresting whites in the same manner they do as blacks. If they did, there would be just as many, by percentage, of whites arrested, as blacks. Get real. Crime is every where. It’s just enforced differently. And I do not suffer white guilt, I am knowledgeable of all cultures. There are good, bad, smart, dumb in all. Stop the bigotry and wake up.

  • Roddy

    Character Attack – Typical Marxist argumentative skill – Do me a favor and THINK!!!!

  • bobdog19006

    I don’t think she knows who you are, BFH…

    Her mistake….

  • dave0987

    Total bullcrap and you know it. That “racist police targetting blacks” garbage has been debunked time and time again.

    By the way, the minute you call someone a racist (especially this early on) you admit defeat. You have nothing.

    Show us all the mobs of white people doing the things seen in the videos that have been documented for years at white girl bleed alot. You won’t, because you can’t. Because they don’t exist. Not in those ways at those levels.

    Sure once in awhile there’s some stupid sporting event where whites go crazy but nothing comes even close to the videos white girl bleed a lot, and nowhere near the frequency. Furthermore if there were mobs of white people attacking one or two or a handful of blacks, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the media would be all over it.

  • Mack0

    Just like the cops backing off in Baltimore made everything better? You’re extremely naive

  • Dave812many

    the lippy girl that was disrespectful got her comeuppance, she had walked away, crossed the street, she was free and clear, She then came back to instigate trouble, (black or white) she should have been cuffed. doesn’t seem like a scared kid to me, seems like an ignorant kid that thought they can harass the police. your tears are making you blind

  • dave0987

    True! Of course I was speaking not so much of the wealthy progressives, but rather the everyday liberal /progressive in society.

  • frozeninbemidji

    There are videos of the people who lived in that neighborhood using racial slurs on the kids that weren’t supposed to be there?

  • Frey Petermeier

    Did you do well convincing your self of this? You, ma’am or sir, are the problem.

  • Roddy

    70 young males and females is an ARMY – He was too soft in my opinion.

  • Sandy Alfonso

    Omg, this is one of the most disturbing things I have ever
    viewed. The cop certainly seems obsessed with the kids’ “asses” because I hear
    over and over in the video such things as “Get your asses out of here”, “Get
    your asses on the ground”, “Get your butts out of here”. He also uses the term
    goddamn to refer to the gear he is wearing. What a role model! When a youth
    says he doesn’t know where his backpack is, the cop relies “I don’t care”, a
    refrain heard from him a few times during the video. Of course, the most disturbing
    part is the young girl on the ground with his knee on her back. And that the cop pulled out his gun on her and
    a couple others just prior to putting her on the ground. When a youth says to his
    friend “He pulled his gun on them”, the cop says “No I didn’t and get your
    butts out of here”. As the girl is on the ground crying the sensitive cop tells
    her she is “going to jail if she doesn’t knock it off.”

  • Roddy

    Delusional Thinking – The moment he got surrounded that was his only option – Glad they caught the menacing male. Hope he gets charged to the extend of the laws

  • Johnny Shishkabob

    I look at the video and I say: Thank G_d the DemoKKKrats has this pig-filth trapped in Voter-Slave Plantations like Chicago, Baltimore, or Detroit!

    I’d also like to thank Planned Parenthood for their genocide on these worthless dogs, as well as the youth-gangs which work diligently to cull their own herds on a daily basis!

  • Roddy

    Agreed – and there were 3 males – Hope they get charged

  • Roddy

    Think about TEN 4th graders kids crying because they parents and defending them form a ruling MOB breaking into their party. I would have called FLASH

  • dave0987

    Agreed, was thinking the same thing earlier. The PC/denial is helping anyone.

  • Joseph

    Solncredulous, I “somewhat” agree with what you said, but why stop at the Political lines? It is a KNOWN Fact that the GOP has/controls almost all the money in the USA, so talk about sharing, whew!!! Those POOR Progressives from BOTH PARTIES are totally to blame for YES, STEALING OUR MONEY!!! They ALL have proven that they do NOT have the lower 98% Americans best interest at heart during one of their “orgies”…. uh Meetings! Otherwise, the Cops did NOTHING wrong, the KIDS on the other hand, need to be chastised, no ,atter what Race they are!!! ONE THING IS CERTAIN, the MORE our Government Officials can KEEP RACIAL TENSIONS going, the LESS WE ARE GOING TO LOOK AT THEM STEALING US ALL BLIND!!!! So let’s get it RIGHT, people of ALL Races need to UNITE and start LOVING one another, talk about scaring the crap out of Washington, THAT WOULD DO IT!!! No one should ever think a party or party crasher who causes problems is acceptable… Wake up and see the BIG PICTURE!!!

  • BigFurHat

    Progressive credo –
    What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine.
    Study after study has proven that progressives are the least generous of all political philosophies.
    Even on disclosure forms we see that Clinton, Obama, Kerry and Biden were not charitable givers compared to their GOP counterparts.

    Where are the 60s communes?
    Most knew they were in trouble when, following the discussion of how everyone was going to pool their resources, the first question was, “so, what do you have?”

    This is the mentality teaching our children today, where the mindset is that private property is considered greedy and mean.
    But don’t dare touch their stuff.

    Biggest hypocrite – Noam Chomsky. He is an anti-intellectual property rights advocate, and if you use his writings unauthorized he will sue you.
    He also has his financial holdings set up in a way that his children skirt an inheritance tax liability.

    But, we’re digressing a bit and getting off topic.

  • Joseph

    I “somewhat” agree with what you all say about the Politicians, but why stop at the Political lines? It is a KNOWN Fact that the GOP has/controls almost all the money in the USA, so talk about sharing, whew!!! Those POOR Progressives from BOTH PARTIES are totally to blame for YES, STEALING OUR MONEY!!! They ALL have proven that they do NOT have the lower 98% Americans best interest at heart during one of their “orgies”…. uh Meetings! Otherwise, the Cops did NOTHING wrong, the KIDS on the other hand, need to be chastised, no ,atter what Race they are!!! ONE THING IS CERTAIN, the MORE our Government Officials can KEEP RACIAL TENSIONS going, the LESS WE ARE GOING TO LOOK AT THEM STEALING US ALL BLIND!!!! So let’s get it RIGHT, people of ALL Races need to UNITE and start LOVING one another, talk about scaring the crap out of Washington, THAT WOULD DO IT!!! No one should ever think a party or party crasher who causes problems is acceptable… Wake up and see the BIG PICTURE!!! The Enemy is the FAT CATS that control us, NOT US!!! Party out of hand, fix it with no injury, success! People need to stop and think that there is NO DIFFERENCE in Republican and Democrat leadership anymore… should be renamed MONEYSHIP OVERLOAD…. that is just what creates situations like this. How WE THE PEOPLE handle it is key. WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO STICK TOGETHER, black, white, latino, or otherwise… let’s cause NO problems, just seek out the TRUE PROBLEM CAUSERS and those who laugh at ALL OF US when something like this happens…

  • Joseph

    “Rambo”…. “Bigoted”…. wow, that’s nice talk coming from someone who is no better off than the rest of us!!!! Ignorance is what got us here, appears that ignorance is going to keep us here too…. UNLESS we band together for the HUMAN RACE… ’nuff said.

  • Joseph

    She is a “HUMAN” just like all of us are, but right now, in this day and time we humans do NOT have the luxury to draw ANY sort of Race Line… we need to be UNITED in effort to help us all… To hell with Politicians who keep getting richer… BOTH SIDES because they are actually the SAME SIDE…

  • Joseph

    We can’t afford to even think of bigotry in this day and time… we, as the poor (according to the billionaires) HAVE to UNITE for good… Someone labeled the girl black, and labeled the lone cop as white, when the LABELS were NOT necessary, on the facts, the FACTS people, FACTS. A girl smarted off, a lone Cop felt threatened and reacted to keep anyone from getting hurt…. there, in a nutshell !!!!

  • Joseph

    A luxury that neither the Left nor the Right (who the hell started calling them those labels anyway) have anymore. We can’t be opinionated AGAINST each other, we have to hold each other up and then just call things the way they are without using stupid labels!!!! “LABELS” is what got us to this point!!!! Think about it.

  • Joseph

    In “OUR” (lower 2%) World, that group of “black” girls should be out befriending just as many of the other races as possible for OUR GREATER GOOD!!! The nastiness then would just fade into the future, or be aimed at those it SHOULD be aimed at!!!!!

  • Joseph

    Sadly, the ”real” difference between a conservative and progressive is that those people CONTROL us. We just really want to live a nice life with our families… in order to do that we need desperately need to throw “LABELS” out the window. Conservative, Progressive, Liberal, Lefty, Righty, Tea Party, Coffee Party, Republican, Democrat and/or RICH need to be put into their rightful place and stop their CONTROL!!! They ALL SLEEP TOGETHER for entertainment of watching us and how we are going to bash each other…. while bashing each other, we LEAVE THEM ALONE! That sure needs to change and it can, it CAN!!! WE THE PEOPLE need to UNITE for the Greater Love of our Country… because for God’s sake, WE are the ONLY ones that have that Greater Love… others love the MONEY they get off our dissention.

