VIDEO>>> FOX News Personalities LAUGH OUT LOUD at Obama’s Farcical Extremism Summit

FOX News Contributors Laugh at Obama’s Violent Extremism Summit
Here’s one of today’s breakout sessions:
white house summit panel goofy obama

On Wednesday morning FOX contributors laughed out loud at Obama’s extremism summit nonsense.

Chris Stirewalt: The administration is determined that the “I” word is not going to figure prominently and will, in fact, be shunned in favor of this euphemism.

Bill Hemmer: Aint going to happen, my friend. At 1:15 this is the title of the panel that is happening today:

“This panel will focus on the leadership and decision-making necessary for civil society actors to create action-oriented social movements”

What the hell does that mean?

Chris Stirewalt: (HA-HA-HA) It means that people will be napping after lunch. That will be a good panel in which you can take a doze. It sounds like something that would take place at a community organizing, at an Obama for America meeting.

Via America’s Newsroom:



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