BLACK PANTHERS WARN REPORTERS: “We Cannot Guarantee Your Safety Tonight” in #Ferguson (VIDEO)

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Police in riot gear right now in Ferguson. St. Louis city cops are protecting businesses in Ferguson tonight. (Robert Cohen)

This just came from a local source in Ferguson, Missouri: The New Black Panthers are telling us,

“We can not guarantee your safety tonight. All hell is going to break loose.”

Three revolution groups are operating in St. Louis County now.
They want absolute mayhem.

The protesters told reporters they want to “make history” tonight.
Via FOX 2 St. Louis:

The protesters told reporters, “We won’t stop until Darren Wilson gets the death penalty.”

Ferguson store owners guard their property.

The Northland Chop Suey restaurant is a two time loser this week.
It was looted twice by protesters in one week!
chop suey ferguson
Rain is helping to clear out people. Most activity happening around the QT now. (Antonio French)