  • Joseph

    Cast that label “Progressive” aside and use RICH instead and the picture will become clearer. Yes, add all those factors together and there is chaos… BUT, joining forces, uniting TOGETHER without ANY LABELS would do us worlds of good…

  • Roddy

    BS – Choke on facts —

  • Joseph

    Simply put, they were kids on a Media Flash Mob. Betcha the Rich ******** of our Country is laughing at those of us arguing about all this “Racial Business”… if we all united and helped each other, they wouldn’t be laughing then… they would be scared!!!! Focus on THEM and then see what happens…

  • Joseph

    Whoa, Johnny… just with that one statement you VALIDATED the uber-rich people (either Political or Corporation) and their LOVE for our dissention!!! Instead of being part of the problem, be part of the “FIX” and the ONLY way to do that is to throw Politics out the door and just deal with our lower 98% as people… people of all races coming TOGETHER!!! Wanna scare the heck out of those 2% CONTROLLING all of our lives??? Then UNITE!!!!

  • dfw63

    Watch the video carefully, the “utes” are already backing away when he draws.

    He’s going to get some time off and maybe some gun training as a result, but I hope the chief has the guts to stand behind him and not let him get fired.

  • Lucy

    This may seem like a naïve thought but what happened to respect for others and ourselves. I was raised to listen to my elders as well as police officers. Seems to me this should be more of a discussion of the sad state of our youth than race or politics….raise your children to have respect for everyone….to behave in a way that is good and decent. Yes the cop was upset but considering what he could have been walking into I can understand that. If the teens would have listened to him a lot of this could have been avoided. The girl who got handcuffed was asked to leave…had she done that….she wouldn’t have been in trouble. There are good cops and bad cops….the same way there are good people and bad people. The majority of them are just doing their jobs…..which is one I myself would not want to do. Let’s be glad we have cops and soldiers who are willing to risk their own lives to protect the rest of us. As adults and parents we need to show our children by example how to be good, decent, and law abiding. If we don’t….who will??

  • Why did he have to sit on the girl?

  • DucDucGoose

    discipline your children and it may save their life

  • turkeykicker

    Just heard the officer resigned.

  • Johnny Shishkabob

    Sadly, “Josefina”, your calls for “unity” are based on fiction and your drug-usage……

    BTW How did I “validate” these uber-rich pigs you’re a lackey for by thanking them for their voter-slave plantations and their Planned Parenthood allies’ work keeping the thugs population in check? Apparently, you’re an idiot.

    I sincerely hope your ongoing transition to the female gender works out well for you…….

  • Roddy

    Lets see it in slow motion – A picture is worth a thousand words!!!

  • Shene Robinson

    You just described half the people commenting on here including yourself. Was that your intention?

  • Sandy Alfonso
  • Noah

    That’s what I thought at first, but they started backing away before he actually withdrew it. Granted, in the moment he’s not thinking ‘oh, they’re moving away, it’s ok now’

  • John

    The police did their job.

  • dfw63

    In the Cop draws on man frame, consider changing it to: Cop draws on man who is retreating. You can cherry pick the video all you want, the dope was retreating before the cop drew.

  • 2twotoo

    Where blacks go, problems follow.

  • And even if it’s the real story, the police officer has no right to take out his firearm and point it to the teenager’s face. This is just dangerous and pointless.

  • Curmudgeon

    “…the entire incident was started by racist white adults hurling racist epithets.” They were just some well behaved youth who were minding their own business when a couple of racist, white adults started tossing racist insults their way. Riiiiight.

  • DiamondGirl

    Let’s not forget why the cops were called in the first place.
    Someone was trespassing and disturbing the homeowners.

  • Jimmy

    If the ghetto was inundated with a crowd of whites and the police were called and black officer’s detained and abused only the whites would you find it acceptable?

  • Curmudgeon

    The resignation is not necessarily an admission of guilt. The quick resignation is just the new damage control technique employed by all departments to minimize rioting and looting. You don’t see the pattern here? Look, I’m only saying that a short cell phone video of the aftermath does not tell the whole story. Neither you nor I were there and regardless of what you read on worldstar; we do not know what happened here.

    EDIT: I won’t defend officers guilty of excessive force but I refuse to assume that a short cell phone clip tells the entire story of what happened here.

  • Curmudgeon

    I often take the fam to pool parties at section 8 housing projects.

  • Sandy Alfonso

    “Trespassing” and “disturbing” homeowners in no way justifies the actions and language of that “officer” on that video.

  • Sandy Alfonso

    Respecting others is a great concept. Respect is not the same thing as obedience. Do you think the officer respected the youth?

  • splink

    Well, the Sheriff threw his officer under the bus, said some very stupid things about how this ONE Officer, who was alone, surrounded by crazy teenagers and young adults “was out of control”.
    I thought you “don’t mess with Texas”..but the blacks burped and your sheriff attacked one of his own, with character assassination, and kissed the asses of the black community.
    Shame on you the video and show me what this ONE officer did attention to the 2 young men coming at the officer from the right, and how the one reached his hand into his waistband.

  • Curmudgeon

    Did they leave when the security guard asked them to leave? Then all bets are off. Clubhouses and neighborhood pools cost homeowners a hefty sum in annual dues. You don’t have a right to trash what I fund. Leave or face the consequences.

  • Curmudgeon

    What respect is owed someone during a commission of a crime?

  • Sandy Alfonso

    Do you know it is now 2015 and we have evolved about 100
    years past that type of thinking?

  • splink

    This was a gated community, and the pool belongs to the Homeowners’ Community. They pay fees to maintain it. There are rules. Climbing the fence to get into the pool area, crowding the residents that were in the pool area doesn’t make them nice kids.
    Entry was ONLY allowed by keycard..

  • Jimmy

    Fence hopper, mass murders, I’m confused.

  • Jeana D Gannon

    You know what’s really hilarious? The fact that this is a fictional account of events (which is why it is only posted in this blog and The Conservative Treehouse blog), and not on any mainstream credible news site. Not even Fox. But, the funniest part is how utterly quick you people are to accept this “account” because of your laziness and weakness.

    Try there was more than one black homeowner’s child that invited friends (legitimate passes). Try the kid who took this video is a 15 yr old white boy who has an interview on Youtube where he describes that the whole mess was caused by two white women–one who slapped another resident of the communities daughter (you know, a person who bought their house and pays taxes), after hurling racist remarks.

    Oh, and how about the cop resigning in order to protect his pension because he was most likely told that his dumb “Commando” routine was going to get him fired?

    But, you’d rather sling your comments of “thug” “hoodlum” “liberal” here, on a totally fictional story made up just for the likes of feeble midget minded bigots—-you know, You.

    Cheers to you for being complete idiots!!!!

  • Eddie Arthur

    yep got the right name … reject lolololol

  • Jeana D Gannon

    How about—-This is a fictional account. But, you fell for it. Maybe I cannot call you a bigot. But, I can certainly call you stupid. Rumor starter. Gossip spreader. Untruthful. A sheep. Weak minded. Uneducated on the subject. Willing to accept a lie. Total liar—particularly about the part of “taking something from his back pocket”.

  • deborah conaway

    see who resigned so if he didnt do anything wrong why would he resign because he did do something wrong

  • deborah conaway

    and i do apologize for calling you an idiot i just get tired of bad cops

  • Sandy Alfonso

    Most of the comments on this page are so disturbing. I didn’t
    know there were people who thought this way (blatantly racist). I feel like I am
    a member of a different species. People realize this is 2015 and that most
    people evolved past that type of thinking like 100 years ago??

  • Here’s the thing. There is the video which shows a very specific incident. There’s also interviews and statements from the 15 yr old boy that recorded the video and a few others that corroborate what’s there in the video – that there’s this cop acting out-of-line, it was a racially motivated incident, etc. The video supports those statements and in absence of proof to the contrary, how do you hope to change people’s minds about it?

    Then along come people saying: “Wait, it didn’t happen like that at all, you see….” Okay, you may be right, but where’s your proof? The people on the one side saying racism, and this cop acted out of line, they have this video to back up the statement. Where’s the video of kids hopping a fence to get to a pool on private property? Where’s these facebook posts of this nameless DJ and some nameless girl telling people about this party? Where’s the video of the teens harassing people in the neighborhood?

    All I’m saying is that it’s gonna take more than just saying “but they’re wrong” to sway public opinion. It may have very well happened the way this local claims; I don’t know because I wasn’t there. All we have is this video which doesn’t at all show what this local claims really happened.

  • SB

    that girl in the bikini was instructed to leave by the police and chose to disregard him and run her mouth. She is stupid.

  • Grayson Campbell

    Nailed it with an articulated accuracy…

  • Grayson Campbell

    Such ferocity ‘Mam…Let me ask you, what would you have done in the same situation..?

  • BigFurHat

    Well, no, you’re wrong.

    I know the entire McKinney story.

    I have intimate ties with McKinney as well as ties to the security companies that place security guards in the pools all around the McKinney area.

    What’s being underreported is that this, crashing community pools, is business as usual.

    It’s done all around the area, not just at Craig Ranch.

    The cop acted stupidly, the cop resigned. That should be the end of it, but it won’t be because that’s not how the left rolls.

    Already the usual suspects are in the streets, as I type, blocking traffic with signs that say “If We Can’t Swim, You Can’t Drive.”

    Do you see the problem here?

    The issue now has become “we weren’t allowed to swim,” not “there was a maniac cop who roughed up a girl AFTER WE BROKE THE LAW.”

    So who is lying?

    The left is attempting to reshape the narrative that it was the privileged whites greedily swimming at their pools, pools that blacks are not allowed to swim in”?

    Now for your other idiocy.

    The left is more educated??

    There goes the left again, ignoring blacks.

    Blacks are part of left, no?

    The illiteracy and dropout rate among blacks is alarming enough to skew any statistical group into the nadir, yet, you want to claim, as a group, the left is more educated.

