Sheriff Joe Arpaio: ICE Catch and Release Program Is “Form of Amnesty by Obama Administration” (Video)

Last Friday Marcelo Marquez, 34, was arrested after killing two sheriff’s deputies ICduring a 6-hour crime spree in northern California.
The killer also goes by the name “Julian Beltran” and “Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte” and had been deported twice.

Today Sheriff Joe Arpaio weighed in on the shooting. Sheriff Arpaio said if the southern border was secure this never would have happened.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Well, you know that fella served time in the jails I run. He was deported twice by ICE and was let out on the streets of Maricopa County a couple other times.

Neil Cavuto: Who lets them out, sheriff?

Sheriff Joe: Well, we turn them over to ICE and they should be deported. 4,000 people I mentioned a while back on your show that nobody seems to cover until now. 4,000 people in our jails for state crimes in the last eight months that are here illegally, we turn them over to ICE and 36% keep coming back. Last month a guy came back 25 times. So what is this? Either the border is really un-secure or they’re letting these guys out in the streets of Maricopa County. We got a big problem. I will be asking for a Congressional investigation. This has to stop that these guys keep coming back. It’s a form of amnesty by the Obama administration.

Via Your World:



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