Obama to Open Borders Activists: “In Another Life, I’d Be On the Other Side of Table”

obama border patrol immigrants
Over 80 illegal immigrants were reportedly discovered in the woods near McAllen, Texas in a camp they made for themselves. (Breitbart)

Barack Obama met with a group of immigration activists two weeks ago. He told a group of radicals, “In another life, I’d be on the other side of the table.”
The Washington Post reported:

Two weeks ago, with Republicans criticizing the administration’s handling of the border crisis, Obama gathered advocates for another private meeting at the White House.

The session grew heated when some of them criticized the administration’s tough posture toward the children on the border, according to several people who attended.

Marshall Fitz, immigration policy director at the Center for American Progress, said that Obama, a former community organizer, told the group that “in another life, I’d be on the other side of the table.”

But, of course, Barack Obama is on their side.
His $3.7 billion package he sent to Congress is focused mainly on feeding. transporting and resettling the new entrants and will do nothing for border security.

Yes we can!
obama shoes illegals
It’s not by accident that illegals wear Obama shoes on their way to America. (Clash Daily)

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