    We didn’t even get to illegal aliens yet. Are you sure you want to stick to this claim? I mean, you sound ridiculous.

    Now you want to say the left possesses more wealth than the right. Fine, if you want to make that claim will you send a memo to the DNC and ask them to drop their idiotic class warfare that tells the left that the right is the party of the rich?

    You can’t have it both ways, jackass.

    Now, for the claim that the left live longer. Again, you’re ignoring the fact that 90% of blacks are registered on the left.

    Blacks have a shorter lifespan and they abort more than any other race.

    How does that factor into this “living longer” factoid that you’ve pulled out of your rectum?

    Now, dumbbell, we wil tackle your dooziest claim for last.

    Red States are the poorest.

    Adjusted for cost of living the 9 “poorest states” are – Maine, West Virginia, Hawaii, Mississippi, Arkansas, Montana, Vermont, New Mexico, New York, and Louisiana.

    But let’s not quibble about dynamic economics versus static economics. Lets go directly to facts that are not fungible.

    Of all the major entitlements, a ridiculous plurality of the recipients are left-wing.

    From RARE-
    The first percentage is the amount of people registered to the democrat party, the second is the republican party.

    Housing-81% 12%
    Medicaid – 74% 16%
    Food Stamps- 67% 20%
    Unemployment Compensation- 66% 21%
    Disability (from Govt.) -64% 25%
    Welfare/Public Assistance – 63% 22%

    Have you had enough, or shall I beat you about the neck and head more?

  • Sandy Alfonso

    that the type of world you want to have? One where the lives of youth are worth less than “what you fund”?

  • Sandy Alfonso

    I didn’t see any youth committing a crime.

  • BigFurHat

    On what common ground is this unity between conservatives and progressives to be built?

  • BigFurHat

    I fell for a fictional account?
    What does that even mean?

    And what rumors have I started, and what gossip am I spreading?
    The guy who was going to be a hero and save the 15 year-old girl circles around to the cops blind side, throws down his hat, and then places his left hand behind him in a way to suggest that he won’t just be coming at him with bare hands.
    He’s also hopping like a boxer, which is the universal sign of, I’m going to attack you.

    What have I got wrong?

  • bobdog19006

    Why, he was just picking on her because she was black without a permit, of course. I’m sure you can find a news story somewhere that says that.

  • tammy hager

    The officer was only doing his job, ppl need to put themselves in his position before giving an opinion as to how this needed to be handled, and yes 2 males did get behind him how was he to know they didn’t have a weapon, I think he done his job correctly. As far as the female on the ground he easnt injuting her just detaining her.get real ppl. what would we do without them…

  • Tariq W. Vlaun

    Lighter skin…less teeth

  • Janice McCray

    I had read that he resigned.

  • Tariq W. Vlaun

    Cop ‘resigned’ but we really know he was fired. So its over. All you bitter closeted racists can conjur any theories you want. Justice was served.

  • Wingman

    Why yes. The bikers followed the cops order to sit their asses down and the 15 y/o hood rat wanted to argue with the cop after being told to leave 3 times.

  • OLM

    Looks to me like non residents were trying to crash into a residents only pool. What were the residents supposed to do?

  • biznatch

    Why would the press let the nation know what REALLY happened here when they could instead help the Democrats nationalize the country’s police forces?

  • wreberth

    Reality is blind to all opinion.
    You, need to face reality.

  • Sandy Alfonso

    Why would you call these youth worthless?

  • Sandy

    What are you talking about?

  • Infoczar

    It was, however, rather enjoyable to watch you to completely destroy the little kitty though. Well done.

  • wreberth

    What would you do if a bunch of dindu nuffins invaded your neighborhood?
    You may not believe this, but your parents moved away years ago, and soon, you will too. Either that, or live in the suburban ghetto.

  • Darkseid

    F#ck you and your casual throwing around of your liberal hive mind buzz words…Race card, bigoted, racist… Whenever you have no argument…fool…

  • Darkseid

    Taught by some libtard at a taxpayer funded indoctrination center.

  • Wade Billings

    So what teenagers dont have to respect the law? Problem is liberals like you are the reason punks create riots. Don’t be fooled, if this had been a Civilian who tried to break this up they would have been jumped and beat. I know I grew up in south Miami and saw it all the time. Tired of punk thug fouled mouth teenager’s.

  • Infoczar

    It isn’t racist to enforce laws.

  • Infoczar

    He was putting on cuffs – it is procedure EVERY time.

  • Infoczar

    Your naturally lower IQ is glaringly obvious – you aren’t helping your case.

  • Barbara Ann

    good, you do just that. Take care of any crime that hits close to home by yourselves. You cop hating fools have NO right to ever dial 911

  • Infoczar

    “The poorest states in America are Red States.” Only those with inner city blacks – take them out of the equation and you see that those states are well ahead of all others. Red states with few blacks are exemplary.

  • Barbara Ann

    Sorry I don’t wear ‘hoods’, scarves or rags.

  • tired

    This is not the story I heard local. A white women slapped a black girl and it grew.

  • tired

    There Was No Reason For Him To Treat THAT Girl LIKE THAT!

  • Curmudgeon

    Yes. Parenting is now society’s responsibility since the concept of parentIng and the family have been destroyed. If you can’t teach your child right from wrong the police will. I have too many kids but it is my sole responsibility to instruct them on right/wrong. If I ever catch one of my kids doing this, the police will have to restrain me.

  • gullycat

    No Viv – children are innocent, helpful, cooperative and decent. These are animals – violent, foul-mouthed, entitled, useless, uneducated and stupid. Thugs in training, on their way to prison (males) and on their way to welfare whores with six children by six different baby daddies (females). When are you going to admit that the problem isn’t racism, poverty or “white privilege.” The problem is black people.

  • mrhoops44

    hood rats gone wild

  • gullycat

    You’re wrong on the stats Leigh. Blacks commit far more crimes and more serious crimes percentage-wise than whites. Blacks commit more murders, assaults, rapes, robberies etc. by their percentage of the population than whites. By far. Check the FBI stats if you don’t believe me.

  • gullycat

    You don’t think so? You’ve never had to deal with 14-year-old out-of-control feral black females. They’re violent and threatening. And this particular one was trespassing, mouthing off and threatening a cop. Stupid as well as vile.

  • gullycat

    Who the hell would ever want to go to a black-infested park or pool? Everywhere there’s a majority black population the place is a dump!

  • Sandy

    You called the youth scum- that is what I was referring to. Issues are never resolved by name calling.

  • Ronin Dave

    None of that justifies pulling a gun on teens running away or throwing another teen to the ground because they were sassy.

  • Sandy

    Helping our children to be compassionate, kind individuals does not coincide with needing police restraint for yourself if your child does something wrong.

  • Sandy


  • Sandy

    Do you feel it is disrespectful to name call?

  • BigFurHat

    I’m just another commenter on Gateway Pundit.

  • PinkPigs

    Clearly, you have your head up your arse. Did the officer say… black kids sit down…and you white kids are free to go? NO…pretty sure he did not. He told them all as a group.

    Did it ever dawn on your pea brain that maybe….some followed his orders and some didn’t and he went after the ones that did not follow his orders not because of the color of their skin but because they didn’t follow his instructions/orders.

    Hey Michele… about YOU become a police officer and YOU…..go out and walk a week in HIS SHOES.

    BTW… about a little surprise party at your house? You game chica? You know….a 100 uninvited kids….jumping over your fence…..waltzing in your front door….lets see how well YOU handle yourself and how much sympathy you have for your uninvited guests.

    Clearly Michele…… should be coloring in a coloring book.

  • Clive

    Suspended? He resigned.

  • Kirsty Santoro

    You people are idiots if you honestly believe this was not excessive force! These are kids, mouthing off is not an offense. How many white kids were arrested that day? Your nation is a joke, and your police force is corrupt. The world is laughing at you America, you and your white trash walmart shoppers

  • BigFurHat

    That’s friggin idiotic, Leigh.
    The statistics where the crimes begin to take on a marked difference, white versus black, are violent crimes.
    Are you contending the cops look the other way when people are raped, assaulted and murdered when the perps are white?
    The most ridiculous statement in this entire thread.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • BigFurHat


  • Sandy

    Do you think that speaking to people like this is effective communication?

  • Sandy

    Thank you for posting that Desi.

  • Sandy

    Thank you for posting that Steven

  • BonBon5

    Totally agree with you bobdog, after seeing the video numerous times on CNN, I concluded the same thing…it was stupid of the girl to resist the policeman’s orders to stay on the ground, while she was smart-mouthing off the police, then you got 2 guys coming up behind him….Heck I would of drawn my gun too, and the reaction was what it should of been…the 2 guys took off. They had no business interfering anyhow. They were all asked to leave the party. Furthermore, I don’t know why the officer was suspended. And because of someone else’s careless actions, the man had to resign and move away? Because he was doing his job? Makes no sense! Sad

  • Sandy

    What do you mean by well-behaved?

  • Patriot077

    He was waiting for another officer to bring him cuffs.

  • steven schmitz

    The officer really screwed up big time. He forgot he’s supposed to be hunting down black men and shooting them in the back. He arrested a girl and forgot to shoot the men in the back. sarcasm intended.

  • steven schmitz

    Remember the guy who made the mistake of asking the teen girls to stop fighting in the back of his truck a couple weeks ago? Got his ass whipped. A gun was all that kept this mob from seriously harming or killing someone. The cop was right to be afraid. I hope every commentator never has the bad fortune of being on the wrong end of a mob’s rage. Seems like Mad Max is coming to the good ole USA.

