Pelosi Caught in Another Lie – Said Publicly Saddam Had WMD (Video)

Nancy Pelosi told reporters yesterday that President George W. Bush sent the US to war “based on a false representation of a threat of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.”

Real Clear Politics reported:

Nancy Pelosi: The argument against President Bush was about a president and an administration that sent us into a war based on a false representation of a threat of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. That’s a major accusation against the president, and I, myself, said that at the time. You know, in 2002 when the bill came up. The intelligence does not support the threat that the president — not the president, his administration is contending…

…Although, I would say that the case against what the Republican administration did taking us into war and what they knew was a false premise was far more serious than anything Bill Clinton did in his off hours.

But that isn’t what Pelosi said back in 2002.

In 2002 Pelosi said, “Saddam Hussein certainly has chemical and biological weapons. There’s no question about that.” It would have been hard for Pelosi to impeach Bush at the time after making the exact same claims he did.
Hat Tip Crane Durham

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