Race Hustler Spike Lee: “Something Smells BAD in Ferguson And It’s Not Just the Tear Gas” (Video)

Spike Lee “Something Smells BAD In Ferguson And It’s Not Just Tear Gas!”

Movie producer Spike Lee was on CNN tonight and weighed in on the Ferguson protests and riots.

Lee said, “Something smells bad in Ferguson and it’s not just the tear gas.”
Maybe it’s the smoke from the torched QuikTrip, Spike?

Spike Lee went on:

We don’t need snipers on top of tanks pointed at civilians. I understand that there is tear gas and provocateurs but we need somebody who can cool things down and not escalate them… Look I don’t think you should be killed in this country because allegedly you stole some cigarillos… Something smells bad in Ferguson and it’s not just the tear gas. For example when the police finally say who this officer is, the same day they release this video tape. Yesterday, when they know the autopsy is coming out all the sudden this mysterious woman “Josie,” who knows who the hell she is, is she reading a script and all the sudden people are taking her words and all the sudden, they’re really third person, as gospel.

Actually, Spike, the Josie story went up on Friday when she called into the Dana Loesch Show.

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