  • steven schmitz

    I hope you never experience Mob violence like this. For me I hope the police respond and help me out.

  • Dr Duke

    I have never once heard of anyone not report a rape,robbery,assault,murder or any other crime became the perpetrator was white. How is that supposed to work? “Dad! What happened? Your’e bleeding! ”
    ” was robbed,some guy stabbed me and grabbed my wallet.”
    “Have you called the police?”
    “No need for that sweetheart, he was white. We must all band together to keep white crime stats low so we can falsely claim blacks commit more crime.”
    Is that how it is supposed to work?

  • Mrs Smith 1125

    Has nothing to do with what happned before hand. Not mad at the fact the kids did what they did to officers. But what is distrubing is the fact that the officer was forcing her face down into the ground . I mean shes hand cuffed where can she go on her stomach. But not to let her lean her face up . Thats wrong !!!!

  • Dutch550

    And yet he got their attention when they were ignoring him before. She has a GoFundMe page to help pay for healing her bruises and scarpes (sic).

  • dave0987

    Lol, FAIL. Please watch ALL the videos about 20 more times.

  • dave0987

    Go vote for a third term of Obama.

  • dave0987

    Yes, we know…”all the cops are racist, just like all the whites, and that’s why blacks can’t get ahead, rinse and repeat.” Sigh. Smh.

  • dave0987

    Labels are necessary. They are descriptors used to IDENTIFY people and things. The “no labels” movement by Democrats died a while ago-and for good reason…people know better. Are most rich progressive? Pretty much, but not all. I would rather demonize them for being progressive/liberal/greedy crony capitalist than demonize them simply for being rich.

    Yes, it’s true today that most corporations are greedily run. They exploit the bad economy (that they helped create by getting people like Obama elected) by paying below market wages, by not giving raises, by H1B1 visas, and of course, even illegal aliens in some cases. But make no mistake this isn’t capitalism. This is crony capitalism at best. It’s corruption. Yes, we are being sold out by both sides when it comes to illegals too, save for maybe a HANDFUL of conservatives at best.

    But pretty much all Democrats are progressive today. They are pro-socialism and all the rest, and that’s not what’s good for our country.

    There is no joining forces when liberals/progressives/communists want to go in one direction, while patriot conservatives the other. No labels equals no discernment. No discernment equals trying to mix to different sets of people that can’t and shouldn’t try, to mix.

  • dave0987

    Clueless denial much? White guilt much?

  • Servo1969

    Your Caps Lock seems to be stuck. You might want to look at that.

  • PharmDoc61

    Never fire warning shot.

  • Michael Winther Andersen

    Hi guys Im from DK and I decided to leave my comment today, because a grave injustice have been commited towards the officer.
    First of alle he told the kids to go to the other side he did this prior to the arrest, but reason for him taking her down is she is bathmouthing him.
    Girl is clearly not good at taking directions cause the Officer tells her many times to get down to the ground and with front down, besides its common knowledge, that you have to be with fron to grass, he even tries to pick a spot on lawn instead of smashing her to pavwment.

    He gets sourrounded by some angry kid, and pulls his gun which is ok pbpperspray might have been better option, had them peps had the luck of taking him down, then the situation could very quickly have been another story where 3 officers had been attacked these things can escalate very fast.

    The whole problem in this case is, that it is a typical reversed racism issue cause had he been black or other collor, the story would not have been told.
    Its understandable that the collored public is angry with some cases where black peps been gunned down, and that cops didnt get any punishment.

    But this perticilar incident shows how hypocrital the collered people can be, because this case is an incident of reversed racism, so please stop the reacism and reversed racism, and cops please dont abuse cus it dont look good.

  • Dave Steinhauer

    As opposed to you, who clearly chose to forego education altogether.

  • Bianca Steele

    Funny the media gave plenty of quotes from dope-smoking gate-crashers while completely ignoring a 43 year old black adult and a 16 year old black youth who both said it was in no way a ‘racial’ incident.
    The LameStream Media would have you believe that the residents would have welcomed with open arms a hundred white bikers jumping over their pool fence.

  • gfink2

    Even the police chief believes the one officer, Casebolt, was way out of line. Look for his statement on Casebolt’s resignation. All the other officers acted professionally.


    Does your mother really know how stupid you are? These kids were out of control and the police officer did absolutely “NOTHING” wrong! You only want to see the bad of the situation and no good. Just remember one day if you need Rambo The Cop and no one shows up it is because of stupid idiotic people like you. Show us how big of a set you have by joining your police force and going out and fighting crime and protecting people. You are absolutely 99% of the problem. For your sake I hope they find a care for stupidity!!!

  • Ralph Dyck

    Kitty , you just made an idiotic statement , “I don’t care how it started or why, it was handled wrong. ” . If you don’t recognize why it’s idiotic , you must be in elementary school. You obviously expect the cops to respond perfectly to every situation , even when it involves out of control kids who were obviously begging to be arrested.

  • Carol Richards

    Guess McKinney needs to change the name to Ferguson, TX. Wish the officer had not resigned. Guess he was forced to? PC wins again.

  • Kruton

    The chief is a coward.

  • Kruton

    He should have beat her head in.

  • Kruton

    Shut old bag!

  • Kruton

    The parents are too busy smoking crack.

  • Kruton

    They’re scum,oh its true!

  • Steven DePriest

    Glad to know you have such insight from your years of being an LEO. I guess making the mistake of the officer’s name is enough to void any comments or observations that one can see in watching the video 10-12 times.

    Since the first story I read about officer Casebolt had no names listed, I made the error of using his name incorrectly. My apologies.

    I am sure that misusing a name is tantamount to “tainted testimony” in your eyes so please disregard any information contained in my comments as they are superfluous and without merit.

    As far as my never having been a cop or “it was probably with the Mayberry PD” it wasn’t in South Carolina but was actually in a mid size town in Missouri. But who cares, right?

    Thanks for the “get well” wishes.

  • Shockedandcantbelive

    The whole story behind this, with all the real details, is here. That girl and her mother advertised on Twitter, even charging a fee to get in the party, to every tom, dick and harry, on the planet. She was advertising for a MONTH!!

    They DID NOT have approval from the Home Owner’s Association and there is a limit of 20 people, for a party at the pool, ONLY WITH PERMISSION OF THE HOA!!

    The officer did nothing wrong and the guy that was arrested, he deliberately made the physical gestures of pulling a gun, when he was unarmed and the cop responded to those gestures.

    Well, the cop resigned. I don’t blame him, for the load of BS that these people caused.

    See it for yourself, as the girl was going in and taking all evidence down, but someone was fast enough to get copies of it, off of her social sites she was advertising on.

    This was a setup, if ever there was one!!!

  • ivpaul

    How educated could you be if you don’t know the difference between forgo and forego?

  • Brandi Reeves

    Some of the kids were mouthy. Some of them were not. I saw nothing in this video that showed that the dark headed cop did anything but escalate the situation. From the “Indiana Jones” roll on the ground, to pulling out his gun in front of all of those teen, this cop obviously needs to be re-trained or fired. It has nothing to do with race. This has to do with a cop/cops doing their job correctly and making a situation better… not worse.

  • gfink2

    Yes, and so are all the other officers that have not come out in support of Casebolt, instead apparently accepting what the chief said. As were the 11 officers that decided not to freak out on the scene like Casebolt did, some of whom actually tried to calm him down when he took his gun out.

  • Nini

    First of I’ve heard Caucasian females that was in a group and even seen them in action being just as nasty or worse. So please stop trying to make it seem all black females talk like they don’t have any sense. There are plenty of African American WOMEN who carry themselves in a very respectable manner. Go sit down some where please and relax.


    What is going on in the Black community young children (teens) are being taught by the Marxists and Black liberation religion to always start screaming and playing the victim, and dont obey any orders by the police. this way you can show that the police are the racists swine. The public will always side with you . So what i see inthe video is exactly that. The female is resisting and not complying with the verbal command from the officer. The next thing to happen is the two actors sneaking up on the officer from behind. The officer acted correctly by just upholstering his weapon, which he never pointed at them. Theyran off and the other officers made chase. All the while the other actors are trying to crowd up on the officer creating a hostile environment. The officer acted properly. The young female actor is the one who is the aggressor by continueing to fight with the office. and her fellow actors are trying to get her out of the custody of the officer. So in closing everyone who is faulting the officer for his actions. Stand down because you can not say he was wrong because you will never be in his shoes..The call was made by someone that people were crashing a pool party for which they were never invited. Just like what took place in North Jersey at a Hiphop concert. many malcontents were climbing the fences trying to crash the concert. The State police and Local police took charge of the situation in the same manner and arrests were made.

  • MFabz.xO

    Well said; first comment I’ve read so far that’s not just straight ignorant.

  • grama18

    From what I have read from a few other postings THAT black hustler attacked a lady that was trying to get her three children away from the unruly crowd that invaded a private pool. As the lady was trying to leave she attacked from behind pulling her hair. THAT girl needs her butt kicked. BUT I doubt their will be any repercussions for her. SHE is special ! ! WHY

  • MFabz.xO

    “DJ was tweeting out invites to a “pool party” for $15” sooo technically they were invited… probably paid to get in then got kicked out… i would of had an attitude too..

  • jaxholley

    Its called wilding.

