PHOTOS Show ROBBERY SUSPECT Mike Brown Wearing Same Clothes as SHOOTING VICTIM Mike Brown

Ferguson police released a report today detailing a robbery before the fatal shooting last week of 18 year-old Michael Brown.
Chief of police Jackson held a press conference early Friday morning.

Here are photos of the robbery at the convenience store with a suspect who was identified as “Big Mike” Brown.
brown robbery stroe

Here is a photo of Michael Brown after he was shot in a scuffle with Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.
michael brown on street

The victim appears to be wearing the same clothes as robbery suspect Michael Brown.

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  • treynich87

    I know this is a year later, but that actually says 8/9/2014. It looks like it says it was June, but the date is kind of hard to see. However, I was able to make it out. That was also the date he was shot. I was looking at the pictures today when comparing the two images. I didsee the shorts and shirt were the same and I typed in Mike Brown’s hat and they had an image of his hat on the ground further away when it fell off, which was the same, as that in the video. I remember looking at the crime scene last night online and it said hat in an area of the map, bracelet somewhere else, Michael Brown’s body, as well. He died a distance away from his hat, but everything looked the same. I believe those were just socks in the image of him when he was on the ground. I believe his sandals came off.

  • treynich87