TERROR ATTACK IN JERUSALEM – Bus Flipped By Suicide Terrorist in Tractor—
Images and videos are just now flooding in from Jerusalem on social media.
bus jerusalem
Terrorist Tractor driver shot dead by Police after he hit and overturned a bus in Jerusalem.
The terrorist was shot dead – Six people were injured.

Here’s breaking video coming from Jerusalem—

The terrorist apparently drove his tractor off an industrial site and made a bee-line for the bus. He managed to hit several people and a car, and eventually to overturn the bus. The bus was empty but some of the civilian injuries were severe. At least one person has died and at least six are listed as injured.
The terrorist was killed by police.

bus flipped
Photo terrorist driving tractor crashed into bus and overturned it, terrorist shot dead.

There is a history of terrorists – especially those operating in and around Jerusalem and Tel Aviv – using this tactic.

Officials are reporting the terrorist was an Arab from East Jerusalem.




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