Ferguson Protester Verbally Assaults FOX Reporter Steve Harrigan
steve harrigan

On Monday night FOX reporter Steve Harrigan was verbally assaulted live on the air from Ferguson. It started after Harrigan was talking about how the violence had simmered down from earlier.

Steve Harrigan: Most of the reporters just went home at dusk, this is just child’s play right now.

Protester: Did you say that sh*t? No, say that sh*t!

Harrigan: I’m on TV right now.

Protester: I don’t give a damn. On TV. I don’t care about that sh*t… Everyday now. You told them it’s just child’s play!

Harrigan: I don’t want to argue with you.

Protester: You told them it’s just child’s play. Who is the child (innaudible) toys? Us or them? Can you say that? Right.

This was nuts.




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