  • juandos

    The site The Last Refuge like Jim’s site has done some yeoman’s work on that pool party, Baltimore, Ferguson and more…

    The facts are out there but if it was for sites like this one and The Last Refuge we would all be mushrooms…

  • Myhairisreal


  • Myhairisreal

    Where do black people get their sense of entitlement from? Seriously though. She had plenty of chances to walk away, but she HAD to run her mouth. If this happened to a white girl, this wouldn’t even be news. I’m sick of it

  • john

    If you watch the video, the moment BEFORE the officer pulled his gun on the teen. The teen had his left hand faced toward his back pocket like he was drawing a weapon. I think that’s why the officer pulled his gun

  • Grand1

    Freaked out neighbor wants people to buy her story about a mob. Priceless.

  • Darkseid

    You dullard libs always fall back on the race card and ad hominem education insults. I’ll tell you what, O learned one, what is it about you Obama brownshirts that make you think you have cornered the market on higher education? I’ve got news for you, you’ll never make any money as an art major, despite what your fuhrer says.


    no if so then why were they climbing the fence and starting fights. that was not the case about the incident out side. the problem is that every teen will act this way when being confronted by the officers. this has been going on andnow it is even more serious. The Police are only there to break up and restore civility. the Actors dont want to comply. Question if some one sneaks up behind you with the intent to do harm, what would do if you were in that position and carrying.

  • Mary B.

    Yeah…and St. louis is planning to have some big inner-city waterslide event next month…soumds like a great idea…but I see more of THIS situation waiting in the wings…another HOT summer in St. Louis…

  • micah

    There are no laws prohibiting “marching her butt around and mouthing off.” Do you think girls in short skirts are “asking for it” when they get raped?

  • pjt

    to Grand1

    So you were there and know the absolute truth of the situation, huh buddy?

  • pjt

    There is additional video showing this black girl in a fight with a white woman, pulling hair, the whole bit. This particular officer broke that up. The white woman backed off, but the black girl just kept running her mouth, etc.

  • micah

    Let me guess, you purport the holocaust did not happen as well. And you think we whites were entitled to North America? Native American were mere obstacles to our destiny.

  • micah

    Tell that to anyone who lived during the proud moment in our history when this law was on the books: “No person or corporation shall require any white female nurse to nurse in wards or rooms in hospitals, either public or private, in which negro men are placed.”
    We have a big ugly history of racism to make up for. And our history of racism is still being written.

  • MFabz.xO

    In this situation I would not throw the girl around like that and if I felt the need to pull anything out it would be the taser first.. There were kids everywhere! NOT a safe move. My opinion.

  • Jared Studelska

    does it help to call them thugs? it helped the victorian era colonists to call people savages, so i imagine it does.

  • Tony

    Are you serious? It still doesnt justify the officer in questions actions!! Completely ridiculous! Its not about race, the guy is just a gung ho rookie! its hilarious!

  • dave0987

    You missed my sarcasm I guess. See the quotes? I’m mocking the guy I responded to. He was insinuating the usual nonsense.

  • Dave Steinhauer

    And you fall back on what? You’re “libtard” comment? How original. Perhaps your comments are the reason why some liberals might feel intellectually superior to you.

    And for the record, I made no comments on race – these kids were clearly in the wrong here – and my degree ( and profession) is in Architecture, not art. I’m doing very well financially, but thanks for your concern.

  • BigFurHat

    I’m a libtard?

  • BigFurHat

    Big fan of the Conservative Treehouse, are ya?

  • Michael Taylor

    When an officer ask you to do something you do it, it doesn’t mader what color you are. Its all about respect

  • Darkseid

    No, not you… I was making a generalization, about Kitty’s educational background.

  • Darkseid

    You chose the education ad hominem…. You seem to be the typical leftist white apologist. You think that by just going along the the socialist narrative, you will be spared the same fate as everyone else, but your wrong.

  • BigFurHat

    Ahhh. I would have to do some major reconstruction of my online projection since I pretty much loathe the left with every fiber of my being.

  • JnGalt52

    Actually David, this wasn’t an issue of the Officer being panicked but rather his training kicking in. As the two men quickly approached and ran up to him, the Officer only has seconds to make a decision that could impact life… including his own. The moment the one guy reached behind his back making it look from the Officer’s perspective that he might be pulling a gun, training kicked in and the Officers gun was drawn.
    With no shots fired.

  • Sniffy Pop

    Oh and there is much more. According to the Conservative Tree House. Tatyana Rhodes the little innocent gem that hosted this party has quite the track record, in fact she is a promoter of parties that that involve many underage minor females/models.

    She also has lawyerd up. Read an entirely disturbing article and they had parents dropping these kids off by the car loads.

  • littlebum2002

    No, it is just one cop who doesn’t know when to properly apply force. It’s obvious he was in over his head, and took it out on someone by using a level of force disproportionate to their actions.

    Of course those making this about black vs white are wrong, but those who defend a cop for using excessive force against someone who was (at the moment) peaceful and pulling out his gun when lethal force was not appropriate are equally wrong.

  • Michael Taylor

    We cannot live today holding a race accountable for something that happen years ago. What I am seeing here and now is people are using history from many years ago as an excuse to not be respectful, people are rioting, looting and judging before there is even a trial. Does not make sense to me.

  • Blargette

    I saw that Facebook took down the policeman’s home info. The question is WHY Facebook has not suspended the account for the Red Guards of Austin. If I were a Facebook user, I would be complaining. Loudly.

  • dave0987

    Makes perfect sense.

  • Blargette

    People don’t treat their own neighborhood that way… unless they are rioting.

    I see the invading of neighborhoods as just another step in the “gimme culture” that is our future. They are doing knockdowns, invading stores and stealing – why not invade neighborhoods and trash those who have.

  • As usual all the so called news outlets were flat out biased against the cops. Ant time I see blacks involved I know there’s more to the story. Looks like they were clearly at fault. Human garbage.

  • Darkseid

    lol… nah, your good

  • pjt

    to Tony

    Not a rookie. Check his credentials.

  • Feed them red meat!

  • How dare you try & use facts!

  • Mr. Rodgers

    Can you say, drunk and disorderly?

  • datachick

    Shame almost none of that is actually true.

  • innocent bystander

    well that’s what happens when you don’t listen to the officers … he told them to leave several times they want to stand around talking s*** so …. Im with the cops on this one … well done

  • dave0987

    One of which was a FRIEND of the girl that set the whole thing up. We aren’t talking about just the fight anyhow, we’re talking about all the events that took place in general. The refusal to cooperate with police. Nice try though.

    Spend some time at white girl bleed a lot and educate yourself as to how bad this black mob violence has gotten the last few years.

  • Blargette

    Well, maybe you should have taken a moment to calm your nerves.

    I am in fact highly prejudiced against people who destroy any neighborhood including their own. I think the people who loot and burn cars after a game loss are disgusting animals who should be sought out and jailed. But you know what those loons are not doing? They aren’t rioting in their own neighborhood and destroying it. So I answer – but it is apples and oranges. Criminals should be punished.

    But back to the topic.

    People live in a neighborhood – generally speaking – do not trash it. They want it nice and tidy and have some pride. Who does not have pride in their neighborhood? Those willing to destroy it thru looting.

    You want to cry racism? Be my guest. But those are your thoughts and opinions. Don’t try to pawn off your feelings as my thoughts. I point out fact.

  • innocent bystander

    once the officer gets on scene it doesn’t matter what the situation is you need to listen to the officer you want to sit there and argue with the officer he told her to leave several times and once you start getting arrested she was not complying with what what he was saying … chalk one up for the officer

  • dave0987

    There it is-RACE CARD. You lose. Run along now.

  • Dave Steinhauer

    You might want to read over your first statement, friend. It was you that brought education into the conversation with your Limbaughian “taught by some libtard blah blah blah…” so using “ad hominem” (ad nauseam) does not fully apply in this instance, does it? I attacked your comments; the character assassination was just a fortunate byproduct of my comment to your ill informed statement.

    As for what I seem to be, perhaps you didn’t read my comments very clearly either. I stated that these kids were at fault in this instance. What part of my statement makes me, “a typical leftist white apologist”? Are you just so agenda driven on being “right” that you discard what doesn’t fit into your perception of me?

    Seriously, if you’re not going to even try to engage in a decent debate, what’s the point?

    So far you’ve provided nothing of worth. You’ve attacked my educational background my character, my political philosophies, and my race, how about sharing with us all your credentials; what makes you the razor tongued internet warrior who’ll ( personally??) not spare us from the awful fate you’ve deemed we are attempting to be spared from.

    As that’s unlikely to happen, let’s simply speculate , like you did with me.

    Since I’m apparently a leftist, socialist, white apologist, libtard (although I graduated from the most well known, conservative, Catholic college in America), I’m going to go with 3 credits shy of an associates degree in Poly sci from Bob Jones University for you. You thought you had enough credits, but you didn’t read all the way through that letter the libtard in the registrar’s office sent you alerting you that you were shy one class ( and had $47 in library fines from the Ayn Rand book you soiled).

    You now live out your life as an angry warrior for good on the Internet. You don’t really have a political philosophy other than, “if Obama and the libtards are for it, I’m against it.” You consider any news not presented on Fox News, the Drudge Report, Right Wing News, the Washington Post, et al, to be “mainstream” news, thus, all lies. You dislike other races and nationalities, not individually, but as a group ( it’s easier to hate a whole group of people, right?). I could go on, but you get my gist.

    So, how’d I do? Was I as completely wrong about you as you are about me? Would you admit it?

  • dave0987

    Absolutely correct. Don’t you just love the attempts at defending the “harmless, innocent, kids?” Yes, they should never have to listen to the police right? Amazing.

  • Blargette

    LOL. Good luck with getting control of those nerves. And thank you for the prayers.

