A South Carolina woman cannot get her medicine because Obamacare says she’s a man.
The woman has been denied her meds for weeks.
WLOS reported:

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

A family who was forced to buy healthcare is distraught after their daughter was denied medication because of an Obamacare error.

Shelby Higdon needs her medication, but has been repeatedly denied it because the information in her BlueCross BlueShield health insurance account lists her as a male, not a female.

“When it was time to get my medicine, they told that they couldn’t give it to me because on my insurance I was registered as a man,” Shelby told WLOS.

Her mother, Kris Hitt Hidgon, shares her daughter’s frustration. She has called healthcare.gov “probably about eight times.”

Each time Kris calls healthcare.gov, the website promises her that the problem has been solved, but when the mother and daughter call their insurance company, they receive the same response.

They have painstakingly battled healthcare.gov for over three weeks to have Shelby’s gender changed on her account, but healthcare.gov won’t budge and have been rude to the Higdons.




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