  • kelly jordan

    I’m trying to figure out how this kid is clearly walking around filming the entire thing and was never asked once to sit on the ground on anything. Was he a ghost or just maybe assumed to not be with the problem kids because he didn’t look the part.

  • dave0987

    How about he was just filming, and not doing anything violent? Not attacking anyone, throwing things-nothing but filming. Or are you thinking the cops should have arrested him too just for that?

  • Blargette

    That is what it boils down to. You don’t get into a pissin contest with an officer and expect to win. Black or white. You do what you are told and if you feel wronged, sort it out later.

    What I don’t get is this strange response that black kids in the pool have a right to not obey neighborhood or officer’s rules. That black children’s parents don’t care if their children disobey the orders of a law enforcement officer. FYI – black kids obey neighborhood rules just fine and black parents in that neighborhood with kids there – if they saw their kid mouthing off or lunging at an officer – you know those kids got it when they got home. To say otherwise is….PREDJUDICED!

    Poor Michelle.

  • Blargette

    I think if you have someone acting strangely then lunging at you from your blind side – to not draw would have been foolhardy. He holstered the gun after the threat was gone. Officers went after the guy the officer drew on because they thought the person had a gun.

  • wreberth

    You may think that what 2twotoo said was racist, but it is proven fact.
    You should thank your parents for moving away when the blacks invaded their neighborhood, or would you have liked to grow up in the ghetto?
    Property values plunged, crime SOARED. As I said, this is ESTABLISHED fact.

  • Moi_encore

    The party CRASHERS more-so… sounds like some instigators abound that had nothing to do with the area.

  • How bizarre. This witness’s account (if we assume it’s correct) adds absolutely nothing of substance to the concerns about how the police officer behaved. How in the world does this make it OK for an officer to drag by the hair a teenager who was obeying?! How does it make it understandable that he’d want to PULL HIS GUN?!

  • Infoczar

    It isn’t that proud moment in history . . . derp.

  • Annika

    I understand why police were called in, and why the gun was pulled, and I even give him the benefit of doubt that he wasn’t racist. But even if she was mouthing off I think that it is an over reaction to go up to her and throw her on the ground.

  • jan sturlaugson

    I think that police authority should not be absolute, because in reality all policeman do not have the same character traits. Some can be rude and abusive with their authority. Which makes it bad for the good Officers because they are all seen as one unit. In this instance I would have made an announcement from my patrol car to disperse or be arrested. Then I would have called for backup and waited to see who was complying. As these were young teens, I would have asked them to sit down and discuss the complaint and allow it to be resolved. If the psychology in the station is that we are at war with African Americans, then throw all of this out the window. just before a football team goes onto the field the coach hypes them up for the game. I believe the same happens in the police station duty briefings. I do not Believe that there Are stray bullets on the force. I Believe they are interpeting their orders as such. In this day and time, psychological tests are given to applicants for basically all job positions. I believe therefore that policeman on a large scale are not able to trick this test. But I do believe, that they are gullible to the briefings which may be left up to interpretation. I think the stations the Chiefs the captains need to tighten down and teach other approaches to what a society problems are. I know it is possible because I have worked in education since 1997. And if we are a country that can not develop new approaches to old problems, then we really are turning into a third world country. formerly we are a country of problem solvers. What’s happening people?

  • tim

    until i see the video, that shows said officer approaching complaintant/victim. to find out whats going on. all i see is kids running from police, like thats something new. a officer chasing kids without knowing if those he is chasing are envolved. Kids have been running from police for decades when they show up at a party. my guess some white kids ran too, others didn’t leave either all out of frame. There is even one point showing this man push kids to the ground who are already interacted with an officer
    Like · Reply · 1 · 8 hrs

  • Lex

    Yes he did and he knows he was wrong to draw his weapon. That is why he resigned

  • Shanidar

    Trespassing is still a law, right? Then, in fact, there is a law about doing anything besides leaving, when you have been told to leave.

  • Shanidar

    So then, you are guilty for all the transgressions of your ancestors? How far back does that go? What date or how many years is the cutoff date? Micah sounds like a Jewish name. They wiped out the Canaanites. Genocided, Extincted. You carry their guilt until it is decided to have been paid for. And then, only if it is not deemed later, to have not been paid in full.
    I never owned a slave, and I don’t owe anyone anything.

  • bill

    People aren’t angry because they think this is a racist neighborhood, they’re angry because a police officer overstepped his bounds. Watching this video, I never doubted that they police were probably on the scene for a good reason. The problem only began when, while doing otherwise good police work, he brought an unarmed girl onto the ground for no apparent reason.

  • BigFurHat

    The biggest idiot on this thread is Jason M. Ferguson, supposedly someone on our side, giving me a hard time because I called a lefty a dope.

  • E Wood

    When an officer tells you to leave, the butt marching and mouthing off needs to stop. These kinds of events will continue until kids figure this out. This young woman was defying the police officer for no apparent reason.

  • Sandy

    We do not differ in moral value/goodness because of skin colour.

  • VOR

    He didn’t lunge, watch again, he stopped then was bumped and jumped back

  • VOR

    If you can’t handle a little jawing from a 14 year old… resign. Thankfully he did. Funny you all forget kids that are are mouthy

  • VOR

    Gesturing as if he did = to pulling up his pants…..

  • VOR

    Thank goodness the 100lb 14yr old girl in a bikini was stopped. Totally a threat to society as a whole.

  • Garcia

    Man, I wish that natural selection had taken the less intellectually superior people with it…

  • Paul

    Hey, I spray teens and adults all day at work for getting an attitude when we tell them to do something. By the way, I’m not even a cop, I’m private security in the ghetto. So please, tell me again how letting a little smart ass punk disrespect you and your authority as a COP is ok? I bet you tell your kids it’s OK to pull a toy gun on cops, then when they get shot sue the city and demand the cop go to jail for protecting himself and others, don’t you?

  • Ramona Peace

    What most of you fail to understand is that it is the duty of the police officer to de-escalate the situation and to protect and serve everyone equally. They are civil servants and that’s what we pay them for.
    These teenagers were acting like teenagers. It’s not illegal to be “marching her butt around and mouthing off” as evidenced by the fact that the police officer was put on administrative leave — as well as that grown woman (also put on administrative leave by her employer) who smacked the teen girl and started the fight…
    It’s strange that so many missed seeing the officer pass right by the white kids, totally ignoring them, as the witness (a white teen boy) said… Hmmmm…

  • micah

    Was she trespassing?

  • micronot

    “kids that are mouthy” to police officers means that their parents didn’t raise them correctly.

  • Roddy

    I agree – we would have avoided the pool incident -and comments like this. We will definitively miss you.

  • JustCommentin’

    No. She wasn’t.

  • micah

    Let’s meet up sometime. I’ll throw you to the ground and put my knee in your back and see whether you define it as abuse. No matter how you define it, I estimate you’d view it as an infringement on your freedom.

  • The KING

    It’s quite simple really, if a police officer tells you to sit down, YOU SIT DOWN. Don’t want to sit down? Get your ass beat, whatever color you are. If it is difficult to understand this simple premise, you deserve to get forced to comply.

  • Roddy

    if you are resisting arrest Cop are entitle by LAW to do that and more. GET IT

  • wreberth

    I was not trying to imply that.
    Colour? Are you British? (Not trying to deflect)

  • micah

    We have a lot to make up for. I may be an Irish Cherokee Jew, but I look white and have enjoyed all of the luxuries of being white in America. We live in the fallout of our history. I never owned a slave either. But racism is alive and well and history could stand to lean in favor of minorities for a spell. It’s the least we can do. If my great grandfather burned your great grandfather’s family’s house to the ground, it wouldn’t be too much to ask for me to apologize to you, pick up a hammer and help you rebuild it.

  • Blargette

    Well, he did. The guy in the hat. Before I realized the police drew his sidearm and was just watching the video I was thinking what the hail is that guy up to with that menacing lunging. I don’t know whaat bumped means, but if it means lunging then yes. Bumped.

  • Nayeli

    I’m sure if the kids were all white, the neighborhood would have no issues, cuz like ” it’s just kids having fun”, but seeing as the majority were black… I also find it funny how no notices the white kid being ignored by the cop. It totally proves my point, (white kids are not seen as trouble makers on account of being white) but no one sees it. Dumm people gonna Dumm.

  • pjt

    to Nayeli

    Well, maybe the white boy wasn’t doing anything wrong when the cops showed up. The black girl in the bikini had been in a hair pulling fight with a white woman when the cops got there. When told to, the white woman backed off. The black girl kept running her mouth and trying to go at the white woman. Did you not see that video?? Well, the black girl was walking away and just kept on running her mouth and acting up — that’s what got her in trouble. I love the fake crying she was doing. Plus all of a sudden she wasn’t such a big mouth — “Call my mama”.

  • pjt

    to bill

    Shame the black people that are already protesting without knowing all the details don’t see it your way.

  • Isabel Smith

    I thought the loud-mouths were actors for some movie — first as loud mouthed kids and then act as the ”abused” kids by the big bad cops. Oh no. Its reality. Okay, what kind of party in a residential neighborhood has that many people? Why not take it to a public park or beach? And Whazzup? When cops are on any scene, its our responsiblity to stay alert and do what they say. Cops are there for a reason and the first thing they will do is ”settle the scene” to find out where the problem is. This group needed a big slap-up side their heads from Big Mama.

  • Isabel Smith

    racist is a convenient word for the so-called accused to play when they don’t want to own up to their own responsibility to yes, behave themselves…. as in: Don’t kill each other, your self, don’t steal, don’t destroy your local store — no its not okay to steal…andything. Where’s your sense of pride? Why would you ever want to be part of a screaming crowd of anything? Oh yeah, bling and shiny cars are not anyone’s dream but a nightmare of slavery thru debt — that’s not anyone fault but the person over spending. “Whitey Did It” — How come ”whitey” isn’t complaining about ”whitey” being racial. Does anyone see how ridiculous we are acting as human beings? These kids definitely needed a big dose of a ”slap-upside their head by Big Mama” — brats!

  • Isabel Smith

    Any sensible person would have left, black-white-pink-or-purple.

  • Isabel Smith

    absolutely. homes and residential neighborhoods are our peaceful enclave where we kick back, relax and rejuvenate. I bet evey neighbor was on the phone to the police and I’m surprised they didn’t bring the swat team and haul them off to a field and sort it out. but how do you do that with a bunch of black out of control kids — the first card played is ”we are black kids being intimidated by bad cops” — I’m happy to say most of our police force is military Iraq veterans and the last thing they want to see is this kind of a thing. They are regular guys and gals, each and everyone of them, but when they are called on a situation, they mean business. Hello ”black people” — does thou understand the difference between obediance and slavery? Slavery is being in debt to your credit card for living beyond your means and its caused by your own inability to live within your means — and this slavery, slavery to debt, knows no sex, race, religion or sexual affinities. Obediance, however, is just doing what you are told… which evidently now is a black versus white thing. I find ”whitey” to be an extremely prejudicial word and should be put on the Hate List of Inappropirate and Politcally Incorrect words to use. Who the heck is ”whitey” anyway — I know there was a Whitey Ford who was a pitcher for the NY Yankees. Hello? Mr. Obama, would you please call me and applaud me for being brave enough to say “Whitey” is a hate crime word, just like “Whzzup my N___gga??” word. Gosh in my day as a kid, we just moved on.

  • JudahWeaverly

    I advice the cops to give society what they want, don’t respond to call at least for 2 hours after the call. The public apparently don’t want enforcement. They know what they are doing wrong, bring back the lench mobs. Make the communities govern for themselves, it’s not worth your life to babysit these individuals that have no respect for authority. All I have seen in the news is unfair treatment of people, bs. I saw him pull his gun when he had individuals going behind his back. To me it looked if they were gonna try to jump the cop and take his gun. Also why is it so hard to go home if your told to, what are your rights to disobey a officer. I remember when my grandparents had the Gun line in their yard. Let’s bring back the Gun line.

  • Shanidar

    Your Jewish Cherokee great grandparent Running Schlemiel robbed my great grandparents. He stole $16.58 . Now, on a simple interest deposit, being paid a 2 points over the prime rate, for the last 170 years (artistic license), that compounds to 173,569 dollars that you owe me.

    Stupid? Sure is. Asisine? You bet. You are not guilty for what you did not do. And so, giving extra help, to someone who did nothing to deserve it, actually neglects those who are deserving, but may be the wrong color or socioeconomic persuasion. Or to rephrase, reverse discrimination is still discrimination.

    You can try to change the past if you like. I won’t bother to help you as it is a fools errand. The future is unwritten, and I will go out of my way to help anyone have a better future.

  • Shanidar

    Once instructed to leave a private event, continued presence there constitutes trespassing and is prosecutable.

  • micah

    I don’t pretend this is a concept easy enough to grasp overnight- this idea of achieving equality by offsetting past inequalities. Nor am I saying you are obtuse. Frankly, how could you be? You came up with Running Schlemiel, which- and it pains me to say it- made me laugh.

    I live in the South. Maybe things are different where you are, but around here racism is still alive and well. Who am I kidding? It’s alive and well all over. The first step to fixing any problem, be it racism, classicism, or xenophobia, is admitting there is a problem. Which side of history do you want to be on? Think of the world as a family, albeit a very large one. If one sibling keeps picking on the other, pushing him down and taking his toys… do we allow it to continue? Or do we say, “Billy, stop hitting your brother! And give him back his Legos!”

  • Dirty Harry

    Thats right you tell them is always the democrats that gets it wrong .wtf do food stamps got to do with this cop losing control and cops going round kicking ass
    They are a million reasons why the facts are like that . A lot of blacks and Hispanics vote it for g.bush in 2004 .

  • BigFurHat

    You really shouldn’t reply to my comment with a “wtf does this have to do with that?” when the comment I was responding to was deleted.
    My comment was a direct reply to assertions made by one of your equally dumbbell comrades.

  • Dirty Harry

    My bad .

  • micah

    Seriously, Barbara… Seriously? Anyone can be “nasty as hell.” Exhibit A: the following post:

    Barbara Ann Guest • 6 days ago
    Ever see a group of black girls in progress ? You don’t want to be anywhere within hearing distance. They can be nasty as hell.”
    Barbara, please tell us about how you came to feel this way about “black girls.” How did black girls wrong you?

  • micah

    I can’t Barbara’s post actually exists. Barbara, please tell me your post is satire. If it’s not, then I’d like to apologize to everyone that there are still people in the world like Barbara who we let slip through the cracks. We are doing our best to enlighten as many people as we can as fast as we can.

  • Shanidar

    For me, the concept is fairly simple. “The sins of the (grand)parents do not fall on the children”. Whatever my ancestors did, is on them, not me. Whatever was owed them, good or bad, was owed them, not me. And for someone to repay me, for something I did not suffer, is inappropriate.

    I also live in the South, but I treat everyone with common courtesy and respect initially. I wasn’t born in the South, not that it matters, but I still do not owe anyone for poor treatment of their ancestors. As I had no ability to stop that treatment, likewise, I have no guilt for it having occurred.

    I will agree that there is a problem. However, I do not take steps to feed or nurture the problem.

    A quote from Morgan Freeman, ““How are we going to get rid of racism? Stop talking about it!” I would tend to agree with that position. we can only ignore race and become colorblind, when we start ignoring race, rather than pandering to past injustices, which have happened to virtually every identifiable group, at sometime in the past. I am extracted from Irish, Scottish and Dutch. Do you think I could find some past offenses, like in the 1850’s? Think potato famine, generalized famine, Irish sold into indentured servitude, and a reduction of the population of the Emerald Isle by 50%. But America wasn’t built to nurture grudges, or to give anyone anything they did not earn. It was founded just as a place where opportunity to do anything would abound. and that is damaged by the whole race guilt mindset.

    I appreciate your measured response. Have a great day.

  • micah

    Thanks for making me stop and think. We’re sharpening each other!

    What about existing economic disadvantage resulting from past inequality? Do we owe equality to groups that are stuck in a cycle of poverty if we/our group put them in poverty? The median income for black households is less than 60% that of white households. The median income for a black household is $34,416; the median income for a white household is $59,754. Why is the income gap between blacks and whites so large? Could it be that they are at an academic disadvantage? If so, might that stem from environmental and epigenetic disadvantages resulting from previous and existing inequality? Things can get better. We can get closer to equality, but it will require recognition of inequality, research and innovation to get there.

    Here’s a bit of hope from some research:
    “The best recent data on test scores and earnings come from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY), which gave the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery to a national sample of young people in 1980. Among employed men who were 31 to 36 years old in 1993, blacks earned 67.5 percent of what whites earned, a modest but significant improvement over the situation in 1964. The big change occurred among blacks with test scores near or above the white average. Among men who scored between the 30th and 49th percentiles nationally, black earnings rose from 62 to 84 percent of the white average. Among men who scored above the 50th percentile, black earnings rose from 65 to 96 percent of the white average. In this new world, raising black workers’ test scores looks far more important than it did in the 1960s.”

    So why is that hopeful? As test scores rise, so do incomes. Unfortunately test score gaps between whites and blacks are still huge. Could this have to do with better education at predominately white schools? Is it because teachers and school counselors stereotype black students and set them up to fail? Are we still segregated? According to a study in 2012, 43% of Latinos and 38% of blacks go to schools where less than 10% of their peers are white. Those numbers are pretty significant when you consider our country is 77.7% white.

    So maybe you’re right. Maybe we don’t need to apologize for the sins of our fathers. Instead, perhaps we should consider apologizing and making right our current sin of perpetuating the sins of our fathers. Inequality exists today.

    I think what you said with the Morgan Freeman quote has a lot of truth in it. Inequality certainly needs to be addressed and a lot of thought and work put into achieving equality, but talking about race happens too much in regards to conversations. Keeping it in the front of our minds is its own brand of racism. It would be nice if we could all recognize that we’re all just a bunch of confused humans who get squirted out of our mothers onto the surface of this space rock and no one really knows how or why we got here. I remember running into a friend of mine from Tampico, Mexico at a restaurant where I live. He was sitting with a white couple. I said to him, “dude, you’re looking tan! Did you just get back from the beach?” The white couple laughed uncomfortably at my “racist joke.” It wasn’t a racist joke. He had just gotten back from the beach where he had gotten a tan. FML.

  • Shanidar

    I can’t speak to your statistics, but neither do I doubt that they are true. One downside, is that the ASVAB is geared toward the military, something isn’t suitable for everyone. I remember that I scored well enough, and got a 99th in the mechanical.
    But I would like for you to consider the equality portion of your post. I am all for equality. But to be very specific, the only equality that I support is the equality of opportunity. By your ASVAB numbers, once Blacks scored better than average (50%), their pay went to 96% of the White rate. That sounds like they did a little better than average. I would like to see that, when you score a 50th percentile, that you pay is somewhere significantly lower than someone in the 98th percentile. It is however not reasonable to base pay directly at the same levels as the scores.
    So, the Armed services are paying Blacks and White more or less the same, for Blacks who score better than average. And in the military, one thing is truer than anything else, anywhere else. They do not make it easy one anyone. So there is your equal opportunity.
    As far as equal outcome, that, to me, indicates a disparity of effort, but that the result should be the same. I do not support that at all. I think that those who work there @sses off to succeed and prevail in their fields, should be rewarded for their efforts. And I would expect to see the same rewards if I put the same efforts as those people.

    It is too bad about your tan buddy. It is clear that they did not know him nearly as well as you, or they would have known you to be a friend. And second, they were clearly PC indoctrinated.
    My wife is very dark skinned. Her house name in Colombia is black girl. It is a term of endearment, and I had a neighbor who called his wife of many years the exact same house name.
    The power being put into color references can be taken back, and possible expended somewhere beneficial.
    But while we continue to get hung up on race, we will stay stuck where we are.

    Sorry, I rambled quite a bit. $h!t, as they say, happens.

    Be well.

  • micah

    Well, I wish we could discuss this over a drink instead of on computers. You forced me to do research to make sure I knew what I was talking about and I found some info that challenged what I thought to be true. I mostly agree with what you said, but this part is what I can’t get on board with:

    “As far as equal outcome, that, to me, indicates a disparity of effort, but that the result should be the same. I do not support that at all. I think that those who work there @sses off to succeed and prevail in their fields, should be rewarded for their efforts. And I would expect to see the same rewards if I put the same efforts as those people.”

    I think this view fails to recognize that the playing field is not equal. Opportunity is influenced by family environment, the neighborhood you are born into, the schools you can attend. If we are still segregating ourselves, if blacks and Hispanics are in poorer neighborhoods that have schools that are inferior to predominantly white schools, how can we call the opportunity equal? We are quick to pretend that we have an equal opportunity to succeed when that isn’t so.
    I’d say the disparity isn’t in the effort, but in the opportunity. If I say to two people, “build me a table.” One has a hammer and nails and the other does not. The outcomes will not be equal. One had the tools to succeed and the other did not. Long-term studies have shown that kids who attend a high-quality preschool are more likely to graduate from high school, go to college and land higher-paying jobs. The Abecedarian Project is probably the most well-known study. It showed the long-term benefits of early education on low-income children. Two other prominent studies are the Perry Preschool Project and the Chicago Child-Parent Study.

  • Nayeli

    Right, because it’s illegal to have a loud mouth, and it’s not enough for a trained and armed officer to walk away from a little girl with couple of harsh words to say. Nope, has to put a stop to that by sitting on her and arresting her. But whatever, you do you. It’s not illegal to Dumm. Yet.

  • pjt

    to Nayeli

    Well, when you are told to shut up and sit down because you are interfering with an investigation, good idea to obey instead of acting like you are special and don’t have to. This kind of attitude is what gets you arrested and, since it seems to be the thing to do lately, riot and set fire to things.

  • Nayeli

    A couple of UNARMED black KIDS come to black girl’s rescue, and police pulls a gun on them. One white guy walks up to state troopers with gun and points, and he’s only been arrested, and not shot dead like Rice or choked like Garner. But whatever, all (White) lives matter right?
    Dumm people gonna Dumm.

  • Nayeli

    If anything, it would be better if people were made to go away if the fear of interference was an issue. But you know, this is just logic so whatevs.

    And no, you have to the right to walk away from a police officer if the person they are not explicitly investigating is you. So no, they don’t have to obey the officer, because in this case, they were investigating an event (A “Commotion” at a kid’s pool party, which I’ll remind you that a white lady started), not a person. Therefore, the actions of all these police officers were not only arbitrary but RACIST (Oh no! I said it!) But you wouldn’t know that would you? ‘Evs.

  • pjt

    to Nayeli

    And you were there and saw and heard everything ??
    You need to do some more research. (Oh no!, Yeah I Said It)
    Did you not read the previous post about the additional video that shows the cat fight? Educate yourself. Even the news stations on TV have commented on the additional video and interviewed the women that put on the “party”, who by the way have now hired lawyers. Whoa there, why would they need lawyers ……

  • Shanidar

    Ok, agreed… this would be much easier over a drink.

    Equality of outcome is a catch phrase, a loaded term. It generally is pitched as equality, but this is intellectually dishonest, because what the speaker, typically a Liberal, really means, is that everyone should wind up equal. And that they should wind up that way by doing more for them, than for others, such that they arrive at the same level of defined success, whatever that is. Again, it still sounds ok.

    But the human psyche doesn’t work that way. If one guy works his tail off his entire life, and manages a to pay off his dream home, on a lake somewhere, with a boat, etc… Another guy is 24 years old. His father has been working as hard as the first individual referenced and is about to pay off the home for retirement, same lake, etc. But he experiences a heart attack and expires. His son inherits the lake house etc. There is now a perfect example of equality of outcome, but because there was a huge disparity of effort, the 24 year old simply is not going to appreciate what he has to the same level of the individual who worked for it.

    Level playing field – Academically, I don’t think that anyone can honestly argue against you that the playing field is currently level. It is far from that. Ideally, and intellectually, that sounds like a great idea. And it certainly is a goal to be worked towards. there is plenty of room for progress on that front, but what would you do to effect that? I see vouchers as a good thing. Removing the stigma from speaking and acting intelligently is certain a step in the right direction. It is 5:40 in the a.m. and those are the only few points I can come up with.
    The vouchers, those can be supported from anywhere. Part of the level playing field, however, must come from the players and their support staff(parents, siblings and neighbors). These are the people who can help remove the stigma of educated/intelligent speech. They can help fight the gangsta culture, and try to help the students avoid adopting the lifestyle. They can teach personal responsibility.
    There are many problems, and they cannot all be solved with the infusion of more money. There is a culture change that will need to happen. and it won’t work unless it comes natively from inside the neighborhoods it is intended to help. We can only support that, we cannot make it happen, either actively or passively.
    The pyschology involved in this problem is very in depth, people are being raised hearing and believing things about the majority that just are not true, and only the individuals who challenge and test what they are taught have any chance of learning the nonindoctrinated truth. That there might be racists(and are) in this country, but there are literally millions upon millions who are not.

    “The man keepin’ me down”, “They be racists”, etc. These are just excuses to fail, and they affect only those who believe these statements.
    All we can do from the outside of the situation is to provide a fertile ground for growth, rally around those who break out of the victim mindset, and continue to denigrate and take apart the victim mindset. There is a required effort on the part of those underprivileged whom we wish to help. Horse to water and all that.

    But I am done feeling guilty for something I didn’t do. I spent a lot of time on the subject many years ago, and while White, there were no special privileges for me. Everything I have achieved, while admittedly little, was due to my own work and work ethic, and support from one parent, as the other was never part of the equation. (Well, one part but, ewww)

    This has been an enjoyable interchange and I thank you. I am also going to follow you, no stalky or anything… 😉

  • Nayeli

    Haha ha… Right. Because statistics, application of logic or an actual law aren’t things that count as research. Because my difference of opinion constitutes assumptions that I haven’t already watched the rest of the footage while coming to a conclusion that is different than yours. Because I wouldn’t hire a lawyer to sue the crap out of some fat low down middle-aged cop that dared to manhandle and sit on my skinny teen daughter (If I had one) just for running her mouth while being black, or that anyone of any race wouldn’t for that matter.

    But hey, you read the situation how you want to. I like to SCIENCE for my biases, not JUST shout my subjective observations on footage to the world. (Still, no biggie if you don’t like to as well. It won’t bring down my brain cell count or anything)

    All lives (Except for the black ones) matter.

    Dooo de Do dooo, Dumm de Dumm de Dumm, Dumm de Dumm…. I’m humming, humming, in the rain… lolz

  • pjt

    to Nayeli

    Keep on humming and the world will continue to pass you by just as it seems to have already done. Narrow minded people get lost in the shuffle of real life. It’s your right to get lost in the monotonous drone of your mind set. Goodbye Nayeli. Waste of time to keep talking when you won’t look at the facts of life – Black, White, Purple, Green and all the colors of the spectrum.

  • Nayeli

    And good riddance. Geez, and here I almost lost hope that you wouldn’t LEAVE. Hey, don’t let the sound of your footsteps sound the beat to my hum, it might trip you up!

  • pjt

    to Nayeli

    Go take your medication.

  • Nayeli

    Right after you take a reality pill. Lolz…

  • micah

    My first follower! I just joined disqus. I tried to follow you as well, but you appear to be set to private.

    We may be arriving at the end of this discussion. Or maybe I’m just running out of gas. Thanks for the back and forth. I don’t know about you and not to get all sappy, but I’m better for it.

    I wish I had the answers for how to make things more fair. Perhaps an attempt to even out funding disparities across public school districts is a good place to start.

    I know I need help to get through college. If not for grants and loans, I would not be able to attend college and take the number of classes I’m taking. Being on the receiving end of public funding changed my view. I don’t intend to squander everyone’s tax dollars either. If all goes as planned, in 2018 I’ll graduate and start work as a speech pathologist. With that job I hope I’ll be in a position to support the next generation with grants, scholarship, and loans like I’m receiving.

    Shanidar, thanks for the head to head. I hope we meet again soon.

  • Shanidar

    The feelings are mutual. Thank you again

  • Mrs Smith 1125

    And someone should beat your ass as well. And will some day

  • Kruton

    I’ would love to use a box cutter on your face c#nt!


    She does not believe her lyin eyes.

  • Doc James

    Flagged, hero.